LockMar Leads Naughty Contractor List

LockMar Leads Naughty Contractor List

The folks at the Project on Government Oversight (fondly known as POGO) issue a list — the Federal Contractor Misconduct Database — detailing who they believe breaks the rules, laws and regulations governing federal procurement.

POGO has updated the list and Lockheed Martin remains the company with the most incidents — 47. Boeing can breath a sigh of relief having slipped from second place, exchanging places with Exxon Mobil, which has 32 incidents. Northrop Grumman yielded third place to General Electric, who had 30. POGO offers a cumulative number of incidents, starting in 1995.

The POGO press release notes that “25 of the top 100 contractors do not have any known instances of misconduct in the database. [Have a look at the dollar amounts by each contractor.] The fact that one quarter of the government’s top 100 contractors have no known instances of misconduct belies the myth that any company big enough to do business with the government will inevitably have multiple instances of wrongdoing. Additionally, 14 of the contractors only have one instance in the database, which means that 39 of the top 100 government contractors do not show a pattern of misconduct.”

That is a nice bit of balance.

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It is not the US Goverment’s job to make the rules for the world.

What is interesting is that while LM has the most instances of misconduct, sorting the list by the ratio of misconduct dollars per instance (how much each instance, on average, costs) LM comes in 24th. Sorting by total misconduct dollars, LM comes in 12th. I think it would be interesting to look at how the number of instances correlates to the total federal contract amount since 1995 (the amounts listed are only for 2006, while the number of instances and amount of misconduct dollars are both since 1995). While LM comes in 12th for total misconduct dollars, how many misconduct dollars per dollars awarded would be a better measure of the responsibility of a given company.

Wow. That list is WEAK. This is a tremendously misleading post title.

Boeing’s “misconduct” on that list dwarfs Lockheed, both in total dollars and in dollars-per-infraction.


I take your point but POGO compiles the list and I am reporting the tally the way they present it. One of the reasons I made sure to mention the money rankings and linked to the database was for people to go through it themselves and comb for details.

I see MITRE on the list with zero misconduct. Does leading the military down a rabbit hole of inefficiency count? Does delaying the fielding of systems by years by claiming obscure technical issues that don’t impact functionality count?


Ahh, then I think the list looks about right.

Will you look at that…contractor misconduct is not all that uncommon & DEFINITELY not something only Boeing is guilty of.

How many times is the government on this list for inept program management? Projects don’t go over budget/behind schedule all by themselves. Contractors may have their share of pointy haired managers but the government has run many a project into termination all by themselves. You can’t get a baby in one month by having 8 more women on the team, unless of course the government believes the pretty little PowerPoint slides.

For the last 8 years, defense contractor misconduct and fraud is rampant and out of control throughout the military services. Lockheed Martin is only one of many, including Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, Main Sail LLC/Group (Cleveland), SAIC, CSC, Halliburton and their subsidiaries, Northrup Grumman, L3 Communications, Army Fleet Support, Raytheon Vertex, Bell Textron, and Sikorsky.

The DoD IG and the GAO should work 24/7/365 to investigate all fraud, waste and abuse. They can start with the 190,000 contractors in Iraq and the new NORAD building, obtained under false pretenses. If the Pentagon doesn’t get all of the defense contractors under control which receive 40% of their annual budget, the people of America will be demanding that the Defense budget be reduced by Congress, and moved into other social services.

Thunderhorse19 really has a grudge against Main Sail! As a disgruntled former employee of the company, (yes, we know who he is and we have and still are as of today, May 21, 2009, trying to satisy his concerns but fail to get replies from him), he continues to rant about things that are untrue. Main Sail has placed numerous contractors with government clients and none of them have any of the issues that he continually whines about in all his postings on various internet sites. Doesn’t this tell you something? Main Sail is a well respected company who treats all of their employees honestly, fairly and respectfully. Our reputation is only as good as our employees and doesn’t it seem strange that this guy is the only one who badmouths us since our formation in 2001???

I found just what I was needed, and it was eentratiinng!


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