Whack DoD By 25 Percent: Dem. Barney Frank

Whack DoD By 25 Percent: Dem. Barney Frank

So far most of the talk about the next Pentagon budget has been relatively optimistic and cautious. The Gates Pentagon clearly believes it must maintain spending at or above current levels to support forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and buy weapons for future conflicts.

But that view is clearly not shared by some Democrats. As a GOP email screamed this afternoon: “HOUSE DEMOCRAT CALLS FOR $150 BILLION CUT TO DEFENSE SPENDING.”

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, told a Massachusetts newspaper yesterday that “the Pentagon has to start choosing from its many weapons programs.”

The paper quotes Frank saying that the U.S. doesn’t “need all these fancy new weapons.” And he is not alone among Democrats assuming that defense spending must drop.

Rep. John Murtha (D-Penn.), chairman of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, told Congressional Quarterly on Oct. 2 that the Pentagon will have to choose between the size of the Army and paying for weapons. Of course, Congress recently passed legislation requiring 65,000 new Army troops and 27,000 new Marines over the next five years.

The GOP quotes one of the two contenders to become ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. John McHugh (R-NY), saying such a cut would be “reckless” and could lead the US to repeat previous mistakes when the country has made large cuts to the military. “It would be unconscionable to repeat the mistakes of the past on the back of nearly a decade of direct combat operations.” McHugh does concede that “current economic conditions will likely demand tough choices—but these choices should not be at the expense of our men and women in uniform.”

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Wasn’t Barney Frank the guy who said the economy was great, and told people it was a good time to go out and buy into the stock market(I think it was Freddie and Fannie), and now we’re in a recession? And now he wants to lower the defense spending? Coming from him, I think we be best to ignore what hes saying and increase it by $150 Billion (That’s sarcasm there BTW, that be a huge waste of money, tho cheaper then 700 Billion for the billionaires)

We don’t need a military recession!

I have posted before to this site and others that the Dems will try and cut defense.

The one federal program that is the most important, without security the economy does not matter. 9/11 showed that conclusively.

Barney “Freddie Mac” Franks and his leftist friends want to weaken the US because then ANY international intervention will be impossible.

Just think the Jimmy Carter military could do nothing to stop the Iranian hostage crisis. Wait for the Reid/Pelosi/Obama military!! I weep for the troops.

The people of Massachusetts should be ashamed that they continue to reelect men like Frank and John Kerry to represent them.

Frank is best know for his boyfriend running a brothel out of his Washington, D.C. residence. He is also closely tied to the Freddie/Fanny scandal with Chris Dodd, though the media has given them a pass due to the (D) next to their names and somehow managed to blame the Bush Administration.

Frank will never get his way on this but that type of thought is dangerous. If he had his way, we’d cut by 50% and spend the money on “social programs” that maintain his party’s grip on the sheep voters.

I don’t know why this is a surprise to anyone that has followed Obama, or the liberals. They have always said they would cut defense programs, and when they get a super majority in the senate, and maintain control over the house this is exactly what they will do…When the ultra liberal left finally take complete control over the executive and congressional branches the republicans might as well just stay home and save their air fare…nothing they say, or do, will prevent the utter gutting of the defense budget that will take place. Perhaps if the American people really knew the extent of the cuts, or the risk they will place our country in they would not be jumping on the obama bandwagon. This said, it is probably too late. Stay tuned for the biggest cuts in defense you have ever seen, or thought possible… as well as policy changes that put the US at great risk (like taking all ICBMs off alert for instance…) Obama needs the money to fund his litany of promised social and welfare programs and the defense budget is the only large source that is still somewhat “discretionary”. This will happen with the democrats in complete control and no ability to check the liberal zelots.

Let’s not forget that in the 1930’s, the combined strength of the Regular Army (including the Army Air Force) and the National Guard deliberately had been reduced around 315,000 men and officers. During the Depression, Civil Service and military salaries were cut in half, and the Congress decided that retirement pay for both Civil Service and military retirees was too expensive.

A well-known comment by President Calvin Coolidge was : “Why not buy just one airplane and let the pilots take turns flying it?”

UNFORTUNATELY,This is turning into more a political discussion than one that discusses programs such as the FCS system for the Army or The Littoral Cmbt Ship for the Navy.Terms like “liberal Zealot” aren’t really dealing with the issues of funding a robust but right sized military force but what mix of high tech weapons & at what cost. Fretting about likely democratic party ascendancy and name calling is dealing with the reality of the choices and situation DoD planners must make. This has been going on before 9–11 but the events of the past wars have given us pause in the direction of our war fighting plan. See the article about the debate of FCS. Recall Sen McCain’s lament that despite the contractor’s promise to deliver a squadron of LCS for the navy & Marine Corps for one price they were only able to deliver one with cost overrruns.(cancellation of that project has argueably set back Navy/Marine amphib warphare strategy decades) However DoD seems to never meet a weapon system they don’t like.
My own opinion is increased reserve component over the AD numbers with enabling legislation, a mix of strategic and asymmetric forces & equipment AND a pledge from government contractors backed by penalty from government to deliver these weapons systems at price & time agreed upon. This mix will hopefully be decided on in defense review to move forward. With regards to paying for something no-one is going to buy a “pig in a poke” in the historic awful economic situation we are in, so defense budgets deserve scrutiny and not across the board cuts.

Unfortunately it is a “political” discussion. Thinking otherwise doesn’t make it so. (Whack DOD by 25%: Demo Barney Frank…). Barney Frank’s statements have nothing to do with whether defense budgets deserve scrutiny or not, or if programs can be managed more effectively, or efficiently. They are politically based and stem from a long term liberal distain for the military. Wishful thinking will not make this reality and the resulting outcome any different than it will be…Besides, the last timed I checked we were still allowed to have opinions, and express our views, lets hope at least this remains in the future.

Why exactly is it most liberals hate the military?

I believe it is because for the most part, we stand for everything they are against…like honor, dignity and freedom.

Okay — last year my hubby was in OEF. This year it’s OIF. Why? Because the AF does not have enough non-rated pilots to get the job done. Rep. Frank is a moron! Wasn’t it Rep. Frank’s domestic partner the guy who forced Fannie Mae to give out loans to people who were unable to comprehend sub prime loans or pay their mortgages — all the while Rep. Frank sat on the Banking committee??? Talk about pillow talk!!! How about if we cut the House of Representatives by 25 percent first! It is the ultimate brothel, if you ask me.

You guys seriously need to take a chill pill. Fact is that the cost growth of DOD programs, especially the top programs like F22, F35, FCS, Navy ships, Marine Corps next gen vehicle, they’ve all escalated out of control. The fact is that we have a choice — continue spending like madmen or cut the acquisition programs and reinvest in refitting the current force.

That’s what realistic people facing budget challenges do. You all can believe it’s “hating the military” to demand fiscal discipline, but you’d be wrong.

I’d be fine with demanding fiscal discipline when our leaders in Congress demonstrate for us how it’s done with programs like welfare and medical care for illegals.

Nor is it Fiscal Discipline to chop the budget wholesale which is what’s going to happen in a democrat government. It took the military many years to to dig out from Clinton’s axe wielding and most would say we’re still not as well off as we were immediately after ODS.

I am thinking that Obama’s judgement will win out. Rep Frank won’t be president. I’m ashamed to say he is from my current home state. both him and Polosi need to do what they are told.

How can you trust Franks or any Democrat when it comes to Defense of the United States. Look what happens to the military when there is a Democrat as President. Think back to Jimmy Boy and look what happened when he cut defense spending. Higher inflation, high interest rates and high unemployment. All the Democrats want to do is slash the defense budget so they can give more money to welfare programs that do nothing but drain the economy.


Provide for general welfare doesn’t mean send lay abouts a check and food stamps at the beginning of every month.

This is gamesmanship. The DoD just said that it’s going to hit the next pres with a 360 billion dollar increase request (about 12% and it does not include supplementals), and Frank is firing back.

I was really hopeing ol Barney would stroke out during his O-Riley interview o well maybe next time. I hate to see the military cut in any way, but if we don’t get the DEMS under control and stop hating our own country we will fall from within long before the Muslin hords can overtake us. But I guess that the plan anyway if they can defeat us here without fireing a shot they will have followed the ART OF WAR perfectly.

I don’t get it!

Barney Frank has contributed greatly to the now $500,000,000 national debt, so now he wants to stop the military, from doing its job?

Had Barney Frank read Gillian Tett’s book about Japan’s economic crisis in the 1900’s, then he would have learned what to do instead of what is
being done in the Beltway to DOD.

I don’t get it!

Barney Frank has contributed greatly to the now $500,000,000,000 national debt, so now he wants to stop the military, from doing its job?

Had Barney Frank read Gillian Tett’s book about Japan’s economic crisis in the 1900’s, then he would have learned what to do instead of what is
being done in the Beltway to DOD.

It’s the “Whack DoD By 25 Percent” and “don’t need all these fancy new weapons,” comments that concern me.
First, by what marvelous decision making process did Frank use to arrive at that percentage?
Second, please tell me which systems need to be axed, and also the resulting impact on future, planned capability?
Congress exerts no effort in self discipline when it comes to the budget process. This is just a mechanism to further social spending, without increasing the budget deficit dramatically. Also, the voter likes swilling from the public trough — which is why the likes of Frank, Kerry and Kennedy get relected time after time.
What’s sad is every time we’ve attempted this, something happens to show that our foreign policy requires the military we have and then some.

I believe I am still under the “don’t ask and don’t tell policy” with regards to Barney. Keep in mind these public servants could still be held accountable for treason if they decide to sell this great country of ours down the river. Remember they serve at the will of the people.

I do not believe that we have to worry about Obama cutting military spending. He wants the troops to have everything that they need to protect the US and themselves. He is not Bill Clinton, and you can believe that.
I don’t know what the hell Frank is thinking, but he had better think again. You don’t cut defense spending. Gates has done a great job as Secretary of Defense and I hope that Obama will re-appoint him. He knows what the troops need, and he knows how to protect the US. So, Barney, sit down!

Our constitution clearly states that the purpose of the military is to DEFEND our BORDERS from invasion. Our overseas empire of over 700 bases in approximately 130 countries is unconstitutional. We must return to our founding principles by closing our overseas bases and bringing our troops and equipment home. This is not only an economic imperative, but a key step toward securing our homeland.

We don’t need to cut the military in spending or recuiting. We need to take a look at the duplicated weapon systems we are paying for. Example Striker F35 and F22. If three of the services want the F-35 then the Air Force don’t get the F-22 this would be a big savings. Also congress needs to stop penalizing the sevices if they turn in a surplus of money at the end of FY. I believe we need to get Barney and some of the others out of there.

Reminds me of some “Kipling” …

For it’s Tommy this, and Tommy that,
And chuck ‘im out, the Brute.
But it’s Tommy, save your country,
When the guns begin to shoot.’

I definately support a strong military… but agree that cutting unneccessary military programs is a necessity to get our incredible debt under control. Of course we have to cut other programs as well — social, international aid, etc… But this idea that Democrats hate America is insulting and immature. We need to work together to compete in an increasingly competitive world market. Stop the insults and let’s come up with some ideas to get America back on track.

When the liberals get their way if the terroist loving obama(lower case on purpose) gets elected, you can bet that the Pentagon will have nothing but liberal leaning Generals and Admirals who will tow the “party line” and gladly nod their heads to the “Boss” and his politbureau. Comrade obama and his Duma will take away not only funding, but the dignity of the American military. I may be just a dumb enlisted man, but I know reality when I see it. They will take from those that serve and give to those that sit and do nothing. Barney Franks is disgusting! Why is he not being investigated for the market collapse?! He did it.

We could cut the military budget by 25% without stripping it down if we would just reform the insane, out-of-control procurement process. People like Winslow Wheeler have been pointing this out for years– increasing the budget does not equal increasing safety for troops, or increasing the amount of state-of-the-art equipment. Most of the time it just equals increasing profits for shareholders– Not even necessarily Americans.

My hope is that Obama (who is likely to win) will really take a stab at procurement waste (especially from the Air Force, sorry!)… unfortunately both major parties bow to Wall Street.

This is coming from a man whose live-in male lover ran a male prostitution ring from Barney Frank’s basement. Too bad we can’t get he idea of term limits in for these career politicians. Let’s face it folks, the failed policies and programs of the democrats just keep piling up. Perhaps they want to turn the US into Detroit, there’s an icon of constantly voting for democrats, where the cars cost more than the houses.
Obama bin Bidden and the rest of their cronies have many many more American ideals to crush, capitalism, a strong defense and soon the Bill of Rights. Remember “When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.” And as Thomas Jefferson said “Any government large enought to give you any thing you want, is strong enough to take away all that you have.“
~Honor and Country!

Hmmm, anyone wonder how much Barney’s significant other profited from being CEO at Fannie or Freddie I forget which one.

Hmmm, how much can we save if we turn away 12 million illegal aliens who suck up our Police, Fire, EMS, Medicaid and judicial systems scarce funding…you wanna live here go through the process just like our ancestors did!

I agree that the procurement process is filled with waste but it is not the process that needs fixing. We need to get the politicians out of the procurement process and come down hard on procurement managers who kiss their superiors butts and award contracts that please the boss. The current rules, regulations and laws would protect the Government if procurement professionals were allowed to follow them. The General wants it by 1600 or the Admiral wants to enlarge the state room should not be the order of the day!

Well this is just the start of the qwhole Liberal Empire. Obama already is reading the Supreme Court for not redistributing wealth during the Warren Eras. Maybe we should just give any country that wants them our “overstock” of weapons or maybe just assign a Brigade or two to one of the lesser military countries

Whack 25% from Defense?! We ought to just whack Barney!

(is this not the same guy that was brought-up on charges in the early 80’s for molesting Congressional pages… or was that another gay bastard from MA?)

I am glad that you have the ability to repeat what you have heard; maybe in the future you can have an original idea of your own.

»Wait for the Reid/Pelosi/Obama military!! I weep for the troops.

In the future if you want to use someone elses thougths, at least steal them from a somewhat intellegent source… Of course, you could do what I do and actually listen, read ( I know it is a stretch) investigate multiple sources (left and right) and actually formulate thoughts and opinions of your very own … But alas, I digress…

Would someone please tell me that I have been having a nightmare and that there still is a USA that is ran by a democratic type of government not by a socialist and not by the likes of this limp wrist fag. And all the rest of those who will destroy what is the strongest country.
What the hell is wrong with those who will vote for this nightmare senerio?

All I got to say is Atlas is gonna shrug. It is like they read the book and are playing it out page by page.

I think I need to move.

This is not the United States that is advertised in the constitution. Where do I get my refund? All that tax money that I have been paying for all the years of working and they want to kill our defense? So when will it end? 3 guys with trash can lids and slingshots defending our borders?

Do more with less has been the AF motto fo ra long time now. When is it less. Hell we can’t even get paper towels and toilet paper where I work!

Our politicians should be ashamed of themselves.

Well?? We get what we vote for.…. comrades.

Bet ol’ Barney looks good in a red gown and brogans

I find it hard to understand how the voters put back into congress time after time, then complain about what is happening.

lets clean out congress, then this nation will once again be waht it was.
Then Mrs Oboma will be proud of her country once again, whatever that country may be.

Well, I have noticed a trend… it seems that the vast majority of Democrats want to slash and cut the armed forces. Yes President Clinton did balance the budget, but we would be much better off if he had not gutted the forces and cut the numbers. A more sensible option would have been to repeal the posse commitatus(SP?)act, and put the armed forces on border patrol and drug interdiction. Are there problems with the manner in which the armed forces are managed? Yes. Primarily in the area of procurement. Hmmm, which party screwed that one up? We all know that the best way to screw up the military is to allow the politicians any input. Why is it that all of the liberals want to slash defense? I guess they just do not understand that our national defense MUST BE a priority. If we are not sovereign and free, then everything else is just talk. Unfortunately, the best way to remain sovereign in a greedy, power hungry world, is to be “the Big Dog”. With a weak, gutted military, we are a target for a takeover. As one of the world leaders, and a super power, we are not. We have become a nation of “sheeple”, and I fear we will be taken down during my lifetime. After devoting most of my adult life to defending this country, I find this disturbing. Oh well, the liberals are taking over, and we are not allowed to exterminate them. So, after this nation falls, and is pulled out of the ashes by patriots and warriors… MAYBE, just MAYBE the liberals will buy a damn clue. I am not holding my breath though.

Let’s face it folks. It is time to remove professional politicans!

Barney, must believe that the Muslim radicals want to make love not war. What a nut. But after the election Barney and his cronies in the congress and new democratic president in the white house may get to find out how much they love us as soon they take down our defenses. I can already see the blood running down the streets of New York City and Los Angeles. Thanks bunches Barney you little twink. I’m scared again. I guess screwing up the economy wasn’t enough for him and his buds Chris and Nancy. Pray, that McCain and Palin take the election on Nov 4 so that there will be some checks on these types of crazy destructive actions.
Phan Rang 1970

Barney Frank knows nothing and yet he is one of those that is ruining this country. What state of fruits and nuts does he come from? When The Red Lobster restaurant has an off night (not in St. Peters, MO) then we are truely in a recession.

whack Barney Frank. What a disgrace

as a retire service man everyone forgets that the president cann’t make changes as the ones running for office, if we want change then we have to get rid of all the clowns in the congress who makes the laws. Barney Frank is a fine example of why our great country is in the mess we are in now.

This is the same reason I am voting for a Republican President and the very reason I opted to retire early in 1997, after Clinton’s second term. The Democrats make a shambles of our military and have no concept of military power. I was proud to have served my country for 20 years but could no longer serve under a President I could not respect and watch him tear down the military I was so proud of.

How can an idiot like Frank with the morals he has rise to the power that he has? Where are the checks and balances? Is this what we get when we have a free and open society that does not allow us to have prayer in school and remove the ten commandments from the courthouse?

I better be careful or the Obama/Clinton police will be investigating me for tax evasion. Did you ever notice that when ever anyone brought up accusations against Clinton their life was investigated and everything was turned into a scandle? Is that not what is happening now to people like Joe the Plumber? The news reporter who interviewed Joe Biden. You should be afraid, very afraid.

The Liberal Solution to most things stink-but here, for whatever reasons-they are right!
DoD is like a kid in a candy store and none of the big spenders ever had a real job-it’s institutionalized thinking, figuring the money will never run out as long as they keep waving the flag. Truth is, DoD has the lousiest Vet benefits ever, lousy services for troops, and can’t even afford to send all combat units for proper training, but 3 million a ground vehicle is fine-put our money into the troops and not new toys-that’s what the troops deserve and that’s the kind of warfare we’ll be fighting until somebdoy gets real stupid and pushes the nuclear button-then, it’s the brass monkeys high tech toyland in everybodies’ face-it’s teh old argument–an Ak costs $50 and an M16 costs what?

It seems to me that DOD wastes about 25 percent of its budget and never turns down a push for a new weapons system or ships by the industrial complex or a member of congress where the weapons system or ships are built. Remember how many years they kept building new C-130’s over Air Force objections that they did not want them. It just happens that the planes were built in the congressional district of the then Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich. How about the infamous F-22. How about the billions of dollars DOD paid for subsidiaries of Hallberton, Inc. And on and on.

You will never see what hit you! You are walking along, doing your thing, then.…BAM…You wounded for life. This mess that the “DEMS.” are trying to do has been coming on for along time! VOTE THEM OUT!…

Fat Barney needs to be retired…by force if necessary.

It is important to vote for President, but equally important to vote at all levels, especially for the people running for the Senate and Congress. We americans need to make sure we vote and send people like Barney Frank home for good. I am a proud 20 year veteran of the Unites States Navy Seabees. Republican or Democrat, whichever you are, vote for the right person who cares about our country and our military and the average american!!! We have too much bickering among our two party government and maybe it’s time for a one party system.…?? or maybe more party’s, but then it could be even worse, who knows, but what I do know is that the government we have now is not working and looking out for the best interests of our country and the american people and I also think that one good solution would be term limits for our senators and congessmen, the president has a limit of 2 terms and then it’s home and should be the same for them.…I agree with John… VOTE THEM OUT!!!

Fat Barney? — you meant FAG barney! I agree he needs to be removed/retired from his job. Just think of the money it would save the lobbyists!

Unfortunately the people that populate such forums and recognize the value of a strong defense are nearly a minority in this country. If you don’t believe me just look at the pictures across the internet of the welfare congregations standing in line to vote for their savior Obama. Defense spending will take a distant seat to the redistribution of wealth in this country.

I am baffled by the stupidity and ignorance of our elected officials, but what can you do??
Evil preys on the weak,if we let our gaurd down(which we have been for sometime now) Then evil has an easy target!

We have al-Quaeda, Iran, N. Korea wanting nukes, China building up its military, Russia becoming ever more militant under Putin and this nitwit wants to cut military spending 25%! Is he out of his freaking MIND?!!! As the famous quote goes, “War should be left to the generals.”

After Barney Frank gets done screwing up the DOD like Slick Willy did, we will have another 911. Every time the Dems screw with the any mil.FBI,CIA budgets(ex) Vietnam (with holding equipment funding), reducing troop strength,and cutting FBI and CIA staffing, we end up with more problems. IF Frank hadn’t been sleeping with the head of FANNYMAE do you think we would be in the economic mess we are in now? What 25% of barney franks could we(the tax payers)cut to make him more viable?

Any fiscal conservative would call for a complete audit of every weapons program now under development and weed out the congressional district pork. DOD needs to be reinvented – innovation is needed to address what we will face from this point on into the future – big war machines are passé.

Representative Barny Frank and others are looking at the bloat in DOD and there is plenty. What is not needed is the bath water and baby going out the window all at once. So, look it over as any fiscal conservative would and ID the pork that really is not needed. Care for the troops and give the tools they need to carryout what is asked of them while providing for their needs after their work is done.

Some six years ago one a young actor said, “And I’d cut the defense budget in half so they’d have to get by on a measly $200bn a year.” Woody Harrelson. Be pleased actors only make it to the White House now and then…

I’m sure that Barney wouldn’t want to cut the Defense budget if he had a lover in the Defense Department… like he did with Freddie Mac.

I’m sure it’s just Democratic positioning to start eliminating programs so they can make more money available for their “spread the wealth” Socialism.

Why not whack congress 100%? At least DOD is doing something. A Army or Marine Company Headquarts CO.lSG and Clerk could get more done in one day than congress has done in 20 Years

What a dumb ass. I guess he doesn’t know the difference between ‘Fancy New Weapons’ and military capability. Might as well put a target on the United States, you Idiot.

Recall Murtha to active duty. Send him IN on a mission. When he returns he will have reassessed the importance of military preparedness. If Senator Murtha doesn’t make it back; let it be a lesson to any senatorial veteran who is opposed to the survival of military readiness. The President can order this Senator Murtha to return to a Semper Fidelis attitude. Barney Frank… was his live in mate; the guy who was in charge of FREDDIE or FANNIE and they pushed the mortgage market into a downward spiral. Barney told us to buy into FREDDIE KRUGER and FANNIE GET YOUR GUN; just before they tanked for the official public record. i used to think some be gayo folks were caring…once again i am a victim of my own prejudices…Gay people do hurt people. Top Dogs in the military industrial complex national and international probably have something for barney in mind and its probably not a pack of franks. Next to Ollie’s Trolley Hot Dog Stand near the Crystal City Marriott might be the new hot dog stand in town; The Barney Frank. Frank Frank Frank Frankenstein…how could i have missed it…How about a 100% cut on the UN and a 25% increase on DOD? Hey Frank, how about it?

Do not take this Barney Frank BS as business as usual. If Obama is elected he has already told us very clearly, on multiple occasions, that he will strip tens of billions of dollars out of the current budget and hundreds out of the follow on budget, will take all strategic systems off of alert, he will strip the Navy to the point where we will not have any Boomers in Blue Water, attack sub patrols will be will be cut by more than 50%, he will stop development of new nuclear and conventional weapons systems, current aircraft and ship contracts will be curtailed, all upgrade to nuclear and conventional systems will be terminated, personnel will be slashed progressively starting with an immediate 20%, all peronnel augmentation plans will be curtailed. He has stated that he believes the military should reflect the force levels in the post WWII time frame reasoning there is no credible threat by another country toward the US ( This is not the first time that someone from the Democrat Party has pushed this agenda). We all know China is a looming threat, and Russia under Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Empire. Listen to his speech:http://​www​.macsmind​.com/​w​o​r​d​p​r​e​s​s​/​2​0​0​8​/​0​2​/​2​7​/​o​b​a​m​a​-​p​l​a​n​s​-​t​o​-​d​i​s​a​r​m​-​a​m​e​r​ica

Obama’s intent is to disarm the United States and put us at the mercy of our enemies, who just happen to be the same people and countries who have endorsed Obama for President!

How dare someone who is not involved with defending the country decide that that’s where the budget needs to be cut. Let’s trim the budget starting with his and his buddies benefits.

Here’s a guy who chases under-age boys. How can the media put his stupid comments in the news? He demonstrates the severe lack of serious leadership in the US congress.


Where else did anyone think obama was going to get the money for his social redistribution welfare plan? He’ll pick on the easy targets especially if the people are dumb enough to elect him and a democratic congress. On the other side, the Pentagon does need to reign in spending. Like every other gov’t agency, they need to cut out the fraud and abuse.

An $150M would be a 1% reduction in defense spending over GDP, going down from 4% to 3%. But these cuts would cut much deeper, since the military is halfway in, halfway out of Rumsfeld’s transformation schemes, which built on the bones of the killed programs. We’re really arrogant right now, to think that nobody else in the world is modernizing their forces, and we can just stand pat. It isn’t true. The other guys are like the tortoise, and the US is like the hare. We jump ahead, then stand pat, and the optempo drags us down. Frank is just an isolationist coward. All the empty talk about soft balancing and over the horizon presence will be exposed for what it is when these guys have to redeploy forces back into the next crisis zone. Things haven’t been this rough since the seventies.

Sounds like somebody is trying to save some Rep’s and Senate seats that the Repubs might loose, and add that to the fact that McCain is behind in some polls and this is what you have, Repub politicking as usual. I think what frank is saying is we need to get rid of some weapons research that is not working for the troops, they only work for the contractor thats collecting the money from DoD, it’s been eight years now(a lot of troops have died over that time)and thay have not produced not one acceptable weapon, I’d say thats wasteful spending. The only thing that was produced was this Vech thats been all over this site, no weapon(small arms), no viable protective vest to protect the troops, they are still wearing some of the same equipment we had when I was in the Army, and some of them still don’t have the proper protection. Yeah, get rid of the things that don’t work, keep the things that do and make them work better to protect the troops.

“Any setback on the tactical vehicle would follow recent missteps among other major defense programs. The Air Force alone has seen three high-profile programs delayed in recent weeks: a $15 billion rescue helicopter deal, a $35 billion pact for refueling planes and a communications satellite worth roughly $6 billion.”

“These are developmental programs that have experienced significant delays, cost overruns, or a combination of both,” said Scott Ellison, an analyst for Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co. Having funding in place and the relatively small investment by industry are positive signs for the tactical vehicle program, he added.”

Hence my point.

Hey I am a hard-core Democrat and I served in the Marine Corps honorably. My story are like so many of my fellow armed service member and trust me I love my country. Before any one should start casting stones, maybe we all should find out the details to Sen. Frank’s proposal. We all know that we see frivilous spending in the military and wonder who in the “hell” agreed to get this. Especially with me being in the Marine Corps we get the tailend of everything. I think we should all get the best healthcare and retirement compared to our elected officials, but no one fails to bring that up about both parties. Also I was pretty sure that Sen. McCain voted multiple times against benefits for my fellow brothers and sisters in uniform.

Someone previously mentioned the bank bailout compared to what we the military community would “need” to operate. I agree with you, but once again we all need to hear both sides of the story and not think that your brother or sister next to you whom may be of another party not love his country.

How about old Barney leading by example. He could cut his staff by 25% and a 25% cut in pay for his staff and himself. Then we would know he is “serious” about a funding cut.

norichanman apparently has never read the constiturion. A strong standing military is one of the few things that is required of our gov. Welfare is not in the constitution. I am suspicious of anyone who starts our with “I am a (whatever) and I love my country and yadda-yadda. A strong military is necessary as we are still facing a world wide threat from islamo-facists. Barney Frank has always been anti-military. If we get that socialist obama as pres. and a super majority of dem. in congress. Watch the stock market tank, and the “rich” moving therir companies out of the country.

Right. Lets split the difference equitably. Cut the DoD budget by 2.5% and cut Barney Frank’s budget and the rest of congress by 22.5% . Just thinking along the lines of return on investment…

The next 4 years are going to be very interesting indeed! I agree that DOD procurement is aweful and needs a total overhall and yes some programs should be dumped. The we have allowed the military industrial complex to run defense programs, poor leadership and accountiability of our General Officers, incompetance at all levels and Political BS have created a total mess. The cost over runs must cease period! But this does not justify Franks comment. I truly believe he and others are directly responsible for this economic downturn yet all the blame is our current president. I also agree that to pay for the welfare state we will be in (if obama is elected) defense spending will be the first to go. One thing is for sure though, we are not holding our elected officials accountiable. We simply let them slide on by. They work for us not the other way around. Its sad to see where this great nation is and where its going! We can only blame ourselves b/c we keep voting them in and don’t demand they simply do there jobs to benefit the “American citizen”, and this country whether rich, middle class or poor, no group is more important then the other! Bottom line defense spending will be cut lets just hope it does not bit us in the end!

Isn’t the Pentagon the place where at a recent audit they could not account for 1 billion dollars thet recieved and could not account for, Surely they can stand a good sized cut in the recession. No cuts for Iraq or Afganistan but big cuts for future prorgams and the Pentagon staff could be cut drastically and still do their job-and probably better.

If I’m not mistaken,a man named Bill Clinton cut
Military spending before such incident’s as
“USS Cole”, “First Attack on the World Trade Center”, NOT 1 but 2 Embassies Blown Up in Africa.
And all he did was say,“We will find those
people responsible and bring them to Justice.
Also,9/11 didn’t just happen overnight,it was
planned far in advance. Do you think the cut’s
in Military Spending had anything to do with it?
While some people are having a good time playing
thier Saxaphone,innocent people are Dying.

I want to change the subject for a second,

This morning on the new’s,the question was,would BARACK OBAMA be able to get a security clearence today,as a regular person,they talked to a person at NASA and the answer was absolutely NO!
Because of the people he has hung out with,


I do not know how anyone feels about the lifetime politician in this country,but I personnally believe that two terms in office is more than enough time in office for any REP or SEN member to be in office.They are give two thirds of thier salary the rest of thier lives for retirement after one term in office.They add “PORK BARRELL spending” to almost every bill they pass.Look at the recent bail-out they passed,they added $300,000,000,000.00 of PORK to the $700,000,000,000.00 they all ready approved.$3 billion of that to a wooden arrow manufacturing company.Now they want to trim the military by 25%,that just does not make any sense no matter what way you look at it.
Soldiers put thier lives on the line everyday and they get the blunt of cuts and less and less help for medical and physical problems from service related problems,not to mention pshycological problems caused from combat related situations they are placed in so these FAT,OVER STUFFED,OVER PAID,POWER CRAIZED politicians whom get the best of medical,dental,and psycological benifits the people of this GREAT nation can afford for them to have and enjoy.The democrats only care about votes to get back in the life they have come to enjoy and continue to place the blame on the republicans.There are good in both parties and it is up to both you and me to sort them out and vote for the best for the job,not decided by what party they belong to.
Yes a 25% decrease in our defense budget would be a slap in the face of our countrys’ face.They might give them a 25% increase and then have decide what they really need and what they need to cut to better benifit the country and the best for the soldier and his saftey,health and retirement benifits as they do for thier own.Yes there are some areas they could cut back or do away with,but equally there are areas they need to do more in to include benifits for the soldiers who put 20 or more years of service in to the defense of this GREAT NATION.


Robert O’Brien, you’re right that the Pentagon was having a bit of an accounting problem, but the amount involved was more like $3 trillion. The Pentagon’s accounting processes haven’t been updated in 60 years and they take a very sloppy view at having to account for anything. Just look at the sense of entitlement which permeates about 80% of the comments above. None of the fools who want to spend even more money on defense programs understand that it was expensive French military adventures which brought on the French revolution. The Pentagon has demonstrated yet again (St. Ronnie Ray-gun’s administration was the first time) that it cannot manage a budget nor make effective decisions. What no one who is posting on this board wants to acknowledge is that far too many career military push bogus projects because they’re expected to become retirement sinecures, as someone like John Boyd noted twenty years ago.

Well, that explains it, it was on FOX.

This is the second dumbest person in the senate not to mention the most perverted. If anyone takes him serious they need to lose their jobs. The deomcratic party deserves both him and biden, two peas in the same pod, both friggen idiots. One motivated by sex the motivated by greed.

Hey, George Smith, got a real chuckle out of how Bill Clinton “cut” defense spending before the first attack on the WTC. Clinton had been in office for all of less than a month when that attack occurred and would have been sending up the budget prepared under his predecessor’s guidance. You are aware that President George H.W. Bush had slashed the defense budget even more seriously than Clinton ever did, right? Right?

Re, 9/11, that debacle happened on your apparent hero’s watch. Bush knew that the attack was coming, had been warned about it, but chose to enjoy his vacation and do nothing about trying to shake the trees harder and beat the brush more to find out what might in the works. Bush and Cheney failed in their jobs, totally. Worse, they had been in those positions for nine months when that happened and had more than adequate time to prepare, especially when Clinton’s team told them pointblank that they needed to be hyper-aware. Plutocrat, trust-fund baby, frat-boy failures shouldn’t try to blame other people for their screw-ups. Whatever happened to “personal responsibility” among the conservatives, or does that apply only to “other” people?

Despite the size of the federal budget and all the mandated social programs, the democrats have always gone after the dod budget as a discretionary source for purchasing votes from non-taxpayers, minorities, illegals, perverts, peaceniks and fradulent voting blocks like acorn. It is what keeps them in office and power.

Considering his recent mishandling of his fiscal responsibilities in office, it is time to “relieve him” of such, drop his position on the leadership list (for ineptness and possible corruption), and possiblly, have him “court-martialed” and “dismissed”…by his home state voters,of course!!





We have Barney Frank, gay lover and the Democratic Congress to thank for this economy. Bush didn’t do it. This is the tip of the iceberg of what they will do without a Republican to stop the give aways.

Make a difference in the poles with a straight Republican Ticket. Then be proud that you support the Troops and the American way of life.

Does this mean the draft is coming back?





Surely this does not surprise anyone with an IQ of 70 or above. Will have to be explained to some in congress. Staffers might be able to help. Leave no idiot behind. 70 years young, still serving and the congress is as stupid as ever! Is it required reading for newly elected congressman to read the Constitution before they take the oath of office, at least once mmaybe ???


Actually, my favorite part of this discussion is how it brings up the importance of folks actually knowing what it says in the Constitution, which is the basis for all of these interpretations. Most people quote it, but few actually read it (sorta like religious tomes). Nick, that’s not at all what it says in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. Furthermore, by examining what the Nation is SUPPOSED to be doing, we can then push our elected officials to do what THEY are supposed to do. It is, of course, well known that any large organization is inefficient (look at most national charities, business conglomorates (sp?), and the like). Government is no different. What is an interesting question though is over terms, like a couple have implied…our Founding Fathers were not professional politicians. They ran their own businesses and were used to making decisions…but since they needed to keep their businesses going…they had to ‘part time’ their writing the Constitution (it took a while to do). So…maybe the real concept is limiting the “profession” of politics and push for more statesmanship. Again, let’s just READ the Constitution that makes this country truly wonderful in the world.

Oh…sorry for diatribe and lecture…but I also find it laughable that we keep kicking the same can down the street. Mr. Clinton was President some years ago. Mr. Bush is about to relinquish his Presidency. Let’s try and get past the blame game of who did what, who failed at what, and who should be held accountable for what. That is a COMPLETELY different topic than the one this was posted to discuss. While those are interesting for both the logical and passionate reasons (which never yield much), they are moot to the state of the DoD budget. Fact is, the DoD budget is principally the Congress’ responsibility. Let’s keep this in that light…Again, it’s Constitutional.

The DoD budget is the biggest jobs program on the planet. The biggest benefit in a vast slice of these programs is in the high salaries that they yield to a sizeable segment of the population. We are along in the 1st world community in still spending on these programs that yield marginal results at best. The biggest, most equipped military in the world and we are in a draw with the Taliban, who are negotiating a peace with Karzai, and we buy off the insurgents in Iraq. My expectation is that the day after we leave Iraq, whether that be in 1 year or ten, the day after will be a fight among the factions for control.
We are like a broken record that is skipping at “Cold War”. There is even a commenter here that goes by that name.We spend like we are still in that era. It comes as no surprise to me that the major defense contrators destroy their old tooling, rather than keep it in storage. The aviation vendor community will probably throw a party when the last B-52 finally runs out of parts so that they can put us on the path to developing trillion dollar bomber that A)Keeps their workforce employed, B)Provides golden parachutes for execs, C)does only marginally better than the B-52 it will replace.
There is a law that goes by the name of “The Law of Diminishing Returns” which in essence says that there is a point at which, no matter how much you throw at something you get no more bang for your buck.
Everyone in the world, with the exception of us has already acknowledged this and moved on. Including the Russians and the Chinese.
Our DoD budget could be half as large, or twice as large, and we would see no more return on our money than what we see now.
The rest of the world has decided to move on and it is time for us to do likewise.
In a democracy, the majority votes for the direction they want to move the country in.
Get over it. Bush, his policies, and his party are the ones that got us here. If you are a Republican, you need to look in the mirror and ask “How did I let this happen?” because it is your fault that the elections are going to swing the way I expect next Tuesday. Not the Democrats. They would still be in the minority, had it not been for Republicans squandering the opportunity they were given in 1994 (Gingrich Revolution) through 2006.
By the way, I’m an ex-sailor, a patriot who loves his country, and an individual who used to believe in, and vote for the Republican party. Be aware that when you lose folks like Colin Powell, you are losing the best and brightest of the party.
Reading some of the comments here makes me mindful of the fact that Hitler also thought he had a lock on patriotism (think…, you’re either with us, or against us), turns out he was dead wrong.


I am a little floored at this one. Our budget compared to WWII GDP percentage is minimal.

Our ODT&E process may be broken, but we need to fix it. Murtha & Frank are just suggesting we throw it in a corner, ignore it, and dont feed it. We need to fix this process, not treat it like a red-headed step child.

However, if they’re going to take money…


Two Points to “View?“
1) Why the heck are the Aussies gonna be able to buy JLTV’s when we’ll surely pay more.
2) Why (rather who and how the heck) did we get bamboozled into buying thousands of MRAPS at a MILLION Bucks $$$$ EACH??
3) Pres. Carter was a boomer submariner, and thats a never ending shame for the good men and women of all the Navy (and especially the submariners and their proud history.) So, seriously, imagine “Barack” < its only one syllable away from being a “grunt” < oops forgive me!!
4)I don’t much like either men for pres. but I sure as hell would put my chips behind any man that served as honorably as McCain. How many couldve stood through what he was subjected too? Does that not “mean anything anymore.” I really guess not, seeing how this “Experiment in Freedom” is just that, and the petri dish is about to be washed out in the head.
Screw it, lets all just surrender to peices of trash like (do nothing pelosi) (scary barack) (sloppy 7ths barney).……and we can just take the fun ride right down the crapper?
“From time to time, the blood of tyrants and patriots alike must be shed at the tree of liberty.” tick tock, tick tockkkk

Interesting topic, It went from waste cuts to the blame game. Defence cuts started with The Grahm/Rudman act, that was long before Clinton was elected, but that is another story. Old Barney is right, there are some things in DoD that need’s to go, why? because they don’t work. Blackwater training the Navy in security? you got to be kidding me, sence when the Navy can’t train it’s own people, might as well let BW run the Navy, just keep them away from the Army. We still don’t have combat weapon everybody was talking about, but I bet a lot of money went into it’s research. Where are the new tacticle vech’s you guys was talking about? a lot of money went into that research as well with no accountability, wasteful spending the both of them. Just think where the infrastructure would be if this administration had figured this out. Oh and by the way RocketMan, honorably vet’s look out for other vet’s, not vote against a bill because it might encourage them get out of the Military.

The DoD budget has become a sacred institution in which we can no longer look at the true cost and benefits of the taxpayers expenditures for our national security. The proposed 2009 military budget for the US will be approximately 48% of the total world spending on military. The US is number one at $711 billion and China number two at $122 billion. We can seek to blame the republicans or democrats for who was responsible for 9/11, and live in fear of terrorist, or we can come together set realistic goals and priorities for the security of our nation. From my perspective it is accurate and actionable intelligence that we follow through on along with ending poverty and the support of democratization which are the keys to our security. We don’t need to be spending money on outdated programs such as the $13 Billion dollar a year Missile Defense Agency when our enemies are hiding in caves.
http://​www​.cdi​.org/ , http://​www​.brookings​.edu/​o​p​i​n​i​o​n​s​/​2​0​0​8​/​0​9​1​1​_​d​e​v​e​l​o​p​m​e​n​t​_​b​r​a​i​n​a​r​d​.​a​spx

Barnie rubble can’t dress himself, and is offering advise to the military!!! You gotta be kiddin!!
So, barnie,how goes freddie mac and fannie?? Any more good advise????
Folks from Mass; wake up…

Wsquared: “Everyone in the world, with the exception of us has already acknowledged this and moved on. Including the Russians and the Chinese.“
What are you talking about? We are the only ones in the world talking about REDUCING our military budget– the Russians and Chinese are both increasing theirs and buying newer, better weapons. Hell , the Chinese have a better fighter aircraft than we have right now, and the Russians have a better tank. Get out of the idealist dreamland that has gutted our military EVERY time a war ends, only to be broken by a cold hard slap of reality EVERY time.

Holding back on a few future wepons is ok for a little bit but don’t short change the troops or any think they need„ but how much has NASA been told to cut back–I’m in no hurry to get to the moon, unless it has a military reason for it.

Peace through strength should not be copromised at this point in history.

Realizing that China and Taiwan’s deal has not yet come to pass, Russias new oil money is being spent on new ships,subs and aviation,plus Afghanistan will need more troops,and equipment to be effective, how dare we cut.

It sounds like has this call ass backward, just like his private life.

Forget all that, I just heard that this President is planning to enact some deregulation before he leaves office. That means that all the ships comming into our ports will not be inspected, you can thank him for that. That also means that the weter we drink, our kids drink will be dirty cause this President lifted regulation on water testing, the air we breath will be dirty cause the regulation on clean air will be lifted, you can thank him and his buddies for that too. He timed it just right so this Congress won’t be able to stop it before the next President is sworn in. So much for putting America first. In the words of Gomer Pyle, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

It doesn’t surprise me that Barney Frank and his Demogodic cronies would want to cut the only sector of government that actually works. I can think of dozens of democrat socialists programs that continually lose money, decade after decade. Cut the crap and cut the waste. Cut Barney and his socialist ilk!!

I say cut the funding to all those attack dogs, starting with BW. There are so many things that have been created under this administration that they can’t keep up with them, half of them don’t make sense. There are a lot of bogus so call defence contractors that really don’t do anything other than suck up tax payers dollars and get rich, if you ask them to produce one thing they have done with it, they couldn’t tell you, the main reason for that was lack of oversight. Yeah, there’s a lot fat that can be trimmed from that pig, or duck before it goes into the oven.

only sector of government that actually works

You haven’t been paying attention for the last eight years or so, have you?


Enough of the BS that Clinton balanced the budget. That is nonsense. If it had not been for Republicans in Congress STOPPING much of Clinton’s spending, the budget WOULD NOT have been balanced!

“Forget all that, I just heard that this President is planning to enact some deregulation before he leaves office. That means that all the ships comming into our ports will not be inspected, you can thank him for that. That also means that the weter we drink, our kids drink will be dirty cause this President lifted regulation on water testing, the air we breath will be dirty cause the regulation on clean air will be lifted, you can thank him and his buddies for that too. He timed it just right so this Congress won’t be able to stop it before the next President is sworn in. So much for putting America first. In the words of Gomer Pyle, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.”

Got a reliable source or did you just “hear” it?

Why would any party want to deregulate something they and their children drink and breath? Makes no sense but I suppose since you “heard” it, it must be true.

I once “heard” before the last election that Bush had a secret plan to open concentration camps and round up all the gays. That was about as reliable as anything you might have “heard” too.

Even if this did happen, the next president could just overturn it.

Some of you moonbats clearly have lost touch with reality. We have enemies out there and not all of them are fighting from caves. Russia, China and Iran to name a few are just hoping that Frank and his Democrat pals have their way with our military. They are already doing anything they can to turn America into a third-world country.

Enough of the BS that Clinton balanced the budget. That is nonsense. If it had not been for Republicans in Congress STOPPING much of Clinton’s spending, the budget WOULD NOT have been balanced

Enough of the BS that Reagan won the Cold War. That is nonsense. If it had not been for Democrats in Congress, the Cold War would still be going.

(works both ways, see?)

I once “heard” before the last election that Bush had a secret plan to open concentration camps and round up all the gays. That was about as reliable as anything you might have “heard” too.

I heard before the last election that Bush had a plan to open a secret prison camp where prisoners would be tortured, despite serious lack of any evidence about their culpability.

Oh, wait…

You mean a prison camp full of illegal combatants.

That’s right, look up the definition under the Geneva Convention. We had the right to put them up against a wall and shoot every single individual captured on the battlefield who was not part of a legal army.

The whole torture thing is garbage anyway. Would the moonbats have been happy if we had just chopped off the heads of every prisoner…just like our enemies do?

You mean a prison camp full of illegal combatants.

I meant exactly what I said.

That’s right, look up the definition under the Geneva Convention. We had the right to put them up against a wall and shoot every single individual captured on the battlefield who was not part of a legal army.

Gee whilikers, really? Even the ones who were taken on nothing more than the word of folks in Iraq/Afghanistan with grudges? How about the ones that the tribunals found innocent? Those ones?

The whole torture thing is garbage anyway. Would the moonbats have been happy if we had just chopped off the heads of every prisoner…just like our enemies do?

‘We’re better than Al-Qaeda’ is the single dumbest argument in favor of torture I’ve ever heard. _Of course_ we’re better than Al-Qaeda. Part of our *being* better than Al Qaeda was that we tried *not* to do evil things, not jump eagerly into them while shouting ‘But we’re not going to chop their heads off.’

“Got a reliable source or did you just “hear” it?”

Watch any of the other news sourse but FOX, or you can just wait till your water turn dirty.

I contacted Barney Frank over 10 months ago about fraud, corruption and violations of Title 7 of the US Civil Rights Act of 1964 while working for SAIC in support of the DoD’s Global Military Medical Health Communications Systems. At that time Barney was not interested in assisting me in my fight against SAIC and/or the DoD. Without Barney’s help,I filed a Federal complaint in Boston District Federal Court against SAIC for fraud, corruption and Civil Rights violations. Interestingly a month ago I got a letter from Barney asking me for money so that he could fight back against those people that say he has failed to provide any leadership or advocacy for the taxpayer. Now Barney is attacking the DoD but does he even have a clue as to where the money is wasted and how? I was prepared to show him some of the where and how but he was not interested 10 months ago. What’s the solution? Does anybody really want Barney Frank’s job? It’s clear Barney is in over his head and he’s thrashing about making statemnets about things that he knows nothing about and as I have already stated he’s obviously not even truly interested in learning about. He is spouting off trying to deflect criticism that rightfully is due him for truly failing to innovate protection and control against default credit swaps and other derivatives that have caused this credit mess. Until Barney can prove his competence in his financial leadership position, he should be ignored. He is what he appears to be. A big bag of wind.

Oh, how original. Just break out the evil Fox News reference. Typical moonbat.

Now, answer the question.

Some of the regulatory stuff going on is here:

Barney Frank is a gross incompetent, if not a crook. However, neither his incompetence nor his crimes will ever be investigated because its just the taxpayer who is losing.

I think the conservatives on this site who argue with Liberals should understand that it’s a lost cause. Your efforts are noble and humane, but reasoning with the mentally ill is impossible. They are infected with a mental virus that is beyond your attempts to cure it.

Now, Now, we are grown ups here, there is no need for name calling. Facts are facts.


My thoughts are my own if they are someone else’s maybe you could “cite the source” which of course you failed to do pretty sloppy.

Maybe you read one of my posts to the myriad of defense sites about the same issue, I have been trying to warn about how defense will be gutted by the Dems. The Dems are Marxists who hate the troops and the military.

- Murtha calling them killers
– Dodd says the troops are like Nazis
– Kerry accuses them of attacking women and children in their homes ar night.
– Clinton “I loathe the military”

My how far we’ve come…we’ve completely lost sight of the issue in the first place. This is EXACTLY what I thought intriguing of blogs, coffee shops conversations, and any of the numerous political talk shows…just because you have one, doesn’t mean that anyone needs to hear (or read) an opinion. More often than not (in my humble opinion, of course), it seems that folks opinions are based on partial or half-truths at best. Then, because of the immense passion that that particular person’s heart feels over the issue, they pile the walls high around that opinion and defend it to the bloody end. This, of course, is how things that require our military being strong are started in the first place. Compromise isn’t the art of laying down your virtues to pick up someone elses, but it is about honoring the virtues of the other person’s thesis (and you don’t beat a thesis with the antithesis…only with a better thesis). To that end, maybe I’m wrong with mine…prove me yours without insulting mine and I might have a look at it.

And while we’re at it…stick to the topic, hold the bitterness and name calling, and offer something of worth to the whole forum, please.

The Dems are Marxists who hate the troops and the military.

Gee, the Dems have won the major wars this past century: WWI & WWII.

Republicans managed the first Persian Gulf War and…?

(No, Grenada does not count as a major war)


No, it DOES NOT work both ways.

If more of Clinton’s spending policies had been passed by a more favorable Congress there would have been no surplus.

It WAS Reagan’s policies (& even Reagan could not get everything that he wanted) which played a MAJOR role in winning the Cold War. If there had been more Democrats in Congress & they suceeded in stopping many of Reagan’s policies (& substituting them for their own), then the Cold War very well COULD still be going.

No, it DOES NOT work both ways.

The only reason you want it that way is your own partisan blinders. Foaming at the mouth doesn’t change it.

The GOP is now the party of big government and fiscal irresponsibility, pushing the desperately unpatriotic line of ‘tax cuts no matter what’; no matter war, no matter financial catastrophe, no matter what.

Barney Frank took the most lobbiest money to keep down any regulation of the banks/mortgages fiasco. With Pelosi, he has sqashed any regulation bills coming out of his committee. I think that elected officials like this are elected to “serve” the people not propagate their liberal agendas. I also think we should consider ‘impeaching’ Frank for his failures along with Pelosi who seems to think it’s Bushes fault. Princess Pelosi doesn’t understand the Congress votes the budget, not Bush!!!

Hey!!!!!trim the fat, it’s bad for your heart.

I can remember when the M-1 Abrams first came out and liberals like Frank were calling it a fancy new weapons system that we don’t need. It turned out to be a damn good tank. If they would have had their way, the army would still be using M-60’s. Liberals like Frank and Obama hate the military and despise this country. Sadly they will be in control for the next four years. God help us!

Well Mr Barney Frank our service men and women need all the help they can get; I’ll bet if it was your ass out on the line you would not like to hear from some politician that “you don’t need all those fancy new weapons” I say lets get them all the help they can get!

Let us understand … it is advancements in weapons systems that:

1> Increase the warfighter’s situational awareness.
2> Enhance the accuracy of the warfighter when he has to employ deadly force.
3> Allow the warfighter to engage his enemy at a standoff.

All this leads to LESS LOSS OF LIFE.

A> The warfighter has a better chance of staying alive.
B> The innocent that are too often part of today’s battlefield are less likely to become collateral damage.
C> The enemy is more likely to die … which also enhances A and B.

In other words, while I have no problem cutting politically-motivated waste (no matter the party proposing the spending), you can easily end up trading money for lives … even if your intent appears to be reducing American power-projection capabilities to near-impotence, in the hope they will not be used as a result — because more innocents will die if we are not there to defend them, even eventually on our soil.

And it is not enough to maintain parity with enemy capabilities … staying FAR ahead of them not only assures their defeat, it PREVENTS wars by assuring that “they’ll only die tired” if they try to attack America. At least the rational ones will think twice.

We are in one sorry state of affairs when we have a homosexual such as Barney Fag, that has control of the purse strings to the backbone of this country. Check the tires and start the fires, grab your guns, it’s Bunker Hill and another revolution on the way. Our greatness has been murdered by the Liberal, Socialist Democratic Party! Those who put those slugs back into power have been duped into believing that the democratic party of old will be back…as long as there’s greedy, power hungry, self centered people leading this country, we’ll never undo what they do to us…just look at what slick willie did to the military…it took the American Republican Party to put Honor, Integrity and Honesty back into vogue!

We are in one sorry state of affairs when we have a homosexual that has control of the purse strings to the backbone of this country.
Those who put those slugs back into power have been duped into believing that the democratic party of old will be back…as long as there’s greedy, power hungry, self centered people leading this country, we’ll never undo what they do to us…just look at what slick willie did to the military…it took the American Republican Party to put Honor, Integrity and Honesty back into vogue!

“We are in one sorry state of affairs when we have a homosexual that has control of the purse strings to the backbone of this country.”

And here come the bigots.

Bill O’Rielley has Barney pegged as an out and out coward.……and I call him a coward as well… Frank was one of the prime movers behind the Fannie may/Freddie Mac disaster.…
now he quickly distances himself from that constantly denying any involvement when he’s clearly on the record…(gotta wonder about those folks in Mass.) Now, he wants to orchestrate a Clintonian level fuck up by gutting the military.… AGAIN!!! sweet jesus people.…. just proves MY point.… in this country, it’s the MILITARY that’s at war… Frank and the Liberals are at the Mall.…
time for another wake up call.….……

For many years of Peaceful coexistance in our country, we have been fortunate whether we are Republican, Democrat, Liberal, or Conservative in general…Mr. Frank…The Problem with Men getting up in age and never face the grounds of War..forget easily as many who have tasted war, can never forget the depth of what it can do…As a Democrat think of us as human beings who serve this country for your Life…Age has a place, and at times it shows less to be desired…Government should erect a military that carries earned respect because the respect is rightfully gained because we Who said “I do” take that oath to mean We who live are willing to GIVE! The only point that bares true depth of our people is the branches that Keep us Sound! The military is an essential branch that you must come down and stay awhile, in order to relate to us…You can not know us until you feel what we feel.…I am a Democrat Mr. Frank..But I am also a soldier of the wise…For much I have learned is what politics have done to our People…Our Families…Our Life…Liberty and Freedoms…Politics that have belched on us to the exremes…We don’t need a marshmellow, nor do we need a synical warrior of the past…We have come to be more intelligent without words of wrath!

I really think we should always consult God in prayers before we take any action.
I am not saying that;you have not done the right thing,but it is my fervent prayer that;America will stand firmly and will not fall.
Salute to you!
Fellows,i really appreciate your great deal of service to the nation and the world at large.
Peace is what we all want;no more war!.
My regards to you.
Let us help build a better future for all.
Thank you.

Moraly incompadent, that’s what homosexuality is, for glutton’s love gluttony & those who agree, are gluttoness Pig’s as well.


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