US Army Confirms Israeli Nukes; Israeli Aid At Stake

US Army Confirms Israeli Nukes; Israeli Aid At Stake

The Army has let slip one of the worst-kept secrets in the world — that Israel has the bomb.

Officially, the United States has a policy of “ambiguity” regarding Israel’s nuclear capability. Essentially, it has played a game by which it neither acknowledges nor denies that Israel is a nuclear power.

But a Defense Department study [http://​www​.jfcom​.mil/​n​e​w​s​l​i​n​k​/​s​t​o​r​y​a​r​c​h​i​v​e​/​2​0​0​8​/​J​O​E​2​0​0​8​.​pdf] completed last year offers what may be the first time in a unclassified report that Israel is a nuclear power. On page 37 of the U.S. Joint Forces Command report, the Army includes Israel within “a growing arc of nuclear powers running from Israel in the west through an emerging Iran to Pakistan, India, and on to China, North Korea, and Russia in the east.”

The single reference is far more than the U.S. usually would state publicly about Israel, even though the world knew Israel to be a nuclear power years before former nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu went public with facts on its weapons program in 1986.

Several years later investigative reporter Seymour Hersh published “The Samson Option,” detailing Israel’s strategy of massive nuclear retaliation against Arab states in the event it felt its very existence was threatened. Israel’s nuclear arsenal has been estimated to range from 200 to 400 warheads.

Yet Israel has refused to confirm or deny it’s nuclear capabilities, and the U.S. has gone along with the charade.

As recently as Feb. 9 President Barack Obama ducked the question when asked pointedly by White House correspondent Helen Thomas whether he knew of any country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons. Keeping the blinders on is necessary politically in order to avoid a policy confrontation with Israel.

By law, the U.S. would have to cease providing billions of dollars in foreign aid to Israel if it determined the country had a nuclear weapons program. That’s because the so-called Symington Amendment, passed in 1976, bars assistance to countries developing technology for nuclear weapons proliferation.

Given the U.S.‘s long history of selective blindness when it comes to Israeli nukes, it’s unlikely that the Joint Operating Environment 2008 report compiled by the Army amount to much more than a minor faux pas.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz, in a March 8 article on the report, observed: “It is virtually unheard of for a senior military commander, while in office, to refer to Israel’s nuclear status. In December 2006, during his confirmation hearings as Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates referred to Israel as one of the powers seen by Iran as surrounding it with nuclear weapons. But once in office, Gates refused to repeat this allusion to Israel, noting that when he used it he was ‘a private citizen.’ ”

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If I was the leader of an arab country knowing that an enemy such as Israel had nukes why wouldn’t I try to get them too? Just like the USSR did after the US invented the first working A-bomb. It’s stupid to think that since Israel has nukes no one else who is threatened by them should have them.

Israel really doesnt threaten anyone… they get kicked around like the little runt of the middle east till they get pissed off and kick their older siblings arse into a pulp (multiple times)… So the lesson is… dont piss the israeli’s off and they wont be threatening to you… pretty simple..

i agree with bob

Since Israeli/Jewish scientists basically
invented the bomb would it not be fitting for them to have them also? Israel has 0 option.
Surrounded by 200 million plus, that are bent
on their destruction. Let is throw off
Israel, so that they be a nation no more. Yes
Israel has nukes even the neutron. Iran has
stated the intentions of the Persian state.
Israel will not be defeated.

Since WHEN has Israel had its ass kicked in the MidEast, Bob Marsh. Try reading some history for a change instead of listening to Zionistic rubbish, along w/Limbaugher & his Cheese heads.

Who thought that they didn’t have the nuke? That was obvious.

Isreal wont say if they have a nuclaire bomb.We all know unless they didnt have a Big Brother that keeps a good eye on them not to use it.But If they do have it they should join the World Treaty Nuclaire Plan! Wich is onlly normal remember their are countries that do the same and we watch them .

Isreal’s insistence that Arab states or Iran don’t obtain nuclear weapons is clear. The chances of a nuclear war starting in the middle east are higher than even on the Korean peninsula. The tensions in the middle east have existed for thousands of years and could boil over at any time. A nuclear armed Iran issuing direct threats to Isreal as has already been done would virtually garantee a nuclear exchange with Jordan caught in the middle.

If the Arab and Persian nations stopped fighting, there would be peace in the Middle East.

If Israel stopped fighting, there would be no Israel.

Perhaps all anglo-saxon Americans should give all of America back to the Indian tribes, then start calling the kettle black, eh?

At least the Mexicans haven’t threatened America with “wiping them off the face of the Earth” for murdering their American Indian brothers — the Navajo, Iriquois, etc. So, please, give me a break. I would suggest that the anti-Zionist movement is more fervent than any Zionists.

It is VERY VERY simple for those of you who sustained head injuries…
Israel wants to simply exist and survive in peace. They ONLY fight in defense.
So, if there could ever be a permanent, durable deterrent, such as a bomb so powerful as to split the Earth in half, maybe people would just shut up and leave Israel alone.
And then, there would be peace.

Clearly, Israel doesn’t have powerful enough weapons to keep every idiot off their tails.

lol, jack seems to be all up in his history knowlege.….

einstein was jewish and a german, stop with the us created everything arrogance.

it’s like jack walking into a corner store and buying a hershey’s then telling his friends he makes them.

It’s a real pity the world is playing the Ostrich when it comes to Israel/Arab affairs.Israel has more right to exist in the Middle East than the Arabs. Since the Arabs have refused to acknowledge the seniority and superiority of the Israeli’s, let the world go to sleep any time the Israelis pumel their insolent and provocative brothers. The only language an average Arab understands and respects is iron fist. Nothing less should be used on them

Does Israel have a right to exist? As I recall, many of the “damaged” Jewish population would have been happy with a “Jewish” state in France or Germany after WWII.

The question really is if anybody would be happy with a group coming back, claiming some land, and living there after not doing so for a great period of time.

Let’s take every person in this thread. Say an Indian tribe came to your house and claimed it a tribal site. You had to vacate, they would be taking over your land, your town, etc. Would you be happy, or would you call this a crime?

That is a silly example, perhaps, but it is kind of the same for invoking the thought process.

Now, if Israel wants to exist, let them do so in peace. Just like I do not care for my tax dollars to go to AIG executives’ bonuses, I also do not care for my tax dollars to go to Israel. We are a country in debt — we cannot afford propping up a country that destabilizes a region and costs us more and more money.

Cut the aid and protection for Israel. Let them actually work out some peace for themselves, or move. If they cannot make it happen, then it is unsustainable, and my tax dollars can’t sustain it — they have to be paid to the interest on the national debt.

Are you delirious? More right to exist? Are you claiming history?

In 63 BC the Jews were conquered by Roman Pompey, and never again had even the vestige of independence.

If you want your land “back” then England is rightfully Italians, France is really England’s, and the French should claim Norway. And of course, Arabs would get Spain. Mexicans should also get Texas. And what about what Native American Indians?

In anycase, I hope this is not ignored and support stops being sent over to them. I know that would help the US Economy as well.

Are these valid questions?
1. Wasn’t the land originally called Judea?
2. Weren’t the crusades launched to retake the land after it had been captured by an Islamic army?
3. Would that make the Jews the original occupants of the land?
4. Does Iran going nuclear really change the equation as far Israel is concerned?
5. How do the neighboring countries feel about Israel getting nuked and the problem of fallout?

Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Its God’s will from day one. Read your Bible people, it gives you past, present, and future plans of God and what is to come. In response to J March, i would not be offended if the American Indians were enabled to reclaim land ‘stolen’ from them. I am offended by the AIG corruption, yet, this is wallstreet, do we expect anything different from humans that greed over money?

“http://​www​.jfcom​.mil/​n​e​w​s​l​i​n​k​/​s​t​o​r​y​a​r​c​h​i​v​e​/​2​0​0​8​/​J​O​E​2​0​0​8​.​pdf] completed last year offers what may be the first time in a unclassified report that Israel is a nuclear power. On page 37 of the U.S. Joint Forces Command report, the Army includes Israel within “a growing arc of nuclear powers running from Israel in the west through an emerging Iran to Pakistan, India, and on to China, North Korea, and Russia in the east.”

Thats not saying much. from what get from reading the above is that Isral want nukes, like everybody else, it didn’t say they actually have nukes, but like most will do in this situation, draw your own conclusion. It’s not a matter of rights, if it was what right do anybody have telling others what they can and cannot have. The point is, they(nukes)are out and everybody want them.

“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”

The Islamic side would have you believe that the “zionists” are plotting their destruction, but I think the rest of the world sees it more clearly, the right wing Islamic fundamentalists will stop at nothing short of the destruction of Israel. With the Jews controlling the majority of the top financial institutions, “the Illuminate” or “Bilderburgers”, it might appear as though the Jews are trying World domination secretly, The truth is that the vast majority of the world isn’t jewish or Muslim, we just want both of them to stop this insanity of thinking that “they are closer to GOD” and more deserving of life, liberty,& the pursuit of Happiness!!!!!

The blood of Jesus Christ is proof ‘no one’ is more closer to God than the other. We ground is ‘equal’ at the base of the cross.

Don’t you check the posts ?
“Holocaust Gaza” is Racialist

Wow. People need to stop with this “stolen land” business. The Jews didn’t steal the land from the Arabs, rich Arabs stole it from poor Arabs, and the Jews bought it. They were smart enough to form a doctrine that stated that the land could not be sold again out of Jewish control. As for stabilizing the region, I think that we should make it policy that the United States will personally destroy the very next group, or country that uses any god by any name as justification for their actions. We need reality, and practicality in dealing with this, not some “holy book”, or Mother Goose fairy tale. A zero tolerance for faith based violence could go a long way in erraticating fairy tale thinking, and the violence that it spawns.

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Israel needs to defend it’s self and is a close ally of the US in the mideast. We should be thankfull that Israel has the nuke deterent.
As long as Hamas keeps firing missiles into Israel from the Gaza strip, Israel is going to retaliate.
There won’t be a Palestian state that recognizes Israel until the Palestinians stop attacking Israel.
Iran is working on the bomb anyhow.

fyi: The bible and Qua’an are stories written by people. If you were raised Muslim you probably believe the Qua’an. If you were raised Christian you probably believe the Bible — can’t both be correct, can they? Ever notice that some people change religions? why is that? Suggestion — keep religious quotes of of discussions. They aren’t very much “proof” and meanless to an non-believer.

Whatever was, was. Now Israel is. Backing up to support or dispute their being won’t change their being there.

Recommended reading, “The Politically Incorrect Middle East”.

Lot of hot buttons here. Fair amount of veiled bigotry too. First visit here today and won’t come back. As a vet I am disgusted.

Gaza, I respect your opinion, but don’t you think you sound a bit like an Islamic extremist? Just out of curiosity, are you of Arab-Muslim descent, or a member of the Islamic faith?

You know… It’s time to release the “Dogs from Hell” (aka, nuclear war)and end the world as we know it. Return to simplicity or let some other form of life evolve. I’m sick of all that is going on in the world, to hell with it…

The Israelis have Israel. Pick up all the strays from Palestine and put them back in Israel. Ask them nicely to stay there. Then the Palestinians won’t shoot fireworks at them and the Israelis won’t need to launch the airstrikes.

The reason Israel feel threatened is because of their aggressively acquisitive attitude. Bullies don’t like it when their victims hit back.

JR Chicago — “As long as Hamas keeps firing missiles into Israel from the Gaza strip, Israel is going to retaliate.
There won’t be a Palestian state that recognizes Israel until the Palestinians stop attacking Israel.”

Why the f$%^ do you think the Palestines are firing missiles into Israel? Unguided low-tech homemade missiles. Little more than a potato gun to the helicopter gunships and tanks of their peace-loving neighbours. Open your eyes. Israel is and always has been the problem in the ME.

I second Dr Strangelove

I agree with leo… nicely put.

It’s not such the big mistery that israel in its position in the ME is the cause of all the termoil. It’s a vicous circle of violence and retaliation, BUT it’s not equivelent. Ok! Hamas fires homemade rockets (potato guns) into israel killing what? 10? 20? 300??? the retaliatory action killed thousands in a clear overkill panic attack!

but let’s not digress here… I would be lying and any of you would be fooling themselves to think things now are somehow going to change in a feat of miraclous turn of events… NO! They Won’t! The US gov. could easily find a loophole and get out of the whole thing without as much as a blush.
Wake up people… the existence of Israel has nothing to do with them being threatened by their hateful neighbors… it is not a matter of religion to the US… it is not a human rights issue… it is not a matter of rights PERIOD. wke up and smell the oil~!

It is in the best interest of the US to keep the israelis happy, to keep them safe, to keep them THERE, right where they are, right where they should be. The ME is floating on the biggest lakes of oil in the world, and even though everyone keeps smiling when they see the electric cars and other technologies that make the world stop depending on their oil reserves we ALL know it’s still mostly hopes and dreams and science fiction. The world needs the Arab Oil to this day. So what?? Israel is the thorn in their backs… it keeps them busy… predictable… under control… it is helpful just as it is in the best interest of the US gov. to keep opressive regemes in the middle east supported, strong, powerful, and in total control. They control the masses and being kept on a leash to sustain and protect the US interests in the ME.

The whole world knew long ago that israel had Nuclear weapons… why in the living hell did that not stop the palestinians from fighting back? It will not stop… Ever!

The way i see it, the day the world doesn’t actualy need petroleum oil to run our cars and heat our homes and produce our electricity and such, is the same day the US and the rest of the world would seize to support and protect israel in any way shape or form.

this is my humble opinion.

But the one thing i can tell you in complete confidence: Rest Assured… Nothing has changed!

Is this really a big suprise? I was taken to see some microwave missles in 1980 when I was in Haifa.


The fact of Israel possessing nukes is NOT a surprise. What is a surprise is an official US document confirming the fact. Our official policy has always been to live in the gray world where no one confirms or denies. Also, our law forbids providing aid to states that do what Israel did.…

A little fuel for the fire:

From Egypt, further evidence that the Islamist hatred of the Jews is not caused by Israel’s behavior or even its existence. It’s caused by… hatred of the Jews. Here, Egyptian cleric Muhammad Hussein Ya’qoub:

If the Jews left Palestine to us, would we start loving them? Of course not. We will never love them. Absolutely not. The Jews are infidels – not because I say so, and not because they are killing Muslims, but because Allah said: ‘The Jews say that Uzair is the son of Allah, and the Christians say that Christ is the son of Allah. These are the words from their mouths. They imitate the sayings of the disbelievers before. May Allah fight them. How deluded they are.’ It is Allah who said that they are infidels.

Your belief regarding the Jews should be, first, that they are infidels, and second, that they are enemies. They are enemies not because they occupied Palestine. They would have been enemies even if they did not occupy a thing. Allah said: ‘You shall find the strongest men in enmity to the disbelievers [sic] to be the Jews and the polytheists.’ Third, you must believe that the Jews will never stop fighting and killing us. They [fight] not for the sake of land and security, as they claim, but for the sake of their religion: ‘And they will not cease fighting you until they turn you back you’re your religion, if they can.’

This is it. We must believe that our fighting with the Jews is eternal, and it will not end until the final battle – and this is the fourth point. You must believe that we will fight, defeat, and annihilate them, until not a single Jew remains on the face of the Earth.

I find it hard to believe that so many claim Israel as our close ally. Every year at counterterrorism training, we are told that the Israelis are some of the worst with stealing our secrets, and especially at putting our technologies into the hands of our potential adversaries and enemies. So much for being our close ally. They just seem to pick our pocket in more ways than one.

They should stand up on their own laurels. I dislike the fundamentalist muslims as much as I dislike the zionist jews. Both create instability and a heck of a lot of cost out of my tax dollars. Let them all starve if I can do without their oil, and so long as I need their oil, let them make their peace or leave, so that my progress is not inhibited. This situation is not about the betterment of society, the “bringing up” of the third world or anything else. It is about control of energy (little of which we actually use — Canada and Venezuela are our big suppliers) for those who buy our debt.

Dear people !!! America needs to support Israel all time if they want to continue getting blessings from God ( Genesis 12:1–3 )… Religious Islamic fanatics are wild and uncontrollable and therefore they cannot have nukes for both peaceful and military purposes. Good and common sense suggests us to keep Israel pace with its military superiority and excellence in everything related with its safety and security. Any questions ?

So what happened before 1947, when there was no Israel? Was the US not blessed?

It is just religious fanaticism in the opposite direction.

Israel is a made up place this time around. GOD will bless Israel, and its supporters, but it is not man’s job to stand up a nation. That sounds to me like looking for a handout or salvation by works.

Didn’t the Israelis pretty much admit that they had nukes last year? Not a surprise at all. I don’t think they steal our secrets, I suspect they are given our secrets.

Who is the Mother of nations,no one would agreed if I say it‘s surely Israel.Biblical speaking, before Russia, USA, Germay, etc and all other nukes powder of the world,Israel already exsited. So it evidiable that israel stil have some kind of unknown or secret powder


My personal hope is the next PM of Israel will detonate a EMP over Iran…no one dead, and ending Iran’s hopes of attaining nukes, at least for a while.
And this is no place for the haters…not surprisingly the strongest haters are the Muslims/Islamic radical whack-jobs. Grow up.

Some points for discussion:

1: Israel and all Jewish people have the right to exist.

2: As a result of “EARTH; SHALL NOT COVER THE BLOODS OF THE SIX MILLION MURDERED JEWS UNTIL THE END OF ALL GENERATIONS.”, and the insistence of some Arabs and organized Islamic states & organizations that Jews & Israel needs to be exterminated, some Jews and Israel believe that have a right to pursue any military option available.

An example of this is the use of white phosphorus (WP) shells in areas of Gaza that had high civilian populations. (If you’re not familiar of the devastation of this weapon, please investigate it on-line). No matter how the Israeli’s & their apologists try to spin this, there is no way that this was an anti-military action. In Gaza, the Israeli “Defense” Force (IDF) airburst this terror weapon so that it lofted down, indiscriminately killing innocent women & children in the guise of being used against Hamas fighters. Of course, radical Zionists and their radical Rabbi’s believe that any dead Palestinian is a good Palestinian, since they could not morph into a suicide bomber or develop into an armed Hamas supporter.

I’m not making this sh*t up! Just read the expose’s about the IDF’s outright murder of Palestine innocents, along with other abuses, coming out of the IDF’s own Academy & Israeli news releases.

Another example of this arrogance was the deadly assault by Israel on the US navy intelligence vessel, the USS Liberty. Even though the Liberty was clearly flying the American flag, and ultra-urgent communications were sent to all levels of Israel’s political & military structure to halt these unwarrented, illegal & immoral attacks, the IDF continued the assault. To this day, Israel has NEVER apologized or given a truthful reason for these attacks. And why do less than 10% (a generous estimate on my part) of US citizens even know about this atrocity? BECAUSE IT WAS ISRAEL! Did it make headline news even though more Americans died in this attack than occured in the North Korean seizure of the USS Pueblo? No. However the USS Pueblo seizure had an expotentially higher amount of news exposure, like that of the Iran hostage story.

A-Z, I quoted you to make this point.…granted Hitler, Himmler & Heydrich, et al, tried to systematically exterminate as may Jews as possible, as the rest of the world stood by and let this horror occur. But over TWELVE million souls were exterminated by the SS in the concentration camps. What about the forgotten six million? Why don’t we hear an outcry of “never again” for them? What about the 25 million Russians who died in WW II, many of them being innocent men, women & children? How come Israel hasn’t been at the forefront of organizing outrage & action for the atrocities that occured in Cambodia, Rwanda and presently occuring in Darfur? This isn’t a selective criticism of just Israel & some Jews, since all the nations of the world has allowed these tradgedies to happen! But I would think that a nation & people whose rallying cry was “never again”, whose many of it’s people had experienced the effects of atrocities first hand or in their family history, would stand by idly by (like the rest of the world did when the Nazi’s liquidated as many Jews as they could), while these horrors occured? What if it had been Jews that had been murdered & dispossessed?

And finally, all you Israeli apologists who have & will post on this site, how can you & some of the Israeli people stand idly by as WP, Merkura tank & machine gun shells and Hellfire missles be used indiscriminately in areas of high concention of civilians? SHAME ON YOU, those of you who do! And shame on those of us in the US of A who have made this possible by its funding of the IDF.

And before you use twisted logic such as the terror bombing of Dresden & Tokyo, the US military’s policy in Iraq or the Palestinian’s rocket attacks as some sort of rationale for this shameful behavior, please remember that one wrong does not justify another’s (more horrible) wrong.

However, I am thankful for this report as it has taught me about the Symington Amendment of 1976. I encourage everyone to write their elective official with the DEMAND that the US stop funding the IDF based on the requirements of this law. If your officials refuse to act on this, organize a grassroots groundswell against them…threaten to organize a movement to impeach them for not complying with Congressional LAW! Write letters to the editorial pages of your newspapers. Do SOMETHING more than simply exchanging barbs on this (or other) websites.

BTW, these actions will not jeopardize Israel’s existance. Their military superiority in all facets of making war are secure in the decades to come. It simply would require Israel to pay, in total, for its war machine. I would not advocate these actions if I thought for one moment that it would hinder Israel’s survival.

And please don’t believe Ahmadinajad’s threat to wipe Israel off the map. It is simply for regional political currency that he says this (and he naively makes Israel’s position for justifying any military action it decides to launch even stronger). I don’t think that any leader would launch a nuclear attack on Israel with the certainty of a retaliation of 200–400 nuclear missle warheads.

3: Finally, if he’s to be believed, Dr. Carl Sagan postulated that it would take the minimum of 100 nuclear explosions to create a “nuclear winter” on our planet. With 200–400 nuclear warheads & the Samson Option, we won’t have to worry about global warming if Israel feels overwhelmingly threatened.

we can look at history till we are blue in the face.the reality is,with technology comes responsibility to your citizens of that particular country.israel has never threatend a neighbor with anihilation as iran has.using nuclear weapons as a stick is a very dangerous tool.if these axis of evil countries are not checked we will all go up in one big plume.
remember,it is the only democracy in the region,it owes it to itself and its citizens,the first holocaust was the worlds fault,the second would be their’s.the world is a dangerous place,we must make every attempt to make it as safe as possible for all.

Colin Clark March 19th, 2009 at 8:33 pm


The fact of Israel possessing nukes is NOT a surprise. What is a surprise is an official US document confirming the fact. Our official policy has always been to live in the gray world where no one confirms or denies. Also, our law forbids providing aid to states that do what Israel did….”

Grey world? I heard that before, but I got to tell you, in the real world, that makes no sense.

lara March 20th, 2009 at 1:58 pm

“Didn’t the Israelis pretty much admit that they had nukes last year? Not a surprise at all. I don’t think they steal our secrets, I suspect they are given our secrets.”


Religion aside you can count on Israel to act in it’s national interest (USS Liberty.) The U.S. appears to be schizophrenic when it comes to international affairs. Our worst enemy in the middle east is Saudi Arabia. They have financed most of the terror in the world. Real moderate Arab nations don’t understand our relationship with a country that teaches that the U.S. should be destroyed.

Israel has shown great restraint from using any nuclear weapon against any arab country yet as soon as Iran creates one it will only take months before its used. Might as well give a monkey a loaded hand gun.

Isreal has effectively shot itself in the foot. Apparently the money coming from USA is not enough to help them survive so they build a nuke with what we’re giving them. If Isreal were hit by a nuke, don’t you think the U.S. would respond with force? The U.S. needs to stop funding them since Isreal thinks it can use the money to build nukes.

As a side note, isn’t it interesting how the conflicts in the middle east are based off religion?

Our relationship with Saudi Arabia is simple to understand… infact it’s the same model as Egypt and the former Iraq.

Their populus are uneducated, militant, religous zealots bent on the destruction of Jews and Christians. The House of Saud is a moderate class of highly educated business men with an abilty to supress uprisings and keep anti-american rhetoric to just that… rhetoric.

Pushing for a republic (like the US), or a more dangerous option of pure democratcy, was one of the major mistakes ever made in the middle east. NEVER suggest a populus should make their own decisions when their entire education system is based on religious law that aggressively calls for the extermination and subgegation of “inferior” religions. The Israelies knew/know this, and after the election of Hamass in Palastinian elections, everyone else should recognize it as well.

“Democratcy” should not be the goal of international policy… peace should be. There is a reason America is not a democratcy… the rule of law and fundamental protection for OTHERS rights and safety ARE important. We are a republic ruled by law with checks and balances… anarchy, mobs, and communism doesn’t work. What makes you think a populus with a CULTURE of jewish hatred would EVER vote for peace.

The only peace Muslim extreamists want, is one of 100% capitulation and conversion. It’s “ala’s will” after all. :-/

Israel has never threatened to wipe iran off the face of the earth, Iran (and most other arab nations have said they would destroy Israel) The Israeli’s have a history of being picked on by other nations ever since the british colonial days, The question is not should they have one because nuclear weapons are only there to use as a treaty chip nowadays. In 20–30 years when they can afford to maintain the weapons they will take something and give us the weapons, its all a game.
Most people dont realize how incredibly expensive it is to maintain nuclear weapons, this is one of the reasons russia didnt pull all of them back from the balkins before bringing down the wall. Their problem, they can deal with it until they cant afford them then we will welcome them back in after they take their licks.

They didnt count on us buying them from them and creating a relationship with them.

first of all arabs are not monkeys and they even got better brains than israelis have ‚second arabs doesnt hate any religion its not true that we hate christians or even jews the true muslims doesnt care about anyones religion we only care about their behavior ‚here in Egypt we have christians and jews and we dont kill them we love like bros with no diffrence we only hate zionists who occupied the palestinian land which will soon come back as i beleive, jews in their holybook it is said that jews doesnt have a country and their flag has 2 blue stripes symbolising the nile and the forat rivers which is the future israeli land as they beleive so how can we love them ((zionists not jews)) as they dont want Egypt to have any new advanced weapons as new fighters or anti aircrafts or anything like that so they have intentions to attak with no resistance ‚so how the hell will we love the state of israel ???? its like a thug took ur house and kicked u out and kick u everyday !!! they even said that they want to hit the highdam in Egypt 2 weeks ago so could any one feel safe beside them ?? *** as a note : we daily have planes of israeli civilians coming from tel aviv and we know it so if we are killers or terrorists we could have killed the but we r not ((muslims))are peaceful but only western media and terrorists say wrong things about islam.

this is about muslims but on the other hand israeli ((zionists)) they daily kill inocent children ‚women ‚old men and destroy hospitals ‚civilian buildings, power stations ‚fishing boats ‚insulting every arab they see ans even hit a disarmed man to death and everybody know it they are stupid and cowards and they beleive that they are the chosen people (LOL) they hate everyone if he/she isnt jews they are racist zionists even more than hitler they are still crying because of the houlocaust and they are doing it with arabs specialy muslims everyday the state of israel could have been diappeared a long time ago if only the (USA) didnt support it and even gave them weapons with enormous quantity, they uses american weapons in each war or mission the fact is the israeli weapons have effeciency of less than 50% more than 60% of the israeli weapons in 2006 war on lebanon didnt actualy explode so they cried to their mom ((plz america we are so fucked up plz plz give us more weapons )) and as usual they always have it and about nukes usa is the only country that used nuclear weapons and israel is so agressive and a country that only uses army power to get what it needs and doesnt know anything about politics and u say that the arabs shouldnt have nuclear power because they its like giving a loaded hand gun to a monkey … i think that the real monkeys are the zionists israelis so shut the fuck up and get that cancer called israel out of the middle east and it will be just perfect and peacful place

Hmm… Egyptian definitely gives some truth, half-truth, and some lies.

- Truth — Israelis have killed men, women, and children. Part of the problem when you are fighting a war of survival is that when you are surrounded by enemies it is hard not to kill innocents.

- Truth — The Israeli flag does have two blue lines representing the Ephrates and Nile rivers. Jews and Christians believe God’s word (the Bible — which even Muhamed claimed inspiration from) which states that all the land between the two rivers belongs to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob — the Jews.

- Half-Truth — The US does support Israel. Israel is the ONLY democratic government in that area. However the US also supports Egypt — Interestingly Egypt and Israel consume 1/3 of ALL US foreign aid. According to one set of figures I saw http://​www​.vaughns​-​1​-pagers​.com/​p​o​l​i​t​i​c​s​/​u​s​-​f​o​r​e​i​g​n​-​a​i​d​.​htm Israel does receive more than Egypt. However Egypt isn’t surrounded by people who hate and plot her destruction.

- False — “here in Egypt we have christians and jews and we dont kill them we love like bros with no diffrence ” — tell that to the Coptic (Christian) girls kidnapped, raped, forcibly converted and married to Muslim men. Which when it went through Egyptian courts, Islamic judges said that it was appropriate. http://​www​.copts4freedom​.com/​e​g​y​p​t​e​l​e​c​t​i​o​n​s​.​htm

Yeah, that’s the kind of “love like bros” I would rather not have in the USA.

- Consider the countries in the Middle East. All the countries except Israel have a strong central leader. Many of the people in these areas claim descent from Abraham through Ishmael, who according to the Bible was an “angry man”.

Genesis 11 And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold, thou art with child and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the LORD hath heard thy affliction.

12 And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

There is a saying “an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” — which means that children take after their parents. There’s a reason that saying exists.

hey james , its good that you beleive there is something true in what i said but u said that christians are killd raped and kidnapped and first of all these things is in every place in the world although these cases are not alot if u came 2 Egypt u will recognize this and i swear i trained in the airport before and i saw the israeli planes landing on our land with jews every day coming from tel aviv and u dont see some one shooting them we even provide them security , on the other side in the USA muslims are treated like crap and they cant get the same rights as the rest of humanbeing living in the US even if they are american citizens and i saw this my self even they are treated like terrorists for no reason and police men in the airport sweared my friend and he absolutely did nothing so i dont say that all of the US is this way i have a friend that is studying there and he have got alot of friends so what i want to say that every place and every rule has exceptions so thats not a point u could blame us for and even muslims are killed raped and kidnapped in Egypt and since 2 weeks 5 christians killed a muslim guy and we didnt say christians are terrorists we still love eachother and i am muslim and my best friend is a christian girl so i guess this proves what i say and about the arab leaders … u r absolutely right and we hate them more than zionists and about killing innocents i agree that some could get killed in each war but these some ratio is about 100 soldiers (terrorists in ur point of view) to over 4000 civilians and 10,000 injured and also wars have nothing to do with hiting hospitals ‚schools,powerstations, markets and they even burnt the green lands they eat from for no reason except hatred so israelis doesnt only kill the people who resist them they just wants to kill as much as they could and they are still stealing the palestinians lands till 2day they decided to capture another 1200 hec. from the west bank so i would love to know ur opinion now james.

so basically what this means is all that has to happen is Israel or someone from the US Govt proclaim that they have Nukes and the misappropriation of American dollars to a nuclear armed racist and oppressive regime will no longer receive our tax money? It is a scandal that Israel can continue to thwart international regimes against nuclear proliferation. How are we allowing this to happen? HOW????

You are living in a one-sided dream world.
Time to wake up & face reality.

These were NOT Israeli/Jewish scientists. These were German/Jewish scientists. If you really study the way Israel is run by the extreme-Zionists you see that because they hate everyone (even Americans) and are very subversive and cruel…then you come to understand that there is a difference between Jewish society on a whole and the Zionists. The Zionist should be listed as a terrorist group and Israel would be run be a far more level-headed government. The same as Germany when it was run by the Nazis became hated but once they were removed from power Germany became respected again.

You must be watching Fox News and CNN. The quote that you used “wiping them off the face of the earth” was proven to be a lie. At no time is that what was said by Iran. The Zionist regime that is in control of Israel should be listed as a terrorist organization and Israel will be accepted as all other Arab countries are. It is the only way to have peace in the middle east. Most Israelis hate what the Zionists are doing and are terrified that they are provoking a World War 3. This group should never have stolen Nuclear Arms Technology from America.

As a Christian I find that you do selective reading. The old Testament is Jewish history written by the Jews. It has nothing to do with Christianity other than they killed Jesus because he was a Christian and they wanted to stop him from spreading this “new religion”.
The new Testament is the religion of Christ. He was in fact born in Bethlehem, Palestine.


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