Navy’s Missile Defense Hits Land

Navy’s Missile Defense Hits Land

Raytheon has been pushing the idea of modifying the very successful SM-3 missile so it can be based on land. They managed to get $50 million placed in the 2010 budget, establishing all-important program of record status for the idea.

The admiral who oversees the SM-3 program offered cautious support for the effort, though he was not exactly effusive. “It is a configuration that has a lot of merit,” Rear Adm. Alan Hicks, Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense program director, said at a Monday afternoon event put on by the Marshall Institute, Modifying the missile is not likely to be a problem. “By golly, if we can put it on a ship, we can stick it on land,” he said.

The most likely use of this system would be to counter Iran’s burgeoning ballistic missile capabilities [pictured], said Hicks. It has even been touted as a replacement for Boeing’s Ground-based Midcourse system planned for installation in Poland, though that idea seems to have faded a bit in the last few months. Still, industry sources say land-based SM-3s could also be used to take on Taepo Dongs and other threats.

Here’s an interview I filmed about this idea with Mike Booen, Raytheon’s vice president of advanced missile defense and directed energy, at the Paris Air Show.

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Awesome! The only thing I don’t like about the project is that is gives tacit approval to the aggressive party to continue with a destablizing WMD program…to the point of actually using it.

Also, have you ever seen a missle system that works perfectly yet?


Not sure why a picture of a failed Iranian missile launch is shown with this article for a US system. A picture of the US Aegis system, or an SM-3 launch, would more appropriate.


It’s the threat this system would be used against.

If the enemy missles will arrive at my house in the next few seconds, why are we still waiting for 2012 to develop our defense system? Why not develop it today?

5150.. it’s called the Patriot missle and the Hawk missle system, give it a look before you start your criticism.

I presume that the US Navy is considering land-basing this system to provide protection against SRBMs and MRBMs and possibly IRBMs. Those are the systems against which the SM-3 has been tested. The article conveys the impression that the SM-3 would be effective against real ICBMs through its reference to the Polish base siting. To my knowledge, no tests have been conducted against real ICBMs and certainly none against ICBMs deploying counter-measures and decoys. The only benefit of even considering putting such missiles in Poland is that it would likely make the Russians even more intransigent than they have been about our deploying ABM systems in Central Europe, which would be a real bonus.

I am proud of our star wars or the Ronnie Raygun system and patriot missiles we have already and I have seen it tested at more than 95% effective. But with the remaining 5%. I think it is recomendable to have this SM3 to have 100% effectiveness on defense.

Why does the Navy need to be involved in land based missile defense? It is the Air Force’s Army’s responsibility for this.

The destruction of USA 193 last year , to ensure that any components from the stricken satellite did not fall into the hands of adveraries , was obviously the testing ground for this system.
The satellite was a target of opportuntiy , disguised as a “toxic threat” and it would be naive to think any different.

Having said that , the mission was a great success and so its not surprising that land based deployment of the SM-3 is on the cards.
Its just a shame that the DoD had to go to such lengths to hoodwink the public .


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