No More Army Humvees; Lots More MRAPS

No More Army Humvees; Lots More MRAPS

The Humvee, which replaced the Jeep, will no longer be bought by the Army.

While Arnold Schwarzengger certainly helped boost the Hunvee’s public profile, it has never achieved the legendary status of the Jeep and its
vulnerability to land mines (aka IEDs) made it something of a anachronism until much heavier armored versions were deployed.

While the service won’t buy any more Humvees, the Army is not getting rid of them.

“The Army is not buying more Humvees but other people buy Humvees so the line is not terminated. We envision the Humvee to be an enduring part of the Army fleet for a long time,” Army Lt. Gen. Edgar Stanton, the military deputy in the Army comptroller’s office, told reporters during a Q and A session after the Army budget briefing today.

While announcing that the Army’s “needs for this vehicle have been met” for new Humvees, the Pentagon also made clear that the need for MRAPs of various stripes have certainly not been met.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that Central Command has a requirement for 10,600 more MRAPs. He broke the buy down, saying that the Pentagon plans to buy 6,600 more M-ATVs, the more agile off-road MRAPs made by Oshkosh, and another 4,000 regular MRAPs. Most of those will go to Afghanistan. There is $1.1 billion requested in the 2011 budget for MRAPs, according to the OSD budget overview.

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They are too big, too slow,too uncomfortable, way too expensive, too breakage prone, heaps. Yeah the few that hit mines did save lives which means something. But in reality we could have done it for a lot less and by changing our tactics. They are only useable on open hard roads and will be useless in any other type of terrain. Most will either be left/ turned over in country out of our pockets or given to police departments that may want them for SWAT vehicles or armoured cars in ALASKA. Yet they say more transport planes are a waste.

Another good example of why insurgents can out maneuver an over equipped big army.

What are you going to drive around on a base? A heavy, inefficient MRAP? Nope, you want something like an open topped HMMWV for driving around officers and such. There are plenty of other roles where you want something less than a MRAP. For example what are you going to roll out of a C-130 to provide some reconnaissance support? Can you even fit a MRAP in anything less than a C-17A?

We should certainly produce as many M-ATVs as we need to replace HMMWVs in roles such as convoy escort and explosive ordinance disposal, yet don’t dump the HMMWV for everything else. As BOOMER said there are many MRAPs already that will probably end lying around in depots sooner or later.

Until JLTV comes online we should keep producing the M1151 and M1152 model HMMWVs. These are designed to accept different levels of armor kits that can easily be removed. So without the armor kit it is only slightly heavier than the average un-armored HMMWV.

They are not going to stop using HMMWVs. They are just not going to add any more to the inventory. The 2001 budget includes $1 million to replace combat losses. The 2010 budget included $1.3 billion for 8000 new HMMWVs.
There will be HMMWVs rolling around for quite some time. No need to panic.

Sorry, that should have been the 2011 budget, not 2001

Interesting!!! Didn’t GM sell of the commercial version of Hummer to the Chinese? I’m not sure if the military version is made by the same division or not.

GM never made any military HMMWVs, and GM never owned the rights to the HMMWV. AM General owns the right, makes all HMMWVs, and produced all H1 Hummers for GM. AM General also makes some parts for the H2 &H3 Hummers for GM

AAAAA Very good! Thank you for the clarification.

The Humvee was never mean to be a replacement for an armored personel carrier, it was meant to replace the jeep. Sure, it had some thin kevlar, but that was meant to be a bonus. MRAPS should not be viewed as a replacement for M113’s or Bradley’s either. All systems have their place, and a balanced force will have all three types of vehicles.

Unfortunately the DoD has this certain desire to have a do-all wonder vehicle that’s been running rampant across all the services. Decades after decades, such vehicles have still eluded us.

Aside for equipment upgrade, we need to QC our logistics. I think it needed to be look at.

Do NOT forget that “RED CHINA” is buying the HumVee… so will we have to buy spare parts from our ENEMY?

Big Mac, get your facts: AM General has always produced the HMMWV. GM/Hummer is a different company and only produces the junk H2 and H3.

I’m waiting for the commercial version of the MRAP! And you thought a yellow Hummer looks impressive in the mall parking lot. Just put a really big gas tank on it.
As an engineer, I agree with William C. and others who emphasize that on stateside bases, it frequently would be foolish to drive MRAPs vs. Hummers, not just from gas but pavement life, traffic, and other negative impacts. I hope we use economics and common sense in deciding appropriate usage for each vehicle.

What about walking on bases and not relying on Humvees,and leaving them running. This is a novel idea don’t you agree. It would help the brass and others keep fit and shined. But, for the special occasions, bring out a well kept Humvee, not made for war in the first place. If the military and the pentigon etc., were run like a business there wouldn’t be extra taxes. Cut out the booze etc., and turn the whole thing over to an unbious third party,leave the party out, and stand tall,lean and fit as the military is suppose to. Someone has to start somewhere and now is the perfect time. Thank You, Ray J. locher JR. Ex Vietnam Era, 1965–1968.

The “Hummer” the chinese are getting, is the H2 or H3, which is a GM Chev Blaser subframe with a body styled to LOOK like the AM General H1 bolted on top.

No military secrets there.

Interesting! I always though the original Military HUMMER was built by FMC like so many other larger trucks, but it turns out United Defense Industries which is/was a subsidiary actually made things like the Bradley fighting vehicle. They were supposed to come up with a substitute and improvement for the old Crusader program, but with all the mergers and acquisitions going on between partner and parent companies; it seems General Dynamics has them now.

I imagine AM General is on the auction block now. However the sale to the Chinese has been delayed till the end of February until the PRC can approve of it, apparently the US already has. They are buying the wrong company in my opiniion, and thank God for it.

Raser Technologies has made a plug-in Hummer that purportedly gets 33mpg and 100MPG in plugin mode. The Utah based company is having a campaign to save America and buy AM General before the Chinese do, but I think it is too late. However Raser Tech is the real deal and the Chinese won’t be acquiring them anytime soon!

dude they do save lives. on my FOB i have seen plenty that have been blown to hell but they did save all the passengers in the vehicle.

Sorry Dude, It’s still built here in Cheeseville, Wisconsin, By AM General, which is Not on the auctionblock as it it is a Division of Oshkosh Truck, the primary manufacturer of the MRAPS… They are constantly being trucked down I-94 for shipment to Hajiville every day…

Good to hear. I was going by my alternate energy news sources, which are usually pretty good. Of course any company can be gutted and sold piecemeal. AM General is no different.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Oshkosh, as I worked on many a field unit that was made there. A lot of very good US companies made it and died on the vine there too, unfortunately.

Ray, Third Party support has ALWAYS at MINIMUM TRIPLED the cost beyond the original level. Example: what does a Soldier in a war zone earn? What does an Xe contractor earn? hmmm thats a Hell of alot more than TRIPLE the cost just in simple WAGES to guard State department idiots who should NOT be in a war zone to begin with… Since the privatization of military support services Costs have gone crazy. The problem with the Military is our Politicians and anal retentive clerks„, Hey can we have new rifles in .300 winchester magnum they are under $1500! NO But you can rebarrel the ones you have for $3000!!!


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