Surprise Pick For Commandant

Surprise Pick For Commandant

The Marines are not getting one of the Pentagon’s visionary and blunt-spoken leaders as commandant. Instead, the Corps will be led by Gen. James Amos, an aviator currently serving as assistant commandant. His nomination would mark a break with Marine tradition since he may be the first career aviator named commandant and the first assistant named to the top post in many years.

The race had been seen by well-informed observers as one between Gen.  James Mattis, head of Joint Forces Command, the visionary, and Lt. Gen. Joe Dunford, commander of I Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Loren Thompson, defense consultant and analyst with the Lexington Institute, said he believed that Navy Secretary Ray Mabus “resisted naming General Mattis.” While the exact reason isn’t known, Mattis is famously direct and willing to step outside the conventional wisdom when he believes it necessary. Mabus may have found that a worrying trait in a commandant. even though Defense Secretary Robert Gates is known to have high regard for the general.

Thompson noted that Amos is a former F/A-18 pilot and a V-22 supporter, “so I would read his promotion as good news for Boeing. While he will not visibly favor aviation over other warfighting specialties, he will bring an acute understanding of aviation issues to the Commandant’s office, which has to be good news for Boeing, Textron and Sikorsky — the leading rotorcraft suppliers to the Corps. Lockheed Martin may also benefit in keeping the F-35 vertical-takeoff variant on track.”

Readers who know Amos are encouraged to let us know more about him. No fingerprints.

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Probably to help guarantee F-35 funding in the Corps. GEN Mattis has gone from one combat assignment to another since 9/11 with the exception of commanding JFCOM. The heads of the 4 services are supposed to spend most of their time talking to Congress and justifying programs. A completely straight shooter would be a disaster for funding battles. Why else would the current head of the Army be given the job after Congress telling him his last assignment was a failure?

Ask him how USMC can do IOC for the F-35 when there has been more years and more cost stacked up on this program.

Ask him how you get 7 tons of gas for every sortie of the F-35 to “austere” bases.

Ask him how many F-35s will be available for the Corps with the rising amount of cost. Answer; not as many.

Ask him when the F-35 will be shipboard qualified. Ask him why the USMC brain book shows an FOC for the F-35 of 2024.

Ask him how IOC can be done when operational test pilots won’t even have the basic flight manual of the jet to use that shows the flight envelope limits of the jet done by the first testers that compose this information for the operational testers. How do you develope combat tactics in Operational Test when the jet is no where near finished?

But hey, I am sure he has a reasonable answer for all of this. Including; Ask him why General Heinz was for the alternate engine. Important because this is written into the F-35 JSF Memorandum of Agreement.

Then if you dare, ask him how much hype he is willing to push on the F-35 program when General Heinz took the fall for all of the overly optimistic praise.

I wonder if Boeing will be pleased with the choice.….….…

They’ve set up another supporter for their “well preserved’ projects. But I can lived with it IF they will nominate Mattis as a replacement for Gates. But somehow I don’t think anything like that will happen.

I just see this as another obama inspired choice. This guy is the least likely to give the prez any lip.

You are Wrong. I have known Tamer for 35 years. If he doesn’t feel in his heart (and head) that something is right, the prez will be the first to kinow.

It’s LtGen Joe Dunford that is expected to be named as Assistant Commandant, not Joe Sanford.

That’s what we said … Dunford. ;-) Thanks, Paul.

I know ‘Tamer’ Amos very well (since 1974) and flew with him in Phantoms. He is a very clear thinker, well organized, honest, and utterly competent. This is a good day for our nation and our Marine Corps.

At the end of the day we replaced a warrior with a pilot…

Nice Kip. You disrespect all Marines who happen to be “pilots”.

Based on my 30 years as a Marine (aviator) and personal observation and admiration of the candidates, I regard General Amos as a difficult but superb choice. I say this not because of his Phantom background but because of his proven leadership as a Marine and a warrior. Fortunately for the Corps the type lack of wisdom reflected in Kip’s parochialstic remarks is not common among professionals.

You disrespect all pilots/aviators no matter of service. You need a little history lesson on warriors: the 8th Air Force ALONE lost more KIA that the ENTIRE USMC in WWII. The combat aviator faces the highest technology weapons and most skilled warriors our opponents can muster…and if the air warriors fail to gain the ultimate high ground, then the ground warrior will likely not enter the fight.

I think it would have been better to have a ground pounder as Commandant because of the on going wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Afghanistan and Iraq are not air wars.

The most important thing is that he is capable of telling the president how things are. It will definitely be beneficial for the Marine Corps version of the F-35. Marine Corps pilots are as much warriors as the grunt on the ground.

You’re more than welcome to come fly with me behind the boat on a dark night. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself crying for mama. The man is a Naval Aviator, he has endured things that the common man cannot fathom. If you had a firm understanding of the risks associated with the job, you would feel much differently.

I’m a big fan of Marine Aviation. I’m sure Gen. Amos is an excellent choice. But, to pass up the co-author of the COIN manual at this point in time…
For all his ‘there will always be a Marine Corps” talk, Gates’ actions sure seem to indicate otherwise. I’m afraid the Corps is in for a struggle for a period of time. I hope Gen. Amos is up for it.

I would like to have seen an Intruder Driver, but I guess a JP-5 to Noise Converter Driver will do.

Are you kidding me, an intruder is so ugly they have to pay someone (or even a few) guys to fly in one.

Grumman Iron Works made this most incredible bird.
How does an Intruder Fly?
A series of trick mirrors, and a BN who knows how to make the system work.
Panther of NASA Drove Intruders, so did Falcon, and many Bats. Semper Fi

And that beautiful fuel probe sticking out in front just completes the look. Personally I think it would look better flying backwards. I flew the Grumman F-9 Cougar in the training command so I guess I shouldn’t talk.Semper Fi

As much as Gen Mattis would be the correct choice to head up the Marine Corps, General Amos is the better political choice. This selection is a reflection of what’s wrong with politicizing this entire process, and not a discredit to either leader.
I’d follow Gen. Mattis and intelligently selected intermediate leaders anywhere on the planet, I just with the political environment was conducive to choosing the best candidate for the job.

I agree with Carrot. BTW, hope this finds you well and happy, my friend. Semper Fidelis.

Doesn’t matter, the Marine Corps is irrelevant. Who needs to storm a beach today? Give us more Army!

Lets be honest. At the Flag level, whether a Marine was ground or air is largely irrelevant. They are bigger-picture managers and leaders. Gen Amos was a Marine Expeditionary Force Commanding General. He knows his business. Do you really think the Commandant of the Marine Corps is devling into infantry tactics on the battlefield? He sets the direction for the institution.

I give Sec Gates credit for going outside the box on this choice. We have had infantry officers for every other CMC. Maybe it is time to shake things up and try something different.

And if anyone else says that pilots aren’t warriors, I’d wager that the fatality rate for Marine aviators exceeds that of infantry officers. Aircrews go out every day into high-risk environments in both peace and war.


Fixed wing combat aircrew used to have very high casualty rates. The don’t anymore and haven’t since Vietnam. I doubt they will ever be as high as they were in the old days. Too few airplanes to lose and they cost to much. It is one thing to lose hundreds of B-25s that cost a some tens of thousands each and it is another thing to lose a B-2. Nowadays the pilots are much easier to replace than the machines.

I would agree with you. I flew CH-53A/Ds (1970s and 1980s). I never once flew a combat mission, yet quite a few of my colleagues throughout the aviation community died in peacetime aircraft mishaps. Military flying is dangerous whether someone is shooting at you or not. That is a plain fact.

Certain kinds of military flying are inherently quite dangerous, some kinds aren’t, or shouldn’t be if the flying is being done properly. C-17 drivers should expect to live long and happy lives; unless they are called upon to fly into airspace that is contested, which they won’t be because there are too few C-17s to risk losing.

In any event, military rotary wing ops are rather more dangerous than military fixed wing, especially nowadays.

I dont think what the Marine Corps has to say will be in any way decisive concerning the F-35. The relationship between Lockheed Martin Skunkworks and the Air Force is the determining factor on that point.
My perception is that if you are looking to pick a liberal out of the FMF, you will go with the air wing. Also, he has probably already expressed his opinion on the key points of concern for this administration IN THE PRESENCE OF key administration officials in Washington, (as in, “Yeah, I think a nice blow job from the crew chief after every flight would really top off the day”). They know what they will get with him. I’ll bet my last dollar that those other guys are just a face on a filejacket and out of their reach.
His nomination is a act of convienience and conformance; not without his cooperation no doubt.
I could be wrong though. I hope.

There really is no difference. We have just as many fixed-wing Class A mishaps every year in the Navy/Marine Corps as we do rotary-wing Class A’s. It’s apples and oranges.

All F-ing non Marines should go away — go away now!

well said

well said usmc recon that is

I have never heard of a poorer reason for picking a leader. I do not doubt that General Amos will be a fine Commandant of the Marine Corps, he is after all a Marine General, but if this was the thinking that went into the decision –this is just downright scary. The purpose of our fighting men is to fight — not to buy airplanes or to curtsy properly at military balls, if there was a good battlefield general who thought outside the box — a non “yes” man — than he would have probably been the best selection. I was a second in command at the Det 2 Skunk works in Fort Worth for 6 years, and my men were chosen with two primary questions; “If I am in a top level meeting and say something incorrect, will you interrupt me no matter how embarrassing and correct me right there on the spot or wait until we are outside so I can save face in front of Congress and possibly the President.” If they answered that they would interrupt me they passed the first question! The second question was, “If I give you a job to do and you don’t know how to do it what will you do?” The correct answer was, “Learn how to do it very quickly, find someone who knows how to do it to help me, or pay someone else that is preeminent in the field overnight the costs be damned!” Right answer! We were fighting a war, I could not stand for someone coming back to me three days later saying — I couldn’t do this, Commander. I had no yes men on my staff — none. That is what is wrong with the current administration, he has surrounded himself with yes men, no one will tell the emperor that he has no clothes. This selection, if there was a better warfighter for the job, and make no doubt about it the Marines are here to fight wars — not buy airplanes, than this was a bad choice and Robert gates is a bad choice also.

I have sent this administration at least 10 very good ideas that would work very well against terrorism and I have not even received the courtesy of a reply. They are to say the very least, totally incompetent — in the previous eras I always had mail answered within 30 days, I have even sent mail to one Command and not gotten a reply — that was previously unheard of — you always answer those letters within 30 days — and that was over a very embarrassing incident concerning one of their Marines. This was not a ranting letter, but a very well thought out concerned one page facts, Discussion, review letter of an article one of his marines had posted in a National newspaper — No reply at all…to a retired field grade officer, that is down right pitiful.

Yes, they need a Commandant that will bust butts and think outside the box and make Marines — maybe they are afraid that he will not kowtow to their ideas on DATD, or that he will insist that ALL Marines pass the Marine physicals in boot camp and the same physicals to be fighting marines and the same ones that were there forty years ago, or they not be Marines. If they can’t make the grade they don’t graduate — bring the pride back, i just can’t believe that all those little women passed the Pariss island boot camp that I witnessed troops going through, or the Coast Guard boot camp that I spent 13 weeks in during the fall of 1968. If those women can do the same physical skills that the men had to do then, my apologies to all of them — they are superwomen, but somehow i think the requirements were lowered and in such our Warfighting skills were compromised.

When women in combat was first proposed I remember a warrant in the audience posing a question to Patricia Schroeder, It was very simple and I thought outstanding. She had just went through her spiel about how women could do anything that men could do in the service but that they had just never been given the opportunity. He countered with this question, “If women are so good at fighting wars, and the closest thing that we have to hand-to-hand combat in the civilian world is professional football; why, in 100 years of professional football, has not one manager, one coach, ever fielded a woman player? If he thought even one woman was better than any man he had it would mean dollar and cents in his pocketbook and the draw would be enormous, but not one team has ever done it — why is that?” He was asked to leave as he was disrupting the question and answer process.

CDR Bill Danner, USCG (Retired) NIGHT STALKER


I am a huge General Mattis fan. I went to war under his leadership in Iraq. Let’s get the facts straight. President Obama approved of General Mattis assignment as Commander of USJFCOM. Does not seem like he was worried about his lip at that time. General Amos will do an outstanding job. The Corps leadership is strong from top to bottom.

I was at flight school when the first women came through in 1973, one for the Navy one for Coast Guard — even though the dropout rate was incredible — neither could do the obstacle course and was dropped — they were back in a week driven by Ms, Schroeder and reinstated, they still failed — but the order was given if they couldn’t do…say the wall…let them try then get down and go around, same with the monkey bars, if they fell off, rather than go back and start over as we had to — they just ran on from where they fell off. They barely made it, but both got kicked out for excessive downs. Back they came with Ms. Schroeder and they were reinstated, the Navy pilot had trouble with carrier landings — but was passed on. The Coast Guard pilot with head work but was passed on. Ms. Schroeder met her goal, and the politicians met theres we had a woman Navy jet pilot and a woman Coast Guard pilot. Now the woman Navy jet pilot could do nothing but burn gas and do non-combat missions, and she eventually had a rough weather landing to do and flew into the back of a carrier. The Coast Guard pilot flew as a co-pilot into a side of a mountain in Hawaii during the Controller’s strike, not the Pilot in Command at the time.

One of the other early women pilot locked on to a MIG-21 off Cuba while we were heading to Gitmo, after we had installed an air-to-air combat radar from an F-16 in a Coast Guard aircraft, this with me yelling in the intercom, “do not corral that target — do not lock on , do not lock on” She did, luckily he was 20 miles out at Mach 2.5 when she did it and he didn’t have time to do anything but thump us and get a good visual, legally he could have made a return pass and blown us out of the sky but traffic later revealed that he was ordered not to — the Cuban’s did not want another incident at that time by shooting down a Coast guard aircraft that showed as an F-16 locking onto them…a flagrant act of war. Debriefing never got more than, “I still don’t see what the big deal was?” …and we are selecting a non War-fighter as a Commandant???

The women Coast Guard pilots are now absolutely spectacular, go through the same training as the men and are downright incredible. I am proud to know and have served with many of them.

Regarding the upcoming study being done — what happened to the study that was done by DACOWITS, the Joint Chiefs, gay rights organizations, and many others that took over two years and was completed and ready by December 2008. That was given to Mr. Obama as soon as he became President and recommended that no gays serve and that women not be in any combat position because it had the effect of endangering the men who tried to protect them out of natural instinct without any tangible benefits, other than political. The gay issue was the same thing — too much trouble for too little gain, the fighting men are too moral for this and a large percentage of our Officer Corps are Latter day Saints (Mormon) who will leave at the drop of a hat if this new policy is instituted, there are also many enlisted men who are LDS and will leave. Additionally, as much as I hate to add this group the Muslim soldiers (there are actually mostly good ones that we tend to forget) will not tolerate it, nor will many Christians. The study pegged it at an immediate 85,000 men and women resigning within a month of a full acceptance of gays openly serving. If this new selection has anything to do with that, G*d save us all.

CDR Bill Danner, USCG (Retired) NIGHT STALKER


What I find interesting is that some people equate being the Commandant with being an operational commander who leads Marines up the hill. Being Commandant of the Marine Corps means being part warrior,part politician, and a visionary leader that can help his service by obtaining funding for training to fight and win the next battle. Besides Marine Aviator Generals have led ground forces , in Iraq, and did just fine. (Lt Gen Stalder)

or maybe the guy has worked his ass off to get the job.

The duties of the CMC are administrative. He is not a combat leader. The Chief of Naval Operations and certain appointed generals command the combat operations. Could have something to do with a certain General being against some political moves that might prove bad for morale in the USMC.

The right man for the job is LtGen Stalder. I worked for him back in the 1980’s as we stood up the first FA-18 squadron on the east coast, VMFA-115. He has it all, judgment, integrity, focus, creativity and unlike many officers, fully understands the value of the enlisted Marine. The finest officer I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I would quit my job and come out of retirement today for a chance to work for him again! He is the finest officer since Commandant Alfred Grey.

GySgt Richard Harrington USMC Ret.

Not a bad choice. Anyone know who will be the next Sgt Maj of the Marine Corps? I would love to see that job go to Sgt Maj Joe L Vines. He was by far the best Sgt Maj I ever served under.

to TMB–there are 5 services the last time I counted. The present Commandant of the Coast Guard (Adm Papp) and the recent past Commandant (Adm Allen) are the most visable of all the Commandants but their job is to direct and guide their respective services, not an easy job at any time in our history.
Congrats to the selectees from a retired Coastie MKCS

Interesting change of CMC post. Begs question that ACMC should be 9906/03 background. Noteworthy comments by all. However, I’m more concerned with our Corps and how we’ll look when (if) a soft spoken CMC is replace before the end of his tour for failure to be blunt in his opinion and comments to Obama’s replacement in 2 years.…

I think Mrne4life is correct. Many generals would prefer to be on the operational side of the house, actually commanding troops in battle, insteading of preparing the Corps for the fight and battling for dollars. Think Gen Zinni. Gen Mattis is probably one of the toughest warfighters this country has, I wonder if he would even want the job, over a fighting command.

I was under the impression that comments were requested from people who actually knew the man. I do. I worked for him when he was the the 3rd MAW CO, and he’s a straight shooter who inspires the men and women around him to be better at what they do. I think he’s a great choice for the job.

I heard Amos was on the short list a few weeks ago and I’m speechless that he was selected. He never attended The Basic School and then he got out after his first tour in F-4s to fly with Branniff Airlines before it cratered. He came back in and had a very unremarkable career as a field grade officer (he was passed over for promotion to LtCol his first look). He is an incredibly average aviator. He certainly has come a long way–arguably much, much further than he should have. Now, my overriding concern is that he has agreed to toe the line on the repeal of DADT in return for the gig.

What happened to Gen Conway??

Retirement after a full tour of duty.

@NIGHT STALKER: #1, Thank you for your dedicated service to our country (even if it WAS in the Coast Guard– just kiddin’). #2, You are absolutely correct in what this country will face if they allow gays to serve openly. There is too much emotion that goes on from the day kids ship off to boot camp until the day they die (because the “family” you make in the military you have for life). They are taught morals, conviction, and values that go against what a homosexual believes in. The military is not for everyone, and just because the military has standards that a gay person cannot “qualify” for does not make the military discriminatory. Not all, but MANY TIMES, gays do not want to get involved with the institution they are hounding about anyways, they only want to stir up stuff to draw attention to themselves and/or their ridiculous cause.

I surely hope General Amos knows the position he may hold, and think about the standards of our Marine Corps, and the military in general if he supports repealing DADT. The USMC is founded, like this country, on TRADITIONS, and we cannot afford to soften our stance in any way. I hope people also realize that when politicians say that the majority of the military thinks DADT should be repealed, THEY ARE LYING. I served 12 years in the Navy, worked alongside Marines, and am just one more person who knows BECAUSE I WAS THERE, so NO! The MAJORITY is busy working and accomplishing mission– the reason people SHOULD be joining the military; the majority DOES NOT want gays to serve at all! This is not a fictional soap opera, this is real life. To put it straight, allowing gays to serve openly compares to having a man go to boot camp in a female battalion, and vice versa. IT JUST AIN’T RIGHT.
Thanks again.

The nation doesn’t need a Marine Corps.…the nation wants one. That is why we are relevant. The public associates the Marine Corps with winning. We can be anywhere in the world with a lot of ass in days. It would take the Army weeks to gather themselves with any kind of force. We are America’s force in readiness.


Joe Dunford should have been the choice. He is a Marines’ Marine.

Seems to me that CMC is not really part of the USMC but a member of JCS and deals more with matters at that level.He only gets to visit the operating forces and give motivational speeches from time to time. He will probably select a Muslem for SGTMAJ of the Corps in keeping with Obamas policies and allow facial hair (beards) and issue prayer rugs.

I think it is great to have a Pilot for Commandant.

Karen Chantry, USMC, Ret.

The interview process went something like this:
Gates: “Gen Mattis do you support the lifting of Don’t Ask,Don’t Tell?“
LtGen Mattis: “Hell no it will destroy the finest military the world has ever seen.“
Gates: “Next.“
Gates: “Gen Amos do you support the lifting of Don’t Ask,Don’t Tell ?“
Gen Amos: “If I have to I will.“
Gates: “You do, welcome aboard.”

What planet are you from?

is this the same gen amos that was co vmfa-312 checkerboards back in beaufort in 90’s.

It should have been Mattis–a real warrior and Joe Dunford’s mentor. Amos is a nice guy but no warfighter or innovator and ACMC should have been his twilight tour. When we are fighting 3 wars and the JCS is led by a star struck , political Navy officer and the Army is lead by that failure George Casey we really need a great ground officer on the JCS and Amos is just not that guy.Fortunately he can lean on Joe Dunford who is as as good as they come. Plus it will mean a 3rd and
possibly 4th star for Chuck Gurganus who is the best all round general in the
Corps and Amos’ closest advisor.
And on a positive note John Allen, the Cuban refugee thumber was passed over for ACMC– so much for the consummate careerist.

I am fortunate to know “Tamer” General Amos… he was my Commanding Officer with my stint in the Wing, as MAG-31 Commanding Officer, he was an outstanding CO then and I have NO Doubts that he will lead OUR Marine Corps into the future. I am also privledged to know General Joe Dunford, I spent the weekend with him out in California a couple of weeks back at the MOPH and MOWW Gala at the Reagan Library in Thousand Oaks… another OUTSTANDING Commander to lead Our Marines. I have no doubt where our Coprs is going with the guidance and Leadership of these two Marines and am sure that We will have another Outstanding Choice for SgtMajor of The Marine Corps… I nominate SgtMajor Richard Thresher with 4th Recon in San Antonio, Tx… the Marines Marine and SgtMajor of SgtMajors!

I believe that most of the comments are wrong. I understand all the tears from the other services, the one thing that I don’t understand is the tears coming from Marines and former Marines. We are an elite organization, the decision has been MADE deal with IT!!!!! If you want to keep crying turn in the title and the EGA and go join the army or the navy. THERE IS NO CRYING IN THE MARINE CORPS. Before someone makes a comment, NO, I’m not in the wing! Before the next Marine or former Marine makes a dumb comment take the time to look up the meaning of “Semper Fidelis” to the other services it’s a Marine thing, you wouldn’t understand!

Unfortunately, Generals like Mattis are feared by the polite society that inhabits the upper echelons of American government. I would hate to believe that the selection of a non-ground commander was made just to “shake things up.” No offense to pilots, but the reality is simple: Ground combat is the main focus of the Marine Corps now and always will be. Those who have spent their entire lives studying and practicing ground combat are the best choices to lead a ground unit. Last time I checked, the Corps was a ground unit, with air as support. While I accept the fact that the Commandant won’t be astride a white stallion leading troops in battle, there is a mindset that is particular to the infantry and generally lacking in the Air Wing. To think that pilots, fighter jocks included, are nearly as aggressive and ready to do battle as those 19 year old kids kicking down doors in Fallujah is silly. There are no real threats to our pilots and there haven’t been many for a very long time. Besides, UAVs will be taking over pilot jobs any day now…

Next time, try taking Fallujah without any pilots overhead, to watch that “particular Infantry mindset” in action, har har…

(The enemy would call it “fair play”)

Next time you’re flying over Fallujah, remember that you’re the support for the boots on the ground, not the main effort.

With Amos and Obama, you can bet your sweet arse that the Corps will never be the same. Amos is a politician not a tried and true leader of Marines. He will not rock the boat and go toe to toe with politicians regarding DADT, Manpower drawdowns, etc. He is a pilot.…always will be a pilot. Need proof…as the commandant of the Marine Corps why do you need to take an F-18 out to the Ronald Reagan, trap, have dinner with the VMFA unit there just so you can deliver your message/guidance. How fing ridiculous. We can expect Tamer to treat the Corps’ aircraft like his own personal fleet, going on joy rides whenever he feels froggy which is what he did in Iraq in 04 when we were together. He almost got his arse shot with an SA-7 too but as luck would have it the ASE on his CH-53 (which he was flying right seat) worked to perfection throwing chaff and flare into the sky causing the SA-7 to miss. But why was he flying right seat? He was the Wing CG? Glory hound and pilot. Where did he spend Thanksgiving? With troops in the dirt? With wounded warriors? nope with 3rd MAW where he commanded.
Hey General Amos.…aviation has seen enough of you.…get your arse over and meet the ground pounders.

he’s completely right, they don’t have a job

All I can say is that whomever is selected will do a great job. Speaking for Gen Mattis all I can say is when you think of the prototypical hard as nails Marine you think Gen Mattits. I reported to him as a Pvt when I first hit the fleet in 94′ 7th Mar Regiment. Standing front and center being introduced to him by my Gunnery Sergeant, he talked about war. While I was with the Regiment prior to reporting to 1/7 which he also commanded, he took us on tough humps every other Friday it seemed. Some of the longest and fastest humps I’ve ever done in the Corps. Hes the Monk Warrior.….

I was hoping that Gatees would pic an admiral to be commandant as the marines are part of Dept of Navy. They could better get the marines in line with their mission of sea service. It seems like the marines have tried to be the US Army for a while.


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