Obama Reins in Afghan Team

Obama Reins in Afghan Team

Flanked by Vice President Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Adm. Mike Mullen, and Gen. David Petraeus in the Rose Garden, a somber American president announced the resignation of his top commander in Afghanistan and made clear he will tolerate no more dissension among his national security team.

President Barack Obama declared that Gen. Stanley McChrystal had conducted himself in an “unacceptable” manner and that it had undermined “civilian control of military that is at the core of our democratic system.”

A former Republican Pentagon official who knows McChrystal well and helped select him for the Joint Special Operations Command, said that the president’s decision was,  “understandable because civilian control of the military must be maintained and not be denigrated. But,” said Marshall Billingslea, who headed the Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict office, “the nation nevertheless owes Stan McChrystal a tremendous debt of gratitude. The nation is safer today because of Stan.”

Obama, who noted McChrystal’s service, made very clear that his “team of rivals” must stand together from now on — immediately after announcing that Gen. Petraeus would take over from McChrystal,. The sniping and outright policy disagreements that have marked the conduct of Richard Holbrooke, Karl Eikenberry and McChrystal will end, the president said: “I’ve just told my national security team that now is the time for all of us to come together.”

Obama said he “welcomes debate, but won’t tolerate division.”

The next step lies with the Senate, which must confirm Petraeus in his new job. The president urged the Senate to confirm the general “as swiftly as possible.” All four-star generals are confirmed for each new job. Some senators may use the nomination hearing to question the administration’s policies and strategy in Afghanistan. It’s too early to predict whether this might delay the nomination, but it is possible.

Initial reaction to the president’s move was largely positive, especially his choice of Petraeus. “I doubt that he would keep CentCom,” said retired Army general Jim Dubik, now at the Institute for the Study of War. “They could ask him to do that. But I can’t imagine they could expect him to do the regional engagement stuff and the particulars of Afghanistan.”

Should Petraeus leave his CentCom job, as appears likely, Gen. Ray Odierno is a likely candidate to replace Petraeus, several sources said.

What changes will Petraeus bring to the job? One former Pentagon official said the extra gravitas, the enormous credibility that Petraeus brings to the job — what some call his rock star quality — will enable him the freedom to keep troops on the ground in substantial numbers come the deadline of July 2011 should the need arise. “That date is dead now,” this source said.

“If the price of picking Petraeus turns out to be sticking with the counter-insurgency campaign in Afghanistan well beyond the current timetable, then it may be President Romney or President Palin who gets to celebrate the fruits of that strategy. An unpopular war, a weak economy, trouble with the cleanup along the Gulf Coast — this all sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it?” said Loren Thompson, defense consultant and analyst.

On top of that, Petraeus may bring some unique challenges to the White House. The Obama administration, Thompson said, “has now created a different political problem for itself.  Gen. Petraeus is rumored to have presidential ambitions, and his high standing with the public could make him just as hard to control as McChrystal was.”

The biggest challenge facing Petraeus in the short term is the building of his own versions of the relationships that McChrystal has spent so much time crafting with Afghan, NATO and other leaders, the former Pentagon official said.

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Hopefully, he didn’t stick to that ridiculous withdrawal timetable. He will have to watch his back with that Administration…the President doesn’t appear to have full sway over his team.

…so what the President is saying is that he wants a team of competent, intelligent, and highly-movitated yes men. Good luck with THAT.

That said, when Loren Thompson writes that “Gen. Petraeus is rumored to have presidential ambitions”, I’m thinking that at this point Obama’s probably willing to let him HAVE the job!

He wants his team to act like one and support the strategy and his man in Afghanistan, instead of undermining them.

why are there so many morons? Why is it we like to elect morons to run our country?

It is funny how Cap Hill people have to hide behind others’ careers. They cannot take the truth about things and then feel that they have to fire any person that dislikes how things are going. I thought that the children on the Hill were to work for the American public. I forgot, they can rewrite the Constitution to say anything that they want it to say now days.

oh this is good, a president with no military experience forces every person who disagrees with him out of a job. Let the military run the military.

Having served this great country for 26 years as a Soldier and 12 years as a civil servant, the bottum line is clear, until you become Commander in Chief you take orders and follow the lead and guidance of those appointed or elected over you, Stan was wrong and he knew it. Te President has been giving the the trust of the people and the General should not have made those statements. What was the positive gain for our nation?

You know I thought freedom of speech was for everyone, Including our military, I didn’t realize our military had different standards for freedom of speech. Right or wrong he shouldn’t be punished for what he said and this should of been handle in a different way. Thumbs up for Gen. McChrystal for speaking out, he’s got my vote anytime.

He just fired the head of the team.

Seems to me that shows a bit of ‘sway’.

Seems to me this goes beyond ‘disagreement’ to disrespect. McChrystal is the AUTHOR of our current COIN plan in Afghanistan and he STILL complained.

When ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly for the mass to render, in November, decisions which the people can understand. Hussein Obama has only provided the people three avenues: indecisions, incompetent decisions and change of decisions. Tom Lamberth

who is using all the drugs brought in and we have a senate member who just acted totally irrational with an eledged student who asked a question,

He let his appointed instigators set the stage by discing the General and he slipped into that political attention grabbing garbage. Still have a bunch of cry babies trying to do a mans job

He is the comander and clown in charge. Generals are lap dogs with no opinion. The American people spoke and they got just what they deserved, sheep the lot of them all sheep to the slaughter. Obama is little more than a slick snake oil saleman that the morons voted for by the bucket load. Besides just look at all the free handouts. The idiots were the suckers that voted for him so bend over and take it and shut up!

I heard on the street. that corn was buying any body a hot dog and a weed if they would do the thing with the paper and or the machine with instruction on how to vote the man in, called organizing the citizens and teaching them how to vote, might how even got them a massage in the right places

guess I don,t look right or some thing ahh still aint seen my share off of the $200,000.00 yearly bunch. Sounds like a smoke blowing session to me. Where is my free bees

aint change grand, oil soaked beaches did aquatic life. suppose we freeze dry the criters and use them for heat and light. eliminate the middle man free oil torches and heat. all we need now is caves to live in when we lose the house. and I am told the money to re-finace at the 5% rate is not for me.

Maybe McChrystal should run for the next Presidency.

already got about 40,000.000 people pissed because they did not get the change in their pocket from the rich man. Now we got probably another 150,000,000.00 pissed off because they are going to be the benefactors through taxation to support all the promissed freebees. What next. Only got a 100,000,000.00 or soo left.

A content free post! Well done.

You notice that nothing is this idiots fault, it is always someone else’s. That is what we get for electing someone with no military experience. The Constitution needs to be changed to require that the president must serve in the military if he is to be Commander-in-Chief.


Get with the Larry King concept and “Get the rest of the story”!
Have a great day Bob.

and no payment relief on an under value house, no real change in the pocket (a $200.00) piss me off passifier while the rest of the loligaging rip offs got a few billion and million for bonuses to go back and do it again. do not even get a free vaseline app.

I agree! The American people “GOT WHAT THEY ASKED FOR”!

got a letter informing me how House Hold Bank Corporation is going to ream me with the new soo caled rules to bilk us out of more money in interest and penalties. Read the fine print real close.

Strange, Bush or better said Cheney could use any strategy they wanted and it was OK, even put us into 2 wars and deep into debts and that was also OK. Obama did so far a damn good job. Funny is also that the people who enjoy or live on SS and Medicare (government programs) were screaming loudest against Healthcare for everyone. If a Rep. had done what Obama had done, oh, that would be superior. In my eyes it is pure racist, it “hurts their guts” that a black man can fire a white man, even a general with stars. I celebrate tonight!

He had no choice…the offense was so egregious that there was no way he could avoid not doing so without losing respect from all sides.

When he fires some of the yokels on his civilian team, and puts a muzzle on Biden, then I will believe it.

This is one example of many that “Politics” have played a deciding factor in many outcomes in many battles fought. It’s time for our “government system” to change. It’s time to STOP the “dissension” in our political system and let “people” do the job. QUIT lining the politicians’ pockets and make them do their job!! DON’T allow them to continue giving themselves raises like the “corporate execs” have been getting away with!!! Doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out. Quit using the stupidity cliches that got idiots voted in D.C.!! It’s not about the rich anymore!! Go figure!

We REALLY need to start over!!!! FROM THE BEGINNING!!!!!! READ THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!

if you’al send them a certified letter dis claiming the arbitration paragraphs and they recieve it in time you will be able to us your legal rights to get satisfaction. If you dont send it where they can find it after thirty days you are in total agreement with arbitration if they do not request arbitration. Only one of the parties has to request arbitration to have it arbitrated.

It is all scary and disturbing.….…but no Rolling Stone reporter should have ever been embedded.….…how insane was that?

When is the World going to wake up to the fact that the war in Afghanistan is not to get terrorists, its to get control of the vast mineral resources that are ripe for harvest by the victor.

The whole thing is part of building power for the New World Order. The U.S. has more oil and natural gas than the rest of the countries in the World combined. Why isn’t Obama letting it be processed? Because he is holding it as a source of power for those that plan to rule the World after they destroy our America.

We better take their power away in November or all is lost. Vote, but be sure that you know everything there is to know about those that you vote for. Be sure there is no chance they will change their spots once elected.

Vote but do not vote for anyone that is currently in office. Vote for those that support the Constitution as it was written and support term limits for all members of the House and Senate. We can vote out everyone in the House in 2010 and we have to do it. We have to do it as Constitutional Conservatives.

God, please bless America and help us to save her from the clutches of the misguided that are trying to make her a dictatorship and destroy all that has been fought for and created in your name, please!

does this mean we get to keep burger king?

Gen. Thank You for your outstanding service.

We would be better off with a militant black man. At least they would see the benefits of the military and not be afraid to follow the recommendations of people who are closer to the problems. A strong black man would just take off his belt and start whoopin a**. Obama needs to focus on the gulf and healthcare and show some results. Let the military run the military. Didn’t we learn anything from Vietnam?

Peggy, Peggy, Peggy — There you go again. Everything is Bush’s fault and everything is about race. The bottom line is how will our troops best be served going forward given the political hand that has been dealt.

Yep…and lets just ignore / tear up the constitution that we’ve sworn to protect…let the military run the military ?? and we’ll have a dictatorship by morning…no thanks!!

You celebrate because you have no understanding…First of all Obama is black about as much as I am…Secondly Obama is far from a christian and was not born in the U.S. and therefore should not be president of this great country. He is a muslim who does not love this country! He has no military experience and should not be over our military period! Having him over the military is like having a school teacher run the CIA…It’s just stupid…

Dude is only half black, the other half is white, which half is who scared of? Perhaps people just think he should have better leadership skills. The electorate itself is at fault, they thought he was something he clearly is not.

Peggy good racist remark. Get over Bush and focus who is the President and what he has not done, the CHANGE. The President is 1/2 white and 1/2 black so where did you come up the the black man charge?

I served 26 years in the Air Force but I didn’t realize there were so many racist in the military. Where were they when Bush was screwing up the country. President Obama has done more for the military in two years than Bush did in eight.

I’d sure hate to have Mr. Obama’s job, wouldn’t you? You can’t please everyone, especially now-a-days. I guess the president could just let Gen. Stanley McChrystal get away with breaking military codes of conduct and the UCMJ and continue his job, but what kind of message would that bring across. The president was correct in accepting his resignation. The personal attacks against the president in this matter seem unwarrented. This is situation is should not be placed on the politcal circus bandwagon that seems to follow the party in power. Vote for someone else, yea that’s it? What would a republican do in this case?

I agree with your statement about The President having to serve in the military. Obama is a disgrace to our country and the principles it was built on, and an embarrassment to the veterans who served to have the rights he currently enjoys! He is way over his head and should consider relinquishing his role as our President of the U.S.A.! This tractor can’t even acknowledge or embrace the Military with the respect it deserves. I am proud to say I served in the U.S Marines and would love to see this President go back to being a community organizer and get a true war hero in his place to get us back on top!

The President of the USA has no business trying to tell the military how to do its job. Unless you are one of the many “YES” men that bow and scrape to his wishes ‚he is not happy. Well, he has screwed the public and now he will screw the military. It feels just like Vietnam all over again. The guys on the ground in Afghanistan will pay the price in blood, for Obama’s mistakes and the guys in Congress will get all the credit IF we win and the military will be shunned if we withdraw. Shades of Vietnam!!!!!!!

not allowing the troops do their jobs they were and are being trained to do has been the problem with this nation way to long..as far as i remember and that is when i was sent to vacation wonder land.when i returned to the world i found the democratic jackasses had let things run down more n more as time rolled by„ President Ronald Regan didnt take any chit from any nation and made sure he stood by our allies which is more than that ass kissing islamic musilum that some say is our president has done… he is what he is „ a man who served best on city counsel for the city of chicago,ill—– thats where he should have stayed ..yes if we are at war then dammit lets be at war kill everything that eats drinks walks mumbles or talks..let the desert have the carcuss and when we reach the top.. come home.. let the refugees come back and setup what ever they chose to.. stay outta civil wars.

Even as AF enlisted I knew not to talk to the media, for a General and his staff no matter how smart they are they weren’t smart enough to keep their mouths shut around the media. Loose lips sink ships is still as true today as when it was first coined.

The “race card” BS is getting old. I had a buddy that used that when he was trying to pick up white girls. Find a new ploy…what are you celebrating with, Thunderbird or MD 20/20?

“The whole thing is part of building power for the New World Order.” BINGO!!! And very well said!!!

I dont like what the Obama team is doing or has done either…However, if you think Obama is making these decisions, you’re wrong. He’s just the mouth piece for those who really run this country. Kennedy bucked up against “the powers” and he got shot in the head. No, I’m not a Democrat.

It’s kinda funny that if you disagree with the President you are races, so the question is if a black, Mexican, Asian, etc person disagrees with a white President, dose that mean they’re races? No, so why is it everyone throws down the race card when they disagree with the current President, if he can stand the heat then get out of the kitchen,

yes I have to agree with AFvet, as smart and educated these Officers are, especially a General he should have kept his mouth shut, even I when I was deployed I didn’t even look hard at a reporter and if approached I walked away, and as the oath that we take as Military personnel the only thing it says is that we do what we are told, it didn’t say anything about liking it, as I’ve always said (not to a reporter) that 1) We Military are Americans, (or at least most of us are, and some soon to be); so that means we have the right to voice our opinions, 2) Anything that our Politicians decide to do affects us directly IE being killed, hurt for life, etc, and in directly our families,

in conclusion, for those who voted for this guy and are disappointed with him and those who didn’t vote for him, keep voicing your opinions, I still say this is the best country in the world, and for now the only one that a person can disagree with their Politicians and not be killed, and if all this General gets is asked to resign, he should count his blessing, in some places he would have been killed, imprisoned, including his family, or both.

Semper Fi
Once a Marine always a Marine.

in conclusion, for those who voted for this guy and are disappointed with him and those who didn’t vote for him, keep voicing your opinions, I still say this is the best country in the world, and for now the only one that a person can disagree with their Politicians and not be killed, and if all this General gets is asked to resign, he should count his blessing, in some places he would have been killed, imprisoned, including his family, or both.

Semper Fi
Once a Marine always a Marine.



I am not a military man, but have the feeling that WWII was the last real war we had…the rest were run by politicians who seemed not to have the commitment to total victory. How does this country assure that when times are hot and rockets are flaring the leader in the chair is a man with real field military experience…or at least keeps the politicians away from the ROE. Maybe required reading should be the Chinese Art of War. Well, I pray the new leader…Petraeus…will succeed. He seems more willing to accept good advice so his subordinates are unlikely to grouse behind his back.

Re: your comment about owakobama’s need for YES-men…

You definitely struck the proverbial nail on the head !

Re: letting somebody else have the job…
Well, as intended, he’s DEFINITELY “become immortal”.
But, as UNintended, as the WORST yet !

I agree with a number of the posts…we have a president that is an islamic religion person…and in order ot remain islamic, he has to vow to “allah” that the infidels need to be killed, and a lot of islamic fanatics deem his as their mahid (sp) or allahs “messenger to stop the infidels”…he is doing a good job is tearing us down…in fact…most folks feel he is working on making the US a socialist country…well, he and one of his cousins tried to make Kenya an islamic sharia law country…failed, but tried…looks like he is working it here…there isn’t much difference in socialism and sharia law…they both cannot have a constitution, and our great leader is destroying it…
the OIC has petitioned to have the UN nations fall under sharia law, and because there are 57 countries in the oic that are in the UN (my understanding), and there are less than the OIC delegates, then the UN might be turning into an islamic sharia law world…hate to say it, but you think its bad now…wait til our laws are sharia laws

Well said Phil G. However, I think you will acknowledge that the United States is in terrible deep trouble with social and economical issues of the like not since the Civil War era and with countries like China carefully monitoring for the right time to work against the interests of America. Nevertheless, we ARE the last vanguard of freedom in this world.


I agree my son is a Marine & willing to defend this country so what we need is politicians that are willing to do the same but in a different view, the solution here is vote,vote, vote. That is & always has been the privilage of being an american we can change things even from the public level.
Always Faithful

I agree 100%. How can you lead the troops when you are unwilling to have walked in their shoes or been on a battlefield. I have always thought that should be a prerequisiite before becoming President. No draft dodgers, or pot smokers or cigar smokers should be allowed to even be considered and especially those without real military experience.

Peggy, I’m sorry honey, but by and large white people care not a wit about race. I hope you all can catch up soon with that. how sad for you.

You may not know this,(it may make you feel less put upon) It was the vote of the white people in America that elected our current president.

O had no choice. It’s a shame.

“Monte”…obviously, you weren’t in the military, beause if you had been, then you would know that the President is the Commander in Chief and everyone in the military is subordinate. Generals can have opinions, however; they cannot speak disrespectfully about the President. ANYONE who is serving or has served knows this; General McChrystal knew it when he sat down with Rolling Stone. Clearly, the general does not have what it takes to lead.…a leader would keep his or her opinions to themselves and accomplish the mission. Think about it.


You haven’t served in the military…or if you did, you weren’t paying attention. The President’s business is telling the military what to do: he’s the Commander in Chief. The military…or rather, military action, is the final step in the political process. Politicians start wars; politicians can end wars. Leave “war” up to the military and they’ll just want more and more resources (people, funding, material, time) with the expectation that if they keep at it long enough, we’ll win. Win what?

The President did his duty; it’s the General who was insubordinate and disrespectful. EVERYONE in the military is subordinate to the Commander in Chief, and as long as the CIC doesn’t issue an unlawful order (and he hasn’t), it is the duty of the military to carry out those orders.

The “shame” of it is that a 4-star general…a career professional…would “loose it” and let his opinions surface in the media. Clearly, the general is to blame for his own mess…the President was doing his duty by relieving him for cause.

Obama made the right choice. The problem wasn’t so much insulting the Commander in Chief, it was that McChrystal had pissed off everyone he needed to work with to make the COIN strategy work. McChrystal had rendered himself ineffective. There are plenty of other talented officers who deserve a chance.

I agree with you. The general violated article 88 of the UCMJ and he needed to be dealt with. We all know that the military is a dicatorship and not a democracy and you do what you are told. Regardless if President Obama served in the military or not he has to uphold the policies of the military because he is serving as the CIC. Had it been a soldier who spoke to the media he/she would have been dealt with in a more severe way. This general needs to count his blessing and people who are disagreeing with the president needs to read up on the policies of the US Military and lay off

obamaspeak translation — no more dissention from the MILITARY team. Political team is business as usual — total incompetency and blame the military.

Or maybe just maybe McCrystal just sent a huge message out and that being that Afghanistan is a farce. You cannot send troups to war and then tie their hands behind their back. Let the boots on the ground handle things. General McCrystal is much smarter then this and I have to think he had another reason for doing this.

He’ll retire with benefits, and the world knows now that Afghanistan is a complete cluster F.

Can’t wait for the book…:D

This poor excuse that we have for a President is screwing up this Country big time! I feel sorry for what is being left for our children and grand children. I am so sick of having the race card thrown every time that anyone disagrees with the infantile decisions that this President is making. The guy is not black, he is a mulatto; look it up in the dictionary! He has surrounded himself with a group of incompetent individuals who have no experience other than academia. None have ever held a real job. Not one has had any business experience and most have not served a day in the military. The only hope that we have is to vote out all incumbents and listen to what the candidates have to say and do. The people in office now are the ones that have caused the problems, how can we trust THEM to fix anything when THEY are the problem! If you took your car in for an oil change and when you went to pick it up you got it back in pieces would you go back?This is what the present politicians have done to our Country. In order to survive we MUST get rid of all of THEM! It is time to take out the trash!!!!!!!!!!

Exactly, and well said. Might I also remind folks much of his staff are from Clinton and Bush folks. Lot of the old guard handling things still. And of course special interests. Academic have no business playing Army either.

It appears Obama is getting rid of any competition against him . The new General wants to run for President so Obama is setiing him up for failure. Now he can blame him for his lack of leadership. Come on people you still have a chance this guy hates America.

I’m prior military ’64 to ’73 i stll follow the change of command we all had problems with Washington during my time but we also had an obligation with pride there were but a few John Kerrys out there we knew that our opinion must stay in house adjustments to overcome ignorance was necessary not speaking out to the liberal front and becoming their pawn. I respect and admire General McChrystal but he was out of line. I am really tired of the RACE card we donot have a black president but a president who is black whom i disagree with and feel his agenda relates to getting even with WHITEY! Which has nothing to do with the General’s case.

Obama had every right to fire McChrystal, but how tragic that it came to this. It seems like all Obama had to do to avoid this situation was listen to and support McChrystal better. Obama’s policy is that if we lose Afghanistan, Pakistan is next. So if the fate of THE WORLD is in the balance, Mr President, why was your focus on tearing the country up on handing out additional health care benefits, when we cannot even afford the existing entitlements on the books, instead of supporting your military leadership better???? Obama hands out billions to political allies in exchange for votes, the only time he met with McChrystal was to give an ass whipping. And Joe Biden “This is F* big deal” — he can BITE ME, too. God Bless Stanley McChrystal and the fighting men & women who sacrifice it all, for us.

You are referring to what?? Obama isn’t really in charge, he has people higher than him pulling his strings. And as a Vietnam Vet at 80% disability, all I ask is for the list of all the great things he has done, besides the trillions of dollars in debt and all the freebies for the “illegals”. The only thing he said that he has done is “America is the Great Country in the World, and we’re going to change that”.…DUH.….

Wow, what a hostile bunch. Many of you are ready to completely ignore everything you know about military discipline just to get in your petty digs at the president. Many presidents with little or no military experience have led the nation successfully in wartime, including Lincoln, Wilson, and FDR. As far as the president wanting “yes men” or not tolerating dissent — which one of you, if you were an officer, would tolerate your enlisted sniping and lampooning you and your staff to the base newspaper? It was not the general’s opinions that got him sacked, it was his horrendous judgment in showing his contempt to a reporter who was standing there literally with a tape recorder in hand.
All the top leaders in both parties agreed that the General’s behavior disgraced himself and the military. He showed lack of judgment and lack of respect. That, and not the content of his opinions, earned him the boot. Even the Republican senate leaders have agreed that President Obama has made the right decision at the right time. So you knee-jerk Obama haters please get a life.

The general got caught with his pants down, Problem is there should not be a disconnect between a civilians rights and freedom of speech or those serving in uniform to defend those rights. I agree with many of you that those who serve as Pres, V. Press, Sec of State, and all on senate arms commitie should have a min of 10yrs military service. But I also believe that sinse wars occur after politics have failed, that politics should be kept out of the war period. if a decision is made by congress to send in the military THEN GIVE THEM AN PRIMARY AND SECONDARY OBJECTIVE AT THE START AND THEN STAY OUT OF THIER WAY TILL THE INFORM YOU MISSION COMPLETED. Congress can send them in a nd pull them out but not have any other say in how it is done, And that along with an additional ammendment that no member of the armed forces shall be deprived of his constitutional rights including freedom of speech should be made into law.

The “Community Organizer” says he wants debate without division. But how can you possibly have an honest and open “debate” without opposing points of view, especially if one sincerely believes his or those policies and/or decisions are contrary to ultimate goal which ought to be total victory and annhilation of our avowed enemies, and to do whatever it takes to accomplish that mission?

General McChrylstal was wrong to take his complaints to the press in an attempt to undermind civilian authority regardless of whether he is right or wrong about his military assessments in Afghanistan. If he truly felt that we are taking the wrong course of action in Afghanistan and he was not being heard in Washington, he should have resigned his position and then expressed those views publically. Generals should have learned from McArthur that they have a duty to obey and carry out the commands of their Commander-In-Chief. (to be continued):

On the other hand, there has never been an administration that has had more disrespect for our men and woman in uniform. He like other presidents from the past expect them to do the impossible with both hands tied behind their backs, and wants us to fight a war (police action) without harming innocent bystanders. It matters not that our troops are engaged in battle where the enemy combatants hide themselves among the indigenous population, plant IED’s, and look for opportunities to ambush our men and women in uniform, while they run away and blend in with the locals.

If we are not going to fight to win, then we need to get the hell out of Afghanistan and let the tribal leaders fight it out amongst themselves, especially if the White House is not going to give our generals what they need to win a war. You cannot win a war by reading people their Miranda rights. I sincerely hope that McChrystal gets his opportunity to voice his opinions to the public and really let us know his true feelings about the Obama administration’s conduct of this pitiful war. If we are not in it to win, then we need to pull out before one more drop of blood is shed in that God forsaken country.


Why does everything that has happened during Obamas’ time in office, have to be his fault? I guess he was responsible for not inspecting and conducting preventive maintenance on BP’s equipment, which caused the oil spill. He also started the two wars we are currently fighting, come on guy. I’m a OIF veteran, and I think people that can’t accept the facts about our president, just shows how the US still has problems with race. It’s Americans showing their true colors. We have never had stipulations on military experience being a qualification for president. Anything this president does will be scrutinised by these people who have problems with his race. How smart are we when the facts are proven, but we refuse to accept them. Is it because we can’t comprehend or are we just blinded by race and hate. I served to protect a country that I love. I was taught never to speak against your commander-in-cheif.

Hopefully General McChrystal told Obama where they can stick it. There’s nothing wrong with civilian control of the Military as long as those “Civilians” have some prior military experiance. The President does not have a clue what combat is like and him telling a General how to conduct a war is a bad joke. Have the President pick up a gun and go over there and see how hw likes getting shot at..He wouldnt have the balls! He’s a Car Salesman and America Bought that Lemon from him!

O Georgia, how 50’s can you get! You must worry about what the neighbors will think. Our constitution gives the right to free speech, ever read it. The last think any American worries about is “what will the jealous countries think”. You hit it on the head when talking about their way of doing things like dragging people into the street. Oh, now that is who I worry about and what they think. We need to grab a hold of our way of life and start taking care of ourselves on ALL levels. That is what made us the great people we are today.
It is a shame about the general but he did what he knew to be against regulations. It is a loss for our country.

It’s called freedom of speech. “The world” envies us cause we have it, and that’s why they all want to be like us. Let them read. What you are witnessing is years and years of abuse of men & women in uniform, who are exercising the First Amendment rights they’ve sacrifice and fought so hard to preserve. As far as whether they respect or hate us or not, we can’t control the way they think. We follow orders faithfully. And as far as respecting leaders go, if Obama had shown McChrystal some attention, respect, and support, we would not be in this position right now. We should be proud to live in a country where we are free to voice our opinion, and that we will not let people like you try to shame us into silence. Let me ask you, when Bush was President did you voice any criticisms of him??? Or do you think it’s only unfair to criticize Democrat leadership??

>You cannot win a war by reading people their Miranda rights. I sincerely hope that McChrystal gets his opportunity to voice his opinions to the public and really let us know his true feelings about the Obama administration’s conduct of this pitiful war.

Just hilarious, McCrystal is the chief architect of the COIN strategy you hate, not Obama. If it is the wrong strategy then it is McCrystal’s fault not Obama’s.

The great irony is that Obama still thinks the war can be won while the majority of the military including McCrystal’s team are openly defeatist.

And anyone who says that disagreeing with Obama makes me a Racist can kiss my A_S! I didnt like bush, I voted for Obama and got suckered in like a bunch of other Middle Class Americans. I was hoping that he might actually try and make this country better, but all he is doing is playing the same games they all do..Giving away the money I make to a bunch of people who wouldnt get off their butts and finish school and make something of themselves! If Arizona wants to check my I.D., feel free..I’m a 21 Years Vet and born and raised in the USA..If your here illegally..Get your asses out of my country and come back the right way..I for one am “Not” paying for your healthcare and to school your kids! Do I want Obama out..Yes! Am I Racist..No!, Just another pissed off American, tired of watching the money I make go to people who dont deserve it! God Bless America and God help us!

well i’m former active duty so please let me know if this ‘military discipline can’t criticize the President’ gag order applies to me. So if Lincoln and FDR are the models for successful Presidential wartime leadership, shouldn’t Obama push for a nationwide commitment to a war effort, like Lincoln and FDR did? OH Yeah, that’s right, he’d rather push for more handouts to secure his own political power, while at the same time selling the Afghanistan war as the key to global security, to the point that he is only willing to commit 30K additional troops, and hardly willing to meet with McChrystal at all. Obama’s policies are fair game.

When I was in, I got 14 days scrubbing pans for just smiling at a Captain. They called it “the
articles of war.” Now it is the uniform code of military justice. If I had bad –mouthed that Captain, I’d have
got 5 years. Lead-Follow or get your a– out. McChrystal is a prima donna.

Frankly, I’d like to see a military coup. I absolutely trust the military, excluding the ticket-punchers, perfumed princes and social climbers, to keep this nation a constitutional republic & safe from enemies, foreign & domestic, as they are SWORN to do. BO & ho’ are both. BO is a freakin’ stealth islamofascist in a suit & he has no clue what he’s doing, other than maliciously wrecking the military & our nation. With the ROE over there, McChrystal has every reason to complain. BO is making sitting ducks of America’s finest in order to “support the muslims”, as he said he’d do in his book and several times since.

I guess the Obamantion and his toadies can’t handle the truth.….he does give a tinker’s dam about our military forces, just look how he is trying to gut the armed forces, and now ruin a decorated general who has devoted his entire life to the military over his bruised egos.….he should be impeached!

(Not a)“Real Soldier” you’re clearly a racist idiot. Anybody who thinks everything said negative about the narcissistic child in the white house is “racist” is him or herself a racist fool. People mad at the narcissist-in-chief are of ALL races. Further barry is NOT a “black man”. He’s a mulatto, ½ & ½. I suppose the blacks who are mad at him are mad at his white ½, just to rationalize your “everybody is a racist but me” fantasy, huh? One can’t arbitrarily say “I’m black” (or white) if the genes say otherwise. Just another barry lie, like his post-adoption name and citizenship. There’s no record that he ever legally changed his name form barry soetero back to barack obama and there’s no record that he ever gave up either his by-birth Kenyan (British subject) citizenship nor his adoptive Indonesian citizenship. You acolytes the the greats fraud in history are fools!
Those who call barry a “black man” are taking us back to the “Jim Crow Laws” days; pre-“Dred Scott”, where a single drop of negro blood made one a black man. Is that where you & the other racist delusionals want America? Want to toss in plantations and slavery too? Oh! we already have that “plantation” going. The gubmint owns millions of blacks through the welfare system. Dey depens on de’ benebbolent white massa fo dey needs.
Again, who’s the “racist” here if YOU see everything through the issue of skin color? Let me see if I can guess what color YOU are.…

Pres Palin or used car salesman Romney!! really!? Talk about the wrong answer. 11yrs in the srevice and I can tell you that this pres has done well by us in the military. Sorry Glenn Beck watchers.

Regardless of General McChrystal’s views and feelings, he took an oath as an officer in the United States Armed Forces. He was wrong for saying what he said! The oath is in place for a reason. You idiots should look the oath up and read it. Then think about. What would happen if Gen. McChrystal’s subordinates did that that to him and then their subordinates did that to them and so on and so on. No good order and conduct. Nothing would get done. Now shut up and respect the office of the President of the United States. Damn, I’m glad that their were more smart people than sheep last election.

Every King and Queen had a court jester, the only person in the Kings and Queens court to tell the truth without being sacrificed. The RACIST is the person who is always throwing out the race card. These RACISTS are convinced they are not RACIST. Tell me how you cannot be a RACIST, when you are calling White people RACIST. White is a race so are Asians, Africans, Chinese, and so on. When you call everyone within a race a RACIST, based solely on his or her race, you are the RACIST.

When a military officer of his seniority and position risks his career and retirement to make comments like his, it would behoove the Obama administration to take note of the comments and their validity once this is over. I doubt they will do this because they are against anything to do with the welfare of this country. However, every military member knows well the consequences of voicing comments contrary to stated Executive agenda while they wear the uniform.

The president inherited two wars (1 needless) a recession, a deficit, and a crashing housing market. All the republicans can do is complain and add to the list of problems instead of being a part of the solution. They want to say cut taxes, but we have to fund two wars and pay off a HUGE deficit that they created with all of their unfunded programs, waste, and mismanagement of funds paid to Halliburton.

Lets give it a rest. Yes, he has made a few mistakes i.e. he underestimated how resolved the republicans would be to keep things exactly the same and slow down our recovery from the mess, but overall he has done a better job in fact he had got more done in his first hundred days in office then Bush Jr. had completed in his first term.


I hope McCain and the republicans delay his replacement because all they would have done is put this country in more danger as they have dragged their feet on every other conformation. They like us living in fear. When in doubt create fear real or not. For example when we have Fox news skewing the news and flat out misrepresenting the facts. I personally think he needs to slap a few more people down and hold them to their actions and comments because he would not have this problem. Oh, wait then he would be accused of being heavy handed, oh wait they did that this week already!!! If he jumped into the BP mess he would have been accused of taking on more debt. He can’t win with odds like this. Where are the senators and governors who could have handled some of the risk locally instead of pointing fingers wait it was because they did not have the budget for the disaster. Wait aren’t they supposed to budget for risk, I had to as a manager why don’t they, wait it’s easier to blame someone else. Oh, but wait they wanted to kill the energy bill… Lets get real….


Be a part of the solution, be on the same team: the only one’s being hurt are the American people. The republicans had too much power and are pissed that they don’t have the power now. If McCain had been in the same situation he would have relieved Mccrystal as well. Being prior military he would have known what we all know military or not that you need people you CAN TRUST managing the work not; undermining your mission and being two face. I am sure McCrystal is a smart guy and great commander, but this is an election year and I don’t think it’s a mistake that he is trying to make it look like soldiers/top commanders are not willing to back up the president’s mission. It’s a joke.


Service members serve the people; we as the people, put Obama in charge to get us out of the trouble Bush junior left us. Everyone is forgetting how we got here and I say everyone needs to remember. I know Cheney would have never put up with McCrystal’s comments. Generals, ARE held to their oath and their special orders. They are expected to lead from the front, they are to follow orders regardless if they agree with them or not. What he did was rude, unprofessional, and unscrupulous.
So, lets stop living in la-la land and pay attention! The mission comes first and the people run the forces! Who does he think he is General Patton, we follow orders and do our jobs, we grumble when we disagree, but we NEVER disrespect the president because disrespecting the president is disrespecting the people of this nation who put him there.


I vote for who I think will do the best job and yes I voted for president Obama, but I had also voted for Bush Sr. It’s about our people, our nation, and our way of life. Undermining the needs of the people is VERY disrespectful regardless of the race, color, party, or sex of our president. Be a part of the solution or get out of the way!! i.e. (Step up –step out or get out of the way) it’s easier to complain then to offer solutions, it’s easier to point fingers and misrepresent the truth than to provide support. If the leading apple is rotten then you remove it from the barrel as it will make the others rotten as well. He should have opinions and is expected too, what’s in question here is his honor or lack there of!! The president has tried to make it easy for his generals to talk to him and if he disagreed he should discussed it with him and not a random reporter. He knew what he was doing and it’s my opinion he got his just deserts.


Everyone from a private up knows there is a way to do things and a way not too, why does Obama have to be held to a different level than any other president who is in office. Why does he have to be disrespected and have to say that’s alright you’re a general: I should let you disrespect me and pretend your not a threat to my mission?? What’s funny is that General McCrystal most likely would have NEVER accepted insubordination in his units because he knows that it would compromise the integrity of the command’s structure. Obama does not need to be a military man to know insubordination and disrespect when he sees it; even my kids know that. Bottom-line: I go back to the golden rule, “Do onto others as you would have them do to you.” Therefore, I believe President Obama was not just right, but justified in asking for General McCrystal’s resignation. The rest of this is smoke and mirrors because McCain would have done the same if it was his watch.

Sir, I believe you should look at the facts: he is not the antichrist, he is not a Muslim anarchist trying to destroy America. He is trying to fix the problems he was handed. If you believe in god you should also believe in the truth not opinion, puffery, or conjecture, but facts. I also believe in the constitution and the values this nation was founded on, but Obama did not start this war in Afghanistan. He is trying to get us to produce other sources of energy solar, wind etc. I do agree we need to get out of the middle east, but he did not put us there. Please look at the patriot act and other elements that were put into place durring the Bush presidency in the name of protecting our country, many rights have been compromised, are your email, text, phone calls monitored? can they detain you without reason just by infuring your a terrorist. I watch the senate hearings, I watch cnn, cspan, hln, msnbc, and read the bills– I see how they act. The only dictatorship in this country is big oil and big business. My hope is that people see that soon.

It does not take a military man or women to know when someone is not on the same team and may be untrustworthy enough to make statements to the media instead of manning up and taking his concerns to the president in person. Bottom-line he is a smart guy he knew what he was doing and paid for it!!!

rightly so.. people get so powerful that they think that there are no consequences for their actions, I am glad the president stood up for the american people…

Even Gen. Petraeus knows how to disagree without throwing his reputation and career away. It’s how he did it that is in question. VERY disrespectful. Right now, he is probably lamenting the dicision to say something out of school to a reporter, as I believe he knew exactly what he was doing, but with nothing to lose he took the risk and undermind the American people. Too bad because he is a smart guy with many great ideas as I had watched several hearings that he had at the white house, but the president needs to be able to trust him and when he does not bring his concerns to the president himself, how trustworthy is he really??? More like a spoiled child using the media to get what he wants is not a great way to retain respect and honor.. He knew better.…It has nothing to do with being a yes man, “would you invite a shark to your swimming pool and then put you children in??” I think not…

When in doubt cry racist like all democrats. You forget that Bush was blamed for virtually everything bad that happened in the world during his eight years. These so call leaders we have elected have set new standards for incompetence. They want to run the war from Washington rather than let commanders in the field take initiative and determine the best course of action.

The term freedom of speech is only for the white house and congress, the rest of us peons have not the right. Freedom of everything is going down the line and will soon be gone. As a ww2 vet I see were I wasted my time in service for this what we have now. Never before have I felt this way. Since ww2 I have lived worked and played under Reps and Dem presidents. Never have I have the feelings that this goverment we have has given me.

Politics and Politicians do not have a place in wars unless they are on the front lines with a weapon in hand. Wars are the results of failed politics. We would not be in a war if they knew what they were doing to start with, so what makes them think they can do it any better once everyone is ticked off and fighting. The generals and his troops frustrations was in not being able to conduct a true coin offensive. There are too many eyes watching — too many poeple making decisions — and not enough people listening.

I have a question about President Obama’s announcement. How can He praise the general and still fire him as being unfit for command?


If Obama would stop trying to change the country into a socialist government and messing around with freedom of speech and other American ways,maybe he could lead this country right.General Stanley McChrystal was only exercising his constitutional right of freedom of speech.How many other good men will Obama fire or force to quit because they beleive in the freedoms of this great nation.God help us all and bless America.The so call president doesn’t even salute our flag.Who ever heard of that?

I love the fact McChrystal has an opinion and is not afraid to voice it. However stating that, it does undermined the authority and position of the President in the manner in which the article came about and his statements to the public. McChrystal has great leadership and has an remarkable military past, he was an asset. I only wish he he would have approached Obama with more diplomacy.

I’d have relieved him of overall command and sent him back to doing what he does best, which is hunt down and kill insurgents. Then I’d figure out what whether there is anything to gain from fighting in Afghanistan (nothing!). We only need to hunt down and kill one man! Osama Bin Laden. 9 years and $1 TRILLION and counting and we haven’t done that! The intelligence agencies and the military leadership have disgraced themselves in the eyes of the American public. The only truth is that we still have American men and women willing to die for their country — God Bless them — even if fighting the wrong war(s).

I think General McChrystal deserves to go on trial to clear his name against this allegation. My suspicion was that his comment with respect to Biden was not deliberately “contemptuous” but an attempt to defuse an eager beaver reporter that was drilling him with an embarassing question. All the rest is either grounded in fact, or the general’s apparently honest perception of fact. It is fair to dismiss him for creating a command climate in which Article 88 infractions are overlooked or tolerated. But the President, the Vice President, the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the JCS and the Congress need to look for morale problems like those betrayed in the Rolling Stone article in larger and larger circles around their own desks, to paraphrase General Bruce Clarke. Yes, there are issues of individual responsibility here, but there are also systemic problems that you just don’t go solve by firing people for not keeping the lid on tight enough.

When the announcement about Petraeus going to Afghanistan came out, there was speculation that General Mattis would get the CENTCOM job. Just my opinion, but I think it would be better if Mattis went to Afghanistan and Petraeus stayed where he is. Mattis’s COIN record is at least as good as that of General Petraeus, and Mattis’s leadership skills are unparalleled. What problem are we trying to solve — getting along with our allies and civilian agencies ? Or restoring troop morale and winning this thing ? It looks like the administration thinks that the only problem it needs to solve is a political one.

McChrystal got what he deserved. He knew better yet did it anyway — and lost his command for it. “As it was written, so it is done.”

But I do have to laugh at all these people complaining about Onana’s lack of military service. As though Bush’s paltry few and erratic months as an Air Guard O-2/3 gave him tons of experience to be CinC. DUH! Most of you would have spit in the coffee you would have been fetching him at the time. Get real here, will you?

Thank u, alot of people talking crap as if the president id wrong, the general knows better, we all know about chain of command, you cannot be disrespectful and not think your going to be the same rank, ur ass is going to get BREAK DOWN.

PEGGY PEGGY PEGGY…We know you’re one of the oppressed, but you made it that way with your plantation thinking.

So the Pres couldn’t find and Afghanie insurgent to take command???? The obvious frustration the General has had to deal with; his people can’t return fire if they are being fired on from a Mosque??; Our soldiers can’t return fire from a grave yard without a Afghan leaders permission?? If we’re going to be in hot water for defending ourselves over there and you can loose your job over it drop the Hydrogen Bomb and be done with it. They can only fire you once McChrystal knowing this I’d have set things up to bring them home and terminate all the insurgents and the next hundred thousand generations of them. Why would we send our children over to a place that has nothiing we don’t consider a Hazmat issue. We’ve spent $Billions of cleaning it up over here; a couple $Million would end this for us once and for all. You have to be a special kind of nut to be a Democrat; what were you thinking?

I’m sure they were thinking they didn’t want more of the Republican cowboy president, who had no real war experience (he was AWOL chasing skirt in a different state) and was too scared to stay in-country for more than a few hours at a time. Even my WW2 highly decorated career Marine Corps, life-long Republican uncle could’t bring himself to vote for Jr.!

Too many goddamn apologists for the General. He simply fuc++d up and now he is a Mr.

There are way too many drag-ass, want-to-see-Obama-fail Republicans, both military and civilian, and corporatist Democrats. They all have to realize that bush and company led the entire nation into the mess we are in.
Bush: the biggest idiot ever “elected” to the Presidency of the U.S. and his horrible legacy will haunt this nation for years.

Obama is desperately trying to fix the sh+t left to him by Bush. With a bit of cooperation from your Republican and Democratic assho+le Senators and Congressmen we can expect to succeed.

President Romney or President Palin.… God save the United States from incompetence.

He should still be referred to as General (ex-US Army) or however it is typically written.

Bush was the biggest idiot to ever be elected? (And yes he was elected.) Well Obama is sure doing his best to give Wubya a run for his money. Obama trying to fix Bush’s “mess” shouldn’t involve mindless leftist policies and even greater amounts of deficit spending.

A Lawyer will not allow dissention about his war plans from the greatest military minds of our time.

Has anyone asked for proof that he has not the mark 666? Christians all GOD believing people awake and refresh ourselves in salvation and the coming days. Study revelations! Be prepared to be counted. If you are not listed in the book of life you will be cast away!

The guy who covered up the Pat Tillman hit is now out of a job. I only wish he would take Holbrooke with him.
There are a few much better written articles out there, mike huges wrote one, i think i may have a couple.

Peggy, it seems to me you are the racist. This matter has nothing to do with a black man firing a white man. I am a disabled vet & I did not want the worst bill to ever be considered to be passed. Face the facts, this man wants all people to bow to him. November 2nd is our chance to rid the country of a huge number of elected officials, those who are tryinhg to bring our nation to ruin. If change, REAL CHANGE, does not come we could befacing America’s first DICTATOR. Open your eyes America, this is the most dangerous administration ever in power in this country. May God help us.

What about ex president Carter going to foreign countries & telling them how horrible America is. Carter should be tried for treason & Mc Chrystal should get a medal. The liar & chief in office is nothing but a seriously narcicisstic wanna be.

Stan, one question. What has anything that our current president has done help our fine nation in any positive way?

Can I ask a stupid question? I’m sure it stupid because I’m just a housewife from Southern California and no nothing about military and wars and all that…but here’s my question, any idea how long its going to take to win this war? I’m 44 years old so I don’t remember much about Vietnam, so to me this war is really dragging ass. Any particular reason? Can’t we win? If so, when?

oops type KNOW nothing not no nothing.…see I am stupid.

This war is a facet of the war on terror. That war is forever.

Specifically, in Afghanistan we are trying to defeat a 6th century ideology spawned off a religion that’s growing exponentially worldwide. Drug money and its attendant corruption renders this war unwinnable with the current rules of engagement.


That is a little bit like asking when the police are going to win their war against crime. We went into Bosnia and Kosovo. We’re still there. We went into Iraq, We’re still there, although both we and our Iraqi hosts claim we will leave soon. As long as Al Qaeda is operating in Pushtunistan, we intend supress them from coming back into Afghanistan. There is also a commitment to making Afghanistan a whole and governable country again, because that is the morally and probably the practically right thing to do. So we fight, as long as there is anyone left fighting us. Your police force and sheriff’s department does that every day. And they lose people, too.

Wake up people.. Have you ever heard of divide and conquer? Everyone is at odds with everyone else and if you aren’t for our Obama you are racist? He sucks. It’s not the race people are fed up with — it’s the man. He bows to Saudi Kings, insults allies, wants to be a Dictator rather than a President. I love my country and don’t like what I’m hearing or seeing every single day. I have to say I agree that ANY commander in chief in this country should be required to have served our country. GOD BLESS AMERICA

Peggy — YOU are racist. You want to blame all your woes on the “white man”. Get over it. I don’t own any slaves and don’t know anyone else that does. How long is the black race going to continue to teach their children to hate. Maybe, just maybe when you stop blaming and condemning an entire race because of history, you might not be so hateful. By the way — do you think our parents raised us to learn hatred towards black people? Mine didn’t. But I will say being called things like whitey and cracker, as my children have been called builds hate.. where does it stem from? YOU teaching your kids hate from the get go. So keep up the good work with your hating skills!!

Explain the huge budget cuts then.

Oh and explain the lowest pay raise since 1970, explain sending fewer troops to a general then asked for, four months later after the request, and list five great things obama has done for the military.

If Obama would quit trying to change our country into a socialist,marxist regime, and stop embracing comunist,marxist„and leftist ideas from other leftist in the world and muslims,our country would be in better shape.All the trillions of dollars he has spent has not helped with the economy.He is putting our country into the hands of the communist chinese who our bankrolling us.We need someone strong and pro-american in the white house.He is trying to limit freedom of speech, and our way of life as we know it.When will congress see what he is really up to.General McChrystal was only exercising his freedom of speech and got punished for it.If Obama can get rid of good people like this, what will eventually happen to the rest of us who are doomed by his hatred of this country.He doesn’t even salute the flag of the United States because he doesn’t beleive in it.I refuse to call him President.

The good news is that the liberals aren’t winning the civil wars over seas. This is a pretty good indicator that they won’t win the civil war here either.

I dunno…The libs sure kicked the cons’ butt last time there was a civil war here. You know, the one the slave-owners said was allabout ‘states rights’…

PS: Nice to know that you support the Islamiconservative struggle against Godless liberal democracy. Keep up the Good Fight!

It’s all a matter or perspective. The American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq can technically be said to have been started by neocons (who are conservatives so far to the right they became international interventionists, which by definition makes them liberals). They are fighting Islamic extremists, who also represent the local conservatism. Looks like a fight between to old bulls to me!

I hate to break it to you, but today’s liberals are a bunch of latte drinking godless drones who have no equivalent in the 19th century. I may be a Northerner, but it is a fact that the Confederates fought long and hard against Union forces who had the advantage in numbers, supplies, and equipment. There was no shortage of valor on both sides of the war.

It is a dishonor to the hundred of thousands of Union soldiers who died to compare them to today’s liberals, and an equal dishonor to the hundred of thousands of Confederates who died to call them all a bunch of “redneck racists” or similar nonsense.

really??? Does that include the lowest raise we’ve gotten since 1973?

the problem with america nowadays is the level of respect and loyalty that we especially as servicemen have toward our commander in chief.. when the last commander in chief was in office, regardless of his blatant mistakes or rumblings on the national front we never used derogatory words or expression to address him in such disrespectful manner. no matter how much we agreed or disagreed with him. these are the things that bring racism and a host of other issues at play when it comes to our society. we dont realize that we the american people are destroying ourselves.. everyone wants to bitch, complain and disrespect like it means anything but noone is willing to step up and bring solutions to the table. thats the very difference between our founding fathers and todays society. just a bunch of bitches…

Johnny, you are incorrect in your assumptions about the military and you’re are misapplying it here. In the military you may have any opinion you like. However, you are not allowed to voice a disrespectful opinion of a superior officer or the strategy/orders, particularly in public. When you join the military you give up a number of your civil rights. It is not the Elks Club or the PTA. If you have a difference of opinion, you go to your superior and express it politely. Period. Then you follow orders or resign, or not reenlist. Period. The good order of the military demands this and the Uniform Code of Military Justice requires it. I agree with McChrystal but he cut his own throat. I may add that he probably did it knowing he’d get canned as he was probably fed up to the point of quiting anyway.

in my opinion ‚how can a general have an opinion, isnt he still a soilder. hes at the top of the military food chain gives orders,but cant take orders,obama set the presidence as commander & chief ‚fire or force resignation to any one that dosnt have your back ‚whether your racist or not the man is our president and until everyone comes to terms with that fact whether we like him or not we must stand behind him divisibility equals weakness.

darn the bad luck, when I heard that Obama had called a emergency press conference in the Rose Garden here I was hoping that he had realized that there was no other solution, and had offer HIS resignation speech! Let’s look at this a decorated Army General, vs. a “community organizer” whom would I want making decisions that will effect the lives of millions? Obama, quit while you are ahead and save yourself from the humiliation that your BFF Clinton suffered when he was impeached by the Senate! You’re next bueddy, pack your bags we are taking control of our contry once again!

It really amazes me that all of a sudden, one has to have served in the military to hold the office of the President. Where were these thoughts a few years ago when Bush, who was in the Air National Guard was President. This website is starting to sound like trailer park cinema by the ignorant comments being posted here. The fact is the General could have been court martial and dismissed for his comments, instead he was just replaced. For those of you who say let the military run the military, where have you been? The President has always run the military with the support of the Joint Chief of Staff who advises him and probably made the decision that you, who obviously have little knowledge of how your country is run, blame the President for. Instead of listening to conversations of those who know less than you, do some research and discover the true facts, so you won’t sound as ignorant as a whole group of individuals on this site seem to be.

How can Americans vote someone like obama? Someone who knows nothing about the military. Us military is losing ground from all sides, whether from strategy, leadership or technology. Both friends and enemies are catching up, if Americans do nothing, soon everyone will regret that they vote lame leaders and when other countries will impose their decisions on us.…., then Americans will know what is freedom and why we fight for it.



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