Strategy, What Strategy?

Strategy, What Strategy?

The Obama administration, according to two sources, has failed to produce a classified national security strategy, leaving the country bereft of guidance at a crucial time.

One of the country’s most respected strategists, Andy Krepinevich, said he spoke recently with a National Security Council staff member and was told the White House had not and would not produce a classified version of the National Security Strategy released last month. Krepinevich told reporters this morning that this concerned him greatly at a time when the country faces two wars and has had its strategic choices forced upon it by external actors such as al Qaeda, North Korea and China for most of the last nine years.

The Obama administration is not alone in having failed to craft strategy, he said, noting the Bush administration had also “greatly undervalued” it.

“In my estimation, we need to think more about budgets, yes, but we absolutely need to think more about strategy,” Krepinevich said during a briefing at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment on the 2011 defense budget. He heads CSBA.

Iranian nuclear weapons pose “enormous implications for U.S. security,” he said, given the likely effect of nuclear proliferation through the Middle East should Iran succeed at developing weapons. CIA Director Leon Panetta said last weekend that Iran is two years from fielding a nuclear weapon and possesses enough uranium to build two bombs.

And increasingly common precision rockets and mortars — known as GRAM — in the hands of groups like Hezbollah would allow them to greatly improve their ability to take out targets such as Israeli oil refineries and government buildings with certainty.

Add a healthy dose of European allies who “seem to be in a race to the bottom” in terms of defense spending and you have a deeply challenging international environment for which the nation must plan how to shape. Instead of the U.S. shaping the world and making informed strategic choices the rest of the world is shaping us, Krepinevich said. And that means the Pentagon is left with a “resource mismatch” because we have not anticipated the changes.

One Pentagon study to watch that will constitute a set of strategic choices is the Global Posture Review, Krepinevich said.  Defense Secretary Robert Gates is intimately involved in the review, which will recommend what bases the U.S. should have around the world and what facilities, such as hardened hangars or a port, they should possess, as well as what forces should be deployed at them.

And that led him to one crucial resource decision — thus strategic — the U.S. must make. What balance should we have between the F-35 and whatever forms of long-range strike (also known as bombers and missiles) we decide to build? The F-35 buy, he told me after the session broke up, should be pared down so the strike capability can be funded. The Joint Strike Fighter is a relatively short-range aircraft that must rely on hardened bases to protect it since China has fielded capabilities that will allow it to threaten many of our bases in the western Pacific, he said. The long-range strike capability will presumably have longer range and possess greater stealth than the F-35 and thus be better suited to penetrating denied airspaces. He was careful to note that the U.S. must possess a combination of dash (F-35) and persistence (long-range strike) to “manage” China.

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” has had its strategic choices forced upon it by external actors such as al Qaeda, North Korea and China for most of the last nine years.”

Ah, I see. So having a classified national security strategy really helped in those instances, didn’t it?


hmmm… the only example of a “strategic” issue he could come up with is how many F-35s to buy??? I’ll agree that is a strategic decision but it’s hardly something you could make classified. maybe I’m missing something here but this one comes off like a defense contractor (non-profit defense contractor but still a defense contractor) telling me how important his products are.

“He was careful to note that the U.S. must possess a combination of dash (F-35) and persistence (long-range strike) to “manage” China.”


He was careful to note that the U.S. must possess a combination of dash (F-22) and persistence (long-range strike) to “manage” China.

There. Fixed it for you.

At a time when our Allies are implementing austerity programs and cutting their military budgets (to cut long term deficits), we on the other hand are amassing debts in every area imaginable. Long term strategy ( = deficit spending) won’t help you, when your credit rating takes a hit…time to focus on the wars we currently fighting, learn to do with less (on the social and defense side), and manage risk better.

Proper planning is a combination of looking at present needs, combined with proactively preparing for possible threats in the future. The threats mentioned in this article remain real, and the capacity to fight conventional wars remains a requirement or our military forces.

Just ask the South Koreans.…

Just another think tank talking head with no experience. Like his big brother, Loren Thompson (also with no experience), Andy needs to get his name in the papers every so often so he doesn’t expire. DoD BUZZ might be better served if they talked to people with some knowledge of the situation — like the Pentagon planners and operators.

Er… actually, Andy served for several decades in the U.S. Army. If that doesn’t count as ‘experience’, pray tell what does?

What do you except from a Community Organizer????????

Thanks for the information. I stand corrected.

Actually there is a National Security Strategy and it’s publicly available:
1. apologize often and profusely to our enemies
2. kick our allies in the nuts whenever it makes our enemies smile

And people have the nerve to say community organizing isn’t an ideal
background to lead the free world, while there still is one.

That’s a great start, but I have to add to it:
3. Let our current military be spread out all over the world with worn out equipment and stupid rules that tie their hands behind their backs.
4. Bankrupt our own economy so that we cannot build up our military and give our people what they need.
5. Ignore the threat along our southern border.
6. Ignore the fact that the Chinese are building and modernizing their military to one day take us on.
7. Use our military as a “meals on wheels” instead of what their real purpose is.

Yes this is what happens when a lot of FOOLS vote for someone that promises them all kinds of free handouts. We are already paying dearly for electing this manchurian candidate and we will pay for many years after he is gone, that is if we can survive. God help us please!

When voting for a President, the FIRST thing you should consider is what kind of a commander in chief this guy would make. This is the LAST thing most people thought of when they elected Obama. Out of all the candidates that ran in 2008, including the primaries, Obama was the absolute worst and least qualified. But because he could read a speech, promised free stuff, and people hated Bush, they voted him in. What he is doing to our country is so bad that we will be paying for generations. I hope your kids and grandkids throw you in the worst nursing home they can find, for heaping so much debt on them that they will litteraly be slaves to the Chinese until it is paid off, if ever. If this offends anyone, TOO BAD, what he is doing to our country offends me.

Strategy? This administration has only one strategy — the subversion of the Constitution and the domination of the American people

you nailed it dude


There is only one way to get the United States back to number 1 and get Americans back to work, Vote out the DemocRATS in 2010, the vote the rest out and Obama in 2012. Funny how the Mylan calendar also stops in 2012, especially if we relect Obama


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