Chatter Rises On Iran Strike

Chatter Rises On Iran Strike

The first really clear indication that serious planning was underway to strike at Iran’s rogue nuclear weapons site came a month ago when British news outlets reported that Saudi Arabia had given Israel permission to cross its airspace en route to Iranian targets.

Yesterday, the United Arab Emirates ambassador to the United States said publicly that his country was willing to live with the consequences of a strike against Iran despite the enormous amount of trade between the two countries and the likelihood of riots after a strike.

Today, you have Sen. Joe Lieberman in Israel saying the U.S. would influence Iran, “through diplomatic efforts and economic sanctions if we can, but through military action if we must.”

Now Lieberman is one of Israel’s staunchest backers on Capitol Hill and is not commander in chief, so his comments can be taken with a grain of salt, but they also are a clear indicator that Israeli officials believe a strike is necessary. When the McChrystal fracas broke out, several senior retired and current military officers worried quietly that moving leaders at Central Command at such a sensitive time in Israeli-Iranian relations could leave the U.S. unfocused on a likely Israeli threat. The selection and rapid confirmation of Gen. David Petraeus alleviated some of those concerns but CentCom remains without a leader who has undergone Senate confirmation. While that may seem academic to many, Senate confirmation confers great credibility on a military leader and grants them wider discretion than an acting commander possesses, both in their own minds and in those of Congress and the executive branch.

Cautionary note: we are not predicting a strike, but a large number of public comments combined with the seeming acceleration of their number, can be an accurate indicator of military action.

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If Israeli officials start making noise than that may be a good indicator of an impending strike. It’s kind of pointless this far in the game if you ask me. Iran pretty much has nukes whether there is a strike or not.

I think Israel and the Arab states have begone to realize that they may want to act unilaterally rather then with the support of the U.S.

What is Israel’s ability to conduct multiple waves of air attacks? I just think that with only a limited number of tankers they may need to recover the entire first wave to refuel the tankers and then launch a second wave.

Such a strike will require exceptionally detailed planning and almost perfect execution for any acceptable degree of success. The sheer numbers of strike aircraft needed (and the Israeli lack thereof) will limit the planners’ options and priorities.

If you intend to take out the Iranian nuclear weapon manufacturing, storage and delivery capabilities, you’d also need to neutralize Iran’s retaliatory capabilities with land-launched and sea-launched missiles against not only Israel, but also against US Naval forces in the Gulf area.

Regardless of when and how the strike is carried out, in the eyes of the radical Islamic world, the US will blamed equally — - and must be punished.

This sort of scenario is precisely why we have B-2s. Not only do they carry the firepower required to do real damage, but we can use them with plausible deniability of any involvement in an initial strike.

hahaha i love how foolish you people are israel doesnt need “jets” to destory irans nuclear development you are forgetting israel has intercontinental ballistic missles as well as submarine launched ballistic missles either one will do the job just the same as a f-15 if not better iran cant shoot down SLBMs let alone ICBMS enjoy the final crusade

Politicians think only about the short-term effects but statesmen think about the long term. The UAE envoy had it right: there will be short-term turmoil because of a strike but it’s preferable to the long term consequences of an Iranian nuclear arsenal.

See no further than Pakistan for what those might be: pre-nuclear Pakistan was royally whipped by India in 3 wars. Post-nuclear Pakistan felt free to re-ignite the insurgency in Indian Kashmir, start a border war in Kargill, sent terrorists to attack the Indian Parliament and to start an indiscriminate, cold-blooded massacre in Mumbai.

Expect no better behavior from a nuclear Iran.

Technical problems have technical solutions and Israel will find the means to destroy the mullah’s bomb. The question is whether our weak and easily-duped politicians, starting with President Obama, will have the courage to at least support it when it acts to take US, Saudi, UAE, Turkish, chestnuts out of the fire.

I think the possibility may be entertained that Israel will do the smart thing and at least initially will make only a token attempt at destroying the Iranian nuke program.

I suppose I could be wrong (don’t have a complete target list, order of battle, good intel, etc.) but I think that I’d go after the mullahs’ ability to control their country, knock out their refining capability, and especially go after any comms they might have with Hizballah.

But then, I’d also want to first take out Hizballah and go after Iran some time after that.


aussie — I grant you that Israel has land based ICBMs but SLBMs? Please show me one israeli submarine capable of containing SLBMs.….they have three diesel subs that may carry some nuke cruise missiles but they definitely can’t fit SLBMs…a boomer would be counterintuitive to their efforts to conceal their possession of WMDs so try to back your comments up with facts.

My facts are here: http://​www​.nti​.org/​d​b​/​s​u​b​m​a​r​i​n​e​s​/​i​s​r​a​e​l​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​htm

It would be an air strike. Don’t underestimate Israel’s reach. Iran’s capability via air to air or launching missles is weak. This would be a relatively painless and effortless mission for Israel to perform and be successfull.

Trust we’ve planned for the ‘Post Strike’ reactions in that ‘target rich’ area!
Let’s hope there are enough ‘Moderate’ Iranians left to HELP!!

Enough blathering… let’s get the show on the road people. B-2’s with MOP’s for the bunkers and MOAB’s for the IRGC targets, or the Israelis with whatever they can muster. Either way let’s get this done before Iran really sets off the mother of all firecrackers.

early september, the 3 USaircraft carrier was changed by 3 others (when the pacific exercice was end). 6 US aircraft was in position. the french carrier go in indian ocean in autumn and they have open one base in opposite to iran.
approx 70 warship was in area, and others in the zone (pirate fighting…).
iran have planned massiv exercice in september.
israel have launch one spy satellite and can take all info necessary for one raid.

september or october was the perfect moment for one war. just search one good reason for have the public opinion in the hand.
my scenario: israel launch one surprised attack after (one moment) the changement of US aircraft carrier. 2 possibility iran don’t ripost or they ripost against the better target in the zone: USA. Now you have the public opinion for you with one defensive action after years and years of propaganda against iran (not fake for all)
But one things is sure hezbollah make one fight, hamas follow and after that wait and see

Without U.S. involvement, an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities will require the use of tactical nuclear weapons. The use of such weapons will dissuade Iran from retaliating against Israeli cities. In addition, neither Hezbollah nor Syria will dare become involved in the conflict.

remember wmds?

Israel and US (Military Industrial Complex) are the terrorists that need to be stopped.

this is so messed up, Iran has done nothing wrong to deserve this! They have a right to self preservation as does any soveriegn country, iran is only one of 5 countries with no central bank! these people are smart as hell. and they’re tough as hell too. i am aproud american but even i know iran would make a better ally than an enemy„,dammit! the enemy isHERE!!! IN OUR COUNTRY! why? iran , columbia, costa rica, iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, yemen haiti, why so many countries? WE ARE BROKE, AND WE ARE SO SO BROKEN.……GOD HELP US ALL!!!

Up Yours: You have it exactly correct! The Zionists have milked the US taxpayer long enough. Let them provoke a war into their long overdue oblivion! You know they desetve at least that much!

the enemy is here in our country, not iran. i believe we can use irans help after all we did meddle in their affairs 1952, hard to understand why so many are willing to bomb iran yet do nothing to for our very own usa, welcome to your new world order

No new AFVs, firearms, aircraft, ships, and technological development in all of these areas? That is a brilliant way to ensure the US remains a technological and industrial leader… not.

We can’t keep using the same old equipment for 100 years.

There’s NOTHING that Iran could even THINK of doing, to our Navy. In the environment your describing … ANYTHING that was to approach, ANY Navy vessel, would be DESTROYED. In THAT environment, condition ‘ABLE’ would be set. No weapon that they possess, is ANY kind of threat.

As for ‘The Planning’ … THAT was done, LONG aga.

Indeed, this is wrong. How many wars to do we need to “protect our freedom and democracy”? Iran is one one messed up place but there should be no attack. The global elite want war so they can drain more treasuries and kill more innocents. I have two teen sons that will be drafted in this wicked attempt to start a worldwide war. The enemy is not Iran but the schemes of the MI complex and mega-rich secret societies to control and destroy. Their folly will be exposed and their fate will be deserved.

bloodthirsty israel-first dual-national aipac has been screeching about iran for years

Heart Of Darkness
Israeli Sociopaths
no compassion
no conscience
no character
no chivalry

one of these days, when all of this is over, we will be telling our grandchildren about how our government took us from a nation against tyranny to being the source of the tyranny. we will also be telling them that Iran had no nukes, wmd’s, and that we had no reason to go in there. our nation is being drug into the deep black hole called the NWO. sad thing is, people don’t realize it. wake up people, its already here.

America has nukes England has nukes, why cant Iran. all you idiots believe everything you are told. Like the bogus clams of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The American war machine is the biggest threat to human life. http://​en​.wikipedia​.org/​w​i​k​i​/​C​a​s​u​a​l​t​i​e​s​_​o​f​_​t​h​e​_Ir
Start another war and you will make the holocaust like a picnic. Thats how you will be rememberer in history, as bad as Nazi germany.

Alex, while I believe you mean we should “rent” a few B-2’s to Israeli for the job, if the U.S. Air Force can’t afford them any more, we should just “give” Israel a couple of B-1’s.

It is not possible for Israel to conduct the necessary large scale attack with airpower alone. This is because Israel only has 11 aerial tankers. Several of these tankers will need to be on standby to assist SAR if any Israeli aircraft goes down and further limits the numbers available for a strike.

Israel has the ability to launch dozen missiles from its Naval ships and submarines. My guess they will also have some SF’s on the ground

I’m reading a new book just out talking about the last 100 year histories of Turkey and Iran. The author points out that both are closer to the U.S. democratic ideal that any of the other Muslim countries in the region. That while Turkey was successful at throwing off the religious fanatics, Iran (through our CIA’s first foreign assassination) swung to the mullahs. The people of Iran are pro-American, but their government is not. We need to get their people to throw off the mullahs, then the nuclear issue can be resolved peacefully. After all, we don’t want a nuclear Iran but are willing to live with a nuclear Pakistan? Plus, along the Turkey model, maybe we should also work on transforming Israel into a secular society inside of a religious one. That’s the real problem.

I we attack the Iranians not only would they counter attack, the WILL shut down the Strait of Hormuz effectively stopping all oil trade from the region. They also have thousands of Russian made Moskit 32 anti ship missiles capable of supersonic flight and ocean skimming (flies 4 feet above the water under the azimuth of sea based radars). they can sink our battleships with ease (4–5 moskit 32s can sink a CARRIER!). The Russians will undoubtedly get involed as they have interests in the region, mainly those power plants and nuclear facilities that THEY BUILT, PAID FOR AND OPERATE! Are you willing to kill Russian citizens in air strikes? They will do to us what they did to us in Korea and Vietnam, send special forces to kill our guys in secret, blow our aircraft out of the sky, sink our carrier group and let the Iranians take the credit. Iran is on Russias back yard just like Mexico is in ours, they share a border. So attack Iran and see what happens to our soldiers. NONE of them will ever come home alive.

i have to dissagree wth you

iran is no more than a flea on a dogs ass.They are all hype!do you really believe then can stand against us​.no one will come to their aid,they are out casts.Our military can and will crush them in less than 5 days​.At that point the freedom loving people will rise up and take down there goverment.Sometimes power is needed,and in this case the sooner the better..What world order?I take it you are a lefty and a progressive,tree hugger.Wake up to the reality of the world.

The entire Aegis network and Standard missile family are designed in mind to deal with anti-ship missiles. The Sunburn (SS-N-22) is older than you might think. It would be bloody, but they wouldn’t be sinking whole CBGs.

Strike Iran,really? How? When your government can’t do the RIGHT thing, stop the BP geyser, get out of countries you don’t OWN in the first place. Ask yourself something.….if China just came over and took over, do you really think that you would take it like you expect these other countries to? US can’t keep their own minions in check, how will the US conduct their affairs in OTHER COUNTRIES. The only time they will see it is finally when they’re at the last few seconds in a choke hold, or just as an aftereffect of seeing that they’ve over-reached into an area where they have no,NO right to be there. 2? sum odd trillion debt you don’t get up from that ten count

Be careful about your faith in Aegis and SMs. I realize this article is a few years old but little has changed. http://​www​.bloomberg​.com/​a​p​p​s​/​n​e​w​s​?​p​i​d​=​n​e​w​s​a​r​c​hiv

5 days for Iran? Thats pretty optimistic. Iran is larger and more capable than Iraq was and it still took longer than 5 days for Iraq. You are not going to induce a revolution or civil war because the risks are too great for Iranians.

I wonder if the deadline for Afghanistan is going ahead to free up resources for a potential conflict with Iran. The job in Afghanistan is far from done but the withdrawal seems pretty certain. I wouldn’t imagine that should take place unless absolutely necessary, ie a more pressing need?

I thought I wasn’t going to read an intelligent comment until I got toward the bottom of this page. The people that actually think there is a legitimate reason to bomb Iran “back to the stoneage” are the same people that don’t realize that they are going to be part of the mass extermination of humanity that these sickening globalists have planned for the entire world. America is not America anymore!

ICBMs cannot carry large bombs (like the MOP) needed to hit buried targets. ICBMS are good for shallow bunkers at best.

well heres one to do you not remeber that the u.s. initialy said ok iran you can have nucler power but you must send the equipment for processing and the uranium to turky and south america for testing to makes sure its not for weapons. iran said ok will do then the u.s. pulls out saying that wont work deals off for no good reason.

The reason U.S. naval forces are in the region is to provide martyrs for the corporate bankster media to stoke the flames of war and hatred for Iran. But it is part of the bigger plan to destroy America as we have come to know it. Americans aren’t going to like where this nonsense is headed. Wake up…

I agree with you, too bad I accidentally voted it down, I meant to vote it up!!

and gun.….well we don’t need no stinkin guns MAN!!!…all our troops will be overseas, and our blue helmeted buddies will be here makin sure we feel safe and they feel at home…REMEMBER THE MAINE!!! REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR!! REMEMBER SEPT. 11 WHEN THOSE BAD BAD BOOGIE MEN CAME HERE AND FLEW 4 AIRPLANES !!!I SAID FOUR!! and then metal structures collapsed oh my god i almost forgot oklahoma!!!! any one believe this crap , here eat some more ****!!! WE ARE GOIN TO WAR WITH IRAN because we think they have a nuke or two or three, ..who cares!!!! we got so many of these it’s hard to even keep track, do you all know we’re missing some??? i love the ‘flea on a dogs ass’ comment…i hope it’s you goin over there and not my children. IRAN HAS A RIGHT TO DEFEND ITSELF

Quit trolling

Iran is not allowed to have nukes because they explicitly threatened to destroy another country. No other country that has nukes or wants nukes is as psychopathic as Iran. If Norway wanted nukes people wouldn’t have an issue because they aren’t threatening to wipe anyone off the map. Simple as that.

Colin, Seems you have a whole new class of commentators participating in DoDBuzz. From the tone and frequently changing names, I’d guess your blog has been penetrated by foreign propaganda types. Some might even be military. Looks like globalization, and all its discontents (or malcontents), has come to DoDBuzz.

Some of thier nukes were hidden under the mountain in Iran. http://​news​.bbc​.co​.uk/​2​/​h​i​/​m​i​d​d​l​e​_​e​a​s​t​/​4​6​1​7​3​9​8​.st

They (Iran) threaten retaliation and allout war if Israel will attack, thats what they said in the past. It might provoke a war.

This does not bode well on us because first another war and war with Iran will increase the gas price , second we might defend Israel if Iran attack then that will be a third country we’ll be in war with and as a result we will be in deep depression because the additional war may cost trillions of dollars.

An attack by Israel would immediately involve the U.S. There will be no Osirak this time— the Brookings Institute already simulated an attack— there is no way to keep the violence from escalating or keep the U.S. out. Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the rest of the Middle East would erupt in violence with the body bags piling up especially in Iraq. The Straight of Hormuz would come under attack, oil prices would skyrocket and the markets would lurch into a free fall. An attack on Iran is the same as committing economic suicide which is why it hasn’t happen and most likely won’t happen. The hawks on this sight need to stop salivating over military hardware and realize that an attack on Iran would be the most stupid decision that the U.S. could ever make in its 234 year history.

Exactly what I was thinking.

Iran has a right to defend itself? Are you crazy, it’s like saying murders have a right to defend themselves so they should be allowed to have weapons. Iran’s leaders have said/implied for many years that they are going to eliminate Israel. Even their Arab neighbors are afraid of Iran because of their threats.

Arabs are known for their ‘Big Talk’ but cannot back it up, a’la Saddam Hussein. Arabs are like mules, carry a big stick and use it on them.

Israel will use planes and cruise missiles against nuclear facilities. The balance will be attacking naval and ground facilities along the Persian Gulf. ICBMs are only good for targets at least 1,800 miles away since they are sub-orbital platforms that release gravity bombs. Iran is too close for a launch from Israel.

You guys are full of macaroni. A barking dog never bites, all of you should take this advice from me. Israel and the US threaten Iran on a daily basis even though Iran is ignoring the threat. There is no way in the world US or the tiny likely island of Israel will strike Iran, it’s impossible unless if they are seeking for World War III. If Israel thinks for one moment going alone and strike Iran then they will launch a “hail marry” pass with limited success and stall their inevitable demise. The bullying of the USA will follow. The time for the USA and Israel to strike, HARD, was under President Bush. Now that the economy is hit so hard, the USA will not do as it must, over there, as it is bogged down in the wrong countries, afraid to attack the real target – Iran. The time has past for action. That is my humble and more realistic down to Earth opinion. So Israel, stop barking, wake up and smell the coffee.

How’s that kool-aid taste? Fool…

Yea ditto

Looks like there are some postings on pro-Hezbullah websites that link to comment boards on sites such as DoDBuzz with instructions to “overwhelm their commentary sections” when they mention Iran, Iranian nuclear issues, Hezbullah, Hamas, Israel. looks like you just got spammed by a bunch of lunatics

Please show me some factual information that Iran had thousands of Moskit 32 anti ship missiles. I don’t think that Moskit 32 anti-ship missiles have been built in total.

I gotta agree with Taxpayer

Jose, STFU. Thanks.

You people are so effing stupid. You have liberty, Mr. or Ms. Liberty, for exactly this reason. Americans have and will fight for their freedom. Sometimes you have to be PROACTIVE. Do a little research before you make such comments and a total a** out of yourself. The enemy is also people like you, who enjoy your freedom living like a parasite off others and who don’t stand for anything or want to sacrifice anything.

You are a fool that would support a dictatorial regime in their quest for nuclear weapons.…not much to say to a nut like you

Quit trolling jose

You are missing so many logical connections in your argument that it’s almost funny… please try again


that was funny. now go crawl back into your hole cretin.

Obama and his crew is in serious political trouble. Provoking a war to help bolster his approval rating is not beyond him and his ilk

you are very wrong about what was said iranian president did not say.…. i repeat did not say isreal, he said the zionist ‘s there is a big difference between the zionist jew and the ones which worship judism.acording to the bible in the book of revelations there are false jews HENCE ZIONIST JEWS,these zionist are the false jews that came from georgia, formaly part of ussr. came to islreal they are ashkanazi jews.….and converted to judism back in 740 AD.…. read your history. iran has no intention of wiping out all jews, he said zionist„„„so here you talk about declaring war against a country you know nothing about your analogy is so wrong, you sound like an armchair general, sir you are out of line.

we will never leave afghanistan , not when we’re makin so much money on the opium,plus we’re building PERMANENT BASES inthere and iraq, so no no no we are there for good! no withdrawal.… we are messing with the wrong country which i must add is only one out of 5 countries which does not have a central bank„ you know like we do( and incidently our federal reserve is a private banking institution deliberatly imploding our economy), but realy who cares as the looting is ongoin here , but nooooooo we have to kill the iranian boogie man so we can loot their treasury also.i wonder how many here know we just sent 46 warships and 7000 marines to COSTA RICA A FEW DAYS BACK „ WHY?? HECK I DON’T KNOW . BUT I wish to god those here who are for war with iran would go and not my children. PEOPLE THE ENEMY IS HERE IN OUR COUNTRY!! WE ARE BEING ROBED BLIND AND NO ONE GIVES A CRAP.…

I have identified the enemy.….. the federal reserve, haliburton dupont, monsanto big oil, big pharma , irs, big government, central bank, international monetary fund, most of congress thru bribes back room deals and sick manipulation, obama, soto mayor, soon comming to a court near you,THE FRED FLINSTONE LOOK ALIKE KAGAN. there are many more like bernanke, tiny tim gietner, these people hate america the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!. AND IF I COULD DRUMROLL PLEASE.….….….……OBAMA AKA BARRY SOETERO!!!!!
TREASON HAS BEEN COMMITED and i believe all of these people should go sraight to jail.…. no due process, like they are trying so hard to do to freedom loving americans. THIS IS REALITY!!!!

YOU ARE SOOO WRONG, WHAT IN THE HECK DO YOU THINK ISREAL IS DOIN TO THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE. they are tryin to wipe them off the face of the earth, but i suppose that’s okay, huh? iran has been compliant , isreal has never been compliant. we provided them with nukes a total breach of us law, no one said shit !isreal also tried to sell one to s. africa.… these zionist’s are problamatic for u.s.a. yet we wil do their bidding, and at our expense.. really man read marine gen. smedley butler book “war is a racket”…ret. usmc , you just cannot believe everything you hear about iran, like really what happened in 1953, do your research u.s. army commo spec. 4

To those number of arm-chair Generals discusing ways to bomb the shit out of Iran,pl remember that scum zionist Israel is only good at taking on a weaker enemy thro’bombardments only.If it is such an invincible force why not try going in with infantry assault?? Or take on Russia or China?? Anyway USA and its scums are genocidal nations in the service of those Banksters and elitists from the NWO. So, Generals, continue with your cowardice act of murders.

EYEBAL it is people like you and usmc who think with blinders on, keep watching history channel,eat more crap and swallow,as for your insults, take note; I HAVE BEEN INSULTED BY BETTER PEOPLE IN LOWER AND HIGHER PLACES.
DIVIDE AND CONQUER surely the enemy will win with the likes of you two armchair generals.we are living in dangerous times, get your house in order.

Last I heard Iran had 70 million people, 40 million of which are under 30. That’s a lot of feet that can be used in war following some macho attack on Iran.

Has the world degenerated into a place where war is the only solution to all the problems. Perpetual war for perpetual peace is not rational.

It seems to me that there is only one force that can stand up to the war/war industry money and that is competition where there is profit to be made doing something else.

I propose an international fund contributed to by governments and foundations that is used to subsidize Private companies that supply humanitarian aid to poor areas. Food, medicine, clean water and education are the weapons of mass salvation needed. We need to create a profit incentive to compete with the military industrial complex. Profit unfortunately is going to be more effective and powerful than altruism in stopping war.

If we as a world cannot turn around this “WAR ON.…” mentality it is only a matter of time when the bombs will be falling on everyone.

Please provide some factual support for your accusation of Israel trying to sell a nuke to Iran

Correction: Please provide some factual support for your accusation of Israel trying to sell a nuke to South Africa

please don’t fight Iran my family is there i beg you

well said “realistic”

“Jane”, you need not worry about Israel or USA to striking Iran because it won’t happen. Usually US and Israel strike only the weakest nations, here is why they won“t bomb Iran and trust my expertise on the subject:
AIPAC is lobbying the senate and the congress for another one against Iran. If that happens then I’ll guarantee you the end of an American era. America will totally collapse if we keep following the brutal and irresponsible policies of AIPAC. In any case Israel will never attack Iran. Making projection about when and where they will attack Iran is just a game of fear warmongering. The Israeli propaganda’s machine is a game that Iran doesn’t even bother with it. Israel doesn’t have the military capability; neither the stomach nor the political will, to take action. The almighty Israeli army couldn’t handle a militia like Hezbollah; how are they going to handle 70 million well trained Iranians? It seems by the day that the Jews are getting more schizophrenic than ever.
Assuming if Israeli PM Netanyahu pushes for strike on Iran without American permission then we will be no longer on the edge of the precipice but tipping over into free fall.

If your family is near a Republican Guard facility (or other military target especially antiaircraft) tell them to stay about 2 kilometers away. Most civilians who are not killed in an immediate strike are actually killed by friendly anti-aircraft fire. What goes up must come down. Also tell them to stay away from rooms with glass (i.e. windows), if something happens.

some one mentioned the the nwo is here, and i happen to agree. we have been operating democraticaly,which was never intended, but we are suppose to be a constitutional republic, now we’ve been in a police state inching towards corporate fascism for a very long time the media has been working in concert with these evil globalist for well over 40 years,along with the federal government. the u.n. and that freakin mexican president wants for our government to unarm the citizens of our messed up country…so they can carry out out their plan for global governance,

i have been researching for many years, i love my country the united states of america! however as i search deep visiting libraries,talking activly with our soldiers as i once was, reading old papers desiminating fact from fiction to the best of my ability
i’ve grown to despise this shadow government pulling the strings in our crippled country. it seems people has lost touch with the critical thinking we as individuals once had, and the kind of tthinking that made this nation great.
i mean look at the newer generation here. for the most part i see alot of very stupid kids out there. why??? ever since our fearless leaders took control of the schooling of our children they have deliberatly dumded them down, i believe intentionaly!

we get no representation from our elected oficials, i’m sure you’d all agree. but it seems to me illegal alieans get all the representation, hell 30,000,000 OF them, free healthcare,foodstamps, freemoney and most times free ride when they break the law,aside of bein here illegaly.if they get amnesty, and god i hope that don’t happen, they will get to vote, and they will vote for democrat.i for one am not for either party. they are all on the dole PERIOD! for years i’ve always said i vote american i do not support these traitors. our country has been hijacked, anyone can see. stop wathcing TV for 6 months and you’ll see what i mean.
our government now would have us believe that homegrow terrorist is a growing problem, i must dissagree.the real terrorists are in the white house, the zionist’s and british intel…

if you don’t believe me , then do as i have done and research, if you dare.. .http://​www​.google​.com/​s​e​a​r​c​h​?​q​=​a​e​+​9​1​1​+​t​r​u​t​h​&​a​m​p​;​r​l​s​=​c​o​m​.​m​i​c​r​o​s​o​f​t​:​*​:​I​E​-​S​e​a​r​c​h​B​o​x​&​a​m​p​;​i​e​=​U​T​F​-​8​&​a​m​p​;​o​e​=​U​T​F​-​8​&​a​m​p​;​s​o​u​r​c​e​i​d​=​i​e​7​&​a​m​p​;​r​l​z​=​1​I​7​A​D​F​A​_en.…… I DARE YOU!!! AND CHECK THIS OUT.… .http://​www​.google​.com/​s​e​a​r​c​h​?​q​=​u​s​s​+​l​i​b​e​r​t​y​+​d​e​c​l​a​s​s​i​f​i​e​d​&​a​m​p​;​r​l​s​=​c​o​m​.​m​i​c​r​o​s​o​f​t​:​*​:​I​E​-​S​e​a​r​c​h​B​o​x​&​a​m​p​;​i​e​=​U​T​F​-​8​&​a​m​p​;​o​e​=​U​T​F​-​8​&​a​m​p​;​s​o​u​r​c​e​i​d​=​i​e​7​&​a​m​p​;​r​l​z​=​1​I​7​A​D​F​A​_en


some people simply will never understand the real agenda of nwo , they seem to think the u.n. is a warm and cozy gtoup of people wanting to help the world, and keep from destroying each other. when in fact these evil pricks are the ones killing , and tryin to kill off as many as possible..with vaccination and gmo foods.… and looting their natural resources. by the way where you from, i liked your comment and agree jose sosa

for bein an ex mx eng. you’re not so smart, you sound rascist though, correct me if i am wrong.we are the only ones that used wmd’s on hiroshima and nagasaki . even when they tried to surrender, sounds to me you like war, did you serve? or did you feel you should’ve been exempt ‚since you’re so smart an all.…and to answer your question, no i am not crazy, you would see crazy if you messed with any of my family though.JUST TO LET YA KNOW WAR ISN’T ONLY ONE SIDED, and by that i mean take your blinders off . oh i live in michigan are you close??

oh yea i am all over this crap here . if i can wake just one person up here, i would feel as though i have accomplished something big. and ya know what people i feel every bit of confidence that what i share is 100% true, and yes i can prove every bit of it, so les chat. i am never afraid to learn something new.…ever.

you are absolutely so right on the money!! but what is freakin me out is the 46 us navy ships and 7000 marines 200 helicopters in costa rica cent. am… oil spill… police state here!.… censoring the internet, i would have to believe we’re gearing up for something big…

thumbs up for you.…. you are only one of very very few who understands, and i thank you for your wisdom.

i’ll be polite…for your 411 my name is jose david sosa… i’m not illegal no, i am a patriot! you seem to be a bit sceptic so i’ll try and confort you… now do you feel penetrated? you seem soo smart and upright, but i see right thru you.…. you are an extremist !! in a world full secular people and ideals, but since you are so inteligent sir, with all respect what is it do you imply? fyi i pay taxes too.…..yours truely jose david sosa

roland roland roland, my dear dear frightened friend, you need not worry, these iranians have been soo compliant … what you really don’t know is the bbc has been infiltrated so long ago, their news is nothin but prapaganda, along with our mainstream media, you really shouldn’t believe the news.…however roland my question to you is , if i , that is me, jose david sosa.….told you roland that if you attacked me„ now this is hypothetcal… i would have an al out war with you „„ shouldn’t i defend myself and family agaisnt you’re aggression???? i don’t know help me?? i’m at the edge of my seat for an answer.…

me again , you sound so young.….so again i’ll be polite, we’re in a depression!! and we are soooo broke that ya might as well stop counting cause our debt is mathamaticaly imposible pay in any amount of time.our privately owned federalreserve banking system , which is unconstitutional enacted in 1913 has controled the issuance of our $$$ has deliberatly imploded our economy so many times that this here my friend is their grand finalie, to scientifically destroy our proud nation of sheep!!!!! to hell with gas prices …get a scooter like i did.…


Dave, do you really think that the republicans are any better? Both parties follow the same agenda and it’s the welfare of the big corporations, the lobbyists. If you follow the republicans no matter what they do, it means to me that you are an ideologue. Republicans and Democrats don’t care about American people in general, their objectives are the success of big fat cat corporations, they’re all crooks and corrupted, so wake up and smell the coffee. Stop voting for both parties.

Hezzbollah will strike isreal first, then Iran will stike isreal next, Gaza will jump in there somewhere, then Europe will launch on Iran and Eastern europe and Russia, and Russia, Venezualia, Nicaroragia will launch on us. North Korea will launch on the U.S. west coast and Japan, and South Korea, to help Russia.

China will launch on the U.S. to help North Korea aginst Japan, South Korea, Phillipenes, and Australia. China will also begin their invasion into the U.S. with the help of the Mexican immigrants from the Panama Canal. After the nuclear launch and nukes fall, what isn’t knocked out of the air over the U.S. will impact on U.S. soil. Major cities and areas will have blast damage and nuclear fall out, which will drift over the rest of the U.S. and nothern Hemisphere.

Millions will die. Some fast. Some vary slowly. These slow dieing ones will be swept up by roving patrols from Homeland security and Merc’s, to be taken to F.E.M.A. camps where they will be gased and desposed of in creamation ovens as uncureable and a radio-active threat to the general public, if any are left. During a time of nuclear fall out, water will be scarce and expencive to accuire. Wild eatible plants if any are left will be contaminated with radiation as well as all wild life that is still alive. Most anything burnable for fire will already be burned up from the nuclear blast and EMP that proceeds a nuclear detonation.

Anything flamable will be burned and any combustables will detonate from the EMP pre-burst. dehydration will be instant between the EMP pre-burst and the concussion blast wave that will proceed after the EMP pre-burst. If you don’t have a lead covered ditch at lest to jump in when you see the flash, I would suggest you start using a shovel and make one. I don’t think things are going to hold together too much longer with the way the world military forces are getting into posistion for a 3rd world war.

If you have electronics, store them in a lead box. If you have food stored away, put it in a lead box. If you have survivel equiptment, store it where you will be able to get to it without a house of rubble on top of it. Last but not least, I hope everyone has a lead lined pair of cover alls and hood with gloves and boots to match with lead lining in them also. You may need the frount door off your microwave oven duc-taped to the frount of your hood for a viser to see out of. It will block some radiation but let you see out of the suite.

When did all of the paranoid crazies enter this topic?

The article was about a possible strike on Iran not about illegal immigration.

Sorry about my rantings everyone. I’ve been off my mess and reading mein kampf again. Heil hitler! Crap sorry

Sorry about my rantings everyone. I’ve been off my meds and reading mein kampf again. Heil hitler! Crap sorry

A revolution is brewing in the United States of America. The public discontent surrounding the costly and disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the firing of General Stanley A. McChrystal, and the BP oil spill in the Gulf are all indications that a revolution is nearing. There are, of course, many other grievances, such as the trillion dollar bail-out and taxes, but there is one issue that makes a revolution inevitable: the government lies and cover-up about what really happened on 9–11.

summary of the communist manifesto…represents a misguided philosophy, which teaches citizens to give up right’s for sake of “common good” but it always ends up in a police state=preventive justice control is KEY.…
‎1)abolition of private property..2)heavy taxes..3)abolition of all inheritance..4)confiscation property of all emigrants & rebels..5) central bank..6)gov.control communications & transport.7)gov own agri-&factories.8)gov control labor.9)corp farms regional planning,10)gov control of education


Come on folks lets get real — there will be no mass launching of nuclear missiles or jihad, Isreal will simply assault overtly as they did before and no one retaliated or they will take out irans nuke plants covertly with plausible denial. A team of Isreali cammandos could easily infiltrate — take out personnel at the site — and cause a reactor melt down without a whole lot of attention, there are a number of safegusrds on reactor plants that are easily overcome. I wont go into details on how to do it because of all the Walter Middy radicals looking here but its not hard to do. There reactor would simply implode on itself and the area be totaly sanitised of any clues as to what really happened. Armagedon is not upon us yet guys.

http://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​s​O​f​Q​_​v​_​9​s​j​0​&​a​m​p​;fe… .…. nice to see our tax dollars hard at work suppressing info that the mainstream should cover but sold out to the establishment.. usmc is part of cointelpro infiltrating this forum, i did not place the comment bout [hitler , meds etc…] but their job is to discredit real issues , although i am flattered it offends me to no end that traitors are among us,messed up part is we are paying good $ for this and ultimately our own enslavement.…nwo go to HELL!!

A nuclear Iran would wreak havoc in the middle east,and the world.We must have the courage to strike them
and if not,allow Israel to act NOW.

Gray Fox to Gray Eagle — Why don’t you just go ahead and go into more detail for counter-espionage sake and tell everyone of a presumtive plan.

Something has to be done and the sooner the better. The US should keep their hand out of actively attacking the nuke sites, but I strongly believe that we should support Isreal in their endevour. Someone should keep the peace in that part of the world and it does not need to be us. Thank you.

I didn’t see you comment before I posted mine, but I wholeheartely agree with you.

Great, go for it why wait!!! enough chanses for this tyrran!

A nation that promotes radical islam with absolutely no value on human life is a cancer in this world. Cacers must be destroyed before they destroy those they infect. Don’t compare the nuclear world powers with Iran. The nuclear powers don’t sacrafice & send out their sons and daughters with explosive vests to wantantly kill as many they can. Folks, Iran is a virus that needs to be stopped. Nukes in the hands of psycotic dictators will be the downfall of world civilization. A civilized nation rules by peace with strength. Mark my words.

bunker bombs here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Israel needs to do a strike and take out Irans nuclear capability now, or it will cease to exist in a few years. If they are lucky, Iran will then attack Israel with chemical weapons and they will then find out just how extensive Israels Nuclear Weapons capability is, as they glow in the dark for the next 50 years. Russia will not lift a finger because they will not start world war three for an attack on Iran…it just wont happen. Russia, France and the rest of em, will scream and moan, but will do nothing! The world will end up a much better place without Iran and it might send a message to all those other countries that keep running thier mouths. Hopefully this happens soon, because its going to happen one way or the other and we all know it! Semper-Fi

And to all those out there that from what I am reading seem to be so “Pro– Iran”..Why dont you move there, put a towel around your head and run around screaming iska-bibble! If your in this country and think like that, you should be lined up and shot for the traitors you are! You can all K–S My A__!

Stealth Cruise.

Ya must be spoken from another Muslim.

why dont we just say the hell with everything and cover our own ass here in the u.s.a. and let the rest fight there own fights.

Posting any comments here is futile, there is enough BS in the ones posted now, to last a lifetime! No wonder we have so much confusion, what with all of these street corner politicians popping off with their big mouths..

Steve, Retired

hopefully persia wont use stolen suitcase nukes (by chechen rebels yrs ago) coming thru our porous southern border to take out 7 major US cities. God will protect Israel and give us a helping heavenly hand. its all coming together, so people get ready.…

I’m with Steve on this one. There is a lot of smoke, but very little light, coming out of this discussion. It appears that the thread has been hijacked by people who have forgotten to take their lithium or whatever psychotropic medication they are supposed to be taking.

Does anyone seriously believe that America will take forceful action against a certain Iranian nuclear facility with someone like Obama in the White House? Get real, he is not only a flaming liberal, but an anti-military wuss. The Iranians know it. Whats more the Iranians know that Obama is another Jimmy Carter, (sissy #1) and thus will not support a strike by the Israelis

realistic my ash,
Get your facts together and stop being literate anti-semite.
“scum zionist Israel is only good at taking on a weaker enemy thro’bombardments only“
NO other country fought 7 wars in a span of 62 years against much more capable neighbouring armies. http://​en​.wikipedia​.org/​w​i​k​i​/​I​s​r​a​e​l​i​_​w​ars

If it is such an invincible force why not try going in with infantry assault?
Strong doesn’t equal to stupid. Strategically thinking, infantry assault on Iran by Israel make absolutely no sense. The whole agenda is not to change it’s government or kill it’s people, but to remove Iran from the nukes .

Or take on Russia or China?? Is this a question or your wishful thinking?

My suggestion to you is, you don’t like it here in U.S. move the away to country of your choice.
P.S. “… scum zionist Israel … ” — I “like” your careful selection of words.

are you coinitelpro?

charles i’m with you on this one,suitcasenukes?? wizwun wiz somewere else! you troll.…..macarthur you too usmc you too , anyone who is for fighting another war has something to gain. we truely need to mind our own affairs here at home we need our troops here remove the 700 bases in 135 countries, maybe we won’t have to lay off teachers and police officers THOMAS JEFFERSON said to mind our own , not to involve ourselfs with foriegn entanglements, and he’s right.…. THERE WILL BE ANOTHER FALSE FLAG ATTACK HERE IN USA..before november elections like another 911, or oklahoma ‚and them a–holes will blame the iranians…

Many in the world have wepons of mass destruction. Who is willing to use them? All those that have them!

Israel has new Dolphin Stealth nuclear subs they bought from Gertmany that could do the trick

Maybe we are too late. I hate this procrastination, most likely New Yorkers say in the matter has been too weak, or from lack of knowledge, they don’t understand that all Iran wants to do is supply Al Quida with material to re-arm the dead nuclear suitcases that the Russians placed in NY apartments, or someplace in the 60’s. Just the fact that Iran may have some enriched material now, means we now have the problem of watching every means of transportation they have to move the stuff here to NY. A strike 2 years ago would have done the trick. You know that amajabab of Iran was friends with Bin Laden and is just watching his own ass in case people connect him with foreknowledge of the 9–11 attack, so he uses this Nuke thing immediately after to “defend” Iran when no ever accused them of anything in the first place!!!!

Does Israel have the air strike capability? Yes. A VERY long flight! Possible but difficult. Such a strike would require long flight duration at high speed and, most likely, low altitude over a helluva lot of hostile territory. Mid-air refueling during this trip would be near impossible. Even if they can get in under Iranian radar and hit their target they’ll have the awakened the Iranian air defense network. Every clown with a SAM will know which way to look. Then the attackers will be low on fuel on the way out with the entire Iranian Air Force in hot pursuit. An air strike is risky!! They will lose people as a matter of course even if they lauch a second wave to intercept & refuel the strikers say half way across Iraq and then cover their retreat. Could the IAF pull off such a thing? ABSO-FREAKIN’ –LUTELY!!

I suspect that no one here has ever been to Iran nor have any of you got any Iranian friends. Well I have and they all detest their government. (A bit like many Americans and British). I also have a vested interest in peace as my fiance and her family live in Tehran. Already life is fairly unbearable for the average Iranian middle class person. Gas is rationed and even the rich can no longer afford to run the aircon in their cars as fuel is too scarce. It has been a hot summer, 51C and Tehran has the worst pollution I know of. Surrounded by mountains and suffering from excessive polluting vehicles the atmosphere is similar to the smogs in LA. Iran is a very ancient civilization and it is not Arab. The Persians and Babylonians (Iraqis) have been competing empires for thousands of years. If Israel attacks Iran, it will set off WWIII which is perhaps what the elites want. I just hope and pray my fiance can leave before the bombs start falling as they will. Israel bought 5000 (five thousand) bunker buster bombs back in September 2005 and at the same time had long range fuel tanks fitted to their F15s and F16s (maybe F18s not sure if the Israelis had these). So we dear readers, are on the brink of the Apocalypse. With the President of Iran waiting expectantly for the Imam Mahdi and the Christian Right in the US waiting for the return of Christ, the events in the Middle East may be about the unintended consequences of the desire of these groups to fulfill prophecy. Only just as Jesus was killed when He told the Jews “My Kingdom is not of this world”, so the modern day Zionists who believe that Jesus will reign as King on earth from Jerusalem, after the Gog — Magog war, so the modern day zealots who long for a King and a Kingdom in Jerusalem will be bitterly disappointed. And we may all be dead within a few short years.

I think on the people, they have feelings and family and hopes for a better world just as we do.
My concerns are that many people will lose their life’s.
Their needs to be a softening of hearts, feelings run strong when people are alienated even if by their own doing or from hostile pressure.
Perhaps it is time we brushed up our own act and showed compassion on such countries and a better way to be, rather than showing hostility in size as a force tool to making change happen.
The concept of Zion is not achieved through force, but destroyed in its enforcement.
I do appreciate that Iran’s nuclear threat is a concern to much of the world as it is seen as a loose cannon on the world stage. However note that their are plenty of other countries seen the same way, indeed much of the Arab world sees the USA and Israel and indeed the UK as aggressors. The thing with Iran is that it has considerable Russian backing and Russia has acted in many ways as a deterrent to the threat of attack on Iran. Let us see clearly the results of the work of war in countries like Iraq which is certainly no better place and Vietnam which was very much a war between the USA and Russia on someone else’s soil, and there communism still abounds and arguably works well for them (I have toured the country and seen this)
I see the result of the borders coming down in Europe and how much freedom and openness is gained, I see the result of the States of America having joined the union and hope that lessons of history can show us the way to a peaceable solution where we can have less tension and respect for one another and work together to a peaceable future.
Let us be ourselves today a pattern for what we envisage a happy future to be, then all others will be inspired to join us.

As the tension of the gulf war proceeded their was much concern over Saddam’s air force, yet when the strikes happened almost no aircraft flew to intercept from Iraq.
Saddam had taken most of his airplanes shipped them to Iran with agreement that they could be deployed in defense from Iranian soil, all this despite the war between those two countries.
However the Iranians had their own agenda and kept the airplanes and they are a formidable arsenal in their force to this day.
I suggest that we take seriously Iran and its supporters and realize their is so much more to be gained in a more hands off approach.

How very true, It seems so clear when one clears the mind of anger that these are our fellow world citizens with families and hopes and love as we do.

The old adage ‘do unto others as we would have done unto us’ comes to mind…

I implore all to open their hearts and stop this seemingly endless wave of violence that has proved time and time again not to be the solution.

If this is what Zion is about then I want no part of it.

This prospective war has nothing to do with freedom that I can fathom.
It does have everything to do with aggression, hatred and anger — these things consume the building blocks of freedom and destroy humanity.
Indeed their are times to fight, but more importantly and powerfully times to be an example of what could be, this others would follow.

Perhaps the Terminator was right after all in its simple logical observation of — ‘It is within our nature to destroy each other’.

Their is nothing funny about potentially millions of people losing their life, lets be real this is what we are discussing.

If we are missing so many logical connections, which may well be the case, then I would rather live with naivety than to destroy with knowledge.

Wisdom to me is far greater than knowledge, it it said that even a little knowledge can be dangerous — talk of war and dominance over this country is to me based on a lack of wisdom and driven by being right.

Perhaps the question we should always apply in any situation is, ‘Is it better to be happy or to be right’.

We had been in low key conflict with Iran since 1979. The bastards had cost 100s of our servicemen and women lives. They are an exporter and supporter of terrorism abroad and and at home. The current government is dominated by folks that truly believe in the 12th Imam. Their neighbors are worried enough to drop long held animosities. Do you want me to continue?

Of course, I am almost sure that you have your own agenda and pro-America isn’t.

I do wonder how many of the people that comment in here are or have been in a war. I mean fighting in the sand getting shot at, seeing there buddies with there guts hanging out. So many people want to see blood shead as long as its not theres I too love my freedom. I served in the military for six years and would do it again. I to did what I was told and fought. Now I am older and now I want war only when necessary. Not just because alot of couch monkies sit and say lets “bomb them into the stone age”. Look around the world guys. Look how many of our boys have died. Remember the promise that the Iraq war was necessary and we would be done IN SIX MONTHS. Does Iran have nukes???? Did Iraq have WMD.….NO! Think people, think before we send more of our young to get killed. We should insist, from our government, the true facts not the BS we have gotten in the past. For those of you who don’t trust in our govenment why would you trust them to go into another war???

fired420 guess you another one who believed that Iraq had WMD and we would whip them in six months. Well you better go back and look again Our guys are still dying there.….

I wonder how many of the commenters who profess “bomb them back to the stone age” have voted in any election, got involved with local, state or national politicians, served in the military, cared to make their voices heard where it counts. Don’t second guess the government if you don’t care enough to get involved. Quite wishing us into another usless war!!!

I would hope that there is a covert Israel / US ongoing strategy to take out the Iran Nuke facilities. I concur with us using B52’s at max altitude with all the toys at their disposal gives US plausible deniability. Israel can send their strike fighters with max payloads and fly through Saudi and UAE airspace as they have granted permission. I would urge including taking out any known long range Iran missle sites to avoid a retalitory strike against Israel and US bases in IRAQ. If planned out properly IRAN will scream their heads off but will be able to do little. Russia and China will complain but do nothing. Turkey will actually be happy we did this although they will agree with IRAN how awful we are. The sooner the better in my book

We have, and are still being, infiltrated from the south, with no apparent consequences. We are pussyfooting with a nuclear N. Korea. We are in a war in Afghanistan, without Iraq being settled yet. India and Pakistan both have WMD’s for sure along with Russia and China, yet, here is the discussion of pre-emptive strikes against Iran being discussed openly. How many fronts do we need to be fighting on?
Not only are we, the U.S. public, being constantly reminded of terrorism overseas, we are being slowly overwhelmed by our own goverrnment. BIG BROTHER needs to get a grip because our constitutional rights are slowly being ground into the dust.
Religious conflicts, not terrorism, have killed more people worldwide than any disease.
This seems to be a lonely road we’re traveling and I am afraid for our country!

Now that the U.S. has switched to all digital broadcasting, all it would take is one hit on our communcation satellites and the entire general public would be without any news or cell phones. Automatically, we would be under FEMA jurisdiction and we would not have any way to know what’s going on anywhere, except for CB radios. This is the first step toward a countrywide media blackout. The general public would go into a ” NEED TO KNOW ” situation and, obviously, the U.S. government doesn’t want us to know what it’s doing behind closed doors.

Having spent time in the ME Voyager is right.Should be helping the 85% of Iranians who don’t want to be ruled by the Mullahs. Sadly our days of toppling dictatorships are behind us. Our scenario is,Israel bombs Iran’s nuke facilities oil goes to 3–4-500$$$ a barrel,people here can’t get to work or heat their homes. One and two off sleeper cells, large Arab areas ie Dearborn,start civil unrest. We are not Israel and don’t live with the daily threat of extinction 3–4 wackos going into malls and detonating and our economy is shutdown,remember Malvo? Now think Katrina,you will call 911 and no one is going to answer..private contractors coming to disarm you not fiction here sheeple fact. We are in one of a long series of Holy Wars. Come to terms with the hard truth,it’s History unpleasent as it is. We are dealing with people who still have beheading in their vocab and bury woman to their shoulders and stone them to death. For you who will tell me all the Imperialist reasons for why we are here…it doesn’t matter we are here. Deal with it . I suggest “On Combat” by Lt. Col. David Grossman as a read it will prepare you as best you can be without having been in violent confrontations. Take care.

spoken like a true prapagandist,hitler would be so proud.….

noone is screamin and moaning, and i am very curious what countries are runnin their mouths? and really ‚how much do you guys make on these blogs,it’s very obvious to me you work for the establishment.cause really noone can be so stupid. if the pay is good i’m lookin for a job, however i refuse to fill out applications since you all know more about me than i do.FYI i am not pro iran, i am however am pro american!!! semper fi„„ lol have you ever considered comedy?

I hope that when this fight happens that your fiance is safe. (I don’t know if it will but I do suspect)

Israel has the ability to strike out at Iran but I do not think that Israel has the ability to do a sustained campaign that far from home. The only reason for Israel to commence a sustained campaign is if the Iranians retaliate and continue to retaliate after several weeks but if they do this they will attack the U.S. and get us involved. The reason I am saying this is if there are only limited airstrikes on Iran the only things that will be targetted are the nuclear weapons plants, the Revolutionary Guard and places where they make rockets for Hezbollah. From what I suspect many ordinary Iranians do not like the Revolutionary Guard and would not mind seeing them get killed. If it stay as just a war between Iran and Israel, you just tell your fiance to stay about 1 mile away from these targets (I would do this anyway). If Iran strikes out at the U.S. tell your fiance to stay away from all Naval activity, military facilities and power plants.

I hope everything gets better over there and that your fiance stay safe.

Oh I don’t know a nice exchange in the middle east is long over due anyway don’t you think? Ugly Squid

The Dolphin submarines are conventionally powered. I have heard that they are one of the best conventional submarine designs in the world though.

War is never good even when it is necessary. Their are many innocent people on both sides who are going to get killed

I believe very much that Iran needs to be taken down a few pegs, but the USA can not do it alone. It would have to be a full UN job and I know there are alot of liver lilies in the UN. The system that is now bing used is for the birds and no good. Iran has to many pals to let them hurt that way. So unless all the great powers don’t get with it then forget the attack.

this is gonna happen. How far it goes no-one really knows. Its NOT going to be a unilateral strike [USA] it will be an alliance of NATO airpower, Gulf states, AND Israeli’s. Strike FIRST, strike HARD, strike DEEP>and prep for the asymmetrical response.

IRAN needs an azz kicking. WHEN do we jump?

Dam your stupid.

Nuke Iran and be done with them.

I think a lot of “hell bent on getting someone else’s kids killed” people need to read George Will’s column on hubris. We fought over 10 years in Viet Nam and wasted over 50,000 American lives and billions of dollars for nothing. Now we have wasted trillions of dollars and thousands of lives in a “war of choice” in Iraq, ordered by people who avoided military service, or joined the Texas Air National Guard and refused to go to Vietnam, for what? We are spending billions of dollars and American lives in Afghanistan without any endgame…just an open ended drain on the public treasury and American lives. Now we are going to take on Iran, who has 4 times as many troops and Sadaam and 10 times better trained??? With our troops worn out from multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and our equipment worn out because of inadequate maintenance and repairs? Somebody better “get real” and see the real world.

Copy that Gray Fox-I agree with BD Sylvia, there is not one weapon they posess that can penetrate the Aegis System. Furthermore the entire strike can be carried out autonomously, risking NO lives. Telling Iran exactly how we’re going to go about it doesn’t matter. There isn’t one thing they can do about it anyway. US will warn them to evacuate the plant, and then destroy it. 3 — 2 — 1 Buh-Bye. If Iran retaliates, Bring it. They will have to surface to do so and we will deal with each attempt individually. That is all.


You really need to start taking your medicine again. Seriously.

Kindly name one Iranian who ever used an explosive vest against the USA.

Guest, you are right about a few things: 1) America has nukes. 2) England has nukes. Iran can’t have nukes because there are so many nut-cases LIKE YOU running around trying to make the holocaust look like a picnic. You said it yourself. America and it’s allies do not cower to threats from rag-head fanatics. I want history to state very clearly as you said: “The American War Machine is the biggest threat to human life” but I want to add: “Whenever innocent Americans are attacked on American soil.” Hitler was not provoked so your little comment about Nazi Germany doesn’t play. The weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were simply moved to Syria and sold piece by piece or sent to Iraq to make the nuke plant. Go home Guest and hide behind the skirts of your women like you always do. We will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail. The best quote I can think of from G.W.

I have to say that this discussion would have a lot more credibility if the participants demonstrated at least a rudimentary knowledge of English grammar and the ability to spell a few real words. Some evidence of being informed by facts rather than raving lunatics and some semblance of critical thinking would also be most welcome. But none of that appears here, regardless of which side of the argument or arguments one takes. And while we’re at it, why are we arguing rather than discussing? I’m very disappointed.

And I have a right to express these feelings. I have a birth certificate that says I was born in Chicago, Illinois 60 some years ago, commissions in the Illinois National Guard and the U.S. Navy, and a DD214 which says I served well before my navy retirement.

So let’s tighten up the logic, look at facts not fears, and forget the hallucinations about who or what is evil all over the place. We have serious problems, folks, and it will take serious, sane and informed people to resolve them. The alternatives are instantaneous nuclear emmolation or a protracted death from radiation sickness, starvation or infectious diseases which can be treated well today but which will have free run if we or others destroy our infrastructure (and recognizing that the infrastructure needs some shoring up rather urgently).

Please sober up and start thinking.

Actually US is donkey for Israel. Israel is the illegal country, many times disobey the aggreement and manipulate the truth. Why need to attack Iran? Iran nuclear for peace to generate their powerplant preparation shortage of oil in the future, why US and Israel nervous. Israel is your enemy if not followed or pro their thinking even you kristian, muslim, buddhist etc. Israel is the REAL AXIS OF SATAN.

You sound like an idiot. If Saudi Arabia , UAE, are building an alliance with the nation they’ve been trying to eradicate since 1948, Israel, a nuclear Iran is clearly an immense threat. They live in same neighborhood as Iran and know they cannot allow Iran to have nukes. You are the couch monkey. You are sitting on your behind 10,000 miles in almost total safety.

STFU you cowardly Nazi keyboard warrior.

Well said. It’s good to read a sane, intelligent comment when all the Jew haters are beginning to crawl out from under their rocks.

It appears the US should more concerned with Pakistan keeping it’s nuclear arsenal away from the extremists. In the long run it may be better to appease Iran. Retrospect usually proves the US sides with the wrong country or group when it comes to the Middle East.

The suicide rate among US soldiers
serving in Iraq and Afghanistan
has escalated to a record high
with an average of one suicide per day in June.

WikiLeaks now has plenty
of high-caliber disclosures.

Very Explosive.
leak wiki leak

Agreed William, the Aegis system consists of several Radars and Several Sonars. One watches from the crests of the waves to the stratosphere, the other watches from the troughs of the waves to the bottom of the ocean. Its a 65 mile radius umbrella. Unless the Moskit missle has some fancy way of burrowing through each wave, it wont get close. Also the Phalanx (CIWS) is capable of shredding any supersonic projectile into confetti, granted its barrels dont last long but if we pre-stockpile, no worries. We have three extremely capable systems, The Aegis, The Standard Missle and the Phalanx as well as Sailors at the ready with Stingers as backup, I dont think it would be bloody, but it would be bloody fun to watch! 12 years listening to the General Dynamics Good-Ol-Boys taught me a thing or two about Naval defense sytems.

Keep talking it up media fools… Maybe you’ll get somewhere with it.


You have go to be fkng kidding all of us​.Do you really think Israel is going to make public their military capabilities? “EVERY” Countries armed forces still have “Secret Weapons.Perhaps “YOU” need to STOP regarding things you READ on net web links as “FACT”.You don’t know “WHAT” Israel has.

No nukes yet.

i am an american patriot. i’ve served in the us army,i was a good soldier. i would fight anyone who dared assualt our great nation,however for the last decade amereican citizens have stood idley by while the government of this great nation has circumvented shreded trampled spit on and ignored our constitution and bill of right’s.….all for the common good.

we have (alond with coalitiontroops) killed over 1,400,000 iraqi people. is that collateral damage? there is no doubt in my mind we are goonna attack IRAN,we’re told cause of nuclear weapons.. so many people rooting for war, i just don’t get it.we’ve gone from a peaceful nation to a warmongering nation, for the common good, as our country sits about to implode our dollar has so little value.…..truely a nation of sheep is all we produce, since we have been knocked down to third world status,we have behaved like third world evermore, not surpriseing though all we have to do is read some of these blogs and thereyou have it sheep. forger our country forget facts, let’s get iran then nicaragua then north korea then the world. don’t forget to scan your bracelet for chow…

We aren’t terrified that Pakistan and India have nukes…why worry so much about Iran and Israel? The threat of mutual destruction is the most effective deterrent between arch enemies. It certainly worked between USA and the USSR all those years…oh, and it is still working.

Unfortunately the books you have been reading do not include the history of the last 15 years where Turkey has become more and more fanaticized. Yes, Turkey WAS a great friend of the west, but the Islamic powers that be have been slowly but surely dismantling the great work done by Attaturk.

that should probably be YOU RE…

While the US launches the bombs at Iran, why don’t you do us all a favor, and go stand at one of the targets for us, hold up that big bullseye flag for us nice and high!

While the US launches the bombs at Iran, why don’t you do us all a favor, and go stand at one of the targets for us, hold up that big bullseye flag for us nice and high! /dead troll

Who said the United States ever truly intended to pay back that debt? Up and coming plan: on the next economic downturn, trash the current currency, legalize a new note (rendering any existing bonds, debts, claims forfeit) vs “we’ve sold our country off to China” routine. Granted this is not likely to happen, as our own economy would plummet, but then again, the United states and five other countries provide 90% of the total grain supply, we’d have them by their balls and their stomachs. That’s just my comedy speech to Satanterrorist, but really.. go jump off a bridge.

Why not refuel in the air, we can do it so can israel

Do you have any idea how paranoid you are?

Word salad anyone?

I think it’s pretty messed up to tell this guy who has fought for his country that he is an idiot because he does not war with Iran. You imply that he is a coward because he advocates restraint, but he only does so because he has seen the horrors of war. Do you really think that if it came to that he wouldn’t stand behind his leaders’ decisions? Yes, we live in a free country because we are willing to fight for that freedom, but sometimes diplomatic solutions are preferable, and we are free to support or speak out against any political action we wish.
Just because we can nuke a country into the stone age for their misdeeds doesn’t mean that we should. War should always be a last resort, and nuclear war even more so. I hope that we don’t have to go to war with Iran, but if we do go to war I’m sure that olie 20 will want victory just as much as you and I. Let’s all hope that there is conventional, non-nuclear war if there is any.

If unsuccessful Iran will through everything they have to do some serious in return. Go in strong or do not go at all.

The radical Islamists in Iran will “do” Israel when they have the opportunity, regardless of the results on their own country. Their mind-set is “getting to heaven” any way possible.. Regretable as it is, we have no choice but to use our technical ability to “thread the eye of the needle” with whatever weapons necessary to get the job done. “Buried” Iranian nuclear facilities can be carved out with the right munition, minimizing collateral damage.
Whatever the course, even tho’ arab states have given the nod to do whatever to stop Iran from gaining a traditionally deliverable nuke, once action is taken by whomever do we think the nature of the arab is such that we will escape their “biting the hand that took action to protect their kingdom(s)” ?
Nevertheless, Iranian radicals and their puppets in Lebanon may have to turned into glass beads in their underground facilities, spurring them on their trip to hades, not heaven. Bottom-line, someone has to have the hair in the right place to plan, and do it. Present CinC.….not going to happen. Semper Fidelis.

My last statement no mosque in New York either!

After the second world war ll the USA was not so much into others business… it was because of damage brain like Hitler that USA become what it is now around the glove. to make this simple, The leader of Iran don’t give a dam about USA, EU nor SAUDI or the SUNIS wherever you want to call them, the reality is that whether or not the west provocation this man he will used the nuclear bomb, and that’s a fact, another terrorist with no regards for human lives, I hope he can take his supporters first with a premature detonation.

obviously like your website however you have to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts.
Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth on the
other hand I’ll definitely come again again.


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