On the Phone, Then Boom!

On the Phone, Then Boom!

You’re a terrorist, dining with your paramour in a comfortable desert hideaway and one of your terrorist lieutenants calls with an operations update. Bored, your paramour rings her mother to complain about Abdul al Qaeda’s overweening focus on work.

About 15 minutes later you hear a noise, look out the window and the next thing you know, you’re dead.

That is a plausible scenario for the near future if the National Reconnaissance Office and its intelligence colleagues are able to further refine the accuracy of geolocation data, combine it with signals intelligence and then develop the tactics, techniques and procedures with their military colleagues to make it all work.

The first news of the new capability came from the director of National Reconnaissance Office, Bruce Carlson. The NRO operates the satellites that would provide most of the geolocation data and the signals intelligence. Carlson said the new capability, which he predicted would arrive “soon,” was made possible by increases in accuracy of the geolocation data the intelligence community can provide.

Carlson first mentioned this at the Air Force Association conference but he provided very few details and no scenarios. Over the last two weeks I’ve spoken with intelligence professionals, congressional aides who follow space and space experts about just how this might work. The scenario at the top was suggested by a former intelligence official, who stressed that shortening the time to execute the kill chain was the greatest payoff from the new capability.

A congressional aide said that, over the long term, one of the biggest payoffs from the new capability might be to provide intelligence for a Prompt Global Strike system capable of striking almost any target around the world within 90 minutes. However, the aide and the intelligence official cautioned that providing intelligence for a target that might move would greatly complicate the target approval process. And all the sources said using such geolocation data with signals intelligence would be particularly challenging during a counterinsurgency when ensuring that civilians are not harmed is a paramount consideration. That’s one of the reasons the scenario provided above works well. You’ve got confirmation of the target’s location from two sources and have time to check with other intelligence assets that give you a clear picture of the target.

That ability to have more sources checking the target will be crucial to making this new capability useful, our sources said. And that, of course, is likely to slow the targeting, making it very difficult to achieve my favorite scenario — you are talking on your cell in your Toyota pickup, hear a whooshing sound, look up and then, boom, you are dead. That will be possible, but it will be technically difficult, legally challenging and it will risk killing innocent civilians.

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Good Morning Folks,

Lets try this again.

The problem here doesn’t appear to be technical but cultural. It is almost impossible to bridge the distance at Ft. Meade between the NSA and the Military at Ft. Meade although it can be walked in a few minutes, with the proper clearances.

The problem of course is to many layers of bureaucracys, cultures defending their own truff and competing self interest that put aside national security concerns

To finish the above after being cut twice, its not the buzz this time, but other interested parties when this top is discussed.

The most logical match up would of course be the NSA and the CIA since they both have the same boss the DNI. But I would assume that this link is still to wide to make a connection.

I will stop here before I say something again that will get me cut off.


Byron Skinner

I am so losing my Iphone!

For a smart terrorist, it might be a way to get rid of a future mother-in-law. Some voice recognition software and location data on places the targeted terrorist frequents would help to indicate reality. There is probably no substitute for people on the ground, reportiing what they observe. They, however, do not generate multi-million dollar projects for the military-industrial complex.

So let me see the exact capability is .….….….…., think OPSEC!

Beware of those bearing gifts. (especially when they are gift cell phones)

That is one of the stupidest things to say. This is not a war on Islam. This is not a christian crusade. All you’re doing when you write stupid crap like that is undermining what me and my fellow troops are doing.

you do realise that Jews, Christians and Moslems all have the same GOD?

Didn’t tracing Bin Laden’s phone net only his Driver?

Those who are targetted will simply switch cell phones, or pass the phone over to some patsy to take a drive…

So do angels and demons.

Another quick point. The Center for Security Policy just released a scathing report on Sharia Law and the Stealth Jihad being implemented by a global Islamic organization the Muslim Brotherhood.

But wait a a two sentence post on a blog site is undermining the entire war effort. Wow!!

This is a great capability and since they can eavesdrop on the phone call they can get the location of both the caller and the receiver as well as their phone information, even on a disposable phone. For increased safety and accuracy they can have a system set up for final override and targeting to target the actual cell phone on their person. If the location is different from the target location from the call it can override to alter course to the current location. If not it can impact the last KNOWN location.

A hooded robber burst into a Texas bank and forced the tellers to load a sack full of cash.

On his way out the door, a brave Texas customer grabbed the hood and pulled it off revealing
the robber’s face. The robber shot the customer without a moment’s hesitation.

He then looked around the bank and noticed one of the tellers looking straight at him.
The robber instantly shot him also. Everyone else, by now very scared, looked intently down at the floor in silence.

The robber yelled, “Well, did anyone else see my face?”

There are a few moments of utter silence in which everyone was plainly afraid to speak.

Then, one old cowboy tentatively raised his hand and said, “My wife got a pretty good look at ya.”

No, don’t think so… Under Christian doctrine, Jesus Christ is God (Capital G), please show me how Jews and Muslims accept Jesus as God. Their failure to accept this means they cannot be accepted in heaven as they are rejecting God when the reject Jesus.

Anyone who suggests that Muslims and Christians have the same God is completely ignorant of the facts and has been listening to the Muslims for too long. This is one of their tactics of confusion.

Muslims do NOT serve the Lord God Almighty whose Son is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. That is a FACT.

you are forgetting your meds too???

Islam is the problem. Until we are willing to admit that and force them either internally or externally to a reformation nothing will change.

Invade their countries — kill their leaders — and convert them to christianity IS the only solution.

in the church i went to Jesus was always the Son of GOD… Salvation was through faith that GOD sent his son down to Earth where he died on the Cross for the sins of mankind…

Not GOD himself though…

Confusion within religion leads to fundamentalist beliefs… (which are present in of the religions of Abraham.…)

this would seem to be a positive thing that shouldn’t be honked to the whole world. just quietly used when applicable. why warn them?

1) Jesus isn’t God. (E.g.: Otherwise, who would have been “in the Universe’s control room” when the djoows murdered Jesus? Come on…)

2) djoows and Muslims don’t want our Heaven: They’ve got their own gods and their own heavens.

Exceptionally, I even agree with them on that one: Think of all the time you would have to spend in Heaven or Hell with them! It would only turn Heaven into Hell, and make Hell EVEN WORSE ! No, I don’t want that! I prefer to keep living forever here.

But isn’t this vision of an eternal celestial Apartheid incredibly beautiful? Too good to be true, I know.

Way to go bobby mike

bc our president cares…about them.

USAF SrA…bobbymike undermined nothing. That is exactly what this war is about from their standpoint…

Jesus is God in the flesh.

John 14:9

9 Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father; so how can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?

John 10:30

I and the Father are one.

bobbymike is thinking very clearly and he is right on the money.

aonimous…still have your head up your ass, eh.

Wrong…read my posts reflecting scripture that shows Jesus the Christ is God in the flesh.

Gee, I wonder how our enemy knows what we are planning … must be a leak somewhere …

That type of sentiment in the US is what’s undermining the war effort. All you are doing is pissing off more and more people, leading them to view us as crusaders, as murderers and as criminals. So yes, that two sentence post is undermining what I am currently doing.

Nobody is denying your right to free speech, all I’m saying is that you are indirectly responsible for helping to kill US Troops and my brothers and sisters in arms. I’d be surprised if you ever served a day in your life, let alone know what it is to be shot at by these people simply because you had the guts to stand up and defend our country.

And have you actually red Quran? I have — and the thing is, it’s funny Bible rip-off. Muhhamad just mixed everything he liked, sooo.. In the beginning, Eve ate the apple. But that’s where the similarity ends — because SHE ate the apple, SHE is guilty. Not the poor, weak man, who was only seduced by his woman. And thats the reason to hate all women — because it’s inly their guilt we’ve got thrown out of paradise. Everything since then is their guilt, so beat them — that’s written in there as everlasting command to all beleivers, not just as a description of historical events like the Old Testament.
Actually, I suggest you read both Quaran AND Mohhamads biography. So you’ll see the “coincidence” how stuff in Quaran appeared according to his life experience. E.g., he got robbed by some drunks. So, he wrote to Quaran that alcohol is prohibited. Or he tried to convert some jews to his “new” religion and they refused. So he got angry and added a verse about killing all the non-beleivers.
And now the best part: Quaran indeed preaches tolerance to christians and jews. But not to the real-world ones — because those are worse than nonbeleivers, as they worship the “wrong god”. According to muhhamad, “real” christians don’t worship Jesus as God. And if they do, they’re idol worshippers and thus shall die.

Because.. no media buzz, no money. No money, no contract.

Just remember, if they can trace a caller’s conversation and location in the mountians of
Afghanistan, they can also use it to easedrop on your call and pinpoint your location in Idaho.
No wonder then that some of us are concerned over the government’s call for wider access
to the methods we use to communicate with one another.

OK, I understand the concept, but I am a little fuzzy on the significance of the paramour calling her mother. First of all, when did sheep learn how to use a cell phone?

You’re an idiot if that’s what you think…once again…get your head out.

Agnosic…you’re the moron, dog puke.

Agnostic…do some real research before pulling informaiton out of your rear end and repeatedly humiliating yourself.

USAF SrA…YES…it is a war on Islam…dummy…I hope the US wakes up to that fact very soon…It is Islam against Christian and Judaism, you idiot…we need to call it what it is and start fighting the war and quit screwing around over there.…this has turned into another Viet nam with idots running the war.…Thanks clinton for gutting our military…another rhodes schollar genius has “helped” the us out.…This is heading in one direction and clinton did the most damage to ensure that it happens…one world government, one world religion, one world economy, one world academic system at university level.…

The arab countires think Jewish people are parisites on the world and are determined on genocide…The US is pro Israel and so is the UK…and we are going to stay that way…kudos!!! At least they got that right.…we need to get rid of people like you and replace you with people that have their eyes open.…This is a war against Islam…wake up.

USAF…SrA…Well, your surprised then, dumb ass. I’m a Viet Nam vet sweet lips…and you dont know shit from apple butter…you wanna match skills with me?…lets go.

USAF SrA.…Well apparently the site wont let me post what I intended to post.…I will re-word it for you sweet lips.

I’m a Viet Nam Vet, darling…do you wanna match skills with me? Lets go, dummy.

Thank you

Sat phone we mean,not youre own blackbarry.

Some strategic “ideas” just doesn’t warrant repeating.….…IN PUBLIC! If any of these “rocket scientists” had taken 10 seconds to figure that out.….…oh, excuse me, ideas don’t count!!!! Duh!

Then, this means that anyone within proximity to the “target” might be considered TOAST, too! Given those predictable circumstances, would there be, by some slight notion, “collateral damage”? How would that be mitigated should the idea materialize into a device that could do dat? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Invoke a little more critical thinking skills, will ya? Dayum Sam.…!!!

Christ, will the bleeding hears stop whining about collateral damage. We are talking about a system that precisely targets a signal, and sends a warhead in with a lethal kill zone of a just few meters. that is a long way from just a few years ago, when we were using 500lb laser and GPS guided bombs, and a few years before that when we were using cruise missiles to hit our targets. The United States is the only country in the world that even cares about collateral damage and is actively refining systems to limit it. Yes it is terrible when someone , an “innocent” is killed by one of our weapons. but since the invention of war all those millennia ago “innocents” have been caught in the crossfire. Every death is tragic, but the animals we are fighting against surround themselves with women and children as human shields, it is a tactic of war, if we let them use that to defeat us, we might as well pack up and go home, and start memorizing the Koran, because they will use our weaknesses against us, our compassion, for they have none, our sympathy for the innocent, for they have none of that either, our desire to protect the defenseless, whom they seek to exploit. we end it there or it will come here.

What about the meds

woew.Liam is bobymike

In what video game are you a vet?

You should finish elementary school


Awww, that’s adorable you think you’re geriatric ass could hold up to me. I’m willing to bet the closest you ever got to Vietnam was watching the real troops go off and fight the war.

Another ‘Enemy Education’ article by a “Useful Idiot”!
The article should have been refused and the ‘Author’ turned in!

I can’t tell you how popular borrowing someone else’s cell phone to make the call will become (or already is), but it seems like a good idea for the baddies to follow from now on. Also of course this may be a good time to buy some stock in ‘use once, then throw or give away’ disposable cell phone companies. Here in the US, for several years now *check out HBO’s ‘The Wire’* we already see the trend for street savvy drug dealers using cutouts to buy their phones. Presumably terrorists sometimes see old DVDs and can follow the concepts shown on them, if they don’t have allies who aren’t already giving them a clue, or indeed reading this very same blog. Why do we always presume the terrorist is an uneducated peasant and not pick up on the significance of his having an Internet capability, even if it only via his cell phone or blackberry?

First of all, thank you for undermining yourself by trying to insult me, as pathetic of an attempt as that was. Second of all, get out of your Mom’s basement, put down that Bible (because yes, it is fiction and well, mostly crap anyway) and actually do some research. Because you know what? Muslims are fighting right along side us. We are fighting extremism in all it’s forms, not just Muslims. You are the idiot if you think that this is the Middle Ages and we’re here to proselytize the Muslim. If we were in a war with Muslims as a whole, why would we be using Muslim countries like Turkey and Kuwait to stage our operations in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why would we be doing so much to make sure our troops do not offend the Muslims? Why would we be educating our troops on their culture? See, this is why most civillians shouldn’t comment on military matters, because you do not know what you are talking about. Mind your own damn business.

Oh, and one more thing! It seems that most people here agree with me because you and “bobbymike” were very easily painted as racist bigotted religious nutjobs and out of all the other posts, my initial post got the highest rating. Isn’t it nice to know that you’re wrong?

You are right on the money! I am a vet as well and war will always have innocent victims. It can’t be helped.
The radical muslims WILL exploite us and we need to take them out!

Bunch of sorry-looking amateur terrorists, all of you… Why don’t you nonchalantly change your cell phone’s

1) S.I.M. card


2) I.M.E.I. number?

You become TOTALLY untraceable then, even when ripping up the very core of “The Matrix” = the F.B.I., C.I.A., N.S.A. and N.R.O. headquarters themselves! Ask any French cop or thief, for Christ’s sake! I did…

I find it incredible that this supposedly highly technological 2.870-character-article completely fails to spell THE ONLY FOUR CHARACTERS ( LETTERS ) it’s really talking about: “IMEI” (maybe a bit of voice recognition too…).

Lots of bla bla about chains of communication and fat Airforce officers and effectors, but not a single peep about the trick in question itself.

“He is The One”

Totally Agree!!!!!

Shhhhh, don’t divulge this capability just yet, the anti-torture, civil libertarion and Gitmo Defense lawyers

will protest!!!

Our God is the one true God, that’s why you live in caves and can strike you down anytime anywhere. Eat that al Qaeda : )

Kinda of tongue in cheek mocking of what Islamists say on a daily basis. That we are the great Satan and they are supported by Allah the one true God.

But I guess my first amendment rights stops at someone somewhere on the planet being offended. Living in the US gives us the right to offend.

Quick question “Do you support the treatment of women under Islamic Sharia Law?”

I guess your utter failure to debate the substance of my posts and your inability to spell anonymous is all I need to know.

I discuss;

1) the First Amendment
2) the poor treatment of women under Sharia Law (a women gets stoned for adultery, if a man is charged with rape there has to be three male witnesses against him (the women raped cannot be a witness))
3) the silliness of the prior contention that a two line blog post on a fairly obscure website has the power to undermine our war effort. Speaking of which, do the people protesting the ground zero mosque have the right to protest or is that undermining the war effort as well.

Your response — a personal attack. A priceless display of your intellect for all here to see.

Moderate Muslim Imam Hassen Chalghoumi criticizes Islam undermines war effort (I made that title up)

In bookstores tomorrow, the night before the end of Ramadan, the pamphlet, reports Le Parisien today, fiercely attacks the burqa, as well as forced marriages, female genital mutilations, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Union of Islamic Organisations of France (UOIF). His heavy criticism is destined to provoke violent reactions: it’s no coincidence that the 37-year-old Tunisian imam is always surrounded by bodyguards after months of hostile demonstrations following his statements about the full veil that led to the closure for several days of the mosque in Seine-Saint-Denis department, which has a high population of Muslim immigrants.


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