Judge Tosses F-35 Software Suit

Judge Tosses F-35 Software Suit

Lockheed Martin, dogged by a whistleblower lawsuit charging the company built lousy and possibly dangerous software for the F-35, is breathing a little easier this afternoon as a judge dismissed the suit.

According to my colleague Bob Fox at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (the F-35’s home town paper), U.S. District Court Judge Terry Means recently threw out the 2006 suit filed by Sylvester Davis, a former software engineer on the program.

“Davis, Means said in the ruling, ‘fails to allege the dates of any false claim or any information regarding the documents Lockheed submitted to the government for payment,” according to the Star-Telegram.

Bob reports that “Attorneys for Davis have since filed a motion asking Means to set aside the ruling and allow them to present new evidence supporting Davis’ case.”

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This is frightening: A (patriotic?) whistleblower is trying to get everybody’s attention about “lousy and possibly dangerous software for the F-35”, Humanity’s most expensive defense program, and the ONLY investigator of this complaint, a judge ( = ONE civilian without any scientific background), thinks he understood enough of fighter software to simply throw out the case?

Well, worry not: Statistically there is a 50 % – 50 % chance that the judge is right and the whistleblower is wrong.

It’s just a 276 billion $ bet at the Casino… the house ( = the military-industrial complex) always wins!

Wonder how much the judge was paid.

the worst software disaster I’ve ever seen. There were no safety critical
process, no software testing, no software development schedule, and no management procedures.

- John Robb, senior manager, JSF Systems Engineering Integration

The judge didn’t rule that the the software was safe, he ruled that it couldn’t be proven that the government didn’t know it was being defrauded.

Deploy now. Patch later.

No, a frivolous lawsuit by a disgruntled employee.

There’s only another 8.6 million lines of code to be completed in a software lab that will be unverified in the real world, nothing to worry about here!

Pay no attention to the fact that the US taxpayer is buying 400 F-35’s before the software and avionics are completed enough to make to more then a stealthy bomb truck.

So with the rush to show results in a program that’s now at least 4 years behind and counting, just how long will it be before there’s a serious accident in flight testing?

Fact is, there is no legitimate process for accurately assessing such situations and cost overruns combined with horrendously configured/delivered software is not only “standard” within the DOD realm in many cases but from the courts to the System Integrators to even the armed services, themselves, the frustration levels are significant yet the shock and awe and has been replaced by a lack of sensitivity to almost “expected to fail” high-profile DOD software projects.

Did software engineering for private sector for more than 18 corporations and on DOD side last seven years and at least another 12 contracts. There is corruption and just old fashioned incompetence on both sides yet the dollar value or cost of failed DOD software projects still staggers me and the first contractor, whether PMO or System Integrator, to even suggest the Emperor has no clothes lose his job…so nobody says a word and could name several high-profile contracts yet as we all know whistle blower protections are a complete joke: they don’t exist and whatever did exist 20 or 30 years ago have been slowly yet surely withdrawn.

For the record, involved with one software lawsuit where contracting firm was being sued by AMEX for failure to deliver (private sector). Trust me, the court/Judge had NO comprehension of tech, whatsoever, so it was almost ludicrous to listen as either or both sides presented their arguments which even included a functional code audit. With purely low-tech judges not sure how any such cases can be objectively and fairly assessed.

It’s obvious that we cant expect those working inside the industry to reform it. The culture is too corrupt.

A combination of massive cuts to remove the corruption and application of market principals is the only way. The screams of the born again Marxists as they face the cold wind of reality should be our measure of success.

The alternative is a crippling tax on American competitiveness against the rest of the world who are not being bled by their defense industries. Not only is the monetary cost far too high but the waste in trained scientists and engineers is an extraordinary tax on our prime economic engine.

The guy claiming the lawsuit can’t even hold the jock strap of those of who he is accusing. And, by the way, the same software processes are basically used from the F-22 program, but in typical Lockheed fashion they found away to pile on additional work for JSF. Lockheed may be dropping the ball on the development of the JSF (meaning late and over-budget), but the American tax payers are getting a top notch job in the software development area. I’ll limit that comment to Vehicle Systems side of things.

I’m not sure about massive cuts (but surely very significant cuts), but otherwise I’d have to just give you kudos for that post.

Born again Marxists? Look in the mirror comrade… “lets have the government break apart the entire industry and rebuild it”… and that is a proven recipe for success how?

The more I read from you Oblat, the more I think you are enraged others have the job you want, or perhaps your just addicted to the radical left’s kool-aid. Waste in trained scientists and engineers? Please enlighten us with whatever wacky theory you have this time. Or better yet, don’t.

Each & every single line of code will be ‘verified’ multiple times.

Pay no attention to the fact that retrofitting the latest software version (as it is declared operational) will be easier than upgrading your PC with the latest version of Windows.

Behind schedule & over budget is the NORM (for many reasons, several of which have nothing to do with the program itself). Having a serious accident in flight testing is not exactly uncommon either but that is one of the reasons why test pilots are so highly reguarded.

Part 1 / 8

Do you still remember the way the “Friday the 13th” virus struck tens of thousands of computers SIMULTANEOUSLY all over the World (a true World-wide epidemic, in 1988), uncomparably more computers than the “Millenium Bug” affected in one and the same milli-second, too?

Soo, what happens if Russia, China or even some U.S. software kiddie issue “Executive Order 666” via satellite, and all 2.443 U.S. American F-35s simultaneously kill their engine power and glide on like bricks, or simply explode their ammunitions in their hangars, factories and under their carriers’ decks, because of their software’s vulnerability? ( O-N-E SINGLE backdoor in the F-35’s computer program and a modem suffice for even funnier results!!!)


Part 2 / 8

Remember: Shortly before the Iraq War I, Dutch hackers offered Hussein the possibility to instantly disconnect and paralyze the ENTIRE U.S. Military’s Logistics for only a cool few millions (unfortunately, Saddam bought too much into his own “Mother of all Battles” stuff and declined this golden offer…).

On the 11.1.2010, a fleet of brand-new U.S. American G.P.S. satellites also stopped transmitting positional data to ~ 10.000 receivers over the Pacific, due to a “software glitch” in these satellites’ ground control stations. (A dissimulated Chinese rehearsal for Pearl Harbour Redux?)


Part 3 / 8

On the 19.4.2010 ( = on “Israel”‘s Independence Day!), President Obama publicly announced that henceforth he was going to stop vetoing for “Israel” at the U.N.O., and that he refused to go to war with Iran.
O-N-E D-A-Y later, on the 20.4.2010, the “Deepwater Horizon” oil rig in the Mexican Gulf explodes, creating the largest environmental disaster in U.S. History. (How does that work? It’s easy: They’re everywhere! And some of them are harder to recognize than negroes.)


Part 4 / 8

If the Fort Worth Appeals judge, also with a broad window view vis-a-vis Lockheed Martin Aeronautics’ headquarters, considers this software engineer’s case wrongful, ALL Lockheed Martin has to do is to order some toothless errand boy to fax its OFFICIAL ACQUITTAL IN COURT to Congress, and they won’t even hear a SINGLE QUESTION about this collective black-out! Lockheed Martin had it black on white before this mass extinction even took place! He he he! Brilliant, aren’t they?


Part 5 / 8

The small delay caused by this whole “whistleblower” lawsuit was actually a sibylline ploy (a beforehand pardon and a blank check for all sorts of botchings) to legally R-E-D-U-C-E research, testing, production, quality control and delivery time: Now, if a cross-connecting, short-circuiting, sparking, sputtering, uncontrolled F-35 bumbles into the Liberty Statue or the U.N.O. building or the World Trade Center ( II ), (and sometimes helicopters, fighters and bombers DO come down!), big-profit-corporation Lockheed Martin was in advance already found completely innocent of ANY negligence – and can’t be retried by anyone!


Part 6 / 8

The impact, or the jet fuel, “vaporizes part of the structure”, which collapses hours after the fire went out, and after a few additional explosions shook its foundations, falling free instead of slowing down with increasing mass, killing 30.000 people from 200 nations, but by Divine Intervention not one Chosen among them.


Part 7 / 8

Two days before this spectacular “Al Qaeda” comeback, Sylvester Davis, the former L.M. software engineer who sang, disappears from his home and is found handcuffed and shot amidst the rubble, exactly like John O’Neill, the F.B.I.‘s top counter-terrorism man and head investigator of “Al-Qaeda”‘s attack on the “U.S.S. Cole” did, on 11/9.

(After 11.9.2001, all further investigation into “Al Qaeda”‘s cruise missile attack on the “U.S.S. Cole” was abruptly broken off, and the Neocons were also too distracted with other things to investigate O’Neill’s assassination)

If “D.o.D. Buzz” wasn’t so tensed-up center-of-the-mainstream, I would even give you all the links about that. But in Rome, be Roman…


Part 8 / 8

NOW = after the toss-out of the complaint, Lockheed Martin might as well start deliveries tomorrow! As the poster “@E_L_P” reminded them: “Deploy now. Patch later”. There are only 276 – 323 BILLION $ on the table, plus ADDITIONALLY 1,26 times as much from foreign clients, and time is money…

umm Lockheed isnt headquatered in fort worth its HQ is in bethesda

My good man: It’s even written in the article above: “According to my colleague Bob Fox at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (the F-35’s home town paper), …”

Why don’t you write them a postcard:

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
1 Lockheed Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX 76108

So all 2,443 of these F-35s will either be flying, in hangers loaded with live missiles, bombs, and gun ammo, and hooked up to some network even when everything is shut off? This tops any of the crazy conspiracy theory’s I have heard today, and the rest of your comments get even more bizarre.

To the poster “William C.”

You wrote: “…and hooked up to some network even when everything is shut off” ?

Did you never wonder that everytime you switch on your computer or your mobile phone, they immediately tell you the correct weekday, date and time, etc.?

Did you know that your mobile phone can even be turned into a bug that spies on every conversation in your house without you even using it?
http://​news​.cnet​.com/​2​1​0​0​-​1​0​2​9​_​3​-​6​1​4​0​1​9​1​.​h​tml http://​tapcellphone​.com/​c​e​l​l​-​p​h​o​n​e​-​e​a​v​e​s​d​r​op/ http://​www​.iiiweb​.net/​g​o​/​t​scm

Same goes for “dead” Web-cams too…

Etc. .

Hero: If there was still one fully-armed F-35 left after the simultaneous destruction of the 2.442 others, would YOU dare to switch it on? Would you even dare to move in front of its artificially intelligent, situationally aware LANTIRN pod, or of its pilot helmet? Better call a gutsy Su-35 to examine that last living F-35 specimen…

Preferably now, while they’re still being hatched in some secret Fort Worth lab!


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