GE Finds F136 Failure Cause

GE Finds F136 Failure Cause

The failure of the F136 engine in late September resulted from a “seal clearance” in the fan that was set too tight, causing friction.

“The issue with engine 008 was unique to that engine,” GE spokesman Rick Kennedy said in an email. “No modification [will be] required to other engines.” Engines 05 and 07 continue to run well in tests.

The program could ill afford any bad news at this time. The Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen Norton Schwartz, appeared to open the door to a compromise with GE and Rolls Royce over the F136 when he said they should invest more of their money in it. And the administration has held tight to its threat to veto any defense bill containing

When the failure was first made public it looked as if it could portend tough times ahead for the second Joint Strike Fighter engine. Here’s what GE said then: “Approximately three hours into a mechanical check-out on September 23 at the GE Aviation facility in Evendale, Ohio, an F136 development engine experienced an anomaly at near maximum fan speed. Engine #008 was shut down in a controlled manner. Initial inspection revealed damage to airfoils in the front fan and compressor area.”

But GE says no design flaw or systemic equipment problem was revealed. “All of the other engines have continued to run like crazy — and are kicking a***,” Kennedy wrote

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“All of the other engines have continued to run like crazy — and are kicking a***,” Kennedy wrote

Didn’t realize GE had a 15-year old boy running their program.

Kill the F136
UK drops out of F-35 program along with other shaky JSF partner nations
USAF buys a few hundred mistake-jets. USMC a handful, Navy has other things to spend money on and drops out.
F-35 program stops
DOD can move on with spending money on something that makes sense instead of this loss-leader.–1.htm
“As the F-35 also lacks the performance … repeated ‘freebie’ shots from the PAK-FA could inflict high losses. Expect the exchange rate to be of the order of 4:1 in favour of the PAK-FA, possibly much higher”

“…out to 2015, the F-22A may be knocked off its perch by a newcomer, unless the US invests in new sensors, especially, and advanced technology Infra-Red Search and Track, stealth improvements and a new generation of missiles for the F-22 – assuming it even builds more than the token number of F-22s currently planned. The F-35 has already been neutralised and negated by the Su-35–1/35BM and will be substantively overmatched by the PAK-FA. The West needs to think long, hard and fast about the PAK-FA, as the current and retrograde “F-35 centric” future fighter fleet model guarantees certain defeat in future combat.”

“The only aircraft built by the United States which can survive in airspace contested by the PAK-FA is the F-22 Raptor, and given the time frame of interest, it is the only design which can be adapted to defeat the PAK-FA.“
“the F-35 will no longer be a usable combat aircraft for roles other than Counter Insurgency (COIN), though more cost effective and more appropriate solutions already exist for this role.”
“the only viable … strategy […] is to terminate the Joint Strike Fighter program immediately, redirect freed funding to further develop the F-22 Raptor, and employ variants of the F-22 aircraft as the primary fighter aircraft for all United States and Allied TACAIR needs.
If the US does not fundamentally change its planning […], the advantage held for decades will be soon lost… ”–01.html

If thats the case then our country is run by a 15-year old boy also. I do believe obama said the same thing. He gets a free pass though right?

The dynamism of U.S. arms procurement in the 21st Century: You actually have to cancel the 4,4-billion-$-F136 to help the British to help you to cancel the whole 276-billion-$-F-35-programme…

altor, you lose all credibility quoting APA.

Yea nothing we hate more than a bunch of Aussies telling us our aircraft are crap. We know they are — we’re going to buy them anyways. Please refer to Lockmart advertising in future

For the British the F35 is just membership dues for the “special relationship”.
If we’d offered them rubber chickens at $100B a piece they would be gushing about how much they saved.

“Our special relationship with the U.S.A.” is their hypocritical way of saying that Britain today no longer is an independent country, not economically, not politically, not militarily: NOTHING ! They lost their last will for independence from the U.S.A. after the Suez Crisis in 1956, while we French went our own way, starting by slamming the door on N.A.T.O. and on the back-stabbing U.S.A. and by building our own, 100 % indigenous, nuke-propelled, nuke-armed submarines! Unlike the spineless, uncivilized, technologically inferior Tommies: Seen any British Space launchers lately, or even ANY civilian or military planes (!), or any bullet trains, or even any quality rifles and lighter firearms? They’ve got simply nothing! (Okay, they’ve got “Dolly”…)

To the poster “Oblat”

Part 1 / 2

You wrote: “Yea nothing we hate more than a bunch of Aussies telling us our aircraft are crap. We know they are — we’re going to buy them anyways.”

Tragically, most extremely prejudicial decisions of the U.S.A. in the past ten years weren’t made exclusively by one autocratic ruler or a small élite or so, but actually had – and still enjoy – broad popular support: From the RE-election of The Ape (W) to Obama’s attempt to boost the Economy by spending more (as opposed to general, deep, European-style budget cuts – think of Britain’s Military!), from spending as much on weapons as the rest of planet (what for?) to such “details” like the bungled F-35 programme, the most expensive in History, etc.: I’m sincerely surprised about how many U.S. Americans brainlessly DEFEND precisely what’s W-O-R-S-T for them!


Part 2 / 2

This lemming-like, self-destructive behaviour only indicates to me that the end of the U.S.A. is near. The most pessimistic (or: Most America-centric) U.S. Americans sometimes cheer themselves up by warning Europeans that “if the U.S.A. fall, then Europe will fall, too”. But I believe that we don’t even have remotely as many problems as they do (or any other continent), plus the only country that will effectively disappear together with the U.S.A. is… “Israel”.

Which of both demises will make less ripples?

Wow, APA descended on this discussion with a vengeance.

Good MOrning Folks,

To FFB. I won’t disagree with you statement in 2/2 about Americans gloating to the Europeans that if we fail you fail, although quite true it is bad manners and doesn’t reflect the view of most Americans. One FACT if there ever was one, that since WW II most of the worlds decisions especially in Europe and the UK have been made by the United States and have over all been good decisions.

FFB history is a strong indicator that you Europeans like to bash out each others brains and then unite and thrash the Brits. They been doing it quite regularly since the Year 1000. Since 1945 when the American said enough and sent over Euro Dollars and the Marshall Plan and built the Europe and UK of today you have behaved yourselves. This is in no small part to be on a short leash from the United States.

The US ‘s economy. The fundamental problem is that the US Government has seized over a trillion dollars in what had been market assets, ie. Toxic mortgages under Freddy and Fanny and the out right ownership of GM and Chrysler. I will remind the Europeans that the US government bough a European equity company to save Chrysler thus saving the economies of Germany, France and Great Britain from a worse fate then you currently have. Your Welcome.

On Friday the Fed. Sec. Bernanke decided to let inflation raise, but just a bit. His first action this coming week will be to buy back some Treasury Bonds but thats not going to do it. The Fed need to close its window to Wall Street and start putting that private capital back into the economy. The planned IPO of GM with a $20.00 par is a first step. What they need ned to do is more radical and that is start selling off those bad mortgages that Freddy and Fanny holds and the best way would be to do what Truman did after WW II and sell the mortgages at market and with a 1% loan up to $100,000.00, one to a customer.

This will create a cheap dollar, the Euro will raise, which will hurt Europe and Great Britain, but there is no other way, they will feel our pain. It will though reduce the US debt, which since taking off President Obama has reduced by $3 trillion, mostly by withdrawing unused funds for the Bush era TARP program and demanding repayments of Gov. Loans from US banks before they could go back to their old ways.

Europe has yet to demonstrate that they are ready to cut the leash of the United States yet. Although it will cost the American taxpayer up front by letting the Europeans reduce their militaries to boutique forces, in the long run keeping them from being themselves will be cheaper in the long run.

The problems we have today in the middle east were created by the Europeans and their colonial administrations dating back into the early 19th. Century and into the mid 20th. Century and the Nazis of WW II and the post war where the racial influence from Nazi found a new home in Islam. The American taxpayer is stuck with cleaning up this mess.

I’m still in favor of cutting the US defense budget, the United States doesn’t need F-35, EFV’s and LCS’s to do what it has to do in the world. I will remind people that both The Russian Federation, China and India has the same interest in making the Europeans behave themselves as we do and the US would not hurt itself by forming closer alliances with the countries in policing the worlds problems.

Well the clock is ticking, I hope I managed to offend all as usual.

Byron Skinner

Wow, alot of discussion basically unrelated to the article… and worse yet most is really sounding like a broken record.. if anyone remembers what that is ;-)

To Byron Skinner

= = = = = = = = = = =

Part 1 / 11

You wrote: “since WW II most of the worlds decisions especially in Europe and the UK have been made by the United States and have over all been good decisions.”

Right after World War II, we ( = you U.S. Americans and we Europeans) had a stern motive to behave and to get along, bar everything else: The growing forest of Soviet nukes, including in your own backyard. It really had a moralizing effect on U.S. foreign policy: Just look how the U.S. “behave” now, after the pressure is gone!


You wrote: “…you Europeans like to bash out each others brains and then unite and thrash the Brits.”


Part 2 / 11

Precisely the opposite: It has been Britain’s declared policy since ~ Queen Elizabeth I (the mother of all British) to divide and rule Europe, from allying and arming the Hanseatic League’s coastal city-states against the mainland powers (the whole continent) behind their city walls to creating an “Anglo anti-European-Union” with their former slaves after World War Two (their failed Commonwealth), to sabotaging the E.U. on behest of the U.S.A. with every single move they make. De Gaulle was right as nails to keep them scatching at our door. A thousand years ago, when most of Europe was just small, self-sufficient duchies, earldoms and shires, or even tiny kingdoms, and all its blue-blooded rulers were in bed with each other, that was still possible.


Part 3 / 11

Today, we Democratic mainland populations couldn’t give a %#@& about Britain’s insular paranoias: Britain was last overrun in 1066 by the Normans (Normans = French, he he…), and in 1797 we French invaded Wales again (“Battle of Fishguard”. It wasn’t very successful, but it was the funniest British invasion), and in 1940 the Boches invaded a few British islands in the French Channel too, the “bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey” (the best years of their Histories, alias the only History they ever had: The awful Krauts even built functioning sewers for them), so they should get over it already.


You wrote: “American said enough and sent over Euro Dollars and the Marshall Plan and built the Europe and UK of today you have behaved yourselves.”


Part 4 / 11

NO , before the War you U.S. Americans calculated painstakingly: We can rely on Capitalistic European and Japanese customers to pay back our bank loans with interests and compound interests like on nobody else, as well as to absorb a lot of our excessive civilian industrial over-capacity and even our own life-style (“Denazification Program”), so let’s bomb all their factories into the ground so that they can’t compete with us for at least one generation and then do the businesses of our lives with them (“practice some truly generous, charitable nation-building”).

In case of problems with the U.S.S.R., we can always waste Europe as a launching pad for our nukes too (“limited nuclear conflict”) and be the last (the only one…) to laugh afterwards. We still got the oceans around us to protect us.

You’re welcome yourself!


Part 5 / 11

You wrote: “Although it will cost the American taxpayer up front by letting the Europeans reduce their militaries to boutique forces, in the long run keeping them from being themselves will be cheaper in the long run.”

Uhm, have you read the “D.o.D. Buzz” article “Land Forces Will Fade, Navy Rise” on display right now? In it, Admiral Roughead humbly concedes: “He specifically rejected the 1,000 ship construct, which argues the US and its allies constitute a huge force should they work together. He said his vision is more inclusive and would include non-governmental organizations, a wide array of other groups and organizations, as well as other countries.”


Part 6 / 11

It’s all about POSTURING CONTROL . The U.S.A. are so addicted to disposing of large amounts of soldiers and weapons that now, when you realized that you just can’t afford large & low-tech or small & hi-tech Armed Forces, or even both ( = simply “everything there is, against no enemy at all”), you even accept to “partner” again with foreigners (N.A.T.O., S.E.A.T.O., Arab despots, even “organizations”) … as long as YOU’re in command, of course. (Or can you envision U.S. tank divisions driven by German generals and U.S. aircraft carriers commanded by Japanese admirals? Just look at all the strange naval accidents occurring with civilian Japanese ships at the entrance of Pearl Harbour…)
But even more cooperation / integration with the U.S. Armed Forces won’t make us U.S. allies spend more on arms either – on the contrary!


Part 7 / 11

So, after a decade or two, the Bilderberger uh… the U.S.A. will come up with an even more global plan: Providing the bulk for some “U.N.O. Armed Forces” modelled around their own Armed Forces’ model, and being finally able to command Russian and Chinese troops (“and feel safe”).


Part 8 / 11

What the U.S.A. fatally fail to understand is that unlike their historically oligarchic Presidents and administrations, all OUR modern leaders are too busy EVERY SINGLE DAY placating our populations’ materialistic, consumeristic and participative instincts to fall in love with the idea of large armed forces, getting bored under the sun. So once again, after creating this G.A.F.F.E. (“Global Armed Forces For Eternity”), all U.N.O. member countries will divest even more from Defense and leave the U.S.A. blustering for more again.

Maybe in the next centuries, or even after an imminent economical collapse, turmoil and subsequent phase of authoritarianism in the U.S.A. ( = a bit of History), the U.S.A. will learn all by themselves that it was them who had a mentality / cultural problem, the World doesn’t have a security problem.


Part 9 / 11

You wrote: “The problems we have today in the middle east were created by the Europeans and their colonial administrations dating back into the early 19th. Century and into the mid 20th. Century and the Nazis of WW II and the post war”

“We Euros” ?? Afraid to call THIS baby by its name? YOUR LITTLE FRIENDS , the LIMEYS , caused this whole quagmire in 1916 by promising the same land twice, first to its rightful owners, the Palestinians, and then to Lord Lionel Rothschild personally and to some German, djoowsish, Bolshevik bankers, too = to the same GERMAN djoowsish bankers who in 1918 accompanied the Allies’ representatives to the Armistice Carriage, who also brought down the Czarist Monarchy and later even attempted a Communist Revolution in Berlin!
Had the British just accepted the truce which Germany offered them at the peak of its military successes in 1916, instead of bullions of djoowsish gold, then millions of Christian lives could have been saved in Europe!


Part 10 / 11

And had you U.S. Americans just left the djoowsish usurpers in Palestine to themselves instead of saving them twice from the Arabs, especially in 1973, then O.P.E.C. wouldn’t have risen its oil price by 400 % in return!

The NERVE OF YOU , an U.S. American, to put the blame for all present and future Middle Eastern tensions ON ANYONE ELSE BUT ON
Y-O-U-R O-W-N C-O-U-N-T-R-Y !!!!!!!!!


You wrote: “…the racial influence from Nazi found a new home in Islam.”

What garbage are you reading lately? No… better don’t answer: You may shatter the illusions which some people still cherish about you.

(I couldn’t even utter such heresies at gunpoint. NOT EVEN if Colin Clark and Benjamin Netanyahu offered me 125 more characters per post.)


Part 11 / 11

You wrote: “Well the clock is ticking, I hope I managed to offend all as usual.”

Oderint dum metuant. (“Let them hate us, as long as they fear us”. Roman Emperor Caligula, A.D. 12 – A.D. 41)

Your damned insane, your post made absolutely no sense at all and appears to be nothing more than some rambling anti-America nonsense. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe we don’t want to be like you Europeans and that we like having a decent military to defend ourselves?

Realize this, there was no Palestinian people and it wasn’t “their” land. They are the same people who comprise all of Israel’s neighboring countries these days.

Perhaps what will make your Europeans spend more on defense is the future lack of the American firepower and money paying for your security. I hope you get along well with the Russians if they decide to “protect” their neighbors from NATO by invading them. But it seems you in France have more to worry about when nobody is willing to actually work and would rather burn cars all day.

Your in no position to insult American contributions in WWII when you “enlightened” Europeans managed to start those two most destructive wars in human history and needed us to pull your asses out of the fire to ensure you weren’t part of the new Nazi empire or a Soviet Union reaching all the way to the French coast.

First of all it is not ‘a bunch of Aussies’, it is primarily TWO ‘Aussies’ who have motives for Australia not getting the F-35. And most everything they have ever written has been debunked over & over again.

See pfcem if you havent got the latest lockmart brochures yet.

It’s YOUR post that makes no sense: I was just answering to some passages in Byron’s post to me, even quoting them first. My post wasn’t some sort of general suggestion that your government or your people should be rather like this or like that, etc. . I have already given up that hope.

Part 1 / 2

You wrote: “there was no Palestinian people and it wasn’t ‘their’ land.”

Yeah right, the djoowsish immigrants that travelled from Europe and the U.S.A. to Palestine 1917 – 1948 only saw a completely uninhabitated desert all around them, no cities, nothing to eat, no roads, no road signs, nothing…


You wrote: “Your in no position to insult American contributions in WWII when you “enlightened” Europeans managed to start those two most destructive wars in human history and needed us to pull your asses out of the fire to ensure you weren’t part of the new Nazi empire or a Soviet Union reaching all the way to the French coast.”


Part 2 / 2

1) What makes you think that the Soviets would have stopped at the Pyrenees? You would have had the Red Fleet stationed right in the middle of the Atlantic, in the Azores Islands (where you are now) !

2) Purely philosophical musing: Do you really think that it would have been such a bad thing to live under the Nazis? Before the War they took good care of all the countries they annexated (Rhineland, Saarland, Memelland, Austria, the Sudetenland, Bohemia and Moravia), as opposed to the territories where they only remained fighting, of course.

I think that after a decade or two, Roosevelt or whoever succeeded him might very well have held a historic summit meeting with Hitler and Hirohito – in the Adolf Hitler Square in Moscow!

To Oblat, your post was a bit high brow for most that view these pages. I got it right away. Nobody seems to want to quote the the Dutch comparison or put a F-35 range overlay on any map bigger than a test center. Keep up the great posts. For FFB and PFCem I suggest a stiff gin and tonic.

Oh yes I suppose things were pretty nice… if you weren’t Jewish or any number of other things that would get you killed in or worked to death in a most horrible fashion.

Good Evening Folks,

To FFB. I will graciously accept on behalf of my countrymen you warm expressions of gratitude toward the Americans for all they have done for France.

We are truly sorry that you great aircraft carrier the Charles de Gaulle, out only for a day, heading to the Gulf of Aden, had to return to the Port of Toulon for several weeks of emergency repairs.

I don’t know where you pick up that I’m am Anglophile. My surname family came to America after the Battle of Boyne in the 1690’s when King Billy abandoned them in Belfast. This is not a fond memory of England.

I thinks that German Chancellor Merkel summed up the problem that is European today: “…immigrants without Christian values have no place in our country.”

This is not helping the worlds problems in the Islamic world, is the only place in the world where people from different back grounds can get along is the United States?

Irresponsible statements by high level officials is why the United States need to keep Europe on a short leash, FFB.

As for my reading. This evening I will finish (about 60 pages to go) “The World That Never Was: The Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists & Secret Agents” by Alex Butterworth. It about France of course and deals with the Paris Commune from 1869 to 1905. Sorry not a great picture of France.

What else French have I done lately, oh yes, while in Washington DC this summer I went to see Degas’s “The Dancers at the Bar” and Renoir’s “The Luncheon of the Boating Party”.

Americans do manage to keep up with what is taking place in the “Old Country”, after all we have so much invested in it.

And no we are not going to return the Degas or the Renoir, consider them a deposit on what you owe us.


Byron Skinner

It is rare that I agree with you Byron, but today I do. Does this mean hell froze over or something?

What a great History and Economics lesson. I had no idea Byron was so well versed in other topics of interest outside Military Aircraft. I do have to agree, I’ve traveled to many countries in Europe and there are so many Europeans who choose to forget the lives the U.S lost to save their countries so they can enjoy the freedoms they have today. We all have ties to the “old country” and many of us still have family back there, yet, so many Europeans still condemn the U.S.

Unfortunately if everyone “moves on” that just means starting a new fighter program. Starting a new fight program means spending double whats already been spent to replace the F-15 and others with a next-generation fighter.

It look too weak why not the direct NASA launch electricity ion machine devotion military equipment current?Etc. of time already too long,

Our militaries are practical to turn with combination put together to connect development already arrive extreme achievement even because of various science and technology that the reason procrastinate us economy and life quality why can’t across into new of science state
Arouse subsidiary of havings industry come a reform the history be always having already faced to new ages would occurrence great of record of events time and opportunity are in our in front continuously of passage I demand at this slice of big land intelligence experience and courage of the backlog at now to realization our future but isn’t humble shamefully live in past

Dude, go back to class and learn to write! Disinformation is only effective if it’s comprehensible… and yours is not. All you’ve demonstrated is that your spellchecker works.

You must be a fortune teller. How in the world can you say the pak-fa is better then the f-35 when neither are in production and none have went head to head. We know virtually nothing about what the pak-fa is actually capable of, and unless you are in the inside of the f-35 program, I don’t think you are qualified to make the judgement on the f-35. You are using obviously biased hypotheticals to make an argument that is just that biased.

Wow, you just defended the Nazi’s in am American forum. Furthermore, idiot, you woulnd’t have an elected official you would have a German dictator for a leader. You french are ungreatful bastards. i stand by my comment on the AF tanker deal, let’s not buy french they are lousy allies.

Oh and by the way, the french have pretty much lost every war they ever fought.
List of wars lost:
100 years war.
Your own revolution
The french and indian war
The Napoleon debacle.
WW1 without our help
WWII without our help
Totally got kicked out of Vietnam.

So please stop trying to give us a lesson.…Your just a jealous nation.

Not us all…African American’s have no ties and could give a damn about Europe. The french are still racist as ever. They treat non-europeans bad. Trying to kick the Hungarians out for what? Tried kicking the Africans and middle easterners out and they had massive Rodney king style riots. No I have nothing in common or tied to Europe. Let them defend themselves they are so smart.

Good Morning Folks,

To Formula 1. Don’t be surprised I have BA’s in both those subjects.

Back to the Europeans. Recently someone posted here that one of the ways the US can reduce it defense budget is to remove the 150K troops stationed in Europe and I wish we could, as there is a but, the Europeans.

Saturday night German Chancellor Merkel spoke before the Deutschland Assembly”, besides the one in my last post here are a couple of others on multiculturalism in Germany “…total failure.” on here position on multiculturalism (ie. Islamics): “For a while, we kidded ourselves into believing that they wouldn’t stay and would leave. Naturally, the notion that we would live next to one another and be happy about one another failed.” Regarding foreigners:”… they live in ‘parallel communities’ with little or no connection to German culture.”

I guess it might be a sign of good sense that Muslims don’t want to be a “Merkel German”.

Other the the absolute stupidity of the Chancellors remarks, is this want Europe really wants? 1492 all over again, we have the French outlawing head scarfs, as if that was a national security issue, don’t tell me about Muslims and head scarfs, they are as common out here as skate boards, and are just part of our community. Now the blatant racial remarks of the Chancellor of Germany against Muslims. This is why the US has 150K troops in Europe to keep the Europeans from doing what seem so natural to them and that is to pick a fight.

I would say that close ones eyes and Chancellor Merkel sound like another former german Chancellor speaking in 1923, only the Nazis were deferent, they liked Muslims, the formed an SS Islamic Division, after the war the eastern rat line out of the Vatican, for a quick Passport, took their gold and went through Istanbul to Damascus to Cairo. Where they and their descendants have lived happily ever after.

I would think that the officials of Deutche Bank, think Nazi Gold, might not like the Chancellors remarks since they have branch offices in such places as Iran, Syria and Libya and do a lot of business with these people that are not up to be Germans.

In the meantime the US taxpayer will have to keep troops on European soil to keep them for going back to their old ways.


Byron Skinner

Ah, of course, we should have broken off the Second World War because of… you djoows.

Ignorant: Before Hitler’s war declaration to the U.S.A., even the U.S.A. turned ships full of djoowsish refugees back to Nazi-occupied Europe – and to their certain death!

Don’t let your glitzy new status in the West get up to your head: Do you really think that parliaments can reset History by decree?

To the poster “Greg”

You wrote: “i stand by my comment on the AF tanker deal, let’s not buy french they are lousy allies.”

Hothead, the KC-45 air tanker is a joint transatlantic proposal by Northrop Grumman AND E.A.D.S., and even E.A.D.S. is a multi-national company in its own right ( NOT a consortium), of which only one short-lived (now entirely merged) French company represents only one third!

Do you agree with Sarah Palin that Africa is a country?

To the poster Byron Skinner


Part 1 / 2

You wrote: “We are truly sorry that you great aircraft carrier the Charles de Gaulle, out only for a day, heading to the Gulf of Aden, had to return to the Port of Toulon for several weeks of emergency repairs.”

A prudent decision: It’s only our first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier!

Obviously, any U.S. American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with a threatening engine problem would have stayed the course.


You wrote: “And no we are not going to return the Degas or the Renoir, consider them a deposit on what you owe us.”


Part 2 / 2

And what’s the U.S.A.‘s deposit for its Independence, for doubling its territory in 1803 for a mere 15 million $ , for the few hard-working Parisian “madames” which eased up the Founding Fathers’ hardships in the Wild West like no native girl could, for that Freemason called Tocqueville, for the Liberty Statue, for your introduction to modern warfare in World War I , and for the reporter Thierry Meyssan, the first person ever to denounce that 11/9 was an inside job with a best-selling book (since then, he’s considered a “persona non grata” in the U.S.A.) ? In exchange for all that, during World War Two you even doubted that we were a victor nation, then you plundered Paris even more than you plundered Baghdad’s palaces and museums today, Eisenhower spoke of a “friendly colonisation of France” and in 1956 indeed you stole our Suez Canal! What an ingratitude… We should NEVER have allowed you to disembark in the Normandy.

Next time, show us your Super-Power on a German beach.

Au revoir!

Good Evening Folks,

Hi FFB. I agree with you on the Charles de Gaulle decision, it was prudent. But considering the ship was launched in 1994 and has yet to complete a full deployment, can’t hit speed and is a wee bit short, one would think it would be time to scrap the ship.

Oh yes the French rescue to the American Colonies in the American Revolution, how the French love to bring it up. A quick look at Louis XVI’s, though bring to life some French interest that were to be served by helping the American Colonists.

First the aid didn’t come till after the battle of Saratoga when a Colonial Victory was all but assured. By prolonging the war in the Americas tied up the British Fleet as well as the British Army that by Saratoga were relaying heavily on Irish “volunteers” and Prussian mercenaries.

In North America French had more then a little interest in England abandoning Canada or the Americans invading Canada and giving a part of it to France. Then of course there was the Mississippi, Louisiana, the slave trade, and the French Sugar Colonies in the Caribbean. A weakened Royal Navy would be hard pressed to molest the French in these areas.

It is also noted that the first war the US ever fought as the United States was in fact against France in the Caribbean from 1788 to 1791 “The Quasi War”, after the French captured 316 American merchant ships as prize in the Caribbean.

Don’t get me wrong the United States has been and always be grateful for French for the aid they provided in our Revolution but it was not pure altruistic behavior by France. If the events would have come down as Louis the XVI expected the aid to the American Colonies would have been a bargain. But that’s history and nothing to lose ones head over.

On WW II, my father was in 7th. Army on his trip across Europe in 1944/45 and attached to his Corp was a french Armored Division, don’t get me started on his opinion of the French military and in de Gaulle in particular.

You know FFB you are starting to sound like an exwife.“I gave you the best years of my life…” The US won’t cut France lose, like France did to NATO in 1965, it is to our interest to act as the referee between the Euros. It’s cheaper to keep you from fighting each other then to come bail you out a couple of time a century.

Yes FFB most Americans still order French fries, and not Freedom fries, and yes we can act silly and stupid too. On Nov. 3ed. watch out for flying tea cups and pots over here.

If its any consolation prize both my wife and son who have been to Europe several times like to spend my money in France much better the England. It must be Jim’s Morrison’s grave (ghost that lights their fire, Morrison’s family lived in San Diego, I think his father was an Admiral.

Well the egg timer says my time is about up.


Byron Skinner

Thank you for being a voice of reason in this mess!

Yes I agree. I have supported the second engine in the past but now looking at Colin’s breaking news on the cutting of the F-35B for the UK carriers, I openly wonder at how many JSF’s we are going to end up building? Is it going to be worth it now to develop the second engine?

Was a joint proposal. Haven’t you heard NG is out of the picture.

LOL, @ the Sarah Palin comment, I don’t agree with her on anything.

It’s nice to know that GE has “found the cause” for their engine failure. But the bottom line is their engine is broken. Why should taxpayers continue funding this project when the F-35 now has a perfectly good engine that has passed all the tests? Let’s stop spending the money and use it elsewhere in the Defense Department’s budget — like spending it on additional F-35s to to support our warfighters.

It was one of several engines being tested. This problem was localized to one engine. Read the article flywrong…

Man sorry, we can’t afford it all. 2nd engine is very low on the totem pole. For all of this nonsense and the price it costs to develop this second engine, we could get a few more years production run of f-22. The only reason we are discussing this at all is because Rolls Royce is involved in this program. Since the Brits are cutting their buy why should we care if they participate in the engine or not. Why should we care if they loose the jobs or not when their own government cut 500,000 jobs.

If I were a liberal; I’d call you racist or something ridiculous like that! ;)

How is a dropping dollar going to reduce US debt? I can’t get the math. To me, we would owe MORE money that way, not less. I can’t argue with the rest of your statement.

The Nazi’s and leaders in the Middle East in WWII, do have a history. I’m not surprised they see the parallels — even Iraqi leaders in the BATH party admit that. Whether one wants to brand them with any name or not, I doubt they could get along well enough to compete with even a small organization like Al Qaeda — let alone cooperate.

Your post are always entertaining, even if I don’t always agree with all points of your US criticism.

It’s probably his language converter. Not working good at all. :(

No engine is perfect, but we’re a long way from the F-14 Tomcat/Pratt&Whitney TF-30 days. Once the F-35 is being produced by all means look into a second source for the engine. But the estimated $20 B you suggest can be saved by furthering the F136 is wishful thinking in my opinion (nothing personal, just my two cents).

Shame that F-14 airframes have been shredded, and are not now available for remanufacture to gen 4.5 with modern avionics and a pair of non-VTOL variants of the F136 engine, plus 2D thrust vectoring. Using F136 thrust numbers, that would have been ~50,000 lbf total without afterburners (a supercruiser), and ~80,000 lbf total with afterburners, as compared to the F-14D’s ~27,600 lbf total without afterburners and ~55,600 total with afterburners. Too bad its not an option. Enemies of the US can mostly thank Dick Cheney for tossing the Tomcats into a chipper shredder. Maybe US can get a deal on some lightly used F-14 airframes from Iran.

I don’t think the new F-14D airframes have been scrapped. But sadly those were only built in limited numbers before Cheney put an end to the chances of a 21st century F-14.

The F135 and F136 are big engines, bigger than the F100, F110, and F119. You could fit the F119 however (the same engine used by the F-22A) which would still provide very impressive gains.

I wouldn’t buy those old ones from Iran however, you’d be better off designing a new fighter than hoping for resurrected F-14.

Its too late to matter much, and nobody would take it seriously, but…

F-14A used two of the P&W TF30-P-414A, 49 inch diameter, 242 inch length, 4000 pounds weight.

GE’s F136 (VTOL variant for F-35B) is 48 inch diameter, 221 inch length, (haven’t seen weight).

Would it be lighter weight than the old P&W TF30-P-414A? Would a non-VTOL variant be shorter in length? Would adding 2D thrust vectoring be shorter and lighter than the extreme thrust vectoring used for the VTOL variant?

The F-14B/D used GE F110-400, developed from GE’s F101 that was developed for the B-1 Lancer bomber. GE F110-400 is smaller, slightly heavier, but more powerful and less prone to stall/flame-out than P&W TF30-P-414A.

Using the F136 VTOL variant numbers…
inluding power lost to the PTO protruding out the front:

GE F136 without afterburners would have ~90% of the thrust of GE F110-400 with afterburners.

GE F136 with afterburners would have ~144% of the thrust of GE F110-400 with afterburners.


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