Military Pay Freeze Floated

Military Pay Freeze Floated

In a call that may well tip the scales in favor of serious cuts to the entire defense budget, senior House Democrat Steny Hoyer called today for active duty troops to take a pay freeze, just as their civilian counterparts will.

Hoyer, the outgoing Majority Leader, offered an olive branch to those who might oppose the whole idea of a pay freeze for those who wear the uniform. He said he would exempt those deployed to combat zones.

“Millions of Americans are out of work, and many are tightening their belts; Federal employees must be no different,” Hoyer said in a statement posted on the majorityleader​.gov website. “It would have produced significantly more savings had that sacrifice been shared between Federal civilian and military personnel — with a strong exception for the members of our military and civilian employees risking their lives on our behalf in Afghanistan, Iraq, and anywhere else they are serving in harm’s way.”

Hoyer, whose district contains many federal employees, also argued that broadening the freeze to include active duty military was a matter of equity. “It would have also added an element of fairness: there has been parity between civilian and military pay raises for 22 of the past 28 years in which raises were authorized, and hundreds of thousands of Federal civilian employees work alongside military employees in the Department of Defense and other agencies” he said. “In fact, the first American casualty in Afghanistan was a CIA agent–a federal civilian employee.

Hoyer, who stands to the right of his boss House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on many policy matters, could well swing many Democrats behind his move. Given the GOP’s control of the House, his effort faces much greater uncertainty in the institution. Rep. Buck McKeon, incoming chairman of the House Armed Services, has pledged to give troops whatever support they need to get the jobs done in Afghanistan and Iraq. That would probably translate into opposition to any pay freeze, but Tea Party Republicans — and the presidential deficit commission, which reports out tomorrow — may well push hard for something symbolic like this, that also comes with a pretty hefty return.

President Obama announced a pay freeze for all civilian federal workers yesterday: “These are also times where all of us are called on to make some sacrifices. And I’m asking civil servants to do what they always do and play their part.” That is logic that could easily be extended to troops serving at home or at some of the more comfortable foreign bases. The civilian freeze would, the White House estimates, save $2 billion for the 2011 fiscal year, $28 billion over the next five years and more than $60 billion over the next 10 years. No comparable numbers for a military freeze yet.

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So… Does this mean killing the Cost of living increase or time in service pay increase or both? I tell you what… if you did grant a pay increase only to those who deployed, there would be a whole lot fewer service members getting injured when there bucket comes around… Oh, you no longer need a profile? How interesting…

I’m a Staff Sergeant now, and guess what, I will now be leaving the military now, seeing how the government doesn’t appreciate the people it sends to die in it’s defense…and I hope u realize this will not be an uncommon thing.

Typical Liberal knee jerk reaction. How about we close the majority of bases in Europe and pull all the staff out of their to save money instead.

How about we get rid of the Amendment that continues to give Congress — both houses, a guaranteed pay raise with wonderful benefits, and they start putting their money where their mouth is. Start sacrificing along with our military, families and civilians at large that have lost jobs, homes and else to all this mess — called “stimulating the economy”. Then they might be considered to be contributing to the betterment of our nation along with the rest of us.

Why didn’t congress take a pay freeze and pay cut. Only certain groups got the pay freeze. If they really want to cut the budget, congress should take a pay cut. Does anyone remeber that 33% pay increase in the 80“s for congress. The idea that that government is better than the people is something that I thought was against our constitution

Typical liberal. Gut national defense force homosexuals in and increase hand outs to good for nothing welfare recipients, ie democrat voters

I agree totally. How can someone vote to cut someone’s pay and not be willing to have their own pay cut, oh plus all the lifetime benefits they receive.

Wow, Steny, what a dumb political move. I bet his office phone is ringing off the hook. There’s only one military pay scale, it would be rather impossible to develop separate pay scales for the deployed and the non-deployed. The correct policy would be first set the example and freeze Congress pay, then freeze the military pay scale, and then increase bonuses for deployed, fire, hazardous duty pay, etc.

I agree. I do not know what Amendment gives them these bennies, but I do agree that the should put their money where their mouth is. I am retired military, spent the next 20 years corporate America, and have worked for the past 10 years as a small business owner. IF you want to fix this system get more involved than posting to these forums. This is the easy part, taking positive action is hard.

Who are you calling a liberal — please use @ to show us who you are shooting at so that person can reply, if you do not reply directly to that individual.

Who are you calling a liberal — please use @ to show us who you are shooting at so that person can reply. I agree that we should close the majority of overseas bases if the host country will not bear the cost. WWII is over.

“A defense budget in decline portends an America in decline. It will undermine our ability to project power, strengthen our adversaries and weaken our alliances,’ McKeon

This is exactly what imam Obama and his leftist allies like Boyer desire.

I have little time for pocketbook patriots who’s loyalty has to be bought with loans from China. You find the same people are fast to sign up for welfare payments as soon as the see a better deal. Obama should put a 2 year moratorium on welfare payments to people who jump ship for no reason.

The military would be better off with professionals who understand that weakening America economically is the greatest threat.

Speaking from personal experience as a welfare bum? That doesn’t mean your qualified to speak on what service members are paid.

Hoyer, pelosi, barry, etc…

exactly… Oblat has received anal poisoning he is so far up barry’s ____

Anybody recall that they have been having a really hard time getting GS civilians to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan for the provisional reconstruction teams?

The AFGE (govt union) hitched its wagon to a real star (our troops) long ago citing the need for “pay parity” due to this “service alongside” concept. Yeah, except where it is dirty, dangerous, outside 9–5, over holidays, or on weekends…then it isn’t equal, it is better (for the civilians).

Congress went along, giving them the same raises as our troops, even though they didn’t deserve it. Yet, when asked by their country to deploy they said “no” in large numbers.

Can cite numerous dedicated civilians I’ve served with, but also loads who knew they couldn’t be fired (easily) and did the least they could to get by.

Time to break the tie, and once again let troop/civilian pay raises go their separate ways.

The guy who has never served and makes a living lying to the American people about defense contracts sticks his head up — you’d think he’d just die of shame.

You talking about yourself again Oblat? Even dogs can be taught the meaning of “no”, why can’t you?

THANK YOU for your service to our great country Mr. Hoyer!!! Oops.…that’s right.….you NEVER served your country!!! Another DUMB idea from someone who knows very little about what he’s proposing!!!

Learn how to spell… In addition to your spelling, it also might not hurt to temper your anger by doing some fact checks on your rhetoric… e.g. His last name is Hoyer, not “Boyer”

I am currently in the Military and have many Soldiers who qualified for food stamps and WIC. Is this really the way that you would repay the men and woman who fight to keep our country free. We barely make it as it is with the pay that we get. I don’t serve for the paycheck people, I joined to serve for a country that I believe in. Its compassion is greater than any other country, however if this is the way that we will be treated I think it would be better to not serve a country that doesn’t appreciate what we do. After September 11th this country was quick to get behind its troops that went off to war and fight for its people. How quick you forget that we our still in the same war.

Steny Hoyer

You’re the first to bring up the pay scale issue. Good! How would it work? Say I am at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, training up to deploy. BAM, the Army gets a pay raise. But only for deployed troops. I get nothing, but my bud in Afghanistan gets a raise. Next month we swap places. Do I get a raise now? Does he lose his? If nothing else, this imposes an enormous overhead cost on the Army to keep track of this (THINK: This idea COSTS money, not saves it). Hoyer’s suggestion indicates a complete lack of understanding of the military pay environment and the secondary effects his idea would impose on the system — possibly costing more than the savings.

I believe if this man wants a military pay freeze, then the house and senate should take a pay cut. These guys make almost $150,000 annually. At the beginning of 2009, the house and senate received a $4700 pay increase. The military pays taxes justice everyone else. Maybe the military gets annual pay raises because only 1% of the population is in the military.

We need to save up so that unemployment benefits can be extended for another 99 gazzilion months. Couch potatoes need to remain on the free gravy train as long as possible. F the hardworking military cry babies. Most vote republican anyway.…

Congress makes $174K per year. Time for a 25% cut over the next two years. Also, cut all staffer pay above $100K per year by 25% too.

Time for all those compassionate conservatives in the GOP to eat their own cooking.

They get 175K a year but also get a 1.2m expense account as well to pay for thier staffing, trips, and meals. reduce all thier pay 50%, expense account 90%, use video teleconfrencing from thier home districtsthus no more frequent flyer miles back and forth, make them brown bag all thier meals out of thier own pockets, reduce the number of reps to 2 per state as originaly stated. After that close down all American embasies around the world ( that is what the UN is supposed to be for), close down numerous overseas bases, retire all active military over 25 yrs of service — discharge all sick/lame/lazy or constantly pregnant or over weight, stop giving pro pay to officers (that is why they are officers to start with), USE LOCAL PURCHASE instead of GSA wharehousing for common items and save an average of 90% (the same MILSPEC hammer for 800.00 through GSA is only 37.00 for the exact same item at sears, guns and parts are 50% cheaper as well as many other items). We could easily get out of the hole if done right but no one wants to do that.

I would also freeze all pay and expenses to Congress on 1 October if they have not yet passed ALL of the appropriations bills.

thanks for staying on topic, not using worn out and bigoted remarks, anc contributing substance to the disussion. We really appreciate it!

I’d had to ruin the monkey pooh throwing and interject a cojent point, but I cannot help myself.

The PROBLEM with this “discussion” is that it lacks specificity. I have no problem with “freezing” pay for those above the rank of 0–1; but have a real problem if you’re going to freeze the pay of an E-1. The Officer Corps is now OVERPAID, and so too are most of the Enlisted above E-6. That’s just looking at salary, and NOT factoring in housing, food, 30 days paid vacation, and the possibilty of a retirement = 50% of pay.

If you break the current military down to an hourly rate and include all the allowances for housing, dependants, etc. based on the real working hours, the average NCO pay would work out to something in the neighborhood of $15.00 per hour. This backs up the point that Sammy made above that so many soldiers qualify for food stamps and WIC. The pay raises that the military gets each year barely keep them above the poverty level. Anybody think that a single representative in the House or Senate could get by on the pay of an E-6?__How shameful is it that our military has to survive with the aid of financial assistance and food stamps. The only time that the military pay begins to come close to a respectable salary is when they are deployed and taxes are waived. Is freezing this pay at an already sub-standard level really the smart move?__Hoyer talks about saving a few billion over the next several years. What about the billions America sends to countries all over the world each year, including the ones that won’t even support our efforts overseas? Maybe that’s where the cuts need to come from.__Not to mention the money we’ll save by selling Pelosi’s jet!

This is a stupid idea. Those who are serving in this capacity do not get paid enough as it is. Their civialian “counter parts”, as he put it should not be counted in the same fold. These people are putting their lives on the lind. I remember when I was in that situation. A freeze in pay would just add insult to injury. My family needed all the money we could get. I was making E-4 pay at the time and that is just crap! I think congress should be forced to go hang out on the front lines for a few weeks and undergo the same conditions and see what it is really like and then come back, rethink what the hell they are doing, and ask God almighty for some help, because they are totally lost in all the polotics!

I also agree with Laura. Congress needs to stop giving themselves raises. Let the people of the U.S. decide if we want to give the people that are supposed to be working for us a raise! How about if we could just give ourselves a raise every year?

Military families are having a hard enough time making ends meet with multiple deployments and frequent moves. This is a ridiculous attempt to balance the budget on the backs of those who are paying with their blood, sweat and tears.

Hoyer is a moron who has no clue.

food stamps and WIC? how many children?

Maybe federal employees and service members would accept the notion of pay cuts or freezes if those in the senate and congress took similar cuts. Can we put their health coverage on the block as well? All those in favor.….. AYE AYE AYE

So, troops who have been deployed again and again should take a cut. What lunacy. I’m a federal employee and will weather the cut. I don’t think our active duty troops should have less because Congress and presidential administrations have put them in harms way and it costs a lot of money to wage and sustain war. I would like to see members of both houses of Congress take a pay cut and a health care cut and feel the pain they way the rest of American does!!

I absolutely agree. As a civilian with enough time to retire I appreciate just having a job. But the little bit of a pay raise that would have gotten would have paid the 7% increase in our health care contribution which I doubt was taken into consideration. If the folks on the Hill getting the really big bucks cut from the top instead of always the bottom we just might see some benefit down here. I have always throught if unfair that a person could serve on the hill for one term and get a retirement for life and I have to work practically my whole life to get a retirement for a short term that is left and with the retirement age getting higher that term is getting even less.

Many of the civilian employees have spouses that are civilians and many losing pay, losing jobs and cutting back in many ways. It was shared to me that the average civilian pay is $150k a year. I work on a VERY BIG military base and there may be 2 people out of thousands of us that make anything close to $150 a year. There is alot of confusion and of course concern!! It seems like the middle class yet again are going to feel the brunt of this. Let’s pray there is some resolution!

Agreed. And they gets the luxury of saying no. Our soldiers don:t unless they want to go to jail or they commit suicide. This is sad.

I tell you what! Why don’t you cut the Congressmen and Senators pay! They don’t pay Social Security!Stop all elected retired officials from getting the same pay they got when they were in office! No former elected official should get ANY pay from the government because they were NOT employees and got paid extremely well while in office! This would help drastically!

I agree. I thought it feels sometimes like these politicians are playing war like our real soilders are toys. It makes me mad.

They would probably do an increase to the Hazard Duty Pay and not a pay increase to the actual Pay Scale. That way the increase would only apply while you are “in Harms Way”!

Boomer, my thoughts exactly. I have been saying the same thing for years. There are too many aides on the hill, too boondoggle trips, expense accounts that GIO really needs to look at and why should I pay for their meals, miles etc. As a civilian working on a military base I only agree in part with your comments regarding the personnel, a few bad apples do not make the who bunch bad and that is what you are doing with your statement. As a credit card holder GSA is absolutly more exensive at times but most of the time the items that are purchased in bulk are passed on at a lower cost to the govt.

Gary, Put a rifle in there hands, and let congress and the senate go do the fighting, instead of stealing and lieing , about medals and places they have never been.

Everyone knows this will never happen, they aren’t going to upset what they are “owed” by us for representing us… sad as that may be… its the truth. I agree though, I am a DoD Civ as well and I too would take that cut since I have no choice but… I am not 100% sure if I would give myself that cut. Thats the problem and honestly, this issue upsets me because I know there are a lot of other areas $$ can be saved. Millions of $$‘s spent for nothing… research that was NEVER used… the list would be huge. Its just sad.

When you add Trainingaway from home, CQ, and other military things. They are working more like 18–20 hours a day during those times. Plus alot of soliders have dpendent spouses and families because it is not the easiest getting a job when moving from base to base. Especially in this economy.

Have you forgotten that a vast number of GS civilians are veterans already. Many have retired after serving 20+ years in the military, others are medically discharged and have service connected disabilities.
So now they volunteer to again to support our troops and provided the much needed services for our Warfighters AND their families.
Yet here you are saying they haven’t given enough??? Are you kidding me?
Yes there are some that have never served and some who have forgotten why we ARE here, but the vast majority are supporting the military in the best way they can. So stop treating them like red-headed step children…you will probably be one later in your career!

Not only should Congress pay be frozen. There benifits should be the same as the rest of us. Socail Security, not 100% pensions the day they leave work. Congress and the federal employees should get no bigger percentage raises than those they are giving Social Secuity. Congross robbed the Social Security funds and now they want to rob it some more, but keep all of their cushy benifits.

Not sure I agree with you all on the Military pay freeze reasoning. I am a civilian and I do know that the lower rank enlisted folks just barely get by I don’t see how they support families so freezing their salaries just does not make sense. The Officers think they are “ENTITLED” , but for the most part I see they are the last in and first out everyday. I realize they field the hard questions but its lower ranks that did out the answers so yeah, pay freezes should maybe be based on rank/rate. Good thought . One thing I know for sure is we do everything we possibly can to provide the best quality of life for our lower ranks and that includes letting the troops off and keeping the civilians at work instead of the other way around.

this is disgraceful…my recommendation is that congress should take a 90% paycut and assist in subsidizing the DoD. After all it is our soldiers that are giving these idiots in congress the freedom to make complete donkey’s of themselves.…

Hi My husband work in Civilian for 33 years as welder for small pay an hour while health care is on the rise it cost more than what he makes an hour Stop that enough! We won’t vote for Demotratics no more or vote for Obama when he seek reelection in 3 years. You don’t talk to hard working families before you make harsh decision to freeze pay!

Save the budget, go to a flat tax on personal income, no exemptions. Then people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett will pay more than the people working for them. Also require individuals collecting welfare / unemployment to work a minimum number of hours to earn their checks. I am sure they can pick up trash as well as someone on the city payroll.

I too am a government employee. An active military member is not in the same category. I have never put my life in danger, seen a colleague die, or had to sacrifice as our military members have. What about the Members of Congress? They should be the first to take a pay cut!

There is a HUGE disparity between junior enlisted pay and officer pay. The thought that a six figure income for a 14 year officer (includes housing allowance) is a sign of being “under paid” is nonsense. There are facts to military pay, such as the youngest, least paid, are usually the ones put in harm’s way, not the overpaid senior people. Frankly, average military pay is mostly high, lifetime health care for retirees is expensive, and the model can no longer sustain itself. Something must change. I am a DOD civilian and I have some credibility in this matter. I also welcome a pay freeze on myself. It’s the right thing. Congress should do the same or even better, role their pay back. It’s the right thing. Let’s see how far their ethics will take this plan.

I am sorry but I think our politician’s need to look in their OWN back yard before they start cutting down the neighbors.
The military member (deployed or not) deserves the pay they get and should at LEAST get the crappy cost of living increase that may or maynot cover inflation!

Congress, Senate, Mr. PRESIDENT.…you want to cut the budget.…freeze your own pay or even better yet, take a pay cut to show how you are tightening your belt to help the country. How about not having a house in DC and one in your home state? We can put you up in open bay barracks located at any one of the military bases located around the DC area! This way you can actually spend time in your home state so you can get a good grip on the pulse of the people your are suppose to be representing and serving?

These so-called representatives wanting federal employees to take pay freezes need to be the ones to have the cuts…not us. The fat needs to be trimmed from their pachecks, middle income federal employees across the board need to be left alone if they want to help our economy.

Its complete craziness to cut the income of the military! They don’t get paid that much anyway!

Our President needs to quick giving away money to people who don’t pay taxes. Settlements, earned income credit, it all isn’t helping the “working” American.

If there are freezes, everyone should be frozen and yes, I’m a DoN Civ… the bonus, etc for the haz duty pay should not be effected.

Duty stations such as DG and other isolated posts need to be military duty stations and not “contractor” duty stations… the real waste is the $$ paid to contractors vise DoN or active duty being station in locations such as these…

Contractor “waste/abuse” overpay is rampant in on those locations based on the “theory” that contractors “bid cheap”.

The services provided stinks and the payments usually face cost overruns that eliminate the savings…

How about giving us vets the same retirement that you Congressmen and Senators get for just one damn term in office for the rest of our lives. At least we put our life on the line for our country you didn’t ! And what give you the rite to better health care than the rest goverment empolyees and its free for you. You people should be ashamed of yourself.

Where do we, or will we EVER hear of any action that Our Congress will take a pay freeze. Even moreso, will they RETURN their 2010 pay increase they recently acquired???????Shame, shame, if that is possible to those who do not show any.….

Military exempt if deployed on Jan 1st? What if they deploy later in year, or just got back 31 Dec? We can’t lose the trained military we have, and I am sure incidents like this will cause someone to exit the service.

Well Wesley,I hate to tell ya but as a Staff Sergeant your best bet is to stay in the military. Or perhaps you haven’t heard of the economic/job situation we are facing in the civilian world. And to StopWastingMyTax$, the military already has means to seperate pay. They have been using the system for years. The pay is already different for troops who serve in combat opposed to that of soldiers who is stateside. If you all are as for your country as you say you are, then shut up, because there should be a pay freeze throughout the Federal Government including the military. I have been taking furlough days for a couple of years now and I’m not whining; just doing my part to help the economy.

I totally agree on your comment regarding Hoyer’s lack of understanding on how military pay works.

Vets have been frozen out already! I don’t remember when I received a COL increase. And when I did, it was a paltry $30.…not even enough for a carton of cigarettes; Which I wouldn’t buy at today’s prices. I’ve had to deal with furlough days with the State for the last 18 months; not this? I’m not active duty and really think all this should not be laid on active duty troops under any circumstances. It’s hard enough for them making the salary they have already. If you’re going to cut a sprout for those in harm’s way, realize that the rear area troops support those on the line in tangible ways. Don’t “screw the pooch”! MSgt-USAF.Ret

So your telling me that because the civilians got to take an freeze,your only intelligent suggestion was to freeze the military, are u even aware of the low pay we receive against our civilian counterparts, someone need to check steven hoye crenditials …the fact we the ones sacrificing our lives for the low pay check we receive already but now u want to tighten a belt that we have taped with 100 mile tape, i’m sorry you wont get to go to the bahamas on te people taxes or entertain like before ..oh my they cut my pay so no more guccui or first class huh…what is wrong with you people soldiers are dying we barely have the equipment or money…money how about you mister big time senator take a private pays with two kids and try and take care of them .…why they have people like you in the house is digusting but it reassuring as a soldier gets injuried for his/her country to fight for your freedom to stand up in the house an make an suggestion of freezing the military pay i’m sure that soldier can rest in peace now. are u serious what an jack-ass.…

I’d like to see this jackass live on a GS-11 or O-4 pay. Traditionally, civil service is paid about half of what the person in the private sector is paid. And now they want to freeze all military & GS pay? Tell you what… go cut the State Department’s budget in about half and there’s be no problems.

I agree with Concerned Civilian. I am a civil service employee and a reservist. I have heard the allegations that the average civilian pay is $150K, yet I dont know anyone who makes more than $100K. I don’t like the idea of a civilian pay cut, or a military pay cut, because both will hurt me, but I support them as long as the savings isn’t spent on more entitlements to non-workers, or entitlement programs are enforced more stringently! If you are going to cut pay, cut welfare entitlements and reinstate the Estate Tax for the very wealthy. If you plan to hurt a segment of the population for the sake of “saving” our economy, then hurt every one!

What an outrageous idea. The military is already underpaid. I am all for cuts in the Federal government’s budget, but the military should not suffer. I wonder if Steny is prepared to go on record to freeze the salaries of Federal workers, many of whom reside in his district.

This is BS they need to cut CONGRESS BUDGET and Benefits before cutting the TROOPS!!!! We are in a WAR right now and the BOZO’s on the Hill are getting GRABBY. Try living on Military Wages for 3 months I tell ya, they’d be crying to GO HOME.

Good Grief. What next. Be he Democrat or Republican — the man is an idiot! It is obvious what price he puts on HIS freedom and how appreciative he is of those who grant him that freedom. I suppose we Americans fight for that freedom so that those of lesser intelligence can voice their opinions regardless of the opinion’s insanity. As many have stated before me.….….….how about Congress taking a pay cut and leave the struggling masses alone for a change.

Shame on our congressmen! Our service members go where none of them will go, work 20 hours days, sleep and live in horrible conditions — all to fight a war in countries half way around the world. This proposal is a slap in their faces. Better that Congress take a pay cut for themselves — and whatever laws allow them to give themselves pay raises be rescinded. And let’s look at their benefits, retirement package, health care plans, etc.,

I really hate when folks talk about wasting “THEIR” tax dollars..cause guess what service members pay tax too. The only time we do not pay tax is when we are in combat environment. We dont make that much money as is and you expect us to take a pay freeze cause our civilian counterpart have to take one..please stop the nonsense. Our conterparts are not doing the samething we are doing. So whoever this jackass is need to continue on his way out and STHU

Again I’m confused—Hoyer is calling on military to take a pay freeze–while congress is going to continue receiving their; salary, benefits and live in lap of luxury in safe environment of DC. Last time I reviewed who is squandering money—- on give away projects–it was congress—that would be Hoyer et al.. They have been unable to perform their job for past 20 years and the people that can accomplish thier job are to pay to die for morons in office. Over past 50 years politicians blame someone else, each election for fault of our country’s condition.

I have an idea—since we have so many millionaires in congress—let’s not pay them a salary, retirement or benefits; reduce their staff make them part time employees. Also, close the Department of Energy ( real success story) and Department of Education—let states run education.

It is time we the taxpayer demand people who work for us–to be productive


Well let’s see, I’ve served in the military and am currently a federal civilian who has voluntarily served in harm’s way in Iraq. I am absolutely clear that noone on the federal payroll should be exempt from the freeze EXCEPT those in harm’s way, military or civilian. It only makes sense.

Go ahead freeze my pay as a Federal civilian Employee, but leave active duty soldiers out of these mess, Iam a retired army and I know all the sacrifice they are going thru.

OK but I assure you that officers, many of whom have NEVER been in harm’s way, make more than enough — in fact compared to the average fed civilian pay for the same work, counting housing allowance etc, they make a disgusting amount of money.

I find it interesting that we’ll save $60 billion over the next 10 years… How long do they plan on freezing pay???

As a US Army Vet, I remember how hard it was with only my income and three young children to feed, that is why I lost the house we had.

How about the Congressional oxygen thieves takes a pay freeze until their approval rating is over 80%. When, in any business, do you continue to pay people who are non-performers, oh that’s right it’s called ‘Nowhere land”. The emperor has no clothes…

Hoyer is a chump, and if anyone deserves a pay freeze its him! Its a crying shame our military has to defend the likes of him! As it is we dont pay our military enough and to listen to that asshat even suggesting it makes my blood boil! HEY HOYER, IF YOU WONT STAND BEHIND OUR TROOPS, FEEL FREE TO STAND IN FRONT OF THEM.

And they wonder why they lost the last election so badly, these damned democrats never learn and they just don’t get it. This clown was Pelosi’s left hand flunky and unfortunately continues in that role in a considerably diminshed capacity. When was the last time you heard him or his dimbulb boss suggest that the House of Representatives should have their pay fronzen. I truly beilieve that Congress should have a substantial pay cut across the board given the lousy job that they have been doing for the last six years. They are all for letting tens of thousands of illegal aliens remain in this country at our expense, but when it comes to Military pay they want to freeze it, Hoyer is an unabashed liberal who dances to whatever tune Pelosi is playing at the moment.

Why not put a pay freeze on the Congress and House, President? Take the 14–15 % raise they gave themselves this year ; and give it to the Troops across the board as well as our Veterans. It would almost make up the the COLA pay increases that have been stolen from us by ob and his cronies since they took over our Country’s government. It would almost break even.

part ONE…You and the guy who wants to compare “hourly” wages to civilians relative to equality in pay aint to bright. I dont have the energy or the inclination to explain this situation in detaill yet AGAIN. It seems the same misinformation permeates all the military when it comes to salary. Get your heads out little boys. Grow some brain cells and learn to use them.

How much is the average Enlisted person’s monthly house payment, clothing, food, utlities, health insurance, ad valorem tax, and on and on and on and on? The military receives so many add ons to their basic pay that in about 1985 an E-4 with two kids made as much as a GS-11 step one…So…shut up…you dont know what your talking about.…as usual and you are humilitating yourself by proving your ignorance.

part TWO..Most of the families I know that have more than one or two kids are either enlisted military or welfare receipients…The average young family NOT in the military do not have more than one or two kids because they dont have the military/government to take care of them. GS/GM emplyees do NOT make more money than the military and it has been that way since the mid 70’s.

The majority of the civilian employees to not have to go into combat zones (some go because it is the nature of the career field they are in) because they are not in the military…that is what our military is for. Dont like it? Think its not fair? Get out…someone will step right up behind you to take your place, and if they wont, we’ll reinstate the draft. KNow what that means? You’re expedable. Just as civilian employees are expedable.

part three..and final part…I am a Viet Nam Vet and I am also retired civil service employee, GM-13. Based on my knowledge and experience in both arena’s, you dippy morons need to wake up and check your facts when comparing the two.

NO…the Enlisted military should not have their pay frozen, neither should Civilian employees or disabled veterans…I agree…none of these people make enough money. However, again based on my expereince, when the military and government civilian work force has a pay freeze, inflation slows down…so go figure why this dummy came up with this plan.…stupid but true.

Amen to that Laura

Last I checked, this is still a volunteer military! Theire is no one forcing anyone to be in the military. Civilians get the “luxury” of saying no because the didn’t “join” the military!! Don’t forget that volunteer soldiers become the civilians when their time is up in the military! Not to mention so many of those civilians these days ARE prior military and now have the luxury of saying no because they’ve already done their time in theater!!! Not to mention us civilians are the ones all you military people expect and demand that they take care of your things when you are deployed!!

Want to know what I think,…I think any A-hole that would consider this probably makes a 6 figure salary a year, and maybe they should be the ones to take the pay freeze or donate half their salary for about 10 years in order to help out the deficit!!!

Amen Erin!!! I may not be retired military or a disable veteran, however I am a GS civilian who has worked with the Army for 28 years and have done whatever it took to take of Soldiers and their families while they were deployed or at home!! And I continue to serve these Soldiers who think we civilians don’t deserve a pay raise.

Thank you Liam56!!! Been working as a civilian for 28 years taking care of Soldiers and families and watching Privates and Specialists driving better cars than me, and receiving services I have never been entitled to!

AMEN Liam56!!! You are so right on the money in all three posts!!! I too am a Civilian employees of 28 years!! Been taking care of Soldiers and families for a long time!

Cry me a river.….….Your numbers are skewed dramatically. You calculating numbers without including the “tax free” BAH and BAS allowences that the military personnel recieve. This is a huge benefit and is a big percentage of there pay. Not to mention the lack of having to pay into their retirment, medical, and dental beenfits that civilians have to pay into. I make 80k a year and have a friend that is an E-6 in th navy with a single dependent. She brings home more than I do.….….….Enough said.….….…military personnel complaining about pay is outright ridiculous and uncalled for. And just for the individuals who think I’m unpatriotic, I served for 6 years in the AF Special Forces, I did my time and continue to sacrifice my life on a daily basis as a Fulltime Paramedic/Firefighter for a major city and not on a rotational basis of every other year.

Don’t bone the military. They deserve whatever the taxpayer can dish out.
It is the Civil Service that is highly overpaid. Not only should we freeze their pay, we should decrease their pay to levels that actually make sense compared to the average middle-class worker.
For example, take a look at the pay scales for GS workers and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Additionally, there are WAY too many civil service employees overall for most government taskings.
The “writing on the wall” has been obvious for how long?
If the U.S. is really serious about cutting the deficit, this must be done or we all all screwed.
If this does make sense to whomever reads this, take another look–you are either a Civil Servant, or someone who likes to bitch about anything related to our current form of government.

AYE AYE AYE I’m with you there!!

Well isn’t it easy for this guy to say, “HEY, COME ON GUYS, TAKE THE PAY FREEZE”. It is easy for him to say that when he is getting paid 6 figures, and has done so for how many plus years and managed to create a small fortune. I am in violent agreement that the Defense spending could indeed be reduced but let’s look at all the BS we have our Armed Forces involved in, and that cost. If we don’t have the money, maybe we should do a little more planning prior to committing our Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard to the Worlds wars. Maybe we should spend less time being the world police, I bet that would save some money. Other Countries learned the hard way about long term conflicts and what they do to your economy, maybe we should study our history a little better to avoid these costs.

So, as for his recommendation, great, we will do our part, when we are waiting an extra 3 years to get Social Security and increasing our Tricare rates.

So, as for his reccomendation, great, we will do our part, when we are waiting an extra 3 years to get Social Security and increasing our Tricare rates.

That is a shame NOT to give Federal employees a raise. Our enlisted soldiers are scraping the bottom of the barrel to pay their bills and give their families a home to live in. We all must sacrafice things in life but why our Federal employees and our soldiers. Take from the big boys pay at the top. Why must you always take from the little man, the ones that die for you are the ones that get a penalty.

I’ve never seen a GS employee work 100 hour weeks without significant overtime. How about going out to sea for 8 months at a time? You can’t compare us. We spent 134 billion in Iraq and Afghanistan last year. Maybe we could look at that. Those people aren’t changing, they’re just as crazy as ever.

Lease our military ALONE! They deserve more than the pay raises that that receive each year. Many still require assistance to even make ends meet. If this country wants to keep our military voluntary then we need to treat our military meembers with the respect that they deserve–every day.

Steny, you say :

“Millions of Americans are out of work, and many are tightening their belts; Federal employees must be no different,”

That does include you to, then again maybe not a true American at HEART.….….

Hoyer is an a** that needs to be run out of office on a rail. I’m a civil servant. I don’t want a pay freeze. But I tell you one thing. For this scum to even CONSIDER freezing the pay of uniformed military, he should be taken out and flogged. This man has no honor, he has no integrity, he is Obama’s and Pelosi’s pi** boy.

You are right the fat cats in the house and senate especially Hoyer and Polosi need to contribute to a reducion in pay if every one else has to suffer thats only fair in a democrat icsociety. And they should pay social security then they would stop borrowing on the social security account. Also get rid of there holiday percks and etcs make them accountable for there work ethics and get the job done. This would really help the deficit..Always at the expence of the little people..They also need to be be put Obama free healthcare.

Everyone needs to bite the bullet. Including ALL military.

I think it is time for our friends in Washington to wake up. They Spend money like water and then want the rest of us to pay. It is time to stop the greed. we are in a bad situation and the preident takes a $200,000,000. vacation.
His wife and kids go to Spain shopping on my dime. They say the cost of living is unchanged, how would they know when we pay there bills. Bet they haven’t been to the store to see how much things have goon up in the past few months.

You fools in Congress have no idea what the men and women of the armed forces do for you!! I have worn the uniform proudly and now work as a civilian serving my country. How dare they even think about taking money out of the very people that allow them to be in the position they hold!! I have always said cuts need to start at the top! Mr. Prez , Congress and the house, you guys take the first step!!! Take that 25% pay cut and I will take one!!

They need to fire all the government union employees that were hired since Obama took over office. Most of them were hired for non-essential positions and given top salaries in exchange for financial support in the upcoming elections. Then put a freeze on government salaries until they decide to start acting like grown adults and start producing real results in our god given country. The Republicans now have the responsibility to turn this ship around. Lets see if they’re going to abandon the American people.…the same way that they abandoned the Iraqi people during the march to Bagdad in the first gulf war. God help them if they do. Reagon proved that Tax Cuts increased tax revenues. These liberals know it, yet they think Americans are too stupid to know it. Government does not produce wealth. Capitalizm does. In my opinion, the military is the only government entity that has ever produced real results. Maybe we should put them in charge of running the country. Through the same election process of-course.

- Semper Fi USMC 1976–1982

You mentioned the so called fact that in all fairness there should be a military pay freeze just like the civilian federal employees have.…. you forgot to mention the fact that most civilian federal employees make 1.5 times as much as military employees who put their life on the line every day or can get called at a moments notice to do so. Where did you say you are from? Oh, and have you served along side of the troops that we have ever had in this country to protect your freedom? Of course you haven’t! Step out of the picture and open your eyes! I hate wasting my time on people like you! Unbelieveable!!!!

Excuse me Dear John, but not everyone milks the unemployment benefits!!! I happen to have a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and have been out of work for 20 months applying to all types of jobs in state and out of state and have not yet recieved a job offer. So get down off your soap box and instead of kicking people in their teeth when they are down why don’t you focus on the ones in congress who are getting the raises.


What the H are thay smoking. The only way to take care of this wonderful conuntrie’s outstanding debt, is to end the war. the billions of dollers that got into the war every month would pay off an awful chunk of our debt.

Those LUNKHEADS in Washington really have not idea what they are dong (do they even care?). The need to take there heads out of their rearends and try using their brains (if they still work).

For the kind of money and benefits they get, you would think that we would get much better service.

Our servicemembers surely deserve much better than whar they are getting.

Everyone of those idots in Washing should have to spend a month in country (in the war zone). I’ll bet each and every one of them would change their tune.

Amen to that ! Yes tell china to pay up, and how We the United States are so easy to stick there nose in other country’s problems. Do you remember how much the US. spent on the Iraqi WAR???? PLEASE!!


Sammy you hit the nail on the head. God bless you! I couldn’t have said it better…

Why don’t Mr. Hoyer take a pay freeze and our Senaters & Congressmen why can they get a pay increase, I ask myself what have they done for me and the people they are working for us & the Military? I would also like to know why is my Gov. is sc rewing with the Social Securty the money we put in with during our life of work, is this the Gov. we have working, againts us or for us.

That nit wit in the New White House said “And we the Government needs to tighten our belts just like the ordinary small businesses and working people”? What the hell do you call the civil servants and military personnel? The Government is an entity onto itself, not a group of people raping the people by getting their ass shot off. Last time I looked, they were hard working people just trying to get by and hope they live to see an unlikely promised retirement, the DEAD can’t collect retirement. What he should be cutting is his vacations and taking all those friends and the press with him, and that should include both houses at the same time. And if they must give their children a chance to visit another culture, visit somewhere closer to home, say with some of us hard working/non working Americans who pay for their trip. Or just get in a car and or train, bus, pony, and really see a new culture right here in his Amerika. As a Great man once said, “This is Earl Pitts, now Pitt’s off”.

I’m in the Air Guard full time as a wg-12 federal employee during the week and military on the weekend. I made 53,000 last year between both jobs. I don’t know where OBAMA got his (federal employees make $150,000 a year and stanard everyday civilian is making $61,000 a year) facts from. I don’t know of many civilians making $61,000 out there right now. Congress might be making $150,000 a year but not many technicians or military members are. He wants to save 50 billion, how about asking GM for it back. Then he could leave all of us alone. After giving away 4 trillion dollars now he has a consense and is wanting to suddenly save money. Instead of giving that money to the Bank Execs. / bailouts and spread it out among the AMERICAN people instead the economy would already be turned around. Then all of us could have had a coup[le hundred thousand $ to stimiulate the economy.

Apparently Mr. Hoyer is conveniently ignoring the plight of those dependents at home who are still struggling to survive while their loved ones face hostile action in Afghanistan and/or Iraq. Perhaps its time to put guys like this in a ballistic vest and helmet and ask them to spend a week embedded with a combat infantry team in the mountains of Afghanistan before they make such ludicrous suggestions again. Maybe he’s also forgotten that a significant number of those serving in Afghanistan and Iraq are reservists who are on leave from their civilian jobs. So what happens to them? Do their pay raises for both their military and civilian jobs get frozen? Sounds like double jeopardy to me! My representatives will be presenting my viewpoint Mr. Hoyer!

Also my insurance is going up 7.8 % in January and our purposed pay raise was only going to be 1.5 %.This must be part of OBAMA’S Health Care cost savings. I agree with everyone else. If the president and congress want cuts, they should start with their over-inflated salaries. All congess has ever wanted to do the past 20 years I’ve been in the military is cut the military. YEAH that makes sense. Put more people out of work and on unemployment. I’ve seen what happens to a local economy when a base goes from 20,000 active military to 2,000 reservist. The economy dies as no one can afford to buy the houses,cars, refrigerators,couches,groceries,etc. that keep the economy running. All of our factories and industries left town, again putting more people out of work and on unemployment. These clowns in D.C. couldn’t manage their way out of a wet paper bag, much less run a business or fix the economy. We need to send Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, and people like that to D.C. You know people who know how to run a business and keep an economy flowing.

what this again a pay freeze for those in uniform.. what this?? you wana recall?? what this we have conflict in alomost evey of the fukin earth.. HOW ABOUT CUTTING PAY OF CONGRESS AND CUT THEIR BONUS’S WHAT WOULD THAT AMOUNT TO ?? HOW MANY IN CONGRESS NEVER WORE THE UNIFORM AN EARN JUST ABOVE MIN. WAGE. IT TIME TO CUT CONGRESS AN LL THEY’RE LITTLE PERKS..

OK, so I have a suggestion to fix the budget deficit as well as patch up the immigration issue our country is currently experiencing. Also for those of you who are facing a pay cut, my idea will require only a minimum pay decrease, something like 2–3%. Also A little info about me. I used to work as a civilian in the restaurant industry, I have a degree in nutrition management/culinary arts… Americans like to eat, I’ll always make money, at least that was the philosophy at the time. not so much as I found out. lack of money caused me to enlist in the USN as a Corpsman, and if you don’t know how to pronounce Corpsman, ask a US Marine, most of them who’ve seen combat served next to, or have been saved by a Corpsman. Anywho, point being, I make E-3 pay right now, I’m married, my wife is a paramedic in the DC area. I make double what I made as a civilian, and we’re still struggling to make ends meet on what we make now, so cutting the pay for enlisted in the military is one of the stupidest things you can do right now. Has everyone forgotten the saying don’t bite the hand that feeds? Granted the military doesn’t feed the US, but we fight to preserve the freedoms of this country. So here’s the financial/immigration improvement plan… INS goes around and arrests all those who are in the country illegally, including expired visa’s, those individuals get sent to boot camp, not deported just to hop back over the fence a week later. Once they have completed a modified basic training those who want to become civilians are sent to the front line with all the appropriate equipment to fight and serve their new country. Put in 4 years over seas with just E-2 pay no bonuses, special pay, etc, then come back and have citizenship granted upon return. Those who just wish for the “American dream” but aren’t willing to put in the work, those people are deployed to the front lines without equipment and will be used as decoys, IED techs, bullet sponges, etc. With these “substitute soldiers” all forward deployed the current active duty will be freed up to come back and serve on CONUS military installations. Or to serve along the borders to secure the country, as well as make a drastic impact and cut the illegal drug trade in the country. This plan will eliminate billions in current immigration and border security programs, as well as many more billions in extra pays such as combat pay, family separation pay, as well as the pay that is given to the deployed senior enlisted and officer corps(both of which are overpaid, sad when an 0–1 who has been in 6 months makes double what an E-3 with 2 years in makes.) So see no major pay cuts for anyone, maybe cut congress and the house’s pay a bit… And for those who think we should open the borders because immigrants add to our culture, yes legal immigrants add to our culture, illegal immigrants are breaking the law, costing many billions of dollars annually, to arrest, hold, and deport. And to quell the comments about “well that idea violates the immigrants constitutional rights…” The constitution only applies if you are a legal citizen, you have no rights under the US constitution if you are not a nationalized citizen.
just an idea…


It is time that Americans speak out. Congress needs to take a pay cut, buy their own medical benefits, and will not receive life time benefits. These men for 10 years have fought two wars. 5 to 6 deployments, it has taken a toll on them, and their families. They want military retirement to start at 57, when they have life time benefits. They want to change Social Security that folks have paid into, it is their money!! Military is not where the cuts should come from, it is congress and we all need to write to those in power and tell them it is criminal to make these cuts when they are fat cats.

I say freeze Congress pay at 100.00 USD per year. Make them all go out and get a job (or) volunteer to fight a War. Why is it that the low man on the pole always gets the staff ???? Now that we have some new blood in the House — hopefully things will get fixed or in the Military persons favor for a change ! Vote the rest of them out in 2011 & 2012. From the TOP to bottom… By the way — I was just reading the new IRS Tax guidelines for 2011 ! Our taxes (and I mean our taxes — under 250K) will be going up !!! What the Duce ??? We have to get those skating pogs in congress (in-line) with the rest of the world… Let me know if you agree ???

Oh and by the way — Hoyer is an AZZ WIPE !!!!
Wanted to make sure I added that one…
Semper Fi !!!!
GOD — Country — CORP

One last thing !
I have Marines that are E-1s to E-3s that are on Food Stamps because they have a family and the DOD does not care enough to raise their pay !!! These are rock hard Marines — devoted to winning the WAR(s) — serve their country — believes in GOD — and lets freeze their pay ??? How does Hoyer and the rest of his liberal left wing DKAT ACLU loving Cali dreaming Hollywood want-a-be’s think this will fly ??? Give me a F-ing break.…

2 kids,

I say the Congressman and Senators forfeit their self appointed pay increases each year as well as their salaries and all their perks. This would go a long way to helping to pay the military what they are rightly owed. Let’s see the politicians including these 2 groups do without what they are always wanting to take away from others.

Agreed completely. Give to our servicemen what they rightly deserve and take the perks from all the self serving politicians all the way up the chain.

I’m not really sure, but I think it was 50%, But I do remember a high pay increase.

I am with you on this one!! As a disabled veteran and a current civilian fed it sickens me to think that our service members of today have to turn to food stamps to subsidize their income…kind of takes the pride of serving your country and throws it out the window!! Very sad!! Actually, it is just plain disgusting!!

I think they should leave military pay alone and focus on the rich ppl who’s making over 250k a yr pay more taxes than low and middle-class .….they will not even be effect…and cutting pay in congrass is not a bad idea.

You have got that right they have a record of taking for themselves and asking others to give

This is probably the only post that makes real sense! Congress needs to look at itself first, since the President want to be the example for the country. He started with federal civilians, now should vehemently request those in congress to follow suit and sacrifice as well!!!

I uave to say that a lot of ppl have it totally confused it was said from the beginning ******** pay and spiffs shouls be cut REP refuse…it was also said that their healthcare and budgets should be cut jus like the rest of us and REP reuse..when will america wake up and see they are trying to keep us down hey refuse all this but they want 2 give tax cutts to the rich (whicg is a part of the rich paying the same taxes that ppl making $8.25 hr) and also they would not agree with they’re pay being cut the president proposed pay cut in ********(fact) but they will not go for it…REP say no tax hike for the rich n pay cut for ******** BUT no unemployment ext and cuts for military pay.…president obama is out nmbered and can only do so much by himself he proposed these things and they opposed them so what choice do he but to agree with somethings and try to find a common ground we have to help him help us REP say that america has spoke but from all the complaint about the things they agree to do I can’t tell.

You know, you’re typical of several of the soldiers I heard working in my office building. All they did was complain about the pay the civilian workers were getting without having to do the same number of hours the soldiers put in. Well, several of those same soldiers have retired and guess where they are working? Three of them are now civilian workers working in the same office they left as soldiers. Strange, but I know longer hear them saying the soldiers are getting a bad deal. I put in 35+ years in the Army. I worked with many civilians, some good and some bad. But, the same can be said for the military members I worked with. I don’t think that I was odd, but I never cared that the civilian hours were different or pay a little higher. I only cared that they were helping to get the mission done. Bottom line: Stop complaining about your fellow workers and concentrate on what you are supposed to be doing.

I agree with you. I’m retired military working now as a DAC in Korea. I don’t know of a single civilian worker over here who is getting anywhere near $150K a year for his salary. What bozo said we’re making that kind of bread?

I’ve read several comments that I agree with. If America needs to tighten it’s belt then they should include Congressmen and Senators. They shoud forego any raises and actually reduce their salaries and benefits. Cut back on their staffs and expenses and the needless trips they take. Two more years and then we need to get rid of the rest of the people like Hoyer.

Soldiers sacrifice enough. They don’t need to sacrifice their pay on top of everything else.…

They deserve more money than any of these desk jockey, white collared assholes

First of all, it is ridiculous to equate civilian federal employees and our active duty military — deployed or not. I am a civilian, and I do work alongside active duty military, and yes we perform most of the same duties. HOWEVER, there is one big difference between myself and my active duty military counterparts — I have not signed over that “blank check” of my life. I do not run the risk of being deployed, and during my career I will never have to risk my life in the line of duty. Our active duty military have basically signed their life and their safety over to our government. Just because they are not currently deployed DOES NOT mean they will never be. Their membership in the armed forces is a promise to serve our country if she calls, no matter the task. There is no way, shape, or form, that these brave men and women should be equated to the civilian workforce.

Are you in the Military Pennst98? I have served for over 20 years as a US Marine and I can tell you that the enlisted ranks at any level are under paid! I can’t tell you how many former Military retire from active duty and receive an average $20,000.00 annual pay increase for doing the very same job they did while on active duty. OUR SERVICE MEMBERS ARE NOT OVER PAID!!

What do you expect from a buch of draft dodging liberals. If it was up to me you wouldn’t be able to serve in Congress, as President or any thing else that had an affect on the Military, until you had pulled some time in the Military. Peorid!

I’m sorry but we need to call our Senators and Congressmen and tell them we will not allow this. The government has been screwing the military on its pay forever. If you are in I suggest you get out, heck you can sign up with a civilian contractor and make 10x more money than you do now. I’m pretty sure they have a better benefits program and if you do get hurt or killed I’m pretty sure they will make sure you or your family is taken care of. Though I think a lot of the money between the military and civilian government contractors come from the same place, I highly doubt that they will be cutting the pay for civilian government contractors.

Maybe if both houses froze their pay raises AND started paying taxes maybe then maybe we wouldn’t need a pay freeze for the military! Those who serve in the military have offered to give their lives if need be for this country but they can’t get a pay raise? Let’s not even mention the fact that they are on call 24/7 — divide that by their pay most of them barely make minimum wage! True, none of them joined for the pay they joined to make the world a saver place but their families deserve to eat & be able to pay bills! How can they do that if congress & the senate allow the utility companies to raise prices but don’t give the military the raises to pay for them! It’s a bunch of BS!

Why does’nt that supprise me alot of good people will leave. But does that mean CONGRESS will take a freeze also? Probaly not:) Thay need to look at thier pay and all the raises they have been given over the years without them even having to vote on it. How shameful to disrespect the MILITARY again.

Well Im in the military, a CPL, I think this is some bs. Why should the people defending our country take a pay freeze/pay cut? We are the reason you can make these stupid azz decisions. I tell you what as soon as they cut my pay… I’m done I’m not coming to work anymore. Congress always wont’s the middle class as well as the poor to give up the little we have. Why do u guys lead by example and take a pay freeze your damn selves???

If you will remember just a short time ago, Congress killed the bill(s) to stop the pork barrell spending. What the HELL is going on around here, do we just smile and spread our cheaks?????

I work for the Army don’t like what is happening. I’m sorry to hear that you will be leaving, but more than understand. And since this administration hates the military I’m sure there will be alot more of our military following your example. Thank you for what you have done for this country.

I am a Veteran of the Vietnam War 64–68, I strongly agree with you . This government both Dem & Rep should their lucritist salaries and their pensions taken away from them before they touch our soldiers.

I strongly with you on that, cut , freeze or remove those benefits from this government that sents young men & women to harms way and doing to not thing in granting those who served all they need instead of trying to cut whatever little this soldiers get. Thank you for your support. Vietnam 64–68

Try it…Just try it…

Anyone who even implies that the military is not sacrificing enough — or is not sharing equaly in this sacrifice is out of touch with reality and should most definetly not be in a leadership position. Where has Hoyer been for the last 10 years when the military has been bearing 100% of the sacrifice in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Has Mr. Hoyer done any sacrificing? He just sacrificed his political career in my opinion. Good ridence!

I’m a retired Marine, I agree because our military doesn’t join the military to get rich. In fact, they serve our country making an income in the poverty level. I think the cuts or freezes should come from our congress and those getting rich from the government.

Well Let Me Tell You Anonymous Your A Bloody Clivian These Soldiers Sailors Marines Airmans Whois Over In Arms Way Because Your Congressman And Senators Presidant Want there Damn Oil. Then Have To Straight Out Go To Afganistan Why Dont You Go And Put The Unform On And Then Say That!!!!!! If You Want To Bitch About Bases Closing Thank Your Senators Congressmen Because They Also Hide There Children From Going Into Combat Also… So Dont whine And Cry You Voted Them In!!!! You Cheer Our Soliders When They Come Home But Stab Them In The Back When They Turn You Make Me Sick!!!! And To Think I Fought For This Country !!!!


It is really bad when I see senior citizens standing in line waiting for a ticket for a Christmas dinner. When a disaster hits other countries we are the first to jump in. We have a disaster right here in the United States that is being ignored.

If they are goinmg to hit the military with a freeze then those in Washington should be added to the list. Thats all the way to the top. They have hit us little guys already. No cola and can expect insurance and other things to go up. No way to get ahead in Obama’s world. Those that voted him in I hope they are happy.

I’ve read the replies to this article and I feel that some levity and summary is needed.

Rep. Hoyer is calling for equality in the money given out to federal employees. It’s just that simple. If you work for the government you will not receive a pay raise just because the calendar has moved forward. We are in a recovery from a massive recession with a gigantic federal deficit to deal with.

It sucks but in order to make it through as a nation we must all share the pain equally. The average service member knows more than their fair share of suck and will deal with it. That’s what we do. There will be less shopping trips in the near future but at the end of the day we still have the greatest job on Earth, working with the most incredible people for the worst employer possible. That’s just how it is and we accept that.

Has the cost of living increased to justify the automatic pay raise? If not then ok, I accept that unlike many civilian employees I will not receive an automatic raise even when I deserve it. I chose to work for the federal government and will live with the consequences.

However I must agree with most of those who have posted before me in stating that ALL federal employees AND elected officials must feel the same freeze on their pay. Anything less than a total freeze for all would be unfair to say the least.

I also sympathize with the DFAS workers that will have to handle the alternate pay scale for those that are deployed. BUT those same DFAS personnel are already used to bizarro pay scales filled with all sorts of combat hazard bonuses and they will be more than able to handle an alternate system for those deployed. When they fail it is no big deal as pay problems are a fact of military life and will work themselves out in time.

To sum up: it’s ok, we understand that things are tough and we’re willing to do our share. Just be sure that we do an equal share for America and no more, no less.

I’ve retired from the U.S. Navy after 26 years as an E9. Most of those years (18 +/-) I have had to work two jobs to get by. Even at sea I taught college courses during my cruises. After Navy retirement, I worked for the VA as a WG6, making about 16 bucks an hour. After taxes, SSN, union dues etc I still would have had trouble getting by if my wife hadn’t started working. Cutting through all the B.S., unlike our representatives in Washington, neither most Military or civil service are getting rich on their pay and most have little opportunity to save any money. When I was knocking down $16.00 civil service, that was considered to be a pretty good pay check. I don’t know what the rates are now but I’m sure they barely kept up with cost of living. For God’s Sake Obama, if you’re going to take money, take it from somebody who can afford it. Neither most Military or Civil Service are in that category. Don’t use me for an example though. Right now we’re doing pretty well for ourselves. My retirement plus SSN and my wife’s SSN has put us in a pretty good position. Too bad it all had to wait till I became 100% disabled from Agent Orange and am probably in the late Winter of my life. HELL,Do Right, INCREASE the paltry paychecks of all Military and Civilian workers who struggle to get by from pay to pay. Seems like you have money for everybody and everything else.

Just freeze officer pay. That’s where the REAL boondoggles are.

I’m pregnant with my first child, and I qualify for WIC and foodstamps on a military salary. I’m chronically ill and unable to work, no matter that I want to. :(

We are NOT using foodstamps, because we know that there are so many people who are far more desperate than we are. However, the fact that we have E-3s eligible for foodstamps is disgusting. I know E-4s eligible for foodstamps as well, even if their spouse works.

People will no re-enlist if they can’t afford to feed their families. They’ll enlist, get the education from a-school and c-school, and leave as soon as they can. We’ll have no strong leaders, because all of the people who can hack it in the civilian world WILL. They’ll leave. I don’t care how much of a flag-waving patriot you are… if your children are hungry and you have the option to work for a private company, make more money, NOT deploy… you’re taking that option.

I know plenty of liberals in the military who are just afraid to say anything. The whole “our military is Republican!” thing runs so deep that you’ll see people lie to keep up appearances. I’ve seen two people who I KNOW are insanely liberal sit there awkwardly pretending to hate homosexuals. Because they feel like they have to. :(

Still… I pretty much agree. I don’t think the unemployed are lazy or anything, but I DO think that we need to prioritize… and that priority needs to be our men and women in uniform.

Amen, Rheiz.

It just adds insult to injury. If they’re going to freeze military pay come-what-may, they’re going to wonder why they can’t get anyone to re-enlist. They’re going to wonder why recruitment is dying. What happens when inflation goes crazy and the military families can’t afford food, because nobody thought of the long term? Who would stay in those conditions? People already know that the military isn’t a path to getting rich, but to make it difficult to survive is pathetic.

My husband could have gone to a trade school and worked for Grumman, back in our home town. He could be making more money. He could be here for the birth of our first born. Instead, he’s on a carrier out in the Pacific, doing a job that will net him a nice chunk of change when he retires. If he leaves when his current enlistment years are up, we’ll be able to get him a job back home, and we’ll be able to afford a house, and we won’t, for the first time since he’s been in the military, be eligible for foodstamps.

We’ll end up with a draft under this current course of action, because we won’t be able to get/retain troops.

Spot on, Concerned! If they don’t have the money to pay for the war machine, maybe we should be a bit more choosy with our wars!

Don’t forget that Civis aren’t worldwide deployable with 24 hours notice. And that civilian employees aren’t called to work every time some 19 year old jackass decides to get drunk underage. And that civilian employees aren’t working 20 hour days. And that civilian employees aren’t contracted for 8 years. Civis aren’t held to physical standards as a condition of employment.

He’s right though.

let’s continue to pray for our governemnt!! as you can see it is much needed!!

you are awesome! my husband is currently deployed… i think they are looking in the wrong direction they need to take their own pay or the pay from football players or actors!!! I think i would rather pay for my life and my childrens life then to watch a movie!or listen to some worthless old guy (Hoyer)!!!! this guy really pisses me off

I think that Congress should take the hit, our forces are fighting for them to be free also, the military should not be made to take any hits!!!… If they really want to take a good look at where the $$ are going, look into prison systems and how many years we pay for inmates on death row. Also how much we offer welfare people that truly don’t have any other plan other than to abuse the system. I don’t mind helping those that help themselves but I am sick of paying for deadbeats . I have heard of several instances where young women are standing in line at the welfare office suggesting to other young women to just have a baby and their car, insuarance, apartment and food will be taken care of. However the working man that is just barley making it cannot get enough to not lose their home unless they lose everything then go on welfare. I know that we are a country that sometimes worries about peoples rights on the wrong matters.

What do you except from DemocRATS? Most of them never served and do not understand the sacrifices military members both past, present and future make to be so they can pass their socialized agenda. I have a better idea make congress live on aE1 to E4 salary for their term in congress and see what happens. They will get quarters allowance and Sep Ration pay and have to get military health care. When they see how that works, they may change their minds

But remember the DemocRATS mascot is a Donkey and you know how stubborn a Donkey can be

As a matter of equity, the Congress and Senators should be part of the freeze as well.…

I seriously couldnt agree more with you on this!

this man is a fool!!!!! tell him to cut his pay . moyer is clueless .

How about every one in the congress and White House tightening up thier belts ‚along with the rest of us ! Are we not a united country? GT.

This is so much crap from a group of elitist who constantly want the American Servicemen and women to shoulder the brunt of the worlds ills and get nothing in return. Defend your country and die but let us put you on minimum wage. Trade in your $2,000.00 suit Senator AND GIVE UP 33% OF YOUR PAY UNTIL WE STRAIGHTEN OUT THIS MESS. Most democrats think the military is worthless anyhow.

Senior House Democrat Steny Hoyer , cut your pay first and all who sits up on the Hill with you! President Obama will not go for touching the active duty payroll. This is really unreal to say freeze the active duty military pay !

This is why Hoyer is the outgoing Majority Leader!!!

Not only are the soldiers getting screwed here, think of all the children and military spouses that give up working to follow their soldiers around and raise the children. You are messing up tons of lives!

Congressmen and Senators trot around washington on their high horse acting like life is so hard, and act lie they have emotional ties to the decisions they make for their people. They don’t mae decisions based on what we want, they BS their way into office and then it’s all about them. I would pbet every paycheck that I get, none of them go home at night worrying about how they are going to make it to the next pay check. Their kids go to private schools, they have “drivers” because they are too lazy to get themselves there, they have secret service agents to protect them. GIVE ME A BREAK! Military members bust their butt day in and day out to mae a living and serve their country, yet most have to resort to WIC and foodstamps.

CONT: How about we cut their salaries in half and then freeze their pay. How about we cut Obama’s salary to just above poverty level. Just becuase your the president doesn’t mean you need 400,000 a year. Everything is handed to him and his family on a silver plater, and in the meantime his wife and kids are working on a clothing line to get rich and famous. GET OUT OF HERE! The president relies heavily on the militarty for transpertation all over the world, and he has an entire crew just to “protect him.” This is a dog eat dog world. Those who sacrifice what they have to join the military learned to defend themselves and lean on their troops. Maybe Obama should invest in a Toyota, and buy plane tickets like the rest of us. That would save millions just in gas alone and free up more troops to defend this country instead of cooking dinner for him in a high class jet that’s NOT NECESSARY!

Obama should learn to tae after his military, we join not to get rich, but becuase we want to (what ever that reason may be, but getting rich isn’t one of them). I’ve only been in just under 5 years and with this pay freeze and saying we wont see our retirement until 65… I’ll be better off getting out and working at McDonalds.

As an Active Duty Service Member this makes me sick to my stomach. It makes no sence. Im an E-4 with Two dependents. I will not be reenlisting nor do i proudly stand behind what this country is becoming. Ive sacrificed enough including a marriage to serve those who now dont stand behind my sacrifices.

I’m active duty and I have a hard enough time supporting my child as a single parent. If they cut our pay, how will I ensure my child has a roof over his head, and food in his stomach. I also take care of my sick mother who is unable to work out of my own pocket because the Military denied my requests to add her as one of my dependants.… This is ridiculous, i’ve given the military 5 years of my life for them to drop this bomb on us. If they continue this there will be no one left to defend the United States. You’re all about the Military when you need something, but then you forget we risk our lives so you can watch Maury and eat Mcdonalds. I’m beginning to lose hope.

The real problem is that we got no real warning. We got paid today and here in Germany if they don’t get it together by the 17th of March we won’t get an April 1st paycheck. The commissaries here in Europe will close so our dollar/ tax free food will be inaccessible and we’ll have to pay rent, utilities, food, gas, groceries, and childcare. All in Euro’s with a 19% sales tax. I’m an E-5 and have $8,000 in savings but even that will only last me and my family of five for about three weeks, what about the brand new E-1 with a kid and a stay at home wife. These kids are too young to handle this type of financial trouble. Some of them were living with mom six months ago. The House and Senate and the entire Executive branch need to donate their take home pay until this is resolved not cut the Active duty pay. I don’t want to say there’s be mutiny but here in the Air Force in Germany there’s already talk of showing up because we have no choice but we’re going to put the Cops “blue flu” to shame, nothing will get done unless it’s life or limb. They need to grow the H311 up and get this budget figured out.

I have to agree with most these statements above, this is BS. You want to pay people in “combat zones” but not the people back in the states or in forgein nations who support and train to help those in “combat zones”. Besides that people in the military sacrafice alot more than people obviously give us credit for, low pay, time away from family & kids (which im leaving my 2 yr old daughter for a whole year), number of hours at work and even in my case marriages… which the goverment that we all fight for cares nothing about. I could bet my pay check, that I probably wont be getting that if it was the House or Senate’s pay check they would find a way to get the budget figured out! There is also already talk about mutiny here in the states and besides that they want us to work for free??? Want to talk about “FAIR” civilians dont sacrafice the stuff we do and DEFINITLY WOULDNT WORK FOR FREE!! I think the government and society in general need to show a lot more support to everyone in the militay not just those in combat zones, cause overseas is overseas away from friends, families, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, moms, and dads. GET IT DONE, WE LIVE IN AMERICA… ACT LIKE IT!!!!

You POMPOUS ASS! You sit in the comfort of you office, and go home to your familiy every night. When most of us in the military are sleeping where ever we can when we can, and dont know if we will ever see our families again when we leave. You are a public servant, but yet you rape the people that put you in office. You pay alone is 4 time that of mine and I’ve been in 20yrs. No one in government office should make that much money. Not counting all of your special pay and perks. Most of you could care less about anyone but you self and. Niether party can agree on anything and when they do it is because one party had to add something to a bill that only benifits what ever corporation is going to give you the biggest kick back. You should come live in our shoes for a year and see what its like. Most of you could not handle it. Those of us that serve and that have served in the military, police and fire are the real public servants, most of you in Washington are money grubbing, liars, thieves and crooks. Stop your pay and perks, and leave those of us that really do something for the country alone.

This is total bullshit! im going through one of the toughest schools in the Navy, barely paying off bills and he wants to freeze my pay? Well, when we need someone to run the nuclear reactor, he can look elsewhere on that one..

If this goes through my husband and I will be kick out of our housing, because we live off post. He is the main bread winner and I have a part time job, but it’s minimum wage. So thats great he just gets back from deployment and gets to be homeless! I am ashamed of Our government, a government that would freeze the pay of those whose protect them. My husband deserves better then this, we are barely scraping by as it is on what we make. The military does not pay much as it is for his rank. What exactly do they expect us to do about living. Seriously if they freeze pay we wont be able to afford our house even if we cut back on luxuries. Ugh!!!!!!

I feel major regrets now joining the military. I joined the military because I, personaly, beleived it was the most stable job in our economy. I was living week by week, pay check to pay check, the average american life style. Now they are saying they will freeze our pay? How will i support my family? How will i put food on the table? How will i pay rent? How will i drive to work? On top of that, how will i even keep in marine corp regulation by spending my hard erning money tiger a hair cut that is madatory every monday? There are many questions running through my head anson sure its on every hard working employees mind that works for the department of defense. From what i understand, the contract was saying i will be getting my paycheck every two weeks. Now congress wants to breach our contract? How about if I wont work until i see another paycheck come in. That sounds fair right? It will give me a chance to find a side job just to support my family by any means. Even if it takes flipping burgers at mcdonalds

A Pay freeze is nothing to the pay cuts that the republicans are planning. When the pie has to be cut who do you think will get the remaining piece — defense contractors that gave generously to their campaign or yourself who gave nothing?

you feel major regrets? sorry bout that. you can always get out when your service commitment is up. no need to change your belief in the job stability of a military career btw. living week to week , paycheck to paycheck? hmm.. sounds like you need some financial counseling. maybe don’t blow so much on a fancy car, cd’s, fast food, and beer. How will you support your family? through your PAY. how will you put food on the table? Through your PAY. How will you pay rent? Through your PAY, or maybe forgo your BAH and live on base. How will you drive to work? Through your PAY, or carpool. hair cuts? get together with your buddies and shave eachother’s head? How is not getting a pay increase a breach of contract? do you have a contract saying you will get automatic pay increases? you won’t work until another paycheck comes in? maybe you should go to the brig. Flipping burgers at mcdonald’s? sounds like a perfect job for your mentality, but you’d probably go there and whine and drive everyone nuts there. or you can suck it up, do your job, get a promotion, get an education, get a better job, and make a better life for yourself. choice is yours, burgerman.

if you are able to pay for the roof over your head now, then you will be able to pay the roof over your head if pay is frozen. btw you got a 1.4% increase in january and you get time in grade pay increases. you get more if your husband gets promoted.

How about a 10% pay cut every year that Congress doesn’t balance the budget?

Who is this piece of garbage to suggest anyone in the military take a pay freeze? And “just like their civilian counterparts…” WTF is that? I do not know a damn person who has had their salary frozen. Maybe they should freeze this fat cats salary! Screw this guy and anyone else who supports him. Are these the kind of “CHANGES” people voted for?

Such funny comments. Being in the military myself, I’d like to see Congress freeze pay and then we’ll really see how crazy service members can be! I feel sorry for the district who is represented by Hoyer and any other Congressman. It’s a shame to think that he would even suggest this course of direction instead of looking to the many social reform programs out of control right now.
If you freeze my pay, then I do not have to work. It’s that simple. I signed a contract and am expected to abide by it, so I don’t know why this government feels it can renige on contract terms without being held responsible. I do not care about receiving pay raises. That is something I can live without. However, I will not standby and NOT receive pay for my services. It’s the fact of the matter really. We serve our country because we want to preserve it AS WELL AS for a wage.
I’m just baffled by this whole idea really.


I am a former active duty member who just got out and it is a little hard to find a job in the civilian world so I am depending on my husbands pay (active duty). I’m not a very political person but I am drawing the line when it comes to freeze pay for the soldiers. They do alot for this country and already get paid less then some civilian jobs. I agree with everyone on here who said that congress should come out to the front lines and get a taste of rough in it out there in the combat zones with the solders. I mean high heat, full battle rattle, MREs/chow halls, limited showers, tent cities, limited phone calls and every thing else that a soldier has to endure with down range. Then they can come back and come up with a better solution.. I am going to be praying for the Soldiers and their families

Really your contract had guaranteed pay rises in it ?



I am so angered by this turn of events.……Mr. President, let me ask you something.….….Do you and your followers enjoy torturing your own Countryman? You ordered a pay freeze? Why? Did it ever cross your mind that the people you took pay from where the only family members bringing in an income at this point? I wonder how many of the people you just took pay from have children and they will be on food-stamps next month? Do you people seriously think through any of the bs that comes out of your mouth or across your brains? Really? Come on Really?? You are ordering a pay freeze for “ALL” FEDERAL EMPLOYEES.….…NICEEEEEEEE! ! Lets cause more unpaid bills, homeless, and starving families with more selfish, greedy, stupid decisions.


Has anyone else noted that the information given in this article is just a bit dated?

As of last week (March 15) President Obama’s fiscal 2012 budget request proposes a 1.6 percent pay raise for military personnel and allocates an overall $8.3 billion for education, housing and other quality of life programs for service members.

When you comment on a 4 month old article, the information is almost always dated.

Does this mean that Hoyer is not getting paid either. Because if he is I would like to extend my deepest thanks for standing up for the little guy, IE the people who are struggling to make it month to month. Way to GO big guy, way to take from the people that defend our country. I wonder if it would be ok if I could stay with you since you are getting paid and all and Im not. You know since you actucally fight for the little guy and all.
Or, here is a great ideal, why don“t you just give up your salary for the year to help out your own cause and leave my family out of it THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!

im sick of these congress men these senators who say lets cut this pay and that pay but god forbid you mention their pay… i have friends who have been injured and nearly killed in Afghanistan i am serving right now waiting for my turn to go… i swear these bureaucrats are freaking hypocrites and idiots. they make there wages for the rest of there life and all they have to do is serve there 4 years in office damn losers. im sick of them we need some people who will take care of every one and take the sacrifices they are asking us to make damn ignorant politics making laws they think they are exempt from

Dear Mr. President, I hear you would like to freeze pay rates for soldiers starting next year. Would you also consider cutting your own pay to save more money for our country? While you’re at it, lets cut down all congressman’s pay too. If the people who risk their lives don’t get an increase in pay, why should we continue raising pay for those who take no risks and reap the benefits?…REPOST if you support troops

How about we stop sending money where we cannot afford. I am a service member and truth be told, a country that does not support it’s troops is a country that does not deserve it’s troops. I love America but when I am in Iraq and I see millions of dollars getting handed over all over the place that add up to billions, then I hear pay cut for us, it makes me sick! Good job!!!

How bout we cut welfare/unemployment, stop the moritoriums on drilling (leave the green energy for later when we can handle it economicly) and get the jobs back from overseas. Wouldn’t that lower the unemployment rate, lower gas prices, and keep money in this country. “change” doesn’t alway mean for the better. Why spit on honorable people who give up everything so you can have everything. It’s B/S that someone would take money from people bustin their butt and give it to people who sit on their butts, reproduce, and teach their children how to sit on their butts and work the system. If the us stoped hand outs im sure everyone would find their work ethic.

The idea of the government trying to reason this into it being okay is absurd…there is nothing that could ever make a pay freeze for people who are having to serve their country under contract and have no other choice is just effing ludicrous!!!! I am appalled and I had hopes that Obama wouldn’t be as bad as thought originally, I wouldn’t have voted for him, but I knew that him getting into office was a very real possibility so I hoped for the best…never expected something quite like this…can you say EPIC FAIL CONGRESS.…EPIC!

I say if it doenst get passed, civil war, congress vs. Soldiers let’s see if they want to pay us when they are staring down the barrel of M16A2

what about those of use who dont get housing allowance, like myself and the %75 percent of my company who dont get BAH and BAS. Oh, and please never brag about being in the “Air Force Special Forces” LOLOL!!! What? Did you go on all the dangerous rides at Disneyland for that assignment? I’m sure it was at least more exciting than rolling around in your office chair all day. Maybe you should talk to some real troops about military life.. ya know IED’s, sleeping in the dirt, actually working

Really? We cut pay were its earned? Being in the military I find it completely ridiculous that our congressmen and people in government who receive more than enough money for what seems like the little they do. Military personnel have to serve 20 years to receive their benefits. Yet our congressmen… One term and they have them for life.. They are receiving hug checks and yet accepting “favors” from lobbyists. We still have hand outs for those who do nothing to fix there situations. Yes jobs are down but there are still jobs.. Should we pay people for not working, give them hand outs because the “can’t find a job”? Or should we pay those people layed off who can’t find jobs to make close to what they had before? Should we give hand outs in the form of food stamps, free college, tax cuts, well fare, etc for those who have illegitimate children? Really I don’t think this country was built on hand outs. Look at our history, things like welfare, and gov’t hand outs were written during the great depression and not ment for it to be continued this far let alone giving more hand outs… Our gov’t is headed into a downward spiral. Borrowing money from china? The deficit just keeps going and going… It hasn’t stopped.. Why not increase taxes on imports and tax breaks on companies who build and make things here in the US. Hmmm think that would make our money back, open up new job opportunities.. Why do we do bail outs for all of these large companies, and yet screw the smaller companies.. Oh wait.. the Smaller ones can’t fill pockets of those in office. Our gov’t is so corrupt its ridiculous and unless a serious change occurs there will be no getting out of this whole they are digging for us.

I agree! If anyone should take a pay cut it should be our government! They should also stop paying past presidents for the rest of their lives if they serve one term. It’s a privilege to be president you should get paid for it until you die. Think of how much money that will save! They should also cut welfare. Why should people sitting at home collect a check for doing nothing while I have to work my butt of to pay the bills. If they want to collect welfare make the kids go to a learning center and the adults preform community service.

I think this is a stupid move. I’m a new spouse to the military life. It’s stupid to cut active duty soldiers pay. They pay in so many ways. They leave their family for months/years at a time and endanger themselves to give the people here a safe life. If you want to have a cheap or free military why don’t they set the death role inmates loose over there? They have nothing to live for and would have to worry about paying them.

why are the military soldiers returning to cooks and civillian cooks loseing their jobs

heard that and not sure which political party trying to do this undestad they want to cut the hrs given on weekend drill time plus if this law they trying to enact that it would cut into my retirement monthly benefits can ayone give me a clear answer

Deployed or not, in harms way or not. I have been a member of the military community my whole life! My mother and farther went to the war at the same time and I’m in the service now going on 18 years. There is nothing like the military family and community. There is nothing like being in the military with your families. I have seen families break up, sacrifices made and it pisses me off that any member of the military is considered for this. I like Obama and I know he and the administration are trying to do cut back but I totally disagree with this!


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