CR Would Leave DoD Short $19B

CR Would Leave DoD Short $19B

If the House Continuing Resolution makes it to President Obama’s desk, the Pentagon will be left $19 billion short of its 2011  budget request.

This appears to be why the House appropriators, not known for their excessive kindness to the Pentagon, granted the military permission — subject to congressional approval — to move money around.

“Even if adequate funds were provided, a Continuing Resolution usually does not provide adequate flexibility to meet operating and wartime needs. In the December 8, 2010, House passed version of the year-long Continuing Resolution (HR.3082), it does appear that the House of Representatives wants to provide some flexibility to the Department to help meet some of those needs,”  a Pentagon spokeswoman. She said there was no evidence that Congress included that language because of the loss of flexibility, but the fact that Rep. David Obey highlighted the language in his summary of the bill indicates he thinks it is quite important.

The shortfall means the Pentagon may find it even more tempting to kill funding for the F136, the second engine for the Joint Strike Fighter, and the Marine’s Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle. From what congressional watchers are seeing over the last 36 hours, every passing hour seems to make a CR more likely to pass, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell notwithsanding.

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25 years experience in the Pentagon budget world watching the “deciders” repeatedly make poor decisions tells me we taxpayers should just let the new budget reality hit them right between the eyes. If they can’t make any decision on what is not needed, what is too costly, what technology doesn’t work, what mission should be taken on, let’s just talk to them is a language they understand. Cut the budget! $19 billion is a good start. And let the chips fall where they may.

Mismanagement isn’t an excuse for cutting the base budget in my opinion. That money just needs to be spent better.

It could be better spent with the right leaders — DoD politicians, civilians and military. But, no. Given the lack of a peer competitor threat, and our supposed adaptability to use our forces for lessor engagements (ala counterinsurgency operations), our military forces are way oversized. Think about it. We are using nearly the entire Army, National Guard and Marine Corps to hunt down maybe 10,000 insurgents! And if we haven’t been able to do that in 10 years, how do you think we could have battled a fully trained and heavily equipped Soviet military? The military is way oversized for the job they have to do.

10,000 insurgents who hide in with millions of civilians who protect and supply them.…

And eh, even the soviets, couldn’t handle the insurgents in Afghanistan.. infact they got their asses kicked.. we on the other hand just can’t finish them off. So I’m sure we can easily handle any “soviet military” that you speak of. Infact, the US excels in actual combat missions, not any of this BS policing activities that do crap to protect our country. (Especially considering our true enemy isn’t even in any of the two countries were in right now).

And we’ve killed 10,000 of them eight times over. The problem is they are like rats.

We haven’t worked the hard traditional force-on-force combat missions in years. No air threat, no missile threat when we make a milk run to drop bombs and our “smart weapons” on single point targets, where we seem to kill lots of civilians and count them as insurgents (reminds me of those famous “body counts” in Vietnam). The generals were deluding themselves then, too. And if we can’t get them to tell the President he (and his predecessor) were wrong in how to go about fighting this 2 and a half war, then cut the budget. That’ll get their attention.

19 mil wouldnt be so bad a cut if it would come from non US military funding, but rather than take parts of it from UN — NATO — state dept — foriegn military aid — foreign US base leases, they will most likely take it from the U.S. Army — Air Force — Marines and Navy budgets. That is what a lot of folks dont understand when they complain about the defense budget thinking it all goes to our troops “IT FLAT OUT DOES NOT!”, defense budget should solely be for our military alone and nothing else considering it is the only thing that defends us and not the other organizations or countries. realisticly we could cut the defense budget in 1/2 if it only went to our military and they would be a lot better off than with the left overs they currently get.

that is billion, not million, and it will probably end up coming out of operations and maintenance

Looks like the JSF out and the Marine EFV is gone and I think the M-4 will be arond for much longer now since budget cuts will kill most replacement program.

Thanks for pointing out my typo — but the same rule applies and you are correct about ops and maintenance going to take a hit — that is what happened in the Navy during the Clinton years, unfourtunately after he was gone those programs never got back up to full strength either.

So punish the officers doing their job for the politician’s decisions?

If anyone here has not actually read the DOD budget, I believe a different opinion might be rendered for those who disagree with the cuts if they took a look at it. If you want to read lines of ‘pork’ spending, then read the portion of the federal budget dealing with military expenditures by DOD. It is a proverbial gravy train of waste. And most of it led by former ‘brass’ who shift from a military life into a position with companies doing, or wanting to do business with our military. There is way too much of a buddy system between exiting brass and the contractors and hopeful contractors doing and wanting to do business with DOD. A good start at reduction, get rid of some generals and admirals as we have way too many. We have more now than when we fought WW 2.

DOD, Congress, and most important, the American people need to concentrate on targeted spending and not this current hodge podge we have in place.

Get the UN out of NewYork over to Sweden. That alone would give the corps the EFV it needs for future combat engagements.


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