The Reactions to Gates’ Spending Plans

The Reactions to Gates’ Spending Plans

The reactions to Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ proposed budget cuts came in fast and furious yesterday following his announcement of which programs will get the axe and which would thrive in the coming years. As expected, they were a mixed bag, with Sen. Carl Levin and certain think tanks may that have influenced his moves were gushing, while House Republicans went on the attack, slamming wartime defense cuts.

Carl Levin, chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee came out in support of Gates, especially his move to cancel the Marine Corps’ beleaguered Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

“The commandant of the Marine Corps told me today that he strongly recommended to Secretary Gates that the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle program be terminated because it is unaffordable and is not designed to meet current threats,” said Levin in a statement released just after Gates’ announcement. Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Conway, “has assured me that the Marine Corps will pursue a more affordable and effective American-made alternative.”

Still, Levin pledged to “discuss” the move along with all the other so called, DoD-wide efficiency initiatives, “as part of our normal budget process.”

He then Gave Gates a big pat on the back for the Pentagon and Navy’s move last month to buy both classes of Littoral Combat Ship.

“Just last month, we saw an example of how Michigan and the nation can benefit from Secretary Gates’ push for fiscal responsibility,” said Levin. “Thanks to good management by the Navy and by the two contractors involved, the Navy was able to buy more Littoral Combat Ship hulls at lower cost than first estimated. That meant jobs for thousands of Michigan and Wisconsin workers at Marinette Marine, more capability for the Navy and better value for the taxpayer.”

Over at the now Republican-dominated House Armed Services Committee, things were a bit different.

First off, Rep. Todd Akin, chair of the House Armed Services seapower and expeditionary forces subcommittee released this statement, warning Gates that he must keep Congress in the loop on all budget cuts, otherwise lawmakers might not “even consider” his proposals.

“There are certainly wasteful and inefficient parts of the DOD that should be cut,” said Akin. “At the same time, I find it stunning that the Obama Administration thinks cutting almost $80 billion from our defense budget while we are at war is a responsible course of action. I have a number of concerns about the specifics as well as the overall priorities this action reveals. If Secretary Gates wants Congress to even consider supporting any of these proposals, he must personally ensure that Congress receives the information we need, rather than stiff-arming the Congress as has been the norm for the last few years.”

He then hit the partisan politics switch, saying the cuts were part of “the liberal priorities of this Administration.”

The only department undertaking a serious budget cutting exercise is the Department of Defense.,” said Akin. “Where are the similar reviews at any other executive department?  Our military is at war, and our military is the only department asked to seriously tighten its budget?”

Akin also tried to turn the logic of the cuts on its head, claiming they ignored long-term strategic threats, despite the fact that many programs that received funding were those designed to overcome high-end threats being developed by nation’s like China.

“Many of these cuts seem to have been decided upon in a vacuum, ignoring the strategic situation our nation is in, and the capabilities we need to fight and win today and tomorrow,” said the lawmaker. “For example, do we as a nation think that the Marine Corps should be able to get from ships to the shore in a battle?  If so, cutting the EFV is absurd.  If the President and the Secretary of Defense want to get rid of the Marine Corps, they should come out and say that directly.”

Hmm, here’s what Gates said yesterday about the EFV and the future of Marine Corps amphibious assault.

To fully execute the EFV, which costs far more to operate and maintain than its predecessor, would essentially swallow the entire Marine vehicle budget, and most of its total procurement budget for the foreseeable future.

To be sure, the EFV would, if pursued to completion without regard to time or cost, be an enormously capable vehicle.  However, recent analysis by the Navy and Marine Corps suggest that the most plausible scenarios requiring power projection from the sea could be handled through a mix of existing air and sea systems employed in new ways, along with new vehicles, scenarios that do not require the exquisite features of the EFV.  As with several other high-end programs cancelled in recent years, the mounting costs of acquiring this specialized capability must be judged against other priorities and needs.

Let me be clear.  This decision does not call into question the Marines’ amphibious assault mission.  We will budget the funds necessary to develop a more affordable and sustainable amphibious tractor to provide the Marines a ship-to-shore capability into the future.  The budget will also propose funds to upgrade the existing amphibious vehicle fleet with new engines, electronics and armaments to ensure that the Marines will be able to conduct ship-to-shore missions until the next generation of systems is brought online.

Akin went on to say that he did support Gates’ move to buy more Super Hornets to make up for delays in the F-35 program. He finished by saying, “I look forward to hearings on every aspect of this proposal.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Randy Forbes, chair of the House Armed Services readiness subcommittee described the cuts as “the continued dismantling of the greatest military the world has ever known.”

Forbes then referred to the recent flutter of activity relating to China’s military buildup, from the unveiling of the J-20 stealth fighter to reports that the Asian nation’s DF-21D carrier killer missiles are operational as reasons not to slash defense spending.

His said this despite the fact many of the programs funded in Gates’ proposal are geared more toward meeting long-term threats from nations like China than fighting low-intensity wars.

Forbes then threw in this barb, “If Secretary Gates’ plans and predictions with these defense cuts are as accurate as his Chinese stealth fighter forecasts, Americans ought to be concerned for our national security.”

He was referencing the fact that Gates said in 2009 that China wouldn’t have a stealth fighter fielded by 2020. Whoops.

“Even more appalling, though, is the fact that the Administration is not being honest with the threat we face with China or where our defense dollars are going,” continued Forbes. “Last August when Secretary Gates announced his plans to cut $100 billion of the defense budget, he said, ‘Unlike budget cutting efforts of the past, the services will be able to keep the savings they generate to reinvest in higher-priority warfighting and modernization programs.’ At best, this was naivety; at worst, dishonesty.”

Forbes was referring to the fact that $28 billion of those savings will now go toward what Gates described as “higher than expected operating costs” associated with health care, pay and housing allowances, sustainment of weapon systems, depot maintenance, base support, flight hours and other training.

“Frankly, using these savings in this way was not my original intent or preference, but we have little choice but to deal with these so-called must-pay bills,” said Gates.

The remaining $72 billion will be poured into DoD-modernization accounts.

While House Republicans were firing shots at Gates, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments CSBA was tooting its own horn, saying in a Jan. 7 email newsletter, “you are a blind fool if you are unable to see who is the most influential Think Tank in DC right now.”

Many of the choices in Gates budget proposals reflect CSBA’s thinking about the threat of fighting a China armed with area-denial weapons designed to keep U.S. forces in the Pacific far from the country’s coastline.

Rebecca Grant of IRIS Independent Research lauded Gates’ move to put the Marine’s short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) F-35B on two year probation and $4.6 billion to the jet’s development funds, calling it “a vote of confidence.”

“The joint utility of STOVL has always been questionable and all the more so now that Britain’s Royal Air Force has backed out in favor of the carrier variant,” said Grant. “But with two years to go, the STOVL is set up to succeed, not fail.”

“Despite the stern words like probation and reversing cost growth the Department is still all in on F-35. With the F-22 cancelled for petty reasons there is no other stealthy, survivable new fighter program out there,” said Grant.

As expected, all the armed services fell in line and issued statement’s supporting Gates choices.

Most interesting of all military reactions was Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos’ statement saying he fully backs the move to kill the EFV. This was “not the commandant’s actual feeling on the matter,” said said Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson earlier this week when new leaked that Amos had been ordered to pitch the cut to Congress. “Legislators are agitated over the plan to kill EFV, since no real alternative exists to safely get Marines ashore.”

Here’s what Amos had to say:

“Despite the critical amphibious and warfighting capability the EFV represents, the program is simply not affordable given likely Marine Corps procurement budgets,” said the general. “The procurement and operations/maintenance costs of this vehicle are onerous. After examining multiple options to preserve the EFV, I concluded that none of the options meets what we consider reasonable affordability criteria. As a result, I decided to pursue a more affordable vehicle.”

Amos went on to explain that the Corps is fully committed to maintaining its status the premier expeditionary fighting force in the world by buying a new, survivable yet affordable amphibious assault vehicle in the near future.

“To bring this capability to the force sooner rather than later, we intend to capitalize on the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s recent efforts to streamline procurement and to rapidly accelerate the acquisition and contracting processes in developing our new amphibious tracked vehicle requirement,” said Amos. “Shortly, we will issue a special notice to industry requesting information relative to supporting our required amphibious capabilities.”

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As a conservative, I will be the first one to admit that the Republicans seem to have absolutely no idea what the military actually needs. This proposal was reasonable, considering the future strategic threats that we’re likely to face in the Pacific.

The real announcement is going to be the relocation of significant forces from Europe. Hopefully, those forces can be reallocated to the Pacific, where they’re bound to be needed.

Earlydawn, you must be living in a cave somewhere. The last time I checked, we are a nation at war. If you take a look at our nation’s history during war, the people sacrificed to support the troops during these times up until Vietnam. Everybody was supporting the war effort in one way or another. Nowadays, it’s **** near taboo to ask people to “cut back” on their lives to help the government.

Also, the DoD is the only department in the federal government to undergo these kinds of cuts. There are MANY other departments that waste money a lot easier than the military does, so why not look at those departments??

Double Secret Probation didn’t work for “Fat, Drunk and Stupid” in Animal House either, why does Gates think that that is and answer to the F35B? It’s just an excuse to spend more money on a failed design that is soaking up inordinate amounts of resources.

I’m with earlydawn. We need cuts all around, and unless the defense department holds up to their end of the bargain, theres no chance the liberal buffoons will even consider cutting entitlements as long as they can hold DoD spending over everyone’s heads. The cuts are reasonable and we get lots of funding for important strategic products.

If the idea is for the right to trade defense cuts in exchange for entitlement cuts from the the left and Obama … then this is stupid and violates Negotiating 101. You don’t give in until you get something. Great, we cut defense. Now we have no leverage to negotiate. The Obama-left will just demand even deeper cuts in exchange for vague promises of entitlement reform somewhere down the road.

Pre-emptive capitulation is how morons bargains.

Please stop saying Gates spending plan. This was a barry Hussein obama / J wright decision. Gates and Mullen were trotted out to do the dirty work but these cuts were imposed by the anti-american president.

BS Byron might think little barry would at least have the courage to bite the bullet himself on an announcement of such national importance. But of course he isn’t and barry does not think America is important or exceptional in any way.…


Trillions for obama welfare voters not a cent for defense.…

Carl Levin never met a military program he didn’t want to cut.

60 Billion wasted on Government motors in the ghetto of Detroit — nothing for the military.

What a Moby. As a conservative, let me be the first to say what a wonderful job Obama is doing. And it pains me to say, as a really super-true conservative, that the Republicans have betrayed my trust and lost my vote and that they are icky and not nearly as handsome as Obama. I’m only saying this cause I’m such a super-duper, true-blue life-long conservative who has come to realize what a reasonable, honorable and all around awesome guy Obama is and how he is the only one who really understands our military.

“To fully execute the EFV, which costs far more to operate and maintain than its predecessor, would essentially swallow the entire Marine vehicle budget, and most of its total procurement budget for the foreseeable future.

Then spend more on Defense you idiot.

“If Secretary Gates’ plans and predictions with these defense cuts are as accurate as his Chinese stealth fighter forecasts, Americans ought to be concerned for our national security.”


More right-wing horse manure.

Every new weapon systems or next generation has more capability and firepower. It also costs more to buy and operate. But why is that a killer for EFV compared to combat fighter aircraft or ships? I’d say that if the EFV doesn’t work as advertised, kill it outright. If it does, then change the usage to one where the Marines assign 200 or so EFVs to the Navy’s amphibious assualt ships (rather than assign them to individual Marine Corps units) so they can be used for that initial assault. After that, the can take the Army’s future Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) inland where the EFV migt be impractical.

The President is not gutting defense with these cuts. The Pentagon was just the first out of the box to announce their cuts. All the federal departments and agencies have been told to make cuts. So there is no need to trade defense for non-defense in any negotiation.

The Pentagon is still bloated after all these cuts, which have nothing to do with jeopardizing our war fighting capabilities. In fact, the force structure cuts (manpower) don’t even take the levels back to the pre-911 levels. So the Pentagon is playing defense to its old level and claiming that it is suffering. Not true.

We should be suspicious of the $4.6B JSF F-35 “savings”. The only way to get that is for the pricing reductions from the latest Lockheed Martin prices (along with lower inflation projections) to be extended through the whole program. That reduction would be offset by the increasing cost of pushing out the aircraft numbers deferred in the near term procurements.

Uh, gee Mr. Gates.….the Chinese really have a stealth fighter? Why yes they do, Mr. Gates! Mr. Obama…is cutting the defense budget god for national security? Uh, gee Mr. Obama, you are as blind as you are stupid…the same goes for the buffoons who support your cuts on Gates shoulders

Good Afternoon Folks,

To fog and all the other racists who don’t use there own name in posting and fail to provide the proper respect for the President of the United States this is the DoD budget and it has nothing to do with President Obama’s race.

You are only hurting those who don’t share you antebellum 19th. Century views, but who do have serious problems with this budget. But if questioning the DoD budget puts them in the same swamp you live in, they won’t.

As for the EFV, a Marine Officers a few years ago summed it up, “There are no beaches in Afghanistan.” The Marines amphibious role has been weighted more in recent decades toward the HA/DR Mission then a landing on a defended beach. The EFV is of little use for helping out in earthquakes or floods. The fact that the MV-22 wasn’t mentioned was a gift to the Marines.

Everybody looks to China to be our next major war, forget it Wall Street doesn’t want it to happen. Want to see who the next major conflict might be with, look around at your friends. Being deceived by ones friends is far more common a cause of conflict the facing off a known competitor.

As far a healthcare goes I’m all in favor of single payer, universal coverage. If the role of a military is to protect a counties values, and providing all of it citizens with good healthcare is an entitlement, not a right of privilege of only a few. Also think of this, all of you who don’t want to put one of your children in the meat grinder.

The further down the the economic sale good health goes the safer your kid is, and the more like some kid, whos only crime is to come form a less fortunate background will die in her or his place. The war that all of you racists Butternuts lust for will require the sacrifice of some of your children too.

Byron Skinner

Hear, hear. One of the few intelligent responses I’ve heard so far.

That’s because republicans haven’t been conservative for a long time. It’s all lip service as evident by their reactions. They talked this talk about fiscal responsibility yet they complain when people try to stop spending the money. What is even more absurd is the fact that they wanted to cut TARP which was providing numerous jobs in numerous states to fix roads which were built 60 years ago, that need to be repaved. They pretty much don’t seem to ever think about what is best for the country, while at the same time worry about whats best for them. It seems they care more for talking about fiscal responsibility, and “killing jobs” rather then actually being responsible or adding jobs. At any rate I am talking about the politicians not the people.

Damn your brainwashed.

Hear, hear, Byron. A reasoned response to the the ignoramuses who think that Obama is behind everything the DOD does. The military knows as well as anyone that to be strong, they have to cut spending. As Dwight Eisenhower said, “To amass military power without regard to our economic capacity would be to defend ourselves against one kind of disaster by inviting another.”

So the j-20 is in active service? Is it even close to active service since it never had a test flight? Wasn’t the JSF’s first test flight close to 10 years ago and its still not active. You see what you want the chinese want you to see and not reality. He said 2020, lets wait and see. Since they still can’t make an engine, haven’t been able to for the last 10 years I’m not too worried.

So you tell me, how long do you think it takes to develop a stealth fighter from scratch with all systems and sub systems. I have a feeling it is significantly longer then you are proposing. I also think that you know what, but any excuse to talk about Obama. Yea whatever you say, you surely know more then Gates. I’m sure you have years of experience as the director of the CIA, and as a dean of Texas A&M. I’m thinking he knows a whole lot more about what is going on then you.

With your english who is more unintelligent? People who worked and studied hard to be where they are. What have you done? What credentials do you have to call them stupid? Do you have a degree from MIT, Stanford, Berkley, UM, Rutgers, or any other school highly rated at math and science? Do you have any credentials at all? No.…STFU sick of reading this nonsense.

Note the budget will not be cut, but only the rate of growth. We need a 50% cut to save the nation, but the communists are too strong, especially those in uniform. Note the outrage of all the communists posting here, pretending to be patriots.

Sure, other departments are going to have to cut. But the DoD is creating a strong hedge against further cuts by coming up with savings now, instead of having them forced later. The DoD is prioritizing. How you feel about the military having to cut is really quite irrelevant.

Better to take your lumps on your terms, then get blind-sided.. say, when China really has its forces up and rolling.

Completely agree. A lot of people on this board can’t reason.

Whether all you ignorant, racist, ultra conservative wack-jobs get or not, our (and I mean all Americans) BIGGEST threat has NOTHING to do with not having a JSF or even a nice shiny new EFV. It has EVERYTHING to do with the CRUSHING debt this country has accumulated since 9/11and the wonton, unfettered spending that has gone unchecked until now.
The Chinese OWN us lock, stock, and barrel. Where do you morons think that the cash from the rubber checks that congress has been writing (normally called Supplemental Appropriations) comes from? Congress has been spending more in the last eight years than taking in in taxes. How long do you morons think this can go on?
As a CURRENT 30 year member of the armed forces, I applaud Gates and his foresight in his attempt to reverse the ridiculousness of Rumsfeld Pentagon.
I behind Mr Gates 100 %.

Byron and CSAR, you are right on. The cuts are totally needed, and if anything, easy on the DOD. I can see a fair number of obvious weapons programs that are soaking up billions and wouldn’t be missed.

All this “nation at war” drama…The weapons systems cuts aside (weapons need needed for this current war you speak of)…if you read Gates’ statement, the personnel cuts take place AFTER 2015…after the planned draw down from Afghanistan. After drawing down in both Iraq and Afghanistan there is no longer the need for current troop levels. It is all very reasonable. Even with the cuts made in 2015 the overall number of troops will still be as high as they were when Gates took over from Rumsfeld.

Don’t forget Tricare fees doubling to pay for the DADT repeal.…What we are looking at is increased Health Care bills to pay for the boyfriends of these AIDs ridden CS’ers and paying out pensions to their boyfriends and girlfriends when they die.

This is going to cost the American taxpayer a bundle, but Hillary and the Prez don’t give a ****.

One thing is certain if the State Department gets this the rest of the Federal Govt. won’t be far behind.

How about we charge for everyone that uses our GPS signals? That would generate some money for the DoD.

More bullfeathers. These cost savings are in the realm of science fiction — something for a, so far, unrealized future state where peace reigns. Slated, as they are, to take effect after the wind-down of military operations in Afghanistan and the final garrisoning of a tranquil Iraq, the proposed budget reductions thus far only target expenditure that is demonstrably wasteful, as it has been for a number of years.

The telling feature is the call for additional increases in expenditrure to meet ‘short term’ needs, as in immediately.

We are currently facing a national security crisis not just in terms of the GWOT but also are debt. I agree with Sec. Gates about the cuts but this administration is failing to make the necessary non defense related cuts to insure our country’s future. They need to look at killing several entitlement programs.

Do you have any citations for any of the garbage you just said?

So, do you think war time is good time for defense budget cuts?
Soon you will see what is looming now: Iran, Syria, North Korea, China (even an islamit Turkey?)

“J-20 never had a test flight”…
so, what about its landing? http://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​N​E​-​4​V​f​6​Y​x3U

You cannot wait, it is a must to develop first world class weapons well in advance. In a few years, both China and Russia will be producing stealth aricraft in huge quantities and will sold them to other countries.

What happened to all the LCACs , cant they carry M1A1s. Who needs a new EFV when you have M1A1s with a ride up to the beach. The need to follow the direction the ARMY is going with updating M1A1s to say M1A3 standards. They also need to cancel the V-22 immediately. The V-22 cost $ 70 million,what a waste of money and resources. (and lives)

So it is automatically racist to be critical of Obama? I love the liberal thought process.

BTW the 21st century is simply a continuation of the 20th. “So 20th century?” that sounds like something some hipster at Starbucks would say.

McNamara was a pretty smart guy too, that doesn’t change that he like any smart person can make countless dumb decisions when it comes to defense.

Quit playing the race card Byron, it’s pathetic at best. When dismissing the EFV you ignore it’s other major role, one that the AAVP-7A1 is currently used for. Amtracks are used as APCs by the Marines on land, without them they have that much less mobility even hundreds of miles away from the shore. The EFV being cut does not change the fact we NEED something for this role. The Marines also prefer larger sized vehicles capable of carrying a full marine squad (13 men) or more, thus procuring something “off the shelf” will be troublesome.

A single payer scheme would be downright awful and devastate privately owned companies that do much medical R&D. In short order it would become bloated and ineffective without any competition from the private industry. If a government option is provided it should never be the only option. Also health-care is not an entitlement. Nothing is free after all.

Abrams can’t carry troops. The Marines need an APC that can keep up with their Abrams. There are many who would argue for a robust amphibious capability in that APC too. To be fair to the V-22 it has a better safety record than the CH-46.

If we gut our defense technological and industrial base in the process it will take decades to get those capabilities back, if ever. Defense is not where the cuts should be occurring. And enough with the liberal “your racist” whining please.

We should be asked to sacrifice financially in order to achieve more balanced finances and a strong military to compete in a cold war with China. We need to change from consumers to citizens again and our economy needs to change from a consumption to a production economy. In Europe gas is about 8 bucks/gallon. We should be able to handle a 2 dollar federal gas tax and a 15% VAT even if it forces us to drive small cars and live in smaller houses. On the other hand it may give us the funds to buy more F-22s and more nuclear subs and more cruise missiles and other standoff weapons. Look at FDR. He called it when he wanted to greatly increase the US military budget in the face of the treat from Nazi Germany

He was referencing the fact that Gates said in 2009 that China wouldn’t have a stealth fighter fielded by 2020. Whoops.

Get real.

Good Morning Folks,

The Daily Teaspoon
Five overflowing spoons full.

Since the only people who complain about the race card are in fact… I’ll each of you finish that statement how you chose to.

Today a US Member of Congress Gabrielle Giffords (D-Az) was shot and killed execution style (assassinated of you like) at a political fund riser in a grocery store parking lot in Tucson. From early reports, the gunman stepped up to Rep. Giffords raised a handgun and shot her at point blank in the forehead.

In nation wide papers today the Heritage Foundation, a frequent contributor to this site gave a statement what they are declining to attend this years CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) convention in DC.

“Heritage Foundation members won’t attend the CPAC convention in DC because Gay Republicans are attending.”

In a statement to the press Heritage said:
“Organizations whose whole reason for existence is to promote the forced public affirmation of homosexual conduct should not be welcomed in CPAC.”

Discrimination in any form is not acceptable. I realize that the racist statement here are the product of free-lancers and must be considered as such. Since I value freedom of speech I would be the last to have them excluded, the policy makers who read this site can come to their own opinions about where these peoples positions are on a topic any why they hold them.

As for Heritage Foundation there is simply no excuse. Heritage does business with the Federal Government and contractors to the Federal Government and one has to assume that the are a party to and signed on to Federal Anti-Discrimination policy that all who do business with the Federal Government must do.

There statements regarding CPAC are in direct contradiction to Federal Law and a review of the Heritage Foundation’s qualifications to do business with the US Government and contractors to the Federal Government should, no must be reviewed.

The assassination of a US Congresswoman, while still in the early stage of investigation if deplorable even in Arizona must be investigated fully and the individual and any associates he may have had brought to justice.

Hate based racial, anti-religious, ant-Gay attitudes etc. are not the American way and have no place in the decision making process of the DoD.

Byron Skinner

We’re already at war with China, in case nobody noticed. As the French about their discovery of industrial warfare waged against Renault (and Nissan) by the Red Chinese Army.
Gates is making great strategic preemptive political and military moves.
Now, the only toe hold we have is Korea. We really need to place all first line equipment close to the DMZ.
If China does attack the Pacific Fleet, this is our only land option to respond in kind.
Seriously, we need the FB-22 now and lots and lots of fire bombs (napalm). Guided weapons are great but we’re talking about disrupting massive Chinese troop formations.
My favorite at that job (B-26/A-26 Intruder) in Korea.

Wonderful, another fool that thinks that an LCAC cannot be easily sunk and should storm the beach all by themselves.

I support Mr Gates and you too CSAR 100%! “that others may live”. please don’t call people morons though. one thing i’ve noticed the “ultra-conservatives” here have a good point about the welfare and entitlement state is killing our nation. The current unfunded labilities are $100 T +. We are in a world of hurt. Medicare is projected for insolvency around 2017, and Democrats make more promises, creating more liabilities, than Republicans do.

superraptor — great comment and I agree, but unfortunately the majority of our country’s citizen don’t agree. They may say they do, but it’s just lip service, ask them to give another couple thousand dollars of their hard-earned money…it won’t happen.

Our country has become a country of those who have and those always trying to get it. Those who have it want to keep it and those trying to get it never really get there (unless they are extremely lucky).

Rumsfeld was a crook and our troops are thrilled he’s gone!!! Enough said about that

When it comes to budget cutting why don’t we do some common sense things to save money in the DOD.
1) If troops want to “home-base” in an area where they can change jobs; lets allow that to happen, instead of wasting tens of thousands of dollars to move them every 3–4 years.
2) When troops & their families are moved, lets not pay the moving companies $1 per pound to move them (yes it is true, I have written proof) from our last PCS (Permanent Change of Station).
3) When sending a military member TAD (Temporary Assignment of Duty) usually for training, make the gov’t find the cheapest flights to get them there. Recently the gov’t sent my husband TAD to New Orleans from northern Alabama and just his plane ticket cost over $1000, seriously, the most expensive flight I could find was just over $400. What in the ****?

I find it interesting that the gov’t can cut major items, troop pay, increasing insurance premiums, military vehicles, and troops gear inspections (didn’t hear about that one on here did you, but I assure you it’s true).
Yet we have people that have been on welfare for 10 years, drive BMW’s, and wear $5000 worth of jewelry, but my husband who has fought for his country for over 17 years still makes under $50,000 yearly

How is it that I can’t find a job, in a town full of corporations making billions off the gov’t for DOD contract? I’m educated, intelligent, hard-working, and obviously a Patriot, but still no offers in 11 months.

How is that right?

Soon Communist China will replace the Capitalistic U.S.A. as
1) the owner of the U.S.A.
and as
2) global cop
and as
3) local cop, too.

Then you’ll have Chinese J-20s stationed on every single U.S. airport and airbase, making sure the U.S.A.
1) fully comply with the U.N.O.‘s Human Rights Charter,
2) with the Kyoto Protocol (China doesn’t have to sign it),
3) extradite all their Presidents to the International Court of Justice (not China)
4) compensate every heroic Iraqi Résistance fighter and every al-Qaeda Taliban for the criminal invasions of their countries,

otherwise China fires its nuclear missiles from Cuba. And Castro will outlive the U.S.A. .
This international demand will become known as “Versailles, II”.

I wanna see “Greg”‘s red face then, LOOOL !

To the poster “superraptor”

You wrote: “Look at FDR. He called it when he wanted to greatly increase the US military budget in the face of the treat from Nazi Germany”

I agree with your entire post except for the last two phrases (quoted above).
Nazi Germany threatened the U.S.A., before the Axis powers’ war declaration on the 11.12.1941 ? I could swear it was the U.S.A. who meddled in the blockade of the British Islands while officially still “at peace” with Germany, thus saving Great Britain from surrender, like in World War One, too (“R.M.S. Lusitania”). Hitler never even dreamt of attacking the U.S.A., to be honest not even militaristic Imperial Japan wanted it. They just got fed up of your meddling everywhere while simultaneously proclaiming a phony, très Anglo-style “neutrality”, and stepping on other peoples’ toes for a few years has consequences.

WOW. If a politician dies anywhere, that ruffles a single of your feathers?

Do you have many other facets you never told us about?

Today a US Member of Congress Gabrielle Giffords (D-Az) was shot and killed execution style (assassinated of you like) at a political fund riser in a grocery store parking lot in Tucson. From early reports, the gunman stepped up to Rep. Giffords raised a handgun and shot her at point blank in the forehead.”

Please get your FACTS straight. We don’t need fear-mongering and rumors adding to the confusion of this situation.
The Congresswoman is alive and responding to treatment.
If she had been shot at point blank range in the head, she would be dead, but she wasn’t.

If you don’t like MSNBC, http://​www​.msnbc​.msn​.com/​i​d​/​4​0​9​7​8​5​1​7​/​n​s​/​p​o​l​i​t​i​cs/
, there have been numerous bits on the news channels (TV) reporting more accurately than your misinformation has told you.
If it’s true that this guy killed 5–6 and injured 10–12 with a PISTOL (handgun), that just goes to show how goddamned cowardly people have become that too many bystanders cowered in fear instead of brutally ganging up on this shooter.
The shooter wouldn’t have achieved his “victory” in Texas: he would be dead, rather than in tax-payer-funded custody like he is now.

Do you work for the DNC or something? I mean here you are trying to link the Heritage Foundation to assassinations. You either read too many conspiracy theories, or somebody on the far left is paying your bills. Heritage has every right not to attend a conference if they believe in is not in line with their values. The government has no right to go around pressuring organizations into political-correctness.

As for your claims of racism, how about some proof for your accusations? More often than not, your the only one race-bating here. I do not support many of the President’s decisions nor his party. How does this make a racist?

During Bush’s presidency he was called all sorts of vile names. I didn’t see any claims of “racism” when he was attacked however.

Apparently, any rational suggestion that obama is cutting the military results in BS Byron crying RACIST RACIST.…

How pathetic…


Please point to the exact phrase which you in your infinite wisdom and compassion are labeling as “racist”

seriously, point to the exact phrase in any of the above posts…


What exactly was racist?

can’t make an arguyment so cry racism!

“proper respect for the President of the United States”

You have to earn respect.

Note that Barry was mentored by J wright ( a black racist who subscribes to black liberation theology) and Frank Marshal davis ( an admitted communist).

Just because you byron can’t admit this fact and see the true ROOTS OF OBAMA’s RAGE” that is your problem.

oh wait I am sure BS byron that book is “racist” too.

poster: I don’t like obama’s tie.

BS Byron: RACIST! RACIST! show respect to little barry.…

only if a D is the one who dies.

Our military personell die every day and Byron supports obama cutting their budget but have a D political hack die and the whole country must come to a stop and pay homage…

Geez…the Soviets were predicting nearly the same outcome as you a few decades ago, FFB. Why don’t you ask one of them how that turned out, if you can find one.

Yeah right.

When HUD, and Dept of Ed come out and say they are cutting 100 Billion each then you may have a point.

Democrats do two things: Cut the Military and Raise TAXES.


How about just cutting Government. End Dept of Education, housing and urban development, NPR, etc first.’

The military is the only portion of Government which is worth out tax money. Cut all else first.

Justice Antonin Scalia has already ipublicly stating that the equal-protection clause should not apply to discrimination against women or gays.

Byron want special tratment for all his moral perverts only because they are obama voters…

The future for the US NAVY thanks to little barry osbama

No “barry Hussein obama / J wright decision” had a lot of bigoted implications. Thats my opinion anyways.

Explain to me what exactly is “black liberation theology?” And what are the “ROOTS OF OBAMA’s RAGE?”

Not the suggestion that he is cutting the military, its all of the insults to his race/religion/backround. ” barry hussein” the inference in the phrase well its offensive snf disrespectful.

with 300 years of history of it why do we have to act like it doesn’t exist all of the sudden. More so then ever since obama was elected. I agree the country has merged much more, but there is still hate on both sides. People imply it with there posts on here all of the time.

their not there my bad.

Good Evening Folks,

To all the racist out there keep it up you are hurting your causes more then you could possibly be aware of. I would say post under you own name but none of you have the courage for that. It’s OK you will always have a white sheet in this country, we are kinda liberal that way we tolerate hate.

At the time I wrote my post both CNN and The WP had said that Rep, Gifford had been killed, and to any of you that can read you will notice that I qualified what I said.

Rep. Gifford is a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

Hate, Homophobia and Racism are the hallmarks of the Conservative movements worldwide, nothing is different in the United States, it is with no little bit of irony that Fascism and Stalinist Communism were founded and cemented together on these three issues.

Political groups like Heritage Foundation, which I would assume that all the racists who have posted here are in general agreement with, have no place in decision making of the United States Government.

Byron Skinner

In all the forums I’ve participated in there always a arrogant obnoxious individual and always anonymous. No matter how factual and reasonable your rebuttal is it is of no matter for it will not be acknowledged,
your argument will be cherry picked if at best. As long as the individual is acknowledged the pontification continues. What we all witnessing is what a precocious child grows up to be.

ALLONS (translated “I’m full of myself)

So who in their right mind would try to make today’s tragedy into some kind of political talking point? Oh yes, I seem to remember the phrase “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

Never mind the fact that a psycho liberal was the one who actually committed the terrible crime. Instead of condeming the act let’s make the conservatives out to be the perps. What a great idea. Oh yeah, also forget about the fact that our great nation was founded on debate and dissenting opnions. Any further debate will be viewed as an attack by the conservatives and must be immediatly denounced.


So why did Hitler then declare war on the US after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He did not have to do it. In fact, it was a strategic mistake on his part. When the Me 264 was developped in the 30s, its main future target was the US.

Actually you have a point, but with our yearly deficit in the trillions, you have to cut where is really hurts, Medicare/Social Security plus the other programs you mentioned above. If you raise taxes, these cuts will be less severe. But we need to face reality. The party is over. There is no free lunch and we will have to pay the piper. If we continue as is and print money, the dollar will default and everything you own in cash will be gone.

Wow. Now referring to Obama by his name is racist ????

That is all you people are left with? Wow.

‘Hate, Homophobia and Racism are the hallmarks of the
Conservative movements worldwide, nothing is different in the
United States, it is with no little bit of irony that Fascism and
Stalinist Communism were founded and cemented together on these
three issues.’ The idiocy and left wing sacred cows put forth here
by “Byron” exposes him for the left wing propagandist he is.
Fascism, communism, socialism, liberalism and progressivism are the
true leftist fellow traveler ideology. They are totalitarian
systems. Eugenics and government control of property are also
founding principles they all have in common at the core. Byron: do
you have a ‘real’ job? Media matters perhaps?

Having worked 45 years in the DoD labs and R&D Centers especially in stealth technology and SAM’s and Theater Missile Defense I applaud Secretary Gates selections on programs to kill and/or delay development. He definitely has strategic warfare in mind for the future and tactical taking a back seat as it should be. With regards to stealth fighters or bombers If the Army with the Firefinder counter battery radars can detect a 155mm round at 30 miles do you not think that any stealth fighter, ours included, with an order of magnitude larger radar cross section cannot be detected, acquired and engaged at standoff ranges? As for the Chinese DF-21D “carrier killer, the Navy has already shown an operational capability to take out strategic ballisitic missiles with theie Standard Missiles and AEGIS fire control /acquisition system I’m not too worried that they can also engage short range ballistic missiles with forward deployed AAA/SAM ships to engage and prevent even saturation DF-21D launches. And if the Chinese are fortunate enough to sink one of our carriers then nuclear warfare is close behind since we would not endure such a sinking! Finally, Truman should have let McArthur cross the 38th parallel and to use nukes if the Chinese mobilized and tried to evict us from North Korea. We wouldn’t be in the deep kimshee that we are now in!

If you was to cut military spending, begin by eliminating the Navy and half of the air force. We can put rounds on target from our US bases. Storming hostile shores as the Marines did during WWII is not necessary with modern technology.

I’m an independent and look at our two political parties as “Tax and Spend Democrats” and “Borrow and Spend Republicans”.

You need to look at the conservative business agenda, which is to shove every cost they can onto the taxpayer through tax deductions and special interest business credits. Plus there is no evidence that granting tax cuts to the wealthy result in them investing the savings in more American jobs. If fact, as investment capital flows out of the U.S. because of our excessive debt (we are technically bankrupt, just like Europe), more American jobs will be lost. We are headed into a true second depression. The military can easily be cut by $100 billion a year without jeopardizing current capacity.

Universal health care is not an unreasonble goal, but the discussion about it needs to be honest. Having lived in germany, I can tell you that it is very coercive much more so then in the present health care law. In Germany, the monthly health care premium is 16% of gross wages. The employer pays half of that premium and the worker pays the other half. It is taken out of each workers paycheck comparable to the FICA tax here. There is not even the possibility to refuse participation. It doesn’t matter if you work part-time at McDonalds or for LMT. The reason behind is that you need a lot of healthy young people to pay in in order to have funds for people who are seriously ill and who have preexisting conditions. What has been described as Obamacare, is bound to fail as not enough young healthy people will be forced to pay into the system

Byron you know nothing of the modern conservative movement and your constant crying of racism only diminishes your arguments. The Heritage Foundation has provided advice to past administrations and certainly has more of a place in the government’s decision making process than similar left-wing groups who advocate radical cuts to the military.

In fact I don’t think a single racist thing has been said. Criticism of President Obama for his views and former friends isn’t racism regardless of if you agree or disagree with those criticisms.

In fact judging from your previous post you were trying to link Heritage to this madman who went on a shooting spree which is downright dishonest and cowardly.

Just so you know our stealth fighters do not have an RCS an order of a magnitude greater than an artillery shell or rocket, in fact their RCS is lower than such munitions from some angles. Firefinder can only detect incoming munitions at ranges of 24km or less too and it is a system specifically designed to such small targets rapidly.

I strongly support the development of a new strategic bomber or long range strike aircraft, however we can’t neglect our fighter fleet either.

Eliminating the Navy and half the Air Force? And why would we want to devastate our strategic capabilities like that?

Good Morning Folks,

On nearly ever topic posted here there is some kind of anti-liberal or racist buzz word used. As the only liberal around here and one of the few who has the guts to use his name on his post it’s getting a bit old.

Most of you who claim to be “conservatives” and post this junk are little more then what the Heritage Foundation claimed to be. If what I’ve been getting on back side post Heritage will start as of tomorrow morning find doors the welcome mat pulled on Capitol Hill. As on poster told me who has been following this post, “I had no idea that the conservative right was so racist and homophobic.” I believe this person is a Congressional staffer.

So my to racists friends keep up your good work. Bash them Liberals, people of color, and those who exercise their rights as Americans and live the life style of their choice, not that of someone else. If any of you and I doubt there are many had any real feeling or interest in the subject of defense you sure are blowing it and if what I’m seeing big time.

Go ahead and keep using racial buzz words regarding the President of the United States. We Liberal love it.

So all of you gutless eunuchs, keep posting.

Byron Skinner

Actually newer versions of Firefinder have significantly improved range, but still that doesn’t apply to stealth aircraft. That’s not the job of that radar set.

“tactical taking a back seat as it should be” — on whose planet is that a good thing. You also get a Minus One for that remark. Listen here — all of you who want to take this country back to the days of Eisenhower’s New Look. CUT IT OUT !! All you are doing is weakening our defenses in a way that will make the US less capable of influencing events on the ground. All you are doing is putting millions of innocent civilians at risk. And you say that this is advanced, “post-Cold War” thinking. Hardly !! There is a need to ensure our strategic systems are up to date and at the ready, but to eliminate Flexible Response, as we now call it “Full Spectrum Operations” is the antithesis of sound strategy.

To the poster “superraptor”


You wrote: “So why did Hitler then declare war on the US after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He did not have to do it. In fact, it was a strategic mistake on his part.”

Because the U.S.A. chose to be the friends (saviours!) of Hitler’s enemies in a war (I’m talking about the British and the djoows) while simultaneously pretending to be his friends?

Why did the U.S.A. stop Japan from expanding freely in the Pacific before the War, if they themselves had no interest in having more coconut palms?


You wrote: “When the Me 264 was developed in the 30s, its main future target was the US.”

And the United States Army Air Corps developed the B-17 in the 30s against whom: Great Britain?

Part 1 / 2

Byron is a natural born politicians-lover, a System-worshipper, a nostalgic of the powers of yore, an agent of the Matrix and invariably his masters’ most sanguinary attack dog, can you believe that? During the early Christendom he would (literally) have fueled the Colosseum games with martyrs, during the Thirty Years’ War he would have solemny introduced the Holy Inquisition everywhere, during the French Revolution he would naturally have been the last defender of the fleur-de-lys on the Bastille’s roof, in World War Two he would have fired the last shots from inside the bombed-out, besieged Reichstag and on 11/9 he would have insisted to remote-control that A-4 “Skyhawk” into the Pentagon. Yep, that’s him, now and in his previous lives!
The byrony is that I doubt that any high and mighty up there ever gave a damn about his mere existence: He’s just a discardable tool to them, like we all are!


Good Evening ffb,

You are so kind to me. You got the sides wrong but yes I believe in doing something and fighting for what you believe, I know is so un-French but is part of me in this life as well as any past lives I may have had.

BTW I’m just now finishing an excellent book “And the Show Went On: Cultural Life in Nazi-Occupied Paris” by Alan Riding, It is a very good read it tells in depth how the French instead of resisting the Nazis collaborated and accommodations

How about cancelling the entire Department of Energy. This is the most “do nothing’ entity in the entire scheme of human existance. I defy someone to actually give me documented proof of what and where the DOE has done anything or saved this country a dime.

The only racist I can detect in all this is you and our president…One only has to read his own writings to quickly realize OB so race conscious that he can hardly think straight…“Dreams From My Father” is particularly revealing of where the presidents loyalties lie.

In addition, Americans owe no respect to government officials. Where does that come from ? The president is not the king. If you think DOD priorities do not come from the white house, then where do they come from ?

One can make very reasonable arguments that perhaps this administration does not have the best interest of the United States at heart.

Afghanistan is not an existential threat to the US. China, Russia, Iran and N Korea are.

Thankfully, the OB presidency has helped Americans throw off the muzzle of your ilk who try to silence dissent with “racist”. I am reminded of writing of certain Nazi’s who use “Jew” in the same way.

“Racist”, “Ultra Conservative”…well reasoned arguments. If you really are a 30 year man, I’m guessing your greatest concern is that there wont be enough money in the budget to pay your pension…yes that would be scary for you…“and I mean all Americans”…is that like when Mrs OB said, “I am proud of America for the first time in my life”, or when king OB’s pastor for 20 years repeated “G*d damn America” over and over again from the pulpit…or the Justice departments admitted racial bias against white voting rights…is that the racists you are referring to ?

I think Americans may be waking up to who the actual racists in the country might be…

The US cannot afford “Full Spectrum Operations”, requiring two full scale theaters of war (think WW2), a huge standing Army at the Fulda Gap or in South Korea, Marine Expeditionary BN’s to storm a beachhead in order to protect some tinpot despot, nor a large fleet of ground tactical vehicles whether Army or USMC for insurgency warfare. Our strategic interests are synonymous with our economic interests and the ability to conduct trade with nations that benefit our economy, not just theirs. As such a strong naval fleet is needed for both power projection and to protect the sea lanes and an air force for strategic counterstrike capability.
The only location in the future to “influence events on the ground” is our own ground (CONUS and our territories) and those of very close allies but only those that serve our economic interests. The **** with bringing democracy, liberty, freedom and the American way of life to the Middle East. Lets strengthen our own “American way of Life” here at home and let the rest of them learn to speak Arabic and Chinese. As for the Chinese we have sold our soul to them for a “mess of potage”. They are on the ascendancy because they have great economic strength due in large part because of American industry outsourcing all of our manufacturing capabilities and skills to them. Who are we going to import our military materiel needs from in order to conduct a war against China; the Chinese? And the Middle East oil will soon be denied to us whether by economics, force or that petroleum reserves are nearly depleted.
It’s time to think, once again, Fortress America. Gates is in China now to determine if we can coexist with them but the handwriting is on the wall and they are slowly building up their war-fighting capabilities to take us on. And since a Normandy like invasion of China is out of the question our only recourse is the threat of tactical nukes in the short run and strategic nukes in the long run. So sell Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Israel, South Korea and Japan, et al, our technology along with our tactical ground equipment/systems and let them increase their own defense budget to protect them selves. And, oh yes, NATO is an obsolete organization and we should pull our forces out of Europe and let the EU defend themselves. By the end of this century the Chinese will have taken our Asian markets away from us, the Russians our European markets leaving us with fewer trading partners. Maybe it’s time to form economic and power blocs with South America and invoke the Monroe Doctrine in our entire hemisphere.The Chinese have already made military and economic inroads into our hemisphere and are exploiting the natural resources of South American nations at our expense. But we need a President and a Congress with the balls to do what is necessary. Unfortunately neither Obama nor a liberal Democrat Congress have them. A new world order is developing and if the US continues as we have been we will go the way of Rome.

Keeping the V-22 Osprey intact is part of the strategy. For all the naysayers out there if you haven’t noticed the Osprey has begun proving itself on a daily basis. Reliability continues to improve. Because of it’s speed, range and ability to land without a runway, it is an big asset to the Marines and is only getting better.

Then what does this “barry Hussein obama / J wright decision” have to do with what is going on with the military at all? You don’t like his decision fine? Throwing some racial story into and then saying the comment is not racist is, well did you read what you wrote at all? So tell me, how did that particualr statement help prove your argument that he is gutting the military? How about this tell me how “barry Hussein obama / J wright decision” is relevant at all other then to disrespect him?

The bottom line is the US was a long term strategic target of Nazi Germanay and FDR planned ahead and asked the American People to sacrifice for substantial increases in the defense budget and we should be asked to do the same. We all could do with 10% less. There is no free lunch and freedom is not free.

well, maybe it is time to have a new definition for conservative, which means conserving the financial health of this country and that’s why the no new taxes plea has to abandonned. That’s what in part being done in Great Britain. We need spending cuts (without defense cuts) and tax increases on everybody. otherwise the dollar will default and our country with it.

lmfao 400 years of slavery and thats your conclusion? Wow you don’t even live in reality? Sorry to tell you all oppressed communities are like that all over the world. So since we have a black president we can never use the “race card” again. You are pathetic and not accountable. All the bullshit that has happened and all you can come up with is some shit his pastor said 3 years ago? I am by no ways saying that everyone is racist, or that black people need special treatment. But to deny racism is just ignorant. It did happen. We were slaves. As a matter of fact i met some former slave owners, what the fuck can you say about that? it didn’t happen? get real bitch this country has problems and until we all can face up and be accountable, then it will continue to happen.

Anywho, the cuts weren’t as severe as they could have been and as they were suggesting like blowing away the b model of the jsf, or cutting the v-22, or not procuring both lcs for better or worst at least there are more hulls. GCV is probably dead as it should be because once again, the new vehicles aren’t any big leap and upgrades can work for the bradley contrary to what most in here believe. I think the second jsf engine should have been cut and all of those funds directed to more f-22s. I also don’t think they should have built more burkes until they saw the performance characteristics of the ddg-100

One more thing what Wright said was completely wrong in my opinion. Honestly what i see coming from most religious institutions is intolerance and hate under the guise of love, so it should be of no surprise. People have been using church to spread there bigotry for years.

if we had universal health care that offered massage therapy as a benefit with a $5 co-pay, then i might support it. I’d make sure i’d recover all the premiums i paid with massages.

Lot of great stuff to comment on:
–I am no fan of Carl Levin. He must go.
–EFV must go. Thankfully looks like it will.
–Terminating EFV is NOT an ‘assualt on the USMC’. What a silly argument. If the system doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. EFV will NOT help the Marines if it is constantly breaking down and they have to keep repairing it when they should be accomplishing missions. In fact, EFV could be considered a THREAT to the Marines.

–The fact that the SecNavy and the USMC Commandant support its termination should matter. If EFV was so awesome and critical, then USMC leaders should be willing to resign their careers as last ditch efforts to save it.
–Dual source LCS buy sounds good. Wish we could do something similar for USAF tanker.
–Rep Akin is WRONG. If we cannot terminate our worst performing programs and free up resources to help the DoD enterprise as a whole, then we cannot do anything.

–The $80B in savings and operational efficiences – this stuff is balogna – as if we weren’t trying to be operationally efficient already. What we should be doing is canceling failed programs.
–Agree with Akin though that all departments need to cut waste. DoD is an obvious choice, because that’s where most of the discretionary funding goes, and that’s where the biggest impact can be made with program cuts.
–The Chinese threat is overblown. We should not base our force structure on a J-20 that can taxi. This is no justification for F-35. The least risky solution is to restore the F-22 production line, and produce them at a minimum sustaining rate, with possibility of expansion if adverserial air forces truly do threaten us. Keep options open, do not paint yourself in a corner, do not put all your eggs in one basket.

–Akin’s statement that President & SecDef want to “get rid of the USMC” is over the top and shameful. Randy Forbes “dismantling” statement is just as bad. Republicans are better than this.
–More Super Hornets? Good. Another hedge against adversaries tac air modernization.
– Starting to get interested in CSBA. Since Heritage & Lexinton’s analysis are so flawed, maybe CSBA will be the think tank America has been needing for so long. I’ll keep a close eye on them. Any hint of bias or flawed analysis, I’ll expose it.

–Please let’s stop with the personal insults and attacks. Let’s just debate logics and facts.
–Good point on J Wright influencing Obama. It bothered me during the Presidential campaign that McCain didn’t attack Obama more on this.
–Greg good comments on J-20. That threat is overblown. When we see operational J-20’s, then I might be concerned.
–Taxpayer EFV does not work. It is not reliable. DoD & Industry need to stop with the exotic tecnology in MDAPs, and instead develop systems for reliability & operational effectiveness.
–Guest: HUD & D of Ed cutting $100 Billion? They don’t have $100 Billion total budget from which to cut.

Taxpayer. I agree. Sec. Gates is first out of the box. And is doing one heck of good job under the circumstances. Got to remember how we got here in the first place!

Cause and effect. cause-Iraq war. Effect Obama was elected and Gates a republican was asked to stay on a Sec. of Defense. Cry all you want righty and lefty.

Thanks for a clear headed comment. SMSgt, USAF, Retired.

Nice try! DJ, my wife has Tricare Prime — Cost to me is 250 PER YEAR!! Five dollar CO-PAY. I think that they should double the Prime. But that is just me. I think us GI’s should be part of the HC solution. Would not be required if we had not gone to Iraq.

To the poster Byron Skinner

You wrote: “BTW I’m just now finishing an excellent book ‘And the Show Went On: Cultural Life in Nazi-Occupied Paris’ by Alan Riding”

After you finished it, I recommend you two old bestsellers on my own shelf:

1) “The Banana Wars: United States Intervention in the Caribbean, 1898–1934” by Lester D. Langley


2) “The Ugly American” by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer,

about U.S. American misbehaviour in Asia and Latin and South America, from long before to long after the Nazis’ wartime demeanor. Unlike the book you’re reading, these two books could still have been written today!

Part 1 / 2

V-22s outperform large helicopters ONLY in speed, and modestly so (I’m not even sure about their smaller outer rotor width = their required minimum landing area, since V-22s are truly enormous). But this one small advantage (a bit more of speed) makes them

1) six times more expensive to buy


2) more than six times more expensive to fly and to maintain

than even the largest helicopters in the World, during their whole operational lives, not to mention flight safety!
An intelligent choice for a nation that WHINES that it can’t afford its Military and wars anymore, let alone the next, having to cut its best weapon systems instead!

Doesn’t it ring a bell that in the past 20 years not A SINGLE foreign nation / Military wanted to buy EVEN ONE SINGLE exemplary of this flying circus freak, second in bizarreness only to the F-35, not even the freeloading “Israeli” Military?


Part 2 / 2

And please spare me such bulls hit “criteria” like “capability” and “combat effectiveness”, etc. : This is how Boeing-whoring generals bamboozle inbred, toothless, drooling hillbillies and Congressmen. These barefaced thieves only make Communist arms acquisitions look technically-minded and cost-efficient.

Are you quite sure that for the V-22’s LUNATIC development costs of 30 B(B!!!)illion $ (in 1988 dollars – now adjust them!) the U.S.A. couldn’t / can’t DEVELOP A-N-D BUILD the biggest, fastest and safest transport helicopter in the World AND make it armoured, armed, air-refuelable, amphibious, etc. etc., too? No…?

Apparently only Russians feature the necessary brain lobes to “think big”… (Oops: The Russians also make the fastest and cheapest war choppers in the World… What’s the matter, America? Are simple, safe, time-proven, superior AND cheaper technologies and concepts suspect now or definitively out of reach for you?)


Did Bush “earn your respect?” How so?

Seriously cut education? How will our children succeed? So selfish and self centered you are. Do you care about the future at all or only the now? If we don’t invest in education then the next generation of weapons that you would love to see purchased won’t even be developed in the US.

Meaning you are seeing a Liberal-Elite Lawyer types directing his cost cutting buddies to find ways to fund his programs at the expense of programs/departments that are seen as conservative versus euro-popular social programs.

Lets see someone of the caliber of Mullen, or any of the CINCs in a SecDef position and see if they start cutting programs from the top.

Sure, F-35B, EFV both are programs that have a higher than expected cost and are more likely to be a boondoggle (V-22 anyone?) but compare that to a cost-cut programs that came back(B-1B?) that has grown and shown to be a success.

The real problem here is that we continually conflate Defense Spending and Security. There seems to be no end to either the zero sum liberal caucus which wants to trade defense spending for social programs (with no understanding of what will be cut) and the conservative caucus’ equally unintellectual “you can’t cut spending at a time of war.”

Making it worse the liberals are correct, there is WAY too much spending on Defense programs which really have nothing to do with defense or the war. They’re simply bloated and poorly executed research and procurement subsidies to a wildly inefficient and ineffective defense industry. However simply cutting defense could lead to the diasters of the 1990’s when the future weapons ate up all the O&M and training budgets because all Congress cared about was “cutting spending.”

Lastly it shouldn’t matter whether or not we’re in a time of war, wasted money is wasted money. We’re not talking about cutting the Marine Corps equipment allowance, or reufusing to buy munitions for the Army; we’re talking about closing a failed program that could never do what it promised.

To Byrons defence, and i saw it to, alot of news organizations where reporting that she was dead.
As you already know that was changed.

Gabrielle Giffords provoked the whole massacre herself! She should be sued to Hell by all the other victims (or their families) !

In 2007 ( = when this Depression was already under way) she organized some public meeting where the common people could ask questions to Congressmen. There she also met the would-be shooter and answered tartly to him (speaking in Spanish, not in English!).

After his answer, which came a few years later, I doubt she will ever be doing that again! As a French philosopher once said: “Actions are the greatest eloquence”.

Talk of disconnect between the “ruling class” ( = our decadent public SERVANTS !) and the people!

Now I know why you hate the Americans so much. Your upset that President Eisenhower didnt come to the aid of France when they appealed to the United States for military intervention at Dien Bien Phu. Now I know why. Did someone write a book ” The ugly French ” .

Gates a traitor?

Good Morning Citizen ffb,

Before I get cut off by the editors again, as I did last night. I’ve read both of those books, years ago, you really should update you library.

To barrow a few words from that great British writer George Orwell.

The French can sleep well tonight.
Because ragged Americans stand ready to fight.

France is a wonderful country, Americans should know several thousand were buried there in the 20th. century. As far as France being critical the US the US Military in the 21st. Century, look around, you are still there and able to be critical of the United States.

My late father fought his way through France in 1944 and 1945. He was at places like the Vogues Mountains and The Comer Pocket during the winter of 1944/45.

When asked about the French Armored Division assigned to the Corp his division was in he would get mildly angry, “Sure we fought with the French, or I should say we captured the Village, killed the German, and then the French Calvary showed up “Pathe” showed up, set up their cameras, then a couple of French tanks (American M-4’s) would show up, shoot up a bunker that we had already taken, then if there wasn’t enough dead Germans around they would find more, and the cameras would roll.”

“Then de Galle would show up, a map sheet was spread out on the hood of a jeep, and de Galle would “POSE” as if he was looking at a map. The news reel would show up in the states saying how the French and de Galle were winning the war.”

What my dad would say after that wouldn’t be allowed on this web site.

Yes Citizen ffb, Last night you mentioned some historic events, most likely in any past lives that I would have I most definitely would have been at all the places, perhaps not on the side you assigned me, but I would have been there, its the way I am. I’m not French.

The assassin is one of those nasty institution we inherited for the old country. Personally I like mistresses better bit that never really caught on with our politicians, the Democrats are to full of themselves and the Republicans like young boys. But unlike France we won’t change the government.

Byron Skinner

No, you have me all wrong buddy. I want the f-35b and v-22 I think they are worth the investment. I love the b-1b, I think they should invest more into it. With regards to the EFV I think it was too expensive and made to fight last years war yes. I do believe the marines need an expeditionaly vehicile, just not at 22 million a pop. I also want them to fix the san antonio class so they are effective. The idea that launching the efv 25 miles from sure making the assault ship any safer is not well proven. I think with the range and power of antiship missiles,the efv missed its chance. I also want them to build more f-22s. So no don’t generalize me into a camp that is not true. I was just pointing out that FOGs comments could be construed ad disrespectful and racist, whether he meant it that way or not. Its the “tone” of his conversation really and how he used barry and Wright. What did Wright have to do with anything?

My point is we can’t have everything period. Nothing more nothing less. I was happy that the cuts weren’t more severe. I would love for us to be able to afford it all, but unfortanetly both sides of the aile sold us down river a long time ago. I think just simply making an import tax would solve 90% of our problems. I am heavy buy American, except for STIs and EVOs sorry but we can’t reproduce those right. I am always fighting with my wife not to shop at walmart because it is buy China. I just don’t like the bigoted comments, because I have seen that most in this nation has moved past that including me.

shore not sure.

Ever hear of a Chain of Command? There is a basic respect for the Office that you and William C seem to lack. You can disagree with policy, but to show NO respect for the Office denigrates everything we stand for as a country. There will always be Presidents and politicians we disagree with politically at times in your life, but grow up and come in from the playground .….….fog.

You are disgusting and should be ashamed. Grow up junior.

hmmm who manages the development of nuclear weapons? Department of wishful thinking?


The Department has four overriding National Security priorities: insuring the integrity and safety of the country’s nuclear weapons; promoting international nuclear safety; advancing nuclear non-proliferation; and, continuing to provide safe, efficient, and effective nuclear power plants for the United States Navy

recommendations as to who picks up this responsibility?

Isn’t “oversight” the job of Congress per the Consititution? Should the Pentagon just get whatever they want and let them provide their own oversight? Funny, I thought a fundamental part of any democracy was the civil control over the military?

Btw, stop insulting Detroit and the State of Michigan to make a cheap political point. You know nothing of either.

To the poster Mr. Byron Skinner


Part 1 / 2

You wrote: “The French can sleep well tonight. Because ragged Americans stand ready to fight.”

To you who keeps insulting us French as “collaborators” : In 1940 France’s Military was defeated by a stronger Military in a fair fight. What should the civilian population have done about that? Where were all our “Allies” ? Even bulldog Churchill said in the House of Commons: “What General de Gaulle called ‘the Battle of France’ is over, the Battle of Britain is about to begin”.

1) Right now the U.S. Armed Forces are being whipped in Afghanistan by a few Chewbaccas (Yetis), not by a peer power.

2) What did YOUR OWN women and children do during the U.S. American Civil War and after it, you GIANT big mouth? Attack cannons and Gatlings with pitchforks?

3) We talk again after the first bomb ever falls on U.S. American mainland, hero. Remember how U.S. Americans s*** themselves even during blackouts!

(Continues, if this Web-site’s Fascist software allows it)

Part 2 / 2

You wrote: “But unlike France we won’t change the government.”

Millions of years ago we Euros also believed that our leaders were God-sent. Since then we had plenty of time to wake up and to evolve. That’s why in the 1960’s, during the high time of European terrorist activity, 20 % of all European populations felt a strong sympathy for them.

The U.S.A. are still a very young country, that’s why they still fiercely believe that their “elected” leaders are the next Messiahs (praying to Bush posters, Obamamania…). Unfortunately this hope for a great providential man (Hitler, Stalin, Kim Il-sung) that will solve all the problems in our lives is still well alive in the whole World and keeps Mankind from progressing to a higher state of civilization.

I wonder: What do the U.S.A. normally “say” to other peoples who are as protective of their governments (Castro, Noriega, Saddam) as you U.S. Americans are ?

All excellent points here. Pretty much common sense if you ask me. Why keep junk(efv) if it doesn’t work. One more point.…I hope the GCV gets cancelled and we upgrade the over 4000 bradleys we have. I’m sick of stupid decisions that we keep making.

You are very off topic? What does afghanistan have to do with his comment? FFB you deflect so much…I know because I have children who behave just like you. Except they are 7 and 6 and 3. I mean France did get ran over in WWII. Face it a fact is a fact, without America it would be Nazi France.

There is a middle way between imperialism and isolation. Too bad this author — and many others like him — does not understand any of that.

Yesm Mr, “NoMoreCostOverruns” would fit in right well with CBSA — at least until the true costs of the AirSea Battle become apparent. Then we would see who has the greenest eyeshades

Well, killing programs certainly eliminates options. Building defense systems is not like playing the ponies or investing on Wall Street. It is more like building up a business from scratch. The truth is that it is very difficult to advance technologically while there is a war on, and as OMA dollars keep draining the RDT&E swamp, the US keeps marking time and not progressing. There are opportunities to be had when one cancels a program, but in this environment, the tendency is to replace the cancelled program with — nothing. In the Army’s case, lots of money is going in to repair worn-out legacy systems, but none of that addresses the problems of the future. And we since we did learn some new tricks on FCS, it is doubly irritating, because there are cases where material solutions are needed to manifest these capabilities. No doubt that applies also to our USMC counterparts who were figuring out the appropriate utilization of EFV.

He also forgets to mention that we defeated france twice in our infant days with hunters and farmers pushing back the french invasions. He also fails to mention that the unorganized and out numbered colonies of the US defeated the mightiest nation of the time. Nor does he give mention that numerous world leaders have noted that a direct land attack on the US would be impossible due to how well armed the citizens here are. Nor did he mention that when we sent troops to nam to help france that they dropped thier rifles and ran home to wait the outcome after getting thier butts kicked for decades. And he is just talking out his 6 about us lossing any battles in the sand box.

Casey didn’t resign over FCS, although I am told that he opposed the April 09 decision. Like Rumsfeld, Gates does not tolerate opposition. I wait without much optimism to see how this set of cuts will improve the “DoD Enterprise”. For example, do you really think the Joint Staff is capable of writing requirements by itself ? Really ?

you wrote : “In 1940 France’s Military was defeated by a stronger Military in a fair fight.”

France was defeated because, they spent time, money & resources on building the Maginot Line. Trying to fight the previous war. If the French had listned to Charles de Gaulle & Paul Reynaud, both who wanted resources to go to armour & aircraft, it might have been different.

you wrote : “Right now the U.S. Armed Forces are being whipped in Afghanistan by a few Chewbaccas (Yetis), not by a peer power.”

France could do no better, most likely worse. Please save us from your BS.

Don’t seem whipped to me. Not that I have been there, but they seem to have no unity what so ever there seems to be the biggest problem. a waste of time.

Good Afternoon Folks,

On the issue of arming Europe considering the current state of EU politics its something the US should strongly reconsider. The euro yesterday was 1.19 USD and the pound was 1.45 USD an both south bound. I think this is all that need be said regarding the relative position of the Europeans and British to the United States.

Regarding France, hey we have to let them feel that they count too. All of this French bashing is very damaging to french self esteem. We should honor the French for what they are, oops, wait a second. we are aren’t we. Sorry citizen ffb.

I’m so glad that Byron takes time out of his day of posting at the Huffington Post to share his thoughts here.

Good Evening Folks,

Hi John. I’ve never been over at Huffington Post, can you hum a few bars?

Lets see to ffb. I see that you are now in favor with the editors. My last post I got five minutes, (1/11/11 2:10PM-2:15PM) before I was cut off by the editors. You see in this country the press always try to protect the disadvantaged. The French are now a protected group around here.

As far as US defense is going, I will refer to the story yesterday out of Edward’s AFB and the emerging generation of UAV’s. The X47B and the Boeing entry are the Sixth generation of fighter.

Sorry China but you are still at the bottom of the technology curve. Don’t try and embarrass the US Sec. of Defense when he visits you, it’s not polite, and he is ready for it. Chairman Hu, you have Chop Suey on your chin.

Of course this really should lead to at least questioning the value of the uber expensive F-35. The UAV Fighter will shred any manned fighter, so let it be a Chinese or a Russian pilot, not an American.

War fare is changing, remember the 160th. Av. Bn. and the “Apache Strike” twenty years or development, success in Gulf War I and the tried again in April of 2003 in Karballa, a few mobile phone and a lot of people shooting in the air and the doctrine of Armed Helicopter Strike went down literary in smoke. That was the end of the “Apache Strike” and all that time and money for naught.

War is a dynamic institution and change is the name of the game. Nearly any platform or system planned during peace and before a war finds itself useless when the first shots are fired.

The Army/Marine force that invaded Iraq in 2003 no longer exist. We have been at war now for nearly ten years, lots of technology and change of tactics, war accelerates change. The 35 year old F-35 will be obsolete before its ever produced. Why produce it?

To the French, the US in Afghanistan is not France in Algeria. We will finish the job we started out to do. Don’t confuse pointed domestic debate with disagreement, Americans even in Vietnam supported there military, and Americans finish what they start, and not leave a mess for others to clean up, Afghanistan is not Indochina.

Byron Skinner

To the poster Mr. Byron Skinner

You boasted: “We ( = the U.S.A.) will finish the job we started out to do.”

Only last year, the U.S. government shunned direct negotiations with North Korea following its nuclear and missile tests. Judging by the denial of that mystery missile on the 8.11.2010 off the Californian coast (off your own house, too?), the resolve is waning…

To the poster “greg”

You wrote: “What does Afghanistan have to do with his comment? FFB you deflect so much…”

I reminded Byron of the U.S.A.‘s humiliation in Afghanistan because apparently the U.S.A. lost a bit more than just those few thousand soldiers back in France… French figure of speech: “The mountain bore a mouse”.

But something tells me that after the U.S.A. run away from their own glorious, patriotic “G.W.O.T.” (through Russia? Cheer up, they’ll assist you), they won’t call ANY foreign soldiers “surrender monkeys” again. Osama will.

How to Fix Defense Acquisitions:
– Zero tolerance for Cost Overruns.
– Indefinite Moratorium on the use of of “Cost Plus” contracts in Major Defense Acquisition Program development contracts. If DoD is unable to define requirements specifically enough that Fixed Price contracts are not possible, then the endeavor is too risky. The SOWs need to be rewritten.
– Implementation of an “Incremental Improvement” approach to MDAP Acquisition. We should keep production lines open at Minimum Sustaining Rates to replace systems lost through attrition. When an improvement to the MDAP platform completes the development process, then production rate kicks up to replace all existing platforms.

- Shifting of higher risk technology development to DARPA. MDAPs should be about integrating current operationally proven technologies into operationally suitable systems, NOT technology, or even commodity, development.
– DARPA will develop technologies and commodities (sub-systems & LRUs) for integration into MDAPs.
– Creation of a DoD Risk Management Agency. This agency will receive startup capital from Congress, shifting to future funding by collection of a Premium from every MDAP. DRMA will provide Independent Risk Management of MDAPs. The Premiums will be calculated based on assessment of the Uncertainty, and therefore Riskiness, of each MDAP.


(1) Byron, you have so much knowledge, why don’t you become a reporter or journalist for DoDbuzz. Then we can criticize you for your inaccuracies legitimately.

(2) NoMoreCostOverruns, an interesting idea on the insurance angle, but the federal government already self-insures when they eventually pay for the overruns. The issue as I see it is to penalize the program managers and companies that engage in this unacceptable behavior.

LCAC– Yes, agreed. Give them some air cover and it should all work out beautifully.

MV-22: Disagreed. It’s a revolutionary vehicle, the first of its kind. Example: Messerschmidt 262, the German WWII jet fighter, first of its kind. It was torn apart when faced with P51’s. But now what type of propulsion does the vast majority of aircraft use? MV-22 provides too much capability and potential.

Goo Afternoon Folks,

This post promises to be very boring, economics and politics of The Peoples Republic of China, so read at you own risk.

The Daily Teaspoon
Four teaspoons full

For over a month now we have bee treated to the on going drama of the J-20 climaxing with an 18 minute test flight on Monday during a visit to China by US Sec. of Defense Robert Gates.

The timing of the even was at the very least bad manners and with Party Sec. Hu claiming no knowledge of a scheduled event thing are starting to smell in The PRC.

The very idea that the Chairman of both the CMC’s a member of the Polotburo and a General Officer didn’t know of such an event is incredible to say the least. One never like to accuse a head of state of deliberate lies but in this case it the best we can do.

The Politics here is that the PLA reports to the Politburo which reports to the Party CMC. The state CMC has the same members but in reality is a none functioning governmental agency in China. So if in fact Hu didn’t know of the J-20 flight test, then there is a most serious problem in China and that problem quite obviously is that there is fracture between the PLA and the CCP.

According to Chairman Mao in 1938 “Our principle is that the party commands the gun and the gun must never be allowed to command the party.” If this sequence of events is ion fact the way it is in China the party no longer controls the gun but the PLA does and feels that it doesn’t have to get permission from the party to do an event like this.

The Government in Beijing has attempted to appease the PLA with generous funding and modernization programs but the current feelings among the generals seems to be that they had to give up a lot with turning their control of the economy to a secular non party government and maybe are having second thoughs.

After all $80 billion USD’s out of a $9 trillion USD economy seem to be not much. I know this sounds capitalistic and it is but the market is seductive and the general see how their wester counterparts live and how the live.

Most American experts have expressed the thought that China has moved away from Mao and the gun, I’m afraid I can,t agree with that. China is still strongly influenced by what the PLA thinks as seen in the current modernization programs, the are clearly being done for the interest of the PLA and not China’s.

The emergence of the PAP, witch has gone largely unnoticed by US experts, as an organization outside of the PLA and it’s growth from a half million in 2000 to nearly 2 million in 2010 is an strong indicator that power is slipping from the PLA.

Neither Marx nor Adam Smith had any regard for secular politics and failed to provide any ideal political structure for their ideas this short coming has lead to a succession of fragile communists government that are alway just a bullet away for a governmental change that is always bloody and messy.

The assumption here of course is that “modern China” has evolved beyond Mao, quite simple there is no evidence to support this other then wishful thinking. China’s population is estimated at 800 million of which 500 million are agrarian peasants who are still very much dedicated to the party and the Cult of Chairman Mao. It must be noted the they make up the majority of the 2.5 million PLA and are have yet to see their share of the growing Chinese economic machine.

Modern China is living is a self delusion that these 500 million people don’t exist. Surprise.

With the appointment of VP Xi to replace President Hu a big chance is being taken in that the last of the generation who served under Mao before his death in 1976 are being passed over. This is risky to say the least. The attempted Lin Biao Coup in 1971 an the roll that the PLAAF played in Lin’s attempted escape to the Soviet Union, saved only by a timely plane crash witch can happen in the PRC when all else fails, is still very fresh in the PLA mind set, I doubt if they would let that happen again.

President Hu is as they used to say here is on thin ice. His slight to Sec. Gates I’m sure will not be unnoticed by the Chicago street smart President Obama. Look for the US to ratchet up tensions on Taiwan soon.

Byron Skinner

For those completely “inexperienced”, LCACs are brought over by things called “ships.”

For these “ships” a thing called “space” is a constant factor.

For an “ARG” (Amphibious Readiness Group), it consists of the following ships: an LHA/LHD, one LPD, and one LSD.

Because of this thing called “space” the MAXIMUM number of LCACs in an ARG is SEVEN.

In an amphibious assault there is also a thing called “time.”

How much time do you think it takes to load up a LCAC, load up a tank and 1 LAV each (max amount of armor), strap down said armor properly and then do well deck ops all over again?

How many tanks do you really think you can fit in those ships instead of the smaller amphibious vehicles?

How many AAVs can you launch simultaneously and have them hit the beach with 25 marines each?

Here’s some more info: http://​www​.navysite​.de/​s​h​i​p​s​/​l​h​d​7​.​htm
“Well deck capacity: three LCAC or two LCU or six LCM-8 or 40 Amphibious Assault Vessels (AAV) (normal) or 61 AAVs (stowed)”

Also conversely Mr. Fraser, you can do the same with the usual Amphib Ops with “some air cover” that we’ve been doing for over two decades and apply that to the “proposed” one with EFVs.
Therefore… the EFV is a good idea.
40 EFVs maximum versus 7 Abrams and 7 LAVs hitting the beach for the first wave using the same “space” restrictions, and objective “over the horizon” ampibious assault. 40 EFVs with 17 marines each = 680 marines on the beach with armor support.

Yes, I think 40 > 7. Hell probably 60 if all ships launch EFVs at the same time. IF they don’t decide to mix and match. Just needs to get “fixed.”

IF all you want to do is offload tanks, then the US Navy should have just stuck to a giant target called the LST. Crawl on the water with its full load of tanks, hope it gets to the beach, and pray no one shoots them while they offload tanks on its ONE exit ramp.

The Maginot line worked. Because it was so expensive, the French stopped buidling it. They positioned their Army north of the Maginot line. Hitler struck in between the Maginot line and the French Army to the north, through the Ardennes. It was believed the Ardennes was impassible. Hitlers gamble paid off, the French Army was trapped to the North. The French fought courageously as they always do, but there was no way to save the situation. Mis-positioning of the French Army in WWII led to their defeat. As a patriotic American, I get tired of all the stupid insults hurled at France.
In WWI, France lost over ten times the soldiers the US did. Probably the numbers were close in WWII, and France has a much smaller population. The Russians did most of the Allied fighting and dying in WWII. But, contributions of all the Allies should not be ignored, including British, Canadian ‚Australian.

To the “Taxpayer”

You wrote: “(1) Byron, you have so much knowledge, why don’t you become a reporter or journalist for DoDbuzz. Then we can criticize you for your inaccuracies legitimately.”

Who said Byron doesn’t already work for “D.o.D. Buzz”, or for some other “Military​.com” publication? Byron may be more than just “a” prolific poster… “He” may even be a whole team, a project of diverse Internet monitors and propagandists posting 24/7/365 from the Pentagon… Actually, that would even explain a lot of things!


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