Top Staffer Leaves HASC; New Subcommittee Chairs In

Top Staffer Leaves HASC; New Subcommittee Chairs In

It’s changeover season on the Hill. As expected, several Democrat staffers have left the now-republican controlled House Armed Services Committee. Meanwhile, the new Republican leadership of the subcommittees has been installed.

One of them is Bob DeGrasse, the senior Democratic staff on the House Armed Services strategic forces subcommittee and number two Democratic staff member on the entire HASC is apparently leaving to work on nuclear matters in private industry. Bob is heading to Bechtel to work on nuclear issues in — no surprise here — the company’s government relations department.  Leonor Tomero replaces Bob as the top Democratic staffer on strategic forces.

Apparently, seven professional Democrat staffers and six “support staff” have left or are leaving with no word yet on how many of these positions have been refilled, according to HASC minority press secretary Michael Amato. 13 professional staffers and 14 support staff have stayed and are working for the new Republican committee leadership.

Meanwhile, the new Republican leadership of the HASC subcommittees has been filled in. Here are he new subcommittee chairs:

Air-Land: Roscoe Bartlett, Md.

Personnel: Joe Wilson, S.C.

Oversight and Investigations: Bob Wittman, Va.

Readiness: Randy Forbes, Va

Seapower and Expeditionary Forces: Todd Akin, Mo.

Strategic Forces: Mike Turner, Ga.

Terrorism, Unconventional Treats and Capabilities: Mac Thornberry, TX.

Defense Acquisition Reform Panel: Mike Turner, Ohio.

No word yet on who the ranking members for the subcommittees will be.

All of this comes amid word that the subcommittees may soon see their titles and jurisdictions changed.

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Does anybody have any information what the new Republican HASC position is on restarting production of the F-22?

The F-22 is not coming back, regardless of the tending party. Restarting the F-22 would kill the F-35.

Its Joe “Wilson” for “Personnel”. Not Joe Miller

Tunisians want to be more like Americans in the same way the revolutionaries wanted to be more like the British.

The deposed government of Tunisia was just recently lauded by us as a “friendly country that has been and continues to be an important force for economic and military progress in North Africa”. Despite all the high principled rehtoric the US isn’t at all fussy who we sleep with. As long as they don’t openly embarrass us in public they can pretty much commit whatever crimes they like.

“Strategic Forces: Mike Turner, Ga” or Mike Turner, OH.

Joe and LTTG,

Thanks for noticing. Fixed.


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