Senators Warn Clinton On Space Code

Senators Warn Clinton On Space Code

A solid group of 37 Republican senators, led by Sen. Jon Kyl, tell Secretary of State Hillary Clinton they must be told whether the Obama administration plans to negotiate and sign on to a Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities.

The Feb. 2 letter says the senators are “deeply concerned” the administration may pursue an agreement they fear poses “a multitude of potential highly damaging implications for sensitive military and intelligence programs… as well as a tremendous amount of commercial activity.”

The warning comes hot on the heels of the new National Security Space Strategy, which targets just such an agreement. A fact sheet on the new strategy released today says:  “The United States is working closely with the European Union on a draft international Code of Conduct, which could serve as an important first set of norms of responsible behavior.”

Kyl and his colleagues say they don’t know of any consultations between the State Department and the Senate about this and “urge the Administration to immediately consult with key Senate committees” about this.

The senators also take the extra step of asking for Clinton’s “personal responses” to five questions about any code talks. They want to know what impact it might have on the military, especially “anything that would impact in any way a U.S. decision to deploy missile defense interceptors of any sort in space…” They want to know if it would affect “the development, test or deployment of an anti-satellite weapon, such as the one successfully used in the 2008 Burnt Frost operation” when the US shot down an errant spy satellite, US 193.

They also want to know if it would affect in any way “a kinetic defensive system in outer space that is capable of defeating an anti-satellite weapon, such as the one tested by the People’s Republic of China in 2007.” And then they say they want to know about any impact on anything satellite development or operations by the military or the intelligence community.

The senators want Clinton to tell them how much compliance with the code might cost and whether the US could renounce the code should it want to. They want to know if Russia and China are involved in the consultations concerning the code. And they want her to tell them if “any information about U.S. space systems” will be exchanged with those two countries “under the draft code or any other agreement or code of conduct the administration is discussing with either nation.”

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Why are we negotiating this with the Europeans? Talks must include China, India, and Russia, as well.

None of this will ever bind an authoritarian country. Why don’t we just keep all options on the table, and assume that everyone feels similarly?

Excerpts from the hyper-linked D.o.D. fact sheet

Part 1 / 3


“Prevent and deter aggression against space infrastructure that supports U.S. national security:
DoD is seeking to include space in future strategic dialogues with key spacefaring nations to reduce the risk of mishaps, misunderstandings, and mistrust, particularly in a crisis.”

Does this involve S.L.B.M. launches off one’s own coast, or are those classified as “responsible, acceptable behaviours” ?



Part 2 / 3


“Partner with responsible nations, international organizations, and commercial firms:
DoD is working to transform the Joint Space Operations Center into a Combined Space Operations Center with greater international participation.”

Is the U.N.O. not a sufficiently responsible organization, or simply too honest for this initiative’s true intents?



Part 3 / 3


“DoD has partnered with Australia in the Wideband Global Satellite Communications constellation. DoD is seeking to expand cooperation to other countries.”

Oh, now the Anglo-only Echelon spy network needs a boost from its targets?


“Prepare to defeat attacks and to operate in a degraded environment:
The DoD is training to maintain operations in a degraded environment and employ cross-domain solutions to ensure access to requisite capabilities and information.”

Let me guess: By telling and preparing all transport means, weapons and ordnances to use the infinitely more precise European Galileo positioning system, in case no G.P.S. satellite is left?

What I find most interesting, is that these senators call the USA 193 shootdown an Anti-Satellite test. The USA has always denied it was an AAT test. Slip of the tongue?

Good for the Rs.

Need to keep the heat on the barry hussein obama regime…

First the boy prezident “negotiates” away our UK Allie Trident information to appease the Russians, now they will unilaterally negotiate any space advantage we may have…

Better to negotiate it away while it’s still worth something then wait for it to decay. Obama is very much the liquidator called in to recover as much as possible from the the firm blown up by the prodigal son.

Much better to trade it for some international concessions now, if Palin gets in then there wont be anything left at all.

International concessions?

Please. Name one treaty a dictatorship like the ussr or chicomms ever followed.

You are a fool or worse to believe that Barry Hussein Obama cares one bit for the USA.

He is implemented his anti west anti American j wright gd america agenda.

One of the unspoken agreements in America between the globalized creative classes and the old wealth republicans is that the lower end isn’t going to make it in the 21st century. Your group is going to be the cheap labor of the future and a lot of movers and shakers are quite fine with that.

Bush held functions were he made jokes about the dumb-asses who voted against their own economic interests for a a handful of nationalistic platitudes while liberals make jokes about you being too stupid to find your own country on a map. But we let you have your xenophobia and your racist rantings and laugh in superiority as we shift your wealth to us.

It will continue because we know you guys will never work it out.

That was your best commenary ever, that and an older one, in which you described the Neocon wars as (putatively) self-financing. Maybe you remember it. I officially include you now in my small platoon of top élite posters which I’ve met during my whole life. The only way to get in is not with a vast or specific knowledge, but with an exceedingly sharp mind – and tongue.

Maybe one secret, totally cynical collusion between two allegedly antagonistic forces was still missing in your post above, to be perfect: The Bush family’s long-time bed-sharing with… the Bin Laden family. (Or the fact that origin-less Obama insists that W.A.S.P. Dick Cheney is his cousin – no kidding!)

You too lovers seem awfully off topic with your crazy neocon conspiracy rantings. Oblatski must now be on the DNC payroll judging from how he thinks it is in our best interests to vote the loony left into positions of unopposed power.

One treaty? Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty

To the Rheumatic Brigade platoon leader “William C.”

You wrote: “You two lovers…”

Before you get any wrong ideas ( PROJECTIONS , “William C.”…?!) : I only said that he was brilliant, and I’m intellectually honest enough to recognize that even in people who defend causes I hate, or who are personally unsympathetic towards me. But there are also some topics in which I agree more with you than with him, if only by astronomical statistical coincidence. For example… uhm… ahem… “ ‘Oblat’ ‘s friends are not my friends” (veeery diplomatically put) …

Yeah, Right! you don’t have a clue.….….….….…..


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