Govs Write Prez On KC-X Pick

Govs Write Prez On KC-X Pick

The governors of Alabama, Mississippi and Lousiana today wrote President Obama about the tanker competition, urging him to choose the aircraft that would do the best job and ignore World Trade Organization rulings about illegal subsidies.

Govs. Robert Bentley,  Alabama, Haley Barbour,  Mississippi,  Bobby Jindal,  Louisiana, told President Obama they hope the Air Force will “be allowed to make its choice according to its own priorities, free from parochial interest group pressures, and without the distraction of accusations over trade practices.”

They shyly note that their citizens “would benefit greatly by a contract award to EADS North America – and we unabashedly hope for such an outcome” but they say their “primary interest is that this long-delayed process come to a swift conclusion so that American workers can get right to work providing a weapons system our military desperately needs.”

Then they try to refute the argument put forth by some of their competing governors, who have argued that the Pentagon must take into account the subsidies received by Airbus. “While Governors Gregoire and Brownback cite alleged trade violations by EADS – matters that are far from conclusively determined by the World Trade Organization – we could just as easily cite WTO opinions identifying Boeing as the recipient of massive government subsidies. Such a tit-for-tat process would only further delay delivery of a tanker the Air Force has needed for the past decade.”

Now we wait for the official award just after 5 p.m. today.

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as usual americans looking to sell out their future for the present. Boeing will have 85% u.s. components while EADS will struggle just to get 50% u.s. parts. But who the hell cares. I have an idea…lets scrap the super hornet and by the navalized typhoon– EADS will probably promise to open an office in some southern state. Who cares that the profits from american tax payers are goin to european economies.

and giving tax payer money to a foreign company is an investment in our industrial future?

when it comes to investment the only thing that matters is profits. Profits by companies are used to invest into new technologies and infrastructure. if EADS wins– profits go to EADS which is a european company. So is a european company more likely to invest in the u.s. or is an american company more likely?

The Buy American Act doesn’t allow the government to directly contract with a foreign company but subcontract with an American company . According to Federal Acquisition Regulations which we must abide by the following applies: All aircraft for use of the Department of Defense or Coast Guard must be made in America. MAJ Jeff Hilt, ILE Class 11–008, Ft Lee, VA

EADS NA is not a foreign company, but a US company with an SSA ensuring american control. The aircraft will be built in the US. Please do not spread innacurate facts about the bid.

When do you ever go to a car dealership and ask them if they have any new 1971 Ford Pinto’s? This is what the USAF is doing by going with Boeing and their obsolete 767 airframe. Boeing will single source the taxpayer to death.

I think 1971 pinto vs. 1975 gremlin is a more fair comparison.

So EADS sold out a 3 southern governors, EADS has been doing that in the Middle East for years.

Problem is you got the Governors of WA, KS, IL, SC and OH all doing the same thing along with the senators and congressional delegations of all those states that have fought lobbied and stuck together through it all, yet in the south with LA, MS, AL, GA, and FL you could never get these fools to come together even when NG was involved, so they only have themselves to look into the mirror. Those other states Ds or Rs all came together.

Next time the Gulf Coast wants to do something go large or stay home, I hope they learned a lesson. One last thing is I hope in 2017 these Governors hold Boeing accountable and ensure we get 18 planes in the air on time and under budget, if not they need to call people out…

too bad for eads. but you can bet that there will be a protest, and probably justified too…

The 767 is far from obsolete. Even the venerable KC-135 is still usefull, it is just wearing out. For those that want an Airbus plane, 25 years from now how are we going to get replacement parts from the French when they have long gone and changed to newer planes> Case history the Mirage. Go find out all the counties with Mirages and look at their problems getting parts. Boeing fully supports and makes parts to order for the KC-135.

If you are that enamoured with a larger newer planes get the 777, it is even bigger and better than the Airbus tanker! Or better yet the 747–800!

It doesn’t matter how many jobs a foreign based company decides to doll out to us; the majority of the money will leave the country. A contract this large needs to stay in this country and support our own infrastructure.
Governors willing to sell out an American company for the benefit of their own state, now that’s disgusting.

According to most sources, including the EADS NA web site, “EADS North America is the U.S. holding company for the North American activities of EADS”. So no JAMES, EADS NA is a foreign company.

The KC-30 is not better than the KC-767NG. Bigger does not mean better…

The KC-30 would be MANUFACTURED in Europe by Airbus (just like all Airbus aircraft). EADS NA KC-30 would ‘only’ be ASSEMBLED & converted to tanker in the US.

Not even close.

I wonder how many people blogging here own foreign cars? If we had this much support for American automobile manufacturing, we would be #1 again and our economy would be much better off then it is today. Think about how foreign automobiles are sold in this country everyday. If you are going to argue against EADS, you better own an American car.


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