Marines Face Huge CR Procurement Loss

Marines Face Huge CR Procurement Loss

The Marines face the “catastrophic” loss of up to one-third of their acquisition money –$563 million — if Congress does not pass an annual defense spending bill, Commandant Gen. James Amos told the Senate Armed Services Committee today.

A Continuing Resolution, Amos said,  “could prove catastrophic” to Marine procurement.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said in his prepared remarks that a CR would “prevent equipment replacement or purchase of 4 H-1 helicopters, numerous LAVs, MTVR.s, LVSRs; tech upgrades to counter IED jammers; communication and intelligence equipment; tactical fuel systems to power our vehicles and generators; engineering equipment to move ammo, gear and supplies; air conditioners and heaters to take care of Marines and sensitive gear; and EOD improvements to protect them.”

The CR would have even greater effects on the civilian population that relies on Navy and Marine funding, Mabus said, touching 10,000 jobs at  facilities around the country. And it may cost more than the CR would save over this year’s budget. “The degradation or loss of perishable skillsets within our workforce, including many nuclear workers, and the disruption to both our fleet and shore maintenance and modernization schedules will take three years to recover based on rotational schedules alone – and only at significantly greater cost than requested in the FY 2011 President’s Budget,” he said.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine picked up on this, saying a CR  may put “into jeopardy as many as 10,000 private sector jobs.” And she aimed straight at some of her fellow senators, saying they “argue that a CR will save us money… but i think it will end up costing us more noney in the long run.”

Over to you,  Sen. Rand Paul and fellow Tea Party supporters.

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What a lot of these folks dont realize is there cat and mouse BS not only affects the govt but will also stop contracts in place along with all thier vendors and subcontractors putting many a civilian on temp forced leave meaning they cant buy gas — food — pay bills, detroying credit ratings meaning less retail sales of new big end items and loss of taxes for income and sales revenue for states, counties, cities, and fed govt. The last one cost over 64 bil in lost revenue alone, and billions more in unemployment payouts, and billions more paying for all the over time and emergency hire personnel to catch up on production lost during the shutdown period. They all need thier cans kicked severly for this crap and then fired/recalled/impeached with no benefits afterwards.…..

One way to suppress government spending is to no appropriate any money. That way when Congress finally passes an appropriation they can cut the budget to account for a five month delay. Big ripple effect at all levels.

A catastrophic loss of their acquisition budget is exactly what the marines deserve. Having screwed up the design of the F-35 for everyone else and, having a fleet of failed bloated projects — they cant be trusted with taxpayer money anymore.

Here we were thinking we were paying for a defense force — but it’s actually the worlds biggest ongoing retail bailout package.

Wow, Colin, really? In every budget article since the November election you’ve taken a swing at the Tea Party as if they’re holding up the whole government. You are aware this budget impasse was started months before a single Tea Party member was voted into office when Congress didn’t bother to pass the DoD budget, right? The Ds and Rs as a whole are doing plenty to not accomplish a damn thing and they are debating budget ideas tens of billions of dollars apart from each other.

TMB, The Tea Party folks are pushing most of the discussion about this issue so I think it’s entirely reasonable to note that it’s in their hands now. Sen. Collins is a Republican and her statement makes pretty clear how wide can be the gulf in the GOP on the issue of defense spending and budget cuts.

oblat — you obviously don’t serve so i guess i shouldn’t expect much from you. Regardless of what top brass did with the F-35 project, it should have no affect on Marines getting equipment they need to survive in combat. And if you do serve then you are a disgrace for even saying something that dumb.

As serving in the Military I have noticed a lot of people who want to cut the military usually are collecting money in form of medicaid or a tax break. How greedy can you be and then complain on government waste. If you don’t like it here go to China.

Tea party congressman should not have a salary or pension since they are concern about saving money so let them set an example. Since they have healthcare also known as Tea Party care lets cut their healthcare and tax payer supported pensions. They have all the answers so the cuts should start with them. If you served in the military we all know those who talk the most take the most and give the least.

To all the the Tea Party lovers how is it the Koch brothers who are billionaires spend so much to cut middle class pensions from teachers receive so many tax breaks. Tea party is supported by the rich to take more from the military and what’s left of the middle class. They came for the union pensions and for those who serve in the military they are after what few benefits we get when will it stop. The biggest cry babies receive the most government tax breaks. The upper two percent want more and more of the middle class money. For anyone who says the middle class shouldn’t exist is probably a tea lover. Go whine to Joe the plumber who is not a plumber.

USA go down, China take his place, day after day

Take a step back and catch your breath — I agree with a lot you say under the current situation, but I never once heard anyone from the tea party say they wanted to cut the military budget — just wasteful spending by the military which is something we have all at one time complained about — especialy those of us in uniform. The biggest issue with the new party members right now is they picked the wrong time to try and live up to thier campaign promisses to cut spending. They all (DEMS< REPUBS) need to compromise and get the budget in place and put the fixes into the 2012 budget which they should already be working on rather than the 2011 which is the fault of the dems and Obama for not pushing the issue from the start.

The House, spurred by Tea Party members passed a bill that cut $61B in spending. The Democratic controlled Senate only wants to cut $5B. On the surface, it sounds like the Tea Party might be to blame. However, below the surface, is the details of both bills. The Senate version cuts Defense an additional $17B over what passed in the House. Other programs get increases at the expense of Defense.

It is entirely reasonable to issue a retraction of Tea Party criticism.

Using your sense of entitlement to excuse your incompetence — does it get any lamer ?

Robert step back from the kool-aid… come back to reality… we’re all waiting for you, lol…

Seriously… have you considered medication? I’ll give you credit for towing the party line like a good little drone but very little of what you said is even close to factual. Actually none of it was right down to your Joe the Plumber line (He was a plumber, he just didn’t have his own business and his name isn’t actually Joe).

The upper 2% want more middle class money? How does that even make sense? The top 5% pay over 50% of the tax burden… how are they “after” the money from the lower income brackets? What part of “We’re broke” is so hard to understand to you and your kind? There simply isn’t any more money to give big compensation packages to public servants anymore. (There hasn’t been for a while but now it’s actually an issue) Nobody has mentioned the meager military retirement packages yet in any serious way… and that’s federal anyway. The union issues are state level. Do yourself a favor and read other sites than the Huffington Post once in a while and try not to be so blindly partisan.

You’ll have to translate that one…

So who is collecting money from Medicaid? Doctors? So doctors want to cut military spending? If so, why? Which tax break are you referring to? Over 40% of the working force doesn’t even pay federal income tax… are they wanting to cut military budgets? I’m also not sure about the “go to China” line… should you go to China if you’re for or against spending cuts?

You poor dear. Another one with the same disease. Perhaps if the Marines weren’t busy flushing money down the toilet with stupid wasteful projects to prove how special they are they could afford to buy you a brand new carriage for the ball.

btw what are the afghan farmers driving around in ?

It doesn’t matter what the House passes, the Senate or the President wil kill everything they don’t like anyway. The House is then threatened at gunpoint to vote on whatever the Senate wants to force on them. The Tea Party deserves credit for forcing the debate. It is not reasonable to claim that they’ve got the power required to accomplish their agenda. The people with the power to actually make a compromise happen are the House & Senate minority & majority leaders, John Boehner, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama, er excuse me, Joe Biden. since Obama is apparently unwilling or unable to lead budget negotations.

And Afghan agricultural equippment has to do with what, exactly?

Typical. Can’t back your argument up with a single fact so you have to start tossing out personal insults, which makes little sense considering I never said one way or another where I stand on the issue. I just stated, correctly, that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

I love the way you accuse a Marine of having a sense of entitlement. People like him are the only reason your entitled to the freedoms you have.

Amtracks aren’t about proving the Marines are special. One of their primary missions is amphibious warfare and amtracks have historically been a useful tool in that. I suppose you think the LCACs and LHDs the Marines need are also just for show. Shall the Marines just swim ashore to wherever we need them?

How many Afghan “farmers” (does growing drugs count as farming?) have to be killed before you do the smart thing and be quiet?

So Tea Party lovers with all the answers have any of you ever serve or work a day in your life or are you living off your parents money looking at military posts all day? Don’t answer all at once now. Try not to make it so personal like your defending the Tea party honor moral code.

Yeah I served 24 yrs in the military and proud of it. And despite what dems claim I never once made $50.00 an hour which would had been nice considering 90% of the time I was pulling 20 hr days. And I work my buns off right now trying to make sure our troops get the best gear I can get them considering all the impositions put on me by politicians who never should had been sworn into office declaring they will protect and defend the constitution when the didnt have the nads to protect it by serving before the started running for office anyhow just as many of the armed chair cammandos posting BS about the military like they have a clue what it is like. I personaly earned the right to come here and complain about my military and government if I choose rather than riding piggy back on a troop that did it for me without a thank you.

The procurement loss stems from two issues: (1) no new starts and no ramp ups (increases over last year’s budget). A new program has to wait for a Congressional appropriation before spending any money. Ramping up doesn’t stop the Marines from buying at least the same amount as last year. The problem is (2).

(2) Under a per-day basis Continuing Resolution (CR), major procurement contracts would have to include clauses funding the contract for this year on a monthly basis rather than an annual lump-sum. That may be administratively a pain, but it’s not really a major problem.

But looking at the procurement accounts, I don’t really see a problem. This is all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Every where we look we have bloated bureuacracies that go on business as usual. America committed suicide with abortion yet with a serious decline in students the answer is more money! We have allowed a business as usual attitude to go on in a crisis. We all have to suck it up, especially Washington D.C. or our whole way of life is in jeaprady! Stop quacking and playing the blame game. Pay attention and get involved and if you did not bother to study who is running for office and vote then zip it!

Ok Bozo. Wait exactly do you do, besides whine?

Make that read: “Ok Bozo. What exactly do you do, besides whine?

Robert, stop leaning so far left, you are about to fall over. And get your facts straight.

these liberals on here need to be thrown in the front lines on the war on terror and told sorry but you dont get any food or ammo because there is not enough money for that no go fight the enemy

semper fi marines

2/4 87 to 91

Whooyah and get some!!!!

by the way all you misguided idiots that think the marines wasted the money, the politicians wasted it, not the marines, the marines only use what there given, they dont go make the aircraft nor do they spend the money, congress spends it and the factory builds it, the marines can not be expected to use a airforce or navy aircraft to do there specialized tasks, it just wont work. thats like taking a volkswagon and trying to haul cattle with it.

The Marines didn’t design the F-35, you ignorant slut. Some advice, before you go running your mouth I suggest you endeavor to know what the fuck you’re talking about. Marines pay, out of pocket, for things they need to survive in the field. Or they improvise with whatever junk they find in the immediate area. Or they acquire what they can from any of their fat little sister services. Marines are trying to adapt to an ever-changing landscape of threats with Their characteristic expeditionary nature in order to maintain an impenetrable defense for their homeland. These F-35 fuck-ups can be blamed on the engineers, and them only. It is they who have created that monstrosity. Continue to Poo-poo the Marines and you’ll end up meeting one. Then you’ll be in a hospital bed.

Every marines deeply believes in Cinderella.

They are the poor princess who has to buy her own gear while equipped with nothing but hand-me-downs from the rich step-sisters. That is why the spend billions in precious acquisition programs so that one day there will be an amphibious landing and everyone at the ball will recognize just how beautiful they really are.

Sorry guys it is a fairy tail, you have a lot more in common with your skanky sister who blows all her money on crack and claims she never has enough to eat.

Scrapping the marines is an easy win — not only do they have no realistic mission but in one fell swoop a host of failing Cinderella procurement contracts are killed.

The constant need for marine equipment to be special to differentiate themselves from the army navy and air-force goes against the very concept of joint-ness and has corrupted projects from the JSF to the LCS.
The benefits to the other services from not having their designs screwed up for no good reason would be worth it alone.

Get real — Most nations have major cities along coast lines, if we were to go to war with any of them it would require an amphib assault which is the mission of the MARINES who need amphib specific gear to get the job done. depending on who our next enemy is the may be no way to launch a cross country land attack if their nieghbors wont let us in meaning an amphib assault may be our only way in, just as a land locked country may require an AIRBORNE assault to get troops on the ground. And guess what the MARINES have fewer contracts and R&D projects than any other branch of the service except for the Coast Guard. And everyone keeps laying all the blame on the US for the F35 but the majority of reports I have seen list numerous change requirements on the EU.

Great responses to someone who has obviously never served. When I joined the Marine Corps in 1969 I was told as a Marine I would always be expected to “do more, with less”. After serving for 21 years I found this to be a fact. Oblat would know this as well if he walked the walk.

The Congress and Senate were required by law to set the budget by the month of Oct. The dems failed to do so and held off any attempt to do so until the Reps came into officeafter the New Year. If the dems didn’t follow the law, how then is it once again They point the finger at the Reps.

I presume Oblat is not a Marine! His idiotic statements about the Marines could well be extended to the other services…and they would still be idiotic…each of the armed services has a proven need. I suppose the non-military types or those who don’t give a damn about the defense of this country could care less about “chopping” the military!!! Perhaps Oblat can answer the questions: If the Marine’s have no realistic mission, then why are they thrown directly at the enemy? Why are they the “shock” troops? Why is it that Marine blood is often the first to flow in any conflict? At our Embassies, a small detachment of Marines are frequently the only real line of defense against armed mobs/militants/terrorists. Oblat may want to rethink his statements or maybe he wishes to continue to “knocking” the Marines who defend his right to free speech…oh yeaaa, with their blood…not their words. Semper Fi.

Oblat. Run some numbers and see how the USMC stacks up against the other services in terms of budget. If you divide our budget by the Marines total number of active members, you’ll see that we spend less per man than ANY of the other services, by quite a bit. We do live with less and make due with what we have.

Wow, you are on a roll bashing the Marines today. Sounds like you did serve, but in the Army. You must have had a couple of run-ins with Marines that didn’t turn out well for you. I feel sorry for your anger. You are pretty pathetic to believe the USA would ever get rid of the Marines. They want us, not need, want. We kick the doors in and secure ground for follow on forces who occupy. We do the dirty work. You’re lame.

It appears that Mr. Oblat and others like him are very selfish people without any common sense about the real world and the nature of the human. Their sensibilities and goals are directed to their own closed agendas and have a one sided view of things and refuse to accept that others have opinions and goals just as important as theirs. The truth is that the only truth has many facets and all are real and true. They need to open their minds to the possibility that everyone has the truth in them. The wind doesn’t blow from one direction. A tree doesn’t shed all its leaves at once. Think about that, humans are just like that and it is the truth. I’ve read all of the comments and see that all have some merit to different degrees but keep in mind that the military is the only defense that this country has from those who would have us just die and go away. Consider all options and ideas but show respect for others least they lose respect for you. Please consider the rules that the Marines lives by, HONOR, COURAGE and COMMITMENT. I know that you think that you live by the same rules but as I said there are many truths to that. Don’t berate a problem instead find a solution that makes everyone part of the solution. If all you can do is criticize then you are part of the problem. Open your mind to the possibilities.

@Colin Clark, I can understand why you fear the tea baggers. I fear them equally but in the moment there is no evidence that the GOP Congress and the most Tea Party freshman are against the DOD. Only six GOP Reps hast joint the coalition of extremist liberals and isolationists like Barney Frank and Ron Paul the most of them vote against deep Defense cuts.

For Example: Only 6 GOP Reps (one of them is the best known Ron Paul) joins the 70 progressive Liberals lead by Barney Frank to reduce defense spending to fiscal 2008 levels. But on the over side 344 GOP und Democrat’s votes against this stupid plan and with them nearly all Tea party freshman Reps.

The real tread is not the Tea party in the Congress but a real exist alliance of Progressive and old Fiscal Hawks in the Senate with more them 31 (15 Dems, 16 GOPs) Senators as supporter and lead by the so called Gang of Six. This is in the moment the real tread of a powerful US National Defense and not the tea Party freshman’s in the House.

A majority of the Democratic Senators are now against a strong national defense in favor to not cut Medicare and the Social Security. And the most GOP Senators except John McCain and Lindsey Graham and a small group of brave defenders of the DOD are also willing to slash the Defense Budget to a critical Level. You most fear firstly this more power fuller and bigger Group of Senators and not the Tea Party Freshman’s.

Forgive my bad English.

Every time the Dems tried to introduce anything last year, the Republicans blocked it on procedural grounds. It seems almost like they hoped we would get to this point. Now it is high time for BOTH parties to compromise and pass something. It is Congress’ JOB to pass the budget, it is their basic job description. They need to get it done. It would help matters considerably if everyone involved would quit reciting their party line like an automaton.

Every time the Dems tried to introduce anything last year, the Republicans blocked it on procedural grounds. It seems almost like they hoped we would get to this point. Now it is high time for BOTH parties to compromise and pass something. It is Congress’ JOB to pass the budget, it is their basic job description. They need to get it done. It would help matters considerably if everyone involved would quit reciting their party line like an automaton.

Maybe we should enforce the law stating the budget should be passed by Oct 1st each year. Quit paying Congress, or at least don’t allow them to leave to campaign, until they get the budget done. Oh, and no recesses other than ONE WEEK for Christmas and FOUR DAYS for Thanksgiving, until the budget is passed. That would focus their minds.

I am tired of Congress not doing anything. It is not only the Marine Corps that is suffering. The Army has put in place a hiring freeze on all new civilian personnel. They are not even replacing people who resign or retire. These are the people fielding MRAPs, Counter-IED technology, medical equipment, and other programs vital to the well being of our troops in a time of war. And it’s not just the military. The FBI is also on a total hiring freeze, with no people getting hired, not even to replace vacant slots. They have canceled all New Agent Training classes past May and cut back on daily operational spending. All this at a time when home grown terrorists are becoming a bigger threat by the day. Times Square, Wrigley Field, Little Rock, Portland, Fort Hood, even President Bush’s ranch in Crawford have all been targeted (and some successfully!) in the last year and a half.

Congress needs to pass a BUDGET. Not another month long Continuing Resolution. And then another and another and another.

Let me get this straight.…this talk against the CR spending and the resulting government shut down has alarmed most on here? The same people who ALWAYS cry about the budget anyway? Hmmmmmm.….sounds to me like reality is finally setting in! But on a side note.…

Anybody who voted for the tea party fools currently in office clearly needs their heads examined.…big time. These douche bags are a bigger threat to national security than AQ and Bin Laden ever was!

I think they are corporate welfare recipients who are very afraid their welfare is going to be given to [eople and things that might actually need the money!

Dottie roberts…I have to agree, except one thing.…Its UNAMerikan to not play the blame game.….even when silly games destroys the country from the inside out.

Where will the tea baggers be when civil war breaks out due to their arrogant attitudes about money, and wanting to cut the wrong things, instead of cutting the right ones?

Err, Richard…its the conservative tea baggers who need thrown to the wolves, not the liberals.…its the tea baggers who want to gut spending and with the help of the liberache liberals may very well do so.

Just to be clear, the President submitted the FY11 budget to Congress in Feb. Congress’ job is to pass something like 12 different Appropriations Bills through various committees providing the $$$ to federal agencies. They have between FEB and OCT to do this. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi intentionally chose not to pursue this path and chose to expend their energy on the health care fight, giving us crummy, unconstitutional legislation and a more divided country. They intentionally chose to want to do everything in some bogus Omnibus take it or leave it mega Appropriations Bill. In 2010, the Republicans only ability to block anything was filibuster in the Senate. The ONLY thing Obama, Reid, and Pelosi had to do was get a few Republican Senators to vote with them. What a bunch of idiots. They are DONE in 2012.

are you a math genius or strategy genius? what is the numerator and denominator of your 23 percent of the combat power stat? As a proud American veteran I love the USMC and I agree that they can be more cost effective than the other Services, but they BLEW that reputation on V-22 and EFV crap. And seriously, can the arrogance.

All these closet communists are angry that their easy ride may end so they may be forced to get a real job in the private sector and earn half as much.

don.t loose any sleep oblat, the marine corps has got by for the last 200 plus years by making do with everybody.s recycled equipment, we always knew that we were getting new equipment when we saw that the army or the navy was getting the latest technology , we got the equipment that they were replacing.
the corps was green way before it was cool and has always gotten by by being creative, soo no tears for us oblat we will improvise, adapt and overcome. semper fi


Tea Party sucks. Nothing but old draft dodgers from the 60’s carrying pics of commie leader Chairman Mao and the snake flag “Don’t Tread on Me”. Well you old punk hippe’s don’t tread on the Marines and that comes from this old Retired Air Force Zoomie Vet. Nation may need an enema on politicians but you do not take it out on the troops especially when we are at war right now. So Tea Party Maggots, lets have a Woodstock Reunion. Even us geritol veterans from the Nam era can still “Kick hippe butt and raise some hell” or will you turn chicken and run to Canada again?

Since the marines are so proud about making do with second hand scrap and cant manage to procure a MRE without screwing it up the natural thing to do is fold them into the National Guard.

Yep it’s whole Cinderella story all over again and I’m all for it, Fold the marines into the marines with the national guard let them run the second had stuff and be happy. And half our procurement problems disappear overnight.

Even if we did “scrap” the worlds best damned fighting force, it would not save the U.S. enough money to ever be anywhere near worth the loss of military power. for starters, The Marine Corps’ yearly budget is slightly under $29 billion, which is about 0.20% of the US National deficit, and about 0.78% of the budget for the next fiscal year. Merely as a comparison (I completely “scrapping” any of the US military branches is a horrible idea) the Army’s yearly budget is slightly under $244 billion. this is equal to about 1.72% of the US National deficit, or 6.61% of the budget for the next fiscal year. As you can see, “scrapping” any of the US military branches would cause the National security to suffer severely at no great monetary gain for the nation, and if this was to be done, the Marine Corps would be the worst possible choice, as it has the best trained general infantry of all of the military branches, and it uses by a wide margin the least amount of money every year.

Amen! ooraah!

They (Marines) have done so much with so little for so long, they can do anything with nothing.…It will only hurt the readiness and moral of the Marines in the field. Pity the poor grunts, nuttin but BS!!!


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