Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Before/After Gallery

Intelligence agencies and the military often rely on the commercial imaging satellites owned and operated by Geoeye and DigitalGlobe.

To help plan tsunami relief and nuclear response operations in Japan the US government has almost certainly commissioned images from them.

The folks at Geoeye sent us images of some of the worst hit areas and the Fukushima nuclear complex that were combined using Google Earth.

The analysts at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and with the Japanese government are doubtless poring over similar images.

As Uyen Dinh, Vice President for Government Affairs at Geoeye put it in an email: “You’ll see incredible destruction particularly at Fujutseka and Noriaga—entire forests have disappeared as well as half an island in the middle of the river.”

Just move your mouse over the pictures to see the before and after images.


Natori BeforeNatori After


Minamisanrikucho Before Minamisanrikucho After

Fukushima Daiichi

Fukushima Daiichi BeforeFukushima Daiichi After


Rikuzentakata BeforeRikuzentakata After


Sendai BeforeSendai After

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its an disaster issues for all of us …

Right on time with helpful comments. Considering it hasn’t completely turned into a meltdown after having been hit with a 9.0 and a tsunami it’s done pretty well in my opinion.


belive in god.

Great pictures, really displays the enormous scope of the disaster in proper — terrible! — perspective.

why did they even build thosoe 4 buildings if the last 2 explode it can spread around the world

So anything less that worst case is “pretty well” in your estimation.

The effect of this disaster and the systematic corruption of democracy that we have imposed on Japan over the last 60 years is going to have a big effect on our relationship in the future.

The before and after pictures showing the coastline changes are reminders that nature always wins.

Oh yes. Imperial Japan was so perfect Oblat. Everything the big bad Americans touch is evillll!

GE built these reactors back in the early 1970s. The SCRAM work fined and stopped the reactor. The problem has been controlling the decay heat/pressure.

The outer concrete stucture isn’t the actual reactor shielding itself.

Your seething hate for America continues to come through in all your posts and shows your total lack of objectivity. It must be terrible to be such a cynic.

I pray for your soul. Without God, you can do nothing!


Please remember this is a military and intelligence news website. Personal attacks will be deleted /editedand off topic posts may be deleted. Thank you,

the editor

Just praying for the survivors, that they get enough, shelter, food, medicine and emotional support. considering the horror they have experienced, they are displaying a grace and concern for family and neighbors that is heartening. I hope the worst of the bad weather holds off til more aid can arrive and they can get a handle on this reactor fiasco. just praying that things like cholera dont become a problem.
AId should be offered just because it is the right thing to do…
(What you didn’t grow up learning, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”..?)
Whatever you believe in a G-d or not– how can you not hope for the best for the survivors?
One never knows what tomorrow might bring. Things like this just make you hug your loved ones close and feel both sorrow for the victims and gratitude that it wasn’t your loved ones.

You mean dirty bombs don’t actually kill people and contaminate large areas???

I agree. The basic design is surprisingly robust. The main problem appears to be that the multiple backups were vulnerable to the same problems. People only got to really thinking about this after the Challenger shuttle disaster, but its still a problem: e.g the housing bubble. (New example: GPS in the US military).

Current Assessment: Death Toll: 6,911. Shortages of food, water, medicines, heat, power. Yet some good news: Japanese soldiers and firefighters acting heroically and selflessly to try to prevent meltdown. There is no looting. The Japanese people are finding hope, trust, calm. The earthquake measured 9.0 on the Richter scale. The aftershocks: at least 27 of 6.0 or greater, at least 154 of 5.0 or greater. (PopularLogistics​.com)

Radioactive waste and melt downs are intrinsic properties of nuclear power. Solar panels and wind turbines can be damaged in earthquakes and swept away in tsunamis. There is zero chance of long term collateral damage due to the very nature of solar modules and the laws of physics. ZERO! And if a solar array was swept away in a flood it could probably be used as a raft. (PopularLogistics​.com)

It’s true, I am against the nuclear power, too. I see many people blame to God, but the problem is what we human nature created. We shouldn’t use ANY Nuclear fuel before we know how to handle the radioactive waste. If you live around the nuclear reactors, which means you are very closed to the high level of RISK such as an A-Bomb or more horrible case. In my country Japan, people are trying to overcome this crisis and helping each other. And, we want to thank to all of people pray for us. Thank you very much.

>The main problem appears to be that the multiple backups were vulnerable to the same problems.

A phenomenon also known as “poor design”.

I know that the general public seems to have recently discovered that if you put all you eggs into one basket and drop the basket, you are going to be screwed. But engineers have known that for centuries.

>The SCRAM work fined and stopped the reactor. The problem has been controlling the decay heat/pressure.

What a grin joke — ‘the reactor was stopped’ just apart from the heat and pressure — which are out of control. GE doesnt believe it — the head of GE Japan was overheard saying they will never sell another reactor in Japan after this disaster.

I have no idea what Bill thinks Imperial Japan has got to do with the debacle. But the political situation has shifted substantially in Japan now. Shock will give way to anger — both at GE who designed the core and building but also the political system. Young Japanese want a real democracy not one that can’t say no to Washington.

Man is part of nature — we must be mindful of that in our actions.

Wow, very sad.

I’m going to pray for them and probably send some money too.

I’m lazy, are you (Armstrong & Butler) some kind of law firm?

Oblat is trolling and filling up good posts with rediculous comments. We are all Americans interested in military technology, his comments are stirring us all up and taking focus away from the real issues to argue with him. You guys posted the other day about what us the readers think would make the site better…first thing first please get rid of American hating trolls. I scored a 92 on my ASVAB at Westover AFB i try to be creative and entertaining with my comments and use my knowledge of present and future technology in my posts…but lately every post is dominated by Oblat and his hate filled rants, and good people trying to set him strait. Thank You DoDBuzz and DefenseTech​.org for keeping the streets clean.



In regards to a nuclear plant hit with a record setting earthquake and then a tsunami? Yes, that is good because aside from an asteroid there is little else that could happen to a nuclear plant worse. If this one manages to be contained, it is suffering the present situation well. It’s a 41 year old plant, and an even older design I’m sure. I wonder how many things designed and built in 1970 would fare under the same disaster conditions?

In regards to what we imposed on Japan Oblat, you might want to ask the Chinese and Koreans if they share your sympathy. Considering what there was prior, I think the rest of East Asia prefers what we put in place as opposed to what came before.

I would agree though, this will have an impact on our relationship, but not the one that would delight such an insufferable miserable ‘gotcha guy’ like you. There is more assistance floating off the coast now in the from of the USN than the rest of the world combined is capable of providing. The Japanese people are not going to be interested in flaws in a 40+ year old nuclear plant design, but they will remember US forces delivering aid, setting up field hospitals, clearing debris, etc.

I wonder if you are as awful and miserable a person in the real world as you are here on these forums, you have my pity.

I would hope photography like this could be incorporated into planning in regards to rebuilding. Having a great illustration of the path the water likes to take I would imagine is pretty darn handy in mitigating a future disaster.

Fukushima looks pretty good compared to the others, especially Sendai, which looks like its completely destroyed. With Fukushima I wonder if that harbor opening directly in line of sight to the plant’s flood wall was the problem? Tracing from the harbor opening directly to the plant’s reactors does show flood damage around the plant. Yet other adjacent areas look lightly touched. I wonder if the surge came in uninterrupted from the harbor opening and was high enough to crest that plant barrier?

Anthony, forgive my ignorance, is 92 a good score on the ASVAB? If so congrats, we are lucky to have smart people posting here.

Oblat and William C are two very smart guys and they do go at it. Oblat needs to tone it down a bit but I don’t know if the guy is an American hater. I really like reading their posts when they don’t bash each other which now days they pretty much go at it full time.

DefenseTech​.org is much worst than DoDBuzz though. Some people over there are just getting their personal rage problems out going ballistic on people.

Note to editor: I don’t know if you can ban people but give the guy a chance before you just boot him off. Sometimes we need a reminder we are getting too heated in our discussions.

The Japanese people should be commended for the way they are handing this disaster. If/when this happens in the US you can be sure there will be looting, rioting, rapes, ect.

Nope. Absolutely wrong. Go back to school and read up on basic design and physics before you start blathering on about issues you and your anti American agenda know little about.

These are not Russian reactors. The fuel stopped createing excess heat within 30 seconds of the quake, just as designed. The multiple cooling systems suffered compleate breakdowns due to the quake and tsumami. The core and all it’s redundancies are still intact, even though they were never designed to withstand more than a 7.5 quake, again working better than intended. An dbest of all, the design is such that even if the core compleately melts down, it will be contained and can cool off over the course of several weeks untill it can be cleaned up with no nuclear material getting into the enviroment, just as designed.

Contrast this with Chernobyl, where a badly designed reactor and poorly trained operators made for a major disaster. Go to the MIT website and educate yourself directly from the real nuclear experts and stop wasting our time with uneducated fearmongering.

Do dry cleaning companies bashing G_D in a story about satellite images of post earthquake Japan count as off topic posts? If so I think Amrstron & Butler might be a bit out of line.

It’s a 9.0 earthquake Oblat! It’s something like 1000 times stronger than what hit California in the 90’s.

Good or bad design won’t matter in a 9.0 earthquake. All do respect here but do you really think the Americans designed this to make sure that when that 9.0 earthquake came it would be some kind of jack-in-the-box moment for Japan?

Surprise! We got you Japan!

I don’t think it is fair to say the design was “so badly designed” when we are talking about a 9.0 earthquake and we still don’t know if this is a complete disaster, Chernobyl style where nobody can live near there again.

Hey Oblat, find me a reactor that’s rated to survive a 9.0 earthquake.

It also didn’t help that the cooling system’s backup generators were at ground level and hence flooded.

yep! Listen to him people. Stormcharger is right on this.

Did we even have the capacity to make 9.0 earthquake and tsunami proof buildings 40 years ago?

Ain’t it the truth.

Except all the acid from the fuel storage cells.

>It also didn’t help that the cooling system’s backup generators were at ground level and hence flooded.

Yep putting generators on the ground when you knows that there will be tsunamis is one of the bad design decisions.

GE doesn’t just build the reactor it also did the architecture via one of it’s subsidiaries.

Stormcharger seems to think you need to know physics to understand that the reactors were not Russian. Personally I’d use geography. He goes on the describe how it’s not the same as the Spanish flu epidemic or the Hindenburg disaster or other such irrelevant straw men.

The flaws in GE’s design have been known for some time so I’m surprised at the denials.

When you design a power plant that requires constant pumping even for the spent fuel and then put the backup generators on the ground along with the fuel tanks so that a tsunami can sweep them away that is a major design flaw. As is not having a decent containment for the spend fuel pool.

That is quite apart from all the issues withe the strength of the main reactor vessel.

Science teaching is much better in Japan the general public will not be so easily swayed by hand waving and irrelevant analogies.

One of the problem is the openly racist nature of the response. If you are black in a disaster zone you can forget about it.

At least we didn’t see the Japanese Presidents mother talking about how the lower class people in Sendei were probably better off.

We need to re-think nuclear power. 600,000 spent fuel rods were kept in cooling ponds on top the reactors. Coal is a much better alternative. It may be necessary to bury the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in concrete, the same way the Soviets did at Chernobyl. The Russian soldiers who did, all died from the radiation. I am sure the same is going to happen to the bravest Japanese who are fighting this catastrophe. I pray for their souls.

Allah Yardımcıları olsun Zor…

Probably, there is always a blunt force option to any design issue. We built the pyramids. The question of course is whether that sort of consideration was on anyone’s radar screens at the time.

To give a slight nod to Oblat, which makes me shudder, the design is not considered a good one. That’s my point though, for a design that puts the spent fuel pools in the same containment building as the reactor, and then be subjected to this scenario, and not have a complete meltdown in my mind means for an imperfect 40 year old design it has fared pretty well in the face of essentially the worse case environmental scenario.

That’s hollow comfort I realize for folks there dealing with it, and in no way minimizes the event, but it could be a lot worse, a lot. It still might get worse, it’s unfolding. However when things are falling apart and people are dying comments like ‘American dirty bomb’ and such are just so misplaced and infantile they should be called out for what they are.

I guess my main issue is that if all of this was so badly done why did it take a 9.0 earthquake to prove it?

Maybe it isn’t a fault in design but rather people just not thinking that a civilization crippling earthquake would occur.

I’m pretty sure these reactors have made it through earthquakes before and people just took that as justification that everything would be ok. Stupid? yes. Uncommon? No. Design flaw? No.

You are judging pass event’s using current knowledge. Why can’t this just be a case of people being horribly wrong because they couldn’t fathom an earthquake that big? Why does it have to be complete and total incompetence and an evil act of terrorism/war by America and GE?

The problem is the Entire disaster response protocals and such are absolute BS.

Katrina was far more at the fault of the Govenor and the Mayor of New Orleans than it was the president. Yes there were alot of problems at the federal level but over all the blame lies mostly at the state government and city level.

No one wants to come out and say things like,

“Quit electing officals who’s sole reason for being in power is that they supported the right social messures or they are the right color, political affialiation, religion, etc.”

Last of all…this is Earth. Earth is in charge the evil ruthless b&tch.

I suggest you check the NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute) website for some real information on what is happening and stop listening to the propaganda coming from the MSM.

No one pointed out the design issues with this reactor until 1972 through 1975. This facility was online in 1970 and being constructed from 1967. Your chronology is off and as such directly results in where you lay blame. Given that you’re the perennial anti American gotcha guy you of course don’t bother yourself with the facts. Laying blame while people may be called upon to sacrifice their lives to resolve this is pretty disgusting in my opinion, but given three of these reactors were on line before the GE scientists who quit in protest over the design flaw, it seems to me if you absolutely must lay blame Oblat it would be far more appropriate to lay that blame at the feet of the Japanese nuclear regulatory agencies. Again, I think that is pretty sick at the moment, but if we are to bother with facts and proper time lines as opposed to your rabid anti American rants, I’d prefer to keep it all factual.

Just for the record the most powerful earthquake ever recorded was 9.5.
Read more: http://​socyberty​.com/​h​i​s​t​o​r​y​/​t​o​p​-​1​0​-​w​o​r​s​t​-​e​a​r​t​hqu

What you are saying, Oblat, is that because a 41 year old building can’t handle a relatively close 9.0 earthquake (a 220 Gigaton energy release) followed by a tsunami it is a some kind of obvious case of incompetence.

This link should help put this catastrophe in perspective: http://​blogs​.chron​.com/​s​c​i​g​u​y​/​a​r​c​h​i​v​e​s​/​2​0​1​1​/​0​3​/po

Oblat I’m not going to call you un-american on this but you are just wrong.

Yes GE has put together a large PR team to put out just that story.

But those are other design flaws that haven’t yet caused faults so the problem is that you are barking up the wrong tree. Tsunamis were well known in 1970.

GE has a long record of putting profit before safety, I’m sure we are going to hear a lot more about it over the coming months.

You would need about 800, 1.5 Mw turbines and about 400 square miles to put them on to replace the output of a single nuke unit and pray for wind that lasts 24/7 for 1.5 years between maintenance. Wind and solar are great supplements, but not even close to a replacement. We need large reliable base load supplies. A single uranium fuel pellet the size of a fingertip contains as much energy as 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas, 1,780 pounds of coal or 149 gallons of oil with no greenhouse gas emissions.

Nuke plant fuel is only 4 to 5 % enriched, it can not explode like an A-Bomb.

UCS has released a statement asking Americans to stop buying Iodine pills.

>global supplies of potassium iodide pills are being depleted because Americans are buying them, prompting fears that there will not be adequate supplies in Japan in the event of a larger radiological release.

Not only did they have backup generators, they also had a eight hour emergency battery life as well. Which was used when the generators failed.

I find it funny reading William C and Oblat go after it. William C always wins in the end and I love the
the new coined name, ” Oblatski ”

Good point STemplar.

I think the japanese wanted to go nuclear. Being such a small contry they didnt have alot of resources, so coal, oil all have to be imported. Most of there neighbors are not the best of friends with the japanese.
Nuclear power becomes a great way to stay independent of foreign resources.

You Sir are an Idiot!!!

People who buy up these pills and take them on their own will most likely get what they deserve; if not now someday. People who take these things without a reason and not under the care of a professional will affect the their own life and life span.
This a sas demonstration of stupidity.

Nuclear power is a viable alternative to coal and gas fired power plants; when done right. And cannot be replaced by wind mills and solar cells. If the greenies are going to the get the electric cars they want so bad; they going to need a plug connected to large power plant of some kind. So, they need to get used to that idea.
As to the problem of spent fuel we wouldn’t have the problems we do if it weren’t for people who are worrying about what will happen thousands of years from now to storage areas. One of their big concerns are lasting markers. They seem to forget that if the human race manages to last several thousand more years information will be archived and even if the information is lost civilization will surely have advanced to the point they can find a nuclear storage area; even if it is buried deep underground.

OBLAT-You should limit your comments to things you know something about.

I guess no one ever taught you manners or the difference between good and bad taste. But judging from the replies you’ve gotten, unless you’re completely clueless, you should be able to “do the math.” If you want to practice your stand-up comedy, why not try your local comedy club on “Open Mic Night For Insensitive Morons.” This, however, is not the place for that kind of comment.

Coal fires power plants spew magnitudes more radioactive debris into the atmosphere every year than do nuclear plants. They have historically caused far more illness and death than nuclear plants. Coal power is far more dangerous than nuclear.

Japan to import the uranium fuel for the powerplants, which is more expensive than importing coal. US exports coal to the UK and Poland, as the mining is very automated and very economical.

There are (were) about a thousand tons of used, but still highly dangerous, fuel at Fukushima. US has fifteen power plants in the New Madrid (US midwest) fault zone. In December 1811, an earthquake so severe hit the US Midwest, that the Mississippi and Ohio rivers flowed backwards.
Each of these15 plants has used (but still dangerous) radioactive material stored on site.
It is just a matter of time before other parts of the world besides Japan have catastrophic events. Think of terrorists using a small tactical nuke with a few pounds of radioactive material, blowing containment on a nuclear facility with thousands of pounds of radioactive fuel.

Coal plants do not ‘spew’ more radioactive debris than Fukushima Daiichi. Or Chernobyl. Or Three Mile Island. Coal is safe. The mining process in the US has been almost fully automated. The mining process for uranium has not been automated.

The battery backup is obviously sized for minor problems such as repairing generators not a tsunami that sweeps away the surrounding town, for that 8 hours is a sick joke.

In Japan when their is such a big disaster there is an expectation of a public apology. The sooner the CEO of GE and Obama apologize the less damage it will do to the Japanese relationship.

We have a culture of excuses and blaming everyone else for even the biggest disasters. That is not going to go down well in Japan where it will be seen as primitive and deliberately offensive.

That’s not what you were talking about Oblat, you just talk in circles for the sake of being contrary. Many plants are built on the ocean. There was also a piece published with some non GE engineers back for the AEC criticizing the design, but that was 1972, which is still after parts of this plant came on line. You really are clueless in addition to insufferably obnoxious.

More of the blame everyone else culture.

As I look at these pictures and read these comments I can’t hold back my tears for Japan and the Japenese people. EVERYONE IN THE WORLD who is able to help them recover from this horrible disaster needs to step up now. I pray for the japenese people and all who are helping them. If everyone helps, miracles can happen

First and foremost i pray for the Japanese people continously and because i am certainly not at all knowledgeable on the Nuclear program, i wont try to either speculate or make any disparaging remarks and i Pray that others will do likewise.

You know, alot of folks keep tryinh to blame GE. What about the fact that the plant owners have been written up numerous times for failing to meet standards, poor maintenance of the facility, and falsifying documents or were you going to the fridge for a popsicle when this was being mentioned on the news????????????

Our nuclear power plants are designed, built, and updated for many of these catastrophes to happen at the same time. Our biggest advantage is that a large number of our operators are trained by the very best. Many of them served as reactor crewmen in the USN.

Of course, that said the BWRs are not the best design. Our navy, and the majority of new designs, use PWRs (pressurized water reactors) where the core is covered at all times, and in case of a coolant failure, natural circulation still works to cool the core.

“.….…God looking after all of you.…”.…You have got to be kidding! Please explain that logic. …then get a clue.

Then the Japanese Government and the Electric Utility should apologize you moron.….…..your scapegoating and lack of logic is the only thing anyone should find offensive.

I know people who worked as engineers back in the day when the US designed new nuclear power plants. New construction of nuclear power plants in the US was stopped back in the 1980’s, largely due to ongoing quality control problems in design and construction. I also lived in Cincinnati back when it was discovered nuclear waste material stored at Fernald (suburb of Cincinnati) had been leaking into the ground water.

Oblat, you realize where you are posting this right? Do you also realize that Stormcharger didn’t make ‘irrelevant analogies’? Now, I don’t care if you’re anti-American, but do you think posting it all up on the DODBuzz is smart? Hmmmm… lets think about this.

“I don’t like a country, I’m going to go post a bunch of stuff and possibly get myself marked and watched by them by posting and making it obvious I’m an uneducated anti-country fear brooding extremist.” (Oh, sounds like a zealot of a cause to me, oh wait, isn’t that pretty close to what a terrorist is?)

You’re pretty smart there guy! Great website to make these posts with! You deserve a cookie, I hope you choke on it, have a near death experience, it opens your eyes, and you go back to school.

Stop laying blame on people. No one specifically designed anything to be a ‘dirty bomb’, or any non-sense bullshit like that. Everything happening over there at the moment is a result of an earthquake damn near about 9.0. OH WAIT, obviously that’s because America secretly has a dooms-day device that causes earthquakes of mass destruction. You caught us, we house it on the moon.

NATURAL DISASTER. Not propaganda, not some secret attack, not some purposefully designed flaw to trigger with an unforeseen event 40 years later! Lets also take a look at todays technology and that of the 70’s. Hmmm, perhaps for back then, they designed it the best they could.


I think you need to learn some physics. Lets see — a few workers have been hit with radiation doses that may increase their chance of cancer later in life — and no one in the general public looks to be receiving a dose that will have any long-term health effects, and it is quite possible no one in the public will receive a radiation dose more than an X-ray.

For an earthquake five times stronger than the plant’s design basis, and what is clearly the largest Tsunami to hit Japan in modern times (and likely outside the design basis too), the plant’s safety systems managed to accomplish one of the key objectives — no harm to the public. The system’s failed to protect TEPCO’s investment, and I would not be surprised if the clean-up runs US$2B, but that is less than 5% of the total revenue generated by the plants. So TEPCO’s shareholders are going to take a hit, but the public is unscathed.

In the meantime you are part of a chorus trying to terrify people with science you do not understand. Get real — check out the Youtube videos of the destruction along the Northern Japan coast — THAT is truly tragic — thousands have been lost — and you are still fixated on an event that will not hurt anyone in the public.

Your priorities are irrational.

The reactors proper were not damaged. Due to decay heat, they had too much steam and no power to run feedwater pumps. Most steam boilers solve this by having steam powered feedwater pumps. These BWR reactors did not, but the next generation ABWR did. The utility owned some of those.

I know of refineries where every major pump can run on electric or steam, and can switch back and forth based on what’s available/cheap.

It would have been in GE’s best interest to modernize all the reactors around the world. GE won’t sell a reactor in Japan again? Ha… NOBODY will be selling any reactors ANYWHERE for a good long time.

The reactor buildings are made of extremely heavy concrete, except the top 1/3 which is not concrete at all. It’s basically a cheap tin roof to keep the rain and snow off the overhead crane that services the reactor. It is flimsy on purpose, so that will blow out instead of something more important, in case of a hydrogen explosion. (they builders knew nuclear reactors vent hydrogen.) Look close at the photos of #1 and you can see it blew off very completely, not 1 panel remained, and the steel superstructure is fine.

The radiation right now (I believe) is because they are venting steam from reactors 1–3 where they uncovered the cores. That melted the fuel rods, which exposed the contents, which contain all the nasties from the bottom of the periodic table, but it’s coming through the steam, so it’s shaking a lot of that off.

I don’t know why building 3 got so mangled, I suspect it was built different and/or there were accelerants up there (barrels of oil, paper, etc.) I also don’t know why building 4 caught fire, but I believe that was a plain old building fire, not anything to do with the spent fuel rods.

Those are under 30 feet of water, and while some will have splashed or boiled off, it’s a long way down, and that water is normally not radioactive, in fact it works as a radiation shield. That’s why 30 feet. I don’t believe they exposed the fuel rods in the ponds, if they did, things would be MUCH worse, they would burn directly, carrying smoke and ash loaded with that evil stuff. All that white smoke you see is just steam.

Yeah I get nukes are full of techie woo-woo coolness. Get yourself a pre-1960 Popular Science and enjoy.

It’s still socialist, and theft. The government caps liability for nuke plants. They don’t have to adequately insure (no insurer would cover them if there wasn’t a cap). That means in a big accident, victims or government are left holding the bag. That is theft. The fear they strike into the citizens *is* warranted, and that fear steals “the pursuit of happiness”.

What’s more, they need government subsidy for production of fuel, for disposal of fuel and for site cleanup at end-of-life.

Give ALL power modes equal subsidy, and let Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand sort it out. If that continuous base load is so blasted important, then let it absorb the fully burdened costs.

I suspect the Invisible Hand will give nukes a Thumbs Down.
Dagny Taggart says “DENIED”!

Actually they do — sorry.

As I noted we have a culture of always finding someone else to blame. But it’s not the same in Japan.
The image of the arrogant and incompetent American always ready to blame someone else for his failures economic or otherwise is on the rise in Asia generally. It’s going to cost us dearly in the future.

It’s notable that GE’s latest designs while an improvement on the older models still trade off reduced safety for reduced cost when compared to it’s competitors.

Poor design is not a natural disaster.

The really great thing about running a company here is that if you screw up I mean really destroy peoples lives and ruin their future for two generations then you never have to feel guilty — because feeling guilty is un-American. Whether you are building flimsy nuclear power plants or wrecking the economy or just pouring poison into the ocean the key is to remember that nobody is to blame. When the victims arrive just show them pictures of the local orphanage and tell them how stupid and trivial their complaints are in comparison.

When you read about someone living on the gulf coast who’s livelihood was wiped out by BPs oil spill, defending GE’s shoddy design, you realize that while nobody is ever to blame there is still karma.

Obviously, you have a mind set that contorts all events in the world to somehow be caused by “evil Western Civilization”. The Japanese specified that design when the bought the plant. The Japanese were more than capable of evaluating the pros and cons, including costs versus safety. Considering the plant was hit first by the largest earthquake ever recorded and then by one of the largest Tsunami’s ever to hit Japan, it is a huge stretch to even consider accusing either GE or the Japan utility of gross negligence. That you take it to the bizarre extreme of calling it “an American dirty bomb” speaks volumes of your twisting mind and fundamentally flawed logic. That you do so in order to advance your obvious anti-American agenda is reprehensible. Shame on you. Shame on you.

Actually, they dont.

If you were to stand on the explosion site of a dirty bomb for an entire year, you would receive the same amount of radiation as having a CAT scan.

Just a few comments on the tragedy in Japan; first of all of my heartfelt support goes out to the Japanese people during this difficult time.

From an emergency preparedness perspective the Japanese are far ahead of us in terms of building earthquake resistant buildings. However, the recent data from the both the Japanese seismic network and tsunami monitoring system have revealed that both the earthquake and resulting tsunami were much more severe then anything seen in this part of the world before.

The initial earthquake was almost 5 minutes in duration, and the resulting tsunamis were in some areas over 30ft in height. At one hospital which is 5 stories in height, the staff had evacuated patients to the 4th floor and then had to continue to the roof with the patients/staff as the wave crested up to the 5th floor.

In other stricken areas10 foot tsunami protection walls were completely useless in the face of 30+ ft waves that penetrated in some areas 6–7 miles inland.

In reference to the damaged nuclear power plant, I’d point out that the plants automated systems did react to the initial quake as they were designed, and lowered the control rods shutting down the nuclear reactions. However, it sadly appears that a large tsunami was not adequately prepared for, and the plants backup generators were not placed high enough to keep them from being covered by water, mud, and debris. I can only guess at this point that a proper Hazard Identification and Vulnerability Assessment (HIVA) was not initiated for this facility in the past. However, in light of the size of the waves that hit Japan, it still might not have been enough. In light of the location of the nearby continental plate that generated this earthquake, this plant probably should not have been located on the coast in this area, but as always hindsight is 20/20.

The Cascadia Subduction zone off the coast of the US Pacific Northwest can at anytime create a Richter 9+ earthquake the length of the fault line which stretches from Northern California to Vancouver Island BC. The events of recent weeks need to be applied to the Pacific Northwest to better prepare this region for the earthquake and resulting tsunami’s that will eventually occur.

You are just making things up. The designs are all GE including the architecture.

Except it wasn’t poor design. Meanwhile a 8.8+ scale earthquake and tsunami is a pretty damn big natural disaster.

Stop pretending you know anything about what you’re talking about. You clearly don’t.

Funny words from somebody who was clearly raised in a culture of “blame America.”

I feel for the Japanese, but they are a strong people and will rebuild and recover.
Blame or over reaction to the events of nature expose ignorance, which is good, it sells newspapers and
space on blogs.
The world will always change and raise human skills to prepare for the next event.
We are just “children of the universe” and we just don’t know how big the Universe is.


Man, you are really wrong on this.

I just don’t get this whole intentional bad design (sabotage), Earthquakes and Tsunami as a conspiracy. It just seems so overly complex and I see no upside for GE. If GE is an evil organisation bent on producing bad products that kill people you’d think that people would all get together and not buy their stuff, which could still happen. However, if they were trying to cut every corner possible and do bad work and pass it off as good wouldn’t that stand out in a very obvious way? Could it be that people just aren’t perfectly smart and 40 years ago this kind of technology wasn’t as good as it is now?

You seem to be under the impression that people do bad just because it is bad — just like Skellator in those he-man cartoons.

If anyone knows whether Michiko Ohta and her family survived, please email me at rchschmidt@hotmail.com

Quit being a whiny idiot. Go here for a perspective on the radiation being released. It’s several times less than what you’d receive just flying from New York to L.A.

It breaks my heart that a nation of people that act like christians are not .If this were Americans we would see horror in our behaviour. Japan made comments 1 yr. ago to the date and 3 days prior about Israel and her “rights to build in her own country. Israel“s battles are fought by G-D.

if man tried to power the earth with solar the environmental impact would be much more devastating than 20 fukushimas. the earth would be literally covered with panels and the loss in agriculture and animal and plant life would be beyond measure. always remember when you hear about really, any idea, from any institution, that there is an agenda at play. blaming nuclear for fukushima is like blaming some drunk(except dick cheney that would be accurate)construction worker for the controlled demolition of the three wtc buildings on 911. the plant was designed (by ge) to be destroyed when the time came to end nuclear power and massively accelerate depopulation of this planet. that time is now. don’t be so foolish as to go along with this agenda.

i’m sorry to disagree but wind and solar are no supplement at all. wind turbines cost more than the value of the electricity that they produce over the lifetime of each unit. and it is unusual to use the energy created by a wind turbine close by so it must be transmitted which loses much of the energy to resistance in the power line. solar is great if you build a cabin far away from utilitys or as an emergency back up source but for governments to implement solar as power for the population is insulting to the collective intelligence of man. if you are trying to create a neo-feudalistic distopia which THEY are, then by all means use solar to strangle mankind.

besides if governments are not involved anthracite coal wins every time. cheap clean and an endless supply for all practical purposes.

keep in prayes

me to

it is so sad

I had family there they are sell alive today.

i cant believe that people are intrested in nuclear things after thisdisaster instead of the people’s losses and the lives that were lost. instead i think that we should be thinking of how to help reguardless of differences they are still human beings with feelings just like you and i. what ever happened with caring fo one another poiticians and people who think like them are real stupid!!!!!!!!

but not if you inhaled the radioactive dust i think… you are talking about the outside radiation.
so if you’d stand on the explosion site of a dirty bomb in a nbc suit…

the reactor does not have a core catcher, so a meltdown wouldn’t be nice…


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