Russia threatens arms race over missile shield

Russia threatens arms race over missile shield

From the west, the planned U.S. and European missile defense shield looks like a way to protect against a nuclear attack from Iran, even if none of the governments involved like to say that explicitly. But from Moscow, the missile defense system evidently looks like a way to try to neutralize Russia’s strategic weapons, and so every few months, like clockwork, Russian military and government officials throw a fit about it.

We’re due, it appears — according to reports today, Russia is threatening a return to the bad old days unless it gets exactly what it wants from the U.S. and Europe as they try to develop the missile defense system:

Russia’s top military officer is warning that the world could face a “mad arms race” if the United States goes ahead with its missile defense plans without moving to assuage Moscow’s concerns.

Gen. Nikolai Makarov, the chief of the military’s General Staff, on Friday urged Washington to provide legal guarantees that the U.S.-led NATO plans to put missile-defense elements in Europe wouldn’t threaten Russia’s nuclear forces.

Makarov said at a meeting with foreign military attaches that failure to do that would force Russia to respond with countermeasures that could trigger a new arms race. Makarov’s statement echoed a similar warning issued repeatedly by President Dmitry Medvedev, who said that the world could slide back to Cold War times if NATO fails to cooperate with Russia on missile defense.

The U.S. and the west are always convenient boogeymen for Russian leaders, who have never quite let go of their Soviet-era fondness for railing against evil, external enemies. The question is, can the Americans and Europeans ever actually placate Russia and develop a working missile shield, or will Moscow continue agitating in order to keep this fight alive?

And as always, there’s reason to view Russia’s threats with a measure of skepticism.

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What are they going to do? Deploy the Bulava and scare us with their self destructing bottle rocket.

Threaten Russia’s nuclear forces? Are they really worried NATO is going to invade them or something?

They already started the arms race with a new slbm that doesn’t work, new ground mobile icbms. First you have to be able to afford to develop this new arms for the race. Second you need to be able to afford to deploy. Russia isn’t moving too smartly in my opinion.

Their bigger problem is to the east of them, China is laying claim to parts of Siberia not the US. Furthermore, China is reverse engineering their tech and selling it to anyone friend or foe of Russia, and not giving any of the proceeds.

I think Russia wants classified operational data to our missile system, which they have no right to. Why don’t they as NATO suggested build their on missile system, with their “superior” s-400/500 which as they claim can intercept missiles. Why build offensive missiles in response to an intercepter, why not build interceptors of their own, which by their own admission they have been intercepting ballistic missiles long before the US.

Note the sarcasm in the superior comment. Also on one note they are trying to sell to the world how their Air Defense Systems are superior to ours, and then on the other hand are crying how we are putting defensive missiles in.

They do have a valid point, that we can turn the sm-3 into offensive hypersonic glide vehicles int he future, but why would we hit them with that. If it is war with russia, then it would be nuclear, so in my opinion their is much envy associated with this arms build up threat, and also the want to steal our operational data. Of course we said no.

You cn

the last arms race we had with Russia, there were the USSR, and then they promptly imploded. Good luck with that economy, decrepet military and demographics that will doom their nation to the history books.

I believe sometimes that Russia is a madhouse but the Russian are not agree why the US developed and deployed a ABM system they are agree why the US deployed Troops with the this ABM system in it’s so called “Nearby Abroad” Russia is always thinking he has a natural influence zone in Middle and Oust Europe the best repose for this politics is it to ignore this Russia advertisements. The Russians are already in an Arm race the dream for it, but fortunately they are not enable to make there stupid dreams reality.

Little Barry Obama will cave.

‘reset ’ = unilateral disarmament of USA

Yea that was very insightful. It sure had alot to do with the topic.

No doubt.

If eight interceptors in Poland threatens the deterrence ability of Russia’s strategic arsenal, then they have got far bigger problems than taking those interceptors away is going to solve.

They’re more worried about the Chinese to the south with their developing force that will soon if not already surpass Russia’s military. Add more military presence to their western border and it will make them even more nervous.

Got to love people who know slightest bit on a topic talking out the ass. But alas the the internet for you. Here a hint they have been successful testing nuclear misses and updating them. they are also doing pretty good for country then seen a total shift from being occupied by a communist system.

More had to do with fighting wars and operations to stop the spread of Islamic fanaticism on it’s border. Why do you think Bin Laden is credit for it!

We cannot give up; or stop this technology going forward. You can be sure our enemies will develop this ability. It will take them longer; they’ll have to steal the technology from us as we develop it; but they will eventually get there. Which means we need to be there first.
It is called the Defense Department after all.

Really? Because 5 out of 11 launches doesn’t equal successful, it equals really crappy.

The Russkies are SHITTING in the collective pants, because they do not have the ABM technology to allow for a kinetic “hit-to-kill”. Both Russia and China have been conducting intensive espionage against U.S. programs, particularly Raytheon, Boeing and Lockheed Martin…and are chopping at the bit to copy the Endo– and Exo-atmospheric Kill Vehicle design(s), as used on successful AEGIS (SM-3), Ground-Based Mid Course, PAC-3, and THAAD systems. The intensity of the espionage mirrors similar, previous (succesful) efforts by China and Russia to steal designs for W-88 nuclear warhead (oblate fission primary, allowing for small warhead), Stealth technology (F-117 then B-2), as well as stealth/silencing & propulsion technology used on Seawolf and Virginia class SSNs.

Note that even the Israeli’s excellent Iron Dome system does not use a kinetic “hit-to-kill” vehicle, but rather has a blast/fragmentary warhead.

China reportedly accomplished an exo-atmospheric intercept of a ballistic missile in 2010, but there is some question as if was a true, kinetic “hit-to-kill” intercept, versus a proximity fuse-based blast/fragmentation engagement.

No, Russia fears that ABMs in Europe will GREATLY weaken its influence.

But hey, a new arms race sure would help the US economy…

I can’t wait to see how they respond when the rail gun project goes to prototype and takes out it’s first ballistic missile. (It’s not too far away.)

First they tell us they’ve got ICBMs that are “impossible to intercept” then they continue to whine about missile defense in Europe. Sound like a bunch of schizophrenics. They whine, we tell them we won’t deploy GBI to Europe, and they still whine.

Not if you’re measuring in decades anyway.

Who won the last arms race between a then bigger and more powerful Soviet Union and the United States. My point exactly. Bottom line is that any country can deploy any number of missiles and forward forces, and ought to do be able to do so if they think they can afford it. Likewise, any country ought to be able to do the same to counter it, if they can affort to do so. Truth is there is no such thing as an effective ballistic missile shield. I served in the Navy submarine service during the Cold War and no ABM shield ever devised can stop a downpour of independently targeted nuclear warheads free falling out of the Earth’s atmosphere at speeds faster than a rifle bullet. Counter his offensive weapons with your offensive weapons.

HAHAHA, ABM’s are bank machines!!!! XD

Russia simply cannot afford an arms race and they know it; that’s why they are threatening to start one. Medvedev (really Putan) thinks he can scare us into stopping the deployment.

Tritium: I agree that Russia and China will get our secrets from our contractors; their security is a joke. The first thing they all should do is disconnect their computers from the internet, that’s the real espionage threat. You don’t need a 007 anymore to penetrate our defense industry, it’s all on the internet.

What our myopic foreign policy creates are opportunities for China and a lesser extent Russia. As one commentator put it recently called our “signature diplomatic clumsiness”. It would be nice if we understood that trying to extend the US military domain into Eastern Europe is the weakening of NATO and the western alliance but most Americans cant even find Poland on a world map.

Meanwhile Pakistan has decided that we are not going to win in Afghanistan — but small town America who’s sons are dying there remains clueless.

It’s not decades away, the Navy has already funded design of the prototype.

Russia wants to control everything they can. Bar none. I lived in Russia for almost a year and the mentality is insecure fruitcakes.

They want to help Iran and were helping Iraq against us when we went in and they want to be able to give Iran (and others they partner with against us) the way to neutralize our defense systems if possible.

Russia is proof of the old saying that those who scream loudest and accuse the most are that way because they do things the way they are afraid others will do to them.

No, he said they were testing nuclear MISSES, so that’s actually 6 for 11 successes!

I don’t think the point here is really about the US and Russia matching up technical capabilities. This is as much about nationalistic pride and the government saving face with the Russian people as anything else. Think what you like about President Mevedev but he isn’t stupid. If Russia really wanted to employ a nuclear device on a US target, I suggest we should be more concerned about them employing “low tech”, two-legged delivery system than their latest land, air or sub-based missle system. Using a “mule” for delivery allows them to deny even launching the attack should they so choose — not an option with an ICBM. The rules of the game are always changing. Perhaps Russia’s goal is simply to make us believe they don’t realize this. You don’t have to be Sun Tzu to know it’s NEVER wise to under estimate a potential opponent.

What’s the big deal anyways… No matter where we put our defensive missiles we could take out Russia’s missiles if that’s what we wanted to do.

Certainly wouldn’t need to put them right next to the USSR.

they should halt all arm sales to the “I ran ians”, you never know when a “friend” just might try and drop a nuke on ya! russians are like the chi-coms, west paranoid!

After the next arms race another Russian fleet of submarines will be rotting at their piers.

i agree. Because he is chicken sh**t.

Working for one of these “contractors”, I can tell you that our computers with classified information on them are not connected to the Internet and are only networked to other classified computers with the same “need to know”, that are in a secured lab. Also, the usb and cd burners are disabled so data can not be removed from system. I would say the threat of someone with need to know being payed off is a greater threat than the chicoms or rooskies downloading our guidance algorithms over the Internet.

The USA can’t afford it either. If that doesn’t stop us, why should it stop them? They can cut back further on everything that is not military — like we do.

You can try to pin this issue on Obama, but it won’t fly. Pushing Russia toward another cold war undeniably started under Bush/Cheney/Rice. This is just bad policy coming home to roost. It was a predictable outcome.

I think it is a mistake to not take the Russian comments to heart. They will be our only viable ally against China when all hell brakes loose. Who else do we have to depend on?? The French?? They have proven their worth in several wars from WW! thru VIet Nam. The British?? We would have to save their butts once again. We might as well depend on aid from Haiti as from NATO.

Look into the future..identify our real threats and it ain’t the Russians.

Truely Russia seems to have accepted defeat from the Americans.All their allies have been crusshed while seeing,they cant even talk or openly help then.Iraq finished,now Libya on the edge,what next?Even other Countries in the world will see no reason to work with such cowards.Their economy will eventually be crumbled to its knees.America,knows it,after finishing Russias allies,it will be just using a ‘finger’to push it.THATS THE TRUTH.

Here is the thing though — the original “Star Wars” concept was to build a system that was as/ or more effective countermeasure, and cheaper than the original threat. So even if the Russkies build an ABM that works, it will simply mean the end of using thermonuclear war. The defense is cheaper that the offense — so defense win-wins!



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