PAS11: Finmeccanica is ready for USAF trainer fight

PAS11: Finmeccanica is ready for USAF trainer fight

PARIS — Giuseppe Giordo, head of the aeronautics division for Italian defense giant Finmeccanica, declared Wednesday there’s a simple explanation for the name it gave the jet trainer it wants to sell the U.S. Air Force. The T-100, Giordo said, “is double the platform” of the T-50 trainer that Lockheed Martin and its Korean partner want the Air Force to buy.

Lockheed might have something to say about that, as would the other big defense firms that want to build the Air Force’s T-X trainer: Boeing and BAE Systems. The way things are shaping up, they may all take the opportunity. In an otherwise quiet environment for the defense sector, the one area in which the world’s aerospace firms all seemed willing to throw elbows this week was the pending competition to build some 350 new two-seat trainers to replace the Air Force’s fleet of T-38 Talons.

Giordo said Finmeccanica hasn’t decided yet whether it will seek a partner in the American defense industry to help pitch the T-100, which would be a version of its existing M-346 trainer. That will depend on the actual details of the competition, and in the meantime, the company wants to keep its options open. Giordo and his counterparts across the aerospace world have eyes like dinner plates at the prospect of the T-X deal. It not only involves billions of dollars with of jets, but, as Boeing Military Aircraft President Chris Chadwick said Tuesday, it also will probably involve some kind of new simulators or virtual trainers, possibly giving industry another new source of income.

As for the actual aircraft, Boeing plans to offer a new design for the T-X, although that might mean it’s the riskiest, as Flight’s Steve Trimble wrote here. Giordo, BAE and Lockheed are hoping their existing, more familiar aircraft will give them the edge in Austerity America. So with this many different competitors, it might not be long before the big new acquisition battle in Washington becomes the Trainer Wars.

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All I can say is BUY AMERICAN and F Finmececcica.

Interesting topic, but something’s missing here. Allow me to put the horse in front of the cart again:

“The RFI identified five training tasks for the F-22 and F-35 that ‘lend themselves’ to being performed by a two-seat fighter. The five are ‘sustained high-g operations, air-refuelling, night vision imaging systems operations, air-to-air intercepts, and datalink operations’.

Okay, now we can compare the contenders.

I doubt well see a T-X competition soon with the defense budget being cut and the USAF is scrambling to save the KC-46A and the F-35 JSF. This is wishful thinking by Italy.

No Italian trainers for the U.S. Airforce, no F-$$s for the Italian Airforce. Free trade is very nice.

Mmhh, Bae’s design is ancient AND British and LMs is actually a Korean bird…so no way this is going to be a 100% American product. Besides, the AF has already stated that the majority of components must be made in the US, and afaik the m346/t100 that is being proposed will have >75% US components. And I’m sure that the others will offer similar packages.
This isn’t the 50s anymore, if we stick to the “buy American only” mentality, others can just as easily decide to buy European only, etc etc; and the more time moves on the more it will be like this.

What’s the point of even having competitions when people just shout “buy American!” and then Congressmen follow suit?

Didn’t the Italians turn tail and run in Libya?

Yeah, I really want those guys building aircraft for Amercia.….….….….….not.

Irrationality is at its best when people go on about, buy this and don’t buy that. Which is the worlds leading product and by the way is less expensive than the other…the M-346 trainer. It can be configured so that all the functions are the same as a F-35, or any other plane if that. The cost of purchase is lower than its competitors and its maintenace costs are lower. Well — if it is been built in the USA, with USA workmanship.. where is the problem. Do you want something second best and more expensive. Is this the rational answer. On Libya . you are realy way out of sinc and show that you really do not have a clue of what you are saying. On buy america.. fine..please note that America is the major exporter of arms in the world.. So lets NOT BUY American rest of the world which is the same as saying buy American and screw the rest of the world. WTO stands for free trade. If the American product is better then buy American by all means, if it is not then go ahead and make it better. At the present moment the M-346 is the best in the world. and note I am not Italian

Interestingly the Italian bird has common roots with the Russian trainer Yak-130.

The U.S. Americans used to have always TWO jet trainers SIMULTANEOUSLY : The first one, the Cessna T-37 “Tweet” / Cessna A-37 “Dragonfly”, was a BASIC jet trainer, and the second one, the Northrop T-38 “Talon”, was an ADVANCED trainer for the SAME flight student. Other airforces even start with propeller planes first, since several decades ago, when front line planes were still relatively cheap and simple to build AND to fly!

So, can anyone tell me if and why the U.S.A.F. (apparently) abandoned their former two-model flight instruction? Why it subjects its future flight students from absolute zero flight experience (“What’s a air hole?”) directly to 5th-generation-warplane simulation? Wtf is the pedagogy of this?!

What planet do you live on? Matter of fact, there are only 3 countries that have already placed men on the ground (as “trainers”); UK„ France and, you guessed it, Italy. Italy is also providing ground bases for the whole operation (including French AF as of the end of this month), and afaik 1/3 of all bombing: according to official NATO figures, it actually released more bombs than UK and France.
This is regardless of the fact that this whole campaign is worth S**T as far as Italy is concerned. It was doing ok with Lybia before this whole French-sponsored mess started, with illegal immigration under control and secured energy supplies, not to talk about business. Which incidentally was exactly what Sarkozy was not getting in Lybia…strange right?
As far as the “humanitarian corridors” issue is concerned, go back with memory and try to recall how NATO started its involvement in Serbia: that’s right, it opened “humanitarian corridors”, which of course need to be
protect by troops.
And yes, I am Italian, and you are out of line, sir.

Not just roots it is Russia’s current trainer

T-6 is the T-37 replacement

Not just roots it is Russia’s current trainer http://​www​.airteamimages​.com/​1​1​4​7​4​2​.​h​tml

To the poster “Guest”

You wrote: “T-6 is the T-37 replacement ”

Thanks for the answer. You’re right: I checked, and OFFICIALLY at least, “It has replaced the Air Force’s T-37B ‘Tweet’ and is replacing the Navy’s T-34C ‘Turbo Mentor’.“
http://​en​.wikipedia​.org/​w​i​k​i​/​T​-​6​_​T​e​x​a​n​_II (Top of article, second paragraph)

But are you aware that this is also a PROPELLER-plane replacing the aforementioned basic JET trainer?? Hell of a “basic jet training” the student gets like that.

Like taking driving lessons on a bike.

“Didn’t the Italians turn tail and run in Libya?”

No you’re thinking of the United States.

Did Giordo really say the T-100 “is double the platform” of the T-50 ?

Why because 100 is double of 50?

Look at top speeds
Never exceed speed: Mach 1.2

Maximum speed: Mach 1.4~1.5

And what will the Italians do if KOreans rename T-50 as T-1000 for US version?


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