Bin Laden intel cache confirms weakness of al Qaeda

Bin Laden intel cache confirms weakness of al Qaeda

Documents and other information taken from Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan confirm that the long, costly U.S. campaign against al Qaeda has been very effective at killing its top leadership and disrupting its ability to attack the U.S., a top White House counterterrorism official said Wednesday.

John Brennan, in a speech unveiling the Obama administration’s new counterterrorism strategy, said the intelligence brought back from bin Laden’s compound showed that bin Laden himself knew how much damage al Qaeda had sustained,  how low its reputation had fallen, and how impotent it had become after its earlier ability to conduct major attacks. Here’s what he said:

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, as Americans seek to understand where we stand a decade later, we need look no further than that compound where bin Laden spent his final days. There he was, holed-up for years, behind high prison-like walls, isolated from the world. But even he understood the sorry state of his organization and its ideology.

Information seized from that compound reveals bin Laden’s concerns about al-Qa’ida’s long-term viability. He called for more large-scale attacks against America, but encountered resistance from his followers and he went for years without seeing any spectacular attacks. He saw his senior leaders being taken down, one by one, and worried about the ability to replace them effectively.

Perhaps most importantly, bin Laden clearly sensed that al-Qa’ida is losing the larger battle for hearts and minds. He knew that al-Qa’ida’s murder of so many innocent civilians, most of them Muslims, had deeply and perhaps permanently tarnished al-Qa’ida’s image in the world. He knew that he had failed to portray America as being at war with Islam. In fact, he worried that our recent focus on al-Qa’ida as our enemy had prevented more Muslims from rallying to his cause, so much so that he even considered changing al-Qa’ida’s name. We are left with that final image seen around the world—an old terrorist, alone, hunched over in a blanket, flipping through old videos of a man and a movement that history is leaving behind.

Here’s another interesting note: Brennan said that U.S. officials have no information that bin Laden ever left his compound once he’d arrived there — he spent some six years inside the same walls. Some of the aides that lived with him also apparently never left. That total absence of movement, combined with what Brennan said was “phenomenal” operational security, is what made it so difficult to track bin Laden down.

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NO…the Bin Laden intel cache did not reveal the weaknesses of AQ…it told us what we already knew. However, it did reveal our stupidity and shortsightedness in trusting one of our “allies” to help us find the creep…especially when he hid right in plain sight right under our noses. And it foretold one other thing…that we will lose the war in Afghanistan, and it will become another terror breeding ground…and field a whole new breed of terrorists that make AQ look like panzies compared to what this next batch will become.

“He knew that he had failed to portray America as being at war with Islam.”

I am not so sure about that. Islam need only look to the abandoned Saudi airbase that was the main goal of Osama. Many fundamentalist’ probably consider him the winner having cost us untold trillions among other intangible effects.

Congratulations to Navy Seals and all special forces operators.

I have been thinking about that “quiet helicopter” and as an ex-helo mech and crewman I have trouble believing it could land so quietly.

Going “outside the box” my theory is they took a helicopter and stripped the engines and every bit of non-essential structure and hardware to make it light enough to auto-rotate really well and towed it to the release point as an autogyro.

That is why it “crashed.”

why wouldnt they have just parachuted in then? and the other helicopter went in too and made it out. also the helicopter that would have gyro rotated in was fitted with non standard tail rotor bafflers why would they use those if there was nothing to baffle?

Release only what definitely helps us.Bury the rest.

Quite frankly the fact that we got Osama Bin Laden on Obama’s watch is a miracle, considering the previous administration quietly closed down the office to get BinLadin. The Intell folks have a tresure trove that was brought back; that is clear. let’s let them do thier work, and learn to not be so paranoid, focusing the past and move foward. Bin Ladin is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean where he should be…let’s move on!

already mentioned under radar dah..

Yes we will win the war against AQ and Al zawahiri will be killed too very soon.who ever comes up the leadership of AQ will smashed olso.Most muslims hate AQ because of killing of millions of innoncents muslims around the world.


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