Your piece of the F-35 pie

Your piece of the F-35 pie

Via Mark Thompson at Time’s Battleland comes a link you must click to understand the incredible staying power of the F-35 Lightning II, which has endured huge cost overruns, schedule delays, software shortfalls and other problems. But don’t look for the jet to go anywhere: Not only is it the planned centerpiece of America’s military arsenal, there’s a more practical reason — pieces of the jet come from all over the United States, as builder Lockheed Martin has depicted in a helpful, clickable map.

It’s easier to list the states that Lockheed says don’t have some role in the fighter’s production than it is to point out the ones that do: North Dakota, Wyoming, Hawaii and Oklahoma all are listed as “N/A” for economic activity — there may also be some others. But as soon as you begin mousing over Lockheed’s map of the U.S. you’ll see almost every state light up with a little window depicting how many F-35 vendors it has, and how big an effect the $380 billion program has for its economy.

Famed aerospace hubs Maine, Idaho, Wisconsin and  Puerto Rico? Yep, they’re all on there, with many millions of dollars at stake in the fighter program. Lockheed itself appears to be the source of these numbers, but as the prime builder of the jet, it does probably have the best picture of all the suppliers and money on this program. The aerospace industry learned how to do this with the V-22 Osprey, which, according to defense myth, was fabled to have at least one component from all 50 states, and as such was better able to survive its often painful two decades of gestation.

Supporters of other defense programs have tried to adopt this same strategy: making sure people understand how many “small businesses,” in the politicians’ shopworn phrase, were affected when Congress or DoD considered cutbacks. Every year, a group of aircraft carrier supporters meets in Washington and then goes to tell their local members of Congress how important the Navy’s big nuclear warships are to their local economies — even though they come from places like Cleveland, Ohio, or even land-locked states in the West.

Click here to check out Lockheed’s map and see how much of the F-35 comes from your state.

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RICO statute.

What are you going to do when debt,s deficits, long un-employment lines,failed banks,sub-prime morgages,falling house prices,banksters ‚fraudsters,MILITARY FREAKS,POLITICIANS,pon-zi schemes,talibans,tornedoes,wildfires,rising water,nuke-waste radiation run wild on you?

I would say that our defense only gets a relatively small piece of the overall budget pie and that money should be spent on weapons and technology that keep us far superior to our peers. The F-35 doesn’t do enough of that. Cutting DOD money any more is penny wise and pound foolish. If you want to improve the debts, deficits, long un-employment lines,failed banks,sub-prime morgages,falling house prices, banksters etc… than the government needs to stop trying to control all of those things. Let good business’ succeed and bad ones fail. And our politicians need to be objectively held accountable for their decisions.

Your’re looking at the single most effective component of the JSF’s much-ballyhooed defensive countermeasures suite.…

To bad the politicians will not be held accountable for allow (forcing) the sup-prim problem that we have. Nor will they be held accountable for the overspending that has put US in the cash flow position we are in now either.

“Relatively small piece of the overall budget pie”? Truth squad: The Pentagon sucks up over one-sixth of the entire federal budget!


If you think that the D.o.D. deserves an even higher percentage of the federal budget, then go ahead and say exactly how much higher it “needs to be”, so that the U.S. Armed Forces “finally” have adequate working conditions.
And also what the absolute spending ceiling for the F-$$ Program should be – above which it deserves to get cancelled.

Show us your colours, shill!

This is a piece of shit platform.… WE do not need to continue to subsidizing a worthless platform that will cost $160,000,000.00 dollars each times 2600. Over $2,000,000,000.00 Trillion in sustainment costs. This is absurd. Just to keep the Steer Ropers in Texas that want to make the fucking state of texas a sperate country. How about the Fireman and Police?? Or the Wounded Marines and Soldiers.…that are having their VA Medical Cost and Tricare CUT by the Pentagon. This is absolute BULLSHIT… and it needs to stop.… Bastards cannot find our fallen hero’s at Arlington Cemetery yet we are once again subsidizing Lockheed (Fucking) Martin and wall street.… Leon will clean up this mess ASAP.…

A map thoughtfully provided by Lockmart and the same PR machine that’ s been telling us all how wonderfully the JSF Program has been doing for years (LOL).

And I’m sure that it’s just a realistic as that hilarious $68 million per fighter price tag that they’ve been trying to convince everyone about for the last decade through the many failed SDD’s and never ending cost overruns.

If they were honest they’d appropriately headline the map with “Too Big To Fail — Na Na Na Nah Nah”

Bills answer is always — as much as we can steal.

According to the original version of the 13th amendment, all revenues from it are for the National Defense. Not for everthing our blasted politicians can come up with. At the time of its passage only about 1–10% of the tax paying public even qualified to pay income tax. Adjusted for inflation (largely brought on by politicians) it should still be that way!!!!!! As for corporate income tax, come on people, who really pays? The consumer, who else.

Interesting: All sort of info on U.S. states, but only generalized vagueness on the other participating nations.
Did we throw our Dutch and other nations’ money at more power for the U.S. “entrepreneurs” (to say it politely), who are now laughing all the way to the bank?

Shill? If the other 84% of the budget isn’t enough for the government to perform their other responsibility THAT is the problem, not the defense budget. Get back to me when an aircraft actually has the designation of F-$$. Meanwhile many of the same people trying to kill the F-35 are the ones who cut F-22 production.

And in the past it has been an even bigger piece. Just as important is the fact that is it one of a relative view “pieces” of the budget actually mandated by the Constitution…

Piece of Shit Platform.…. STEALTH IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Google SA-21.… Any Platform with an Afterburner and Open Intakes, no on-board Air-Air Gun is WORTHLESS.….

Soooo, you just described pretty much all of manned flight in general.…tool.

How about 1000 F-35 per State for thier State’s self defense?

Gee, do you suppose back in 1936 someone was ranting that Aircraft Are Dead! Google the FLak 88

Hmmm.… lets see, how many of the other “top ten” budget pigs are actually sanctioned specifically in the Constitution of the United States? Hmmmmm.… … “. . , provide for the common defense. . ” feels a lot more like an irrefutable mandate than “…, promote the general welfare,” dont you think? Anyway, congressmen can “promote” something by simply saying “I’m fer it!” rather than “I’m ag’in it!”; the action verb, “provide”, means that those solemn solons are obliged to lay tax dollars against it. HMmmmmm… make sense to you?

Just as the F-35 has been marketed as the ultimate superweapon, and ICBMs, the battleship, breechloading artillery and horse drawn charriots in their time, the FLak-88 was, to its proponents, going to be the end all of everything, in this case, anti-air warfare. As insane as Hitler and his chronies were in some of their decisions, and as good as the “88” was in its role, they still put a great deal of faith in Willie Messerschmitt, Kurt Tank, and other German engineers to make just a few air defense fighters as well. Its generally wise to not always buy the PowerPoint from either side of a marketing pitch! LOL!

Somewhere in the Comments, the idea of a sane, levelheaded discussion is lost by those who think politics, social science, and this-party-vs-that-party rant has more weight than any look at history and warfare tactics. The F-35 replaces many other jets and their support systems. It is multi-service and replaces the good and bad traits of the Air Force and Navy logistics, along with the UK, and the other eight countries. If it were a bad, new system, I doubt the Israeli would spend a dime but they are buying the F-35 and even have upped their order.
But history tells me that most of the new jets bought as far back as the 1950’s all went through the turmoil we are again seeing today. Even the F-18 and F-16 had to fight their way onto the flight line, let alone the F-4 which coined the phrase, “Given enough power, even a brick can fly.” Pukin Dog forgets that VF-143 flew the F-4 and F-18 which had their share of problems. And McDonnell Douglas which built them — gone!

After being a mechanic on the F-15 for 20 years, and inspector for 10 years, I can see the need for the contiuation of the Eagle. In 1990 I was at Shaw AFB for a school. I turned on yhe TV and our F-15s were in the fight. What have the F-22 or F-35 done to date? The only thing I can see is they are politicians play toys in a number of states to soak up tax payers dollars and create jobs. What about the aircrafts ability to do what it was designed to do? there is an evil ugly world out there who would like nothing better than to replace the stars and stripes with their flag. As a general once said, in peace time prepair as though you are in a wartime situation. We cant afford to let down our guard. Neither the 22 or the 35 are going to replace the 16 or the 15. Just my oppimion. Home E mail is

You guys, check out Melvin Goodman’s new book “National Insecurity”. He’s a former longtime CIA analyst.
Tells it like it is about the F-35 program being Lockheed Martin’s payoff to the Senators and Representatives who are the recipients of LM’s giant “contributions” (read: Bribes).

Goodman looks back nostalgically to the presidency of Eisenhower, who had more than a glimmer of military experience (unlike succeeding regimes, Poppa Bush excepted). Even Obama, who naively tried to do the Right Thing (against the Party of No), was too inxperienced to get past the Pentagon’s shill-spin). And he doesn’t have clean hands either — bought into much of Junior’s torture programs and now the drones!
How much do YOUR representatives take from Lockheed Martin, spread over most of the 50 States!


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