DoD denies reports Navy shot down Libyan Scuds

DoD denies reports Navy shot down Libyan Scuds

A top DoD spokesman said Wednesday that a U.S. Navy warship did not shoot down Libyan Scud missiles fired in the final days of Moammar Qaddafi’s regime, contrary to a few reports in late August. “Didn’t happen,” Marine Col. Dave Lapan told DoDBuzz, in response to a request for additional information about the incident.

Lapan’s statement came after shrugs by officials across the Navy, who said they hadn’t heard about any such incident and had no information about it one way or another. The detail was part of a story in The Daily Beast headlined “America’s Secret Libya War,” which listed many of the lesser-known ways the U.S. military had assisted NATO and the Libyan rebel alliance in their campaign against Qaddafi. Citing one American and one European official, reporter John Barry wrote this:

“When a desperate Qaddafi began to launch Scud missiles into towns held by the opposition, a U.S. guided-missile destroyer offshore negated his offensive by shooting down the Scuds.” At least one other news outlet, the British newspaper The Guardian, also reported a U.S. warship intercepted as many as four of the missiles.

The story is plausible: American Aegis cruisers and destroyers are equipped and armed for just such a job, and they’ve been tasked by the Obama administration with providing the first elements of the “phased adaptive approach” for ballistic missile defense of Europe. But although Aegis has a solid record of hitting targets during tests, and it also was adapted to destroy a U.S. satellite in a decaying orbit in 2008, it has seldom been tested against actual missile targets in combat.

Naval blogger CDR Salamander was on the air about the reports Wednesday in a post on the U.S. Naval Institute’s blog, in which he said it was entirely possible reporters had gotten their facts wrong — but if they hadn’t, the Navy had missed a huge opportunity to extol its ballistic missile defense capabilities.

So if a Navy SM-2 missile didn’t shoot down the Libyan Scud or Scuds, what did? According to reports at the time, NATO aircraft tracked and destroyed the missiles in midair. That may have happened, or it’s also possible the missiles just missed their targets, and when rebel fighters heard them explode in the distance, they may have misidentified the cause.

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Or perhaps its wiser to just let all of those interesting folks who own large numbers of SCUDs to wonder what happened to Qaddafi’s! :-)

US media can’t imagine one war without american action…

Maybe the Navy used advanced directed energy weapons to shoot down the SCUDS? ;) Fire phasers!

Or maybe the SCUDs just broke apart.

You do realise we provided the backbone of the war in everything from intell aircraft and such to refueling to providing bombs to launching the majority of tomahawks right?

Maybe there is a reason.….….….

Not just yet, we’re getting close. Unless the Tea Party gets their way, abolishing the DoE means no DE weapons for awhile.

Well then, there’s one issue that I’m not with the Tea Party then…

Moose, for your education, DARPA is the developer of naval laser weapons not the the dept of energy

DARPA pays for it, and has the program offices. But the lab work is DoE. The Free Electron Laser is being developed at DoE’s Jefferson Labs and SLAC. The DoE’s Ames lab is leading efforts on lenses and beam handling technologies. Reactor technology to power shipboard DEWs is in development at several DoE Labs. And while I’m at it all of our Nuclear Weapons and related tech comes from the DoE.

If DARPA pays for it, then it comes out of the DoD budget. Federal labs do research for whichever agency has the money to pay for it. They are really budget neutral, so even if you don’t have a DoE, you can still have federal labs with something else on the sign. After all, we had all the federal research labs before we even had a DoE!

If anyone is going to cut down on military budgets, it’s the Democrats and Liberals.

The labs wouldn’t go away they’d just fall under different management.

Aircraft shooting down SCUDs? Really? And that would be how?

The only report of an aircraft sho0ting down a Scud came a while ago from Al-Jazeera. The rest of the MSM is either referencing that report (with or without attribution) without verification, or they’re just referencing each other.

Nothing surprising there.

@Mike… The libertarian Republican Tea Party doves want to slash the defense budget also.


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