AF gen: GPS, LightSquared ‘can’t coexist’

AF gen: GPS, LightSquared ‘can’t coexist’

The boss of Air Force Space Command, Gen. William Shelton, does not want to get any more mixed up in the political imbroglio between the FCC, Republicans, Democrats and the broadband startup LightSquared. His job, he told reporters Tuesday, is to protect the Global Positioning System, and to that end, he reaffirmed at the Air Force Association’s trade show that GPS and LightSquared’s proposed network “cannot coexist.”

Simple as that.

He said as much during a question and answer session after a speech to the convention and then again to reporters in a press briefing afterwards. In fact, Shelton even picked up a pen and drew a diagram to illustrate how LightSquared’s network effectively jams the signal that military GPS receivers need to get their precise timing and location data. Shelton pointed to his diagram and said that even under LightSquared’s alternate proposal for its network, which would move its signal farther away from GPS, it would still squelch the harmonic frequencies that precise receivers use.

As for the “filters” LightSquared wants to develop to protect GPS receivers, Shelton repeated that it could cost billions of dollars and take a decade to install them on all of the military’s GPS units — if they work. That’s not gonna happen. The only answer, he concluded, is “spectrum reassignment” — the FCC would have to move LightSquared up or down the spectrum. The problem there, of course, is that other users are already occupying those parts of the band, but that’s the FCC’s problem, not the military’s.

So did the White House pressure him to change the testimony he planned to give about this to the House Armed Services Committee?

“Any time, in the past and in the future, that I’m called to testify I’ll do my best to present the facts as I know them,” Shelton said. “The real issue here, certainly, from my perspective, is protecting the GPS service.”

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LightSquared doesn’t have a leg to stand-on. GPS is a primary user on an assigned to the radio navigation portion of the frequency spectrum. LightSquared, as a provider of digital communications, is a secondary user. The FCC requires that secondary users must prove that they do not interfere with primary users. This is not happening here so LightSquare must suffer the consequences.

LightSquared was hoping that political connections would save their project. Those who approved the deal had know idea how GPS works.

A problem that very well could surface here is,
remember that LightSquared is a business, motivated first and foremost by profit.
The potential is there that they take their tech to another country,
one who will actually let them build their netowork,
even one who down the road could prove hostile to the US,
and the full GPS scrambling/jamming capability is turned into some kind of national defensive screen that seriously disrupts US weapons sysytems (missiles, aircraft, UAVs, etc) dependent on GPS guidance.
(that’s assuming they don’t already have high-paying questionable customers interested in the tech just because it CAN mess with GPS…)

The FCC only governs the airwaves over North America.
They don’t “own” the EM spectrum the world over.
Sanctions against those countries?
Please, like those really work.

This is just made up nonsense, Lightsquared isn’t a secondary user of GPS assigned spectrum it isn’t even using it.

If the military wants to use Lightsquared’s spectrum it should just put up the billions and buy it from them.

ROTFLMAO! The FCC only “governs” the airwaves over the United States. Canada and Mexico can go their own way.… except for one tiny little detail. :-) There is this thing call the ITU, or International Telecommunications Union. Its headquartered in Geneva, and by international convention is the governing organization for frequency allocations WORLDWIDE! All of the national communications regulatory agencies are obliged to follow ITU direction, the FCC is just the executive agency of ITU policy in the US. http://​www​.itu​.int/​I​T​U​-​D​/​a​s​p​/​C​M​S​/​E​v​e​n​t​s​/​2​0​1​0​/​S​MS4… what? :-) The ITU sanctions the GPS band, not just over the US, but worldwide

itfunk, as certain as you are of this “nonsense” you still have not bothered to explain the principles of modulation and “frequency spreading” to me? Why is that? Its totally crucial to the arguement? Is that one of the “inconveninent” little issues with political correctness?

You are right on one point. As far as I can tell, LightSquared is NOT a secondary, or a primary or even a legal user of the GPS spectrum based on the ITU frequency allocations. Notice its “ITU” not “FCC”. Check into the International Telecommunications Union along with reviewing modulation theory! :-)

My suggestion might not get you as many invites to social calendar events but.… it sure would make your comments more reasonable.

No kidding! Im thinking that a lot of the hoopla from this point on will be focused on maximizing the legal judgment against the government for approving and then rescending the allocation. Politics, high finance, and science make lousy, and potentially very expensive bedfellows.

Don’t worry. I understand the Democrats that Falcone supports with his donations are going to go to Congress and get the Laws of Physics repealed so his system will work.

By interenational rules LightSquared IS the secondary user. Falcone has an idiot for a lead engineer. And the only thing they can hope for is his Democratic cronies going to Congress and getting the billions of dollars and years of research authorized for the DoD to find a way (defy the laws of physics) to “filter” out LightSquared’s interference. And yes, transmitting on a frequency within the side lobes of other frequencies is “USING” the spectrum.

Hmmm… So. . enough money and even the laws of physics are negotiable…. Whats that line again… “Dont fool with Mother Nature!” LOL!

Sorry, but building GPS jammers is both simpler and cheaper than using something like Lightsquared’s network to do it. A country that wants to jam GPS will have little problem accomplishing that task.

We don’t hire USAF technicians for exactly this reason they cant think properly, they can only mindless repeat simple things they learnt in class. I’ve seen it so many times it’s just boring.

Modulation spreads the carrier — so what ? the power in the GPS band is still less then the FCC requires so lightsquared will be operating completely legally. The DoD isnt even compalining about that they are complaining about lightsquared legally using the band they paid for. If the DoD wants to own the lightsquared frequencies too then they should man up and buy them.

For every new radio technology we see the DoD act like a much of whining losers trying to stop progress, it happens every time.

Russia, China, North Korea and others have GPS jammers.

Actually no — the issue is that the primary users faked and defrauded the public to get a filter into production which was mostly analog and much larger than planned. This is all about real-estate, silicon real estate.

By the way — Those ground segment devices all pretty much violate my patent as well — that would be US 6370629


Here Am I.…. Kilroy was here.

Informative allotment about LightSquared and their hope to develop GPS system and I think they will able to do it. Thanks :)


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