Aussie controversy over US Marine-basing report

Aussie controversy over US Marine-basing report

We’ve been hearing rumblings about this for months and years, and now it sounds like it’s about to happen: President Obama may use his upcoming trip to Australia to announce the U.S. will forward-deploy numbers of Marines and their equipment to the northern city of Darwin.

The initial Australian press reports aren’t clear about how many Marines would be involved, but a story in the Sydney Morning Herald does say the existing Australian-built barracks already there will need to be expanded.

Although Canberra clearly already has signed onto this deal, indicating there’s support for an expanded American military presence Down Under, not everyone is on board. Per the Morning Herald’s Phillip Coorey:

The expanded American military presence in Australia — to be formally announced next week by the US President, Barack Obama — will result in vastly more US ships, planes and soldiers visiting and being stationed in the nation’s north, the government says.

As the government all but confirmed yesterday’s Herald report that US Marines and materiel would be shifted to Darwin, the Greens said the move would annoy Australia’s neighbours, including China, and make the nation a bigger military target.

The Greens leader, Bob Brown, said he would make his concerns known to Mr Obama next week in the unlikely event he was granted a meeting with him. Otherwise Senator Brown planned to ring the US embassy to complain.

The move makes strategic sense both from America’s and Australia’s perspective, but Brown has a point, too — just imagine how provocative this might appear if you were viewing it from Beijing. You might consider it a reason to make a counter-move of your own, and then it’s off to the races — although we’re obviously already well along in the new 21st century game of “Risk” in the Western Pacific.

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You assume that anyone in Australia, outside of the Barmy Few, take a blind bit of notice of the idiot Leader of the “Green” Party.They bitch and whinge about anything even mildly Militaristic.….…..

The base in Darwin will need expansion as there are only approx 250 bed spaces outside of what is already in use or authorised.….…


But the base is home to about 4500 Australian soldiers and has capacity for only a couple of hundred more. The facilities will need to be expanded to accommodate the US Marines on rotation, whose numbers are expected to build.


Source: http://​www​.smh​.com​.au/​n​a​t​i​o​n​a​l​/​u​s​-​m​a​r​i​n​e​-​b​a​s​e​-​for

BUG Said – “You assume that anyone in Australia, outside of the Barmy Few, take a blind bit of notice of the idiot Leader of the “Green” Party.They ***** and whinge about anything even mildly Militaristic.”

You can say that again!

I for one am delighted to have the Marines here; maybe they can even help train our future amphibious troops for the new LHDs. http://​goo​.gl/​F​i​WWS

What, people don’t like a new small town’s worth of economic contributors? :p

Agreed, let us help them with their new LHD training.

Did anyone expect a different statement from the Greens?

Australia would be drawn in regardless of whether the USMC is based there or not. In regards to how China views things given the contradictory comments that come out of them I don’t think it’s worth bothering what they think, best to just deploy and position ourselves to deter them. A new location with marines based farther from their reach does that. It also makes it less and less likely any conflict between the US and China is going to be just that. It will involve the US and a number of other nations.

I fully expect that Australia will become something like a new Guam in the coming decades, as the narrative becomes China vs. Everyone. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if Australia has the port capabilities (or potential capability) to house a Carrier Battle Group?

Don’t the greens hold the balance of power in the Australian parliament ? Seems like ignoring reality is just as popular in nut-job circles in oz.

Australia is already seen as an American outpost in Asia, And ever since Prime Minister Howard said that he wanted to lord it over the natives and be “America’s deputy sheriff in Asia” Australian diplomats have been trying to downplay those words and it’s racist message. Formalizing it is going to cost them big as they try to break into the SE Asia economic block.

Of course the other downside of having marines based in your town is the increase in crime it brings. Some people mistake having the base ringed by whores eager to releave servicemen of their money as community support. But I doubt ordinary Australians feel any different to Koreans and Japanese about it. If the Australians were smart they would put the base on an island of the coast and not allow R&R.

It could use the iron ore ports because they wont be of much use anymore.

I guess somebody should inform our Australian lackey that we are setting up bases there since their defense minister denies it.

People need to get serious about China. Either we stand up to them or they run roughshod over the Pacific. As for the Greens, PacificSentinel ‘s right, they whine about any thing that doesn’t fit their agenda.

Australians may fret about the political implications, but for the Marines it’ll be a just another post. The biggest issue will be getting stationed there. As soon as it opens up for assignment, I bet every Marine will put a transfer packet it.

China is not ready to goto war its not ready and its new weapons are too few in numbers so don’t panic yet US bases in the Philippines and Australia would be a good deterrence to stop aggression.

Amen to that brother! I think the closer we are to the United States the better! I don’t give a god damn what some bastard lefty greeny group thinks nor do I give a F*$% what China thinks, they can shove it up their tiny ass holes!

I would think any Chinese grousing about this to be unsporting. The Aussies are long-standing US allies and have supported us through thick and thin. One has to negotiate quite a few island chains and straits to get to the South China Sea. But it does give the US fleet a nice place to step off into the Indian Ocean. Or are they mad ’cause its just too far for that assassin’s mace to reach ? Hmmh ?

Those who don’t live in the town and will not benefit from the marines presents and those who have other political agendia.

Fremantle was a regular visiting port for US Carrier groups.….….it cannot berth the whole group (I believe?) but it can berth all Carriers. As it stands, there are Security problems with that port, as in making it secure enough to use repeatedly, as it is over-looked by public accessways and hence potentially open to suicide attack.

There is only a limited amount that could be done to limit this without a major impact to the local community and business.

I live in Perth, Fremantle is the port for Perth, hence can vouch for my comments, what exists in the rest of Australia, I have no idea? Sydney obviously has Naval facilities but again close proximity to built-up areas.

WA (West Australia) also has the Naval base at Henderson/Cockburn Sound BUT I’m not sure if the depth of water would be sufficient for a Carrier.….…no probs for Escorts as the location is also heavily used by the very active Oil & Gas Industry.

Inappropriate choice of words sport.….…we are nobody’s lacky, something the Brits took a long time to understand.

The Defence Minister (we spell it with a “c”) wouldn’t confirm anything until the official announcement.

The US is also being allowed to use Bases not “setting up bases”.….….….

It will not be that much of a change really, the numbers that I have seen suggested are pretty small, something in the vicinity of a battalion or less. Of more value is the access to training grounds and being able to pre position equipment and stores in the event of another humanitarian crisis like the Boxing Day Tsunami or the recent earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. The added advantage for Australia is also access to skills in training by the Marine Corps as to how they use their amphibious assets as Australia will be expanding this capacity over the next few years when 3 such ships are commissioned.

I guess there are plenty of chances to see China in peaceful ascendance.

There could be dozen more reasons for US Marines to find their bases far in the southern Pacific.
And don’t forget about FB-22 :)

“Aussie controversy over US Marine-basing report”

Controversy??? I think military​.com is giving the greens party a bit too much credit. It’s an extremist party that pretends it’s all about saving the environment, but really has reckless and logic-defying policies on many issues. Expect them to do something stupid for symbolism and attention-grabbing.

They are a MINOR party because most of us Australians realise what idiots they are.

if this d**k itfunk is American I apologize on behalf of he rest of the U.S. The rest of us have of respect for Australia. Besides you all know how to have a good time while not taking any crap. That’s why I’m sure this greenies (actually Reds) thing will be handled down there.

Oh come on you spent the first 100 years being a British dumping ground for everything from prisoners to nuclear fallout, and then 50 years of sucking up to us and no doubt the next 100 doing the same for the Chinese. It’s hard to think of another western country that is anywhere near as servile.

It’s no good pretending to have a forign policy when your foreign minister claims he cant say anything without the go ahead from the POTUS.

Of course we all love Australians. When we say jump they say how high Sir — whats not to love ?

Yanks are getting in there first before the red Australian government let the chinese army in, to set up bases.China would already have a sleeping army in oz , two times as big as the weak Australian army.


Guam in the sense of a barren rock who’s only economy is catering for our troops. Really do you think we have the money to match the huge iron ore and coal contracts the Chinese are coming with ? I guess we could always borrow the cash from the Chinese — lol.

Lay off the booze when you’re on the ‘net friend..

Now, ‘in my day’ you had to provide evidence for that kind of statement.

Apart from being semi-incoherent, thats also a silly comment if not a stupid one. If you’ve got nothing worthshile to say, say nothing at all.

The so called Australian government is more communist then the Chinese government mate. China has over 1000 spy,s in Australia, Australian army is about 50.000 standing army. so you do not think China has not got, Chinese people in Australia living in the country that can not shoot. China is smart mate. But China better get down there fast, be for the so called Australian Communist Fabian Government destroy the rest of Australia. P/S Before you say it. I was Australian and X /ADF too.I had the brains to get the hell out of there when Labor got in.

“Don’t the greens hold the balance of power in the Australian parliament ? Seems like ignoring reality is just as popular in nut-job circles in oz.”

I would imagine that there would be Liberal party support for such a measure and so the Greens are irrelevant.

We don’t have the port facilities to host a carrier battle group in the normal order of business but it could be arranged in a pinch.


Yep the city green,s or you could say shitty green,s are in power in oz, they are sending millions of dollars to muslim groups all around the world. The government is shifting ADF money to the shitty green,s.No more money for the ADF.They have turned australian navy in too a 3rd world coastguard, op,s navy.

The only people who’ll significantly benefit with the basing of USMC personnels will be the local hookers and brothels.

There are obvious draw backs to this type of ‘economic contribution’ — the social costs, for example, of having a huge influx of young men.

Its a good plan. Half the current Australian population is probably descended from US Marines stationed there during WWII anyway.

The locals will have to adopt the Muslim custom of sending their daughters outside the home with a male relative.

The diggers can defend themselves. Stop bankrupting our nation with billion dollars empire plans.

America setting up bases in NT,and China setting up bases in Western Australia, to spy on usa and australian navy ships.Australia the big jock.

Shit mate looks like i was right about Chinese base in Australia.The australian china spy basesin wa.

they started as a penal colony from British Empire. damn good fighters, much like the men we have in service now, and since our founding.

The USA forces are welcome in oz,i hope they like the beer.

That is the whole point of working for the CIA you can push things up stairs, after 29 years, mate the Star Group/SAS said they raped my mother, so I send Marines down to rape their women. They send 5 I send thousands tip of the spear. Nothing strategic in it, every now and then I send something upstairs, not often, I think I earned that right.


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