AFA: Air Force may sell C-27Js, Block 30 Global Hawks

AFA: Air Force may sell C-27Js, Block 30 Global Hawks

ORLANDO — The Air Force may try to sell some of the brand new C-27J Joint Cargo Aircraft and Block 30 RQ-4 Global Hawks it plans to retire, service officials said Friday.

Both aircraft represent “new airframes, essentially, so we will probably set rules for type 1000 recoverable storage, and lesser numbers [of aircraft may be set aside] for availability to others,” said Air Force Secretary Michael Donley at a press conference at an Air Force Association-sponsored conference here.

“Our international affairs staff are communicating to potential countries [and] interested partners, asking for them to identify their interest, I think there are a number of avenues available to us but we have not selected a particular course of action. We’re putting that together and it does include potentially making these airframes available for sale to other parties.”

The Air Force retired the relatively small fleet of brand new C-27Js and Block 30 Global Hawks as part of its efforts save billions of dollars in the coming years.

The service justified the cuts by saying the C-27’s mission of on-demand ressuply of ground troops at remote bases can be performed by the C-130 Hercules fleet, while the legendary U-2 spy plane can perform the elecro-optical ISR mission better than the Block 30 Global Hawks originally slated to replace it. The planes are currently slated to go into storage at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona.


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For Sale C-27J, like new condition one really good owner the ANG. MSRP 40 Million, you make me an offer and its yours. What total BS, I hope someone lets the army know that the ANG didn’t make this decision. I hope that can find a C-130 that can stop on a runway in less than 900ft. and take off in less than 1500ft. or those poor grunts will have to wait for an aging helo to resupply because a C-130 ain’t coming.

What a typical waste of money. Why am I not surprised anymore when this crap happens. Like Pops said 40 million per plane and it will be sold to the highest bidder. The People (residents of the US whose tax dollars were squandered again) will never get the return on these dollars again. Me should have just burned the money. Oh I forgot Barak will just have them print more. ” Hows all that change working out for ya”.

The Air Force is correct. The C-27J is a nice to have, but not an absolute necessity. With over 300 C130s, the Air Force made the correct but very difficult decision.

Pops is absolutely right .….
The C-130, as it can be operationally flexible, is not able to go everywhere!

an excellent point.
a c27j not flying in support of the army is no more effective than a c130 that is not flying in support of the army.

Why not make some money for tanker and JSF programs.

Ha! Well put.

Just an FYI. With several less grunts (13 BCT?) out there, the snuffies probably still have to wait on the helos. And as a BTW, the Chinook (F Model) hauls 9500 KG at about 160 knots. Fixed Wing have their place but securing a 1500′ flight strip in these times may be more than some Spec Operations types may want to take on — not that there aren’t some who wouldn’t try — God bless ‘em, but … In the “for-what-it-worth” category many of the C-130s have high-time airframes, but the USAF has been fighting that for several years and is probably more prepared to defend those costs, than the life-cycle numbers the C-27J may provide.

Australia says thanks in advance. :)

SELL brand new aircraft??!!! What a totally screwed up AF we have both on the procurement and operational sides of the service.
Maybe Canada can benefit, eveb if our Army or USCG cannot?
See CG Blog for more comments about later.

free ass for big monkey

The choice of the C-27J by the U.S. Army made ​​sense and was helpful in alleviating the burden that weighed on the CH-47s.
The fact that the USAF has snatched this program from the U.S. Army and has subsequently deleted it is something that comes close to madness.
And now it seems that they are on the verge of selling these new planes .…. but at what price?
We already had the example of Canada which has bought, at prices of scrapping, nine almost new AgustaWestland VH-71A helicopters.

Just give them back to the Army and send along with the slow, ugly A-10s. If Air Farce zoomies don’t appreciate what they have, give them to those who do.

Are you serious? What rock have you been hiding under?

I’m sure the AF won’t give the aircraft to the Army, but they’ll be happy to SELL OUR OWN AIRCRAFT TO US!! What a joke!

Biff as another Aussie I would be careful about future support from Alenia who may only support new build C-27Js — they are offering them to RAAF through Raytheon Australia. Nothing worse than getting a bargain and then finding the original maufacturer charges the earth to supply parts becuase you bought them from another source.

Just had this pop up in my email http://​www​.oh​.ang​.af​.mil/​s​h​a​r​e​d​/​m​e​d​i​a​/​d​o​c​u​m​e​n​t​/AF… we should be out on the streets

The C-27J is good for AFSOC to use as an AC-27J gunship for low intensity combat. Plus transports by the CIA and intelligence agencies. USCG could take a few C-27J’s. Before you talk about selling, ask other federal agencies first.

I predict the C-27J will go to black programs and be used in the roles they were intended to be used. I would rather AFSOC have the aircraft for what we paid for than for them to be given away to other countries at a song. Ditto to block 30 global hawks — CIA, NASA, Israel will make good use of them.

This whole sorted JCA saga is proof that the USAF needs a good thorough leadership attitude adjustment.

As a Canadian, thank you for those Helo’s. We will use them wisely, for spare parts.

Some how I think our next war will be in Iran not china. And the next/concurrent one will be supporting SOF in west africa to combat islamists. Seems like yesterday when everyone was baying on how the army was understrength and CAS was weak.

I spent a WHOLE LOT OF TIME at JRTC training idiots that unarmored vehicles stop lasers not bombs. AND triple strand is not an obstacle without overwatch.

Look for the MC-12W’s to join these airframes in the desert. Just because it keeps the joe’s alive and whole to greet their never before seen children, do not think the blue suit brass think they are essential mission platforms. The whole cold war battle rattle only got one proper roll out in 1991. The rest of the COIN/SOF/LIC gear got taken to the party in 1979 desert one, 1983 grenada, lebenon, central america, 1981–1989 panama 1989, somalia 9993, serbia, zaire, kosovo, afghanistan, etc etc etc.

all these skill sets from close air support to the brown water navy will just get re invented in 20 years time when the US has to rebuild venezuela or some other oil rich 3rd world cesspool.

So what will the ANG units that were slated to get the C-27j’s, that is not being cut from the budget will be getting now. What will those ANG units that are going be flying get

They will be BRAC’ed.

What will the units that were slated to get the C-27j’s, get to fly in now. What will they fly and what will their ANG mission be for those States.

I bet if the AF had been named the Strategic Bomber and Fighter Force in 1947 we wouldn’t be having this problem /sarcasm


“SINGAPORE — In what analysts see as an unprecedented move, Alenia Aermacchi, the Italian maker of the C-27J, is warning the U.S. government that it will refuse to support the aircraft it sold to the United States if the U.S. resells them to other nations… Giordo said he will take his message that his company won’t support U.S. aircraft to all his potential C-27J customers such as Australia, which has expressed interest in the planes. He visited Australia Feb. 15–17.

The message to the Australians is that ‘you can buy on FMS and we will support the FMS case for 10 additional airplanes,’ Giordo said. ‘But if they consider selling the 21 [U.S. planes], no way. They can sell, but as the original equipment manufacturer, I will not give spares, not guarantee configuration control, and so on.’ ”

translation: Alenia Aermacchi to USAF: F*** You

Isn’t Alenia Aermacchi trying to sell a T-38 replacement to the USAF? Maybe it’ll be **** me? No, **** you!

Probably one of the most self-defeating, ill considered threats ever leveled. I understand their frustration, but that would be mind-bogglingly dumb. Reminds me of Airbus’ temper tantrum after Boeing took Singapore Airlines’ A340s in trade when they bought 777s. Airbus ended up supporting the aftermarket A340s. Alenia will too.

This is now quite clear, the C-27J will be sold to Australia by the US government and will get an extraordinary expensive sustainement.
As Australia is only concerned by Acquisition costs and are blinded on the future sustainement un-supportaibility of this aircraft, they will get the deal, and is compatible with the government.
But this is a future nightmare for Australia which is already struggling with the logistics and supply chain to maintain their 12 C-130Js.

This is now quite clear, the C-27J will be sold to Australia by the US government and will get an extraordinary expensive sustainement.
As Australia is only concerned by Acquisition costs and are blinded on the future sustainement un-supportaibility of this aircraft, they will get the deal, and is compatible with the government.
But this is a future nightmare for Australia which is already struggling with the logistics and supply chain to maintain their 12 C-130Js.

Amen Brother!!!!

Facts speak otherwise. We must live in the real world. That world has a lot of short runways in ti with surfaces that will not support a C-130 EMPTY. forget about carrying anything.

I’m voting for the Coast Guard.

Amen Brother! The USAF has proven it cannot even manage a program of any size, forget about provide LEADERSHIP or real solutions.

Canada should purchase these for SAR and supplying the north. We could retire the buffalos, twin otters and the old C130s. There should be some cost savings in the maintance and spares of three old aircraft to justify this purchase.

If the Italians won’t support the planes then Canada and Australia should split the purchase. Canada is looking for about 15 and Australia for about 10 planes each. They should make a deal that Canada takes 13 and Australia takes 8 planes and purchase 5 more each if the manufacturer supports them all.

Each country saves a little money and gets a few more planes and the manufacturer sells 10 more.

Everybody is happy…

Great Idea — Australia already has a Classic Hornet partnership with Canada why not extend it with the C-27J. The replacement for the now retired Caribou has got to be one of the most drawn out sagas in Australian Defence History. In our area of interest the Caribou was an essential aircraft for its STOL capabilty wheather in Australia or in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Fiji etc As both Canada and Australia have J Model Hercules and C-17s there is a lot of ground for building a better operator relationship. As to Alenia they need to be told to pull their head in — Italy is a large contributor to the Euro Zone Crisis this type of talk regarding restrictions on sustainment does nothing to assist their plight.

Just a thought — Australia can always by 5 new FMS and get the spares deal and pick up 5 surplus…

You mean the T-39 replacement the Air Farce just delayed until 2020? They aren’t even going to award the contact until 2016.

According to this story, Alenia Aermacchi is hurting now. The sudden appearance of a competitor (in the form of the USAF) screws over Alenia’s sales.

It’s a question of scale. For Alenia, this is a short-term situation with long-term effects.

A dozen lost orders for Airbus means less profits, but not the end of A340 production. If there are no new orders coming in, this could kill C27 production.

While we may not agree with Giordo’s decision, you gotta admit it’s good to see an exec that is looking out for his employees and shareholders.

I second the motion that the USAF has struggled to find reasonable leadership the last few years. Its time for reset. Lockheed is in too many pockets of the GO’s. The taxpayers pay them, not the Military Industrial Complex. enough is enough.

One of the reasons for the preference of the C27J over the C295 by the RAAF is it’s commonality with the Hercules. I think Alenia would want to be careful. If they push too much Australia may go with the the C295 and Alenia will miss out completely. If the RAAF purchases the ex USAF C27J’s, Alenia would at least get the support contract and get some $$$$‘s that way. Also, how would they know if components were purchased for the C130 or the C27J? I think they’re blowing a lot of Italian hot air.……

Canada’s DND should buy all the soon to be parked US C-27J just as they did the new US Presidential helicopters. This buy was to support their SAR EH-101 helicopters that Italy could/would not support. If Alenia can’t/won’t support the Canadian or Australian purchase of the US C-27J aircraft, then simply re-engine, re-prop and change all the internal components of Italian design and manufacture to North American design and manufacture. Canada could use the C-27J engine/prop combo for the RCAF C-130J aircraft. Install the Dash 8 Q400 engine/prop combo. Plus, give the glass cockpit to the RCAF, as this cockpit doesn’t work well in –40C weather. Don’t forget to get new DHC-5NG Buffalo aircraft for B.C. use. Hey, it’s not rocket science!


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