Senate leader ‘not backing off’ sequestration

Senate leader ‘not backing off’ sequestration

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has heard all the doom-and-gloom rhetoric about the dangers of sequestration, but y’know what? He’s not scared.

Reid, the Nevada Democrat, told POLITICO’s David Rogers on Thursday that if congressional Republicans are not willing to budge in resolving the impasse on resolving the deficit, neither is he. The Democratic caucus would let the Sword of Damocles fall.

Wrote Rogers:

In an interview with POLITICO, Reid said he was open to a compromise that would salvage about four-fifths of the Bush-era tax cuts. But absent some concession on revenues, the $110 billion in spending cuts ordered by the debt agreement last August would go into effect.

“I am not going to back off the sequestration,” Reid said. “That’s the law we passed. We did it because it wouldn’t make things easy for us. It made it so we would have to do something. And if we didn’t, these cuts would kick in. To now see the Republicans scrambling to do away with the cuts to defense, I will not accept that,” Reid said. “My people — in the state of Nevada and I think the country — have had enough of whacking all the programs. We’ve cut them to a bare bone, and defense is going to have to bear their share of the burden.”

This is a major escalation from just months ago, when Obama’s 2013 budget cheerfully assumed that the sequester would never happen. And it takes direct aim at pro-defense Republicans, who have been a mainstay for Boehner inside the GOP and one very big reason the speaker had to fast-forward to try to add the debt ceiling to the fight.

‘You wanna play rough?’ Reid is asking. ‘OK, let’s play rough.’ He and Senate Democrats were so put off by the House’s aggressive action to protect defense and curtail other spending that they’ve declared their willingness to let the sequester go into effect as a way to guarantee blowback — to wind up using the Doomsday Device exactly as it was designed.

Continued Rogers:

[House Republicans’] package shields the Pentagon entirely from sequester and even allows for an $8 billion spending increase over 2012 and what was promised in the August debt accords. At the same time, poverty programs like food stamps, Medicaid and the Social Services Block Grant face real cuts together with wholesale reductions at the expense of Obama’s signature health care and financial market reforms.

Even conservative columnists have since argued that the GOP’s single-minded protection of defense — without any new revenues — is untenable. Roman Catholic bishops — allied with Boehner in the past — protested the cuts that hurt the poor. But the real killer for many Democrats is that even if they were to agree to the House demands, it is just a one-year fix and Congress will be back facing the same Hobson’s choices next year.

Reid’s wrath is directed less at Boehner personally than the anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, whose own “no” vote — the Taxpayer Protection Pledge — has done so much to stymie efforts to reach compromise on revenues.

Unless Grover Norquist is reined in, the answer is yes,” Reid said when asked about the likelihood of the sequester going into effect. “These people all signed a pledge that they weren’t going to raise taxes. We cannot do this without raising taxes.”

To be sure, Congress is not going to take any real action on this until after the election, so there’s plenty of airtime and very little risk in this kind of bellicose drum-beating. Nothing anyone says now will likely have any effect on what the Hill ultimately does.

However, a lot of what Washington leaders are saying does have an effect on what people elsewhere do — especially the hundreds of thousands of Americans whose livelihood depends on the military-industrial-congressional complex. It’s all very well for Reid and his Republican opponents to rattle their sabers at each other and amuse the Beltway grandstand, but what if you’re out there trying to decide how to run your business for the rest of the year? We’ve heard Boeing CEO Jim McNerney warn that he could need to lay people off even before a potential sequestration, and this kind of Hill bluster does not help allay his or anyone else’s fears.

But there’s nothing for it — at this rate, the Iron Triangle will be biting its nails right up until midnight.

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Reid is somewhat right. Republicans should have gone with the budget the DoD wanted and then the whole DoD issue would now be all but over. And if Republicans can take a few more cuts in smaller ways to defense and in return get Dems to cut school programs then maybe sequestration would be avoided. But the Kids all want to fight to look good for November, which this doing the opposite effect with voters. Overall BIG spender defense hawks only have themselves to blame over sequestration.

Specificall what DoD budget are you talking about? The credit debacle agreement agreed to by BOTH parties split a trillion dollars between Defense and entitlement programs. How is it the Republicans fault for the Democrats insisting that defense take half the hit?

It’s amazing how much stupidity can come out of one person. You’ve set the bar at almost an unreachable level but somehow I’m sure you’ll raise it.

The main Democratic Think Tank wants to slash the defense budget BIG TIME. If Obama gets re-elected you can bet on major cuts, like the JSF buy cut in half or more, LCS to be canceled, these are just a few, read them for yourself.

It would be nice if politicians quit worrying about politics and started worrying about the future of the Nation. It’s almost as if Reid thinks the people work for him…

How much you want to bet that sequestration does go through, but the Democrats’ prized programs magically get spared?
Don’t get me wrong, both sides are to blame for this, but Reid is a hypocrite and so is Pelosi, and I wouldn’t put anything past the Democratic Party we have now.

And for the record, Grover Norquist needs to be run out of town at saberpoint. Congress is NOT his personal pet.

As a pro-defense GOP member I have to say the GOP should agree to some tax increases, and sequestration would be avoided and maybe the military will not be gutted. Without a strong military, we will be history.

That will all depend on the Nov. election. If Obama wins and the Dem’s still control the Senate, you are probably right. If they lose the Senate but Obama wins that will be interesting. The House & Senate can pretty much go around him in many things. If the Repub’s win Presidency and Senate no defense cuts.

How can they do that? They ARE politicians! Can a dog stop being a dog.

What needs to happen is the voters need to elect statesmen not politicians. We may get more statesmen if there were term limits on congress.

Just think if the military had grown as much as social spending has since the “Great Society” there would not be any room in the budget for any other items than social spending and military. Right now the military budget is much smaller than the social spending and entitlements.

The Democrats would LOVE to carve up the Defense budget…that’s their default position anyway. It would be icing on the cake to get to do it and blame the Republicans to boot. Talk about a win-win for the left…

A politician with his lips moving! :)

You can thank Las Vagas’s casinos and gaming unions for re-electing Harry Reid and going down this road to sequestration. I don’t see them lobbying him against it.

No, we can’t cut the military budget! The Red Chinese are already in their boats ready to get us!

Spend this money where it will actually benefit future American generations — education. Our military can keep us safe enough with far less than it currently spends.

A little known fact by those the promote more education spending… The Chinese spend $100bil/yr on education. Between federal and state we spend a trillion. They have over three times the population and are doing a better job while we spend ten times as much. Yeah, more money is the solution.

Name calling gets you no ware your low minded name calling ensures you know nothing about the budget battle. Fact is its the GOP who fails to comprise which ensures sequestration to hit as well as ensuring more cuts hit as well.

Please. The Democrats don’t even want to compromise! They want this to happen!

What a load of crock, they haven’t cut any of their social programs. Not a single one.

Can start by eliminating every program they started in the last 8 years. Likewise cut off funding to programs giving essentially homeless folks unlimited credit for 8 months to rent whatever $2000/month house they want instead of forcing them into minimal housing like a sensible program would. Of course everyone forces them to sign a one year lease and the government pays for 8… so, the home owner gets screw ed for 4 months as said people won’t pay the rent let alone the utilities. So the 8 months of “rent” drops to less than 6 out of a year lease with the additional bonus of being unable to evict the bums due to their “status”. Oh yea, the puppet show at Marymoor Park is still on last I checked at an astronomical idiotic price of $50,000. Lets not forget the absurd policy requiring 2% of all highway funds to go to “beautifying the highway”. There is 2% that can be eliminated without loss of any function.

Medicare/aid can start by eliminate the program of buying super expensive electric powered carts. Most who have them are simply lazy and can walk just fine but choose not to. A rare few actually need them.

… sigh

Killing the JSF and LCS is just simple common sense. Saying it’s Democrat policy sounds like claiming the democrats have a lock on common sense.

It’s all hot air. We will see how the polls are breaking come October, because on the back end of Reid’s BS about letting defense get cut are some big painful cuts to entitlements. It all breaks down to seats in Congress and the Electoral college and until Octoberish we won’t know how the sequestration question is playing out.

DOD can take half the hit because the money is there. Cut unneed overseas bases. Hold contractors responsible for the products they produce. Reduce flag billets. As the USN has 1.16 flag officers per ship I think some reduction is possible. Just return what Mr Rumsfeld stated prior to 911 about the fact that DOD could not account for 2 trillion dollars. Why are we building 450 million dollar ships for mine sweeping? As a retired CPO whose current job takes me throughout the SE, I routinely see wasted effort and funding. Just last week it was reported that rather than use a $2500 drip pan for helo maintenance, he forced the procurment of $17000 units instead.

Cancel the LCS? Should never have been proposed. Its a disaster. As for the F35, did anyone think that the F15SE would be a better buy?

Dump No Child Left Behind as it was welfare for the testing industry. The main problem is that parents and teachers must work together. Too many parants, for what ever reason could care less. Talking to teachers and college professors I hear time and time again that the students refuse to put forth the effort. A good teacher cannot make up for a poor student, but a good student can make up for a poor teacher.

Oh the irony the irony.

Great point — we’ve tried the old Democrat “throw money at the problem” strategy and it’s been an utter failure. There’s a reason the teacher retention rate is so low — 1/2 of all new teachers hav moved on to a new profession within 5 years. We tolerate far too much bad behavior from students. The school systems get your tax dollars whether you send your child to public school, private school or home school so in effect they have a monopoly on your tax dollars. There’s no competition with that system.

I agree with American. You want our kids to be able to compete with Chinese kids in the future, then educate them. Stop cutting education just because kids do not vote and have no voice. They are our future. The defense budget needs to be cut further and the social welfare programs need to be restructured. There is still way too much waste in the DoD and at the defense contractors.

Reid and the rest of the Senate have not passed a budget in almost 3 years. He came out months ago and said they were not going to pass one again this year so now he is trying to tie the Senates inability to accomplish anything on the House’s attempt at reigning in deficit spending. The only way anything will be done is if the dead weight in Congress is voted out this fall and then sometime shortly after the new congress takes over in January they do something retroactively.

Fred, no doubt there is waste and I agree with most of your points but it’s not as bad as the entitlement programs which are a larger part of the budget.

E.G. my brother is an accountant and owns a tax preparer franchise. He turns back dozens of people trying to defraud the gov’t through the earned income credit alone. Just yesterday it was reported that an illegal alien claimed 20 children (that had never left their country) to the tune of $29K. My brother mentioned $8 – $10k attempts at fraud are routine. (He turns them away but other preparers are not as moral because they aren’t breaking the law, the filer is.)

I’m not even mentioning the multitude of other frauds or how bad fraud is in welfare, food stamps, medicare etc. Then there’s two years of unemployment that is causing people not to seek or make a job. MANY would rather get paid half as much for nothing than work.

BTW, Rummy was talking about aid to Iraq and it was two BILLION (which is bad) not trillion. There is a difference you know.

Fred, it might be testing industry welfare but you can’t legislate parent responsibility. Again I agree that good students can overcome bad teachers but don’t understand why you’d want to give bad teachers a pass (unless you’re a teacher’s union fan). Testing holds teachers & schools responsible. (Have you followed the widespread cheating in some cities? Yeah, that’s the student’s fault.)

Much can be done in education like getting the federal gov’t out of it and allowing parents to get vouchers for private schools. One will see a huge change in education when competition is allowed to function against the gov’t model.

Uh maybe you should call the Democrats on raising taxes & protecting entitlements?

Nah, much easier to blame the Republicans. You must be related to Lance.

Can’t understand why you got a negative vote? Oh yeah, sure I can… How dare you promote individual responsibility!

Too much waste in DoD? We spend a TRILLION per year on education. The Chinese spend $100 bil and have better performance with over three times the population. Spending ten times the Chinese on a third of the students for less performance and you want to complain about DoD waste? Here’s your sign…

Again, why is it that Boehner has to compromise?

You’re clearly being bamboozeled if you think gov’t spending has only gone up 1%.

You can make the same comparison in regards to their militaries…

I would like to see you try and make that comparison.

As a life long Republican who is very pro-military (retired USAF as well). I agree the militayr needs to make some cuts, starting iwth the JSF. Keep what they have and continue the R&D with it — but buy no more acft. If we really want to save some money 1. stop paying benefits to all of the illegal immigranys in this country. 2. stop paying out welfare after a year. 3. stop paying people unemployment after 1 year — there are jobs out there. I get up and go to work every day and so can everyone else!

Really people actucally think the heads of the “Democratic Party” want some kind of compromise???

Ok think about it this way. The big leaders of the Dem. Party are Transnationalist, liberals, race baiters, UN lovers, European wanabe’s, anti war/defense, and simply corrupt chicogo style politicans.

The people who support them are mainly left leaning democrats, Liberals, and left leaning moderates, and alot of people who have been subsidised by them sense the 60’s but never seem to benefit from it (hmmm).

If they can get sequeseteration they win,

The thing the Tranzies love weakining of the US and especially the military for which many liberals and such hate most.
Angers the rest of the moderates democrates because the US is weaker and this is blamed upon those damned republicans who wont accept things that we offer (which we fully know they cant and wont be able to accept which is the idea.) so its all the GOP’s fault.

Just a thought coming from a former democratic party supporter born and raised who see’s how his old party was subsumed and used.

Sequestration is not a winner for either party, they are just playing chicken with it at the moment. It also isn’t the problem, runaway spending that has outpaced revenue collections is the problem. The $16 trillion deficit is wholly both party’s fault as it has been run up when both were either in control of the White House and/or both chambers of Congress. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have used deficit spending to buy their ways into office and get reelected once there. If spending is not brought under control and the debt continues to rise at that rate it is servicing the interest payment on it will cost more annually than the entire defense budget very shortly.

Ditto, bring on the numbers. Can’t wait how you twist the world’s #1 military in every category (and biggest budget) as being second to China’s military strength.

What a crappy comparison! Why not add out of pocket expenditures made by troops on everything from p-mag magazines to energy drinks when they are deployed?

At least if you are going to count all the extra categories you loosly tie to DoD (like the FBI) you need to research and find the same China costs.

How about Sipri’s 2011 #‘s? US $711bil vs China $143 bil. Our budget is five times the Chinese. China has 2.125mil men under arms. We have almost 1.5mil. We have 11 Carrier task forces the Chinese have none. We have the resources to deploy 30,000 Marines and a couple of Army divisions anywhere in the world. The Chinese can’t even take Taiwan, Comparisons in mil equip btwn US & China, Aircraft 692/100, MBT 8725/ 9000. So for five times the money spent we dominate the world militarily but the we spend 10 times the Chinese on education (with a third of the population) and they kick our butt.

Yep, same comparison. ROFLMAO ;)

I call it like I see it both ways. If the Republicans weren’t so stupid in fighting new revenue in lockstep, they would be looking at a majority in the Senate.

Shhhh… be careful not to break ltfunk’s illusion that the Democrats care about him and the middle class. It’s more amusing when he’s deluded like this.

Where exactly do homeless people get $2000 credit for rent for free please tell me? I live in the liberal north east and I still see alot of people living on the street. So do they get their $2000 a month and burn it all on crack, so 16,000 on crack total? Do you even know any poor or out of work people before you make accusations? Do you have any facts to point to what you are talking about or are you just spouting off of the mouth?

I live in NJ and I can tell you there is a wait for welfare section 8 and any other social program. If you live on the street then you are stuck on the street. How in the world can you talk about cuttting social programs when you conceed so many people are out of work? You blame the deomocrats for the economy but blame the people who are out of work for being out of work. Which is it? Is it the democrats policies or is it the peoples lazy fault.

I am not here defending social programs neither, I think they shoulld be reformed. I think people should have to work for thhe money, fix roads, rebuild stuff whatever. You are very disengenious if you really think the social problems of this country are soley the poors fault. The fact that you aren’t willing to SHARE responsiblility makes you very unAmerican in my opinion. What happened tto sacrificing for the greater good? We can’t raise taxes really?

By the way I am a computer engineer I make good money I am college educated and always advocate for a strong defense.

No, clearly the non-compromising has worked so well for us so far. So the republicans aren’t responsible for sharing any of the burdern, only the Democrats? Lack of accountability. You seem very short sited in remembering only what you want to. Remember what started this mess in the first place that hasn’t been fully resolved yet?

Entitlements are not fully funded by payroll taxes. Part B and D have large amounts of funding from the general budget. Medicaid is strictly general fund money. In fact in 2011 Medicare/Medicaid accounted for 23% of federal outlays in the general budget.

A $500 billion cut to entitlements would be a huge hit and Reid is playing chicken with Boehner. Both parties are using sequestration as a political tool to corner votes this November.

I also would love to see some links for this reduction in govt spending comment, because Obama’s last proposed budget had in excess of $1 trillion in deficit spending.

Sequestration is a mere distraction and it is not even close to the real issue. The real issue is that both parties use the federal budget as a slush fund for getting into power and staying in power. There isn’t a lick of sense coming out of either side about what needs to be done and anyone who clings to their side and points at the other is just a dupe.

Hardly, the war (which we didn’t start) cost a trillion dollars. Between Bush and Obama the defeicit has gone up about $10mil. Attributing our present economic condition to the war is just another aspect of the great bamboozling.

Continued record spending and further crippling a faulty economy with increased taxes isn’t the way out.

LOL and I got three negatives from the libs for telling the truth. No wonder the debt is out of control and growing.

Way to miss the point:

What new revenue? If spending isn’t brought under control every single nickel that would be collected by tax increases by letting the Bush tax cuts expire will be spent within 4 years on servicing the interest payment on the debt. Every economist out there agrees that letting the Bush tax cuts expire would be a bucket of cold water on the economy. Drop growth any and revenue collections go down and the amount of borrowing has to go up to maintain the same spending levels. Maintain the same levels with less revenue collections and you jack the debt up more and faster and the corresponding amount that has to be spent servicing the interest payment. That leaves less of the budget for everything else, including defense.

Exactly but from his point of view it IS a win-win.

He can blame the republicans for being unwilling to compromise and hammer them with that while it will apease many leftist who see the military as either a waste or a evil or both.


What you said is true and is the logical way to see things as a normal person but to a man who rose to power the most corrupt state in the union logic isnt always what is best for the country so much as what is best for his party/backers.

Trust me I’m with you i just dont see anyone actucally working it out especialy when there is so much to lose.

We “we dominate the world militarily” in the sense that we spend a huge amount of money and get very little result.

I guess we must dominate education too.

Exactly the same way the republicans put welfare programs into the sequestration bill.

Its a win-win for republicans.

You’re including the FBI, foreign aid, homeland security in the etc. in the DoD’s budget and I’M MISSING THE POINT?

Gotta give you an “A” in twisting the issue but an “F” in substance. Libs would average that to a “C”.

Not really.

They will be blamed by many for those cuts it will be seen as more evidence of the evil racist GOP which hates blacks and poor people.

It’s a bigger loser for Republicans.


One word sums it up on what we the American People have 2 do if Washington Government does not cut this CRAP out: REVOLT!

Im sure those billionaires need tax cuts. The GOP is the party of NO. They put party ahead of country. Thats treason to me. Those rich SOB’s do not need the Bush tax cuts. Pay up rich man.

Absolutely right.

I guess thats why the clueless republicans put it in the bill LOL

The American people want one whole far greater defense cuts. For those military socialists who feel like revolting against democratic rule the gas chamber awaits.

Just hilarious — All of which applies in spades to our military.

In a recent study proposed on a possible 10 year increase on taxes of the rich, it would not raise more than $45 billion. Using this tax, It would take the length of the entire history of our republic (240 years give or take) to pay back the deficit created in 1 year of the Obama administration.

How dare you try and target the votes bought by the Democrats with your money! You should be ashamed of yourself and work harder.

(If you didn’t recognize it, that’s sarcasm.)

Greg – “Where exactly do homeless people get $2000 credit for rent for free please tell me?” Here http://​www​.commerce​.wa​.gov/​D​e​s​k​t​o​p​M​o​d​u​l​e​s​/​C​T​E​D​Pub… 139 pages of federal assistance programs. Then there’s always moving to springfield… http://​www​.springfield​.il​.us/​o​p​e​d​/​H​P​R​P​/​H​P​R​P​_​R​e​qui

I was born and raised in a NYC ghetto. My family still lives there. I’m a minority and I know and grew up with poor people too. The homeless aren’t bankrupting us but the handout mentality is and the kneejerk reaction you have is. Welfare for life begetting generations that believe it’s the gov’ts responsibility to take care of them because they are victims is a big part of the problem. Then you can add wholesale fraud in medicare and tax system (google the story about the homeless guy who was being claimed by tax cheats as a child care provider so they could get a deduction and got caught because he felt he shouldn’t have to share his tax refund on money he never got with the guy running the ring).

Sure we should “help” but there’s a huge difference between help and “support”. Welfare for life, baby factories for a check, men that facilitate and live off that check, unemployment for years DO NOT promote productivity. Not checking on where the money goes (e.g. big screen TVs, new/leased cars etc. and I’ve seen this) doesn’t help. Why work when I can get paid to stay at home? Wake up dude or quit faking that you want to fix the problem.

ltfunk pretending to speak for the American people again… isn’t it amusing?

As usual you’re wrong on the facts, There is literally no competition with schooling. If you send your child to a private school you still pay taxes to support the public school. If you home school your children (which has grown dramatically over the last 10–20 years) you still pay taxes to support the public school.

If military contracts were like that we’d pat NG, LM and Boeing for every contract while only 1 of them actually did the work. Waste in education is far worse than waste in the military.

You’ve nailed the core problem — too many people would rather sit at home and be paid instead of work.

At the very minimum, all gov’t programs should become work programs. You want money? Show up and do some work first.

Have you done any research on how most revolts end up? I’ll give you the short version: they end up with a military dictator in charge. A few revolutions end differently but not many. Once you go to violence there’s no turning back. Revolting feeds the emotional need to feel like something is changing but it’s not likely to produce the changes you want.

While I have no sympathy for the massive write offs that the rich receive, non workers haven’t earned paychecks either. All government programs should be converted to working programs. You want money? Work first.

The current spending rate can’t be balanced by increased taxation of the rich — spending cuts are neccessary.

It’s not the question “do Billionaires need tax cuts”. It’s the gov’t doesn’t have the right to decide how much of your money they should keep and never decide what’s enough. It starts with the billionaires and ends with you (well maybe not you, you probably don’t pay taxes). If you believe those that have much don’t deserve it how about living your convictions? Give that second car to someone that doesn’t have one or clean out that junkroom and get a homeless person off the street. Socialism works right?

I think they should just post a budget list of all govt spending and programs and let the TAX PAYERS (you know the 1% rich and 47% middle class — non taxpayers dont get to vote on the budget sense they dont support it). My vote would be to cut cell phone &250 free minutes for welfare recipients, and reduced rates on cable & sattelite for non english speaking immigrants (legal or not) govt. cut student loans and grants for non medical, science or engineering degrees, Free medical for muslums under demitude, and about a 100 different research grants, then I would vote to take away all funds and bennefits of Senators and presidents after they leave office along with all perdium they currently recieve. This would stop a lot of wastefull spending right off the bat. Let us decide what programs get funded or not.

You do realize that 47% of america doesn’t pay taxes, but judging by your libtarded comment I also understand you have lost your conception of reality. DEM, the party of parasites sucking off tax payers teet.

We, in DoD, need to realize that most of the country is not impacted by or benefited DoD budgets or the “Military Industrial Complex”. They are more inclined to support funds going to the elderly (Social Security) since most still hope to be able to use it in the future. They would also prefer to support medicaid and medicare than dumping money into a foreign occupation that has gone on for a decade with no real success.

Reid knows what he is doing. He is waiting for the GOP to blink and they will. Come November, the rhetoric will be so high, the voters will either opt out of voting or just support the Democrats. If the Democrats gain total power, like the republicans had under GW Bush then we can expect 2007 to happen all over again to our economy.
Welcome to “Groundhog Day” (the movie).
Me? I am glad I do not watch TV so I will not have to hear the nonsense leading up to the elections.

“We, in DoD, need to realize that most of the country is not impacted by or benefited DoD budgets or the “Military Industrial Complex”. They are more inclined to support funds going to the elderly (Social Security) since most still hope to be able to use it in the future.”

RFLMAO!!! Spoken like a true lib. It’s like the freedoms we enjoy just happened like the check in the mailbox that almost 50% of Americans get. The military is just like the cops. You don’t need them until you NEED them. It’s true some might not be impacted. Might be time to educate them but wait, that might mean we’ll stop paying folks to vote Democrat. Drat! Can’t do that!

Greg: I have a house put up for rent and in troops a battered woman with 3 children and a government bond guaranteeing 8 months worth of rent. She wasn’t the only one. I smiled politely to her, took her phone number and quickly ushered her out the damned door. She had no money nor anyway to currently get any more money. Said program was shoving her into a situation where it would be VERY difficult for her to pay the rent as it was a medium sized house at a high rent. If said program was worth 2 cents or had a lick of common sense, the same guaranteed 8 months of rent could have covered that same woman and her 3 children for over 2 years!

2 years! And yet here she was on my doorstep due to a moron liberal program who is busy stealing my money and my childrens money out of my pocket to pay for things this battered woman DID NOT NEED.

I later called her and got her a job at a Greenhouse/Nursery where I used to work when I got out of High School. It was near where her children also went to school. I also offered to put her and her children up in an old single wide trailer I grew up in with my parents and siblings and she turned me down. Is it any wonder why I, and anyone with a lick of common sense get so pissed off at government liberal oatmeal for brains stealing my money and then wasting said money on these horrific programs?

Nice comment except for the fact the #s aren’t trending like that. The GOP is going to hold the House easily, there will be very little change there. The Democrats may hold the Senate if the former governor of Maine chooses to caucus with them. That ‘majority’ is razor thin though and really is a matter of paper as the Democrats wouldn’t even have a Democrat majority, two independents and a socialist choose to caucus with them. Their #s in the Senate would be 51 with 3 independents caucusing with them. If you think the Senate hasn’t done squat the last two years, wait for that scenario and Reid won’t bring any legislation to the floor at all.

Reid said no tax raise then let the chopping begin, well I have a good one lets raise Congress, the President and all his Cabinet and Czars income tax to help pay for this as it is THEM not the American GI both past and present that has caused this budget problem

I don’t think you understood a word I said. Between your days pumping powerpoints and your nights gobbling up the mindless talk radio your mind has died.

I truly hope we never get a one sided government again. My concern is that the GOP has spent an inordinate amount of effort and time offending several different groups. Teachers, Cops, Firefighters and government employees all have family members. Many immigrants vote also.

Of course there is also the late breaking news that can be a game changer. A senior member of either party getting caught in corruption or other news worthy item. If we undergo what England is going through, where many senior politicians are being found to have provided sensitive information to the reporters at Murdock’s World News, then we will find many people voting the “bums out” instead of voting “for” anyone. The tea party can continue to show dis-function is their goal and also turn off voters.

I don’t think we can plan on anything.

If this happens we can see a one sided government and we risk seeing what happened in 2007 all over again.

Congress had a democrat majority in ’07. So much for a one sided gov’t and revisionist history.

LOL, very little powerpoint presentations while i was in uniform but yes go ahead and disparge my service. Love when libs talk. They can’t help but tell you who they are.

It’s clear you’re an Obamatron where the motto is “half the fun is not knowing”.

Yeah and they didn’t do much either. It was because in 2007 the country was really falling apart. From having a GOP party for the last 6 years. We need to get rid of Democrats and Republicans and replace them with people who will serve the country not their master.

i know you did not understand a thing i just wrote.

Like I said, keep talking…

Yep, you just admitted you either lied or talked without knowing the facts. Yep, your DC material.

Keep talking…

Reid has done nothing in over three years to submit a budget and he has the gaul to blame Republicans. The House of Representatives have sent up two or three budgets all of which Sir Harry would not let go to a vote.

Lets say we follow the Constitution???? and it said the House and Senate had to pass a budget once a year. OOPS we don’t need a Senate they have not done their job for 3+ years, time to fire them all, gee November is just around the corner. Why not stop the pay of all none performer’s ????. Try doing nothing for 3 yrs. and see which Brig you end up in!!!! Save the BBB’S for yourself, if no one gets paid, no work, however you have to stay alive. Now figure what an illegal order is? If no one re-uped because of Reid and friends their attitude would change or they would head for Canada just like one of our former Presidents did. Its interesting that there is about 320 million people in the USA and how many in the services? Time for the elected elites to do a reality check. How many of you are willing to join the UN Army/ navy etc: Times for thinking people to think and vote. God Bless you all, please remember, I the ole MGYSGT wants you all back, with all the respect you deserve for letting me sleep at night . Semper Fi

You just said Reid knows what he’s doing and I pointed out that for knowing what he is doing his party isn’t going to take the House and is losing ground in the Senate, so if self destruction is his aim then I guess he knows what he is doing.

In regards to predictions about scandals there have been some whoppers on both sides, no one cares.

I agree one party drunk with control is dangerous, however, no clear leader led to the credit downgrade last summer precisely because there is no clear path forward from either side. So it isn’t like split up the middle is doing us any good either.

The whole Super Committee problem was the DemocRATS had only one thing in MIND RAISE taxes and cut a little bit from Social programs but cut a LOT from Defense spending

Remember it is the governments job to Provide for the Common Defense and Promote General Welfare

The meaning of the word Welfare in the Constitution is different from its current usage. The constitutional meaning of welfare is: 1. health, happiness, or prosperity; well-being. [<ME wel faren, to fare well]
Welfare in today’s context also means organized efforts on the part of public or private organizations to benefit the poor, or simply public assistance. This is not the meaning of the word as used in the Constitution

The meaning of the word Welfare in the Constitution is different from its current usage. The constitutional meaning of welfare is: 1. health, happiness, or prosperity; well-being. [<ME wel faren, to fare well]

Welfare in today’s context also means government to provide benefit the poor, or simply public assistance. This is not the meaning of the word as used in the Constitution

When Harry Reid speaks does a tree in a forest throw up? Maybe Harry if you’d stop blocking bills we’d get somewhere? Maybe if YOUR bills weren’t so loaded with free birth control pills, healthcare mandates and other non-essential garbage you might get a vote? It’s time to lock Harry Reid away in a cell and demand Truth in Congressional Bills. Bills are like a can of alphabet soup or spam if you like. A bill is never what it seems, it isn’t what it tastes like and you can’t be completely sure of what’s in it or what it’s real intentions are. Line item, single item voting is more honest and transparent and the goons in congress wouldn’t be able to play their usual card tricks.

So far, with Clinton or Obama, I haven’t found that to be true. The military has been geared up for some time now because of Iraq and Afganistan. Think of the dollars better spent without those fiascos. The damage HalliBush, Inc. did to this country continues to reverberate today. Obama actually appears to know how to use the military intelligently vs. our last “mission accomplished” poser.

If you add up the value of a section 8 certificate, food stamps, free health insurance, and the basic welfare payment, you have a value that is the equivalent to a $25,000 a year job. Not rich by any standards, but no real incentative to work either. And now we have a litany of males, who live off the resources the state provides to their mama’s, baby mama’s and grandmama’s, while selling drugs and doing petty crimes for pocket money, fancy shoes, video games and rims. Is this all recipients? The answer is no, but the cold hard truth is that many cities are becoming the home of last resort to populations that are benefit dependent, and that do not generate enough local taxes to support the services that will need to be provided on their behalf.

We need workfare not welfare.

When people start realizing that “The People” are being played by BOTH the Democrats and Republicans something will happen. Until then, their divide and conquer game will continue to thrive. Both middle of the road Republicans and Democrats want for the most part, the same thing…for everyone to have the ability to live a good life, the problem is in the path to getting there. Why do you think middle of the road Republicans scoff when they are called racists and religious nuts? Because the majority of Republicans are not those things. Why do you think middle of the road Democrats scoff when they are called racists and socialists? Because the majority of Democrats are not those things. We are allowing the far right and the far left to represent us and they do not represent our best interests yet we keep electing the same old coruptocrats over and over that are getting rich off of insider trading, and no telling what other laws they tweaked to their advantage.

I am tired of the corrupt politicians on both sides and there are many (go to YouTube and watch Illinois State Rep. Mike Bost’s rant, but most importantly watch his fellow Senators yawn and snicker – great Reps of the people they are). The Democratic Establishment, The Republican Establishment and their well cared for members do not give a crapola about us; it’s all about power, greed and ensuring they stay elected. While we may vote, the unions, the bankers and the lobbyist pad the politician’s campaign coffers and guarantee their elections. Republic Shmublic…we are not much more than slaves doing the bidding of our masters whether they goad us with tax cuts or give us free handouts to keep us playing their game.

“The Republican Establishment and their well cared for members do not give a crapola about us; it’s all about power, greed and ensuring they stay elected.”

Not that I agree or disagree but when you say both sides have problems (I agree) then proceed to attack one side you’ve blown your cover. Nice try at sounding reasonable then getting in the cheap shot. Yep, classic Democrat definition of “bipartisanship”.

“workfare not welfare.”

Now THAT’s something I’d support.

“When Harry Reid speaks does a tree in a forest throw up?”

I don’t care who you are, That’s Funny!

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