Panetta’s anniversary wish: Kill sequestration

Panetta’s anniversary wish: Kill sequestration

Lifelong bureaucrat Leon Panetta took over as the 23rd Secretary of Defense on this day last year. He took to the Pentagon press room with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey to rail against sequestration and highlight progress he’s seen in Afghanistan.

Sequestration continues to dominate the defense dialogue in Washington D.C. with the potential hack of an additional $500 billion out of the defense budget. Panetta has made sure to use each of his speaking engagements to coax Congress into action and eliminate the uncertainty over whether the Republicans and Democrats can strike a deal before the deadline.

Panetta told the Pentagon press corps that sequestration stands as the “biggest threat”  to “the health of our force, to the well-being of our service members and our families.” Dempsey piled on saying he’s been upset to see how worried troops are over the budget and the potential for sequestration.

“They have enough to worry about,” Dempsey said in a message to Congress.

In Panetta’s opening remarks he listed some of the highlights of his first year in office. One such highlight was the progress he’s seen in Afghanistan. Barbara Starr, CNN’s Pentagon correspondent, asked the defense secretary if he could explain what progress he’s seen and  detail the morale of service members deployed to Afghanistan.

Panetta and Dempsey responded saying during their visits to Afghanistan, service members have remained upbeat despite talk about the withdrawal from the country scheduled next year. Panetta got especially emotional when he spoke about his visit with wounded troops who have told him to not let the U.S. leave Afghanistan.

“They just want to get back in the fight,” the defense secretary said.

Reporters also asked the two about the increased violence in Iraq. A U.S. government report was released this week outlining how numerous reconstruction projects funded by U.S. tax payer dollars have been abandoned in Iraq. Dempsey plans on visiting Iraq in August “because it’s the most miserable month of the year.” Panetta said the U.S. remains engaged with Iraq and continues to support the country’s leadership.

In neighboring Syria, Panetta said he does not anticipate any further hostile actions after the Syrian military shot down a Turkish aircraft. Dempsey has spoken with the head of the Turkish military and commended his leadership for not taking further actions even though two of their airmen were killed in the attack.

In response to the reports of wide spread sexual assaults at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, site of the Air Force’s basic training, Panetta said he was “very concerned” to see recruits allegedly assaulted at such a “vulnerable” time for them.

“This matter I can assure you will be fully investigated,” Panetta told the press corps.

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Hate to say he can wish but Congress will not stop sequestration sorry blame Buck McKennon.

I’m not sure than sequestration will really happen or better said them the Pentagon will cut by another 500 Billion. And i will tell you what is my single hope to avoid the end of the USA as a world Power because what this it is what Sequestration means.

And so I believe what fallowing will most likely happen 2013:

First what Obama will reelected (a disaster but unfortunately very likely) and second what the GOP will also short fail to take the Senate but hold they will hold the House (a complete disaster why this means what the dysfunctional Government continues). And under this most probably condition it is absolutely clear what sequestration will happen but it is also clear what the Bush Tax Cuts will also expire with all consequence.

And them the Bush Tax Cuts expires you will get a automatically a 4,5 Trillion revenue increase and a recession and a lot of people how will be really unhappy but you get your Money. And it will be hard to believe what under this condition the DEMs and the GOP will not to avoid the sequestration because why they get automatically more them the needed 1,2 trillion how are required by the Budget Control Act. And all that the Congress and the President must do is to for this is to do nothing and this is exactly what they don everyday.

Now some people will say what the Progressive Dems are so stupid and radical that they will let also sequestration happen to increase the damage for the GOP and this despite of the massive Tax-Increase but the good news are what Sequestration mean fortunately also a lot of pain for there lowed Non-defense Programs.

The other under the condition what Obama get reelected and the GOP don’t take the Senate but hold the House also likely scenario is what the GOP and the DEMs will strike a short deal how shifts sequestration and the run out of the Bush Tax Cuts to the next Congress and this will mean the next disaster because why they will still unable to reach a deal. And this will continues up to the 2014 congressional elections.

The Presidents own deal, in action, voiced by his own administrators…“Its Congress’s fault that our military is going over the cliff”.

There is no true oversight and management in the House and sadly less in the Pentagon. A decade + (10 years) to engage a enemy (if we are at war) in a 3rd world country (s) is scary and should be unacceptable. The throw money at the war was acceptable in WW2 when the entire country was engaged but that is not now the case.

No the meat ax approach of sequestration is not good policy but apparently the only method to achieve reductions that frankly are necessary. Change and reform no matter how well deserved and justified is not easy and almost impossible in DoD with vested industry and political interests. Change nevertheless is necessary IF the objective is an effective National Defense for the 21st Century and beyond.

If the objective is to maintain the status quo sequestration is a disaster. If anyone believes that the status quo is worthy of maintaining for the security of the US then they are being less than forthright. It would be naive to expect that true change and efficiencies can occur and who is President is not the problem.

Sadly the vested interests make change difficult but if anyone believes that the status quo is the best we can do and the billions of dollars we spend necessary and appropriate they are mistaken.

What necessary reductions? Our forces are overstretched and in need of new gear now? We’ve shot ourselves in the foot with nonsense about “transformation” and the “necessity” of reforming our armed services along the lines of massive overhauls like Future Combat Systems.

Here’s the deal, Leon, stop paying defense contractors a profit on development, and paying them more the longer they screw up and drag out development, and we’ll reconsider “sequestration”.

The Bush Tax Cuts will not affect the middle class when it expires, it was a tax break that started under Bush for the wealthy… the “job creators” (ask Willard how many jobs he created in his off shore accounts). These tax breaks, along with the invasion of Iraq, was the major causation of the economic problems he left us with — total irresponsibility.

To call it a “massive tax increase” is disingenious at best, a fox misinformation slogan, probably. Sequestration is as a result of an intractable house of partisan republiCons whose main, stated goal, is to stop any and all progress Obama might make in an effort to make him a “one term president”. The Bush tax cuts do not help the middle class nor do they add anything to the economy — in fact, those tax cuts have been at the root of alot of the economic problems.

I’m surprised you didn’t howl at the SCOUS decision on the health care act by calling it a “massive tax increase” when in fact it does not raise taxes one cent. What it does do is require people to pay for their own insurance (at a greatly decreased rate) — requires people to take responsibility for their healthcare vs. having the tax payer pay for it.

No sir, the disaster would be if Willard gets elected and we return to the failed GOP policies of what Bush did to us. Remember, it was 8 years of HalliBush, Inc. that caused this country’s greatest financial disaster since the great depression. Hisfailed presidency left all sorts of land mines for the current president to discover.

What we need is four more years and a congress that will finally get behind the president to fix this country rather than fight it.

You’d think someone at his level would realize “sequestration” will happen because neither party is interested in compromise. The 2 parties have chosen this game of chicken and aren’t going to blink. It’s going to be an even uglier than normal election with the people left between the choice of big government handouts or big business. The 2 party system sucks.

Araya, please read your posting throughout, and then tell me what you said. I can’t make heads or tails of it.

And he’s right! Congress will not vote on what the president has proposed, all in an effort to stymie progress and all in the name of partisan politics. Congress IS the problem.

You’re delusional if you think your taxes will not go up if ObamaCare is passed.…Hello?!?! How is well fare paid for –OUR TAXES…the same will happen with healthcare, low income well fare can’t afford it and WE will have to pull the slack-OUR TAXES WILL BE RAISED!!
You really think having the government control our healthcare is the American dream??
Oh and by the way, hiking the cost of Tricare up so high that we are forced to look at the Obamacare plan is Socialism at its best!! What else will be taken from us by this administration??
He shows his ‘support for the military’ by decreasing our pay, downsizing the forces, increasing our healthcare, what’s next???

“Guest”, you are sorely misinformed. Turn off fox and the Limpbag and try thinking about what you said. Welfare is not part of the Affordable Healthcare Act. You obviously have not read anything truthful or accurate about it nor applied any more thought othe than what you’ve heard on TV. The Affordable Healthcare Act is “socialism” (yet another dittohead cliche), at it’s best? OK moron, what do you think insurance is? And speaking of “socialism”, how about that fire department? Schools? Police? Public utilities? Highway system? Think before you write. Better yet, become informed instead of reactionary.

Rumor had it that President MANDATE put ole Leon in DOD specifically to oversee the gutting of the Defense Dept. Any takers on that theory?

Only a fox dittohead would throw out that nonsense because it appeals to the uninformed and misguided birthers. Really CWO3… do you really believe that? I mean REALLY? Did you REALLY feel safer under “mission accomplished” Bush, you know, the guy who lied to us?

Rumor has it ‘ol Willard is going to push for legislation aimed at legalizing plural marriages. His feelings on it are well known and “what was good for my grandpa is good for the country”.

No word on what type of commitments we will make to Afghanistan post draw down. No one one wants to talk about this.

When the electorate wants to have it all, you get gridlock. I look at other countries with numerous parties that have trouble even putting together a ruling government.

Tricare really should be abolished, it’s really just Obamacare on steroids.

Ah yes the greedy contractor and his faux concern for the troops.

Tell us agian that story Willian about how contractors earn more money from each coffin brought home than live serviceman. It will give everyone some perspective to what your motivations are

And what would you put in place of it? I have a hard time understanding why some Americans begrudge decent healthcare for other Americans. You might have a job that provides insurance, others don’t and work equally as hard in their field. Why, you might even be retired and receive government healthcare yet you resent others for wanting it too? Ever been sick? I mean really sick? Been in an accident that wasn’t your fault and badly hurt? What if you didn’t have insurance, it’s OK then because your out of a job or poor to let you suffer?

What’s wrong with people!? Where are all those so-called “christian values”? Only if you have money huh? I’ll bet there’s very few “1%’ers” here, most are middle class and work hard. Most also are only one or two paychecks away from that same boat. The AFFORDABLE Healthcare Act WILL help you, too. Don’t be BS’ed by industry propaganda aimed at maximizing THEIR profits at your expense. The original “death panels” ARE the HMO’s. That’s why the need for a national healthcare plan exists, dittoheads.

It depends on how many parties you have. Most that have more than 2 have dozens which isn’t very workable. I’d like to have 3 in the USA instead of just 2. Note that george Washington didn’t want any which would be OK with me.

I assume your silly Willard rumor is sarcastic as it is completely unfounded.

Not any more “silly” or “unfounded” than the “rumor has it” that CWO3 posted, Zak. Or the misinformation about the President being muslim, not US born, socialist… all the rest of the dittohead slogans and cliches.

Yea, Obama’s budget went down in flames 99–0. Damn Republicans in the Senate! Whatever.

That’s correct, Paul. Voted straight down party lines.… as with most of all the legislation proposed by the president. Gridlock IS the republiCon way these days, their efforts to try and make Obama a one term president. End the Bush tax cuts to the rich (which I’ll wager is less than .10% of thise on this board) and restore the tax at the same level as Clinton had it. The rich weren’t suffering then AND we had more jobs. Why do so many people clamor for the rights of the plutocracy at their own expense? Oh I know, ‘cause fox and the Limpbag told ‘em so. Why do you think they’re called dittoheads?

Straight down party lines? How many Democrat Senators voted for Obama’s budget? Zero. You may be more effective with your discussions if you’d lay off the partisan hatchet-job and just stick with the facts as you see them.

Or, hell, if you like paying defense contractors more to screw you, then go right ahead. I’m getting my cut of your screwing, so what the hell do I care? You aren’t doing me any favors.

What kind of Hallucination inducing drug are you on? Any dollar taken out of the hands of working people by government fiat is a tax, no matter how you paint it with sugar coated bullshit.
Bush tax cuts only helping the wealthy is also more of the same — tired old democratic rhetoric designed to pit one economic group against another.
IF you care, read the economic analyses by real experts who have identified 22 categories of “fees”, (think taxes) that the Obamacare fiasco will generate.
Its obviously OK to be partisan, but to simply regurgitate the same crap is pathetic.
More government intervention, with thousands of additional feather merchants on the payroll translates to additional taxes to pay their salaries, perks, and retirement so they can “enforce” the Obamacare fiat by taking money from real workers. That is called TAXATION.

The defense budget doubled in ten years. A 10 percent cut back is not a problem. We just need to do less with less, around the world. For example, we are sending the LCS to Singapore, a country that now has 6 large modern frigates to defend its island city-state. Let them defend themselves. Cut that cost.

Afghanistan? Does anyone really think it will stand on its own after we leave? Even if we pay $6 billion a year to support THEIR army? Save the money. We killed Bin Laden (in Pakistan). Mission REALLY accomplished! Get out now.

Sequestration has happened TWICE before — because the President couldn’t make a decision to cut the budget voluntarily when needed and Congress couldn’t make any decisions either, so just said everyone gets cut! With a national debt that will take TEN YEARS to pay off if every dollar the government takes in in taxes (leaving NO money for absolutely anything, including defense) to pay off, do you REALLY think that sequestration is NOT a taxpayer’s best friend? It will start the check on our national sanity.

I’m for a strong defense, but one much smaller.

About time for our generals and admirals to tell the President NO before he gets us involved in more useless and costly (blood and treasure) foreign adventures.

Try not to lose sight of the fact that Obama inherited two wars. One the world had to have (Afghanistan), and the other that the world didn’t have to have (Iraq). He appears to have done a good job to extricate the US from the war the world didn’t have to have. But everyone is tired and broke from too many wars and the blame is falling on Obama because voters and the media have short memories.

It was George W and his GOP cronies who got the world sidetracked in Iraq, not Obama. If we hadn’t all taken that detour, then there would still be the money and the will to deal with the real problems that still exist in Afghanistan.

I agree with @Taxpayer that the brass need to say ‘No’. It is just ten years too late. They should have said ‘No’ when Cheney and Rumsfeld were bullying CIA intel analysts into saying there were WMDs in Iraq just do that Haliburton could have a shot at Iraqi oil. My $0.02 worth.

The cost related to the death of a single soldier more than outweigh the cost of the gear that the welfare class like yourself doesn’t want the government buying. You don’t care if we don’t provide armor kits for their trucks, as long as you get your monthly check you can continue insulting working Americans, and that’s more important to you.

et tu, Brute ? FCS was never the largest DoD program — at its height, I think it ranked number 3, behind the tanker replacement and one other. And since FCS never got to production, all that was really done was to kick the procurement costs down the road — again. The Air Force gets some new aircraft because the airframes need replaced, the Army gets to live on decades old equipment and a technology dumbed down force. As it stood, the fanatical search for efficiencies that motivated Rumsfeld’s Transformation effort (e.g. “win with one round left in the chamber”) — ended up making us less efficient. But that doesn’t make FCS misconceived. Simple facts: We have to live within our means. We could have done this all a lot better.

How can a “much smaller” defense be a strong defense. That makes negative zero sense. The thing I really hate is people who think they can get something for nothing, who want the government to pass out all the public goods for free, as if that were even possible. No, I don’t like the administration’s “if you don’t buy this tax increase, we’ll shoot this dog” approach. But I haven’t seen much realism from their opponents, and especially the libertarian/isolationist crowd. George W. Bush promised to cut taxes for everyone. He kept that promise. Now, very conveniently, that is all forgotten, and the administration only wants to rescind those tax breaks for some Americans — and bashes anyone who thinks differently about the matter. If you are going to role back to the Clinton tax policy to pay for the Clinton-sized DoD — roll it all back. All of it.

and where do you see any of that? He has 1 post on this page which mentions none of that.

I absoultely agree with “We killed Bin Laden (in Pakistan). Mission REALLY accomplished! Get out now.”

That “country” isn’t even a real country but a bunch of tribes who happen to live together. They’ve been a complete mess for centuries and there is no quick fix for them. Their culture doesn’t respect the rule of law so importing democracy isn’t going to make a difference. Time to leave and let them fix themselves.

The problem with FCS was that it aimed for too much too fast. I can understand the objective of cutting weight and reducing logistic costs, but going from 60+ ton main battle tanks to 25 ton vehicles that are supposed to be just as survivable? The technology wasn’t there.

Aside from whether one can dispense with the MBT altogether — a proposition with which I do not agree, there was this undercurrent in Rumsfeld’s approach to “transforming” the Army — if successful, these initiatives would have made the US Army incapable of fighting by itself against a major adversary — the Air Force would have been needed that much more to bail out the FCS BCT against a large and well-armed foe. But — if you look at the current force structure, the “cure” has become worse than the “disease”, since this hodge podge of “medium” Stryker and very lightly armed IBCTs is LESS capable than the FBCT would have been.

Gee what planet do you live on? First of all when the Bush tax cuts expire everyone including the middle class with see a massive tax increase, if you do not think so go get the form 1040 instructions for 1999 and then compute your taxes due under that.

Second the financial crisis was started by Jimmy boy, a DemocRAT who started the affordable housing act, then Clinton really pushed it and forced banks and other to make these loans or face the wrath of the feds. Then it was the DemocRATS when they took control in 2007 that accelerated the housing bust

So get your facts straight

Have you ever really stop to look at what Obama proposed in his stimulus, most of the money is for, now read this slowly, the Stimulus money is for Government and Non-Government UNIONS. Where do you see any stimulus money going to NON Union working people????


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