What’s to become of the British Army?

What’s to become of the British Army?

The British Army defeated Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler, but it was no match for David Cameron.

The Conservative Prime Minister’s government announced Thursday that it plans to cut some 20,000 troops from the British Army by 2020, leaving an active-duty force of only about 82,000 troops. The Ministry of Defence was quick to add that it will also have 30,000 reserve troops, and they’ll be “closely integrated” with the active force to give a full end strength of about 112,000.

That, if you’re keeping score at home, is a fraction of the size of the U.S. Marine Corps, the smallest of the Defense Department’s military services — even after the Marines’ own planned drawdown from 202,000 back to about 182,000.

In fact, the roughly 82,000-soldier active end strength of tomorrow’s British Army is about equal to the 80,000 American soldiers now planned to draw down from the U.S. Army over the next five years.

In a report accompanying Thursday’s announcement, the MoD tried to keep a stiff upper lip, sounding a lot like our American defense leaders. The end of Afghanistan would’ve brought about the need for a strategic reassessment anyway, MoD’s report said, so we took that and ran with it:

The need to maintain an Army which is structured and trained for an enduring operation is shifting to that of one held at graduated readiness for use in extremis on contingent operations, but persistently engaged at home with UK society and especially overseas, to deliver the full spectrum of upstream (conflict prevention) and downstream (post-conflict) engagement.

And even though the British Army of 2020 will be about 41 percent the size of the British Expeditionary Force evacuated from Dunkirk in 1940 — our math, not the MoD’s — the official view is that for its size, it shall be the best damn army in the world.

Army 2020 is an imaginative and practical response to an extreme challenge: that of confronting an era of strategic uncertainty, exacerbated by economic austerity, with smaller land forces. It will provide a range of capabilities that can be adapted to the nation’s security needs at home and overseas, re-setting the Army to meet the unexpected and deal with future contingencies.

The British Army will be a leaner and, more agile organisation that is valued by the nation it serves, whilst remaining the most capable Army in its class. Importantly, it will continue to offer a hugely challenging and varied career which continues to attract the nation’s talent.

MoD is not just blowing smoke — the British Army’s new “class” puts it above Nigeria, which fields about 80,000 troops, and below Nepal, which fields nearly 96,000, according to stats from the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ “Military Balance.” There’s no question that the new smaller British Army will be much, much better trained and equipped than either of those two services, and probably will keep an edge over armies much larger than itself.

Still, aside from the bubblegum card number-crunching, what is the British Army of 2020 actually for? Along with its siblings the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, the army will have shrunk to the point that it might not be able to do very much. It would be fascinating to see the campaign plans the MoD has drawn up for its new force, because not many plausible scenarios spring to mind.

It could still send a detachment to eject invaders from the Falklands — if the Royal Navy had enough ships ready enough to take them, and F-35B Lightning IIs to provide air cover. The British could probably reinforce their garrison on Gibraltar just to irk the Spanish, and they could continue exchanging units with American counterparts to train in the U.S. and the U.K.

There’s a case to be made that the shrinkage of the British Army is just an acknowledgement of reality: Once the U.K. has high-tailed it out of Afghanistan with the rest of ISAF, it will do its absolute damnest not to get into any more nasty wars. Its corner of the world is pretty peaceful; it probably will not have to fight a Continental or distant war again. (Let’s hope.)

At most it may kick in a few brigades to join another U.N. or NATO crusade somewhere down the line, but only as a supporting power. The painful lessons of Iraq, Afghanistan and to a lesser extent, Libya, will probably stay with European and American leaders for a long time.

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“At most it may kick in a few brigades to join another U.N. or NATO crusade somewhere down the line, but only as a supporting power. The painful lessons of Iraq, Afghanistan and to a lesser extent, Libya, will probably stay with European and American leaders for a long time.“

Riiight, that’s why we have nitwits in Washington eager to get us bogged down in Syria. They want us to follow the British and the French into the trash bin of Middle Eastern history.

at least all the UK voters benefits are “free”

Yes, your free benefits will now begin to suffer for no more military money to save. With no military, there is no one to protect your right to international trade. Oh that’s right, you can make your case to the international courts or ha!, ha! the UN (they will get right on it). No international trade, no return on investments and no income for your free benefits. Yes, socialism at it’s best, now the communist have won over capitalism; gee that was easy!

Our government is too busy giving our money away and crapping on its own people , I bet Sir winston Churchill is rolling in his grave

This is what happens when you live in a nation where even conservatives are liberal compared to other nations political system. Overall this has been happening since the end of Thaturs government in the early 90s and is only going to get worse.

Shame the British army at one time was Europe’s elite army.

Britain once had an Empire. Their decline started over 100 years ago.

Britain does not have the resources to support their military and to provide social services to an aging population, especially with the influx of immigrants to lowly paid jobs over the last 50 years.

Britain is no longer Great.


If a day there is a world conflict Europe is dead and we can say thank you to our politicians

Also there will be no military budget to cut when there is need for a higher social spending budget.

I’m old & slow but it is becoming more apparent in the USA, everyday that obama & his socialist administration is doing everything in their power by hook or crook in hand with their muslim/socialist brothers to render the US Armed Forces incapable of defending the USA & same same appears to be happening in europe., what will happen is a race war on a grand scale followed by ANARCHY THAT WILL BE WORSE THAN ANYTHING WE’VE EVER SEEN BEFORE, ending western civilization as we know it, we will be plunged into a dark age never to recover.

Nonsense, the idea of a world conflict with nuclear weapons in various arsenals is absurd. Europe still has a combined 600+nuclear warheads so tell me the cabal of nations that would risk such a reprisal. For all of the United States military expenditures and capabilities what have the actual results been, 60 years of stalemates or withdrawals. The truth is the United States would be able to handle any necessary military contingencies on land with the 182,000 USMC, any scenario that would require a larger commitment is an invitation to bloody losses and stalemates of the past 60+ years.

It’s not social services to an aging population that are the problem mate, it’s social services to doll bludgers, pikeys and illegal immigrants that’s draining us. Not to mention kicking in billions to prop up a dying Euro, all the while strangling our global trade by going along with ridiculous, anti-competitive EU labour regulations. Sooner or later something has to give and a referendum on Europe can’t be denied to the people forever.

Things really are getting bad when the nutballs start making sense…

i do not agree to cut our military because of the theives stealing money out of dod budget that allso go’s for ss congress and senators lie can;t tell the trueth they need to cut their pay they are doing us a mis service all runing is just as bad elect a working man take a half cut in pay kick the bums out now

Nope, he still isn’t making that much sense

The UK will have to use Nukes if anything serious happens in Europe. With only 82,000 troops they will be lucky to control their own population when the riots start because of lack of money to keep up the current Entitlements. Plus Scotland may vote to become ‘Independent” in a couple of years and there will have to be more very Drastic cuts to MOD because of the huge tax base loss. This is just the beginning if Scotland goes on it’s own, or is this some of the first steps preparing for it?

orly? whadda ya an airport? I agree my statement may sound crazy but it is also based on fact & solid observations every nov. since 95 I go to London & have made many retired buddies from the Police & Military in the last 3 yrs while I was there they had student riots, supported by, anarchrist, who did the dirty work, while the police stood by & watched, not a good oman.

But the greenies want to cut their nukes too.

Reality check … the population of the UK is 1/5th the size of the US.

And in the east a Dragon watches and waits.….…..

Maybe they’re contemplating mass conscription if there’s a big war again. There seem to be plenty of people on benefits, pikeys and other shirkers that are available. We still have the National Service Act on the books and there’s a machine in London that can, overnight, print out call up papers for all eligible males and have them in the post by morning. God help us if they call that lot up! We’ll lose the next great war.

“Peace in our time.”.….…..Well, “The Sun is setting on the British Empire.”.…..The French better start worrying, the Germans are getting stronger, the British weaker, and France is.…..France.

Pointless article. Let the UK do what it needs to do and not spend money like a drunken sailor.

Couldn’t agree with you more, Josh!! You hit the nail on the head… Bring back National Service so all the pikeys and doll bludgers get to learn what hard work really is!!!

Shame on you David Cameron, I would spit on you if I could! The real problem is your system, all you are doing is cutting off hardworking people that are willing to die for their country and putting them in the long unemployment line, which will cause more problems… Shame on you! Get rid of parliament that would save a few thousand military jobs!!!

And this is the reason why I left that country to crumble under itself and I will serve the US military that honors its troops with the respect that they deserve!!!

112k troops at full strength? Thats only about 5 divisions in total (including reserves), and 4 active. I gather Mr. Cameron is hopeful that Britain isn’t going to find its global interests to be very onerous. Personally I hope he’s right — but of that I am not hopeful at all.

I agree with Bud.… reality check: the UK’s population is less than 1/5th the size of the USA’s and their cuts are proportionate to the defense cuts planned here — 100,000 personnel to be cut from the U.S. military, as opposed to 20,000 personnel over there. So what’s the big deal?

Population. Spot on.

spot on. $ is a consideration too i imagine.

The Brits live in a slavery welfare state. This is destroying them like Obama plans on destroying the US.

They say learn from history. Well, at least in the US the DOD and political leaders of BOTH parties skipped the lessons on how not to fight a conflict, Vietnam, for haven’t we been involved in two conflicts that resemble to a certain degree the no win situation of Vietnam? When politics try to run the military and vice-versa trouble is bound to happen.

Gain Canopy Control! & Keep a sharp look out on decent !!!!

john bull’s numbers of tommy atkins have risen and fallen as often as john holmes prick. its not the end of western democracy as we know it. if they treat their vets well,they have little to worry about in the future other than argie recrudescence [look it up] or another involvement in south asia. semper fiddlercrabs britannia, you may not rule the waves but you’re still a welcome player

Is this the same Britain that pays it’s unemployed only 43 pounds a week ($ 66) then Jay? As opposed to we Americans that pay our unemployed between $ 300 to $ 400 per week (depending on which state you live in) Not very well educated on other countries, are we Jay? Don’t believe everything you hear on FOX News.

If you believe your own comments I feel sorry for you. I’ll bet you a free hour in the PX that you wouldn’t recognize what socialism is if it hit you in the face. You are just an empty vessel spewing out nonsense that you hear on talk radio and don’t question its source.

So that is $330 per week for an unemployed Brit… By your stats, in line with the USA then.

The UK has about 20% of the population of the US. How big should their army be? It is a shame that they are forced to make severe cuts, but we do the same.

Have to say if theres one thing Europe as a whole need not cut its anything in the defense end. Truth be told they couldn’t even whoop gadaffi’s butt without us help. Europe ran out of bombs the first week not to mention because of the socialist govt’s cut s in defense in the past had no logistics to operate. At the end of the day without USA help Europe couldn’t fight it’s way outa wet paper bag. This is no slam on its soldiers ( for I have trained with them. And have nothing but respect for them especially British royal marines) but there llack ( govt) of understanding what it takes to have an effective fighting force

The made ONE big mistake in the 60s by withdrawing from the East of Suez.

Now, they are making another that will see the shrinking of the British military involvement.

It become apparent that ‘Britannic truely does not rules the waves’ anymore.

A sad fact.

It was happening even during Thatchers time. The Navy got whacked just before the Falklands when they realised they went too far

The British armed forces have and will always have the balls and guts to beat an enemy superior in numbers. The reduction in size is painful and needed, we presently have soldiers still garrisoned in Germany who will eventually be based in the UK, we will need to house them properly so that they will feel more valued. We will endure, that is what the British do, of course we will moan and kick and spit venom but we will endure. OK so our tanks don’t work properly in the nasty sand same with our APCs. Our aircraft carriers????? which are not built will still have no planes for untold many years etc etc etc. But the special forces chaps using the MK1 eyeball well they are the envy of many a professional army, we may not be the biggest, or the best, but by jove if you f*ck with us you will be sorry.

This is truly sad news, but as we in America know, it also takes a recognition of what the global threats are and the projected tempo of operations and deployments to see that this is not a good cost saving measure. Our own troops have suffered greatly from 3+ tours of active combat duty as the military is already too small for multiple front engagements, and the politicians and the tongue-tied generals go right with it, to protect either domestic spending, their careers, or both.

For all their faults in the building and maintenance of Empire, the British were a global force for good, and one can clearly see that the post colonial Aden, Kenya, Palestine, and India didn’t turn out as well as when they were part of it. The remaining nations of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada by contrast, are all doing quite well, are they not?

It is true that hindsight is 20/20. Also that when a nation operates under a moral basis that depends on Faith, that great things can happen, and it is sad to see America, who benefited so much from rule of law, Protestantism, language and culture, now follow the Mother Country into an abyss from which she may not be able to extricate itself.

Do not for a moment think that the enemies of the West do not see this happening. Sooner than we think.

Dead on!

Don’t believe everything Rachel Madkow says either. You sound like a dull boy who has difficulty establishing a valid point. BTW… what IS your point?

The Brits live in a slavery state…Really not well informed, do you have a passport? Come and visit as my guest and I will show you a proud nation. At least we have a welfare state, and don’t you dare call us commies. We all pay our taxes, this is why when my baby was being born we had two Americans and a raft of other nationalities in the same maternity unit, because it is free at the point of use. Slaves.….…

It’s a good thing these are just opinions. How can you take anyone seriously when they can’t even spell.

Yes spelling is important but it’s a phone and some people don’t have niceley manicured petite fingers They actually have to do manuall labor

Britain is a welfare state where people who don’t want to work are rewarded. People having many kids justy to get more money for not working. People on the dole are people out of work, Maybe not their own doing. Big difference between out of work and on welfare.

One must wonder what purpose armies now serve. The last Byzantine emperor would have some thoughts. If the West does not stand up, a different, and not necessarily friendly, power will.

The Nitwit is not in Washington, she is flying around the world trying to drum up support for her almost personal reconstruction of the Muslim Caliptate. The really arent any saints in Islam, but 40 years from now Hillary Clinton will have a special place in all Mosques.

The saddest thing about this downsizing as well as the one that happened a few years ago is the loss of regiments who have hundreds of years of history…

Americans might not fully grasp the importance of the regimental system the British Army uses. A regiment is connected to a specific place or region and might have four or five hundred years, (the oldest regiment still in existence in the British Army was formed in 1537,) of battle honours, experiences and regimental family. It’s incredibly powerful to know that you are a part of that piece of history. These regiments are being struck from the books or consolidated into one that no longer resembles itself at all. Even if they increase the size of the Army in the future that long proud chain of tradition and pride is broken forever.

What branch of the military did you join? I am a former British soldier currently looking into the U.S. military and am curious about your experience. I know the Air Force won’t take anyone who has previously served in another countries military…

I have lived in many so-called “welfare states” (Canada, Britain, Germany, etc,) and I can tell you from experience they are far safer, more peaceful and happier places than America. A civilization can be accurately judged by how it takes care of it’s down-and-out citizens. There are far less people taking advantage of the system than you might think, and there are checks and balances in place to make sure it’s hard for someone to do so. We only get told the horror stories on the news…

kids dont get it. there so used to haveing a gov’t that hands them everything they just believe there entitled to it and the military is just a waste of time. gonna take another big one for reality to hit home for all western countries.. By the way the proof is in the History and dont know with the firepower available today mankind could actually live through a big one.

Yes, the US provides the free world’s defense. Why should any country have to provide for its own defense? “The Americans will do it!”

If they are 1:5 the size in population they should have at least 20% of our military capability. Why can’t they? Ans: Socialism.

Maybe? Try getting them to show up when they are called let alone trained, equipped and deployed.

Uh, we have a 1.5 million men under arms. 1/5 of that is 300k troops. Here’s the math… 112k — 300k = –188k = BIG deal

Of course. They can be welfare states because we foot the bill for their security.

They should have a 300k man military based on population.

Truly love and respectthe Brits (GREAT military) but don’t fool yourself. England cannot pursue an independent foreign policy. It must follow the US lead to maintain its security and lifestyle.

very true

Britain serves as glimpse of our future as we go down the road to socialism.

Following the US was a a strategic blunder for the UK. One of the reasons why the conservatives who promised to extract the UK from the disaster were elected.

“Strategic blunder?” Totally unsupported observation (what’s new). What would an independent British foreign policy looked like? An English speaking Cuba?

Foreign policy was not what got the conservatives elected. You’re trying to rewrite history.

Yes, old and slow… Don’t be “sheeple” that listens to waaaay to much right-wing talk radio. Seriously, brother, expand your mind and listen and read some opposing views. You seriously don’t know how stupid that sounds. I was an Army officer with 14 years of service and can TELL you you’re dead wrong. You’re wrong about our military. You’re wrong about Obama. You’re wrong about your supposed muslim/socialist… oh, crap, that’s so stupid, I can’t even finish the thought. Do you believe EVERYTHING Mr. Limbaugh tells you? Geez.

A conservative believes an army is to defend his nation from a foreign aggressor. a true liberal– and he’ll rarely admit it– believes an army is to defend his government from it’s own people– at least the ones who disagree with it’s agenda. That’s what the Brits are really pairing down to. but will their army be too small even to stop an Iislamist revolution or a mass coalition of football hooligans? God save the Queen.

You should follow your own advice and listen to some opposing views.

Don’t think Obama is a muslim, but he’s clearly a socialist.

Lol! That was my first thought, too… Of course we’ll remember the lessons — look how well we’ve remembered the lessons of past wars!

That US cut is just to its marine corp. Overall, on it’s military, the US outspends every nation in the world per capita.

I’m old but not so slow that I can’t recognize your extreme paranoia — you’ve been listening to too many of the right wing conspiracy nuts. Settle down man.

Woodstock old right. By the way I could reAlly care less about Europe Unfortunatley it’s my people that have paid the price. If u call my buddy getting his head blown off paranoia then I guess that’s what it is. As far as media goes that’s the last place I go for info whether it be msnbc,fox,bbc , none report the real story,but rather sell a story. I’ve seen first hand in 91. Monrovia , Liberia.(first time) so grab your bag ‚load your pipe, and study your lava lamp and collect your social freebies.dont worry me and the boys will make sure you can still do that so long as cut backs dont disband us because you got the munches and felt like that food card was more important than national defense

Woodstock old right. By the way I could reAlly care less about Europe Unfortunatley it’s my people that have paid the price. Yes Iam paranoid because of all my frends and family that have lost there heads litteraly​.As far as media goes that’s the last place I go for info whether it be msnbc,fox,bbc , none report the real story,but rather sell a story. I’ve seen first hand in 91. Monrovia , Liberia.(first time) so grab your bag ‚load your pipe, and study your lava lamp and collect your social freebies.dont worry me and the boys will make sure you can still do that so long as cut backs dont disband us because you got the munches and felt like that food card was more important than national defense

Woodstock old right. By the way I could really care less about Europe Unfortunatley it’s my people that have paid the price​.As far as media goes that’s the last place I go for info whether it be msnbc,fox,bbc , none report the real story,but rather sell a story. I’ve seen first hand in 91. Monrovia , Liberia.(first time) so grab your bag ‚load your pipe, and study your lava lamp and collect your social freebies.dont worry me and the boys will make sure you can still do that so long as cut backs dont disband us because you got the munches and felt like that food card was more important than national defense

Read “While Europe Slept” and “Because They Hate”

Both are step by step primers on how the creeping menace divides countries, including their military, then acts in open revolt and mutiny.

The Brits have always been good troops and allies we can count on .I am sure they can regroup pretty fast if need be.Personally i would like to see us get out of these wars,so we can get the debt down,take care of the troops that served both past and present , and create good jobs and back to manufacturing like before.

You are factually incorrect.

The Marines are cutting 20k troops. The Army is cutting over 80k.

True the US outspends every nation. We also protect a whole bunch of them who can spend less because we spend more. You can afford cradle to grave gov’ts when someone else is providing your defense.

Not making many friends there majr0d.

True, but don’t underestimate them.

No underestimation implied.

Friends tell each other the truth.

Hopefully, the UK’s Ministry of Defense will start utilizing a table of organization for Brit Army reserve units and standardized training with their active duty counterparts.

Heck they deployed or will deploy most of there (UK) Army for the Olympics. No one left to guard the rest of Socialist Government in the rest of Empire. I’m old and slow but retired Marine and I agree with the comments made on Obama.

And look where they were, US and British just before WWII broke out. And how many lives were lost and good resources were wasted because of politicians did not think ahead. Well here we go again.……!!!!!!

Oh nonsense. The US simply spends far more than anyone on defense. They could have ANY type of government and still never be able to afford 20% of what the US has.

LOL, oh sure. How do you explain the size of the N. Korean military?

My point is (if you read the whole thread) Europe has NEVER spent their share on defense as measured by GDP and they don’t have to. We’ve made up the difference. Instead they’ve pursued cradle to grave entitlements that are starting to bite them in the butt.

There’s a lesson there.

Now if they would only withdraw from their last colony, Northern Ireland, and give it back to the Irish.

Are you thick naturally or do you practice? The Republic of Ireland and The Govt of the UK made an agreement many years ago to get rid of this idiotic way of thinking, when the populace of NI vote to be Irish it will happen. Look at the way you vote for a President…Don’t throw stones.….….

What about the huge inflated military industrial complex within the US? Maybe social spending in Europe and UK specifically is getting out of control, but we have taken thousands of refugees who are legitimate and many more tens of thousands who are not. Their are many journal papers which highlight the problem and if you can be bothered you can educate yourself in regards to this. The same is also applicable to the huge military the US has and how it is purely unsustainable. Warfare as most modern armies have been trained for does not exist, assymetrical (4th generation) warfare is now more effective. standing armies are being stopped by small groups of disciplined irregular forces. Go on send an aircraft carrier against a small force of determined fighters and you will waste your time, this is the true face of modern warfare not huge armies.

Why do they need to keep a standing Army, when the US Military is the Police Force of the world. They are going to shift their Defense Funds to some other activity, and the U.S. will suplement them with their Defense Funds.…..Heavy SARC.….

The US is the Police force of the world, you are a joke, and so is the idea that the US is anything but the biggest fat kid in the yard, he can do a whole lot of pushing around but he just does not have the intelligence to know that EVERYONE hates him!

Quick Q+A Which nation has bombed more sovereign states since WW2?

Gulf of Tonkin, Mai Lai, Guantanimo, suspending Habeas Corpus, Drone attacks on innocent civoids, using torture.…..Police my rrrrrrse.

My wife is from the south of Ireland and they are many on the south who don’t want the North I have talked many times to her side of the family and they all say the same thing,they can not afford the North plus the North get better benefits and healthcare , I myself think we English should give the North back and Scotland and Wales so that way my tax does not pay there benefits and we can put that money into our Armed Forces

As an old tanker (23-years, US Army) of the Vietnam/Cold War era, it saddens me to see the British Army constantly shrinking. A very dear friend who is retired from the British Army and I had the sad experience of witnessing his old unit (The Gloucestershire Regt) retire their colors about 15 years ago. For conventional soldiers these are sad days indeed.
On the other hand, we have to consider the type of enemy that is threatening our countries. They are not organized as regular armies are — they have no infantry, armor or artillery. Instead they use stealth and terror to fight their battles. While the article is about British Army shrinking, it did not mention how the “leaner” Army was to be configured. I have long held that we, the threatened nations of the world, should fight al-Queda and the other terrorist groups with a tightly integrated force made up of the intelligence services, law enforcement and special operations forces. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “new” Regular British Army is made up predominantly of light infantry, SAS, and aviation that is trained to work in close cooperation with the special ops units of British sister services as well as their counterparts in NATO and commonwealth forces. It’ll be interesting to see if this is the direction they take.

Is your point about the MIC or European generosity subsidized by American taxpayer dollars?

How exactly is our military unsustainable? Considering your lack of equipping yours you could likely be an expert. Granted we’ll be cutting a bit but you better hope we don’t cut too much unless you are looking at taking Russian, attending a mosque or pushing your car in the future.

Is your position that assymetric warfare is the wave of the future? (We’ve had assymetrical warfare since before Roman legions were ambushed on the frontier, that is if you bother reading “journal Papers”).

Are you the same guy logging in under different names?

what you say i have sed for a long time to all i no

I can’t think of the UK forces as a singular unit, but as a Common Wealth. If you take into account the forces of Canada, and Australia, that is still pretty kick ass. I’d be confident of them as an ally, and I still admire them as a whole.

Thanks for serving the US. We need help too! Hopefully Obama won’t “lay you off” also.

I think that we Americans who have served or serve in the military do understand the importance of the tradition of the regiment. But as fiscal and political reality sets in, the argument become moot.

The same will happen in the U.S. You watch, the U.S. military (irrespective of what is being said publicly) will be 50 to 60% smaller in terms of size, equipment, and capability in 10 years as well as no real strategic weaponry. The Russians and Chinese are jumping up and down with joy over this. Welcome to the 21st Century.

I’m a.serving soldier in the British Army, the cutbacks in manpower are not good, BUT, the offset with VASTLY improved kit, and technology makes ALOT of difference. We still have the will to win. The Bulldog Spirit. As they saying goes “it’s not the size of dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”.


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