F-16s delivered to Iraq in 2014

F-16s delivered to Iraq in 2014

Iraq’s Air Force will wait two more years before the first shipment of 36 planned F-16s will arrive in Iraq, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

The announcement came the same day Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey met with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Iraqi army chief of staff Lt. Gen. Babaker Zebari in Baghdad. The F-16s are part of a $12 billion purchase agreement that covers a wide swath of equipment and training.

The first batch of F-16s will arrive in September 2014. The F-16s will boost an air force trying to rebuild since it was obliterated by the U.S. Air Force in Gulf Wars I and II. U.S. and Iraqi leaders have said the Iraqi air force can’t currently protect it’s air space.

Iraqi air force officials have said the F-16s will be used exclusively to protect their borders. Iraq’s air space has been left mostly unguarded since the U.S. forces pulled out in 2011 and the U.S. ended the air patrols they had done continuously over Iraq since August 1992.

The Iraqis will receive the F-16C Fighting Falcons — the  block 50/52 variant of the aircraft. Iraqi air force officials also requested a missile package to include AGM-65D/G/H/K maverick air to ground missiles; GBU-12 Paveway II, GBU-10 Paveway II, GBU-24 Paveway III laser guided bomb units; AIM-9L/M-8/9 sidewinder missiles; and 150 AIM-7M-F1/H sparrow missiles.

The planned shipment of F-16s to Iraq comes as the rest of the world’s air forces expect to keep flying the fighter jet longer than most every expected. General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin have delivered more than 4,500 F-16s since the plane was introduced to the U.S. fleet in 1974.

Shrinking defense budgets has slowed America and  NATO’s transition to fifth generation fighters keeping the F-16 as a work horse in the past decade in Iraq and Afghanistan. As Iraq will receive its first shipment of F-16s, the U.S. Air Force will update their own fleet’s radar suite and start a service life extension program for 300 older F-16s.

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aS THE kURDS BY fim-92 stingers TO COUNTER THEM.

With the way it is going in Iraq I think that decision should be rethough and put off until the last minute.

That’s probably who they will use their jets against, since Iran is now their pal. Not that I give a damn about either of them.

Don’t worry, the U.S. just has to press a button and these F16 becomes unusable.

No ?

Means to me Israel has to September 2014 to bomb Iran if they are going to fly over Iraq.

Isn’t that more operational aircraft than what the USAF will get?

Probably not, but keep in mind the pilots will have next to no hours in them. Saddam’s air force had Mig-29s that we swatted from the sky and we were worried about that plane. If after 5 years those planes aren’t hangar queens or lawn darts I will be surprised.

How is Iran doing with those Hawk Missiles and the F-4’s? Not so well?

Testing, my posts are being Deleted

Yay, just more tech that will end up ( getting lost) wink, and end up given to Iran or some other regime to reverse engineer that hates us. I don’t care how old they are. It’s still newer than they have.

you obviously DON’T know history– the Iranians are NO ONES friend, especially the Iraqis !! there is still bad blood from the 10 yr war between both nations and , like their animous toward the U.S., the Iranians want their two eyes for an eye, and a bag of teeth for a tooth. Good move in trying to upgrade the iraqis– they are the some of the more educated in the region, and IF the U.S. doesn’t get off its butt and straighten that crap up “over there” socially and economically, we’ll keep going BACK to fight “over there”.…

If we do nothing its OK, you may have 0311 in your tag but you dont sound like someone who has spent recent(last 24 months) in Iraq. Half the guys in OUR(US Military) classes speak arabic with a distinct Persian accent. All of the President and senior Cabinet members personal bodyguards are Irainian. Get a clue. Not one more penny. Raise a flag if the are in Florida, Virginia, or Oregon.

Doubt it. Have you seen or worked with the Iraqi military we have train this past decade? They were a substantially better trained force under saddam. We have tried to westernize them and the result is a even more lazy, inept & corrupt force. The F-16 will be unflyable in just a few years. I’ve done it before, the 9th(Bradleys) & 14th(M1A2s) Brigades of the RSLFs were effective for about 60 days after the american maintainers left. Just a waste of time and money.

I’m aware of history. I’m also aware of moves by the Iraq government concerning Iran. I would be willing to fathom that they have closer ties to each other than they do to us.

Do they really need an Air Force. All this is 12 billion to the defense contractors. The other question is, who is going to attack them? No one has yet. All they really need are helo’s. Why don’t the Saudi’s provide air cover for Iraq? When are we going to sell F22’s to the afghans so they can fly cover for the poppy fields.

How is the Iraq govt going to pay for this? Oil dollars? So I guess the price of oil will come down when their wells start to come on line fully in the next 6 months. This smacks of bad foreign policy by us. Agree to improving their air force gradually over time but F-16Cs? Couldn’t we give them C-130s and A-10s to keep their borders safe. Iran posses little threat from their air force.

As long as it’s their own money they’re spending, why complain that they’re spending it on us? Being a sovereign nation means not having to depend on anyone else for defense. Why would the Saudi’s risk their air force to defend Iraq or another country? Depending on the day of the week they barely tolerate each other as it is.

We don’t build A-10s anymore, but we still build F-16s. We’ve built a couple thousand of them for foreign governments over the years. If Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Turkey decided to violate Iraq’s airspace or bomb them, an A-10 isn’t going to protect them. If Iraq has the oil money to throw around, let them spend it on us.


Press a button? YOu mean you think they have built in software that renders them useless with the prss of a button? Haha.…okay…sure.

LAnce I take it this isnt your main language. Thats okay I think you mean buy stingers, no they are being given for free through 3rd parties.

Hey Jarhead,
I know they don’t really like eachother but seems that if we sell them plains i think they should be Saber Jets or the older Sopwith Camels of WW 1. I wouldn’t trust them with the craft we have now. Probably be fighting them in another 3 or 4 years.

Instead of F-16’s they could have gotten Mig 29’s or Yak-130’s

no no no never very bad idea!

F-16s are a dime a dozen. At the rate we’re maintaining them, let’em

Many things can happen before these planes are delivered, so we should make sure Iraq pays as this order is being filled, just in case something happens in that Country before 2014. The current “Iran Problem” should be taken care of one way or the other by 2014. Of course, they could always go the way of our old allies in Egypt, and put the Muslim Brotherhood or something similar in power and continue to take our aid. I guess that might have something to do with what happens in the election in November.

Now they’ll have American fighters to go with their American rifles and American tanks. Yes, there are M-16s, M-4s, and M-1 Abrams in their army.

Yes that’s what I mean. It could be, I don’t know.

“Shrinking defense budgets has slowed America and NATO’s transition to fifth generation fighters“
Please specify what IOC:d fifth generation fighters that are available for NATO at this time?

I am somewhat leary of selling F-16s to Iraq, yes there is bad blood with Iran but there is also bad blood with us and Israel as well. I don’t like the idea of Iran getting ahold of an F-16, but then again they could easily buy French Mirages or Mig 29s. If we sell them F-16s maybe we’ll also get the maintenance workload as well like we do with Egypt and Jordan. But as a safety precaution maybe we should install self-destruct devices that we can control remotely.

I thought these airframes were refurbs, rather than new builds… Not that it matters much in this instance.

True, Russian equipment might have been a better fit; but this way they’re more much more dependent on the West in general and the U.S. in particular for logistical support. Same goes for the American hardware their army is using, as tmb2 referred to.

AIM-7 Sparrows? not AIM-120 AMRAAMs?

I thought AIM-7 was out of production, are they going to come from warehoused old stock in the ANG and the ANG get 1 for 1 replacement with AIM-120s?

Interesting that it’s M and not –P series missiles.

We have F-16 lines open, but for the Block 60’s going to other Middle Eastern nations. Don’t know if we have Block 50 lines open…

Saudi Arabia is Sunni while Iraq is mostly Shia. They will never provide air cover for the Iraqi’s and the Iraqi’s would never ask.

Bill that was sarcasim, they were bad and corrupt. With the infusion of American captal and equipment they are more so. I worked on the FMC-Arabia’s Bradley Program in Tabuk, KSA from 95 to 97. They ordered 1200 BFVs and recieved 1000 in the 90s to go with 650 M1A2s. They still wanted more when I left. Vinnel Corp had the maintenance contract thru 2002, most are now deadlined. A E4-5 Turret mechanic can still make $3500 a week working directly for the RSLFs.

As long as Syria or Iran don’t ‘turn them’.

A-10s havent been built for many years but our Air Force is still flying them so they should be good enough for the Iraqis. We just seem to be escalating the air forces over there because they have our $$$ to purchase the best aircraft that money can buy. So when do they request F-15Es or F-35s? With their inherent instability will these aircraft be turned against us and our allies at some later date?

M’s can be upgraded to P. Thus, logic would probably see the AIM armament progression starting with M, upgrading to P and then ultimately to procuring AMRAAM (and late model IIR munitions), according to readiness and competence levels… as well as according to how geo-political and balance of power issues are warranted and play into requirements?

I guess getting Sparrows is better than no medium range missiles and being stuck only with Sidewinders.

Maybe we SHOULD encourage them to buy F-35’s.… it’d recover a bit of the money the West has sunk into it’s development, and the way things are going, by the time they actually SEE any, the West will have moved onto new aircraft… a few dozen times.

Wonder how much commission Bush and Cheney get on the F16 sale.

NNo people rethink what happened when we sent some of our F4’s over there? They used them to bomb our own US Embassy!!! HELLO?!?!?!?

Unecesary and extremely stupid idea.

wow.. do you all remember the recent incidents with our own guns/training being turned on us?? so, we hand over a very able aircraft.. hmmm, whose to say they wont turn on us again? they dont care for Americans.. and they dont value life in general.. I hope that Pratt and Whitney stop the making of F16 parts all together.. i work on them, and i see certain parts are hard to find as it is (especially augmenters)..more money for us? who are you kidding?? shouldn’t American lives mean more to us??

this is crazy, first who is going to attack them, the airspace around most of the African continent is unprotected, are going to sell the nigerians or sudanese F-16’s? this is not necessary…nothing else needs to be said.

war for 10 years destroying a nation that hates the US. Now lets give them better weapons and teach them better ways to attack out troops. Every one of those planes better have 100lbs of C4 in the fuel tanks for when they misuse the technology. the United states should not provide weapons to a country with suicide bombers and corrupt government.


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