Sequestration’s defense equation

Sequestration’s defense equation

The Pentagon’s top buyer tried to simplify sequestration planning for defense industry executives clamoring for details on the federal budget cuts that will reduce defense spending over the next decade.

“If you want to know what will happen to your program, look at how much money you expect to have in your budget next year and cut 11 percent,” Frank Kendall, U.S. undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, told defense industry officials at the ComDef 2012 conference in Washington Wednesday.

Kendall explained it’s a “stupid way” to cut a budget, but the Pentagon’s hands are tied when it comes to sequestration – the agreement made by Congress to cut the federal budget by 10 percent to include about $500 billion from defense spending over the next ten years. The deadline of Jan. 2 hangs over Congress to come to an agreement to avoid sequestration, or at the least delay it.

The White House Office of Management and Budget is scheduled to release a detailed report specifying how sequestration cuts will affect the Pentagon after President Obama ordered the report in August. Capitol Hill sources expect to see the report in the next couple weeks.

Although Kendall tried to simplify the complexity of the cuts with simple arithmetic, the defense industry is eager to see what the OMB report will contain. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has told Congress the military has done minimal planning because of the simplicity of the across the board cut.

But the actions thus far have shown the military has found loop holes to protect certain parts of its budget from the cuts. Obama has already said the military’s personnel budget will be protected to include troops’ pay. Parts of the Department of Veterans Affairs budget will also be protected.

Defense analysts have questioned just how far these exceptions will run and how creative the Pentagon will get to protect certain purses should the sequestration cuts go through.

Kendall emphasized that “there is no flexibility in the law,” and the sequestration cuts will even affect the Overseas Contingency Operations budget — the money used by Pentagon to pay for the war in Afghanistan. It’s here where analysts get skeptical. If the Pentagon can avoid making cuts to certain parts of the VA, why wouldn’t it make the same exceptions for soldiers deployed to Afghanistan.

There’s also the question of how sequestration will affect mult-year contracts. Pentagon leaders to include Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos have already said they anticipate having to absorb more losses by renegotiating those contracts to account for sequestration cuts.

How the Pentagon plans to pay for these higher bills at a time defense spending is shrinking is the information defense executives want. It makes the simple equation that Kendall laid out Wednesday a lot more complex than Pentagon leaders want to admit.

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Washington , Connecticut, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Colorado, Maine, Michigan the DOD partnerships with various colleges and universities… what do all these areas have in common? they are blue states or have work located in blue counties. go ahead cut the defense budget and the living wages jobs that go with them. Im sure your local tax bases will love that.

The DNC platform for the future is large defense cuts. Sequestration is the Democratic Dream of a Life time.

Not just Dems at fault its the whole faulty government.

The biggest budget cutter was Cheney as SecDef at the end of the cold war

Of course, they are tha party of a weak defense, and they’re proud of it.

Actually, there are very few exceptions to sequestration. Any exceptions would have to come from the statute that created the monstrous sequestration mechanism itself — the Budget Control Act of 2011. That statute allows only ONE exception: for military personnel. It also prohibits domestic base closures.

The DVA is NOT a part of the DOD and has NOTHING to do with defense, therefore, calling its budget “defense spending” is false and ridiculous.

There actually was a recent CSBA analysis/report on the impacts of sequestration. The most immediate effect was a 10% cut in defense civilian accounts which would result in a pretty immediate furlough of 108,000 civilian employees. That should get someone’s attention, especially right after an election.

For what we are about to recieve.….….

Perhaps, but Cheney’s understanding of our nation’s defense needs was unimpeachable. You might disagree with him, but you can’t argue that he was not a faithful steward of our national security. It also shows that Cheney was not just a rubber stamps for defense spending.

Sequestration is the most perfect way this White House has devised to GUT OUR MILITARY! And even better yet.….make it ALL look like the Republicans, or Conservatives did it all???

I told my Congressman and Senators that this was a Democrat plot to gut the mlitary and create a political point for this election cycle. Any dufus politician in Washington DC should have seen this coming… But good old whining Boehner flinched and the Dems crammed it through with the votes of the dumb-assed Repubs. God save our country from these retards.

We all know da***d well that there will not be any cutting of DOD personnel nor contractor personnel notices sent out ’til after the election. By law, they are supposed to go out 60 days prior to it happening (THAT WOULD MEAN THEY WOULD BE RECEIVED JUST BEFORE THE ELECTION) — - — but, Obama does not play by the rules! He has learned to “just by-pass laws of this country”; AND HE GETS AWAY WITH IT!

I don’t think cutting the defense budget is going to be a bad thing. Our military as it exists now is good enough to crush a vast majority of the world and accomplish almost any of the objectives that we might face in the future. The military is great right now and it will be good enough for many years to come without the extra money spent on it. Also let’s be honest, the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps have spent a lot of money on stupid projects that wound up being a waste or turned out to be total flops that they should have dropped, but continued to fund obscene amounts of cash to. The LCS, FCS, and the F-35 are not what the services need at all, but they continue (or continued) to fund ridiculous sums of dollars in order to get them when these systems don’t do half of the stuff we need and the stuff that they can do we either don’t need or they can’t do them well enough to justify the costs. A cash strapped military is going to force the services to stop buying these systems and get them to wise up and start making some good decisions.

A lot of people worry too much about trying to keep our military lead on China, but the fact is that what we should really be worrying about is trying to keep our economic lead on China. One good way to start is to get rid of our national deficit.

New York state requires 90 days notice — beginning of October we SHOULD find out what is going on.

How about we make congress live the way we do? Pay into Social Security at the same rate, when you retire you live off of it (social security) like we do, pay for medical coverage while working and then higher premiums when retired or out of work. I bet we could save a GREAT deal of money that way considering all the people that are on the payroll.

The US Defense Budget is larger than the rest of the world’s defense budget combined. Think about it. This includes all the defense budgets of Europe, China, Russia and every other country you can think of. I think there has to be areas of waste in our defense budget that can be cut without lessening our defense capabilities.

Why is it that DOD budget is 50% of the sequestration cuts while all the other government entitlement programs only get a proportion of their budgets cut? Most of the other programs do not have people who are employed and paying taxes. Cutting the defense will cause over a million people in the defense industry and related industries to lose their jobs. The Government cannot afford to lose that tax based revenue at this time when Obama is expanding entitlement programs.

So I guess American is becoming a nation where people are more proud to be on government welfare programs than work

Remember before Obama and the DemocRATS took over in 2007 you had to support your family and maybe 1 or 2 more welfare families. Now under Obama and the DemocRATS you have to support your family and 4 to 5 welfare families

The problem is that it happens right AFTER the election!!!!!!

I think that the tea party wants the blame. After 24 years in the Army I know of ways to reduse the misuse of funds, but Lets not go back to the Carter Military where on field training we had to say Bang-Bang for bullets!

Our nations’ defense shouldn’t be built on jobs. It should be built on what is militarily and economically viable for our defense. The way you capitalize “RATS” lets me know you’re one of the idiots sucking on Bill O’Reilly’s nutsack over on Fox, so I know you don’t care or want to know anything but the drivel that propaganda machine spews out.

We need to raise taxes, cut spending and cut the ridiculous military projects like the LCS. With any luck you work for Austal and will get the axe too. Then you’ll be glad we have some of those social spending programs when you need them you arrogant fuck.

While I am against sequestration, I must point out that I’ve been in for 10 years, and “bang-bang”, and “budda-budda-jam” have NOT gone away!!!

I’m glad it does, that way there’s less chance of a fucking war-mongering idiot in the White house.

Not true. I know first hand that the biggest reduction and cuts came from the Clinton Administration.

Hey Dick Head, The only reason we need all those social programs is so you can be on the governments ****** you idot. This administration has done more to put people on the government dole at your and mind expense that they will half to raise taxes on EVRYONE to support the Government ****** as you would put it. Flaming liberal DemocRAT

If you want to live off the government and me go live in Cuba or someplace like that

Obama came in in 2009, after bush and the repubs buried th U S ecconomy that Obama stopped from going into a depressiuon


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