Hold lifted on Army acquisition chief’s nomination

Hold lifted on Army acquisition chief’s nomination

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, removed the last road block to the lengthy process of confirming Heidi Shyu as the Army’s top acquisition official.

Shyu has served in the role since May 31, 2011 since Malcolm O’Neill, the former Army acquisition chief, resigned and recommended his deputy, Shyu, take over. The Obama administration waited until this past February to officially nominate Shyu.

The Army has since had to work with Cornyn and Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., who each placed a hold on her nomination for separate reasons.

Coburn held up the nomination because he was upset about the sluggish pace of the Army’s Improved Carbine Competition. He released his hold in August.

That left Cornyn as the sole barrier between Shyu and the confirmation of her nomination. He released his hold Friday after the Defense Department agreed to investigate an arms dealer that supplied the U.S. Army with Mi-17 helicopters while also dealing with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Cornyn demanded the Pentagon investigate Rosoboronexport and re-open the competition for the $375 million U.S. Army contract to supply 21 Mi-17s to the Afghan National Army.

Frank Kendall, the Pentagon’s top acquisition executive, wrote to Cornyn Thursday saying “the Department condemns the actions of Rosoboronexport in supplying arms and ammunition to the regime of  Bashar al-Assad in Syria.”

He went further saying the Pentagon will open a competition to find a supplier rather than issue a sole-source contract to  Rosoboronexport for the 30 remaining Mi-17 helicopters the U.S. Army will buy for the Afghan National Security Force.

Kenall also complied with Cornyn’s request to order an audit of the sole-sourced contract awarded to Rosoboronexport for the 21 Mi-17s.

“The [Defense Contract Audit Agency] audit will examine the effect that the sole source negotiations had on the terms and conditions and price that the government obtained,” Kendall wrote in his letter to Cornyn.

He ended the letter with a disturbing admission about the acquisition of Russian built products like Mi-17 helicopters.

“The [DCAA] will make every effort to obtain the necessary pricing information, though doing so may be a challenge as a result of the inherent lack of cost and pricing data involved in acquiring military equipment from Russian entities,” Kendall wrote.

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More prof congress is the DoD biggest enemy. Face it icc IS worthless useless and soon dead competition but some dumb senator who get money from FN hold work on other projects by holding officials because it didn’t go his way. Time to fire congress.

What the hell, let’s outsource all of our weapons to Russia. What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

…and they are still going to come right back to buying these Mi’s from the Russians, and it will cost more to do it the second time around. Face it Congress. The Afghanis are not buying Blackhawk no matter how much Sikorski twists your arm.

hirirng the assistant of an incompetent sure makes a heck of a lot more sence than finding someone new who actualy may know something about combat and military gear and budgeting. They should just use an outside personnel services employment office to do the recruiting and interviewing — at least that way it just might bypass the buddy system if the final reviewers are just looking at qualifications and experience rather than a name or face.

Somehow I don’t think holding back the sell of a few Mi-17’s is going to do much of anything.

usa the best God bless America

While the Blackhawk and the Mi-17 have about the same announced service ceiling, the Mi-17 carries almost 4 times more cargo internally and 33% more cargo externally. The MI-17 will carry 36 people versus 11 for the Blackhawk. Blackhawk cost 400% more than the Mi-17. Mi-17 was designed to “be repaired by a peasant in a muddy field with a bent screwdriver. Afhani pilots “grew up” flying Mi-17s and speak Russian. Only ONE pilot has graduated from the military English class in the US. Any guesses why the Army buys, sells and trains people from the Middle East in Mi-17s????

Without a doubt, they do make the best carbine in the world, the AK family. Ever seen an AK-74 up close?

Them repubs in congress sure don’t mind holding things hostage, even our own Army. Instead of working with DoD, they(repubs in congress) threaten them until they get what they want. If there is any the FBI need to look into, it’s that.

Are we kidding ourselves? Why is the US funding helicopters for Afgans?


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