McCain promises to block WARN Act payments

McCain promises to block WARN Act payments

The Senate Armed Services Committee’s top Republican has promised to cut off any funding offered to defense companies to pay for layoff related expenses connected to sequestration.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is the latest Republican legislator to balk at President Obama’s guidance to the defense industry on whether it must issue layoff notices 60 days ahead of the Jan.2 scheduled trigger for sequestration cuts.

The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act mandates that most companies with more than 100 employees must issue layoff notices to their work force 60 days ahead of massive planned layoffs. Defense companies like Lockheed Martin said the resulting $500 billion cut to planned defense spending over the next 10 years will force them to layoff a chunk of their work force.

Defense companies anticipated the Pentagon will be forced to start modifying and canceling contracts starting on Jan. 2. The 60 day marker before that is Nov. 2, four days before the presidential election.

However, the Office of Management and Budget issued a guidance memo instructing companies that the federal government would pay for litigation and employee severance costs should the courts find companies had broken the WARN Act in connection to sequestration. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., called it bribery.

McCain says he’ll block the payments the White House has promised defense companies warning companies they have a choice whether to follow OMB’s guidance or follow the law.

“Companies have a choice whether to rely on OMB’s politically-motivated guidance or to comply with the law,” McCain said in an e-mailed statement first reported by Bloomberg’s Tony Capacio. “But I can assure them that I will do everything in my power to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not used to compensate contractors who do not comply with the law.”

Lockheed Martin announced on Sept. 29 that they would not be issued layoff notices Nov. 2 as CEO Bob Stevens had threatened.

To halt funding, McCain will have to gain the support of the Democrats as they still control the Senate pending this November’s election.

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Nice job by the Administration…way to look after the little guys, the hard working American middle class workers that they are the last defenders of. Not only are they going to take American taxpayer money and pay huge defense companies for violating federal law, if sequestration happens those workers will still more than likely be laid off.

Oh but I forgot…the election will be over by then.…

But BHO will get the predominant vote of the working call person — pretty sad to see our population so uninformed.

Yup, and as more folks are laid off there will be fewer to pay all the new taxes and fees mentioned (along with the 12 new ones hidden in the health care bill not mentioned on main stream) they will cut the military budget further to make up the difference — which will cause more layoffs, less taxes and more layoffs until hardly anyone is working anymore other than congress and thier cronnies. Anything to keep funding for obama care — congress– and social programs.….. expect to see more US companies move over seas and more millionaires to obtain new citizenship elswhere if this continues.

The defense department has billions of obligated dollars that has been placed on contracts and in accounts that were appropriated 4 years ago and over the past four years that has not been spent on contracts that these contractors have. FY13 funds cuts due to sequestratin will not impact contractors except those on O&M contracts and guess what many of the funds for FY 13 O&M pay for consultants “hot air” contracts. This debate and dialogue over WARN and McCain tells us who know how the funding system works can see how misleading the debate is among the policiticians. If we do not get a handle on wasteful defense spendinging our nation will be destroyed financially. The Sequestration cuts can be used to weed out the wasteful excess in the department.

All, some, or none of that may or may not be true. However, that’s not really the point here. The point is the Admin is giving a these companies a pass on complying with the law, and it sure look like the only reasoning behind it is because the layoff notices would go out 4 days prior to the election.

Soo thanks to McCain we will instead of lay offs in January have them at Christmas time thanks Senator for ruining families at the holidays time.

Chicago Politics at it’s best, Bribe,Mislead,what ever it takes. With Sequestration the Democratic Dream come true, now this Administration is bribing the Defense Industry before it the Industry is Forced to Slash1,000,000+ Jobs. If people working in the Industry don’t realize what is going on here they are living in a Fantasy Land.

I guess I was asleep in civics class on the day that they talked about the part of the Constitution that authorizes the executive branch to order private businesses to ignore federal law, and then use tax money to indemnify those same businesses.

I’m going to go look that up. I’m sure it’s in there someplace. BRB.

Barry and his good old Chicago politics at work again. Barry has the unions in his pocket and their leaders will tell their members (SHEEP) to vote for barry, and they will. Then they will be out of a job and barry will have four more years to ruin this Great Country. Mccain stick to your guns, and thank you. Oh I guess I am racist because I can think for myself and actually know this President has ruined this Country. NOMOBAMA!!!!

Lance, clearly you don’t understand what is going on here. McCain is not trying to force them to do the layoffs early. What he is trying to do is force the companies to follow the WARN Act and notify the employees that they are going to be laid off. Right now, the White House is telling the companies to NOT notify the employees and if the companies get penalized for not notifying the employees then the government will pay the penalties that the companies incur. That might take way the monetary problem for the companies but then the employees don’t get the proper advance warning that is required by law.

McCain is trying to do the right thing for the workers.

SWO is right, Lance. The Obama Administration isn’t trying to delay any actual layoffs. They’re only trying to delay NOTIFICATIONS to workers of layoffs.

This is what it looks like when governments try to micromanage private businesses through regulations such as the WARN Act. It ultimately erodes the entire concept of Rule of Law. The Executive Branch will selectively enforce the law through waivers and loopholes to reward and punish companies variously to encourage the outcomes that are politically favorable to the party in power.

So the lucky workers who are in businesses favored by the Obama Democrats will have plenty of notice. Those who are not won’t, and the taxpayers will get soaked to cover the legal costs associated with fighting workers’ claims. Of course, the political winds shift suddenly, so no one is ever really assured of protection. Who’d have thought six months ago that the Obama Administration would have sided with Defense companies over union workers?

Actually, now that I think about it, the Obama Administration is going to cover the union workers, too–through their pledge to indemnify Defense companies against workers claims. So it really is only the taxpayers who get soaked after all. Silly me.

McCain has always been a jerk! Not surprised, as I am a US Army vet! Just because he was a POW does not give him the right to block anything that our president will also veto!

Who’s surprised by this? Obama was required by law to itemize which programs were going to be cut/reduced by the sequester, two weeks ago, and he STILL hasn’t done it. He has neutered the existing immigration laws on the books, that he’s REQUIRED by the constitution to faithfully enforce, with his executive “Fatwas”. So why are we surprised that he’s trying to buy his way into the election by paying-off defense contractors to violate the WARN act? I think he should be IMPEACHED for blatant disregard of the constitution he’s sworn to uphold!

Hey Virginia (voters), there is a Santa Claus. It is the Prez & Congress helping LM avoid following the law, and potentially using OUR TAX DOLLARS to do it.

Sorry, Deb. You;re right, McCain’s former POW status doesn’t give him the right to block POTUS on this. It’s his vote in the US Senate that gives him this “right.”

And what right does POTUS have to burden taxpayers with legal bills from Defense companies without the authorization of Congress? Last I saw, the power of the purse is given to Congress (see Article I), not the Executive Branch.

Funny, I suspect you are not usually in favor of taxation without representation.

Barry with the Commie Mommie, is bent on destroying the Middle class in this country, because that is the way the Communists took over societies in the past . they get people on their knees begging for help! Indoctrinating the people in the schools, these progressives on both sides of the aisle have been doing this for many generations.
The power in the hands of the few, will destroy the many of us.

Funny how everyone blasts Obama and defends Lockheed on this.

in the future, before you think about commenting on anything get your facts straight.

LOL What Representation????? Congress is a bunch of cheap crooks about to SLAPPED

read the warn act and not between the lines of the warn act. you are beyond left field on the subject.

Not defending Lockheed — they need to follow the law. But the Obama administration is, in my opinion, BLATANTLY telling all defense contractors NOT to follow the law, and offering bribes (our tax dollars) to help them get away with it. THAT is what I believe is CRIMINAL, REGARDLESS of what Lockheed does or doesn’t do. BTW — if Lockheed ignores this direction and follows the WARN act anyway, and Obama IS re-elected, what do you think their prospects look like for getting Government contracts in the future? And how much of the sequester will be directed at their current contracts? (Don’t forget Obama hasn’t complied with the law and identified what will be cut, so he’s still free to do what he wants. ) Does anyone else not see the potential for an implied threat here as well?

No Mr republican. Im saying his action would make companies force layoffs much earlier. He trying to scare people to give the military a blank check again not going to happen like the President W Bush days.

“Im saying his action would make companies force layoffs much earlier.”

Well, then, what you are saying is simply and entirely incorrect.

By “his action” do you mean insisting on the enforcement of a law passed in the late 80’s?

No matter anyone’s stance on defense spending, this appears to be gross, unadulterated politics. Basically, the Administration paying off employers to not issue layoff notices until after the election.

Am I missing something?

Typical progressive comment all bluster no fact.

I’m sure the 47% want bloated defense budgets to continue so they can swing from the government teat forever. But the sooner they are sacked the better. Romney knows that getting rid of the military socialists with thier cradle to grave entitlement attitude is a necessity.

You have to laugh at claims to being a middle.class paying taxes. Take away the government money and you will see just how middle.class they really are. A net cost to the economy, no transferable skills and a massive sense of entitlement. They should take note what happened to low level placeholders in the soviet system for a view of thier future.

Sounds like the Administration wants to keep stuff hush hush so they can win the election. They are not about following the law. To heck with the defense contractors. We have to do what is best for the country and not the contractors.

Its a shame Lance that you didn’t read the article before you developed diarreha of the pen.

Give Lance a break!

If Obama loses he’s out a job writing Biden’s speeches.

If you had a third of a brain you would realize McCain is only trying to make bho be a responsible leader and obey the law he swore an oath to uphold. I guess that ok though if you are a socialist.

Russ where were you when Bush started all this mess. Running our economy into the ground. How quick you are to forget.

What is not straight? the fewer people working means less revenue for the govt while paying out more to all the newly unemployed people. Of the 15 new taxes hidden in the health care bill (not talking about the fees and penalties also included) 12 of them will impact middle class working families. The worst being the new 1% tax on all bank transactions — so not only am I going to get less of my paycheck in the future, I’m gonna get taxed 1% on what goes into the bank and then taxed every time I move it from one account to another, write a check or use my debit card or the ATM while paying for all the inflated items I’ll be purchasing. And the military is always the first place the dem govt looks for cuts and down sizing. The facts are evident.

I keep hearing dems say that but fact is the deficite the Dems inherited on 3 january 2007 when they took control of the house and sennate was the lowest in 5 yrs and the 4th straight decline in deficite spending _ Bush economic policies set a record of 52 months of straight job growth. GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%, unemployment was 4.6% and the dow closed at 12,621.77. Gee what a mess. On 3 Jan 2007 barney frank and chris dodd took over the banking and housing commitees, lied to congress about their status and 15 months from the day of their take over it collapsed. I just dont buy it’s all bush fault. If he is then Only Obama is at fault for what has occured the past 4 yrs that eclipse anything done by bush X100.

The Admin pays contractors to break the law and we foot the bill, I’m sure the attorneys will not charge as much because of the poor contractors. The Fast and furious for defense contractors. Plus I’m sure they already know the ax is coming down. More Government less money.

You guys do understand this is the result of CONGRESS not doing their jobs, right? They have refused to do their jobs since Obama took the Oath of Office, with ZERO regard to this country. So spare me your faux outrage at the President and place the real outrage where it belongs, right at CONgress’s feet.

Congress need get off their fat backsides and come up with a budgit., they have done nothing for the last four or five years.

Exnuke your a freaken retard and just more proRomney garbage from your post go to the basement you worthless reject. Im saying McCain is going to case more trouble in his quest (in his old mind) to give the DoD a blank check for all of its worthless programs. he is going to make it harder to stop sequestration. You commentators who take it out on me because you cant stand to realize the DOD is getting what it deserved for over 10 years of wasted billion on weapon not used or not needed.

Get over it people I know you love your Republicans thinking they return it to 2005 but its not happening.

Tell Prince Harry to bring up any of the Congresses passed budgets or bills that he just sits on. Can’t have Dem. Senators taking votes that might make them look bad now can we?

To all of my fellow Veterans this is what happens when some of you don’t understand how “GOD” placed that thing called “Mind” he put it together with in “Two” parts,one called “Memory” and the othe is “Imaganation. My point is Sen. McCain only operates the memory part of he dwells on the “Past” but if can used the other part of his mind the “Imagative” part he can see the need for the program,but he is “Rich” and he does not feel the needs of othersbecause hehas always had the “SILVER SPOON” in his Mouth and Family even “North Vietnamese” saw that?????

Now Adam, Obama and the democrats had COMPLETE over the congress for the 1st 2 years of this presidency and under this POTUS’ guidance accomplished nothing beyond increasing spending and raising the National debt! Additionally the Democrats have controlled congress and the budget process since 2007 and we haven’t had a federal budget during their entire tenure. Since 2010, the Republican controlled house has passed numerous pieces of legislation regarding the budget, Jobs, energy, etc. and the Democrat controlled Senate, with the full support of the POTUS has refused to act. It is the job of the POTUS to lead and create an atmosphere where congress works for the interest of the ENTIRE population and then supports the legislation that is submitted by the representatives of the American people. This POTUS made promises and has failed to keep them whenever they became inconvenient and spent the last 3 years defending his lack of leadership through blame shifting. When not blaming the past administration or congress for his sorrowful record, he has spent the time campaigning for reelection. The Sequestration process is a direct result of a compromise that he mad to “get his way” regarding raising the national debt. SO, this issue does in fact belong at the feet of this POTUS.

Sure its fine to support the defense contractors (sarcasm)!! But what about all the men and women who are veins riffed because of the sequestration, Will the government pay their mortgages, their food bills, their insurance policies. Our men and women who proudly serve their country deserve better than being a political pawn for an otherwise inept president, senators and congress men/women!!!!

The “OATH OF OFFICE AND THE CONSTITUTION” mean nothing to any of these people! They all took it; but, it MEANS NOTHING TO THEM! It’s sad to think that we are moving towards “socialism” (You know –the form of government that is destroying European countries)!

“the WARN Act, was passed in 1988 by a veto-proof Democrat Congress. It went into effect without President Reagan’s signature. It was an urgent matter for Democrats, until, apparently, they didn’t like the consequences of it.”

Blame Bush Blame Bush Blame Bush — I think your record is stuck. Are you going to blame Bush for Obama’s performance at the debate Wednesday night also. How about the Lindbergh kidnapping and black plague in Europe in the mid 1300’s

Good SEN McCain the 100,000 of soldiers that will be getting cut wont be getting any thing but a hand shake.

Hmm…four-year old talking points. Now where have we heard those before?

Lockheed is a government contractor. The Federal Government is their sole customer. Bob Stevens and company have shown pretty admirable backbone in leading the charge in the Aerospace Industries Association against sequestration. But in general, it’s not a good business stategy to beat up on your customer. Lockheed is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and I think they’ve earned their props on this one.

Funk, what planet are you living on? Your comment is incomprehensible.

If you’re referring to the 47% of Americans who pay no federal income tax, then I think we can safely rule out the idea that any of them are employees of federal contractors.

Please ellaborate.

McCain, just die and take your bitterness with you. I used to think you were a progressive legislator but big money stuck its hands into your pockets and grabbed you by the balls. Now it looks like you enjoy passing along that sensation.

So… with all the “invented” branches/protrusions of government added on since the signing of the constitution, from Dept of Education to Dept of Energy to HUD to PBS…you think that the best way to reduce government spending is to “get rid of the military”? OK.…Interesting…It’s not like the military has any real legitimate function anyway, right?
And then we get “take away their income and we’ll see how middle class they are”. How many hours have you been sitting at the computer? Sounds like somebody needs a nap to clear their head.

With the Obama Administration holding “Every Defense Contractor Hostage” by not giving the DOD & the Pentagon the Administrations Proposed Cuts for “Sequestration” which was required by Law a few weeks ago. And now bribing or should I say” Blackmailing:” them into not following a Federal Law “The Warn Act” What do you want to bet that any company that Follows the Law and sends out those notices will be “Hit Hard” by the up coming cuts. Bets ?

The debt ceiling is all about money that has ALREADY been spent. There is a false argument that raising the debt ceiling, a perfunctory action until last year, will somehow inhibit or contribute to future spending. That is what compromising on a budget is for. When there are those that will not compromise there will continue to be gridlock. The President has bent over backwards to meet the demands of the TEA party and the republican establishment. The republicans cannot even control their own internal debates much less actually work on any binding agreements. The Sequestration was agreed to by all sides with the poison pills in there to goad Congress to action.

I’m so sorry to see the comments AGAINST the enforement of the constitution! If you you give the current administration four more years; you can writeit off! we’ll be in the same boat as Greece, etc.!!!!!!!!!!

It is a way for Obama to buy votes without spending campaign funds

I’m curious as to why he hasn’t been impeached yet. Bill Clinton was impeached for cheating on his wife and lying about it and this douchebag gets a full term and probably another one thanks to welfare babies.

If you’re going to bash Romney for one of his comments, please get it right. His comment regarding the 47% were the Americans who fully support Obama and would never change their vote. “Middle class” citizens pay taxes. Welfare recipients do not pay taxes. You made defense cuts–you’re knocking people out of jobs. 90% of the people I know in the military were “pushed out” (forced to retire or not allowed to reenlist) over the last 3 years and are now scraping by because there are no jobs. You tell me how defense cuts help our economy and the welfare babies who don’t pay taxes?

Boomer: go to factorfiction. Com.

And this is different from Bush II indemnifying telecom companies for illegally wire tapping how?

On a scafe of 1–10 I have to think Lance is a dumb shit!

What did he say *specifically* that is wrong?

I hope Romney throws this shit in Barry’s face in the next debate.

That is only true of MILCON, new acqusition, and shipbuilding dollars, which is nowhere near a majority of the budget. Yes it is billions, but only a small percentage.

And if contracts on shipbuilding can’t be touched, that means the rest of budget will be impacted more to achieve the required cuts.

Learn a bit more about “the color of money” (hint: not green), and then report back.

The USA is either a country of law or it is not. It’s a binary choice. I do not want to live in a country where the law can be ignored by the executive or the legislature. The house passed a budget each year. The Senate did not. The Senate is controlled by Progressive Democrats. The house is not. The Executive is controlled by a Progressive Democrat. Of the three only the House obeys the law. The conclusion is obvious. If it isn’t obvious to you then you are either a child or mentally ill.

YOU ARE GOP LACKY , Anti Union Facist PIG !!! Name Me ONE UNION that Has Caused the Greatest Financial Meltdown Since the Great Depression„ JUST ONE ??? THIS COUNTRY WAS RUINED BY G.W. BUSH’s Wars, Tax Breaks and Policies Favoring Big Business and Very Very Wealthy. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND and begin living Reality STUPID !!!

No lance you simple person. The article clearly states the white house is merely delaying notice of layoffs until after the election. Gee I wonder why… And the white house is willing to use our tax money to pay for it, which is disgusting. Typically american voter, particularly on the left, ignore facts and make it up as you go along.

The US is far from a nation of laws. Look at how the Judicial branch legislates “by precedent” (as opposed to Obama’s legislating by president). Find that in the US Constitution. It’s not in there, but it’s a good idea, right? Well, if it is such a good idea, then it should be easy enough to put in the Constitution, shouldn’t it. After all, the founding fathers gave us a way to amend the constitution, and the courts pulling a new US Constitution out of their ass every time they meet is not and never should be part of a so-called “nation of laws”. Hell, at least the president is elected. The supreme court justices not only are not elected, it’s hell to get rid of them. NASA — not in the constitution. Dept. of Education — not in the constitution. IRS — not in the constitution. Dept of Defense — not in the constitution (it is the Department of War, if you want to change the name, there’s a process for that). The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan — never declared by Congress per the constitution. Yeah, we’re a nation of laws all right.

You are an idiot. McCain is’nt doing the lay offs. The defense contractors are. Obama is skirting the law by holding of the lay off notices until after the election. BHO is forcing these companies to break the federal Law.

We all know that the Democrats never, never had enough control of Congress to overcome the Republican’s filibusters stopping virtually every program the Democrats presented. The Republicans even voted against the personal insurance mandate in Obamacare but voted FOR it when the Clinton administration did not include it in their proposed healthcare plan. What could be more obvious to show that Republicans are about obstruction above all? They voted for it when the Democrats were against it. So when the Democrats compromised and included it in Obamacare, the Republicans voted AGAINST it. How can anyone compromise with people who only want the other side to fail.

If the main goal of half the players on a football team was to get the coach fired by playing to lose games, the whole team would suffer. That’s what the Republicans are doing to our country. They want us all to suffer so that Obama will not be re-elected. You can’t get more un-patriotic than that.

Hey Lance so you think the public should pay this bill so Obummer can get the vote then lay them off how about YOU pay what you earn the rest of your life for these votes

I wish we could sue congress for malpractice? They haven’t done their job since the President was elected and left the America people unrepresented with their own agenda.

I’m one of the Arizonans that John McCain supposedly represents. I fully agree this is a Obama election campaign ploy, but WHERE ELSE have you read this. McConnell, Graham and McCain need to retire, these senior Republicans are useless. They have done their best to quash the Tea Party or any other grass roots conservative movement , all to save their old style BIG REPUBLICAN party. They hold hearings, news confrerences,etc and nobody even reports on them

Well Obama is entitled by his position to make or break the law as he sees fit. So he’s within his own invented parameters. Next step is disbanding Congress and making the SCOTUS judges take oath of allegiance to himself.

Then we the proletariat will finally be able to experience true workers paradise without impediment from the reactionaries and class enemies who will swing by their necks from the lamp posts. FORWARD to a bright and joyful future!

Careful! You’re coming dangerously close to committing Thought-crime. If you’re lucky, you’ll only lose this month’s ration of “Victory” cigarettes, chocolate and vodka.

Just remember…no matter which side of this argument you stand on, when the hammer falls…because from all appearances it will regardless of whether these contractors follow the law or not, then there will be possibly hundreds of thousands more hard working Americans out of a job. Lay offs are just polite ways of saying “you’re fired, but don’t go anywhere because you still belong to us”. Either way..don’t hate the hard working Americans who have been the backbone of these defense contractors. Aim your anger at the responsible culprits…the upper echelon management, CEO’s and the like…as well as the politicians who are “in bed” with these companies.

The deficit is already at 16+ trillion, lets ad more to it. The government needs to stop bailing out these companies, make them follow the law. Congress makes the laws, enforce them. We bailed out AIG and millions went to execs for there bouneses. Congress needs to make sure all the details about how we loan money, needs to be spelled out in the contracts, not just leave an open loop in the contract, these are lawyers most of them, did they go to law school and did they even pass the bar!

Even the military should give personnel the same courtesy. They are alot of personnel who are good at their job but cannot get advanced due to over manned ratings. Get rid of the ones who have poor record or judicial problem even at 18 years. That will free up some ratings.

you probably never served in the nam,mccain is a great american ‚and the gooks offered to release him when they found out his father was an admiral, ofcourse,he denied there offer and was toutured! he is a great american!

McCain needs to drag his butt home and stay there,hes no gtood any more to the people of the US.

if there was ever a need for age limits mccain should be the poster boy for it. there are age limits for the military why not congress ? as for our president i think he has done as much as any one can to help this country . its hard to get results when there are so many bigoted people against you. as for the military industry they want this country in a state of war at all times see how many are backing romney .

DoD has been battening down the hatches for nearly a year now, preparing for sequestration. What this means for contractors is that incrementally funded contracts get funded in smaller and shorter increments. In some places, we are already seeing the impact. We are already in FY 2013. People are being laid off — right now !! Sure, these are small service contracts, but it all adds up. If you are working on two year money, all well and good, but you can still get terminated for convenience and the government can rebaseline your program any time it likes. Even if you think that there is 10% worth of fat left in the DoD budget after Bob Gates’s “efficiencies” — keep in mind that we’ve been reducing the baseline for 3 and half years now — sequestration is like crazy random in its effects. If it goes in, it will cause both economic and operational damage to America and its military.

Let’s do some real numbers here. Assume a 10% reduction in defense spending for FY 2013 due to sequestration. Roughly 50 billion dollars. How many jobs is that ? Using a conservative number, that it takes $150,000 to employ one person on average (this factors in indirect costs, fringe benefits, etc.) you get 333,333 jobs lost. Let’s be conservative and round down to 325,000. But that is just the number of people who need to find a job. For the time they are unemployed, what is the impact on the rest of the economy ? Using what I consider to be a conservative multiplier of 1.5, you lose another 162,500 jobs. 487,500, This time I’ll round up — make it a half million people. What is that in terms of the unemployment rate ? Well, we are sitting at 8% unemployment, and — this relationship is very strong, each percent unemployment in the US economy equals about 1.5 million people out of work. So you are talking about a third of a percent increase in unemployment due to DoD sequestration alone. Why any politician would think this is a good idea is beyond my understanding.

probably find it next to the one that let Cheney give contracts to Haliburton without bids.

what are you complaining about? the top dogs northrop grumman, lockheed martin, and boeing have been mass hiring and mass firing people for years and most of that labor force nowadays is temps.. This is nothing new, its not a barack obama is killing jobs thing. Try telling the top dogs to stop outsourcing so much for one.

You are correct: the lay-offs will still happen at the appointed time. However, the required notifications (under the WARN Act) would not happen until after the election. Do you see a political connection to not giving the law-required notifications? If not, you may be leaning too far to the left to get a good view. Stand up straight and be an UP-STANDING citizan.

They already got aprox 1500 workers in the Elmira NY , Sikorsky Aircraft Plant. As of Dec. 31st

Republicans can take credit for sequestration too. Their our way or the highway mentality isn’t very workable in today’s political atmosphere. Besides LOckheed lays off people like some people cut their lawns. Lockheed in Orlando went from 14K down to 4K people, and I never heard anybody beef about that. We need to stop just handing out tax payer money on non-essential programs. We need a smart military not these Napoleonic type of armies anymore.

Black Plague!! Oh No thats definitely Cheney’s fault

Bush is not completely to blame for the mess, the Republican congress that bullied their policies thru legislation from 2001–2006. Don’t forget two wars that were totally unfunded. Remember Bush kept the costs of those two wars out of his budget proposal because people would’ve had a sh*t-fit. Plus the wonderful Medicare Part D fiasco, another totally unfunded give away to the Pharma industry. Can’t blame Obama for everything guys. Ask yourselves what have you done to help this guy help this country.…keep thinking because it ain’t much.

OD you need to go lick yourself. You might make sense. Yoy stupid ass conservatives want to shove your pseudo-religious beliefs down everybody’s throat. Damn fifth columnist republicans want to turn America into some kind of Euro-Overlord type of society where all our rights and properties belong to the elites and the rest of us should be content with whatever falls off their tables. Lockheed takes care of itself, and McCain is just a grumpy old f**k that is still mad that he g & Sarah got their ass handed to them in ’08 by the people.

Its the Senate problem and Harry Ried. He is the person who stands in the way of passing a balanced budget. Remember its been three years since the Senate passed a budget

The obama administration is violating its constitutional duty by not upholding the law. He has not enforced immigration laws. He allows companies not to post layoff notices. He covers up security problems and he will not investigate the fast and furious debacle and bring the Fort Hood terrorist to trial

I don’t know why my comment was deleted.….….…..would like to know what the administrator saw or read that was objectionable?

Wow…what a bummer. Im a former Republican disgusted by the way the “new” Repubs have focused their efforts against women and their rights.…I know.…most of you will say “I dont see that”…well of course you dont…especially if you are a white male and/or an Akin and company supporter…well many of my female (also former Republican) friends definitely do see it and are experiencing it. Now after reading this crap the current Administration is trying to shovel down our throats…I am loathe to vote for anyone. Maybe Ill write in Ronald Reagan.…God knows we need him back. What is our country coming to when these are our choices?

Get rid of congress,house of reps and all the damn senators Pay and allowances ‚give them $1.00 a month since thats about all that they are worth or for that matter even do there jobs,then make it a 4 year term then you are out totally,no benny’s for them or there spouses,that takes care of half the deffisit…

Lance, please stop, you don’t understand and sound foolish.

Thank you Adam…the only sensible comment on the page. The DO-NOTHING Congress continues to do nothing and blames the POTUS for everything. You know the POTUS is doing something good whenever the Repugnants squeal.

As a parent I would rather know ASAP if I were to lose my job. With the aging military equipment, this seems stupid to me anyway. Our military is using helos that were used in Nam! Maybe the commander in chief should have been driving around in Johnson’s limo.

so glad to see you are in favor of using taxpayer money to help fund the obama re-election. obama signed the sequestration bill, now he wants to avoid the political consequences. and if enough voters (like you) buy into this crap, we get Another 4 years of corruption and incompetence. ain’t Democracy Great!

sure, brainchild, it’s all about the money. what about MY money being corruptly used by obama to bribe businesses to break the Law? why are you for THAT? apparently your Minnieballs are no match for mccain’s cajones, mr obamabot

your post is a cowardly insult to a decent, heroic American. hope you’re proud of yourself, jerk

I hope McCain remembers this.. He has flipped on other issues concerning our pay and benefit to the “Super Committee”.

Lance — you are an idiot. Read the facts! These workers, most likely hourly employees like me, are going to go into work and be locked out without any warning that their jobs are being eliminated. The layoffs are coming because Obama and the Democratic controlled Senate have failed to pass a budget in over 4 years!

Federal law, The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act mandates that most companies with more than 100 employees must issue layoff notices to their work force 60 days ahead of massive planned layoffs. Your Democrat Party administration has used Chicago stile strong-arm politics to deny these workers the ability to search for other employment and to plan for the loss of jobs and income as mandated by federal law. When you entice someone to break the law, you are committing a crime.

I cant believe that mccain was ever a veteran.…..he sure doesnt help any of us very much.…… bad bad bad

Do any of you president haters (most of you are racist — but won’t admit it) know what those contracts are and how they may be responsible for supporting front line troop activities and/or families? No you have no clue. Laying off 10s, maybe hundreds of thousands of workers is not good for anyones economy, to include your own. Maybe becuase of the sequestration, the dominos will fall your way and you will be unemployed. The President is trying to preserve jobs and keep the economy going despite the racist republican party. I for one hope he relected and succeeds. You racists cannot hide in plain site!

“In today’s political atmosphere” .… Steven ‚would you please enlighten those of us who are less informed on the subject than you are ?

You repeated the term “racist” THREE times in your post.… I think that is your main reason for your posting. as your rationale about the contracts doesn’t fly !

nope . you were not. Were not we just never had a rotten Socialist pig in the white house before. Why is the Service vote way down this year. I suppect they are with holding the ballots.

God Bless You
A Republican who honors your service.


I agree


Wrong Congress sends bills to the Senate Harry Reid King Democrat will not allow the bills to hit the floor. The House in 1/3 they have the Senate and the President 2/3 We would not have ur Second Amendment rights if it were not for the Surpreme Court. When the bills are stopped at the Senate it looks like the house is not doing their job and that’s not true. The President goes around the house and issue orders. The house summitted 2 or 3 budgets and the senate refused to take it up. This is the frist time in history that the President wants to give the United Nations our Countries solvency to the UN. The house and Senate wrote the President and told him the would ratifly a treaty giving any of our rights to the UN. The Socialist pig in the white house wants a one world government. You need to do research on Obama before you defend him. I reccommand you see the movie 2016 and read the book the Amateur. Don’t waste your vote . Do some research.

The house send three or four budgets to the Senate. Harry Reid refused to allow it to come to the floor. Whe Obama took office he had the house and the senate and nebver passed a budget. the senate will never pass one till it is Republican because Democrats tax and spend don’t need a budget for that. The house can’t pass a buget without senate approval. Your disagreement is with Harry Reid. he controls what comes to the floor and what doesn’t.


thats not what he said moron„, read the article

I work for a major defens e contractor and got no notice of a layoff, I guess I now need an attorney, oh wait I can’t afford one now, so much for ethics and having the courtesy of at least some warning so other arrangements can be made, I am sue all of the big salary people are at work today earning 6 figures a year without a carein the world for the little guys who actually do all of the work and make the company money. WHAT A JOKE…

It’s right next to the “law” that let Obama issue an “executive order” to Customs and Immigrations to NOT ENFORCE the lawfully written statutes on undocumented immigrants when he wants to get their votes in an election year

Wrong those layoffs would happen anyway. Now they just don’t get the 60 day warning under BMOs tricky acts like the law requires.

i have been saying that for years , thank you

You really don’t get that it just takes the 60 day notice away from the worker. it also pays the bill for the over paid defense contractors for not giving them the notice as required by Law , Both sides need to get their act together and do whats right for this country. We need a none of the above spot to mark at this election and kick all of them out and start over with none of the silver spoon benifits. Both parties have let this country down by not doing their job. Pointing finger time is over we are a nation on the road to self distruction. It has always been said that America would be beaten from within. Pres. Obama, both houses , and the judicial system legislating from the bench are whats doing the most damage. Then add greedy people to the list with corperate America.

We need a none of the above spot on the ballet so we can send them all packing.

sounds like your the one thats got issues calling everyone in the Republican party racist. Sad that when logic wins name calling starts. I hate when people play the race card when they try to hide the facts. You also dont’t have a clue about whats being done. the jobs will be gone. Obama is just not leting the employer tell them 60days out like the Law requires. then hes going to have the tax payer pay for them not following the Law. which means the defense contractor puts more of our money in his pocket


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