Romney plans Navy buildup

Romney plans Navy buildup

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wants to buy three more submarines over the next three years as part of his plan to boost shipbuilding to 15 ships per year, he said Monday in a speech at the Virginia Military Institute.

Romney also plans to add an 11th aircraft carrier wing, build more Marine Corps amphibious ships, F/A-18 Super Hornets, a missile defense ship and a frigate.

The Republican spoke in detail about his plans to grow the Navy while adding few details about the other services in his speech to VMI Keydets billed as a national security address. Chris Cavas, Defense News’ naval ace, broke the story of Romney’s naval plans following an interview with John Lehman, a top Romney national security adviser and former Navy secretary.

On the campaign trail, Romney has promised to build up the Navy fleet to 350 ships by increasing annual shipbuilding from nine to 15 vessels. Until Monday, he had not provided details to what he wanted to build.

The Pentagon is preparing for a potential $500 billion cut to planned defense spending over the next decade should Congress not reach a compromise by Jan. 2 to avoid sequestration. Romney has placed blame on Obama for not showing more leadership toward ending the cuts.

Romney explained how he’d more actively use the American military to influence events in the Middle East during his speech Monday. He said increasing the Pentagon’s budget is part of that as a strong military prevents war.

Romney criticized Obama for his handling of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya. He said it was wrong for the president to blame the attack at first on an anti-Islamic You tube video that unleashed large scale protests across the Middle East.

“This latest assault cannot be blamed on a reprehensible video insulting Islam, despite the administration’s attempts to convince us of that for so long,” Romney said.

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More F/A-18E/F Super Hornets is a good thing for the Navy. We should cancel the F-35C and F-35B to cut costs down and simplify the design requirements. That way the Air Force can fully develop the F-35A and we can at least get something from that program that we can sell to our international allies.

The budget for defense next year means the military might be getting a lot of cheap things to satisfy its needs (plastic silverware, oats and cookies, ramen noodles, Super Hornets, etc…) I’m interested to see how next year will turn out.

Why only F/A-18 Super Hornet not F-35?

Because of this: http://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​8​k​s​s​Z​u​a​8​M​V​c​&​a​m​p​;li

And this: http://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​9​J​9​V​z​h​i​Q​5​P​o​&​a​m​p​;li

If he wants to save money the first step is cancelling the LCS program. Romney needs to build the navy’s carrierforce backup to 15. And we most certainly do need the F-35. our most probable enemies in the next big war are both going to field fifth gen stealth fighters/strike aircraft and we need to lead the way so we have a technical edge.

Build up 20 carriers if you can. But who is going to pay for it? There is a serious lack of money.

We are running of deficit of $1T+ a year. Romney wants to cut taxes and make other tax cuts permanent. And he wants to increase military spending? My math ain’t working right.

I have an idea. Why don’t we go back to having the Navy design their own ships instead of these blood sucking defense contractors? You know, like we did back when we spent less to have a 600 ship naval force instead of like now when we pay more for an LCS than we did for an Iowa class battleship. The Mighty Mo’ cost $1.3 billion in today’s dollars. LCS cost $1.8 billion and further cost $3.8 billion to design. That’s f’ing insane!

One should read Lorne Thompson’s article on the Lexington Institute site regarding this topic. Romney’s plan, party defined by former Sec Nav Lehman, is unlikely to get anywhere as it is today simply unrealistic.

Japan AND Germany had a technical edge in WWII, and we still whooped their behinds because technical edges mean more equipment failures. The LCS program is a good program. LCS-1 and 2 are some of the most advanced ships with simplistic designs. Their equipment is unmatched by any other US surface vessel currently in use, and their combat effectiveness is amazing. They’re fast, maneuverable and vicious attack ships. If anything, we need to find a different missile system than the AEGIS system, since it can be defeated by the Russian and North Korean missile systems (both are likely to be our enemy in the next big war you speak of).

Remember, Germany and Japan were both using airplanes in WWII that had jet engines. We were using standard prop planes and still destroyed them. Technological advancement does not mean mission effectiveness. Creating fifth-gen aircraft means having to re-train EVERYBODY in the armed forces to fly and maintain such aircraft. This would cause our budget to be overspent and trust me, training personnel is not easy. When I was in A-school last year, Only about 7 out of 10 Gunner’s Mates made it out of A-school with a rating. It doesn’t seem like much, but with fleet-building, that means 700 out of 1000 GM’s made it out of school. And it’s worse in other ratings. New aircraft should NOT be a part of our budget right now.

Exactly. It’s pandering. There is no credible way that when starting with a massive debt, you can cut taxes and increase spending. It’s impossible.

Entitlements and Defense account for almost all the budget (something like 90% of the federal income from wikipedia), without cuts you cannot balance the budget. If you then want tax cuts, you’re in fantasy land. There is no way the math can work.

B/c the Navy can no longer design it’s own ships. It does not have the engineering staff to do it.

Did you know that most online shopping goes Untaxed? People wonder why there’s a budget deficit, but it’s obvious to me. When I shop online, I’ve paid taxes maybe once out of ten times on my purchases. It’s actually a law that you don’t have to pay sales tax on things you purchase, unless you live in the same state as the company (that’s probably not what it really says, but it’s something like that). In an age when 75% of shopping is done online instead of in a store, I feel that the government NEEDS to enforce sales taxes for online shopping. If $1,000,000 is spent online within the US, the government would make $60k on 6% tax. I like those numbers. That means a new circuit card for my 5″ gun mount or about 300 new .50-cal. M2HB machine guns. More money to keep our ship safe, to keep our nation safe.

i agree with Dfens. i’m an electrician in the military, and when i deployed i had the opportunity to do all sorts of electrical work but couldn’t because civilian contractors were only allowed to. So they pay some jo shmo 100K a year to come out and improperly wire the building. Back in Iraq the 3rd leading cause of death for military was by electrical shock caused by a contracted business who did a terrible job wiring and grounding simple structures.

The LCS has to go. We can’t afford more than 10 carriers. We need to cancel the F-35C. We could afford more subs with some of them build as hybrid missile/attack subs to have a strategic force multiplier. Buy fully armed frigates from Europe and we would have a more powerful USN on a budget

Airforce ‚wasteful spenders? pft.. ok.. and you would know this how? since when do you hear of F18’s keeping the skies over us, friendly. do you honestly think we dont get hard with the budget too?.. but your navy, thats right.. seriously the pity parties need to stop.. one team one fight.. stop crying and put your man pants on …

His plan still contain f-35. It seems that his goal is to keep both flying and dose quantities in regards to capabilities, for the little I have understood.

There were also a documentary on cbc (the fifth estate) about the f-35. Most relevant part are at ~7:00–11:00 and ~20:00–22:00.–2013/2012/09/runaway

You can do that seems like everyone is forgetting that if we put back to work the 15 to 20 million people that are not working then the Federak Income Tax, Social Security and Medicare tax base will grow.

The DemocRATS do not understand that the larger the number of people working, the larger the tax base, the more peole paying IN,that taking OUT, will help to reduce the deficit. Also if they stopped the EITC we could save Hundered of Billions of Dollars as those who get this EITC pay NO or very little Income Taxes, but get Hugh tax refunds. Example the government kept about almost $8,000 of the taxes I paid in which would only pay for 2 to 3 people who get the EITC, we already had Redistribution with the EITC, Maybe when the government is in dire need of money hey can suspend the EITC until unemployment is better

But can the Navy go without a ship named “Enterprise”?

All that I hope is that building more LCS is part of the campaign BS and its production will be stopped prematurely like the f-22. At some point, building more of everything might yield to bankruptcy instead of prosperity.

Still a lot of thing that make sense in his speech, the question is what will really survive the campaign?

You make an interesting point that a lot of people don’t seem to understand: While it is important to have a defense second to none, the vast majority of the power of the United States comes from our ECONOMIC power — not its military.

I am sure the new high tech equipment would be great. Let’s keep things in prospective, Our Gop Congress will not work with the President for the common good of our country. Mr Romney how ever will say anything and change his mind for a vote.

Wait a minute, it is the DemocRATS in the Senate that is blocking almost all the spending and cuts needed to get the economy going.

When the GOP tries and make a deal with Obamab, Obama comes back and tries to up the stakes when he does that the GOP states a stand and the first words you will hear out of Obmama mouth is they will not cooperate with me

Retire all aircraft carriers and build intercontinental drones, submarines and cruise and ballistic missiles.

I think to bring back the fleet to normal standards is to cancel the LCS and buy a frigate design with littoral capability from Europe.

“The LCS program is a good program. LCS-1 and 2 are some of the most advanced ships with simplistic designs. Their equipment is unmatched by any other US surface vessel currently in use, and their combat effectiveness is amazing. They’re fast, maneuverable and vicious attack ships.”

Are you serious Gunner, if so can I have some of the good stuff you’ve been smoking?

well, all we have to stop is stop the partying at the GAO, then we’ll have plenty of money ;-P

Gunner, it’s not a tax problem-its a SPENDING problem!!! If we raise taxes (by any means) they’ll simply spend it.

Get rid of Obamacare, bailouts, things like Cash for Clunkers, stop flinging billions at failed “green” technologies, etc.

We need to drastically cut entitlements. You know how many carriers you could buy for the price of Obamacare? About 200. Get some perspective.


Going to be a bit of a leap from these aircraft.

Ok I am not a good strategist but due to the tons of documentary about WWII there are many way to interpret them.

Not all innovation pound the same. Measurable or not, they all got their incidence but it’s not the point. The Geman 88mm canon was a terrific and efficient piece of machinery. Against the technologically advanced M4 sherman with its armor plasma welded, litterally acting as a single piece without rivets. It failed against the 88mm. Thing like superior strategy, gyroscopic stabilisation, and the “number game” (i.e. simplicity, mass production) got the job done. No straight line be done between past and present here.

That is, how LCS’s technological advantage make it a terrific weapon? Its construction is aluminium-based, it doesn’t have the same structural resistance as steel; its melting point is lower, wich mean when it will receive a hit more aluminium will fuse and react with water, liberating hydrogen thus complementing the payload and increasing damage. Aluminium is also more complex to repair, and apparently the LCS have reduced maintenance capability. Once again since it made from aluminium, can the structure resist to a single torpedo hit on one of the the side hull? I am not a great sailor but I know very well a double or triple hull boat is more stable, but should it flip end-over-end then the ship have been annihilated. Or is the LCS build like the USS enterprise in Star Trek II and have the capability to split upon a big and serious treat?

In short, the LCS is light, slightly faster, lightly manned, lightly ranged and potentially lightly resistant against enemy attack, let alone the weather. The only thing not light with the LCS is the acquisition cost.

Just like the f-35, there are no reason to not implement innovation into other vessels. Is America lost the control of its weapon to the hand of private corporation? That’s a commercial advantage, not a strategic one.

> Their equipment is unmatched by any other US surface vessel currently in use

Too many Super Hornets they need to bring back F-14s or build a new navy Air Superiority fighter. Fleet defense by fighter in capabilities is at a ll time low now with all planes being Multirole bombers basically. I think the F-35B is a waste and can go but the A and C have a purposes as a light attack plane to replace the F-16 and F-18. Time to dump the B and maybe cut cost completely on it gone too far.

Politics why the F-14 was retied McDonald Douglas and now Boeing have friends in the republican party and its going too far.

Few BIG things Obama is recovering from his debate slump last week and he may even maybe will win the election. Romney is cutting all medicare and Social Security to fill the military (in many cases dumb and unneeded) pet projects not going to do well with the American people or the Democratic Senate.
While I can agree the navy and USAF need all R&D and procurement funds they needed it. The Army and USMC is wasting billions in unneeded project ICC GCV and Marine amphibious vehicle and so all services will spend years arguing over funds for there projects delay many needed Navy projects, over army project which may and hopefully never waste billions on.

Third his foreign policy will have us in another quagmire in Syria, and Iraq again. No asian protection to US allies against China all to support Muslims who hate us anyway. so in many ways Romney is good good for the military either.

No all this problem goes to Rep Mckenon his unwillingness to make a deal that ends a few pet projects mad alot of this problem to begin with.

They could do what the contractors do and hire engineers. Hell, they could hire engineers who actually know what the hell they’re doing to design new ships, and even promote those who do a good job over those who continually f up and cause the design to drag out for years. After all, the Navy doesn’t make a profit off of overrunning like contractors do. What a concept, right?

The great thing about those aircraft was the fact that they worked, unlike the X-32B Boeing designed. They said it would go vertical, but in the end it wouldn’t. They got paid just like they would have if it had worked, though. In fact, I’m surprised they didn’t get paid more to make it work. That’s they usual way it is with defense contractors. http://​en​.wikipedia​.org/​w​i​k​i​/​B​o​e​i​n​g​_​X​-32

Hey, don’t threaten those contractor jobs. After all, if you build or wire something, no rich dude gets to siphon his cut off the top of those government funds. If no rich dude gets to siphon some of that money off the top then that means there’s a general somewhere who isn’t getting his fair share of kick-backs. You don’t want to have all of that on your conscience now, do you?

The best coverage of any of these issues, including the F-35, is http://​www​.aviationintel​.com

News sites are greet but this guy really makes you understand these issues!!!

Heck, why not just outsource all our weapons? I’m sure we’d get more “cost effective” weapons that way. What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

The Super Hornet with the international road map upgrades is nearly just as good as the F-35C and will cost only a fraction of the price. The Super Hornet will be able to satisfy the fleet air defense need better than the F-14 once it gets the AIM-120D, which is better than the Phoenix missile. The F-35C is the biggest waste and the easiest to kill since none of our international customers are aiming to buy it. Only the F-35A and F-35B have our international partners seeking to buy it. I think if any one model should be dropped it should be the C-model.

Someone ain’t got it correct. The Sequester was passed in a bi-partisan fashion and defense cuts were agreed by the Congress. Why the whining now?

“Politics why the F-14 was retied”

The Tomcat was retired because rapidly shrinking post-Cold War drawdown budgets made it necessary to get rid of fragile, expensive maintenance queens like the Tomcat.

The Hornet is not nearly as capable a fighter as the Tomcat, and it never will be. Nor does it have comparable range.

But the Hornet’s cost per flight hour is enormously better than that of the Tomcat. The Hornet’s ratio of hours spent in maintenance to hours spent in flight is similarly much better than that of the Tomcat.

There were giant savings in logistics and training from reducing the number of airframe types in the embarked air wing.

The capacity to carry the Phoenix missile went away with the Tomcat, but it had become clear by then that the aging Phoenix technology wasn’t reliable enough to rely upon in combat. The last couple of shots taken by Tomcats using Phoenix all missed the target.

And, the Hornet is statistically a safer plane to fly than the Tomcat was. Not just safer to fly but safer to land, especially at the ship. It has fewer boarding accidents per flight hour.

So, no, the decision wasn’t just “politics”.

It wasn’t an optimal decision, but in dot-mil procurement, opportunities for optimal decisions only rarely appear.

Your wrong the Hornet is flop of a fleet defender. It can only engage two bandits at a a time F-14 can engage 6 AT a time. No Aim-54 missiles far less time to clime and far shorter range. the AMRAAM is not the super missile the phoenix was far less range slower and cannot engage missile like the AIM-54 could. All of this from Janes Defense I trust than a Hornet junky like you are.

The JSF B is a waste too heavy to operate from current Tarawa class ships. Harrier can do all the same missions and is safer to fly than the malfunctioning B. The USMC is flying Harriers till the 2030s so no real need for one this decade. Do the money math my friend.

Too bad that there are no more F-14s. They aren’t even at D-M, they were cut up for scrap.
Building new F-14s is not possible

Sounds good except that sales taxes are state taxes, there is not a federal sales tax on goods in stores or over the net. This has nothing to do with the FEDERAL BUDGET DEFICIT which is the one that the candidates and news outlets keep talking about

Way to reverse the positions dude. Romney is not for CUTTING Medicare, he is trying to put back the 700 BILLION that Obama took out to fund Obamacare. Obama is trying to get us into Syria just like he got us into Libya. Yeah, we didn’t send troops, just hundreds of Millions of dollars worth of missiles and bombs expended there. He continues to send Billions of Dollars to Egypt and Pakistan who are both big fans of the US, thats why they’v ebeen having parades to our embassys to “celebrate” how much the “love” the Obama’s US.

the F35 is a waste the F-22 is a far superior plane and the chinese and russians have their own version costing half and 1/3 as much to build. The F-35 is a british composite and a piece of shit. The Tomcats ans Hornets are old planes that cant match the F-22.

you’re crazy if you think the LCS is a bad program. Have you read about them? THey’re one bad-ass ship. There’s not much they can’t do. We’re in an age where we need more bang for our buck and these babies fit the bill. We’re getting multiple kinds of ships for the price of 1 1/2 ships.

A good defense is a good offense . We need a strong armed force to protect this Nation. As Teddy Roosevelt said back in 03, “Speak soflty but carry a big stick.” Obama would weaken us to the point that we could not defend ourselves. He still apologies to our enemies and bows to Arab Emirs and believes that we should be a socialist country and is trying in every way to make that a fact. Think, how did we become that strongest Nation in the world while all of the socialist countries are and have been weak and unproductive?

Another Republican myth

Exactly — so all that talk about “no new taxes” and the chants of “reduce Federal Debt” can be tossed into the toilet with these types of military budget increases. Look at the types of wars we are fighting, and have been fighting the past 10 years, these wars do not require large units, these are all terrorism oriented wars !

Obama did NOT take 700 billion out of medicare, jeeze buddy, STOP listening to fox! Those idiots are pure misinformation and lies.

Ryans budget WILL take the money out and redistribute it to the wealthy through massive tax breaks for them.

Obama has done more for the military AND vetrans than Bush and certainly more than what the tax and draft dodging liar, Romney will do.

What, you want another “mission accomplished” president or one that doesn’t just talk about doing this but who actually goes out and does it? Turn off fox entertainment and pay attention instead of simply being aother dittohead lemming.

Doittohead moron.

Great, a Presidential hopefull that gets it!!!!!!! Not a fake CIC who bows to everyone, despicable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s what we need. A President that dodged the draft, had 4 deferments, be Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces. I was a Navy man for 6 years. Romney is a Coward. He declined to serve his Country. Facts are fact. Now he wants to build ships. How is he going to pay for all of the things he comes up with? I have a better idea. Why not keel hawl Romney.

Heck we even can use the US Coast Guard’s National Security Cutter design and upgrade the design to Naval frigate standards. It’s still in production and we can take the NSC design and upgrade it to Frigate standards put standard Frigate weapons and systems.

Nonsense. obama didn’t apologize to any of our enemies. Instead of talking big, Obama actually goes after them and kills them. How ‘bout that “mission accomplished” president who talked big, sent our sons and daughters off to war and then said Bin Laden wasn’t important.

Listen, when all you hear is fox lies and misinformation, it can be understood why you’d feel this way. Thing of it is, stop being lazy and go to the source. Pay attention. Obama has done more for the military AND veterans that Bush did and certaily more than the tax and draft dodging liar, Romney will eve do.

Ever asked, since Romney is so gung ho on war, why HIS son’s aren’t in the military?

Must only have one pair of magic underwear in that family.

Willard Romney has no conception of foreign policy or defense and you could take all his knowledge about running a federal government and shove it up a fleas butt and still have loads of room to spare. He won’t be elected. It’s too bad there are no real candidates out there and this country and the world is in such a
horrible state. Heaven help us all.

I guess Bin Laden would take issue with that.….

Dittohead moron.

Lets this independent do the math: If all those jobs were as good as yours, putting 20 million people to work would generate somewhere in the neighborhood of 160 Billion in Federal Taxes. If we don’t, how much of the 1 Trillion we are currently overspending will the 160B take care of? How much are we wanting to increase military spending?

Killing the EITC wouldn’t generate enough either. Sorry, I hear your argument but the math doesn’t work.

Or we could just throw up our hands and have all our weapons built overseas. Realling f’ing great idea. Does that come with fries?

We have a strong defense, the best and strongest in the world by a long stretch. I have often used that Roosevelt quote but you misunderstand the meaning based on what you say. While i supported G W Bush he made the horrible mistake of doing just the opposite. Talking tough and weakening our economy has sadly been the history of the GOP in recent years. Romney is playing that game. Every country knows that we are strong and those that should fear us do fear us. The attack on the Libyan Embassy was not by Libyans but by Al Qaeda in response to the administrations relentless attacks on them and the killing of their leaders. If you think Obama is a socialist you have not listened to him, read his positions and have only listened to those who love to throw that word at anyone who disagrees with their ideology.

Just when may I ask are you going to condemn oblowhole for his blatant lies, and attacks on the military, etc. The D.H.S. has called us Veterans “Domestic Terrorists,” great way to treat the American War Fighting Veteran!!
Remember lie number one, “I will have the most transparent administration ever!” What a doozie that was, want more?.
Remember when there was no budget passed and he declared that the “Military may not get paid?” Did you ever hear him say that he would forgoe his salary to help pay the military? A RESOUNDING NO!! And not one democrat did either, until Michele Bachman said she would give her salary to the Armed forces of America to keep them paid. A republican, imagine that fool!!
Get real before you post half cocked, I’m locked and loaded!!!

HELLLLL! The American people are going to pay for it.

This is Romney trying to look strong. Sadly it is not well though out. It follows the old saying, “Speak loudly and carry a limp stick”

Glad you wrote it. I was just about to go on a tirade to this fool!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

So just how is he funding obamacare? Oh yeah, did you also forget that 70% of it falls on the backs of the middle class? Read up on the truth, and spare yourself from looking like a total idiot, please!!!!!

Deficit spending. We’ve had an annual budget in the black only a couple times in the last 60 years.

Native son, Just how are you a “Native Son.? Curious as I have American Indian Blood in me, Penobscot from Maihjne. I don’t pretend, spent 13.5 yrs. in the Navspecwarcom! Don’t try to debate me fool. You are unarmed already!!
Go troll on a civilian site, get off the true Americans site!!!

Where have you been? The Super Hornet with the new AESA radar can track and attack over 8 targets simultaneously. The new AIM-120D will have a roung around 120 miles, which is 20 miles longer than the Phoenix. How old was the Janes Defense source you were reading?

we are broke. You and me each owe 100000.- in federal debt dollars. When are you planning to pay it back?

You may not have to pay sales tax if the seller is not required to register and collect sales taxes in your jurisdiction, but you owe the corresponding USE tax (usually at the same rate) on your consumption of tangible personal property sold at retail you bring in to the state.

Don’t believe everything he says, his always changes his mind on everything. A man to be trusted as commander and chief this is not the one. We need more Landing Ship Docks(lsd’S) how else if needed to send troops, be able to land any of our Miliary on beaches or that crafts.
Munoz, Disabled Vet.

You must be a Hornet pilot because no Hornets do not have AESA radars YET AND THERE STILL CAN ONLY ATTACK 2 PLANES at a time. AIM-120D is only 50 miles NOT 120 miles. Your information is bogas your bias for the crappy Hornet knows no bounds Navy boy. My info was current.

At least he HAS a country that can be documented.

I hope and pray that Mr. Romney becomes the next CinC. With his business acumen, I believe he will be able to redefine the Military procurement process in order to get the most for the least. To those who are ready to stand by the status quo with President Obama, what are you going to say when we are defenseless against advanced technology given over to those who want to destroy us? I believe we are still free because of all the heroes that went before us with the best logistics available at the time. We cannot fight to defend ourselves with outdated ships, planes, and technology and expect to be victorious. Reagan knew that the way to peace was through strength and he saw to it that the Russians got the message. Mr. Romney is our best hope for a CinC that believes in our military not just someone who tolerates our military.

The Obama Libatards have Invades DOD with their dribble

Oh, so I guess that means you’re voting for Obama, huh? HE didn’t serve either. Neither did Clinton. I am sorry to say, but the days of Presidents being ex-military men are coming to an end. Personally, as a Veteran myself, I think that military service should be a PRE-REQUISITE for wanting to be president. Having said all of this though, I am voting for Romney. At least he won’t go around the world apologizing to all of our enemies!

Why buy more F-18 when there’s F-35 in development. I didn’t know too many flaky people (anti-wars, anti-capitalists, anti-America’s, pro-0bama socialists-marxists-jihadists-islamists-etc) here who wanna trade former McDonnel Douglas’ Hornet introduced by in 1983 versus Stealth multi-role fighter. Oh some wanna incarnate Tomcat, yikes! I’d seen the F-35B landed at USS Wasp more impressing to see than AV-8B landing at LHD’s! If concern about the cost, the Osprey maybe more expensive to develop and maintain than F-35 or F-22. F-15SE was introduced by Boeing but even Korea are doubtful if it. :-)

This reminds me of talk of the 600 ship Navy that occurred during the run up to the Reagan administration. Once the election occurred, the 600 ship Navy and those sailors that were going to staff the ships were memories…I know, I was one of them!

War monger Romney wants to kill your son’s in his war with the middle east (Iran).

This man wants to cut taxes for the rich, cut benefits for the people that need it, and increase military spending even more to fight basically civilians with guns that love to blow themselves up for us, all while America is 16 trillion in debt and counting. Even if we needed a bigger navy, for a future conflict with a nation like China or Russia, (which our current fleet can handle) There wouldn’t be much left of America to defend with that military if we continue to ignore our debt.

Romney is making a lot of people consider a 2nd term for Obama, something I once thought was impossible.

Like the Arab Emir that Bush held hands with and kissed.….

…and the Zumwalt ships…

in a way, the B makes the most sense to continue since the overall f-35 design has been compromised so much to tailor for the requirements of this model. perhaps cancel A and C, start new design processes for AF/CV. also, i don’t trust romney as far as i could throw him. the guy says a different thing to please whatever audience he is speaking to.

Why in the heck would we want to buy war materials from Europe? Build our subs, build our carriers, keep the F-35 but build more super hornets also. Pay for lots of this by stopping foreign aid to many of these muslim brotherhood countries. Get rid of nobama, get rid of illegal aliens, get rid of liberals that just keep taxing me to give my money to others, become America, the Great like we used to be when I was a kid.

Ryan’s budget takes it out because it HAS to take it out…Obamacare MANDATES the removal of $700B in benefits to current beneficiaries. Therefore Ryan’s plan simply complies with Federal law. The difference is that Obama wants to divert that $700B to Obamacare, and Ryan, legally unable to simply reapply it to the current beneficiaries, instead sets it aside for future Medicare beneficiaries, extending the solvency of the program somewhat. Not ideal, but within the paramaters of Federal law, a damn sight better (IMHO) than funding a law that 2/3rds of the nation doesn’t want.

He’s proposing more Super Hornets, not legacy Hornets. E’s, F’s, and presumably G’s. Not A’s — D’s.

Teddy Roosevelt was alive in 2003????


He was hot. Don’t deny it. All swarthy and rich.

…blow themselves up for US??? Really?

Oh, great! We spend more that the next 20 countries in the world combined and we need to ramp up our shipbuilding program? And this investment helps us defend ourselves against terrorists? Romney is a whore, pandering for votes everywhere he goes. Strange how the Romney of the first debate differs so greatly from the “severe conservative” who campaigned for the last couple of years for the Republican nomination. And, of course, we don’t need to increase taxes to pay for this — especially not the taxes of the wealthiest 1%.

Same cuts advocated by Ryan. They are not cuts to benefits for our citizens; they are reductions in payouts to providers for procedures that show no medical benefit. We need to reduce the rapid increase in medical costs. We already pay far more than any other developed nation, and our medical results are no where near the top. As a compromise, Obama gave up the public option, which is far and away the best way to reduce our medical costs.

Many of you bash our current POTUS, but the alternative selection isn’t any better. Our current military leaders haven’t asked for an increase in budget, but Romney wants it. It’s time we stopped protecting the world, and started protecting our own people. We have homeless vets, homeless children and elderly who have to chose between food and meds. Believe me, being on disability is no picnic! We still have bills to pay, meds we can’t afford, property taxes to pay and Romney says 47% of the people in poverty need to “get over it and start working.” I wish the hell I could but disability isn’t set up help us. The sooner we start helping our OWN PEOPLE instead of the world, the better off we will be. Thomas Marsh, YN1(SW/AW), USN.

Ever heard of a suicide bomber?

Yeah, once or twice. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t blowing themselves up on our behalf…maybe you just worded it awkwardly.

I was referring to the fact that they walk into crowded markets and other areas and blow themselves up without us needing to do a single thing.

Are you implying that they’re somehow doing us a favor? That they’re doing America’s dirty work or something?

Ok ibystuff, please name one thing the LCS CAN do TODAY, not tomorrow, or next year, or with it’s vapor-ware modules, or after all 55 get built, and don’t give us the power point happy happy talk crap either..

Can you do that?

AC121 — DOD is only 19% of the total budget, please don’t lump it in with entitlements– you are are misleading everyone here

You folks are idiots. What is really needed is to take good care of the vets that has returned from war that have suffered devastating injuries.

Actually NativeSon has been contributing to this site for quite some time now; which is more than we can say about you.

I’m not sure what you do or don’t do for a living, but where I come from those of us with a job that makes a difference to America don’t feel the need to brag about it. We let our posts speak for themselves.

Welcome to you and everyone else that came to DoDbuzz today for the first time.

Your opinions are needed to enliven our discussion.

Any actual facts you may have to contribute would be even more valuable.

NativeSon, haven’t you been reading the latest new reports-O didn’t want Osama killed, he wanted to bring him back here to New York for a trail.


AESA radars have been on brand new F-18s since 2006 and at least a hundred others have been refitted with them since.

As far as the AIM-120D, it’s near the end of LRIP and supposed to go into full rate in FY14. I’ve read 20–60 miles for the AIM-120 family with claims of 50% more for the –D (100-120km quoted at least once) on blogs, but nothing on a .mil site.

Because we cannot build a fully armed frigate for 600 million. An LCS without any weapons is already 800 million. Compare that to a U212 sub from Germany for the same price. A Type 45 destroyer for 1.5 Bill from the UK is as lethal as an Arleigh-Burke for 3 billion. A 1.5 million dollar meteor missile is superior to a 1.5 million dollar AIM-D. We need to relearn how to build better weapons for less money.

The defense industry is drooling at the prospect of a Romney defense build-up. Over the last ten years we have spent more than all industrialized nations “combined” for defense. Yes, we need to maintain a strong defense. Secretary Gates made some valuable suggestions for future defense spending including more mobile units. However, to just go on an “orgy” of defense spending at the expense of other areas that are lacking attention or investment for the good of our nation’s prosperity makes no sense. We have seen over the course of both the Iraq and Afganistan how defense contractors lined up to prosper.

What is the Navy’s mission these days? Tomorrow? Next year? Capital ships make really nice targets with lots of prestige associated with damage or sinking. Mobile platforms for show and what is the total cost of ownership? Same inflexible thinking now on ship strategy that caused disastrous early ship losses to aircraft in WW2 for the British battlecruisers Prince of Wales and Repulse in the Philippines early Dec 1941. The Argentine General Belgrano in the Falklands. Big ticket assets = big targets, we need more out of box thinking to develop future strategy and materials to exercise. Romney shows no knowledge, no leadership, and no care.

Newport News Virginia builds CVN’s and SSN’s Nuke powered aircraft carriers and nuke submarines. More shipbuilding makes for more Virginia jobs

Why do we need more ships or subs? Why don’t the politicians just alliow that to be out sourced to China too? These politicians get their money from these corps and these corps off shore. I think its time to goto direct democracy and use the internet to vote, except now China wants to run our servers.…my god, how did we allow greed and corporate profits to buy our elections.…maybe the voters and citizens of the ol usa should buy a lobbiest group? put a dollar there? I would.

You are so right Sheila! The Mr. Romney does say whatever it takes to make sure that he will get his “50+1″. This is why the last debate “performance” has been so highly applauded. He indeed came on to do a masterful “sales job” of new policies that he in NO way presented through the primaries or in the months after. It is so unfortunate that the presentation rather than substance is held up as the most important. Clearly, the President had and off night but, for what he did present he was consistent on policy. An 11% cut in the Veterans Administration is something that I don’t want to see happen.

President Obama has promised to bring as many troops as possible home. As he not kept this promise? As I see it our President thinks before he reacts and thinks things out. If we are not careful our friends and familys will be looking are more deployments. Lets all think before we act Nov. 6

Oh come on, you mean the “just throw money at it” solution is not working? Are you suggesting that spending above Cold War levels has bought us nothing but a horde of crooked contractors that would sell their own mothers to be able to deposit one more dime in their bloated overseas bank account? Hmm, you could have a point.

With no credible threat to this country, our defense budget has been the goose that laid the golden egg for these defense corporations. Throwing money at the problem will probably only make it worse, not better, and the worst problem of all is the fact that we may one day have an enemy that is a credible threat. In fact we seem to be manufacturing our own credible threat in China, but after 2 decades of contractors getting fat, lazy, and rich, we have no one left to design the weapons that will prevent us from getting our ass whipped by the next guys. Maybe throwing money at the problem isn’t the magic answer after all.

Each time they kill themselves, it’s one less terrorist the tax payer needs to pay to kill, which also saves putting our brave men and women in harms way. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Your mistaken no current Hornet has the radar itsa proposed upgrade still cant attack 6+ targets like a Tomcat;. Yes a upgrade is good for the Hornet but not new Hornets they are not needed. Misquoted on 120 miles try 50 miles. the AMRAAM to hold enough rocket fuel would be 3 time as long to get 100+ miles. A AIM-543 was quite abit larger than a AMRAAM.

The money Obama is taking out of Medicare is the premium paid to insurance companies to enroll people in advantage programs, high profit for insurance companies. Look carefully and you will see that Obama is not reducing medicare benefits at all. Secondly, Obama has closed the “doughnut hole” in Part D of Medicare.

Where is the money for the Romney tax cuts coming from. Not from his buddies, but from you and every other person in the middle class. Rich people do not create jobs, they invest their money in stocks and bonds so they can cut their tax burden with capital gains. The middle class creates jobs. Obama and his policies will do more to create jobs in the long run because his policies will benefit the middle class not the upper class. And finally, the idea that America can drill its way to energy independence is such a crock. All the oil and gas that we produce here just adds to the global supply, and as long as global demand for oil and gas is high the price of energy will continue to be high. Maybe we could be energy independent if the government owned all the oil and gas and kept it in this country, but private companies own the oil and gas that is produced and these companies will sell it to the highest bidder.

Romney? Yeh, I want as the CinC, a guy who supported a war that he did not want to fight in. He supported the Vietnam War, but did not have time to serve. Romney does not have a clue about sending men and woman in harms way. Obama has more respect for the military than Romney would ever have. Obama was raised with military children, went to school with military children and hung out at their homes with their father’s who were in the military. Obama doesn’t just talk, he acts, uses drones to interrupt terrorists around the world and has given the orders to kill more bad guys than Romney would ever kill. All Romney wants to do is get your grandchildren killed in another war that cannot be won.

I am not saying Obama is the cats meow, but beware of people who will say anything to get elected. Romney is that person.

PEOPLE MAY BE LAUGHING about Romney’s “fire Big Bird” remarks, but here’s some things I learned: his Bain Capital is a competitor of PBS because it owns Clear Channel Broadcasting, which owns 850 conservative talk radio stations. Mitt also owns Primer Networks which distributes shows like Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck. So firing PBS isn’t just political, its a financial scam. AND, along the same lines, Mitt’s Bain Capital is the owner of one of the largest healthcare providers anywhere, Hospital Corp of America (HCA). So when you get sent to an emergency room because Obamacare bit his dust, you’ll probably wind up in one of his HCA facilities. ~ passed on from Martha Groom/Kelly R. Zamudio
I wasn’t aware of this info, was passed on to me. Check it out. However, I thought it curious when Mr. Romney responded to an interviewer’s question that his answer to the healthcare problem would be for people to go to the emergency rooms. The interviewer then comments…“that’s the most expensive…”. Hello? Anyone home? Nothing is as it seems with Mr. Romney.

Lump it/classify it however you want, it is a major portion of the budget. The US is overspending a trillion dollars per year and if spending is ever to get under control spending and income need to be carefully controlled.

However, politicians are all saying what people want to hear and are completely unrealistic.

Based on what politicians are claiming there will be no tax cuts as Republicans abhor taxes. The Democrat plan to tax the wealthy more helps slightly, but still leaves a HUGE budget shortfall. Economic recovery is going to be slow, so “expanding the tax base” isn’t going to make a huge impact. So we’re not going to increase income substantially.

Democrats reject any significant alterations to entitlements (and honestly it’d be suicide for Republicans to harm one of the most active voting populations as well). Changes are seen very negatively by most of the voting population. So the biggest budget outlays are fixed.

And Defense spending is going to increase or at least stay the same. So the 2nd largest budgetary item is not shrinking.

It’s all wishful thinking.

What’s left to modify to get anywhere on balancing a budget? A bunch of relatively minor expenses that all need to be slashed to make any dent in the $1 trillion shortfall.

uhm, with mitt romneys idea of a larger navy, and attacking iran and our enemies… wouldnt you think that troops will be spending just as much if not more time away from home?

“Rich people do not create jobs, they invest their money in stocks and bonds so they can cut their tax burden with capital gains.”

Oh, for Pete’s sake. The economic illiteracy is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Job creation on a meaningful scale requires capital to be invested. That capital comes overwhelmingly from… stocks and bonds.

Not from Santa Claus or from the Tooth Fairy or from the Cat In The Hat. Capital for job creation comes from stocks and bonds. Go take an Econ 101 class.

“Obama and his policies will do more to create jobs in the long run because his policies will benefit the middle class not the upper class.”

There was a guy back in 2009 who was predicting that if Obama had not gotten the economy turned around and thriving within three years, then there was going to be a “one-term proposition” for Obama.

Who was that guy making that claim? It was… Barack Obama.

Although now, Obama is trying to run away from his own words and away from his own record. Understandably so! Because that record is APPALLINGLY BAD.

As of right now, today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will tell you that fewer Americans have jobs than had jobs on the day that Obama took the oath of office in late January of 2009.

And of the new jobs that have been created under Obama, they have been disproportionately temporary and part-time jobs with no benefits and low pay. Two-thirds of the new jobs in last week’s BLS report were part-time work.

Economic growth has averaged about 1.3% per year during the Obama “recovery”. That’s not even enough to keep up with population growth. Per capita, Obamanomics is making Americans steadily less well off.

This terrible economic record would be at least slightly positively offset if Obama had lived up to his promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. He completely failed at that as well.

Obama said the 2012 deficit would clock in around $500B. Instead, in reality, the 2012 deficit was a staggering $1.1T. Half of the federal government’s spending in fiscal year 2012 was with borrowed money. This is completely unsustainable.

If the government really wants to cut cost in the defense budget. Look at the civilian contractors that someone is padding their pockets with back in washington. KBR in Iraq FLOUR in Afghanistan. we have MOS’s for alot of these jobs but our troops are not doing them. Military base around the country are being protected by civilians security services. HELLO America wake the F @ # K up and ask these tough questions to Romney and Obama see what they have to say.

Romney is a coward?

That’s a moronic comment.

Perhaps you prefer the Marxist Maggot in the White House who’s a clear & present danger to the country?

Anyone who votes for Obama is a FOOL — Obama should be pushing a broom — he’s in over his head.

The first Affirmative Action President.

The US Navy is the point of the spear, which is why then president Ronald Reagan wanted a 600 ship fleet to challenge both Russia and China. Letting the ship numbers fall below 300 is asking for trouble, especially if China asserts it’s claims in the south China Sea. The Air Force can work from friendly terrotiry, but the US Navy can go anywhere, anytime.

Your president has been and still is an embarrassment to this country.
’As I see it our President thinks before he reacts and thinks things out.’ You have been duped.

these demos cant get thier heads ot thier arses

If they were just blowing themselves up in their caves, I might agree with you, but they’re not. They’re doing it in public and murdering innocent people in the process.

Obviously taxes have to go up to pay for this. It sure as **** is not free.

So the guy does not wants to kill PBS and the big bird because money comes from china… and from which hell cash will come for 15 ship /year building?

He must think that the Big Yellow bird has a stash of cash in the nest!

I see that this fella Mitt Romney is ready to do worst than G. Bush.

who’s the war monger Romney (who doesn’t hold office) or

Oblamer-who invaded another country illegally (Libya) and killed thousands without a declaration of war and without cause (they never did anything to us and they never threatened us)

Who is arming the Muslin brotherhood with weapons

Who is giving billions of military aid to our enemies

Who is the THREE war president — Irag, Afganistan and Libya

and who wants to start another war in Syria

who wanted to bring Osama back to New York for a public trail instead of killing him

who denies our diplomats security when they were begging for it and them lets them get murdered while calling it simply a “bump in the road” and then blames others

who does nothing while are embassies are being attacked around the world

Oblamer lies-our soldiers and diplomats die

Get rid of liberals?

What committee s going to decide that? Sounds a little facist to me.

So it’s your way or the highway and everyone else has to go?

Wow that is very extreme things to say. You sound like an extremest. Just calling it how I see it.

Don’t like the president fine. Calling him a maggot extreme.

Why should Obama be pushing a broom?

What do you do anyway, you are speaking like you are high and mighty.

We are weaker because you buy everything from China, Japan, and Germany and allow it to go on. President Obama is trying to cut that back. We also need to reinstitute the draft. We need to limit civilian contractors and perform these jobs with military personal.

It appears that we have some who are posting on here and haven’t realized what a phony, “I’ll say anything” to get a vote Romney has been from the very beginning. He really should be trying out for the olympics with all the backflips he is doing. Please remember that Obama has eliminated many gov duplicating jobs and that done nothing to make our country a sitting duck military wise. We are out of Iraq and are exiting Afgan. in the nearest future(neither of which we should have been in the first place — thank you GWB). Just remember, if Mitts lips are moving, he’s lieing to you.

I don’t think the President is interested in making this country stronger militarily, or economically, that is not his purpose and the last four years have proven such, when you want to decrease our defense at a
time when we have terrorist in our country and around the world who’s goal is to do kill not only americans
but others, that makes no sense, Ronald Reagan said and I quote ” Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U. S, was too strong… I agree. I’m happy the GOP did not and will not work with
President Obama when it comes to the disarming America, We cannot play innocents abroad in a world
this is not innocent.

Gunner, I’ve heard that a million times…the sad part is that the govt. is taking in enough money, it that they’re spending too much. You’re assuming that if they raise taxes and take in more revenue, they will have enough money to pay for everything. That NEVER happens…when they raise more money, they always spend more than they take in. It’s like people who move from a small house to buy a big house for their stuff but always manage to fill them up regardless of how big of a house they buy.

I would say Mr Romney would not miss 56 Intelligence briefings as Obama has done, his proposal to cut billions from our defense when at a time we have terrorist already in this country and worldwide who want to kill Americans, the lies & deception of what really happened in Libya the killing of our Ambassador & three other Americans who repeately asked for more security & denied, we have four americans killed, Embassy burning to the ground & he comes out make a brief appearance, a few words of apology to the Muslims, gets in Air Force One & flies to Vegas for a campaign rally, next an appearance on Letterman’s show, yes he showed the world what a real leader he is, this man is totally disconnected from this country, thank heaven we have a choice of giving him the boot and putting a real leader in the White House who is proud to be an American, wants this country to be as great as it once was and under his leadership it can be again.
As Ronald Reagan said, and I quote ” There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit ”

We’re not…

Well, at least some people here math is working right, because I don’t think candidate rumney math is working at all, mabe the coukoo brothers can pay for all this stuff. This candidate shakes his etch-a-sketch so much, that by this time next week, he’ll be saying something else.…HEY!! Mabe he can shake it and make the money we’re gonna need to build the extra ships to magically appear, if not…we can always pay for them with the money from PBS and Big Bird.

Hi Thomas
The defense cuts that Obama has proposed has our Secretary of Defense worried, he has stated it is not in the best interest of this country to make such drastic cuts, if the 90 billion that Obama wasted on failed green energy could have gone toward helping those you mentioned in your post. Among those 47% Romney was speaking of in the county of Los Angeles CA with 10.2 million 40% of those work for cash which means no taxes are paid by them or their employer, & of that number only 2% are picking crops while 29% are on welfare, meaning they take all the social handouts & give nothing back, these are illegals without green cards, we have strong able bodied men & women using EBT cards eating out at restaurants while you are disabled, I am over 65 working 40 hours every week & we are struggling to put food on the table, pay for meds & get by, yet Obama wants to put 15 million of illegals on our healthcare, with cuts to medicare for our seniors who are citizens, who have paid their fair share, you are so right we
are in desperate need of changes in this country but not the ones he proposes.

Don’t forget Momo.…

Evidently you don’t know that 86% of the wealthy in this country pay all income taxes, I would think that is more than their fair share, let’s put some of these able bodied government dependents to work ( well that is if there were any jobs ) and let’s let them start paying their fair share. I don’t know what book you read of Obama being raised with military kids, when he went to a muslim school in Indonesia, traveled with two Pakistania to muslim countries, he can’t say the word ” Islamic Extremist Terrorist ” and even refuses to call the Muslim doctor who killed 16 of our military at Fort Hood just what he is, gave up three chances to kill Osama Bin Laden and even wanted him captured so he could be brought to the US for civil trial, who took the credit for his killing from the real heroes, tell me when Obama ever served the military, his hate for our military and for the American people especially White, is all written in his books.. I would advise you to get them, sit down read, learn who Obama
really is.

Spoken like a true, toe the party line liberal drone.

I think it’s amusing when liberals attack someone for not being drafted and going to Vietnam when they dodged the draft by the tens of millions, either by going to college or running to Canada. I find it ironic that they criticise people for actually LISTENING to them about the war.

The reasons for the Prince of Wales and Repulse being sunk are more complicated than the fact they were capital ships. The General Belgrano was an old American cruiser, USS Phoenix, that survived the attack on Pearl Harbor. Not a state of the art warship. If the Royal Navy had kept a big deck carrier for the Falklands war, then they would not have lost 5 ships and many lives.

So the tax and draft dodging liar says he’s going to “build up the Navy”, eh?

What, are his son’s going to enlist?

Naw… Wars are for the 47% to fight.

Romney is Wrong for America.

I’m interested to see how next November will turn out.…..

Fritz is probably a dittohead troll working the military.

Funny how he says “troll on a civilian site, get off the true American site” and he’s new to this site…

I thought McCarthyism died and that the republiCon party disavowed him…? Why does his tacyics keep coming up with a black president in office…? Muslin, socialist, ad nauseam, are just covers for what their real issue is…

And no, Fritz… I wouldn’t bother to “debate” you. Anyone who supports the party of Bachmann, Palin, Perry, Cain, Trump, Gingrich, Willard, Beck and the felon drug addict known as “Rush” aren’t capable of debate. They’re boring and… well, you’re post couldn’t of said it better!


The math is easy, cut more than you spend. That is, cut welfare & social program benefits for the non-hadicapped leeches.

This kid just got out of A school. Don’t know anything about the Navy.

Native Son,

How old is Romney? How much time in uniform did Dumbama serve? Romney has paid his taxes so I am not sure where you get your information. Where are Dumbama’s college transcripts or his passport records? How did he pay to go to these IVY League schools if his family was so poor? Where is his ORIGINAL birth certificate?

I’ve been around LCS and NONE has gone on deployment. Always broke down. Come on out here and see for yourself Ibuystuff.

“Please remember that Obama has eliminated many gov duplicating jobs”

Pull the other one!

Here’s an example. On August 16th of this year — well into the third year of the Obama presidency — the General Accounting Office reported that the federal government is running _160_ different housing programs.

The GAO concluded that there was massive duplication of effort, with “similar goals, products, and sometimes parallel delivery systems.”

So when you hear Obama’s partisans talk about how Obama has allegedly eliminated wasteful government duplication, remind yourself that this is as true as any other statement you’ll hear coming from one of the O-bots, which is to say, not true in the slightest degree.

You are dumb as ****!

“Where are Dumbama’s college transcripts or his passport records?”

A friend recently applied for a low level federal job.

In the fat packet of paperwork that has to be filled out, there is a form to authorize the release of university transcripts. Applicants can’t proceed in the hiring process without providing that authorization.

Yet Obama’s cheerleading section would have us believe that it’s perfectly okay for the guy that is RUNNING the federal government to keep his own university transcripts locked away from view!

If it weren’t for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

Ok. The first thing that you need to understand is that “cash for clunkers” saved you local car dealer. But please, vote for Romney and Ryan, your military benefits are next. Bet on it.

You darn right he does! This man will privatize the USA even more. Segregation will return. It amazes me how a country claims to carry the branch of equality spites it’s own people through valid of racism and hate! The regime is to lure people through there own prejudice desires and hate.
All this decisiveness is to make us hate each other! The rich dogs of this nation has to a penny how much they can break the middle class! No civilization will make it without the middle class.
Let me ask a question
How many of you out there can get rid of your personal debt without adding revenue?
#2 if you stop spending to the point you did not even by food or paid your bills during a month..would you not add to your total debt with late fees and I seriously doubt on the luxurious military salary you would pay your total debt unless you are a minnow in the barricks!
#3 you buy a big fancy house to “show” strength to your neighbors but you did not make rank or your spouse did not get that raise … Thus you did not increase the revenue… How are you going to balance your budget eventually you will not have enough
Look start using common sense ! I know it’s difficult but our children will be the peasants who pay for the deeds of our dreadful congress. Romney wants the joystick to the world. Thus the continual corporate rape will continue!

Your right, Vote for the coward draft dodger Romney and his minion head Ryan and military benefits will be cut.

This site shouldn’t be so partisan. Keep the politics out. Seems obvious the persuasion of a certain candidate. Since this site wants to go there, one should wonder if he sticks to what he says this time since he’s ever evolving. I wouldn’t trust a word this chicken hawk says to pander for votes.

Are you craZy?

We need to tighten controls on programs to stop the waste of money caused by last minute service design changes. The LCS program needs to be scaled back to no more than 20 vessels. A new frigate or improved variant of the O.H. Perry-class Frigate needs to be built to supplement the Arliegh Burke-Class guided missile destroyers. Our aircraft carrier force needs to be brought back up to at least 12 carriers. The Navy needs to also start procuring missile strike submarines — SSGNs — each with between 96 and 192 cruise missiles to counter the thousands of ballistic missiles China has. Meanwhile, the Virginia-class attack submarine needs to continue to be built. We also need to develop or license produce a diesel-electric, air independent propulsion equipped attack submarine that we can sell to Taiwan and other allies. The F-35 program needs to be scaled back with a proper mix of F/A-18 Super Hornets and F-35 Lightning IIs. We also need to procure 200 P-8A Posiedon patrol aircraft and develop an EP-8A Trident as a replacement for the EP-3E Aeries II.

Well done, Sir!

I think Obama’s been good to military families, and his wife is a huge champion of military spouses. I’m no big fan of Romney.

We also need to procure at least 7 of the America-Class LHA and 9 more of the San Antonio LPDs. Also, we should procure at least 16 High Speed Support Vessels from Austral, 30 or more carrier on board variants of the MV-22 Osprey, 50 or more CH-53K Super Stallions for VERTREP operations, additional MH-60S Seahawks for the new frigates and destroyers. We also need to produce a significant number of new ship and submarine launched cruise missiles.

Romney and John Lehman,former Reagan Administration Sectretary of the Navy — what a winning combination ! With the PLA Navy fleet looming, we MUST get the number of operational hulls back up for the USN to again reign supreme. Go Romney !

you are not the least bit informed. your obombo has gone out of his way to beg for votes from every minority group. going against all moral principles and the imigration policies of the country by begging for more botes. talk about doing anything just for a vote. he has no freedom policies just his communist ideals for his king to stay in power.
like goiing to the tiolet you have to get rid of the waste sooner or later now is the time to get rid of your king.


BS, we need the F-35B&C! It’s the A model we don’t need!!!!!!!!!

A Presidential hopeful, who is pro military in words not and not action. Romney did not serve but he is for all wars. He have five boys and not one served in the military. But he and his family claimed to be patriotic. While I served, he makes millions and he do not want to pay his fair share of tax. My comrades are dying and getting injury everyday, so what if Romney pay a bit extra since he is not brave enough to serve. If Romney became CIC, we will be at war in no time. I wont fault him if we fight to protect our way of life, but please don’t tell me Romney is pro military or that he is better for the military. His action and deeds do not match.

Thank you for common sense questions.

Leave it to Military​.com to dole out another glass of KoolAid. I’m not drinking it. Out of control defense spending is a great deal of what got us so far in debt. Bring our people home, and post them around our borders. Dubya maxed out the credit card, now we need to get it paid off. Going back fixes nothing, so we need to look ahead. We need to put an end to this good ol’ boy club mentality and start acting like we have some sense of fiscal responsibility. Romney’s proved he can’t be trusted…he’s got more flip flops than a dollar store by the beach. Remember in ’08 the lies that went around saying Obama was going to take our guns? Gee, I still have mine…How anybody can think he’s anti-military is beyond me after all he’s trying to do to take care of veterans. Is Rmoney the best the Reps have to offer? Ask where his loyalties are, and you’ll find they’re in his own pocketbook and nowhere else.

Simple, the Navy isn’t allowed to spend the same kind of money on lobbyists as the defense contractors.

Let us buy cheaper carriers and submarines from china to fix the budget.

The difference here, is that Clinton and Obama were anti war. Romney is pro war, but he nor his five sons are willing to served.

This discussion is old news, R. Reagan tried to build the navy with out success. As long as America continues to be the security blanket to any and all that cry out for help we will always be the bad guys end the end. I fear this present course of spending like a sailor on liberty is going to bankrupt us. The facts are well known the question is what can we do to remedy our present heading? Should America turn a blind eye to a President that fails to heed our concerns? Do need draconian measures to turn the ship back to prosperity? With election time nearing get out and study the candidates and vote your choice. Just FYI by not voting you have cast your ballot to the victor. Shalom, Peace unto you and yours.

You realize that would still be a fraction of what this country spends the most on, the military. They both need to be cut as much as some of you don’t want to hear that’s the truth the spending has grown too far out of control.

Definitely low on the bucks, but if the imposter had never been born, we would be just fine. Now, we have to scrimp and save to get what we should have.

If the Republicans in Congress had not torpedoed every effort by the current administration to create jobs, if the Republicans in Congress had not torpedoed every effort by the current administration to restart the economy, maybe the country would be in better shape. But the Republicans, led by John “I never met a lobbyist that I wouldn“t take money from” Boehner and Twitchy Mitch McConnell, along with Eric Cantor and the rest of the Republikcan leadership in Congress, have boasted that their only goal is not what is best for the country, it’s what they can do to make the current administration look bad. And that my friend is treasonous!!!

Look for John Lehman as the next SECDEF!

Romney could just be thenexr Ronald Reagan — had it not beenfor him, we could not have stayed the worlds largest super power — a strong military, baring none, will keep this world of ours in a decent shape for years to come — OBAMA’S DOWN-SIZING OF THE MILITARY JUST MEANS MORE WARS and possible defeats of a smaller U.S. military — The Super Hornets or F-14“s should be made the front line plane plus the modifications necessary so they can be used by all U.S. forces

Yes we need a strong defense, a defense that meets the needs in today’s world and the world we are evolving into. Our national defense strategy makes good use of high technology so we don’t have to field million man armies, etc. like we had to in WW II. A high tech military requires well educated, highly trained and healthy personnel. That means, like it or not, education and health care are important components to our overall defense strategy and abilities. Also important are: 1. how the military takes care of and provides for personnel and, 2. their families, AND 3. how many repeat deployments to combat zones are required PLUS 4. how well we take care of our wounded warriors and their families. Also don’t forget the survivors of our warriors who don’t make it back home. ALL of the above are VERY important components or our national security.

These components are just as important, in their own right, as new ships and air wings. BALANCE is required to plan for and budget all of these things so that they are effective components of our national defense. The war in Iraq is a perfect example of how not to plan and budget for a protracted war (remember, it was “financed” off of the budget books which, is to say it was not paid for, plus it was “going to pay for itself” with oil money). The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are the only two wars our nation has been in for many DECADES which were not paid for by increased taxes, savings bond drives, etc.

Romney is prone to saying whatever he wants, whatever he thinks will reflect well on him at the moment. So, now he is saying lots of things that only several days or a few weeks ago he was opposed to. He has surrounded himself with many of the same advisors that helped push our nation into an unnecessary war of choice in Iraq. Now Romney is engaging in verbal saber rattling to advance his campaign. I’m not buying his discourse for many reasons, one being that the advisors who helped push our nation into the war in Iraq have no business being anywhere near the White House ever again, let alone in it on Romney’s staff. John Bolton and his crowd should not even be allowed to tour the White House during the Christmas season.

After kicking out nearly 3000 Sailors due to an illegal Enlisted Retention Board I hope some of that money is allotted to them. To pay for the loss of retirement and breach of their Enlistment Contracts.

I am a disabled too 100%..served navy 22 years..I am with you all the way on that…

Yeah, that will work.….. <eyeroll>

“Segregation will return.”

Hysterical self-parody spill on aisle nine. Cleanup to aisle nine.

“How many of you out there can get rid of your personal debt without adding revenue?”

I know many people who have accomplished just that.

It makes it easier, of course, if you “add revenue”.

But it’s impossible to pay down debt if for every addition of “revenue”, a.k.a. taxes, spending goes up even more. And that’s what liberals always do. Always.

Liberal Democrats have been playing this particular dishonest shell game for decades when it comes to the federal budget. Examples abound.

In 1983, Ronald Reagan was assured by Democrats that if he signed the TEFRA bill, the liberals in Congress would cut $3 in spending for every $1 in new tax “revenue” from TEFRA.

Reagan, a man of his word, agreed to the deal and signed the bill into law. The liberal Democrats in Congress, not men of their word, instantly reneged on their promise to cut spending.

Instead of cutting spending by $3 for every $1 of new taxes, the liberals RAISED spending by $2 for every $1 of new taxes. And then blamed it on Reagan when the deficit increased!

G.H.W. Bush got similarly rolled in 1990.

No more of these “spending cut in exchange for tax hike” deals with liberals. History shows they can’t be trusted. Not for one second.

You and me and the rest of the middle class

I am amazed how you people could listen to the likes of Romney, he lies at the drop of a hat, and only the real idiots believe him. As far as being a socialist country, you better take a good look “bud” American won’t stand for the things you are trying to push out of your piehole. Hey heres a thought if you don’t know what you are talking about shut up!!!. Show some respect for the commander in chief, or have you’ve forgotton that most important fact. This man has done alot for the Veterans and active duty people, we don’t need someone like you trying to lie on him like your boy Romney. Check the attitude.

The real terror is in Washinton DC

Cutting taxes has historically increased tax revenues by growing the economy. It has done that every time taxes were cut from JFK to today. Your math isn’t working right. Increasing the effective tax rate does not equate to increased tax revenue — it shrinks the size of the economy being taxed.

I’ve got an idea how to get some of the money: go around and tell the countries concerned to pay back the debts they owe us. I do believe some even owe us from WW2. Then shovel some to China and tell them to get lost. I remember once upon a time at Navsta San Diego piers 9 thru 12 were full of anphibs: LSTs, LPDs and LSDs; now I hear that end of the base is almost empty now. More later.…

“The difference here, is that Clinton and Obama were anti war.”

Oh, yes, Clinton was “anti war”.

Clinton, who brutally bombed the blazes out of Belgrade, was “anti war”.

Clinton, who stuck U.S. boots on the ground in Bosnia where they stayed mired in place for a decade, was “anti war”.

Clinton, who launched flurries of cruise missiles whenever questioning about Monica Lewinsky grew intense, was “anti war”.

Clinton, who endorsed the invasion of Afghanistan, was “anti war”.

Clinton, who endorsed the invasion of Iraq, was “anti war”.

Pull the other one!

As for Obama, at the time the war decisions were taken, he was only a state legislator in Illinois.

In which capacity Obama voted neither “YEA” nor “NEA” on the key issues of the day, but instead voted the noncommittal neutral option “PRESENT”, more frequently than anyone else in that body.

Obama’s not pro war or anti war. He’s pro Obama.

Who are these “New Posters” on DOD, this use to be a pretty good site to talk about the Defense of this Country, but now???

We’re working our asses off with the 130’s and 17’s to keep this world safe from all forms of terror. The skies are safe thanks to them(us). Oh, and thank you C-5’s as well, may you live long…Thank you SunnyD

You are a freakin’ moron! Do you really think Twit Robme…the flip flopping, tax evading, swiss bank acct having, draft dodging, lying douche bag will do anything for YOU?!

Boy I wish we hadn’t gotten rid of all those Naval Shipyards that for hundreds of years built our Navy.

He is pro-defense, not pro war.

Ha! Good one!

Where were you in the 80’s? I seem to remember our Navy being quite healthy in the Reagan years

Humm, not trying to take up for Romney, but can any of you bad mouthing him tell me how much military time Obama had ? Or that he hasn’t flip flopped,. ? Case in point,.did our Embassy get attacked by a mob pissed about a movie no one saw ? Or was it something else ?! Well ?? Please anser the first question, then feel free to answer the 2nd.

That’s all from republicans wanting to contract defense jobs out and pay way more than it would cost to hire an agency employee, that’s something they do not understand—ARITHMETIC!


Actually, a quick review of tax rates and economic growth over the last several decades refutes this notion decisively. Tax cuts actually resulted in lower revenues and lower economic growth, while deficit spending ultimately increased jobs and economic growth. This is historical fact. This also runs counter to what the self-intetested 1% tell you to believe, but proves Keynes correct. Please do some research before you parrot what you heard on Fox News or CNBC.

Not to mention the millions of dollars of foreign aid being sent to Pakistan and Egypt (non-Allies) and others.…and for what ?,While Americans and the country is in a dire mess,It still hasn’t stopped and won’t ‚until Obama hands over the ownership o the the USA to China..!

Just exactly which opponent will we need an 11th carrier group to defend against? How many carrier groups does the Taliban Have? Al Quaida? Hezbollah? Boku Haram? Why do we need all this high tech stuff when RPGs and IEDs are killing most of our troops? Also, who nominated us to cure most of the worlds troubles before we cure our own? Our infrustructure is crumbling, our economy is shaky and depends on other countries, China holds our debt, others hold our energy sources and manufacturing, our children are increasingly undereducated, our economy is weak and our politicians are bought by the moneyed interests, we have enough problems at home, which military hardware won’t solve. Nevertheless, we are sure we are quite exceptional with a unique destiny to guide the rest of the world. Right. The Greeks call this Hubris.

It is long over due that we need more ships+ cariers, while the Democrats are sleeping CHINA is building carriers.Lets hope he gets elected ‚all the democrats want to do is cut defense and increase welfare and Illegals.

China will not be amused with your attitude !

Only the Liberals have to go.…and all it takes is voting ‚not Fascism !..

so you was a 6yr navy man i am dav retired and so romney didn’t go in the military he was doing what he need to do i was doing what i wanted to do i want to be in the so i went so you go head and vote for Obama no military person should not vote for Obama there will not be navy if he 4 more years

Obama had an ‘off night.”.….yes…off his rehearsals and teleprompter ! Give me strength !!

I retired as a CPO in 1999. During my time when we were in port, we had civilian contractors come onboard to perform jobs that any trained and capable Sailor could do. These guys would spent about three or four hours of actual work and the rest of the time they would be shooting the breeze. I had plenty of opportunity after I left my Naval career to join these defense contractors, but I elected to not be associated with that stigma. I proudly work in the private sector and earn every penny of my high tech job.

Mitt of course will not tell anyone where the money will come from for this spending spree. Certainly not from millionaires and billionaires. It’s just big talk from a chicken hawk.

Mitt has finally come up with a plan to do something that includes some details. that is the good part, the bad part is that we really can’t afford the hardware he is going to get. He also need to make a case that we actually need an 11th carrier and 3 additional submarines. What the government really needs to reduce spending and increase income.

And what Branch of the Armed Forces service did you serve in ?!

All we need as far as air power are Raptors…

None of this can or will be done. It is a waste of money and upkeep. And all that building of ships will line the pockets of Romney’s wealthy friends and not a dime in yours. Who is going to ride all these warships? Are we increasing the number of personnel as well? Isnt the Navy decreasing its numbers as we speak? Havent we streamlined the number of personnel per ship due to smartship technologies? Are we decomming all the older ships even when they are still viable? This plan makes no sense. Who are we fighting en masse like that? Drones are a far better way to spend money since under the President we know we can conduct surveillance and kill terrorists in an efficient manner. He has shown that by the hundreds.

Romney is just trying to buy Navy votes. I don’t think I know any Naval personnel that are so stupid they would belive this guy. If he is elected he will fail to get funding for the build out, give the millionaires a tax cut, and blame congress. Then, he an Ryan will cut funding for Big Bird, redefine rape as forced (legitimate) conception, and remove funding for family planning.

And, BTW, I think he has not released his earlier tax returns because he is refiling them to pay MORE taxes so he can claim he paid more. As they were they would have shown him paying very little in those years.… Nice to be rich.

Obama is at least more honest. I think he tried to work with the Republicans, (That was his MO during the prior 15+ years in Chicago and at Harvard.) but eventually figured out they were just like the Iranians, talk, wait, talk, wait, wait, wait, wait.…

I see by your comments that most of you were not taken in by Romneys BS. Our country has great military. Too bad congress is not as principled.

I was with you until your statement that Obama was trying to cut back the buying from China! China is now the major stockholder in the US and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change with his borrowing habit. Of course he can print more money as he has done and that will make it all better ! No worries !

Unfortunately as mentioned in prior comments, the F-14 has been retired and most have been shredded to prevent the iranians from getting any spare parts. It would be nice to see a true replacement for the F-14 but that is way off. I think the Aim-54 was retired before the F-14.

I think if they built an aircraft to fulfill the mission specifications of the F-14 now a days in addition to being a stealth plane it would have a limited ballistic missile defense capability(would require a new missile)

Slick Willie Clinton dodged the draft as well of course and got away with it and also lied to Congress under oath,and we see how that affected his popularity with the “sheeple” of America,so let’s not forget that ! The American people don’t know enough about Obama to make a judgement on his past as it is all secret but his record of “accomplishments” since 2008 should send the alarm bells off for all those except those who choose to ignore the obvious !

I walk the deckplates daily on Navy ships. Where are you going to get the bodies? Are you going to open advancement to unprepared personnel. A-Schools are a joke today and only a few get to go to C-School. Truely a statement by an unqualified wanna-be leader. Maybe if one of those 5 sons would have joined the military, he would have some insight.

Romney talks big for chicken hawk who would outsource the navy subs to China if left up to him. First thing Romney would do is drag us into wars that will cost us billions and kill thousands of our kids. And I would bet none of his kids would go to fight.

Romney can’t add. He already said he won’t borrow more $ and will cut taxes. A draft dodger who spent time he should have served converting the French to Mormons. He’ll change events in the Middle East” using military power. That went really well the last 2 times. Would our allies support him since the English, whom he insulted and compromised, called him a “Twit”? Says Obama threw Israel “under the bus” by advising them not to attack Iran now or build more West Bank “settlements”.Does he want to start yet another middle-eastern war ? Blames Obama for the looming defense cut Republicans forced on him to prevent National default. So much damage was done as a result of their obstructionism that US credit rating was downgraded. They’re so intent on making Obama fail that they’ll destroy this country in the process. In bid to win Romney will lie, obfuscate and distort his way to it while hiding true agenda just as he hid his sources of wealth and tax dodging record. Romney changes his tune whenever convenient to get more votes. Today more ships and planes; tomorrow what? His vision of America’s future military is unsustainable fairy tale!

It looks like another Ronald Reagan wannabe is born. Mitt wants to add 15 new ships and 3 submarines each year he is in office — great! Unfortunately, he does not mention how he is going to pay for them nor who is going to man those ships and subs. Do we really have enough sailors out there to man 15 more ships and 3 subs? Do we really need more ships, subs and weapons? To fight who? We currently spend 53 cents of each of our hard earned taxpayer dollar to toward defense spending, for a staggering $717 billion dollars per year and Mitt actually wants to spend more? Incredible!

Let me think about this! Romney is going to cut taxes for the wealthy, Build more ships for the Navy, Ballance the budget, pay down the national debt, and put millions of people back to work at the jobs he sent overseas. What type of fuzzie math does he use?

I can’t believe that there are still some people so ignorant as to believe that President Obama is not a real citizen and that he never went to a real university in the United States. First of all, do you think that a Black man could get away with becoming a United States Senator,and President without being a citizen? You don’t have any faith in those who live to castigate and spew venom on Black leaders in America who have stepped into the spot light while living up to their true potential. Secondly, it is hard enough for a college graduate to get his or her transcipt after attending a university, and you think a gifted man like President Obama could have gotten this far with fabricated transcripts? Remember, you’ve got to look at the color factor. He has been investigated more times than there are stars in the sky just because he said, ” I have the audacity to do this.” Everybody needs to learn his/her place, and that place is side by side with people of color. President Obama is an intelligent, thoughtful, human being and he deserves respect. Now, we can see why he deserves the Nobel Prize for Peace and the best is yet to come.

Bet he has some stock invested in the contractors building those ships too.

“We currently spend 53 cents of each of our hard earned taxpayer dollar to toward defense spending”

Nonsense on stilts. Utterly without factual foundation.

Let’s do a quick bit of kitchen table arithmetic.

In fiscal year 2012, the federal budget was $3.796T. The defense component of which (including the Iraq and Afghanistan war cost) was $671B.

That works out to defense spending consuming a whopping 17.7 cents of each budget dollar. Not the claimed 53 cents.

Why not fire more CO’s from the Navy whom have no spine, to do their F—king job! You some examples let me know!

you want some examples let me know! Write in Ron Paul or have more terrorism on US soil. Watch and see.

Who is combat Seabee??

Romney is a lunatic. Sure his plan is to bankrupt the USA. He’s a chickenhawk: when he was young he was chicken and didn’t join the military. Now that he is old he is a hawk wanting blood. Yeah, none of kids served in the military.….….….….….….vote republican and take it in the ass for four years.

He is full of shit!

Ron Paul!! Write him in.

Your right.….….….…voting for Romney is like putting a big sign out in your yard describing where your valueables are hidden. Cut taxes.….……for rich people.….….……out source jobs.….….….….…hide your personnel wealth in the camen island. Then spend money you don’t have like the Bush’s and Reagen did and blame it on Jimmy Carter.

Dumb ass awards. PBS is over the air video. Clear Channel etc is voice(radio). NPR is not PBS… Now I would gladly cut NPR’s funding as well. I would also reinstate the rule saying that no person/company can own more than 1 type of radio station per market so as to maintain free speech.

I likewise would tax the wealthy at a higher rate. I would likewise eliminate EIC allowing the supposed poor to dodge paying taxes. I would implement federal dollars for food stamps to ONLY go towards basic food, flour, potatoes. If States want to increase their food stamps to non basic life giving foods and let the supposed “poor” buy potato chips, beer, meat, then that is up to them. We don’t need to be encouraging those without jobs to suck on the governments tieat. My pocket book.

“… Since when do you hear of F18s keeping the skies over us, friendly…”

In the hours and days that followed 9/11, Canadian CF18s flew air cover over North America and in paritcular, over some US cities as their crews were on training duty at US bases. Similarly, Australian RAAF crews also flew cover over US cities, and their PM, John Howard, was in Washington to witness the events at the Pentagon.

You might also recall that CF-18s have flown air defence missions over northern Canada since the mid-1980s, and done son very effectively. Last time I checked, that was a major potential ingress point to North America. So, to answer your question, the F-18 and CF-18 have flown air cover over Canada and the US, and done a very good job at it. Which is more than we can say for the F-22 or F-35.

Tip of the spear! hahahahaha Todays Navy is a bunch of bitches~!!

Think what you might. President O’bama is three times the President that that moran from Texas will ever be. If McCain was President.….….….…he would have has in a war with Iran, Ground troops in Libya and Syria. However, he probably would of died in offfice and the barracuda from Alaska would be the Prez wondering what newspapers she should be reading!

His mother made his birth cert. thats old news.

Don’t worry.….….….….….…..Romney isn’t going to be elected. Then again if that imbecile Bush can get elected.….….….….….….Romney might.

Hey squid your a moran.….….….….….…..keeping thinking being republican is wonderful. When Romney and Ryan get in.….….….….they will probably do away with military pension. Romney is not worthly to kiss O’Bama’s ass! You must been out to sea a long time.

That’s the most intelligent response I have read. Who’s going to pay for it, especially when you cut taxes on large corporations.….….….….the wealthy.….….….….….….…..and then stick it to the middle class.

Well Lance.….….….don’t worry, not all fo the american people are brain dead in voting for Romney. If Romney becomes commander in chief.….….….……this country will be defeated. Both ecomocially and by foreign militarys. This country can’t fight the whole world. Why do think Obama recieved the Nobel Peace Prize. The world didn’t have to worry about being invaded by a war criminall (“W”)/ Who knows what langauge we will have to speak.….….…..Chinese.….….….Arabic.….….….….…. if Romney is President.

Obama is three times the President that George “dummy Bush” was. And, after almost four years.….…..Romney isn’t even worry to kiss his ass! Vote republican in November and take it up the ass for four years. He will bankrupt the country.….….…..out source our military to China and Pakistan. What about all those WMD in Iraq. What about all americans killed and wounded because of Bush and Cheney. Those are two clowns that screwed this country and people like you voted for the ass holes!

Amen Brother!.….….….….….……Romney will bankrupt this country.….….….…..and anarchy will happen. He will make George W. Bush look like a great president which he wasn’t.

quit drinking your bathwater. It does terriable things to mind!

You must be an imbecile.….….….….….….….….…Romney.….….….….and watch how he .ucks the middle class. Don’t worry.….….….….he will out source the military to China or Pakistan, or even Mexico where his father was born. Keep voting republican and getting people killed for nothing. Also, the girl scouts doesn’t count for military service.

Yep.….….…..your a moran too. Obama is three times the President that Bush ever was. But vote republican and watch boy bankrupt the country. I guess he will out source our military. You Mark are a FOOL.….….….….….hopefully your gay and breeding.

Don’t worry.….…..if your boy Romney and Ryan get in , they will do away with your military pension because they believe your not deserving of it. So, be a fool and vote Romney.….……and then get a real job.

I agree. I just recently discovered the difference between defense and military spending. And that our military stands next to hired contractors who make quardruple (?guestimate) the amount the military person does for the same job. That’s reprehensible! Our military deserve better treatment than that!


Okay, I never intended for this to get political. I was merely saying that keeping Super Hornets in production was a good idea. I guess I forget it’s that time of season…

we need whatever is superior to Israels millitary. These guys are the ones calling the shots. Not the president or Mitt Romney

I thought I was the fatman, lol lol, seriously tho I hope he can manage to do what he states he wants to do, being a disable Naval Vet hurt in Nam, I see the need for a stronger defense for America.

well I dont like Romney, and he want get my vote ‚if he gets to be President I give it a few months and we will be at war again ‚.….….…Our boys and men need to come home .….….. Dont get me wrong my husband was in the Navy and I know alot a people that are Marines,in the Army , and etc.….….But it is time to make world peace for a while.….….….….

Sorry Grant, but I used to work with the Joint Tax Committee. I don’t know where you get your figures, but mine come from the CBO.

Typical. This stuff is libertarian tyrrany, free market uber alles economics. I liked Romney’s phrase, “trickle down government”. But what in fact is the multiplier for defense spending, anyhow ? And how does that compare, dollar for dollar, with investing in the stock market for job creation ? Why should the military have to go second class, not meeting its needs, be even less a priority than social welfare and entitlement programs that do NOTHING for the common good ? That just reward not working at all ?

Looks like the HuffPost Trolls are out in full force trying to defend their messiah.

Romney will not bankrupt this country, but he will take your welfare check away, too bad.

Yes they are in a panic, they can’t even get their DNC talking points straight. What they are really scared of is that Romney will bring back our economy and they will lose their welfare checks and have to actually go back to work.


While I am certain that politics play a part in the matter, let’s not forget that the F-14 required 40 hours of maintenance for every hour of flight time also. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Tomcat, but let’s not put all of this on politics.

I don’t Agree with that… Most states dont make enough money so they have to seek help from the Feds. Take a look at California… they have been the Red for years. I like this giving more to states taxes helps the feds in the long run. I also think we should be taxing ALL Casino’s including Indian Reservations. I think it is time we be come 1 America and stay away from the (your country)-American. i also will agree that spending (as long as it stays here) will help in the long run. To make money you have to spend money. By growing the Military you create jobs, more revenue= lower defecit my problem is with the Military using Civillians in jobs at 4 times the pay. sometimes more then that. By cutting the fat on lots of things would bolster lump sums of money. How about go look at the elected official retirement programs… why should a 1 term congress man get retirement pay of 15000 a month? when a military merber of 20 years might get 1500? Some people are look at the wrong things this is 2012 it is time to cut out the seperation because of your past or country of origin.

The Deficit can be closed by properly controling and managing spending, closing tax loop holes, cuting taxes which will go back into the economy to stimulate the economy thus creating job growth. Job Growth equals increased tax revenue to the treasury and Energy independence ensures we keep around $700 billion a year here at home!

On June 4th, 2009, when President Obama traveled to Cairo, Egypt and bowed his head to the Muslim World in a speech. He let the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic extremists, know that they had a fellow traveler and friend in the White House.
Yeah Obama, Speak softly and carry a big 9-iron

Only in America! We have a President running for re-election and he is running ads and more concerned about Sesame Street and the Muppets instead of the state of our economy, creating jobs and getting people back to work, the deficit, and problems in the Middle East.

You got that right! Could the damage be any more stark? I mean, when an LCS costs more than a battleship. At what point do people become so incipid and docile as to accept that?

anti-jarhead, your comments, complete with misspellings and misunderstandings, rivals the previous president for folksy pseudo-illiteracy, and the current president for lack of factuality, with an apparent Irish spin (“O’Bama”, “moran”). Your hero’s job performance and debate performance (I used to do Lincoln-Douglas and Original Oratory) are dismal. His major skill is smiling at voters and making friends on tv. Romney doesn’t thrill me, but I feel he is nowhere near as bad a choice as the incumbent.

Go ahead and play Democrats vs. Republicans. After all, that’s worked so well at fixing all our problems in the past, why wouldn’t it work now, right? Only Republicans get money from Lockheed and Boeing — or do they? The published data says both sides get their fair share, with more going to which ever side is in power at the time. That’s why our elections are so nasty. It’s not that there are any policy differences between the two parties, but there’s a lot of money the winners get that the losers don’t get.

Again with the Irishization, anti-jarhead. Most of us don’t think republicans are wonderful, just not as willfully evil and misguided as communists, er democrats. I don’t know about Don, but I have 14 years of sea time — plenty of opportunity to think clearly with no kool-aid clouding the brain. And do you notice how the sailors use real names, while the anti-military chekists use pseudonyms? Who uses playground insults and can’t spell? Those hiding behind assumed names.

Not necessarily. We can streamline and consolidate to reduce the budget. And we should have a strategy of a larger navy of more, small units as the first line of defense. Those wars you mention were wars of choice. Freedom of navigation, anti-piracy, and sovereignty issues, and defense of territory are day-in, day-out.

What efforts? Obama hasn’t done anything to help the economy or the jobs. Had he even tried, before rushing to push his over-ambitious, unaffordable socialism, they might have tried. But he depended on an overwhelming democrat majority to marginalize the republicans, giving them no incentive to work with him. Then the public reacted and sent him a lot more republicans to deal with. What we need now is to send the useless and ineffective Reid and Pelosi home, along with every one of their party-mates. That’ll do far more for the economy and jobs than anything ANY democrat will ever do.

We have seen far too many years of the military being treated like a social experiment by liberal politicians. It should be viewed for what it is, a war-fighting entity for the defense of our republic, not some PC gathering place for pantywaists. Our military must be a force strong enough to deter any enemy from even considering an attack. No nation in the history of the planet has been attacked because it was seen as being powerful and unlikely to be defeated. USN(Ret)

Hey here’s a question — every branch is dropping it’s numbers, especially the Navy. The target I believe is 2400 by end of 2012. They already disbannded 1 active Seabee Batallion and 2 reserve batallions with 2–3 more yet to go. Who the hell is gonna staff these new ships and aircraft — and who the hell is gonna go to Afganistan and anywhere else the civilian contractors are screwing up and need the Seabees and Army engineers to go in and fix. By the way, I could care less about plastic silverware — I hated waiting to get to Kuwait to get bullets and a vest and having to count it back into the hand of my replacement because there wasan ammo shortage. Giving my relief my hat sweaty armor plates from my vest so he could put them in his shows we were sent to slaughter with out the propper equipment!

And how much time did you spend in the military that gives you the freedom to set at home on your ass and do what to help this nation? Who do you think will tuck you in bed at night when there is no military to protect you because we spent the money on freeloaders like yourself that think this country “owes you!”

U R very right especially about Mitt saying anything to get a vote. This recent talk about upsizing the Navy is just baloney. We simply can’t afford it and we really don’t need it. We will spend money keeping what we have working right.

Chief Electronic Tech retired.

Sorry boss, don’t know you told you we are out of Iraq, but, we definately are not. The media just dosen’t report on it any more. thousands of troups still there on regular rotation. Just and FYI for you.

The only things I buy online are those that are unavailable locally, factor in the shipping because it wasn’t available locally and I’ve paid “sales tax” of a sort. When I have figured the 6% for state tax it is often less than shipping, so make it available locally and I’ll buy and pay the sales tax, until then no thanks. Everybody eats, in my state food is tax free, put a 1% tax on food and state budgets will swell, only problem is that the 55ish Grandparents making $100K eat less (although possibly more expensive fare) than the 25ish couple making $35-40K with 2 or 3 kids, thereby putting a potentially larger burden on the young family. Hey, if the government sees no shame in young enlisted not making enough to avoid food stamps, then let the tax be part of those!!

I hope when you say “Socialism” that you realize that the U.S. military is the most socialistic organization in existence (health care provided, subsidized housing and medical). This is affordable? People need medical care, and every civilized country in the world does it, some very well. Pay attention to reality, please.

You must be high!!! Republicans is what got us here in the first place thanks to your boy Bush!

3 times the President? Oh, you mean the guy whose administration has increased the debt 5.6 trillion in less than 4 years, where Bush #2 increased it 4.4 trillion in 8 years, neither is good, but BHO is by far worse for our country than Bush was. BHO said he would get the economy right, or he’d be a one term President, stick to your guns, Barack, you didn’t square away the economy, so good bye!!

an LCS costs no where near the cost of a capital ship (we haven’t built a battleship in decades). Even an Arleigh Burke destoryer costs more than $1.8 billion each.

Don’t you know, Exnavy John, Romney is speaking in a Military based environment, so he taylored his grand speech accordingly. He is a businessman and is well versed on the technique of selling himself. Go listen to his real truth on matters of foreign policy, when he thought no one was listening.

There is a huge downside to these contractors beyond the demoralizing effect of getting more pay for the same job aspect that you mention. Often once a contractor gets a foot in the door by placing their first person with a government organization responsible for doing some particular function, then the contractor will lobby for that function to be expanded so they can provide more people to work there. The next thing you know is you have a government bureacracy that’s 10 times larger than it used to be with almost everyone in the place being from a contract labor company, and they’re all sitting on their butts getting paid by the hour.

Whether they are in a tent city in Afghanistan, in a government office building in Washington DC, or at a defense plant in Seattle, the game is all the same. These contractors get paid by the hour to do work that no one can verify they are doing, their pay is being skimmed by rich executives who lobby for more of the work to be done and encourage the people who work for them to work as slowly and stupidly as possible so more can be hired for longer to do the work.

How about keeping sailors around to sail the new ships. With the military cutbacks alot of sailors are forced to leave. How about cutting off the High Year Tenure that’s killing the Reserves. The Navy is losing alot of good sailors.

Which one of our prospective or up and coming enemies has submarines (?) first of all or have submarines comparable to what we have now? I say scratch one of those subs and give our military men and women a decent pay raise other than some pathetic 0.0000001 or 0.0000000002% or whatever nonsense being proposed. They ARE only the BEST MILITARY in the whole darn world and are still fighting a 10+ year war. How about that!?! Or crack to Mitt to just front the money for the new sub(s), I’m not hating mind you, but lord knows he can afford it.

I’m not a math professor but how are you going to build a large Armed Forces knowing it Cost and then in one breath say you are going to cut Taxes. I dont think romney has that much money if he came out of his own pocket to pay for that,OR DO HE!!. And who are we going to fight, Our Armed Forces can handle the mideast if properly use. We did severl times. Bin ladin, Saddam and all there leaders and their Armed Forces. Dont let romney fill your head with a bunch of political junk. He still rich and poor is still poor not always by choice. Remember they are all politican. The bible said it best. 10 percent of your earning to heip others, the more you make 10 PERCENT.…

The Fas cists were elected. Ever hear of “tyranny of the majority”?

Your are suffering from a serious influence of the Left Democrat Party math model. You need retrained that is why your “math ain’t working right”!

Wow, you are so far out there you can’t even see left field

EARTH TO ENERY47…COME IN ENERGY47.…Good to see there is still at least one astronaut in the space program that Obama and the Democrats killed.

read the comment below! As far a Romney saying “Anything” to get elected that is not really the case. The facts are that he has always been “in the center” . He wouldn’t have been elected in a DEMOCRATIC state if he wasn’t. The trouble is that politics is very polarizes and in the case of the Republican party one may call it fractured.
If not a muslim, Obama is certanly a sympethiser. When Romney served his mission in France it was not so he could “Dodge the Draft” but to spread Christianity. In any case he is not an Islamist and has very little trouble denoucing terrorists for what they are.
He want to build our defenses, something that is totally opposite of Obama, who wants to cut us down to 200 nukes. Read his book, it’s in there. He would just a soon turn us into a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.
Obama believes in ZERO SUM ECONOMICS which says that if you put money into one thing you have to take it from somewhere else. That America’s greatness is the result of exploiting other nations. He understands this because that is what he was taught in Islamic schools and even law schools.

Regan brought back old Battleships and repaired old Navy ships and pappa Bush saw better and got rid of the battleship and older ship to build a more advance Navy with and was working on the economy and save the country more then Regan and his Son Jr. I have more respect for him Papa Bush and he is an Old Salt Sailor… Romney Sorry tries to talk a good game he not coming out of his pocket for no one and he just saying words to the militay for votes republicans do that, domcratics will admitt they wont.

Great idea! We need Maritime Superiority in this unstable world. Those of us in the Military that have had to study Military Operations and Strategy are aware of Mahan’s 15 Martime Choke Points that need protection for both Military and World Economic considerations. In addition to keeping America strong, this will increase jobs in Newport News, Virginia, put people to work and help the economy in a positive way. Anyone who does not vote for Romney/Ryan is not thinking straight. We need to go the way of a Strong Economy, a Strong Military, and a Nation that protects its fellow Americans from harms way.

Thisis what he was saying over a year ago. It is really nothing new. The big problem with the “Flip-flopping” has to do with the Republican party it’s self, which is full of “Tea party” people, “libratarians acting as republicans” and other radicals. There were Republicanss running around sayng “Vote fior me and I’ll repeal Row vs Wade” Repeal all you want but the Supremem court already decided it to that is just a waste of time. Romney is not a lepard trying to change his spots. He had to agree with and run against some radical Right-wing folks to get the nomination. The facts are he was an Republacan in a democratic state. He has always been middle of the road.

About a month a go a Russian Akula sailed along the Eastern Sea Board all the way to the Carebibian with NO ONE TRACKING IT for TWO MONTHS. We have been decomissioning subs left and right since the end of the Cold War. Go ahead look up how many subs we have at this time. It is just a fraction of what we had.

Are you even listening to the news. Romney has had to go back everyday to apologize for misquoting things. I like what he is trying to do. But Romney seems to be put on some kind of a show. has anyone ever hear of the military ever getting such a large amount of ships in 1 year! Hell no. I am beginning to think he does go along with the flow. If he does provide this amount of ships. I want to talk to him too because we want a big pay raise. Oh has he said anything about a pay raise for the military.That separation pay from our families could be a fat check!.just finding it hard to swallow. i want to trust him but I see when the wind sails to the right then he moves to the right. when it moves to the left he moves to the left. He told this plan to a bunch of old retirees. What did they think of him.

You sir have no idea what you are talking about. I am in the Navy and in my rate i have to know what other navies in the world have and we are not the only ones with powerful subs. Without going into Secert material I can tell you we are not the only ones at the front of the sub-surface warfare area.

I am 100% behind a strong military. We need to protect the US. If this country wants to save money we need to stop giving billions of dollars to other countries that don’t like us. Take our hard earned tax dollars that we give away, build a strong military, create jobs and take care or our elderly and poor folks and our vets.

I don’t know the answers to your questions, but one thing I can assure you of is that the F-35 will get billions of dollars of funds next year because it is doing so well and will obviously help with all of those tasks (insert sarcasm).

Hey I take a little bit of an offense to your comment “spending like a sailor on liberty” being in the Navy for 19 years now I want to assure you unlike President Obama when we Sailors run out of money we don’t head over to the Xerox and print some more! LOL

I think that we should get rid of the F-35 all together and go with the Boeing X-32. I think that from what I saw of the JSF competition on Youtube that the clear choice was the X-32 from the start. Boeing even had new cost saving manufacturing processes. Is that even possible though, to cancel one program and go with another this late in the development?

At what point does it become the responsibility of government to spend our tax money more prudently instead of constantly increasing the tax burden on us. It is long past time to stop spending more than we take in. There is more than enough money to run this country if we stop spending money thoughtlessly and stop spending money to run other countries. You talk about eliminating generational welfare? Let’s start with ending welfare for countries that despise us. We should be able to save a heft buck right there.

Are you fucking kidding me ? The Hornet has an AESA radar and the range of the AIM-120D is 120 miles not 50…

If Romney becomes president, he should revive the F-22.

How dare facts ever be contrary to what you say. Don’t they know who you are? Obviously not!

C yes but the B is too heavy for marine ships and ops we dont need a Stealth VTOL Close support plane.

That what I say needs to be done. The law barring F-14 parts is a waste of time the Iranian make there own parts for them now. It was only a year the AIM-54 was retired before Tomcats. This was Dick Cheney’s idea he was in Boeing’s pocket for years for crappy Hornets.

We need a new fighter is what im saying.

How about no war!

Your crazy and in love with Romney its the other way around.

Your right and a proposed Strike Tomcat the F-14F was introduced and would have givin the navy a F-15E style bomber. It had a whole new super radar. Dick Cheney killed that off for his Hornet pay off.

Your just ingorant your cussing proves it the AIM-120 is a 50 mile missle and will NOT go 100+ miles the sci fi blog you read is wrong.

I’ve been around LCS for years and the majority of issues are that the majority of mission systems are still in development. along with which company acutally built them. The Independence class has been operational with little down time from builders related issues. The Freedom class which is of a steal hull design has had more isssues resulting in more peirside /yard repairs than actual underway time.

No from his first moments in Office in Pres HW Bushes Whit House he gunned to retire the Tomcat. maintenance on older A models yes was high but Ds had far less and the proposed F-14F would have solved the issue and gave the navy a long range strike fighter. But it was Cheney who killed that project and yet he ran for Senate he got millions form McDonald Douglas and later Boeing so Politics alot bigger in that decision.

Building more ships? With what money?? Makes no sense. The Navy is already broke!! If we do all of that wouldn’t that make the debt we are already dealing with worse? Ships Are not cheap to build Mr. Romney! Then the manning issue that the navy already has through PTS and ERB wouldnt make any sense.

Has Romney asked the Navy if they need three more subs? Why is it idiots like Romney spend tax payers money in the name of more jobs when it is wasting incredible sums of money on war machines we no longer need or want. We are a high tech society which means we need less ships and men/women to manned them. Just plain crazy…

I’m reading these post and have to laugh. Good old Romney, the man who keeps his money in off shore accounts want to lead this country. Hmm let me see there are two type of people who keeps their money in off shore accounts.. Crooks and gangsters, I wonder which one Romney is… Do you really want to vote for a guy who won’t come clean on his income?

“Your just ingorant”

Res ipsa loquitur.

“the AIM-120 is a 50 mile missle and will NOT go 100+ mile”

The AIM-120D is specifically redesigned for extended range.

“No from his first moments in Office in Pres HW Bushes Whit House he gunned to retire the Tomcat.”

From G.H.W. Bush’s first moments in office, he faced a House totally controlled by liberal Democrats, and a Senate totally controlled by liberal Democrats, both of whom were intent on imposing sweeping defense cuts over any White House objections. G.H.W. Bush asked for more defense money than he got.

Given the amount of money the Congress gave Bush for defense, putting Tomcat on an eventual retirement trajectory was non-optional.

Would a new-build strike Tomcat equivalent to the F-15E have given NAVAIR amazing new capabilities? It sure would have. Just as surely as if my aunt had b—s, she’d be my uncle.

But my aunt is not thus equipped. And the Naval budget was similarly not equipped to be buying advanced new Tomcats in the post-1989 time frame. There was barely enough NAVAIR money to keep the classic Tomcat embarked on carrier decks. It costs a ton of money to fly that plane.

“But it was Cheney who killed that project and yet he ran for Senate he got millions form McDonald Douglas”

McDonnell Douglas. McDonalds make burgers and fries.

As for when Cheney “ran for Senate”, that’s another thing that exists only in one commenter’s fervid imagination.

As a navy vet one cannot deny the navy has the best pilots on the face of the earth. Try to get n airforce pilot to land on a moving flight deck . Also the air force plays taxi service to pelosi and other wasting billions of dolars a year in man power and fuel

As a navy vet one cannot deny the navy has the best pilots on the face of the earth. Try to get n airforce pilot to land on a moving flight deck . Also the air force plays taxi service to pelosi and other wasting billions of dolars a year in man power and fuel

Don’r forget the Republican House passed a Defense budget but the Democrat Senate could not because they would have cut more than the Repubilcans wanted to. Obama promised a transparent administration but he brought in his “tzars” to run amok and spend as much as they wanted to because they had no budget to hold them back. Defense was cut back drastically over the past 3 years.

“Also the air force plays taxi service to pelosi and other wasting billions of dolars a year in man power and fuel”

Fortunately, Air Pelosi shut down when the Democrats lost control of the House. Meaning that Pelosi was no longer House Majority Leader.

The history of Air Pelosi is instructive. It shows you just how arrogant, self-indulgent and spendthrift elite liberals are.

After 9/11, the security officers of the House decreed that the House Majority Leader must not fly commercial. (The HML is second in line after the VP to assume the Presidency in a national crisis.)

The HML at that time was Republican Dennis Hastert. He used a small USAF executive jet to get around.

When the GOP lost the House in 2006, Pelosi became the HML. The Air Force said they would fly her back and forth to her California home district in the same small plane they had used to transport her Republican predecessor.

Pelosi threw a huge shrieking tantrum. The plane Hastert had used couldn’t make it to CA without making a… wait for it… en route refueling stop.

No security issues there. Any such refueling would have been done at a secure mid-continent USAF base like Offutt.

But Pelosi considered it hugely below her imperial dignity to have to land to get gas. And she insisted that USAF provide her with a far larger Boeing 757 instead. USAF eventually came up with a Gulfstream V as a compromise.

Pelosi proceeded to use that new plane as a personal air taxi, at taxpayer expense, giving free rides to campaign contributors, Congressional cronies, and her grown adult children.

Pelosi also insisted that her government plane be stocked at all times with gourmet food and booze. Not just booze. Expensive top shelf premium label booze. She racked up a staggering hundred thousand dollar plus airborne bar tab at public expense, according to Judicial Watch.


Air Pelosi went away when the Republicans took back the House in the 2010 mid-term elections.

Pelosi’s Republican successor as HML, John Boehner, flies commercial.

The math doesn’t add up.….. You can’t cut spending and then build up with more ships.

With each carrier costing several billion dollars apiece, where is the money going to come from Governor Romney? Will you and your rich buddies start paying taxes, or maybe even fork over the billions required for each ship/boat? I doubt it. Most likely he’s going to saddle the middle class even heavier with paying for it.

Saint Ronnie of the Ray-Gun came very close to breaking the bank, too. We got very lucky that the USSR cried ‘uncle’ first.

And Romney will certainly break the bank AND cause multiple wars if he is “elected”.

Dave—Thank you for seeing beyond pandering rhetoric just to get your vote. Surely, WE are intelligent enough to do arithmetic. Let’s be smart and analytical about requirements and capability as a country.

Well we are going to pay for it and if they get a Republican congress and senate, you will just get a blank check and go buy all the toys you want who cares about the money we will push it off on the Next Democract that will be in office like they just did with Obama.

Mike — I wholly agree!!! Because we served our country does not mean we are mindless spenders for just more stuff without due diligence and consideration. We are capable of loving our country and being intelligent citizens…it’s key our and our children’s future. Romney spells disastrous results for all.
Where is the writers balanced evaluation other than, yeah more dollars for DOD spending? Clearly a Romney guy…

HA HA, Romney is saying anything and everything to try and get elected. You should all feel ashamed for debating anything that man says as being serious.

I am NOT in the military — just happen to like the military​.com site — read a bunch of replies here and have a simple question.

What did Mitt Romney base his pledge for these ships on? Are there outstanding please from the navy for these particular ships?

Thanks for the service all you military folks — I’m just trying to understand this guy, thanks for putting up with a non-military question.

has there ever been a recent war we actually have had the proper equipment and preparation for?
Just give them the best a most versatile equipment. cut out the golf courses & useless bases we have.

The F-14s are dinosaurs.…Maintenance is a huge problem and expense for these old birds — kind of like the C-5s — they break down on the tarmac a lot.

For crying out loud! Please, I emplore you! Take an English course.

“where is the money going to come from Governor Romney? Will you and your rich buddies start paying taxes”

In case you hadn’t noticed, the rich in this country shoulder a hugely disproportionate share of the tax burden.

According to the IRS, the top 10% of earners in America account for a whopping 70% of all income taxes paid in the country.

So suggesting that they should “start paying taxes” reflects a comically naive grasp of the real state of affairs. The rich in America ARE paying taxes, and quite a lot of taxes, too.

Liberals love to pretend otherwise. Liberals love to pretend in general. A rather childish habit.

It’s cadets, not Keydets. How can you get that wrong, and how does a proofreader miss that?

Sounds to me that we have many intelligent Post Folk here, and I Mean that with sincerity! We are all U.S. Citizens and want and need what is in the Best intrest of Our Nation, not what gets somebody with Name recognition Re-Elected over and over. The Founding Fathers never meant for the Federal Government to be concerned with anything other than securing our Borders, Providing for Our National Defense and Last but not Least; making sure all the Soverign States within the Republic didn’t Screw their Nieghbors in regards to inter-state commerce. With that said, we should return the service to Our Nation to one that is Not a Lucrative Employment Opportunity, rather a position that True to Heart Folks want to be involved with to make the decesions that well inhance their Great Grandchildrens Lifes (i.e Posterity) and not their Own!!!! Former Navy Enlisted and Blue Collar U.S. Citizen.

Turn in the ObamaPhones … $$$$$

I think when we send our troops to war, we should just let them do what they’re trained to do — WIN. Stop tying their hands behind their backs with ridiculous rules of engagement. We fought and won an entire world war in four years, yet we’re still crapping around in Afghanistan.

It’s the top 10% of earners that account for most of the income earned so why is it so preposterous to expect them to pay 70% of the taxes?

Geo you full of it and dont know planes. Most F-14Ds flew fine till there unexpected retirement in 07. Most had highest praise from there crew.

We are generally 35 years ahead of any nation in our military capability. Pentagon is not requesting this increase.

I trust the Pentagon and CIA. The Pentagon major concern is the U S economy.

The country is already bankrupted by 0bummer, you dope. 5+trillion more added to the national debt by the kenyan.

spoken like a true bureaucrat.

right on

Unfortunately, writing in Ron Paul will give the election to the kenyan,

This guy has some of the dunmbest ideas I have ever heard, where is all this money going to come from? Building up for who? The way to go is the way Obama has already outlined, smaller leaner, more technologically advanced military, not a slow moving machine. More carriers, for what? If anything renovate the ones we have, save money jack ass, we will never go on another war alone thanks to Obama.


I was a grunt in vn the light infantry need a better assault weapon in the middle a 7.62 mm weapon for long range capability and accuracy

7.62 ak47s in the middle east sorry

The republicans filibuster everything good including all the bills to help veterans. Check the result of votes that are printed in the newspapers every week. Also Ryan and Romney flip flop so much, how do you know what they would do? Ryan would rather use more soldiers then use drones. Let him go to Afghanistan.

When the so called !st Lady can spent well over onwe and half million dollars to take her brats and their paid friends to a kids concert of sorts or spend a couple million dollars for she and the brats and their paid friends to go to Mexico City is stop, I am sure your math would improve or maybe you should take a refresher course..

The question is who is getting paid to build this equipment and how much are they going to pay contractors to work on them. Will it be another Haliburton? This man strongly supported the vietnam war and then went off on his mission missing any participation entirely. When asked if his sons served his country he stated that they were serving their country by promoting him on his presidential bid. I am an independent but I simply have no respect for this man. Either I will vote Democrat or I just wont vote at all but definitely not this idiot and I hope he never becomes Commander-In-Chief of this country. He is definitely “ready” to show America’s “strength” but doesn’t seem to be willing to allow his blood to be shed in the process. This man is pathetic.…

He is uninformed and has not set his priorities to meet the needs of the American people.

Hornets are multiple role aircraft, that save money not mention that they share common parts with the EA-18 gowlers.

I mean who makes this country produce. It’s our hard working determined people not non producing money people.

Bill, It disgusts me that the media says this idiot gets more support from the military than the current administration. Even if I totally hated the current administration, I would prefer not to vote than to vote for this idiot.…

Romney’s isn’t a defense butget, it is a Electdric Boat Company budget! Ditto for all the other Military INDUSTRIAL Complex corporations. I’m with Dfens, have our highly qualified folks in house do more of the work — like our Lybian Ambasador would still be alive if the Marines we guarding that consolatae.

First of all Exnavy John S.
I highly doubt that you are ex anything other than running your mouth. Definitely not ex-military or you would know our military is second to none. There is no country that doubts our military efficiency. In other words your statement is baseless.…

This is what i have been saying for years only the strong survive and we need to make our military twice as strong as it is today, you think our enemies won’t take us out if they had the chance or our allies respect us if we are weak.The key to survival is staying on top.we need strong leaders leading this country,if someone pushes us we push back twice as hard no talking just action.

Using political propaganda i.e. using Mitt Romney’s fame simply to boost military pursuits is not a sufficient method to increase military support. As of right now, you are still under authority of the Commander in Chief.

That’s extreme. get a grip


What do you know about the LCS program? The LM version or BIW version. You have seen that the LCS will become the frigates of the fleet. Educate yourself on the program before saying — cancel the LCS.

What a bunch of Crap. Cash for clunker only increased the price of used cars. It got rid of many good used cars. It was the biggest failure of BHO.

How do more subs help us fight terrorism or promote stability in Afghanistan or Syria? Why is it that Republicans are the party of big government programs when they involve foreign nation building but not building America? They seem to have en endless appetite for money for Baghdad and Kabul that they would never invest in NY or Cleveland or LA or Miami or Dallas or Detroit.…

I agree partially with that statement. Unfortunately I don’t think military folk have the training either to do the job right. Even if they are taught in tech school the IBC, NEC, UPC, ASHRAE, NFPA or even our own UFCs which reference all the aforementioned industry codes. The young men and women get in the field and are taught either hand me down knowledge from their NCOs or are ordered from above to make it happen, codes be damned. About eight months ago, I read in an ASCE blog where an AE firm won a large contract in Iraq to build a sports center. When the AE got there, they found out Iraq had no established building codes. What in the hell were we doing for a decade in Iraq without establishing some kind of basic building codes? I digress, the DoD has so much inherent waste, these upcoming cuts are forcing us to work smarter, get rid of excess footprint, manage our assets when we really have no clue how many we have.

11 carriers task groups are what is needed. As we lose ships like the enterprise, they need to be replaced. What happened when Clinton came in 1992, he asked for a trillion from the navy, army and air force. This meant 1/2 of the 688 Fast attack subs were put in month balls @ 15 years, only half the normal life time of the subs. What a waste of money. and we continued to build new Submarines. but we saved Clinton 1 trillion over 7 years.

Because they are also the ones who put up the money to build the 1.5 bil dollar refineries and factories and all the other buisnesses which the country has to have.

Plus the question is why should people who dont work and never really have never contribute and cause most of its crime (no its not racism its fact-people from lower income housing and who live on welfare are more likely to be in prison no matter the color) expect the rest of the nation to take care of them?

THATS a question i’d love answered.

Who the fuck do you think pays those people dumbass.

I swear people have gotten dumber by the year. By the time i die everyone will be dribbling morons.

I am a civilian. I subscribed to this site to learn more about our military and how the interaction between our military and our government works. I want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your service and the sacrifices you and your families have made to allow persons, such as myself, the opportunities and freedoms that I have! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Your right he hasn’t shed his blood in this war. But of course you have. You are part of that 1% who has done all of the fighting and dying right?

Now that i can agree with.

I have a son who is a crew chief in the air force. He sees waste all the time. You only have to read the daily contract list to see all the money the DOD waste in contracts and studies which cost the taxpayers billions of dollars and accomplish nothing.The F-35 is a disgrace to this country and to Lockheed Martin. We need to replace the generals and admirals in the DOD with engineers and accountants who know what the difference is between a washing machine and an airplane. The main problem is giving them billions of dollars with no accounting of how it is spent. Have they ever given back as much as one dollar because they do not need it? No wonder this country is headed for the hole the Roman Empire jumped into.

100% agree!

For your information, I served in Baghdad. I was part of the first division to relieve the 3rd Infantry Division. I was in the 1st Armored Divison. I arrived there in April, 2003 and left July 2004. I was a Platoon sergeant in charge of escorting several missions throughout Iraq. I served an additional year with the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan. I served 22 year before I retired. My brother served 20 years. My younger brother served 6 years and was stationed in Jordan during the Iraq war. What did you do?

How does Mr. Romney intend to pay for thses ships?

REAGAN did it right when it really did not have to be done to start with. I want 3 carriers, east coast 3, west coast 3, 1 in the Gulf all anchored or “slowly” patrolling MY Country , 1000 miles out. Maritime laws allow protective measures can be used

As long as they dont cut my lobster in the USAF Mess im happy. :P j/k

yeah, calling him a maggot is an insult to maggots everywhere…

I don’t know anyone that was proud of Obama as their CIC.. can you tell me exactly what he did to make the military “proud” of him?

Instead of spending all of this money on things we do not need as if our navy is not strong and as if our problems in the middle east require extensive naval power as if this is WW2 era he should instead use this extra 500 B from which we don’t know where it is going to come from to help create jobs and affordable health care for that 47% he claims he cares about. If anything certainly cyber com and spec ops should be expanded because that is where the future of warfare is going. Romney has no clue about the military and heis going to take advice from the same advisors who claimed WMDs in Iraq. No way do I want a liar and an out of touch rich man to be my commander. I commend the President for all the help he has given to my veteran brothers and troops coming home from war with jobs and everything else

Reagan built the military, and lo and behold no more Soviet Union.….no more MADD.….strength equals safety

Let me know when to start speaking Chinese.……weakness spells trouble everytime.…look back in history

At least Bush didn’t apologize to AQ for losing all those guys who flew into the Twin Towers, or the Pentagon.….Obama probably would have compensated the families of the guys killed by the passengers of the aircraft that didn’t get to their target. Ya, I’m sure we would have loved to have Obama as President at that time.….….YOU FOOOL

Bush started that program !

Someone explain to me about all the flack over the F-22 and pilots blacking out. I hear the this is going to be a problem with the F-35 as well. Supposedly, the Oxygen system has been completely overhauled and it is still happening. I read one comment that it has something to do with the maneuverability of the aircraft exceeds human phyisology to cope with it. Any ideas on the subject

A bigger force isn’t necessarily stronger, we need a more modern, lighter, more flexible force that can get in, do the job, and get out quickly while minimizing casualties. The modern battlefield should only utilize ground troops when there is no other option or to help pick up the garbage from the rubble. Romney speaks as he is ready to get us into another war, a guy that kind of dodged the draft but can speak so tough, funny. If we gear our forces with the latest and greatest advancements in weaponry, stealth, and armor, we don’t need a bigger force because our technological advantage would give us an edge. Another point is that now that President Obama has repaired our standing with our allies, we don’t have to go at it alone and there are many more options than going to war “a la Bush”. Re-evaluate your stance bro, our guys need to come back home and start rebuilding in house here. Get the treatment and training they need to become leaders in our own economy.


The American Military should always be number one and second to none.

With 2000 tanks in storage and with the changing needs we need a whole lot less $400 million fighters, and $4 billion ships. We need more “cheap” drones, they are the face of modern warfare. The manned fighter/bomber will be obsolete before the F35 is even fielded.

Mitt’s (and GOP’s) proposition of lower taxes creating jobs and bolstering the economy has NO basis in fact or history of the US economy. Too many brain dead sheep-like citizens actually have come to believe this economic fairy tale without one shred of evidence. Our nation’s defense posture is NOT Mitt’s concern or objective; keeping his corporate friends in his pockets is.

“lower taxes creating jobs and bolstering the economy has NO basis in fact or history”

A claim made without citing any facts or history. Speaks volumes.

Lower taxes worked amazingly well for Reagan. Here are some actual facts and history to back that up.

2012 is Obama’s fourth year in office. Let’s compare it to Reagan’s fourth year in office, which was 1984.

Under Reaganomics, real GDP grew at 7.2% that year. This year, under Obamanomics, real GDP is growing at about 1.3%.

Note that Reagan grew the economy much faster than the rate of population growth. Per capita, Americans all became better off thanks to Reaganomics.

Whereas under Obama, the economy is growing *slower* than the rate of population growth. Per capita, Americans all are becoming worse off thanks to Obamanomics.

Real after-tax take-home pay for American workers went up strongly under Reagan in 1984. Under Obama in 2012, real after-tax take-home pay is stagnating. It actually fell last month.

Under Reagan in 1984, there was strong growth in all categories of new jobs: high wage, middle wage and low wage. Whereas under Obama in 2012, new jobs are disproportionately low-wage.

Not only are Obamanomic jobs mostly low-wage, they’re also mostly part-time. The Bureau of Labor Statistics say that nearly 2/3 of the new jobs created in September of 2012 were part-time work. With little or no benefits.

Debt and deficit growth under Obama has been far faster than under Reagan. In fact, debt and deficit growth under Obama have been faster than any other President in our entire national history.

As of just a few weeks ago, it became official: Obama has added more to the debt in four years than his predecessor added in eight years.

Obama claimed upon taking office that the deficit for fiscal year 2012 would be $500B. It is instead $1.1T. More than twice as large.

These are the hard facts and actual history. Make of them what you will.

romney, Wants to cut deficit — Wants to spends millions and millions on unnecessary military hardware. What a crock.

That’s all we need is more submarines. I worked for the DOD on Submarines for over 2 decades. We already have 14 SSBN’s doing circles on both our coasts loaded to the gills with A Bombs. When are we going to quit being the world’s cops and start spending money on our infrastructure?

By increasing the number of workers who pay taxes and lowering the number employed the government brings in more money as under kennedy regan and bush

“That’s what we need. A President that dodged the draft, had 4 deferments, be Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces. I was a Navy man for 6 years. Romney is a Coward” Here here! 12 years in Subs myself.

It’s easy to start a war if one is not invested in the prosecution (i.e. yourself or your kids) and completely illiterate of the consequences. Romney is dumber than a “box of rocks” in this respect. Besides he’s flip-flopped on every issue soooooo many times why would one believe he would follow through on these promises. Likely, he’d flip and cut defense spending. Shave tail louie mentality. He’s a frickin’ moron, not to be trusted, will say ANYTHING to get elected, and the very last guy I’d want watchin’ my six..

Don’t you mean “Speak loudly and BE a limp dick.”

It is time for a president such as Romney. It is very important to have a strong image when it comes to military. We are dealing with a different culture when it comes to the middle east and all rest of the world. We must be strong and prepaired at all time. Proud to be an American!

Exnavy John, I too highly doubt you spent any time active duty, and if you did it was stateside in some cushy supply office driving a desk. You sound like some gutless supply girl.

Even after Obama signed the last START treaty (and thank God for that) we still have enough nuclear strength to vaporize any of he countries being discussed here. Hang is, Romney would probably choose to follow that path in a skirmish. Obama’s 4 year record vastly outshines Bush’s. We’re out of Iraq, like promised. Osama Bin Laden is dead, like promised. A definite date has been set to end the war in Afghanistan, like promised. The VA is stronger than ever, and I have first hand knowledge of this. And Obama has resisted putting boots on the ground in all the new cat fights in the middle east. And he’s not starting any new wars for oil.

I want a CinC that really seriously considers the personal price that will be paid by the cream of the crop Americans, our solders, sailors, airmen, marines, and coasties, before committing to a conflict.

As a footnote the war in Iraq lasted longer than WWII as has the war in Afghanistan. And if you don’t think those are/were real wars I suggest you enlist and participate a little, else shut the F*&^% up.

Here here Master Chief

If Rommey uses his experience at Bane Capital that he is always bragging about, he should be able to layoff the unproductive portions of the military branches, restructure the remaining and sell it off to a private investment firm for a nice profit.

Simple, Cut foreign aid to EVERYONE! except Israel, as specially all the “stan” countries that CALL THE U.S. THERE ENEMY.

Fallacious logic. Fewer ships in the fleet means your rotation cycle just spins faster. And faster. And faster. Until your systems just break down and you cannot keep up the OPTEMPO. MCOs just accelerate the pace, but the Navy cannot even sustain itself at peacetime OPTEMPO with this baseline. Gotta fix it somehow.

And you do not hear Bob Gates hollering from the sidelines about how wrong all this is. All fired Air Force generals. All the cowed Army generals. All the surge, all the devastated modernization programs, all the hype about keeping force structure up. All the “efficiencies”. All for nothing.

It works if you cut foreign aid, stop wasting billions of dollars on “the war on drugs”. There is a whole slue of government programs, grants and pure waist of money that could be shut down.
Leglize Hemp and Marijuana and tax it like liquor and tobacco. For example Ca. in 2010 made Fifty million in taxes from medical marijuana. http://​norml​.org/​n​e​w​s​/​2​0​1​2​/​1​0​/​1​1​/​m​i​s​s​o​u​r​i​-​r​e​g​u​lat
The report estimates that legalizing cannabis in Missouri would save about $90 million in government expenditure and yield some $59 million in new tax revenue annually.
Now what’s $90 million times fifty states. That’s $4 billion 5 hundred million dollars
and the math on tax revenue 59X50=2,950,000,000Thats over 7billion dollars should build a boat or two.

I read a lot of interestig remarks in this article some represent agreat deal of concern and not sure what the other drabble is trying to prove .We know what Obama can do bow to Arab emmirates suck up to Chavez make up excuses for dignitaries dieing in Libiya.I say give Mitt a chance to return some digiity to this former great Nation

Basically I agree with the point — there is not much left to give back in discretionary spending cuts. Romney’s approach is pretty simple: Cap federal spending at 20% of GDP, ped defense spending at 4% of GDP, and reduce non-defense discretionary spending by 5% across the board. Clearly, you will not get to a balanced budget without increasing revenues. If you get back to full employment, the deficit goes away — until the next recession hits. If you don’t get to full employment, the country bleeds to death financially, and the problem just keeps getting worse. At home Most of us are trying to pay down our debt as quickly as possible to build back equity. The nation needs to do the same. This could mean that there are worse choices than means testing entitlements and raising taxes.

Are you willing to keep these people employed for 20 to 30 years ? If not, then don’t make the commitment that comes with employment in the civil service — or the military, as far as I’m concerned. Both parties play hell with that commitment, reneging on the promise of job security and a stable future. This is unjust and they need to be called on it. There is a proper place for contractors in the defense work force, It is an honorable calling and there is a real need for people who are willing to adopt that lifestyle.

Gates got out before the eggs he laid came to roost. All his grandiose language and sweeping decisions that came down hard on his predecessor’s legacy — all that just deferred the hard choices until he was out of town. Now the chickens are coming home to roost, we can see the emptiness and falsehood behind the “smart power”, “capacity building” and counterinsurgency rhetoric. It ain’t pretty to watch.

I smell a little bit of service envy going on here.

Exempt employees get straight time at best for overtime. In most cases, such people work on a salaried basis, so their effective rate is based on their compensation times the “multiplier” (accounts for overhead costs and fee), divided by the number of hours they work. Most contractors are non-union, so they work as hard as the task requires. Government managers who know what they are doing know how to keep their contractors motivated, on task and productive. Also — don’t ever let it get personal. Whether the contract is big or small, long or short, eventually, contractors part ways with their sponsors. It is better to part friends, with mutual respect. Contractors remember the government managers who treated them wrong — usually that is a sign that those are the kind of managers who don’t think they owe contractors any form of respect or just treatment.

But this does raise the question as to why the military cannot maintain its baseline force without GWOT funding levels. DId we take just a little too much “peace dividend” in the 1990s ? Hmmh ?

All I gotta say is this…billions for defense, but not one red cent — or a decent promotion path for minesweepers. What kind of “get well” plan is it that pours tons of money into the blue water navy, but continues to keep the brown water navy poor as a church mouse. And then all the CBSA folks cry us a river about anti-access and area denial !! Put your money and your strategy where your mouth is, John Lehman !

Here is the problem. The US Navy does not have a combined arms doctrine. The manner in which it defines and builds systems is highly reductionist. Everything it does gets poured into cylinders of excellence: Strike, Air Defense, Surface Warfare, USW — and never comes out again. Training is confined to the schoolhouse, not the commander’s responsiblity.This is not Romney’s fault. What the Navy needs is a new reform cadre that will raise up a band of brothers — some real James T. Kirks and Horatio Hornblowers — who grew up on smaller ships to become admirals. The core of this problem is leadership and vision. Only then will you get back a Navy that fights with men rather than uses men to fight the platforms they serve. The problem is not the ship. The problem is people. If Lehman understands this, I missed the memo.

Frankly, if Romney is talking about beefing up the Navy, that is a completely different thing than committing the Army to yet another ground campaign. So I would not make the assumption that Romney has any such intention. But I would also like to oppose the false idea that if we just make our forces more high tech, more “agile”, more “special” (as in special operations), that somehow we are making them less vulnerable. Where does that idea come from ? And why do we think that if we just engage indiscriminately from long range, that is a good idea ? ALL services need to be able to wage the close-in fight, where ever they are. Because that, my friends, is where the threat is waiting for you, and you cannot avoid it there. Get there first with the most. Always fight to win. Speed and Power.

Try again. There are plenty of ways that subs can support spec ops, Especially if the country of interest has a coastline. Think speed. Think power. Not the way they teach you at Fort Benning.

I think the Navy will probably need ships for the foreseeable future. You don’t need a deluxe crystal ball to figure that one out.

As an engineer who works for a defense contractor, I can tell you with authority that I get paid by the hour to do what should be a salaried job, which is, obviously, engineering. And the company I work for does everything in its power to keep me from doing my job every single day. It is no secret why. The better they keep me from doing my job, the more money they make. As all contractors work under similar contracts, the same is generally true across government contractors.

Wow can I “like” this twice?

I never would have believed I would read all of this crap that people on this forum are writing. Obama was raised as a socialist-FACT, his mentors were communists-FACT. A very large portion of his Billion dollars for his re-election is being funded by people in other countries-FACT. To say Romney is anything but 100% for everything American is Obama bull crap lies. Obama is the master of lying and is in fact the Liar in Chief , and Military, either X or present are supporting him, this country is screwed to the wall and with our military people supporting him, we are finished.

I am sure China will loan us the money to build all these ships.

Yeah, I’m real impressed with Obama’s military prowess. Where was it he served?? He couldn’t even make a decision to finally take out UBL without a kick in the a** from SecDef!

This guy is another W. He’s going to bury us in debt and the little guy is going to pay for it. Our Navy is large enough. This money is better spend helping our economy.

the little you understand.

the wars that the GOP keeps putting us in

very true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

china would like to build them for us

Our Navy is now the largest and most well equipped Navy in the World.The next 13 in line can not touch our power. We don’t need a larger Navy. This is just a scheme to help the rich. Small businesses don’t build ships. If he wants to spend money, spend it on Vets, military personnel, health benefits, and law enforcement. These are the areas that need it.

We need to spend more on a large navy. Those mideast terrorists have alot of subs and aircraft carriers. Romney is a real smart warrior.

OK Paul, I am a Service member
What about the WAR in Iraq Bush Started?…I guess we quit looking for weapons of mass distruction.…
What about all the soldiers that lost their lives because of Bush #2.…..My brothers in arms..
no way Bush #2 was a better President then Obama, Bush #2 left the country in a mess,
don’t matter who came after him it will take more then 4 years to clean it up…The only way we will built our economy is to work together, and it have to start with our leaders ( The people we put in power) Which will never happen, we are living in a country that is divided…The Last time America stood together was on September 11 2001…with that being said, putting Romney in office will not make a difference if we can’t agree in Congress.…TEAMWORK!… My fellow Americans.…TEAMWORK!

well if he cant his facts right in a debate and his vp cant either then why would i trust he could spend the money correctly to build up our defense and if he were to be questioned about it and asked the same questiondifferent ways he would have to opposite answers and the debates they both wanted to cut the military but if romneys party did then that would cripple us against thefight against terrorist. obama still has a plan to build the military and is for our military and if he cuts the military then how is that gonna benefit it ??? romney isnt able to keep things goin i wouldnt back him especially in this decision but i wouldnt mind seein the marines taxi service get a little bit bigger becuase we need more marines to be out there when the crap hits the fan.

Rick you need to wake up…Bush need to apologize to the American people for sending our Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters to Iraq to look for weapons of mass distruction that we never found, causing over 5,000 soldier to lose their lives…

you are simply not very bright then… Romney will be a horrid president… good thing he wont be elected… pheww!!!

wow lets just tell our could be enimies how many we got and how long it will take to build them. this is called really thinking out of duh box.

Welfare Check Moron.

Build up the Navy? What about the rest of the services? The repubs say, “lets build up the Navy” because it’s easy to say. The Navy don’t have ground troops, and any dummy will tell you, ground troops win wars, Navy and Air Force are support elements. I guess with ground troops he will do a dumfelts, “I guess we’ll just “go to war with the Army you have”, instead of the Army you need. NAWWW!!!!, we don’t wan’t rumney in the White House, and we certainly don’t wan’t him nowhere near the Military.….Then again.…he might just outsource our Military functions to China, I wonder how much money will that put in his stock portfolio.

And we also know you can lie like crap.….you want a cookie???

Really? You people claim that because a man got a deferment from the draft in order to serve his Church and God for two years as a full time missionary (not exactly an easy out like running to Canada) he is a draft dodger? Really? Although Mitt Romney and his sons didn’t serve in the military, every one of them served as missionaries for their church. Regardless of whether you like it or not, I count it as a blessing and a testament to freedom that every individual has the choice to decide whether they join the military or not. And that choice is for every individual to make and not their dad. Mitt didn’t join the military… ok… that was his choice.… his sons didn’t join… ok… every one of them made their own choice, so you can’t exactly blame that on Romney. No man no matter his influence can compel someone to serve in any capacity against their will.

Steve, I think these are good suggestions. Please present them to Romney/ Ryan. Godspeed.

Thats right keep blaming Bush! It’s Bush’s fault that they attacked and killed 4 American’s, it’s Bush“s fault that Obama is still blaming a you tube video and not putting the blame on the real problem.….Islam terrorism…extreamist! Oh yeah it’s Bush’s fault the Obama has added MORE to our dept than All the other presidents together.…That is proven fact. Be a man Obama and take reponsibility for your own actions.…Like a brtty kid it always someone elses fault.

Just take the money given to the green companies that failed and you can build alot of D.O.D.

We wage peace by being strong militarily.
We promote justice by being prepared to defend ourselves and others from the militarism of the ungodly.
We protect life by opposing tyrants and defending the defenseless.
We are children of God who seek after peace “blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God” –Jesus
By caring for our vets, we show love.
By honoring our President, we show respect for the rule of law and for
government which was established by God (even when we disagree with him on many things as I do with Obama).
By getting rid of our national debt we show wisdom and kindness to the next generation…and to ourselves.
By being wise with our own personal time and talents and money and with that of our own family, we can help the country to be strong again.
“If my people pray, I will hear from Heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their land.” This is God’s promise.
If we do what has made America strong in the past, we can be stronger still.
What did Washington, Lincoln and Reagan all have in common? These 3 Presidents all helped to make America strong, unified and free. It might help us to replicate the success if we know why and how they did it?
1. Each of them loved God. They each trusted in Jesus to forgive their sins, to be involved in the affairs of men and to guide and bless our nation.
2. Each of them built and backed the military. They all hated war, thus they were prepared for it and used it in the right way at the right time.
3. Each of them cared for others. Their accomplishments are important because they didn’t use their power for themselves but rather for the enrichment, the good and the freedom of others.
Jesus said: “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another.“
Lets have love for each other.
Democrat or Republican, there is more that unites us that that which divides us. And the things that divide us are usually semantics and prejudice and misunderstandings/ mischaracterizations (a plethora of false and incomplete ideas about the other American or their party); while the things that unite us are real, are important, are enduring (our love of freedom, justice, life). Let us seek to understand each other–we are on the same team.
Since we know that God places rulers in power, let us pray that He gives us the best leaders possible…and let us pray that we do not cast a vote in opposition to Him or to his desires.

Adding to the point above, Romney’s plan also hinges on a GDP growth rate of about 2x-3x more than it currently is right now. The probability of that increase happening real soon is unrealistic. Another problem people are not considering is the artificially low interest rates and inflation. If and when those industry cash reserves are unleashed inflation will rise ( any large injection of money will cause inflation) and interest rates cannot be kept this low for too long or things will continue to drag. The 15–20 million unemployed, most of those jobs will not come back, they have either been phased out or obsolete, unskilled labor and manufactoring. Its not about just getting them jobs to pay taxes, they have to be trained to be competitive in today’s environment. You can’t adequately deal with the debt and deficits without a level of amount of ecnomic growth. You have to make the proper investments up front and roll back as the economy grows to deal with the debt or you’ll just stall yourself. If Europe and Asia keep slowing than it makes things harder here.

This means employing workers who make enough such that their standard deduction is greater than taxable income.

I propose eliminating the standard deduction. Jonathan Swift would be pleased…

FDR did alright for a guy without military service. Jefferson Davis had more military experience than Lincoln…did that help?

Reagan did some filming as part of his military service, did that help? Carter was a submariner and it doesn’t stop people from hating on him. Bush Senior served in the Pacific and was shot down for his troubles, and it didn’t save him from the “peace dividend” recession.

The federal government would only benefit if it were a national sales tax. There are some states who have made it so that companies who do business on line must collect the apprpriate sales tax and remit them back to the state where the purchase is initiated. I don’t have a problem with maintaining a stron military, but is government going tobuy what we, the military, need or what some Congressman or Senator, whose local defense contractor wants to provide? I still don’t hear a lot of desire for the Osprey yet because some Congressman wanted to keep jobs in his district, the Marine Corps is burdened with an unsafe ill equipt aircraft. To be honest, I can understand why the Okinawans don’t want the Osprey in Okinawa.

Wait a minute…” One of the easiest to fact check claims at the vice presidential debate Thursday night was Paul Ryan’s claim that he and Mitt Romney do not propose to increase military spending by $2 trillion over the next 10 years.” So where the submarines coming from…Subway’s.

Ok he’ll increase taxes for the next ten years. This guys words come from a $2.00 radio. The changes more than his words.

I say I would rather see the $$ spend on strengthing our Military Power than shipping the dollars to commercial gain enterprises only.

When we finally arrive in that “world” were hate doesn’t breed extremists and all extreme/intolerant dictators are brought down, then maybe we can focus less on a large military presence, But until then lets “talk softly and carry a big stick!”

Nimitz Class carriers are 4.5 billion each, while the new Ford Class are 11 Billion each. They employ fewer Sailors and government contractors so operating costs are lower, but it is a hard pill to swallow in these economic times…

Ok I’m one of those persons who thinks our military is big enough as is, and I would advocate a very strong military. However, I wouldn’t trust these promises by Romney. I believe he knows perfectly that we don’t need any damn Subs, but he’s only pandering to the base with this “Military Buildup” claim. This is the same guy who claims to be serious about the deficit, well so am I. I understand that the shipping industry needs jobs and I’m all for it, but why can’t this “business man” understand that you can create and sustain jobs by repairing and re-purposing old and current ships? Save a ton of money and keep the industry alive. Clearly that guy would say whatever to be elected. I say… F*ck Romney and his promises. I don’t see why he can’t be happy with money and live life.

Romney was the one that started the Sesame Street issue. It wasn’t an issue before Romney brought it up. Now that Obama responded to the ludicrousness of it all, now you’re complaining? You do understand that the Sesame Street budget is 23M a year right? Tax cuts for those scamming the system 5+ Billion. You do do the research right, and not listen to FOX news all day long, which I do by the way. So I know what they’re saying. I watch FOX for entertainment, not NEWs. So is MSNBC also, so don’t bother with the “lame stream media” crap.

Whether this is affordable or not depends on the mix. There are some game changers out there, particularly new UAV technology which, when combined with satellites and modern link technology allows you to patrol large part of the ocean and even to have an attack capability (think predator or reaper) that can lessen the need for numbers in missions like freedom of navigation and piracy. That said, there will still be a need to have a visible people presence in these regions and that is where smaller, highly automated ships with small crews could come into play. That said, the need to be able to influence/change the outcome of world events by putting a carrier on scene (and a MEU if you really want to send a message) will be needed for decades to come. Do we need 11 carriers and 11 air wings? Who knows, but this is the one area that Presidents NEVER want to cut because they use them so often for “signaling” in potentially explosive situations– both to our enemies and to the American people that we are actually doing something.

I dont care how he’s going to do it but better start thinking about it if bill the dumb ass clinton not decided to cut down on our military strength do you guys think the Chinese will have the balls to extend their stupid 9 dash line bullshit I dont think so now the noodle sucking sons of bitches wants to control parts of Asia why because they know that we can no longer challenge them because we are lagging behind people. now those Chinese can impose their will wherever and whenever they want Good job Bill for being nice to those Chinese during you’re term you gave them the technological edge against us. now they have the guts to challenge us so better start thinking how we are going to strengthen our national defense cause if not the next war we will be on the losing end. remember history-repeats itself

“Not a Jarhead”, GO FUCK YOURSELF! Saying Obama was three times the president Bush was? At least Bush didnt have a mother who was a black dick whore. At least he has a Social Security number from the state he was born in. At least his father stuck around. At least he never sided with another country in a case against another state (Mexico vs Arizona). Its because of people like you our country is going to shit. Before you take shit about our military, GO FUCKING SERVE IN IT! That black bastard in the White House is one of the worst things that ever happend to this country! FUCK YOU! I hope someone kicks your ass for what you say. You are a COWARD SON OF A BITCH, I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE! Sounds like your mother shouldve taken it up the ass instead of allowing your sorry ass to live.

Those cuts were a consequence of the post Cold War recession and the demise of the Soviet Union. Bush Senior got a recession, and raised taxes to avoid contributing to Reagan’s deficit. Unfortunately, this came after his pledge on no new taxes.

If you were thinking of Loralgate, then that was Loral’s decision to give the Chinese rocket launch information that could be translated into BM’s; not a political one. In any case, considering the free market thinks it’s totally okay to make *everything* in the people’s republic makes it hard to blame the government…it’s not like an Executive Order was signed to do business in China. Companies were just stupid enough to fall for the “you must share IP or we will steal it” and “you must have N% local contractors and not just final assembly”.

You seem to forget the majority is Democrat’s. Republicans didn’t torpedo anything. Dems haven’t had a budget in 4 years. Be careful what you wish for. If Obama is re-elected you can bet your bottom dollar that we will be sitting ducks and the Muslim Brotherhood will be moving in right under your nose. So wake up and smell the roses before it is to late.

security of the country comes first .ALWAYS.. if you want the economy to work you want the people to feel safe FIRST

Please!; are you for real joe??? 20 YR. retired Navy Veteran here, served from 1984–2004 (Both Surface Navy and Naval Aviation!)
The best years were during the Regan era, and we WERE nearly at 600 ships,…if I recall we topped out at 594 in 1987,…so ONLY 6 units away from the 600 ship Navy that was envisioned!!!
Notice joe, this was AFTER Regan was elected to his 2nd term!
There is a GREAT deal of waste of $$$ in the DOD; and we should buy/spend smarter.…do away with LCS, nice idea BUT not enough bang for the buck and way over-cost, etc.…
12 Carrier battle groups should be the MINIMUM that we have!!!
QUIT ALL foreign aid to @ssholes that hate/want to kill us, IE: muslim brotherhood and other islamo-sh!tbags!
QUIT wasting $$$ on all the PC B.S., gay tolerance training and other silly social experiment B.S.!!!

Well only problem with that is that the govt would simply spend more wastefully and then we would have to brainstorm for another tax revenue polluted stream. There is a new reality show called “My Shopping Addiction”, and this title explains the dilemma we face. There is no need for the government to tax anything else online or off. They need to exercise some of the discipline that we who have served in the U.S. ARMED FORCES exercise even after discharge from military obligations.

I am a small business owner, it the gov’t cut down taxes, I have more money in my pocket, as a small business owner, we always beleived on duplicating ourself, which mean why should I work hard, since I have more money now I will hire somebody to duplicate my job. This new hire will pay taxes, will stop collecting unemployment, food stamps because he got a job. The taxes collected will be used for military and other project and help to pay our deficit. How much more with the corporations if you lower taxes more jobs will be generated.

with deficit spending people do need extra. i agree but with people budgeting so much with our inconsistent finances isn’t buying guns the last thing you should be worrying about?

Just be careful of what/why Romeny says about military spending, which of most will probably go to his supporters in the militiary contracting business for R&D that will never get to the deckplates.

Romney has no clue to what he is talking about. He did not know that you can land planes on a carrier. Really is he presidental matter. Hell no.

I really hope you are joking. Romney has the ability to be what he is today, only. Our president and vice is doing an outstanding job. Take a close look at what you are asking. I have.

Great working. Thanks for seeing Romney for he is.


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