Measuring the military’s vote

Measuring the military’s vote

The military has failed to bubble up as a key topic in this year’s election, but that hasn’t kept media outlets from trying to predict who the troops will vote for in this November’s presidential election.

Military Times has come forth and declared that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney holds a 2–1 lead over President Obama in this November’s election.

The Open Secrets blog by the Center for Responsible Politics has written about how military members have donated more money to Obama than Romney — even donating more to one of Romney’s former Republican opponents, Rand Paul.

The military has traditionally voted Republican for decades. Any polls showing the troops would vote otherwise come as a surprise.

Open Secrets did find that Obama received more campaign donations from troops than Romney — $536,414 to $287,435. What was even more surprising was the type of support Paul received. The candidate who said he was opposed deploying U.S. forces to Afghanistan collected $399,274 from troops

Military Times issued an e-mail to its subscribers who are mostly made up of active duty, Guard and Reserve troops. The responses came from mostly NCOs and mid-grade officers. About 75 percent of the 3,100 responses they received came from troops in grades E-5 to E-8 or O-3 to O-5. The article didn’t specify how many responses they received from troops E-4 and below, the grades that make up the majority of the military.

The e-mail poll also found out the respondents didn’t rank “national security” high on their lists of what they cared about for the forthcoming election. Less than 16 percent said national security was their top concern in the race. And only 1 percent of respondents said the war in Afghanistan was their top concern. Comparatively, 66 percent said the economy is the top issue driving their vote.

Despite these reports by Military Times and Open Secrets, the way the military vote is leaning hasn’t received much attention from the national media. That might have a lot to do with the fact the military is not being talked about in this election compared to the last two.

The candidates will have another chance Tuesday  night to distinguish their national security priorities in the debate, although it’s not expected to be a popular topic outside the controversial events in Benghazi. It’s clear from Military Times’ poll, the older troops don’t even find the military topic pressing compared to the economy.


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Mostly crap about this solders and Marines have more on there mind in field than crap about funds for failing pet projects like (GCV MSV ICC) bass sitting fat in Washington DC are worried on losing let the men vote they way they want enough Romney crap for now DoD Buzz.

This overwhelming support for MR(and not BO) is understandable. O could care less about our military and their families. Their policy is to prevent our Armed Forces from voting—They know how we vote.

Not one level headed, intelligent, smart thinking military veteran or current active duty person shold vote for Obama. Every veteran, past present and future, took an oath and laid their life on the line to Protect and Defend our Constitution against all Enemies Foreign and Domestic. This president has trashed our Constitution that so many have fought and died for. He has skirted Congress and the American people by appointing a multitude of so-called Czars to force his Agenda upon the American People. He does not beleive in American Exceptionalism and is an appologist for American values. The views of an Old Soldier,

Did you mean Ron Paul? I do not recall Rand running for President.

What about the republicans in Congress taking an oath of allegiance to a Lobbyist–Grover nordquist–over their oath to the Constitution of the U.S.A.? Lobbyists esist for one purpose and one purpose only, to serve thier masters. Republicans have placed an oath to a slef-serving lobbyist over their oath to the country. So, what say you there, Old Soldier? Who exactly has trashed our constitution, again??

You ARE confused. You’re referring to the Americans for Tax Reform pledge not to raise taxes. This is hardly an “oath of allegiance,” and it certainly doesn’t conflict with the oath of office members of Congress take. Rather than “trashing the Constitution,” the ATR Tax Pledge defends Constitutional limits on government, protecting the property rights of individuals against the excesses of government big-spenders.

You don’t seem bothered by the numerous interest group litmus-test pledges Democrats take on issues like gun control, global warming and other environmental causes, gay rights, affirmative action, immigration reform, Guantanamo Bay detentions, nuclear arms bans, taxing the rich, abortion, collective bargaining…

Good point. When I took that oath, I thought it strange that I was promising to protect “The Constitution” (a piece of paper?) rather than my fellow citizens, our homeland, or any of the other things you might expect our military members to protect. Now it makes sense. When I imagined “domestic enemies” of the constitution, I imagined communists or anarchists. I never imagined that the biggest Domestic Enemy of the Constitution would be the president himself. Now I see it. Fortunately, our founding fathers saw it way before I did, and wrote limits and protections into the constitution itself. Of course, if the president believes he is above the law, or that the constitution is little more than a political tool (to be used against your enemies when convenient, and ignored when inconvenient) then he is not going to let those constitutional limitations stop him, is he? So…at what point do we take our oaths seriously?

Right on target Col J. This current Admin has it’s henchmen at every cross roads for this election, and they mean to control it just like Lenin did, and Hitler did, to get their powers of office and become the ultimate Dictator. Sorry to say that most folks in America think this is an impossibility, but the hand writing is all over the walls!!! I would hope ignorance will not prevail in the Military as it has been in the civilian streets???

whats with all this required film and speaker breifings that is going on at the bases and posts. is BO afraid that he can’t get the military to vote for him unless he makes sure they know he is there commander in chief or is threating them into voting for him.

I do not trust any reports about voters from the news media and I do not believe most of what is written in this article. But, I do know soldiers, and most soldiers do not support liberal politicians. Simple, stupid. And, this ‘Col J’ guy can’t spell and he can’t put a decent sentence together. I say ‘Col J’ might be something of a fraud and ‘he’ might be trying to spread disinformation.

Well said Edwin Bowers!

It was revealed in the media after the G W Bush election that more than 10,000 military absentee ballots in bags from Europe were found uncounted. Because Bush won the election it was not elevated to bigger news. I believe it was an act of sabotage by political members of the democrat party to hide the military abentee ballots.

Reference paragraphic 6 above.…hmmmm, wonder if Military Times considered throwing in some demographics other the rank structure of those surveyed to add some credence/credibility to this article. Military Times (Including all branches paper) are nothing more than a bunch of liberal writers anyway..I don’t don’t believe the liberal media!

You are dead on, the cheese burger in the W/H could bring the troops home as Nixon did. So many do not know that Viet Nam started in 1953 when SF’S were sent to help. Now we have SF in Jordan to help. The cheese burger had 2 thats two years to do as he wished and he did, nothing. The military will be destroyed if the cheese burger is voted back for another 4 yrs. of failure. Think long and hard about your choices and vote your conscience. How much can be taken away before it starts killing our service members ?

YOU are not correct. And don’t know what you ate talking about.

No, col janny is wrong and does not know what he says.

One great Democrat President said, “Ask Not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. This so called DemocRAT president and his DemocRAT congress has changed this saying to “Ask not what you can do for your country but what your country will give you” No one remembers the problem we had when Jimmy Boy tried this same thing back when he was in charge, High Inflation, High unemployment, High Interest Rates, all from cancelling the military budget. Trickledown economics also works in reverse, more people lost their jobs, homes and such when he did, it took Ronald to come in and stop the downward spiral. If we the military give Obama a second term everyone in the military should expect they will be out of a job in less than 2 years

Steve you are 100% right.;also I would go as far too say he HATES the military!

Interesting comments from both sides of the political divide as well as from, what appears to be mis-Intel, in both OPEN SECRETS and MILITARY TIMES. I just received an e-mail from NATIONAL DEFENSE PAC (www​.nationaldefensepac​.org) containing an article by: JOSH ROGIN, that points out “Romney’s Military Advisory Council has more than 300 reired general offices” including…Army General (ret) Tommy Franks, former Commandant of the Marine Corps, General James Conway, USMC (ret), former Pacific Command chief ADM Timothy Keating, USN (ret), former Joint Chiefs Chairman, Army General (ret) Hugh Shelton. With over 300 retired Flag and General Offices supporting MR I find it difficult to understand how that does not demonstrate a HUGE political backing by a significant percentage of the top military minds/leaders who have served. Lest we forget, disinformation is a military AND political weapon/strategy!

No, Sally is wrong, and does not know what she says.

(Nothing like a well supported argument to get your point across, right Sally?)

Got to love these military socialists wth thier marxist economics — “High Inflation, High unemployment, High Interest Rates” for cutting goverment spending. Just hilarious.

I remember Jimmy Boy and “malaise,” Old391. And Benghazi/Cairo 2012 sure looks like Tehran 1979 to me. I think Jimmy Boy is about to get some company at the bottom of the One-Termer class.

I know guys who have had it done to them over and over and over.

OK, so if you want to base the intelligence of individuals off how they present themselves then why don’t we just look at Biden? The guy shows up to one of the most viewed debates and acts like a 12-year-old. So, if the Vice President can’t even go to a debate and act professional why should I lend their party my vote? He laughed after everything Ryan said and tried to play it off like, “Wow, I am overqualified for this debate.” He was acting like the idiots who run around my college campus praising Obama.

It is also ironic that you accuse one source of being faulty but offer no alternative (CNN​.com doesn’t count). Many veterans and active duty lean more towards conservative beliefs. I have my own theories as to why that is (and they aren’t as degrading as yours, nor are they bad).

Despite these reports by Military Times and Open Secrets, the way the military vote is leaning hasn’t received much attention from the national media. T

They don’t receive attention, because the consensus from the mainstream media is that they vote conservative.

If the military vote were tilting to Obama, we would not be seeing the current desperate attempts by liberals to suppress overseas absentee balloting.

But what we see repeatedly now are large cities, politically dominated by Democrats, who are blatantly violating the law by failing to send out the military overseas absentee ballots on time.

Those elections officials were repeatedly warned that the deadline to send the ballots was coming up, so it’s not simple ignorance at work here. It’s a deliberate and systematic effort to suppress the votes of deployed, in-uniform servicemen and servicewomen.

Find a way or tell me this is wrong, families put up over 800 a month, all of them by word of mouth down to the last straggler who cares (like all the food we throw away).

I am wondering that U.S.A military support Obama in up coming US election in November 2012 because recently US army killed the Osama with the support of Obama.

Brother, thank you for your service. The only part of your comment that I can verify is our “Oath of Enlistment.” Everything else is just words without any bit of evidence, and that troubles me. That has been the modus operandi for all of the criticisms levied against POTUS. Well, that and lots of personal opinion. You can do better. I’m sure of it


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