Army adopts new training focus

Army adopts new training focus

The Army will shift the focus of its combat training centers away from a decade of counter-insurgency to one that forces combat units to adapt to the multi-mission battlefield of the future.

Senior service leaders attempted to lay out the future role the Army will play in the U.S. military’s strategic blueprint for the next decade. As America prepares to leave Afghanistan, the Army, like all the services, is wrestling with how to prepare its forces to handle a range of complex, strategic and tactical challenges.

“This is about not having to guess what we are going to have to do; this is about having the right capability as we move into the future, and we need this capability. There is no doubt about it; all you have to do is look around the world,” Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno said Oct. 22 at the Association of the U.S. Army’s 2012 annual conference.

“I see a large role for the Army if you look at the defense strategy. … Whether it be creating stability, whether it be deterring and defending, whether it be defending the homeland, whether it be cyber, whether it be space – the Army has major roles in all of those missions.”
To help prepare combat units for this multi-mission focus, the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, Calif., and the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, La., have begun to create a new style of training rotation.

“We are rebalancing our home-station training and our combat training centers rotations to address the full range of military options,” said Lt. Gen. William Garrett III, deputy commanding general of Army Forces Command.

Units from the 10th Mountain Division at NTC and the 82nd Airborne Division at JRTC just completed what’s now known as “decisive-action rotations vs. the more [common] counter-insurgency rotations that we have done for the past decade,” Garrett said.
Odierno also stressed the importance of the new focus at the combat training centers.

“We just did a rotation last week at Fort Polk where we tried to put together what we think the future environment will look like,” he said. “It was really successful, and it was really hard. It’s going to be one that has terrorism, it’s going to be one that has criminality, one that requires some conventional combined arms all together at once. It causes commanders to think on all levels of how they use the resources available to them to mass and mass properly. Massing could be using cyber.”

Leaders also plan to change the Army Force Generation Model to have active force move from a 36-month to a 24-month readiness period, Garrett said.

“This allows us to develop ready units in a 12-month train/ready period followed by a 12 month availability period,” he said. National Guard and Reserve will continue to generate forces over a 60-month readiness period.

“The important thing is how we adapt to this new strategy environment,” Odierno said. “Our plan is to prioritize leader development. … We are going to adapt our readiness and training models to better prepare units to operate in what we believe will be more and more complex environments that we are going to have to fight in.”

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Who has the crystal ball that predicts the ‘War of the future?

Is part of this training targeted at US Civilians you label as terrorist? It seems that more and more training I read about focuses on us here in the US.

The military and its leaders would never turn on the US population.

I agree, there are several failsafes in place to prevent that.

The fact of the matter though is this: everyone trusts no one.

I agree no one know what future wars will bring. BUT training has to depart from the current Iraq war set up. So good movie.

i will like to be in the military to help u.s.a

Thanks Brandon. I’m sure you will make a great soldier.

If you truly believe that I have some ocean front property in eastern Kentucky I will sell you!!

War College-West Point, Annapolis to name two

Division warfighter has been hard at work I see

That and or criminality . I think that is exactly what this is all about. Before its over, we will have military and the UN policeing the streets of the U.S.

The military and its leaders will do ANYTHING they are ordered to do by the commander in chief. And if Obama is re-elected, then that is scary.

If they have it, why have they not been using it yet??? How many times have we been caught napping — after the Iraq invasion, going into Afghanistan, IEDs, etc.

If the Active Units are depending & supplementing AC Units with Reserve & NG Units as “Full Time” assets; they are setting themselves up for Failure. The Lessons Learned are so close that they can bite you immediately,because the Planners are not seeing what is in plain sight. If this Plan continues in this direction, you will see the Reserve & NG Forces have a Retention & Enlistment resulting in depleted Ranks & Equipment in the status of Rediness at a Level 4 at best. AC Commands, the Reserves & NG are not your toys, so do not play with them or you will break the system and wonder why.

With a track record of 50 years of defeat and stalemate you can be pretty sure that the next war will be an insurgency, that the military will express surprise and dismay and go on to lose it again.

We can tell this because from doctrine to training once again we are deciding to ignore reality and pretend that enemy will fight they way we want it to and not to win.

The Afghanistan syndrone is just the Vietnam syndrome on steroids.

Marksmanship is still horrible in the Army and Gaurd. as a whole with to much time spent on simulators and not enough time on the gun.

You think the average American serviceman doesn’t know the difference between a lawful and unlawful order?

You believe the military will suddenly pull thousands of troops out of their ass when the majority is deployed overseas AND is downsizing?

You think the SAME military with one of the MOST RESTRICTIVE ROE’s would not use that ROE that they’ve been training and fighting by would not do so on it’s own populace?

You don’t think the checks and balances of government do not exist?

You don’t believe that National Guard and LEO’s would side with the state if ever the Federal Government goes superfacist?



You sir, are either extremely paranoid, or MAD in one form or another.

I was an OC/T at the recent JRTC rotation and it was far from successful. Disorganization, dependence on digital CPOF, minimization of enabelers, and 82nd just getting its ass handed to them in the fight. They have a lot of work to do as we have created a generation of “Fobbits” who hide behind walls under a veil of false protection. Lots of lessons learned but far from prepared to engage and win in Unified Land Operations.

Thanks for your opinion. Can you cite any evidence whatsoever?

We had been replaying the Iraq invasion for over 10years in exercises prior to 2003.

Did you realize that your sentence is incoherent? What does it mean? Are you saying that we had an exercise that lasted over 10 years? Are you saying that exercises before 2003 (perhaps those in the 1960s) had replayed the Iraq invasion?

The invasions of Grenada and of Panama were defeats — or stalemates? I had not realized that.

Another troop hater speaks. The U.S Military was NOT defeated in Korea,Vietnam,and Iraq!! In all those cases,Anti-American slime like you caused us to politically lose in Vietnam,and fight to an uneasy truce in Korea. You probably cheered when we got attacked on 9/11,and cheer when one of us dies in combat!!! If you and others of your ilk such as misanthrope can’t show respect for those who fight,leave!!

Are you deliberately trying to make our military look pathetic ?

Were you in Korea in 1952?
were you even born?

Intreresting — the AC is looking at a 24 month cycle — does that mean accelerating OPTEMPO? If so, that helps keep the RC cycle at 5 years.

For the RC, the days of the RC as a “strategic reserve” have long since past. RC personnel and equipment readiness have always been challenges — and will continue to be in the future.

Thank you for your service — and your frank assessment. If you are correct, the rotation was a success, in that it uncovered serious issues that need to be addressed. Better thie issues get uncovered — and fixed — in training than on the next battlefield.

Could you give us a clue — what are you talking about? It is nice to see high school students commenting here but you gotta understand what you are discussing.

I agree with both of you. I was part of the civilian FSR piece of the last JRTC rotation. It was very difficult to be told that we couldn’t work on the equipment in the field. I hope the AAR comments get to right levels of leadership. There needs to be a good plan for civilians on the new battlefield (when are these people embedded) and the unit needs to learn to troubleshoot their equipment better.

Having enetresd the Army 1950 and remained for 21yrs. i see todays Soldiers as being allowes to do too many things that causes them to be “Soft” Mentally and Physically,case and point todays Soldiers are allowed to eat “Food” of choice instead of “Nutricious foods designed to “Produce” a sense of “Physical” Toughness the results are evident,premature body disfuntions, mant sick calls visits andf Mental disorders. When Commanders are allowed to dictate more procedures at the Command level” Company Level if you will” you will see a,Tougher,Lean Soldier Evovle and “Better’ Prepared for “COMBAT” todays Military requires too Many,would you please “SHOOT THE ENEMY” give me a Break!!!!!!!

That’s kind of scary, especially considering the Army of today is still fresh off of combat duty in the Middle East.

You’re thinking of Dutchbat, I presume?

In any case, the UN’s peacekeepers come from two types of countries: the European ones which don’t send enough troops, and the other nations, which tend to send troops just to have bodies on hand, and often give the UN a bad name when they do inappropriate things. Though Pakistani troops did save us in Mogadishu…

Yes, the Srebrenica Massacre.

And yes, we all acknowledge Mogadishu. You must admit though, that was WAY different.

Joseph, I spent months short of ten years in the U.S. Army SF. I agree more training is required, however, when called the ‘average’ american can be one heck of a fighter. I believe many think that when they served, it was the best Army at that time. I do not buy that. Every potential combat situation offers it’s unique format. Desert, jungle, cold weather, common woodlands, etc., all challenge the soldier. I served during Vietnam and it was not “a bungle in the jungle.” The soldiers fought, but they were limited by the politicians and armchair officers in Washington. We never received accountability for our POWs/MIAs!
Leadership at both the junior level officer and NCO levels makes the difference.

Don’t need to be either, just read what the military is printing in its manuals and what the DHS is openly putting out to law enforcement and in the press. How about the round up of Vets being put into mental wards due to their Facebook post or beliefs. Could go on for a while with what the military and DHS has been doing. Many military and LEO will not follow those orders, but the evil clowns in units like the TSA will when armed. DHS hasn’t bought almost 2 BILLION rounds of ammo to get the few thousand terrorist around the world. They are openly calling returning vets and constitutionalists terrorist. That is all I need, what the military and Federal government is telling me themselves. THAT SIR IS NOT PARANOID!!! It will be our bloodiest fight. It will be win or die. I stand with Freedom and with those that defend my constitution. Heavily armed, highly trained and extremely motivated. Death to Tyrants!!

You seriously love pulling crap out of your ass.

Rounding up vets for expressing free speech? They’ve rounded up more OWS protesters than that.

TSA being armed? You fear that?

Seriously, what world do you live in?

Of course the US military will turn on the US population if they’re ordered to do so. They’ve done so several times in our national history: the Ludlow Massacre, the Bonus Army, Kent State, LA Riots, aiding with civilian gun confiscation after Hurricane Katrina, etc. There is no reason to think this can’t happen again, especially as the military gets more and more powerful in comparison with the general population.

You should reconsider. The military doesn’t really serve the country, meaning the general population of the country. It definitely does NOT defend freedom or the Constitution; we’re losing freedom every day in the US because of laws passed and enforced by the US government. The military exists for one reason only: to serve the will of the political elites who rule the US. These politicians use the military to serve the interests and desires of those who fund their electoral campaigns: the Israel lobby, weapons manufacturers like Lockheed-Martin and Raytheon, etc. Why should YOU fight for THEM?

If you want to help Americans, go into honest work like health care, but be sure to arm yourself with weapons of your own so you can defend freedom against its REAL enemies here at home if you ever need to do so.

The military has been used against the US population many times in history. The most recent was when the National Guard was used to help the police in New Orleans go door to door confiscating citizens’ firearms in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. So much for that oath to protect the Constitution, eh?

I also suggest you read about the Ludlow Massacre, the Bonus Army, Kent State, the Waco Massacre, the recent use of a Predator drone for law enforcement (in North Dakota, I believe), and countless other examples. Most soldiers are brainwashed robots who mindlessly follow the orders of their masters. They do NOT fight for freedom, and any weapons they possess will be turned on Americans as soon as they’re ordered to do so. There is no reason to think that the future will be any different from the past in this regard.

Well, you are right about the Army and Marine Corps being used in the USA. Your comments about the mental makeup of service members has qualified you as a complete idiot. If stupidity was a qualification for execution, then you would have a very short existence.

I’d like you to provide documentation for this point. Just a little FYI, when the President’s One Hundred list (the one hundred best marksmen in the United States military or civilian) was announced in September, the Army had only 71 members on that list. This was the 38th year in a row that the Army had over 2/3 the list.

Well since clearly the US military was never involved in a continuous 10 year exercise regarding invading Iraq, feel comfortable with defaulting to your latter conclusion. Leave out the 1960’s part; I don’t even want to know what you are referring to.

“Leaders also plan to change the Army Force Generation Model to have active force move from a 36-month to a 24-month readiness period, Garrett said.

“This allows us to develop ready units in a 12-month train/ready period followed by a 12 month availability period,” he said. National Guard and Reserve will continue to generate forces over a 60-month readiness period.”

ARFORGEN codified as 1–1 BOG/DWELL for AD Army forces is the most interesting thing here. I wonder if expected force structure cuts drive that? Also wonder if the working assumption for that is that the compressed 12 month train/ready phase has been judged as sufficient for deploying forces?

The one on/one off ARFORGEN is definitely end strength driven. The one on/two off model was only ever going to be possible with the 45 brigade force since nobody got to see two years off until Iraq was effectively over. We’ve proven the 12 month train-up can work, but just barely. It leaves no room for error, retraining, and a very narrow window for professional schools. If Afghanistan stays as the only big game in town for a while we should be fine as the “ready” phase means brigades will have the time to flesh out any training shortfalls. Every week more reports, articles, and messages come out about how we’re getting back to the pre-war way of doing business for better or for worse.

FLEXIBILITY ! COIN, Stability Forces, reacting to natural catastrophes, failed nation states, security operations for both urban and key strategic areas in desert, mountain and other challenging Mid East environments and let’s not forget the African continent that has been woefully ignored for the past few decades.

Who said that the army is for every one, some join for the wrong reason and expect the worngs thing, because when it all comes down if you are in the military then be prepared to go to WAR to defend the country.

Well the role of the EST is not replace the range but to enhance the range. Too often units use it a sub for going to the range, its not desined for that.

Thought the simulators were for anything that wasn’t “just” shooting at paper targets.

Though anything that makes training more realistic without compromising safety is welcome. MILES has its limits.

I suppose it means people should take advantage of the CMP before its too late?

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