Pentagon pleads for help from lame duck Congress

Pentagon pleads for help from lame duck Congress

In what was likely their last joint press briefing before the Nov. 6 elections, Panetta and Dempsey presented a wish list of what they want from the upcoming lame duck session of Congress after the election, with the main focus on avoiding sequestration that would devastate defense budgets and planning.

“When Congress returns to town after the election, there’s a great deal of critical work that needs to be done,” Panetta said.

Number one on the agenda is avoiding the mandatory cuts on Jan. 2 under  sequestration that could add another $500 billion in defense cuts — $55 billion next year alone – over the next 10 years on top of $487 billion in cuts already underway, Panetta said.

Pulling back from the “fiscal cliff” will “require Democrats and Republicans to work together,” Panetta said.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna’ get for 2013, much less 2014,” Panetta said, leaving him at a loss for planning the department’s future. “For me to put a strategy in place, I have to have some kind of stability,” Panetta said.

Panetta said he also requested the lame duck session pass a defense authorization bill and legislation to strengthen cyber security defenses.

He also called on the Senate to approve the nominations of Marine Gen. John Allen as the new head NATO commander, and Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford as the commander of international forces in Afghanistan.

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It’d be nice, but I don’t think Congress will achieve any more in the next four months than they have in the past three years.

The Democratic Dream come True ” Sequestration ” they have Dreamed this for the last 25 years. Now it looks like they will get it.

Both parties are to blame Republicans wasted too much money for the military in the GW Bush years and want more of the same the nation cant take this economically. The Republicans also keep sending sequestration relief bills that add a blank check for generals pet project which wont pass the Senate and White House. Be better for military to do more with less like the Army Secretary said the other day its true to all services be better for more on training and deployments than pet projects that are a waste of money.

To be honest I’m actually hoping that the cuts go through. It might force the military to stop funding these ridiculously expensive white elephant projects that we don’t need like the F-35 and LCS. Our economy has taken enough damage from the last couple of years as it is and I really hate the idea of spending more and getting put in more debt. We need to start getting out of debt as soon as possible and this looks like a good step to me.

Obama lies when he says sequestration will not happen as far as he’s concerned! He will keep this lie going ’til after the election, and after he gets his votes from the people who will get the lay-off notices. He has said in the past that he would veto any vote to stop sequestration! BO’s nose is growing longer by the day with his lies!

Obama re-election campaign recently posted a transcript of President’s discussion with the Des Moine Register (?) for their upcoming presidential endorsement that said his plans after re-election include allowing sequestration to happen and bush tax cuts expire. Secretary Panetta is pushing a rope. I’m looking for a job outside of the defense industry!

I hope Romney reads this article before he decides to increase the defense budget. He should especially notice the timing of Boeing’s gracious offer to its suppliers with respect to his own election campaign.

Boeing is actively encouraging its suppliers to outsource work to Mexico. Patrick McKenna, director of Supply Chain Strategy and Supplier Management at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, has urged suppliers to attend a Nov. 15 workshop in Chicago to learn how to do business in Mexico. “Several of our suppliers have successfully set up factories in Mexico because of the numerous advantages that Mexico offers to aerospace suppliers,” McKenna wrote in a letter dated Oct. 17. “Boeing will be sending several people to this event, and we wanted to inform our supply base of this opportunity.” The event’s organizers will waive the $200 registration fees for Boeing suppliers, he said. Boeing’s invitation comes near the end of a presidential-election campaign in which the outsourcing of U.S. jobs is a hot issue. — http://​seattletimes​.com/​h​t​m​l​/​b​u​s​i​n​e​s​s​t​e​c​h​n​o​l​o​g​y/2

Now, does anyone need an explanation of why when defense spending has gone up 10% in the last 6 years, employment has gone down 3%?

By the way, if any of you actually are Americans or especially are Americans who work in aerospace, you might want to register for Boeing’s “How to outsource aerospace jobs to Mexico” workshop. Make sure you visit this website: http://​www​.mfginmexicoworkshop​.com/​r​e​g​i​s​t​e​r​-​n​o​w.h

Congress isn’t going to do anything right before the election because doing nothing has less impact on their election campaign than doing something. If they do something somebody somewhere will be impacted and then upset. I hate it but that’s what the system encourages.

The defense companies are following private industry in outsourcing — it’s not a problem specific to a particular industry. The fortune 500 company that I worked for last year had already outsourced just about IT worker they could manage to outsource.

There are a lot of factors involved but one of the biggest is the cost of living in the USA and there’s just about nothing a solitary person can do about the cost of rent/housing, food and energy. You can economize in other areas but it doesn’t help enough.

Outsourcing the manufacturing of parts of supersonic fighters isn’t exactly the same as outsourcing washing machine parts, now is it?

Just who do you think had the most in congress after just two years of GW’s election. Did you want him to go to Las Vegas and talk to the Demos after 3500 Americans had been killed in the 9–11 attack. Don’t you know who
had the majority in Congress through most of the Bush years. You talk as if you just woke up two years after the lover was elected to the White House. Ask about sequestration and who started it? Wake up,Grow up.

Republicans started it pal! the Debt Deal was passe threw a Republican House and got some support in the Senate from Republicans they are not the uncorrupted angels your say Jackson. They agreed to this deal and other defense cuts. In the Bush years they blew billion on programs like the RAH-66 new Artillery cannon, They want to blow more billion on crap we dont need ICC GCV and AMPV. Your so parisan your ingorant it takes two to tango, ON PASSED BUDGET DEALS.

With GE getting ready to build “Jet Engines” in China with the current Administrations blessing. Just how long do you think it will take before “All GE Engines” are produced over there? Also the Chinese need high power engines for their current and next Gen Fighters, So we should figure that China will steal the tech from GE for their engines about a week after the factory is built. Probably much before it’s built.

So China’s new J-20 & J-31 will most likely have very good engines along with their current J-10’s & J-11’s

I think you fail to realize that both sides of the Congress agreed to this. I guess saying one thing and attempting to blaming the other side for things is your way to deal with the problem. The real way is for both sides to either work on a new agreement or deal with what they agreed to in the first place.

How do you want to keep the ground without the army?

Do you realize how much we GIVE AWAY on foreign aid each year? If we stopped being so generous, when someone is in a dragster, driving us into a hole, things would not be so bad.

You mean the jobs we lost making the military parts that have proven to be defective? Atlast count it was over 1,000,000.

You forot to mention the over 1,000,000 defective spare parts that we get from China. Since when did China become that good of an ally that we would buy spare parts from them?

Well, until we get a plan for determining what we give away and how to stop doing it, this is much more feasible right now.

The evil democrats didn’t cause the financial crisis — according to the Congressional Budget Office: that problem was created by the republicans. Their unwillingness to raise taxes agains the uber-wealthy despite the massive it has done to this nations finances gets a huge amount of the blame, along with 2 unfunded wars, and the largest corporate welfare program in history (Medicare Part D).

Both parties agreed to the sequestration deal, and it was the tea party fools and their republican “allies” that were ready to cause the USA to go into default on its loan payments.

That is what the FACTS are. And the FACTS are inescapable.

Even more frightening is the code we bought from China. It’s amazing, it both steers the airplane and reports the steering inputs to Chinese missiles so they can better destroy our planes.

That is why it will be a real “LAME” Congress.…not just lame duck.

Sad when our own Congress (and President, let’s not forget his role in this) is a more effective weapon against our armed forces than Russia or China ever were. They must be laughing themselves silly.

Hell, our own forces are their own worst enemy. They continue to contract out services they once did better themselves. They continue to contract for weapons in a manner that pays the contractors more to screw up than it does if they bring in good weapons on-time and on-budget. Who is running our armed forces, Boris and Natasha?

Another lie from dfens. It is not Boeing’s conference bt rather one put on by a group that exists to boost Mexico’s future and industry.
Try reading about the conference a bit.

It takes two to tango. GE *wants* to move to China, and considering P&W already sold their souls with helicopter engines without telling anyone it was a matter of time.

Raising Taxes on the wealthy as defined by DemocRATS as those who if your single makes $200,000 and if you married its $250,000 my question is why is married couple $250,000 the DemocRAT marriage penalty is at work here. Even Biden said a Million for the lower limit

Did you read where Medicaid, Food Stamps etc is more than the DOD budget. The main problem here is the DemocRAT math, when you had 80 million people working the money came in but when you now have on 55million working they still spend like 80million are working. Until you get back to 80million working the budgets deficit will be in the Trillion dollar range and they are happy

“Until you get back to 80million working”

It also depends on what those 80 million people are doing. Low income people tend to draw much more bennies then they put into the system in sales taxes and income taxes. The social welfare system was never meant to be bread and circuses for an entire country-it was meant to prevent the US from looking like Ethiopia.

Until the US can return to a society where the labor market isn’t skewed by part-time/independent contractor/no benies/seasonal work/temp labor, we’re going to have long term problems that no amount of tax hikes and austerity will address.

I like to believe that it would require a labor base that is more than the service sector…but that’s a discussion that isn’t necessarily on topic on DodBuzz.

I’m not a Democrat. I want Mitt Romney to win the election, but I also want sequestration to go through as well. The military has been well funded since 9/11 and all of the services have become very irresponsible with the large sums of tax payers dollars that they have been getting. I often target the USAF in my criticism, but the Army’s FCS and the Navy’s LCS are also signs of terrible spending and even worse planning. The F-35 is the pinnacle of all of this. Lockeed Martin has played off every one of the services and been obscenely fattened with their money while producing products that don’t reach the specifications for our servicemen, or in the F-22’s case are hazardous to use. If a large chunk of money is taken away from the defense industry I believe it will force the services to get smarter how they spend their money and to get more stern with Lockheed Martin to deliver weapons of quality within a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost.

Before anyone says anything, yes, I know that almost every weapons program has come in past its scheduled entry date and over budget, but let’s face facts, the F-35 is beating records in this area. It is the most expensive weapons program in history and it is still having extremely complex technical difficulties. It is now behind schedule by about 8 years and is scheduled to enter service in 2019. I don’t know of any other fighter program in history that has taken anywhere near that amount of time to materialize.

200,000 is impressive in some parts of the country, but average in others.

Of course, maybe some people just choose to live in strangely expensive parts of the country for no reason at all!

For the TL;DR set

I don’t disagree. I’d like to see the justification for all the outsourcing we’ve done.

I can see that no one here remembers what happen when Jimmy boy cut the Military budget, suggest you go back and see the double digit inflation, loans rates and all that was associated with it and how weak the US had become. Under Jimmy RED DAWN could have happened

Only Jobs Obama cares about are Union Jobs. Go back and check the stimulis package and his job bills are for Government and privatesector Union jobs

You can see the justification if you visit a DC area golf course during the day and count the number of ex-generals turned contractors schmoozing with current generals who want their slice of the pie, or by looking at the financial “miracles” that turned a once upper middle class congressman into a fantastically rich congressman. Who do you think has the better lobbyists, the US taxpayer or Boeing?

Wonk, raising tax rates on the wealthy never works. Even if there were enough there to make a dent in the budget deficit, this approach always fails for two reasons:

1. Affected wealthy individuals and small businesses change their behavior. Because they have more financial means, they have the freedom and flexibility to use various tax shelters and to reduce their taxable income in response to increases in marginal rates and delay, forego, or offset the income streams they would otherwise have had. Marginal tax rate hikes disincentivize the income-generating behaviors that fuel growth.

2. No amount of increased revenue can keep up with the voracious appetite of big-spending liberals in Congress.

F-35 may have problems, but lack of mission need is not one of them. The US needs a 5G fighter to sustain its air superiority into the next decade.

Defense spending is below the postwar average — at about 3.5% of GDP. Defense spending is not the problem fueling the massive growth in the debt (from $10T to $16T in the last four years). The problem is runaway entitlement spending, coupled with domestic boondoggles like the failed $800B stimulus, the UAW…err, GM bailout, risky and speculative multi-$B green energy ventures, and the like.

And if you think a strong national defense is expensive, consider the costs of weakness.

Judging by China’s long, unsuccessful record of attempts at indigenous turbine engine development, this is still a long putt for them. It will be very difficult for them to develop and maintain the capability to design and manufacture good aero engines without continuing, sustained foreign assistance. The Russians refused to play the licensed production game with them, and they have still been unable to successfully reverse-engineer the NPO Saturn engines. It’s not as easy to steal this technology as you might think. Not that Chinese engineers aren’t very capable, just that high-performance aero engine technology–and the required manufacturing capabilities–are very, very complex.

Sorry, Lee…cutting foreign aid would barely move the needle. Not that foreign aid shouldn’t be scrutinized (there should be LOTS of strings attached to foreign aid to Pakistan, Egypt,Saudi Arabia, etc), but it is often a bargain for the benefits we get out of it.

Again, the real problem is the runaway growth of entitlements.

Hate to break it to you, BlackOwl, ANY large scale fighter program will always be “the most expensive weapons program in history”…until the next one.

Could the F-35 PMO and Lockheed have done better? Maybe. It’s a highly complex program, due in part to the program’s failure to rationalize requirements against cost and schedule objectives. Is “starving the beast” a strategy for delivering the program without further cost and schedule penalties? No.

Nothing good EVER happens in a lame-duck session of Congress. Why would we expect Members of Congress to behave MORE responsibly during the time when they have the least accountabilty?

Jimmy boy also balanced the budget as best he could. We didn’t start doing the funny money until Reagan, and once we were in toes deep we went all in.

Take the Seawolf and the Virginia as an example of how one can launder a program as “low cost”.

Seawolf sucks up a pile of development money. The VA directly recapitalizes on the R&D from the Seawolf and so spends a lot less R&D money. The per-unit R&D cost looks low, but the per-unit sans R&D is not drastically lower than the Seawolf.

However, having the F-22 did not enable the JSF to be executed without lots of R&D expenditure (due to the multi-platform nature of JSF)…

You know sequestration will affect thousands of highly skilled software, hardware engineers and technical systems engineers that are US citizens to loose their jobs and look elsewhere for jobs. I like to see how Lockheed martin’s 125,000 employees will fare, or the Boeing, raytheon, and L-3 employees topping it off at around a cool 300,000– 500,000 jobs lost in America due to this issue. This doesn’t even account for the downsizing of the military arm forces which is in its 4th year of downsizing efforts in the ranks.… Our ability to defend our nation and have capable people to support the tech used is diminishing. God help us when people do not see the big picture.

Congress doesn’t care about us. Their actions show it…

Sorry but as a Navy guy I think you and others are wrong about the LCS. There IS a need for it big time. As a tin can sailor I can tell you the LCS can go and do things the Spruance and Burkes are not able to do especially in much shallower water. The big issue with the LCS is getting the ‘modules’ done and available for swap out depending on mission parameters. I also think they should add some weapons systems as standard above what it has now, especially harpoons or equivalent.

exactly i could care less in wealthy upper middle class liberals in NYC get fucked when there taxes go up.

Looking for a job outside the defense industry??? Don’t bother, start looking for a temporary place to put your sleeping bag it is all you will have if Obama is reelected. How do you think this nation will survive when all the money is gone? Good luck!!

We have the technology for new weapons systems the problem is that Picatiny prefer to fund projects like the flying humvee. The DOD expend million maybe billion of dollars in new technology that never reach the soldiers. If you have an idea to improve a weapon system or a new project, but if you are not a corporation don’t even try. Cut the DOD budget.

If there is no money, than there is no money.

The “sequestration” unfailrly cuts the DOD in favor of other socialist agenda items. DOD is only 13% of the federal budget, but will absorb 50% of the sequestration cuts. Why didn’t the rest of the federal budget get the 50% of cuts? As far as the country debt and not able to afford a strong defense, this is a socialist agenda in itself. The US funded a strong defense for 40 years without breaking the budget during the cold war. The problem has become entitlements are now nearly 70% of the federal budget. Congress has known this will happen for over 30 years when they dumped the Social Security Trust Fund in to the general fund under the Johnson administration. That gave that congress alot of play money and they didn’t let up after that. Now they want the tax payers to give them more money to waste. As far as Boeing out sourcing to Mexico, let them. GE Aerospace tried it in teh 1990’s and the results were a disaster. Rework and refurbishment ate all of the projected profits. Mexico has serious security issues for any company looking to do work there.

As long as Harry Reid hads the senate, nothing will be get passed. Some people let power go to their head, regardless of the hardships they place on our country. We didn’t elect that dingy old man.

These a**holes have not done a thing in 4 years and will not do a thing tell Obama is out, but guess what if he wins all of them will have to go soon. We should not have to beg to have someone do their damn JOB. I don’t care who is in office.

That’s so sad when responding to such a serious issue you would find this to be a great time to polk fun at the President of the United States. I am sure as most Mother’s have said in the past, yours said the same, “if you don’t have anything positive to contribute (a solution); don’t say anything at all”. I say let’s rid this hatred, as so many display, when addressing President Obama and provide support by speaking intelligently when discussing issues which matter to all people, not, only those within the United States.

If sequestration is the current thinking for the DOD, why not the Department Of Education, it has a much more deplorable record than DOD,and the pay hikes for congress and health care for congress and pensions for congress and on and on. NOT TO MENTION FOREIGN AID ! AMEN

We’re talking about congress here, they will do nothing, just like they’ve done nothing for the last four years, thats why their numbers are so low, 9% approval rating.….thats pathetic.

What happen to it?

Don’t insult the Mormon Senator Reid. Mitt will get you for that when he assumes the Presidency.

Don’t forget the 180% increase to TRICARE for retired military that is being kicked around. If the current congress stays put, that will happen. I do not know of too many retired military who can afford a 180% increase in fees.

When asked about military budget cuts at the debates, BO kept replying the Joint Chiefs are not asking for more money. First of all the JCs are political appointments and will not appose POTUS’ political agenda. and, secondly, in my 30 years in the military i have NEVER seen anything FULLY funded let alone the defense budget.

Excellent point…let’s start slashing domestic spending.

Don’t think there’s any love lost between Harry Reid and Mitt Romney.

I much prefer the do-nothing gridlock of the current Congress to the “have to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill” rush-to-activism of the last one. At least the “do-nothing Congress” keeps the Democrats from ramrodding through unpopular legislation in utter contempt for the consent of the governed.

GW spent more on the DoD because Clinton cut the DoD during his years, and Bush had to play catch up. I was stationed in Korea from 2004-05, and the construction budget exploded there to catch up with 8 years of neglect. Bush also had to buy cruise missiles after Clinton almost emptied the stockpile bombing targets in Afganistan and Africa.

Yeah, it’s going to be hell for all of Lockheed’s overseas suppliers. We should continue to borrow money from places like China so we can spend it on Chinese parts and Chinese jobs. That’s f’ing brilliant.

There’s plenty of money. The Fed just printed up some more today. We’ll spend it so people in China can have the kind of high tech jobs Americans just won’t do and our children can pay back the money.

We spend as much money now as we did during the peak years of the Cold War, despite the fact that the Soviet Union is long gone. Who are you so afraid of now? Your shadow? You want to spend at Cold War levels, but you don’t want to spend as intelligently as we did during the Cold War. So are you really worried that they CEO’s of Boeing, Lockheed, and NG won’t get a raise on their $25 million/year salaries, or are you worried about being “safe”?


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