Re-elected Obama prepares to replace Panetta

Re-elected Obama prepares to replace Panetta

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta opened the bidding Wednesday for a deal on Pentagon spending with the coming lameduck session of Congress and beyond that would clear the decks for President Obama to pick a successor from a growing list of potential candidates.

Panetta said that the military had stayed focused on its mission during the debates between Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney on strategy, policy and budgets for defense.

“Now that the campaign is over,” Panetta said in his message, “America’s leaders, in turn, now have the responsibility to do everything possible to ensure that we succeed in our mission.”

Panetta’s immediate focus was on the looming Jan. 2 deadline for $1.2 trillion in across-the-board cuts in federal spending under the sequester formula that could cut as much as $500 billion out of defense unless the White House and Congress can reach agreement on taxes and debt reduction.

Before the election, Republican leaders in Congress said that a deal in the lameduck was unlikely but House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) signaled that a “bridging” mechanism might be found in the session that would move the Jan. 2 deadline back three months or more to allow the new Congress to make the final decisions.

Doing deals with Congress and cutting costs were the main reasons that Panetta, a former eight-term Democratic House member from California who also served as White House Budget Director, was brought to the Pentagon in the summer of 2011 from his post as CIA director. However, the 74-year-old Panetta has made clear that this will be his last rodeo before returning to his walnut farm in Monterrey, Calif., preferably before his 75th birthday in June.

According to several defense analysts, the two names that pop up the most in the handicapping on the next defense secretary are those of Ashton Carter, currently Panetta’s deputy, and Michelle Flournoy, the former undersecretary of Defense for Policy who was the highest-ranking woman ever to serve in the Pentagon.

But the list of possible choices for Obama will be much longer. Panetta’s name was only one on a list of 15 given to Obama by National Security Adviser Thomas Donilon in picking a successor to Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

In addition to Flournoy and Carter, Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), chairman of the Armed Services Committee, Jack Reed (D-R.I.), a senior member of Armed Services and West Point graduate, and former Sen. Sam Nunn (D-Ga.) were expected to get consideration.

Several Republicans were also on the short list, including retired Gen. Colin Powell, the former Secretary of State, and former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.), currently chairman of the Atlantic Council. Another possibility was retiring Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Me.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee who was leaving after 34 years in Congress.

Carter, 58, who earned a doctorate in theoretical physics, has been taking on a higher profile as Deputy Secretary of Defense and is considered the favorite inside the Pentagon to succeed Panetta. He previously served as Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics.

To bolster his policy credentials, Carter on Thursday will give a keynote address to the World Affairs Council on “Six Top Issues – U.S. National Security: Opportunities and Challenges for 2013.”

“Carter is a perfectly sound, viable possibility” to replace Panetta, said Michael O’Hanlon, a senior fellow with the 21st Century Defense Initiative at the Brookings Institution, but his support within the Pentagon may not matter to Obama.

“Who cares what the damned building thinks? It’s just not how it works” in choosing a Defense Secretary, and particularly for a president in his second term who has fewer concerns about how it might play in the polls, O’Hanlon said.

Flournoy, 51, a former president of the Center for a New American Security think tank, left her policy post at the Pentagon last February, but was active in support of Obama during the campaign on the talk show and lecture circuit.

“I do not see Michelle as a contender” to succeed Panetta, said Loren Thompson, chief operating officer of the Lexington Institute and a Pentagon consultant. Thompson said her expertise was on the policy side, and not on the nuts-and-bolts of procurement and personnel, but Obama may decide to break the glass ceiling at the Pentagon by nominating the first woman defense secretary.

The new defense secretary will take on the responsibility of carrying out a new military strategy under spending priorities begun by Panetta.

“It’s been a transition phase” for the Department under Panetta from the era of ever-expanding budgets and two major ground wars, said Barry Pavel, director of the Brent Scowcroft Center for International Security at the Atlantic Council.

“The broad strategic arc is there” to follow in the Pentagon’s shift away from Europe and the Mideast to focus on the Pacific region and the rise of China, Pavel said.

“The shift to Asia is dramatic,” said Pavel, who served in the Pentagon’s policy officer for 18 years. “If the 20th Century was the trans-Atlantic century, then the 21st is the trans-Pacific cenury.”

But the nuclear showdown with Iran, the civil war in Syria, and the turmoil in the Mideast could interfere with the planned Pacific pivot, Pavel said.

“The inbox is going to be piled high with the Mideast” for Obama’s second term, Pavel said. The focus on the Mideast could delay the Pacific shift for the military “or it could preclude it completely,” Pavel said.

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Yea, his appointment always seemed like a placeholder.

Seeing that Obama had Valerie Jarrett negotiating with Iran with no foreign policy experience I would make her SecDef.

Obama wrote an article in the late 80’s how he wanted to be the anti-Reagan and totally and completely unilaterally disarm the US. Now he can be ‘flexible’ as he said to Medvedev. Before he is done the US will surely be on the economic and military down slope.

Count on Colin Powell… hence the endorsement

Read the last paragraph, Obamaphiles, and prepare to kiss your country goodbye.

His successor should be Someone who has served in the Armed Forces and No One else

geeze, the election was over yesterday. Quit whining and get behind the POTUS no matter WHO he or she or it may be or find a new country to hate.

How about Michael Moore? He would be more qualified than Big Bird! Real qualifications have never mattered with Obama.

Good — he tried, the policy in Afgan. & in the Middle East stinks, must be shot at before you may shoot, in addition to leaving men behind in Libya is enough to say Goodbye!

As was suggested earlier the notorious Michael Moore might be the right candidate for the next SecDef. He’d be right at home with that lot in Washington D.C.

agree with that

problem is not to many military people like the cic

Well I suppose General Powell is getting his Sec Def smile ready. Anyone who goes against his so-called Republican values to support the man who will try to gut the DoD must have something in his pocket we don’t know about. I used to trust his jubgement and e4ven was a Senior NCO under his command in Europe when he got his token corps command on his way to general officer. Now I feel I can’t trust his judgement and therefore personnally won’t support hiim if he becomes Sec Def. I understand that he took an oath to essentially take care of the country and uphold the constitution but if he calls President Obama’s first four years of inaction and back-door politics along with his refusal to negotiate in good faith really stopped the process altogether. His approach was to throw a proposal on the Republican table and say take it or you are un-american and a bigot. His health care bill is a perfect example of this. I really wish he forges ahead and really does work together with the Republicans. It’s my country al well.…not just his!

Why not (affirmative action) Powell, Hell, he appointed his brother as Attorney General, why not have a brother running the Military.…That could really accelerate things on a huge scale.….misfits at the highest levels.…White House; Justice Department; Sec of State; and now Sec of Defense.….WHOOPEE!!!!!!

I am confused. Is Panetta an American occupying a seat in the Cabinet of President Aquino. Please, clarify? Thanks…
Roger C. Baisas

Colin Powell is a possible SecDef…makes sense now for that public endorsement.

It’s so nice to know that this already known as a know nothing, do nothing President from his first four years in office is going to set as his top priority is going to proceed in clearing any and all opposition standing in the way of bringing this country to distruction as quickly as he can. Has he already created living space in the White House the terroist factions that can assist in completing these real goals of his as quicly as possible. They will carry his golf clubs onto Airforce One so he can go on a worldwide golf tour and be able to claim no knowledge of his master plan of what is about to happen to this once great nation.…..Time to pack our bags,guns, Bibles and look for a safer and more distant place to live in !!

I will not sit idly by and not render an opinion about a man who wishes to emasculate the military and the entire Dept. of Defense. The office of POTUS, as you put it, lost my respect when Bill Clinton used the Oval Office for clandestine BJs. I will respect the person who holds that office when they have earned it.

let’s face it. We need new revenue to keep a first class miltary. Letting all the bush tax cuts expire may not be so bad after all.

Are you thinking of JFK appointing RFK?

That said, are you trying to hate on Colin Powell? We could go get a businessman like McNamara…hell, Mitt Romney for DoD!

Steve, just think of the “brothers, good old boys and the like” other presidents have appointed over the years in this country. TAKE YOU CRAP SOMEPLACE ELSE!!!!

Can’t slip anything passed you sparky(Peter) OUR President has served for almost four years. Do you research and find out who the “DO NOTHINGS” WERE(can you say members of the “R” party) Looking for a safer place to like are you? Try looking between your ears!

Dont matter who will suck up to the President and work with sequestration when it comes will be appointed.

Nope, Army guys mostly the Gen officers tend to be on the corrupt side and have fishy connections on the inside and thus fair decisions cannot be expected. It should be a Defense expert who has a good name and experience and is not a war monger who is strong enough to make the military technologically advanced and smart but not big and bring its astronomical costs down so we can afford it. We MUST have NO wars for at least the next 20 years or we will get eaten by our own economic disaster like the former Soviet Union and will collapse into pieces like a fallen glass. God Bless America and Give Obama the strength to lead us to success. Amen.

asshats? maybe you should go back to your hill, well, right after you pick up your free crap with the rest of the hoodlums.


Anyone care to wager on the possibility of Obama appointing someone of the Muslim faith to be the next SecDef? Sounds to far fetched? Possibly, but consider this…__The attack on the US consulate in Benghazi on 11 September 2012 that resulted in the death of Ambassador Stevens, his aide and two former Navy Seals working as CIA civilian contractors was an act of war. An act of war committed by al Qaeda linked Muslim terrorists. These are the same Muslim radicals that the Obama administration aided and abetted in their overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. Obama and his cabal helped a sworn enemy of the United States gain control of a foreign nation and on the anniversary of 9/11 his beneficiaries paid him back in spades. __The attack on the consulate and CIA annex/safe house was witnessed in real time via a Predator surveillance feed by high level officials of the Pentagon and the Obama administration. To believe for a moment that Obama was not advised of the situation in Benghazi is ridiculous. As surely as he is a Democrat he must have known about it.

Former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.), currently chairman of the Atlantic Council. Also a VietNan Veteran.

Unless the manner with which the Pentagon deals with its contractors, both stateside and in combat zones and its inability to accurately keep track of the millions it goes through on an almost daily basis is directly confronted, it really doesn’t matter who the new SecDef. The Pentagon is in dire need of a radical overhaul on how it interacts with Congress, its own book keeping, R & D, procurement and the manner it handles its contract bidding and awarding process.

Such an idiotic response, like everyone got behind Bush? Ya right!!

So we just ‘get behind him’ no matter what? No matter the policy just cause he was elected by about 29% of adults? You obviously have no clue about the Constitution.

Ya if it went to the military but good luck with that with Obama as Pres.

Yeah, Now that Obama is in, we all can kiss our Military GOODBY

How about you wingnuts let the man do his job. When was the last time any one of you ran for something and won? Oh yes you brought up the FLEXIBLE Romney and AMERICA rejected him and your ideas. You and your ideas are going the way of the dinosaurs.

What a ridiculous position to take on his endorsement of the President. What did he get out of the endorsement in the first election, Zilch, Nada, nothing. Fact! Mr. Romney is not right for America but is right those who believe America should look like the crowd at his concession speech. Take a hard look at the photo’s, no obvious diversity is seen and never will be in any republican event. Not picking sides as I have served our Nation for 28 years, therefore, under Presidents from each party. Show me a crowd photo during an acceptance speech from a Republican President and looks just like Romney’s concession speech. The days of the Old South perspectives are dead in America, Thank God!

Colin Powell.

I can’t see who would want this job when it is pretty much going to be all about doing Obama’s dirty work and gutting the defense budget in a futile attempt to pay for everything else.

Military spending is a real political football, and that obscures the real problems in the system.
For instance, we were fed WWII/Korea “C” rats in Vietnam, and at the same time, the military was selling new ones in the commisaries and exchanges as surplus.

Did anyone key in on the comment that Speaker of the House Boehner said they might try to push the sequestration deadline back 3 months to give them more time to strike a deal? They have had 2 years to strike a deal and they haven’t done Sh!t. There are not going to be any meaningful spending cuts this go around either. They talk about cutting $1.2 Trillion over 10 years. Considering that we have an annual deficit of more than that , even that amount of spending cuts doesn’t amount to anything.

Need someone who will aggressively manage inter-service positioning around the Pacific Pivot. The development of competing doctrines by service teams/coalitions is not acceptable. We have enough big problems to sort out — prosecuting the current fight, addressing soldier issues and fixing a broken procurement process come to mind first. Partisan posturing to ensure future relevancy is yet another distraction from the main effort — providing the best defense possible, with resources that will become more limited over time.

Come on guys and girls — the election is over and our President is Obama — get over it. Does this mean that for the next four years, I’m going to have to read the the same hating rhetoric that has been the norm on this site. The problem is that this country has become a “my way or the highway” country — when I was a kid, 78 years ago, Americans were respectful and worked together for our betterment. The President’s name is Obama and he is not a pagan, a Muslin, and all the mean spirited names used by some of the ignorant nincompoops that love to think that they are being smart and humorous, but in reality are showing their hate and disrespect for the leader of our great country. Like some on this site, try talking intelligent and add something of value .

I wonder if the new SecDef will order our military to fire on civilians when we all take to the streets like the Greeks, Spaniards and others in Europe? What’s happening in Europe will surely spread to the US as our economy eventually takes a dive off the fiscal cliff. We Americans are delusional and try our best to ignore the inevitable. Each and everyone of us, except the super wealthy elitists, will be affected by the economic collapse. I believe that all retired military will be in for a surprise when the fed money spigot is turned off. Who do you think is going to mete out retirement pay, VA disability pay, CRSC pay, etc., etc? Prepare for the worst my friends. Forget that new Lexus or 80″ TV. Buy guns, ammunition and food.! If you live in the city, move out to the countryside. Your family is depending on you!

Why did you delete my comments? I don’t believe I violated the User Agreement and I believe my comments are germane to the subject. Many believe that the US will collapse and chaos will ensue. Is mil​.com afraid to face reality?

Do you really think enlisted soldiers will obey unlawful orders? You have a low opinion of the enlisted man; that said, law enforcement won’t have a problem using the phalanx, tear gas and pepper spray to subjugate the masses.

Conservatives thought it was fun and good popcorn when it was college students, but when those conservatives take to the streets, it might be too late…

Guns won’t be enough. Cache supplies, perhaps at an innocuous storage unit a few miles out of town that you can get to fairly rapidly. There’s two schools of thought: Dig In and Get Out. Dig In might not work for urbanites. Get Out may not work if you don’t have a plan or enough gear, and if you have too much…the rest is history.

Worst case scenario, the federal government destabilizes and we go back to a confederation of states…like the European Union.

One thing is for certain: Panetta needs to go! And I thought Gates was bad! Panetta has NOT CONCEPT of the military. Obama will replace him with just another crony.

Most people who haven’t been in the military don’t realize how the afirmative action mentality ended up promoting the wrong people. In my 12 years I worked for several incompetent officers who were promoted by their skin color. One was so inept he couldn’t write complete sentences and he was a communications officer. However this doesn’t fit the world view of the left so they’ll pretend it isn’t true.

I know he’s not a fabric (Muslin). However, I think people are indeed crazy to assume what they assume of him.

Born to a American in America, white mother and Kenyan man. I suppose there’s subliminal miscegenation fear coming out of that…

Then again, I like to believe that the mother was forcibly abducted to Kenya, born there, then quickly snuck into the United States where they bribed employees in a Hawaii hospital to fake up a birth certificate…two graduate students, perhaps Kenyan government spies! The mother’s family was paid decades ago to raise their daughter to prepare to spawn a Kenyan baby to destroy America…or hey, maybe the mother’s family is secretly not American either and *they* faked their American citizenship documents!

It makes the crypto-paranoia in the Middle East about Zionists, Crusaders, Great Satans, Little Satans, Obliterating Israel, Israel in the Sands of Time sound normal.

No wars for 20 years? So are you just going to ignore the Islamic militants? It only takes 1 side to have a war. You can shoose to fight back or accept being a victim. Go ahead and be a victim if ou want but I’m not going with that plan.

Isn’t it interesting that the liberals make mewling noises about working together but in reality they really mean join us or else.

At this point I’m all for the automatic spending cuts because it cuts everyone and not just some government entities. I see no reason to make a deal with the President as the only deal he will go for will be one that guts the military more and sends more money to social programs.

Makes you wonder about the state of public education such that grown men can’t write in complete sentences, and the army that takes in people who can’t write complete sentences, even before getting to the promotion side of things.

Curious why the military isn’t more up in arms with thousands of our military denied their votes.

The President is grossly incompetent as CiC but not a terrorist. This President has already created more czars than all previous presidents combined thus showing he knows how to get around the rules. Why would he start following the rules now when he has virtually nothing to lose? I wouldn’t be that shocked to see a new czar appointed as the real power controlling the DoD in which case it won’t matter who is the SecDef.

Now apply that same logic to all of the other government agencies because they aren’t any more efficient with their spending, they just happen to get less overall money to squander.

Obama is also not someone who has demonstrated the willingness to work with the other side. An election victory doesn’t mean the other side rolls over as the Democrats clearly illistrated when Bush won his 2 elections. Why do they think the other side shouldn’t use their own tactics?

And if anyone has shown a “my way or the highway” attitude it has been Obama. He is reaping what he has sewn.

A liberal.

We’re all sowing.

When you vote for an incumbent that only cares about making it onto the media because they have the zaniest, most polarizing things to say, it simply encourages the most polar people to run for politics.

Moderates are an endangered species. Then again, when the only options are the stark ones (“no new taxes!” “Only taxes!” “No more cuts!” “Only cuts!”) broad appeal is unexpected.

In the old days, people made the tough decisions and likely lost the election and returned to private life (often private practice, considering most pols were lawyers). Now it’s more about /staying/ in office as long as possible…

We gave him 4 years to do his job… apparently he was too busy. But, when the takers out number the makers it’s hard to get empty suit amateurs out of there. Looking at the electoral map it is painfully obvious why he’s still in office. No worries though, western Europe has done pretty well under similar policies. Oh wait…

If the best you can do is quote your fellow right wing nuts like Oreilly, I see no point in talking to you until you can muster an original thought.

The kennel is full of lap dogs. Just pick a few. No one will know the diff.

You’re chasing illusionary revenues, Superraptor. Raising rates is a great way to depress the economy, reducing the tax base. Remember also that the wealthy and small businesses can avoid the higher marginal rates by deferring or forgoing the additional income (i.e., deferring new hiring or laying off current employees). That appraoch might just kill the goose, or at least prolong its disease.

I’m interested to see what other revenue-raising proposals the House puts on the table. The Speaker should hold the President to his word to consider proposals from the other side of the aisle–the folks who are a little more in touch with the civil economy and who seem to recognize that the private sector is not “doing fine.”

The beauty of our system is that the Congress spends the money, the President executes. Liberal or conservative we all need to be engaged and hold our elected represntatives accountable. We may have to take another 500B cut over the next 10 years, but with our budget as high as 500B a year? it’s not going to do great damage.

I’m not happy with the election, but the article was on the SECDEF. He will steer the department and I only hope he arrives with an open mind and not an ax.

Time to invest in the white flag industry (all made in China of course).


Congress does not spend the money, but they set out directions on how it is to be spent. The executive is the titular CinC, but the day to day operations and the money-spending happens at the five-sided office building.

Reshuffling the guys in the Capitol may help some in terms of accountability, but a lot happens in the Pentagon as well.

That said, I’m curious to see who new SecDef will be. Will the cuts come out of the excessive number of general officers, commands and staffs? Probably not.

Perhaps government should take a cue from the private sector and employ lots of 37 hour part timers without benefits to do all the menial labor…cut out the contractor middleman.

…quite frankly…if there is going to be anything done.…perhaps some of the numb-nuts spelling doom and gloom should write their representatives and put pressure on them to WORK FOR YOU!! if all folks can do is bitch whine and moan about the status of things…form a nonprofit…put foward an agenda and make BLOODY CHANGES…if not…the chive on!!

With a big budget knife.

…and a social agenda.

Pretty awesome how all those who love the obstructionist tea party whackos, are now just throwing pot shots at the POTUS out of pettiness. We’re all tired of those divisive actions. Being conservative is one thing but going extreme, is the true death knell to this great nation. Have a clue and evolve. The more you and yours embrace that philosophy, the weaker we’ll get. Wake up already. Times are changing. We’ll ALWAYS be the most powerful military. What many on here argue about is just petty jealousy.

Mitt Romney was a moderate’s wet dream, blight. So was John McCain. I don’t know what planet you’ve been living on.

Barack Obama and most of his compatriots are hard-left extremists. When Hillary Clinton looks moderate by comparison, you know that the Democratic Party has really gone full-tilt to the leftist fringe. Witness the evisceration of conservative Democrats over the past three election cycles. Conservative Democratic Congressmen are an extinct species.

give me a break!!!!!

The President is a socialist, Marin, by any definition of the word. He has surrounded himself with other self-avowed socialists. He is pursuing an agenda of creeping socialism. You may not like the sound of the word, but it is an objectively accurate description. Let’s just be honest and drop the feigned outrage and self-righteousness.

This is nothing unusual. Our nation is divided on the governing direction. Although the President won a majority of the vote on Tuesday, the country remains deeply divided. The electorate also gave us a split decision, electing an expanded Republican majority in the House. This is an extension of the 2010 mandate, when the voters decided to put a brake on the excesses of Obama’s first two years. The President didn’t like it, and never came to terms with it. After ramming an unpopular but sweeping government takeover of the health care industry through Congress, he continued to demonstrate an utter disregard for the consent of the governed. Most notably, he and Harry Reid have refused to negotiate with House Republicans on a budget.

57 million of us voted for a different direction. So this president is going to get a very vocal, loyal opposition, in the best traditions of the republic.

POTUS already has a kit bag for the incoming SECDEF, Rick. The only thing in it is a very large axe.

General Petraeus would make an excellent SECDEF.

<William C. · 8 hours ago>
“The idea of a strong America? Good to see you’re so happy about our decline. As long as you get your “free” stuff right? “_____________________________________________________________________BILLO!, is that you??? Now thats a “woe is me” attitude if I ever heard one. Still trying to figure how governor Rumney lost Huh? Well you just do that if you can, but if you haven’t figured it out by now, chances are, you won’t. Now, back to the subject at hand. I think SECDEF Panetta did an outstanding job, he is no rummie, thats for sure. When you are dealing with a House of Reps, that refuse to work with this White House, and we still accomplished all tasks Militarily in a timely manner, yes, you done good. SECDEF Panetta did his job, now it’s time for that worthless HoR to do theirs.

We’ve gotten use to the abuse. I was deployed for the 2004, 2006, and 2010 elections and each time my ballot was either late or the news said our ballots were lost. Neither party has shown an interest in fixing the problem.

but what is better for the nation — Petraeus at SECDEF or Petraeus where he is? Seems to me like the best skill set required for SECDEF right now is financial management skills. Also what is the precedent for former general officer becoming SECDEF? It could open up some ugly political complications, as the other Services could feel threatened and/or slighed in the decision making.

If Powell hadn’t gone squeamish on the Highway of Death in 1991, we might have skipped the whole OIF adventure altogether. That said, if Obama is doing the appointing, Powell would be one of the better appointments he could make.

If only.

If BHO were remotely interested in doing his job instead of using it as a photo op, the Situation Room wouldn’t have had an Epty Chair on 9/11/2012!

Not a fan of Powell, but don’t think you can fairly suggest he’s a “mere Affirmative Action hire.” He was a competent and accomplished General Officer, and acquitted himself reasonably well as CJCS under Reagan and NSA under Bush 41 (that whole Highway of Death episode aside). He’s about the best we could do under a hard-left administration.

Same thing I was thinking.……

Did some of your comments get deleted? As the editor, I’d be the only one to do that and have not. In fact, we very, very rarely would ever delete a comment.

Compared to Santorum, Bachman and Gingrich Mitt is moderate, though I suppose he is more left of Right-wing than actually falling in the center itself. That said, Romney’s campaign suffered from Kerry Syndrome: uninteresting candidate, unmotivated voting base.

If anything, Obama is ideologically about where Hillary is. There are more extreme people on the left, and due to the presence of outliers in any party, it puts him closer to the center. In foreign policy, he’s actually not very liberal at all, and is still largely following a “Fix Bush Jr’s playbook” ForPol, except for when it comes to Arab Spring and Russia.

Inevitably, the plan is a mix of capital gains tax cuts, corporate tax cuts and attacking the affordable care act.

On the other side is the inevitable parade of tax hikes.

I’m beginning to be won around to the idea of a tax holiday. I mean, there’s a reason Adelson backed Gingrich and then Romney: he has Macau Sands casino money he’s considering bringing into the states…we will probably never see the money unless companies really want to move it back to the US, and otherwise they’ll just reinvest it overseas like they should.

Anyone opposed to the idea of appointing Romney as SecDef? It’s a legitimate post, certainly with more clout than SecState.

The problem is that the Republican party hates people who work for Obama: for instance, Jon Huntsman.

Now there you go thinking like a businessman Triple Threat. The best skill set for Defence is a Defensive skill set, meaning a Military skill set. You wouldn’t use a wolf to defend sheep would you? The smart thing to do would be to get a ram.

Way to contradict yourself. He’s elected get over it.….….….the country became my way or the highway.

You just suggested because Obama won we are to accept his ‘my way or the highway’

No I will continue to fight for liberty and the preservation of the Constitution no matter who is president.


Digesting now, hang on

The auto-delete is very hungry

General Powell.

Retired members of the armed services have to wait 7 years from the date of their retirement before they may be appointed SecDef.

Romney’s a real candidate for Commerce or other positions, but not Defense. Romney’s defense advisers are part of the reason the DoD is in the troublesome state it’s in today.

Gotta love the other side saying “Democrats will destroy the country! There will be chaos! we will decline into irrelevance! They’re taking sides with the Muslims! They’re all [expletive] idiots! ” and then whining that the Democrats aren’t bipartisan enough.

Good idea (rolling eyes). A Secretary of Surrender.


Oops. Too bad. Thanks, Moose.

Come on people wake up! Obama and company’s agenda is to totally socialize our county.You do that by having everyone depending on the government for their necessities. So the worse the economy gets the more people will want government help.

Obama suckered young high school and college kids & senior citizens is the Americans who mostly elected him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a few nuts that could not see the end of their nose!!

You should seek medical help ASAP! You are one sick delusional racist. Get help dude!

Have u ever had an orginal thought?

I vote for the re-animated corpse of Chuck Yeager.

let them all leave they do not care about saving anyone .…

I apologize. I was too hasty in my accusation. Thanks for your patience!

I hope not. I don’t want a Clintonite controlling our military. Powell is no longer the General he used to be. He’s now just another puppet for Obama.

Heck, if they don’t cut the military budget, they will have to cut back on the family vacations. Dear Mr. President: Keep your wife and kids at home and stop spending millions of taxpayer dollars on their luxurious vacations. The rest of us don’t get to take fully-funded vacations. You were elected to serve US — not have the public funds serve YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! I’m sick of Obama’s wasteful spending.

Dear elected candidate,

As CEO of the United States, these are the following benefits…

I’ll make you a bet, given your assertion that the next SECDEF will be Muslim… if the person selected and confirmed is NOT Muslim (defined as publically stated as a member of a mosque, a practicing Muslim that prays, etc.), then you agree to leave the country. If you’re so sure it’s a safe bet, then take the challenge. I understand you’re not keen about our current president, and you’ve every right as an American to hold your beliefs, but such naysaying lowers your credibility. Bill Clinton got bj’s in the White House, and he’s not the first. Presidents are flawed human beings, make personal and executive mistakes. I don’t excuse his personal conduct, but to characterize someone as wholly ineligible for your support and respect is rather, frankly , juvenile. Would you, young as you are, stand up to the scrutiny you yourself demand of our elected officials? A parent, arguing with their teenaged child, forbids them from going out on a given night, so the child decries loudly that the parent is trying to ruin their life, that their life will be miserable — do we see a parallel here? So please desist in your diatribes against the government, but instead I implore you to write to your congressional representatives (do you know who they are? Ever written to them, or do you rely on your replies to create change?) about your feelings and concerns. I’d suggest that it be civil, less blaming, and more with concrete, well thought out measures you’d like to see. Good luck!

“an expanded Republican majority in the House.” Uh, excuse me, the Dems added a minimum of 7 seats and lead in 7 0f 9 still pending contests and added 2 Senate seats. At least get your facts straight.

Well, at least Mr. Panetta knows what he’s doing. The prospect of getting a SecDef less fiscally qualified at this very sensitive and critical point in time sends shivers up my spine. Not a good sign.

Third in line after Biden is Boehner, then after that is Inouye, D-HI. Then Hillary, Geithner, Panetta and Holder.

Inouye can’t be bad…

Woah, breaking news?

Sorry, funk. Wrong again. Romney lost the election because he was unable to forcefully articulate an attack against Obamacare (the issue that drove the 2010 Republican wave), because he didn’t press a full-throated indictment of Obama’s foreign policy in debate #3, and because 3 million Republicans who voted in 2008 stayed home.

Well, I thought so, too, until Mr. Panetta uttered that nonsense about not sending forces into harm’s way without real-time intel. When he had loads of real-time intel. And Americans on the ground getting shot at. Far as I can tell, there are no grown-ups on the Democrats’ national security bench.

He wants to buy time until the new Congress is seated, knucklehead. He said lame-duck Congresses shouldn’t try to do big things, and he’s absolutely right. Do you really want a bunch of unaccountable, dis-elected Members of Congress making decisions of this maginitude about taxes and spending? I don’t. Let’s wait until we have accountable representatives.

I’d like to see one example of an elected Democrat who is more extreme left than Barack Obama. If you say Sherrod Brown, it’s debatable.

What makes you think HRC’s political philosophy is the same as her husband’s? He was pretty clearly a DLC compromiser…not particularly ideological. HRC on the other hand is pretty clearly an ideological feminist leftist. Remember Hillarycare…what a bak-buster that would have been! And I doubt she’d have signed the Gingrich Congress’ Welfare Reform. Still, she seems to have gained more of a pragmatic streak over the past few years than our leftist Community-Organizer-in-Chief.

Yogi…you’re right…went to bed too early on election night I guess. House Republicans had a net loss of 2, Dems a net pickup of 7, according to Politico’s latest. Don’t quibble, though…the main point is still the same…the voters still gave the Republicans a solid majority in the House.

No question Republicans screwed the pooch in Senate races, though.

Bobby, I guess we’ve got to get in the back seat again.

Agree Mitchell’s hyperbole is a little over the top. Remember though that enlisted soldiers (and officers, too) in very professional armies throughout history have followed unlawful orders (or orders from lawless regimes) to do some pretty terrible things.

We need a military person like Senator Jim Webb to take over as Sec of Def. No more flipp’in civilians.

I agree!! The attack was made by Muslims.. our so called President is a Muslim …ergo don’t expect any great things to occur! I fear for this once great country…and damn the folks who voted him back into office!!

You right wing nuts have for years preached to America about how America is a “melting pot” of all nations and we support each other. However, once that “melting pot” has obviously come together and elect a president that represents that “melting pot” of nations, you all go ape s**t. Everything would be just fine for you all as long as whoever runs this country is WHITE and MALE. The american “melting pot” finally sifted out your GOP BS! Deal with it however you want. Curse him, slander him, hate him, lie about him, use racial slurs to define him. Whatever. Fact remains, Barack Hussein Obama is the president of the United States of America! Get over it or stick your head back in the sand where you had it before!

Marist, You hit the nail on the head! I wish I could give you a thousand more thumbs up for that statement.

it’s too easy to click UP or DOWN on the WRONG PERSON’s comments.

Reformat the comments so we can tell better which comments we’re voting on!

Thanks! (and vote this comment up!)

I was going to say Wellstone, or my home state’s obligatory Diane Feinstein, or Jane Harmon. Or Nancy Pelosi, because everyone seems to hate her.

The named candidates would not have followed the Bush Jr playbook so throughly (continue TARP, continue Afghanistan, continue assassinations, continue hunting OBL despite “irrelevance”).

Of course, Obama is still an unrepetent Keynesian, which is the big point of difference between a large number of Dems and a large num of Republicans.

“Obama wrote an article in the late 80’s how he wanted to be the anti-Reagan and totally and completely unilaterally disarm the US”


It works when your army is not representative of the country it is asked to defend.

The sad part is that the army is still not yet representative of the country, and more so in the combat arms.

Now knocking at Lockheed’s door.

That was close.

Wow, all page on lockheed website about Christopher E. Kubasik have been swapped for a ‘page not found’.

Can be still read here. His promotion was really official. <a href=“http://​webcache​.googleusercontent​.com/​s​e​a​r​c​h​?​q​=​c​a​c​h​e​:​G​z​B​a​7​v​S​n​m​twJ :www​.lockheedmartin​.com/​u​s​/​w​h​o​-​w​e​-​a​r​e​/​l​e​a​d​e​r​s​h​i​p​/​k​u​b​a​s​i​k​.​h​t​m​l​+​&​a​m​p​;​c​d​=​1​3​&​a​m​p​;​h​l​=​e​n​&​a​m​p​;​c​t​=​c​l​n​k​&​a​m​p​;​g​l​=ca” target=“_blank”>http://​webcache​.googleusercontent​.com/​s​e​a​r​c​h​?​q​=ca…” target=“_blank”>

The previous url is broken.
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I’m with you shipmate. These guys have just watched too much Fox News, listened to too much Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. The ironic thing is that they have this big echo chamber and didn’t realize that the rest of the country did not really believe all the bullshit of Obama being a Muslim, a socialist a communist, and a non American. Lets face it the guy was handed a big bunch of crap in our economy, he has gone a long way towards fixing it, he has killed more Muslims than any President before him (including Osama) and he has done more for our vets coming home than any Republican president ever did. Most of these guys just can’t accept the fact that we have a Black President in the White House. End of Story.

Barney Frank’s available. He’d be ideal for the job. He’s a newly married wife and would be a great proponent for insuring that same sex partners receive all the benefits that married heterosexuals get. Which is soon to become the #1 goal of the US military.
Congratulations to the left which is well on it’s way to destroying the USA without firing a shot.

I agree with you SGM Bob!!!

Got a link? Or are you (bobbymike) MUSASIR (making up shinola and saying it’s real)

It’s not Panetta…it’s Pathetta.

Is anyone surprized with the trolls on this site? Don’t be. In what I think was a well scripted movement by 60’s and 70’s radicals to move into the education sectors as well as government and politics in order to affect change from the inside, it only makes sense that they had to move into the military as well. How else can you explain only a slight margin for Republicans in the polls. The real tipping point comes when Progressives assume the majority of military top brass positions and the enlisted ranks finally vote more Democratic than Republican. At that point all bets for liberty in this country are off the table.

Sam Nunn or Olympia Snowe.

I suspect Obama will want to appoint Barney Frank as successor to Panetta.

Hah! “Let him do his job”? You mean he actually DOES something besides play golf? You surely wouldn’t know it by the results he’s getting.

Considering what has happened with Gen. Petraeus in the past couple of days, I don’t think he should count on being SECDEF.

For some obscure reason the website have added a space in the link. Space between ‘cache’ and ‘:’ has to be removed.

Not much will be fixed until the bottom of the barrel is no longer for the choice “pick” area???

Re Highway of Death, would that call have been Norman’s, Colin’s or Bush’s? Or heck, even some ad hoc people at the UN?

I thought such a thing would be Norman, but…

That said, I’m guessing your votes go to your home state?

Hmm, if they aggregated all military service members with an APO address and gave assigned delegates at the electoral college (which itself is gaaag), would it make things better? Hrm.

…at the direction of the Politburo?

Sure, there were plenty of old radicals in the ‘60s and ‘70s…they either grew up and turned their backs on their pasts and became Adults, or they rattle around in Berkeley to the present day. The slight margin is not the sneaky old hippies suddenly revealing themselves amongst your neighbors, but the Dem’s drive to aggressively register and deploy groups to the voting booth.

Generally, members of the military are more conservative than the general population-but the way the system works for overseas, absentee and military votes isn’t geared towards the Instant Decision Presidential determination cycle. Votes from overseas will probably be counted only after someone concedes.

I feel that the military ought to vote early and be assigned electoral college delegates. It’s outrageous that their votes don’t count just because it’s hell to collate votes from soldiers serving in all corners of the world. Maybe people will get used to the idea of waiting to see who is president because soldiers fighting and dying on the other side of the world deserve to have a say, a counted vote and electoral delgates count towards deciding the C in C.

How about you take a hike to Moscow.

Yeah, isn’t that weird? Powell will sell his soul.

What’s the matter, Jim? You suffering from ‘white guilt’?

Powell was (and still is) a competent military general. I don’t like him but he’s not coward and he is NOT stupid.


No one stayed home. More voters than registered voted for O. States with voter id all went for R. Guess why the difference?

Oh, by the way, we currently have a Department of Justice head that supports racism as an excuse not to do his job of upholding the laws of congress. He forces states that have voted to have Voter ID not to have Voter ID whereas other states have it with NO PROBLEMS. Now who is racist? Mississippi has the most “minority” Federal and state officials per capita.

They should look at Ms Sue Dryden. Check her bio out. She works at OSD now and would be perfect for the job.

i agree

Obama is a disaster — a joke — a clear and present danger to the U.S.

We are in for a rough ride — the morons that re-elected him deserve what they get.

It is clear that half the electorate is dumber than soap.

Obama defines corruption — we won’t be able to recognize this country in 4 years.

I’ve heard you guys blame everyone and everything for the GOP losing because you just can’t admit that you had a no-win ticket. This was your election to win and Romney/Ryan was the best you could do? THAT’s why the Republicans lost.

The GOP lost because half the electorate wants to sit on its @$$ and collect food stamps.


Have you received YOUR Obama phone yet?

Greece — here we come — this election was BOUGHT and PAID for.

Khan?????Sounds like a damn terriorst name. No wonder you voted for Obama . Who in the hell invited you to this country?? Just because a man is a General Officer doesn’t mean he’s worth a crap. Look at Obama.…President of the U.S. and the worst failure known to mankind. So position and rank doesn’t mean crap except that you’re kissing somebody’s ass. Obama is so stupid, that he makes Jimmy Carter look like a genius! If Obama ever told the truth about something, he would have heart failure! Hell, he believes his own lies. Obama loves idiots like you because he can count on you to be stupid enough to vote for him. He was right!

Panetta retire? — No loss. In fact probably a good thing for the military.

Thank you Marist, I completely agree!

Seems to me that all you people in the military have more common sense than the average civilian out there. I thank all you wonderful people for your out standing service. God Bless you all. Oh am I still allowed to say GOD?

Not willing ? Hmm.… I seem to remember that the republicans wanted health care reform that would be fully limited to purchasing health insurance through private insurers without any option for a public plan. Obama and the democrats wanted to expand Medicare so that Americans could buy directly from government insurance.

What did Obama opt for, with dems in FULL control of congress? He opted for what the GOP wanted!
Unwilling to work with the other side, my foot! Treating Americans as if we are fools is exactly why Obama won.

The more the right-wing uses blatant dishonesty like this, the more the American public realizes that the right are manipulators and can’t be trusted to tell the truth. And the democrats will only keep gaining more supporters and winning more elections. We know who is lying to us.

Panetta will for always be known as the SecDef who watch an attack on U. S. territory on video and did absolutely nothing. Someone in Washington gave the order to “stand down” and the American public has a right to know who exactly it was. I sincerely hope that Congress will compell him to tesitfy about what he knows of the events on 9/11/2012.

Am I the lone ranger in thinking that the Defense budget is grossly inflated and a drain on resources? Our budget is 10 times more than the next 10 countries combined. In my 34 years in the service, I have seen a fair share of wasteful spending with EOY deadlines to spend, spend, spend or else you lose it and get cut for the following year. I am confident that what I saw is just indicative of what goes on all across the whole DoD (AND the federal government.) Cut the Dod budget by 25–30% and carry on! And guess what? We’ll still have the world’s best military.

After his dumb response to the questions about Benghazi support this moron should never have been appointed to this position. The general that is on the Joint Chiefs of Staff should be replaced at the same time, Regretfully Mr. Obama will be the one making the nominations for these positions and his choices to date have been poor to say the least.

Obama is a socialist. Lacks understanding of the Constitution and what the Forefathers meant by small government. He is a muslim. Who said that muslims are not killings mulsims. They do it all the time. Him killing moslims does not mean he is not one. His soul and core is indeed a muslim.

Why should his cabinet officers need any experience? The president didn’t have any when he took office… and it certainly shows… what a miserable joke.

Wow did you hit it right,VietNam 65–66 C-rats 1945. Also I found in our ammo dump 45 ball tracer date on crate 1944.

Vietnam, desert Storm, Operation, Allied Force,Iraq freedom-Retired 2005

Are or is everyone living in a house of Mirriors and glass what will it add up to?


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