Warren unseats Brown in Mass. Senate battle

Warren unseats Brown in Mass. Senate battle

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, R-MA, a prominent member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, lost Tuesday one the tightest and most closely watched Senate races to Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

Defense industry executives paid close attention as they hoped to keep Brown in prominent Senate committee as he had served as a moderate who could cross the aisle on divisive defense issues. It’s unclear who the Republicans will replace in Brown’s open seat.

Warren, a Harvard law professor, has not said if she intends to seek a seat at the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Even if the Democratic party does not place offer her at seat on the committee, Warren can expect a call from General Dynamics. The Massachusetts-based defense company is working hard with the Army to build a next generation battlefield communications network that could be worth billions over the life of the contract.

Brown had received significant campaign contributions from defense firms to keep Brown’s support in the Senate. Filling Brown’s Senate seat, she could prove to serve as an interesting player in the forthcoming lame duck negotiations to evade the sequestration cuts.

Brown said repeatedly he would do everything in his power to avoid the $500 billion defense cuts. Warren has not made her position clear on the sequestration cuts.

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Cut! cut ! cut !

“Her clients included the very same corporations she railed against”

Then if she knows whats best for her, she will continue to serve the corporate interest.

“Filling Brown’s Senate seat, she could prove to serve as an interesting player in the forthcoming lame duck negotiations to evade the sequestration cuts.”

Mr. Hoffman, please understand the process! Sciott Brown is the lame duck, the one that will return to Washington as a member of the lame duck session to deal with the expiring Bush tax cuts and the self-imposed sequestration. He is the one that will suceed — or more sadly, fail — to stop the pending Charlie Foxtrot.

Elizabeth Warren will not be seated and sworn in until January. She gets to clean yup the pieces Brown & Co. leave behind. Oh, btw, I bet she’ll get a call from raytheon before she gets one from GD. Just sayin’.

You, William C., are a racist.

Get off this board and out of my country.

Arby you to are a racist, and can join the exit William C.

Cut, cut cut, social programs too. Go out and work people and quit looking for handouts.

Obama hasn’t had a budget in 4 years so why would he start now?

godanov — How am I a racist? What did I say that is not true? And who gave you the right to determine who can write on this board? Finally remind me again how you can claim the United States as “my country” and have the right to tell people to leave? I was born here and did my fair share in the military. Can you say the same for yourself?

You said it best.

Brace yourselves. Sequestration is coming.

Sequestration should hit everything just the same.

I expect the Democrats to make a deal to avoid sequestration. They’ll promise some future deal and the Republicans will fall for it again. Thus the liberals will keep up their spending on social programs while gutting military spending.

I’d rather see the Republicans hold off and let sequestration hit full force on every agency.

“Sequestration the Democratic Dream of a Life Time”. The only reason it may not happen is $500 Billion is also cut from Dem Social Programs, like school lunches, 35–45,000 teachers will lose their jobs, plus 100’s of billions in Housing & Food assistance. You know their voter base the 47%. but I’m betting Obama really doesn’t care now the he has been re-elected, so I’d plan on a Really Bad 2013 , with Sequestration, Tax hikes, and the Stock Market taking a nose dive ( DJIA down 290 pts so far today) get ready for a Double Dip .

The Republicans didnt win the Presidency but they can still save thier banker friend’s tax cuts — just cut a deal with Obama and throw the military under the bus. They will say the Democrats made them do it, but it’s notable that they cant make them hurt thier “base”.

As one Republican banker friend of mine says: we call Republicans making less than $2M a year rubes.

It was a given Brown would lose. He got lucky he was elected in a Democrat stronghold.

I doubt she will take, she’s a populist.

I have to say that this is no surprise the Dems only gaind 2 seats not all lost for republicans. But overall doesn’t matter the DoD will get more cuts.

Yeah…all those Wall Street guys in that big red state of NY who delivered the Romney landslide YGBKM, LT.

I just wish the Dems like Warren would campaign on what they believe and that would be total unilateral nuclear disarmament and cutting the defense budget in half.

I expect they will — and if they continue on that path they will sink even further into irrelevance. The American people aren’t as stupid as they hoped: after 3.10 years of obstruction from the “party of no”, a concerted smear campaign, the baseless accusations, worthless posturing, blaming the POTUS for the crap they pull, and an all out attack to prevent this POTUS getting a second term from the start: the so-called republican party FAILED MISERABLY.

And if sequestration hits — they’ll pay for it.

you have to wonder just how many times the republicans have to choose their rich friends over poor working class schmucks before they realise that Bush wasn’t addressing the waiters in the room when he said you aremy base.

The financial industryvoted for obama over one of their own, just hilariously clueless — Maybe you you save up the bus fare and visit ny some time

She is a liar who falsified her status to get ahead. Much like POTUS who won’t show his school records…maybe he is afraid it will show him as a foreign student wanting aid? Sure would be nice if Policy Wonk would have served instead of just being a wannabe military person.

What about Solyndra getting all of that money and they donated some back to Obama. That’s the Chicago way.

Why hasn’t Donald Trump posted and $$$ into the president’s favorite charity?

The state of Massachusetts deserves what it gets. I guess a proven liar is still better than what they had before Brown.


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