Petraeus Testimony on Benghazi Affair

Petraeus Testimony on Benghazi Affair

Former CIA Director David Petraeus’s testimony on Capitol Hill about the Sept. 11  terrorist attack in Benghazi will hopefully satisfy skeptical lawmakers and quiet speculation that the Obama administration forced the retired general to resign over his extramarital affair.

Petraeus agreed to testify before Congress in close-door, Nov. 16 hearings at the insistence of lawmakers dissatisfied with the White House’s explanation of the events surrounding the violent attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that left four Americans dead. Petraeus resigned as CIA director Nov. 9 when his affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, became public.

His exit just before scheduled Benghazi hearings prompted speculation that the Obama administration was really trying to keep Petraeus from confirming lawmaker’s suspicions of a White House cover-up. Other critics have suggested that the White House will try to use Petraeus’s scandalous affair to discredit his testimony.

Insiders close to Petraeus, however, discount both theories. While Petraeus may have used poor judgement when he became intimate with Broadwell, his resignation was the attempt of an honorable man to protect the CIA from negative publicity, Petraeus supporters maintain. It’s also unlikely that the administration, or anyone else for that matter, could discredit Petreaus’s highly-respected career. It may be cliché, but when Petreaus talks, lawmakers listen.

And if President Obama really wanted to quiet speculation over the tragedy of Benghazi, he probably wouldn’t be considering the embattled United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice succeed Hilary Clinton as the next Secretary of State.

Obama recently defended Rice’s reputation at a press conference after Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham vowed to block Rice if Obama nominates her for the post. Lawmakers have taken issue with public comments Rice made attributing the Benghazi attack to the public outcry that emerged in response to an anti-Muslim video, and not a terrorist attack.

Initial reactions from lawmakers who attended the hearing appear to be mixed, but at least everyone seemed to focus on Benghazi and not the soap-opera-like details of the affair between Petraeus and Broadwell, according to media reports.



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Real shocker. Obama lied about it for his reelection and it was a terrorist attack DUH!!!!

The mainstream media is trying its best to make it out like most in Congress care about the affair, when what they actually care about is Benghazi.

Stunned by the lack of substance and insight in this article. No well-placed sources. No new information about either the Benghazi events or about how the White House or Congressional overseers intend to proceed. No substantive analysis. No well-informed insights. Frankly seventh-grade level political prognostications that adds nothing to the widely reported accounts of Petraeus’ closed-doors testimony. DoDBuzz, if this is the best you can do, you are on a short path to irrelevance. Your sophisticated audience of defense industry observers will quickly go elsewhere for meaningful news and analysis if you cannot do better.

On that note could you maybe tell us where we can go? id like to go there :) not so much a well thought out article but more for a sophisticated comment base. thankyou :)

I feel like the details regarding Benghazi are getting lost in the forest. The most important thing is why what happened happen–not what Obama or Rice said following the events. Their remarks have nothing to do with the cause of the tragedy. I think the real story here is the tension between needing to simultaneously reach out to power brokers in places of interest and keep the American diplomats who perform that function safe. How do we strike that balance? Apart from that, why would the Obama administration have an incentive to hide the fact that it was a terrorist attack, other than to preserve the secrecy of investigative methods and eavesdropping tactics? I will admit, as soon as I heard about this, I assumed it was a terrorist attack. But now that a lot more facts have been revealed, I can imagine that, to people receiving the initial information it was not so clear. Two of our people died from smoke inhalation when the building was set on fire. Such a conflagration could have arisen from any number of actors…protestors, militants, terrorists? Who cares what we call them? What matters is why the security was so poor in the first place. And if you want to blame the Obama administration for that, I think it is legitimate (acknowledging that the White House rarely makes those kind of judgments). But all this noise about the exact language top officials used in the aftermath? What is the point? Ask yourself: would you feel any less motivated to protect American personnel abroad if you found out this was actually a bunch of protestors, and not “terrorists”? Because if so, we have much bigger problems than terrorists.

Yes, nobama lies about everything but this wasn’t just a terrorist attack… he caused it himself with his muslim brothers and it was supposed to be a kidnapping of our Ambassador so nobama could do two things… 1.) to release an al qaeda terrorist in exchange for the Ambassador to get him back 2.) so nobama could pretend to be a hero rescuing the Ambassador in an effort to help him look good to the American public for his re-election. He ordered the rescuers to stand down but some went on as the heroes they are trying to save the Ambassador and Embassy personnel regardless of the orders to stand down so nobama’s fake plan could take place that he had set up in the first place.

Those people died, because the Obama Administration wanted to say “We can do interventions the right way, (not like Bush) with no boots on the ground.”, so they hired it out to the CIA who is not equipped for these sort of attacks.

It’s so obvious, but we have a Liberal Press corps that dances around the obvious for their man.

DOD-Buzz.… This is fluff, and is well below your usual standards. You should remain silent on a topic until you can deliver something substantial into the conversation. I’d suggest that you not stray so far from defense and acquistion related topics.

Questions for Obama administration.. 1) Why was Amb Stevens left so vulnerable and requests for extra security denied? 2) If Petraeus affair so serious he had to resign, why right after the election vs when WH administration knew about it? 3) Why does it take WH so long to adjudicate accountability for Benghazi incident & Petraeus affair, but the day after the terrorist attack it can launch a media campaign to blame Benghazi on a silly video? 4) Why does the WH place higher priority on giving away benefits to chronic unemployed slackers & illegal immigrants vs providing physical security to American employees abroad?

Better question:

Why was Stevens outside the wire in Benghazi and not at the embassy in Tripoli?

Why was he not brought back on 9/11?

As far as I can tell, the embassy was not attacked in Tripoli. Either it was an AQ hit team or they were assuming that the ambassador and his PSD were actually part of the nearby CIA annex. I’m betting Petraeus will be talking about the annex behind closed doors…after all, there has to be a reason you would locate a Department of State consulate so close to a CIA “annex”.

Petraes handed Iraq to Iran, sealed the defeat in Afghanistan, watched via drone as Americans were slaughtered in Bengazi all the while handing out secret documents to make sure his biography was a puff piece. This is the guy that puts his own personal image above everything else the country and the troops.

Sounds like he’s a shoe in for the Republican candiate next election. Looks like it’s going to be a democrat President for a very long time.

good questions…but i think the answers to your questions may have to do with an understandable & probably justifiable classified national security mission, whereas my questions have to do with unjustifiable media manipulation & cover up of national security mistakes that the American people deserve to know about as they are making a voting decision.

FoxNew and Weekly Standard have done great reporting and analysis on this from the right. On the left, the Daily Beast has been excellent. Surprisingly enough, Foreign Affairs scored a scoop. Among the Defense press, I haven’t seen much if any original source reporting or analysis yet that sheds new insights or reports new facts. National security beat reporters at the center-left news outlets have been professionally negligent in exercising their 4th estate watchdog role so far. Perhaps they will wake up now that the election is over and they switch off their silly season mode.

And yet it was a Democrat President, administration and Senate that was in charge when all of that occurred. Funny how you failed to mention that. Ah well, Liberalism is indeed the philosophy of the stupid.

Youre just reflecting loser culture– where every failure is blamed on someone else.

It’s amazing how much influence fox fantasy has on it’s dittoheads. Benghazi is a NON-ISSUE. There was no cover up — just the usual CIA incompetence when an embassy is attacked and the CIA was busy chasing women and playing 007.

What is extremely unfortunate is 4 Americans were killed due to the CIA’s negligence. Nothing more. Foreign Service personnel have been killed at many other outposts throughout our history, it is par for the course and foreign service workers know this and have been informed of such.

So why is fox fantasy and the drug addict known as “Rush” lying about it? Because the GOP (Greed Over Principles), lost and they are sore loosers. What is it with vets and active duty? Do you not pay attention? Do you NOT have a clue as to what this administration has done for you?

Criminy! HalliBush, Inc. lied to us and, put Halliburton in charge who promptly began to rip off the government, cheat servicemen and lie to the American people. This is not to mention the Shrub NOT supplying adequate armor for troops, help for veterans and… just lying about the whole affair.

Face it, the GOP lies and exists only to support the plutocracy. Something none of you (with the exception perhaps, of some of our generals/admirals), are part of.

Really, pay attention. TURN OFF FOX and the drug addict known as “Rush”!

Can you say “Iraq” and “WMD”?

Dittohead lemming.…

RESPECT to the military and america,you did not stand up for your MEN,you left them there to DIE and then you go to the congress and LIE.…GENERAL you are not.…

Ignorant. Dittohead info, fox fantasy response. Drake, have you not paid any attention?

Native Son, your village is missing its idiot. Please call home.

Native son you are LOST!

Is this what it’s come down to? Has the country swung so far left that Fox News’ reporting of the facts is now considered “right wing”? Of any source makes any statement other than praise for the administration, it appears that it is considered to be right wing and racist!

Thanks JG. Always good to hear from the low information types.

Just who is it you’re standing up for, fox fantasy or the drug addict known as “Rush”?

No wonder they’re called “dittoheads”.

Fox doesn’t report. It uses events to spin an angle. Fox “News” is the tabloid news of the airwaves.

Your premise that any source is right wing and racist if it doesn’t have praise for the administration is nonsense and self serving. Why is it that the right wing goobs always call te truth “left wing bias” and “media bias”? Why is it that the fox fantasy channel is always the odd man out usually along side the likes of Beck and the drug addict known as “Rush”?

Thae fact that they got the election so wrong should tell you something.

Got an idea, instead of letting fox tell you what the president said through edited video clips, how about just listening to the president through an unbiased news source. Why do you think they call you “dittoheads”?

Nope. Well informed and aware, dittohead.

A –Republican– retired General-cum-Director of the CIA tenders his resignation, because a –Republican– FBI guy investigated him, by request of a –Republican– Tampa socialite–oft photographed with some of the same –Republican– lawmakers, who apparently aren’t satisfied–after she felt threatened by emails sent to her by the General’s –Republican– jealous, jilted lover.

So, yes, of course it’s Obama trying to hide something.

I have questions about a conspiracy for these unsatisfied lawmakers photographed with Jill Kelley, since none of the actors involved were Democrats. Was there something given to Jill Kelley by these lawmakers or their plutocratic benefactors who they hobnobbed with?

List an “unbiased” news source.

Petraeus handed Iraq to Iran? Really? Its simple arithmetic, something the Bush administration can’t comprehend. Bush and Cheney handed Iraq to Iran. Have you even looked at the voting block breakdown? It takes about 5 seconds, 65% Shia!!!!!!! Now install a Democratic Gvt, complete with lawful elections, its a LANDSLIDE! Ya, Patraeus handed Iraq to Iran. Wow.

Someone has to burn for it and its going to be a uniformed G.I. Civilians always get away with it. This so called Commander in Chief is the biggest joke we have had as leader for this country. He is going to ruin this country as he has already started that America is not what it used to be in God We Trust. I am tired of hearing of this dude and all his lying cronies like the Attorney General and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Something is going to give big time over this that is happening in this country and there are many of us that are just sick and tired of it.

I think Brian Lamb and his C-SPAN organization have done an excellent job.

Please let’s forget about the affair Gen.Petrasus was involved in. He is probably one of the most honest & had dedicated a big part of his life to his country. I can’t believe how much that has been written & talked about this mistake he made. II hope the General can put all this behind and move on! (he deserves it!!!!!!)
The real thing that bothers me is this dedicated General has been in the news almost as much as President Clinton. (DID YOU FORGET MR. CLINTON?) Gen. Petrasus, My husband and I would like to Thank You for ALL you have done for our country. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Something is strange in America: it’s the expectation that our heroes are Saints when they are in fact human.

Your favorite politicians are human. They do stupid human things. Look at Mark Sanford. Look at Bill Clinton. Look at John Edwards. Look at Anthony Weiner. They come from different walks of life, some had it easier than others, but they’re still human. Or more aptly, they met power and wealth at the devil’s crossroads; and power and wealth corrupt. The same is absolutely true in high office anywhere you go.

You can’t pretend that generals are allowed a pass on affairs just because you like them. MilitaryCorruption​.com has lists of officers engaging in conduct “unbecoming an officer”. When you give a man who rises to the top a free pass, what message does it send to the officer corps? And once the military’s ethical fiber begins to rot, what happens next?

Obama and Bush Jr do share one thing: vices that they had to struggle to kick. For Obama, it was cigarettes. For Bush Jr, it was alcohol. Both conquered their vices and didn’t let it stop them from becoming POTUS. If we became neo-shariah moral police, neither man would have become president.

When it comes to Petraeus and the possibility of it being used as blackmail: nobody coerced him into a consensual relationship. If Obama knew about it earlier and sat on it, the honorable thing to do would have been to call his bluff and resign. Sometimes you have to fall on the sword, and delaying the inevitable makes it more painful.

Obviously SecretSquid doesn’t understand what “Closed Door” means!

I understand, Drew, but there’s no point in a writing a story if there aren’t any sources or facts to report.

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