Dempsey: Concerned, not distracted, by misconduct

Dempsey: Concerned, not distracted, by misconduct

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey wrote a letter Nov. 15 to every U.S. four-star officer to express his concern with the recent string of misconduct highlighted by the investigations into ex-CIA director Gen. David Petraeus and Gen. John Allen, the head of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta issued a memorandum to Dempsey saying ‘the fundamental mission of the Department of Defense is to protect the nation. Any behavior that negatively impacts our ability to perform that mission is unacceptable.”

On Monday, Dempsey issued a statement over concerns that have spread through the U.S. military that these investigations into misconduct, namely the one involving Allen, would distract the U.S. from its war in Afghanistan.

“For good reason some of you have asked if we’re distracted by recent allegations against several senior military officers. We are not distracted, but we are concerned. We’re committed to learning and adapting. We’re committed to honoring the profession and protecting the nation.

“We’re not distracted — we can’t afford to be. We have hundreds of thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and coast guardsmen deployed around the world standing watch for the nation.

“Their well-being, and the well-being of their families, remains our top priority. The nation deserves our best effort and our attention to the security challenges we face. It will have it as we work through these challenges,” Dempsey wrote.

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Like any post quagmire war military corruption and mismanagement are ripe. The army of 1975–79 had BIG problems just as the current post Afghan military of today. More reforms and crackdowns of both men and officer mishandling each other or getting BIG [ay offs from weapons companies needs to end. Will President Obama do it?? Doubt it who knows.

The problems you’re associating with the post-Vietnam Army developed during the war, not after. The post-war time was the period where the Army cleaned itself up, not where problems were created or found.

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Vaporhead and Bman nedd to grow up or go play with your video games. You probably vote too, how sad!

Roger, sounds like you have no sense of humor pal. Go pull that stick out of your butt and relax.

“Is that a zombie in the background?”

Yep. And in the foreground, too.

With regard to the private lives of the generals, some of America’s most effective combat leaders of generations past were anything but innocent choir boys. They womanized voraciously and drank hugely but were nevertheless able to lead and win when the chips were down.

The problem today is that we have generals who have messy private lives _and_ who are combat ineffective. Not a recipe for success.

Not really it was the Reagan era of 1980+ when most reforms and policies changed the 70s era Army. I have several people I know that knew the difference from 1975–9 and 1980–2 was dramatic.

Perhaps a few buddy, maybe Patton or his lst cousin Chesty Puller stand out and I suppose further down the star list there were others granted. However, I worked for a few 4 stars (one a JCS Chairman) who fought hard, led well and always maintained high personal standards on their way up.

I prefer to believe it’s possible to be effective leaders and have the requisite integrity in all matters without believing in a tooth fairy.

If you had asked anybody weeks or months ago, Petraeus would be on that list as well. Up until now nothing has leaked out about his private life, and once you hit the spotlight and you did something stupid in college, someone always comes out of the woodwork. The fact that nothing else has is suggestive that Petraeus was pretty solid.

His wife is keeping out of the spotlight, and perhaps Knowlton is fuming in West Point In The Sky.

I don’t disagree about the state of the Army; however, Lance often confuses cause and effect. The reforms we’re talking about continued well into the 1980s and were began as soon as the all-volunteer force was enacted. The reason we had to enact those reforms was because of what happened to our Army during the Vietnam period. Lance explained it as if the end of the war CAUSED corruption and mismanagement.

The New Roman Imperial Guards & Elitist Thinking, have increased the General Officer Corp to unnecessary Numbers. What Colonels & Major’s used to do, are now general Officer Billets, as illustrated with Inflated “Battle Staff’s” developed by hasty made Command Billets. The “perks” exceed what Civilian Executives receive, despite Pay Differences. AC Military often take more time in decision making compared to Reserve Forces. NG/Reserve Staffs learned to function and perform in small windows of Time, & make it work with what you had — where AC Units had the Luxury of personnel & time tables to perform. Regardless of Rank/Grade or position — People will do People Things, but hopefully with discretion. The US General Officer Corp is over rated — and we all know it but won’t say so for “Job Security” sake. A culling of “The Heard” has become necessary to show the false sense in General Officer Job Security, by unproductive work.

As military veterans, former war fighters and mentors to many, we offer the following alternative opinon on the bloated general officer corps:__ “For the first time in the more than 200 years that the U.S. has had a standing military, there are fewer than five enlisted personnel for every officer. In other words, today’s military is the most top-heavy force in U.S. history.“__ http://​rosecoveredglasses​.blogspot​.com/​2​0​1​2​/​0​2​/pe

No I said the war didn’t cause it but the corruption and bad drafts of that time did. Like now corrupt leaders and alot of bad money coming from weapons companies is making the military corrupt and often makes leader have more inappropriate things in there lives pop up.

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The military is used to protect the plutocracy.

The rulers reward the leaders of the military with plunder to maintain the status quo.

Old as history.

not concerned or distracted!!! why not, while our troops are getting killed they the GENERALS are screwing around and not doing there job,is this GENERAL also doing it…fire them all and move up the troops that care about this country.…

I sense that we’re once again straining at gnats and swallowing camels. We’re concentrating on “much ado about nothing” (or at least nothing of military relevance or importance) with regard to the private behavior of senior (and many junior) officers. Meantime, far deeper systemic problems of performance and mission persist and are ignored in our Services.

The Army Acquisition Review of 2010 revealed that half of the hundreds of billions in acquisition funds spent during the past 20 years went into programs that were cancelled before entering full scale production. That debacle was NOT accidental. It is a direct consequence of military requirements systems being profoundly broken. The JROC validates as requirements, unrealistic military officer demands for what amounts to magic from technology. The problem is further reinforced by civilian bureaucrats who lack the personal courage to confront careerism and technical ignorance in the generals and colonels who make such demands.

Technology and complexity are not our friends if we want an effective military force. And quibbling about private behavior among men and women who are often long separated from their families, is at best a diversion from more important national issues.

Dempsey doesn’t want to upset any of his friends in the “4-star club”! Panetta had to do the dirty work recently for Dempsey, by busting one four star member before his retirement! More four stars ought to be looked at, and retired, ’cause they’re concentrating more on a post retirement job in Washington, than they are on taking care of the military’s business! What a FN shame!

You mean in addition to the one in the foreground?


Here’s thing thing about failures of integrity–the David Petraeus who led the US Army in rethinking and retooling COIN strategy is the same David Petraeus who broke faith with his marriage vows and shattered a professional boundary with a onetime protege. Integrity cannot be compartmentalized into “personal life” and “professional life.” Your character follows you into every part of your life.

In the intelligence profession, integrity and trust are prerequisites of the job. A serious pattern of deception in your personal life undermines your trustworthiness when it comes to keeping national security secrets and reporting and mitigating personal security vulnerabilities. Integrity failures by leaders at the top of the Intelligence Community have a toxic effect on the integrity of subordinates.

The lesson to be learned here is not that we should overlook the personal failures of otherwise effective leaders. It is that EVERYONE — even a great leader — has the capacity for professional self-destruction.

omg i do believe right they do look like zombies haha

omg i do believe right they do look like zombies haha


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