Afghanistan withdrawal plans progress

Afghanistan withdrawal plans progress

The White House and the Pentagon will sync up this afternoon to potentially discuss plans for the Afghanistan withdrawal to include the number of troops the U.S. plans to keep in Afghanistan after 2014.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will meet with President Obama at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday at the White House following a teleconference Panetta held with Gen. John Allen, the head of coalition forces in Afghanistan, Tuesday morning.

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times reported that U.S. officials have discussed keeping 10,000 troops in Afghanistan following the completion of the U.S. planned withdrawal in 2014. However, Pentagon spokesman George Little disputed those reports Monday.

“We haven’t really reached a point where any single number has ripened into recommendations,” Little told reporters.

The U.S. currently has 66,000 troops in Afghanistan as NATO forces work to close down the massive war fighting infrastructure set up across the country during the past ten years of fighting. Obama announced his plan to leave by 2014, but following a rash of insider attacks with supposed Afghanistan soldiers killing NATO troops, some have questioned whether a speedier withdrawal is wise.

Little confirmed Tuesday afternoon that Allen discussed withdrawal scenarios with Panetta in their morning teleconference. However, until the analysis is finished and the concrete options are presented, Allen did not present his formal recommendations to Panetta.

“The precise timeline hasn’t been nailed down,” Little said when asked what when Allen would present his formal recommendations on the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The Defense Department’s Inspector General has continued to complete an investigation into the relationship between Allen and Florida socialite Jill Kelley. Some have questioned whether that investigation has delayed the recommendations and analysis of the Afghanistan withdrawal. The investigation has already delayed Allen’s nomination NATO supreme commander.

Little disputed this assumption.

“The IG investigation has not delayed this process,” Little said.

Allen was able to report continued military progress in Afghanistan, Little said. Allen pointed to the increased “number of Afghans living under an Afghan security lead” as one metric. He also cited “violence levels decreasing.”

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Tired of the political crap about this.

Same as Vietnam after we suppose to left in 1973, we kept a large force to help ARVN and was pushed out (evacuated) before the fall of 75. Same here well keep 10,000 (rumored) in country to help the faltering ANA until the corrupt Karzi government fall and who takes his place asks us to leave. Its all crap.

Obama should do as he has said from the start of his campaign for the presidency. Set a date firm and them leave. If no status of forces is in place (ei Iraq) we should pull all military out and advise the NGO to leave also.

It pains me deeply to say it, but I’m forced to agree.

We keep silent about our Saudi friends and their shariah law…but raise an unholy ruckus when the Taliban did their idiotic schtick.

I think our only option is to give weapons to the civilians who don’t have them; arm the women, arm the Hazaras, arm the Tajiks and get out. If the Tajiks try to get all genocidal on their Pashtun neighbors, the presence of the Taliban and Pakistani aid should put them in their place.

Here’s to hoping that Balance of Terror and eventual detente wins out over repeated sectarian bloodshed. Though I doubt it.

There’s no point to having a Pashtun in charge (Karzai) if nobody takes him seriously. It doesn’t matter who the hell is in charge; if they aren’t respected the Taliban won’t negotiate, the generals won’t obey and the soldiers won’t think the country worth dying for.

It’s sad to say, but we need a strongman. Dostum has blood on his hands, but…

It will be like the “Fall of Saigon” in 1975 all over again, but much more bloody. More like Cambodia I’m afraid. And this time no one will becoming to the rescue. I feel sorry for the women, they start to get a taste of some basic freedoms women in the west take for granted, only to be pushed back to a 16th century mentality of slavery.

I’ve read that when the Russians left, they placed a sign on a road going into the country:

“Welcome to 4000 BC”

Or something to that effect .… our motivations were different (better), but the outcome might be the same.

On what planet are you living ? Women never got anything, except one minute from time to time in Kabul, when CNN is here, under heavy protection…

How can this be doesn’t everyone realize that our Dear Leader President MANDATE is the smartest man in the country and a military genius. Any plan he comes up with maybe say the middle of next year will be just jim dandy and if not it will be Bush’s fault. Heaven help the military and our country from our Dear Leader.

The only thing about the Afghan War that has never been FUZZY has been our casualty figures, and all those affected by those figures, my Granson being one of them.……

The US has between 5 — 10K military personal in Iraq and 3x that in support personnel.

So the Afghan government has no say in the number of US troops in their country. So the Afghanis really do not run their own country. How about pulling our guys out? Is an American life worth an Afghani????????????????

I would have to say hell no, not one hunderd Afgans are worth loosing another (ONE) single US Military person or civilian life. I am afraid that it really is another Vietnam and have felt that way back in the beginning of this escapade with Iraq and Afgan. They have no leadership there and if they did he would not be able to do his job because the people do not have much feelings about life. So bring our personnel home and let them stay in the 15th Century and kill everybody around you.

You think unemployment is high now wait till the 137,407 contractors come home. How is our fearless leader going to fix this. He can’t blame Bush for this one. He has already cut the military to the point that they can’t support themselves.



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