Defense fades from fiscal cliff debate

Defense fades from fiscal cliff debate

Defense has fallen further out of the sequestration and fiscal cliff conversation on Capitol Hill since lawmakers and the White House rush to beat the Dec. 31 deadline to avoid massive cuts across the federal budget.

Pentagon leaders and defense industry executives have raised their voices and banged their fists to try and grab the attention of anyone who would listen to describe the devastation that sequester cuts would bring to the defense budget. Generals cringe at the idea of an across-the-board 10 percent cut to the Defense Department should Congress not agree to a deficit reduction plan in time.

Inside the defense bubble, it didn’t seem possible for a $500 billion cut to the defense budget to be ignored. Yet, a month out from the deadline and the military rarely gets brought up in the discussion. In fact, Republicans and Democrats have not ruled out additional defense cuts under the $500 billion stipulated in sequestration legislation could find its way into the compromise being hammered out on Capitol Hill, Defense News’ John Bennett reported Wednesday.

Taxes have held the spotlight as the Democrats and Republicans dance around the terms “rate” and ” revenue.” Meanwhile, Bennett writes: “The absence of talk about the defense cuts is a sign that further Pentagon budget reductions, at some level below $500 billion, are on the table.”

Mackenzie Eaglen, a defense analyst with the American Enterprise Institute, has said that a proposal to cut the Pentagon by $100 billion, instead of $500 billion, as proposed by Sen. Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has gained traction within the fiscal cliff debate.

Parts of these cuts could be folded into the defense budget starting with the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. Portions of the $487 billion in cuts already accepted by the Defense Department exist in the 2013 NDAA, but that has yet to be approved by Congress and signed off on by the president.

Sen. John McCain said Congress will likely start to tackle the 2013 defense budget on Wednesday. However, he said the fiscal cliff negotiations could further delay that work.

In a further slap to the defense sector, President Obama did not include a major defense company’s CEO in the group of CEOs he planned to meet with Wednesday afternoon. Joe Echeverria, CEO of Deloitte, did make the cut, but his company that does dabble with the defense sector also consults for a wide swath of businesses outside the military.

Macy’s and Yahoo got the nod. Lockheed Martin did  not.

Nora Bensahel, a foreign policy expert and military strategist for the Center for a New American Security, had warned before the lame duck session began in earnest on Monday that the Pentagon would sit on the sidelines as lawmakers wrangled over taxes and entitlements. She explained that it’s merely a dollars and cents proposition.

“The total dollars at stake are more than nine times larger than the defense sequestration cuts,” according to a CNAS report she helped write.

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Well with so many old folks needing medicare and money its hard not to ignore BIG Generals Pet projects. Biggest thing is the DoD must make due with what it has for another 10 years.

tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…

I’m just waiting for the sound of the boom, because we already know that the Tea Party will not allow this time bomb to be diffused. They want the full depth of these cuts, and will later renegotiate the changes in the details of what gets cut.

Not worried. Obama said sequestration won’t happen at a debate.

Elections have consequences, suckers…

Do you really think that either Obama or Romney as POTUS would be able to change the course of this?

I don’t.

The sequestration is coming, arising from the Budget Control Act of 2011, which is standing federal law. And the Tea Party minority is just strong enough to torpedo any change in federal law that would erode what they already see as a win. Obama cannot negotiate a change in that, the current GOP “leadership” cannot, and neither could Romney. Because the Tea Party minority will not accept any reduction in depth of cuts that would reduce the depth of what they see as a win.

Obama and the leaders of both parties in congress set this time bomb ticking under the assumption that nobody would be foolhardy enough to let it go off. They didn’t look far enough ahead to see that the Tea Party minority will block anyone’s attempt at defusing this bomb.

tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…

BTW… I do not mean to imply that I am in favor of this sequestation, because I am not. I’d like to see 5%-6% of GDP spent on defense, well up from the ~4.5% that is currently being spent.

I contest you laying this all on the Tea Party’s feet. There is no doubt we have a spending problem not a revenue problem but the focus remains on revenue. I wouldn’t offer a dime of revenue untill I see some real reduction in entitlement spending. I’ve seen that bait and switch too many times.

There are many among the Democrat party that would be totally happy to see sequestration occur. They are enemies of the DOD.

The foolhardiness was in Republicans believing the left wouldn’t let America’s security to be threatened.

YEAH! Blame it all on those damned Tea Party people! (Of course, I think you give them too much credit. Who, exactly, are you blaming? Who is this tiny but oh-so-powerful Tea Party Minority that you are so pissed at? Care to name names?)

200 miles per hours, headed toward a brick wall, and everybody on the bus is pretending they don’t see it. Clearly destruction lies ahead, but nobody has the balls to hit the brakes, for fear that the rapid deceleration may be unpleasant. Instead, they fight over the wheel, each claiming to be able to miraculously steer around the brick wall if given control. (Or over it, or under it, or through it, or whatever – does it really matter? Just give me the G-d D-mned wheel! ) Till finally, somebody with enough courage to stand behind their convictions, insist that SOMETHING other than minor course corrections must be done, even if you have to spill your coffee. So, they stand up and pull the lever.

200 miles per hours, headed toward a brick wall, and everybody on the bus is pretending they don’t see it. Clearly destruction lies ahead, but nobody has the balls to hit the brakes, for fear that the rapid deceleration may be unpleasant. Instead, they fight over the wheel, each claiming to be able to miraculously steer around the brick wall if given control. (Or over it, or under it, or through it, or whatever – does it really matter? Just give me the G-d D-mned wheel! ) Till finally, somebody with enough courage to stand behind their convictions, insist that SOMETHING other than minor course corrections must be done, even if you have to spill your coffee. So, they stand up and pull the lever.

With “Sequestration the Democratic Dream of a Lifetime” why would they bring it up. They WANT IN TO HAPPEN TO DEFENSE !. and When it Does Happen They will blame it All on the Republicans. The only chance of it not happening is for the Media ( Ya Right ) to also explain that 500 Billion comes out of Democratic Social Programs as well. But then they get to Blame that on the Republicans as well. So get ready it’s really going to HURT. If Pentagon was smart they would cut the Junk Strike Fighter & LCS and try to save the rest of the Military. Because if you think both of those programs were EXPENSIVE last year. Just wait till you see how much ea JSF will cost when they can only buy 3–5 a year. Plus the latest think tanks on the budget want to either cut the JSF completely or scale it way way back. See link below.
. http://​defense​.aol​.com/​2​0​1​2​/​1​1​/​2​8​/​i​t​s​-​t​o​o​-​l​a​t​e​-to
. http://​www​.csbaonline​.org/​p​u​b​l​i​c​a​t​i​o​n​s​/​2​0​1​2​/​1​1​/st

I am not blaming or crediting the Tea Party for the passage of the Budget Control Act of 2011. Obama and the leadership of _both_ parties all worked hard to get that passed, and the blame is at their feet.

The Tea Party libertarian minority of the Republican Party does not have enough power to pass anything on their own. But they do have just enough power to block passage of new law that would override the sequestration imposed by the Budget Control Act of 2011. And that is exactly what they are doing. All negotiations are for naught without them, and they will accept nothing less in cuts than what is already at hand.

They know it will be easy to torpedo any change in law, let the bomb go off, and then blame the leadership that set it ticking in the first place. Then they can later use their influence in steering changes in the nature of the cuts, blocking any changes that would reduce the aggregate depth of cuts. Come re-election time, they will highlight their influence in the later solutions while blaming everyone else for the Sequestration bomb.

Tea Party has already won this one.

Bear in mind the fiscally conservative Tea Party members were voted in to office 2 years ago for precisely this reason. The people who voted for them were tired of both parties creating this problem over the last several decades and doing nothing to solve it. Even if sequestration happens, all it does is slow down the rate of spending. We’re currently in an uproar over it using armageddon-ish words to describe it and even if it happens not a single dime of the national debt will get paid back because of it. In fact the projections are under sequestration that the national debt will still go up $3 trillion over the next 10 years. That’s how deep we’re in this mess.

Non-defense items in the Pentagon budget such as breast cancer research are more than 5 bill/yr alone. All of it could be cancelled. Retire unneeded Admirals and Generals, smaller Army, close oversea bases, more subs, less aircraft carriers, conventional subs instead of LCS. With a little bit of thinking we could have a more powerful military for less money, but even the GOP dishes up more of the same instead of allowing strategic thinking to occur. That is our main problem, mental inertia engaged in a race to the bottom.

JRT, I think Libertarians would be offended that you consider them the same as the Tea Party.

Frankly, I think a lot could be cut from the DoD without damaging national security. Contractors suck the taxpayers dry, because they can and no one wants to call them on it. The real question is with the social program side of the “cliff.” I seriously doubt the Left will allow those to be cut, even to hang it on the GOP. I don’t think the Democrats are brave enough to try such an elaborate political deception.

Not everyone in the Tea Party is a libertarian though a lot of libertarians like the Tea Party. There’s a difference and confusing the two is a mistake.

Don’t be so sure the Tea Party has won. I don’t underestimate the chances of the Speaker’s spine going jellyfish.

And I noticed your continued total disregard for the Democrats that are in favor of sequestration and are willing to pull the trigger for a variety of reasons.

If we are going to hell though I prefer a quick death than a slow one. Going slow might actually fool some folks in thinking we aren’t done.

I’m bracing for sequestration.

I remember during my second deployment reading the supplemental spending bill that was used to fund the war that year (2006 or 2007). Like most bills it went through a couple revisions. I remember noticing where one week there was a few hundred million for training ammunition, and the next week there was significantly less, but funding for a museum and a fish hatchery were added. Last week Senator Coburn made a list of similar non-military research projects (some of them plain ludicrous) that were in last year’s bill. Getting more for our money requires Congress to police itself. The fact that they’ve spent us into $16 trillion debt and stepped on a fiscal land mine they knowingly planted themselves doesn’t bode well for us.

It’s not a 10% cut, closer to a 6% cut, rolling spending back to FY2007 levels. Unfortunately, too many greedy people hate America and refuse to support these minor cuts.

The DoD wants to buy a lot of new ships, planes, and vehicles in the next decade which requires spending more than they are now. It’s not minor to them.

Cut! cut! cut! cut!

Hello Tee

Here are more links http://​economictimes​.indiatimes​.com/​n​e​w​s​/​n​e​w​s​-by–

Budget cuts the new enemy for US’ costliest jet F-35, which hopefully I can’t wait to see this lemon get chopped up next year.

Regards Guest

Tea Party and Norquist no longer have power to prevent compromise.

The DoD has blown a series of major procurements over the last decade. Now we don’t have the money to make up for all the mistakes.

@Lance: I am immune to your political talking point provocations now. It has become necessary to cut spending massively to save the republic. The imminent threats are all internal, not foreign. Cut Defense spending? Bring it on. It won’t be enough. The “old folks” will be cut too. I know this will encourage troublemakers of the usual suspects around the world. There will be more chaos when governments around the world lament the decline of the US military umbrella. It can’t be helped and it can’t be stopped.

The mess we’re in isn’t the fault of the Tea Party, it’s the fault of the Republicans and Democrats spending like idiots for years.

Actually we spent 829 billion of Social Security last year and another 829 billion on Health and Human Services including Medicare and Medicaid. People need to go back to work, not rely on hand outs.

There is plenty of fat to cut but will Congress be that wise? I doubt it.

There is just as much if not more waste in the government civilian ranks.

yes cut cut cut social security, medicaid and medicare too. Too many handouts all around. Go back to work folks!

The Tea Party is on life support.

If they want to cut waste then start at the top, cut the pay of those in the senate and congress first, take away the benifts they get and don’t give them the retirement. Most are already mutimillioners and don’t do squat to earn a pay check anyway.

They will agree to some kind of budget gimmick in a short term deal, and push off the real work for later.

All according to Obaplan. And, the irony is going to be that whatever surrender terms the GOP caves for on raising taxes not one penny will be cut from social programs. Then the first time anyone in the GOP mentions that, Obama will trot right out and site the money cut from the budget. He just won’t tell you it was the defense budget and neither will the cowards running the GOP House Caucus.… Boner and Cantor-won’t.

yep, they’ve known social security is a mess for decades and avoided fixing it properly.

Which is why the 10% cuts for everyone might be better than making a deal. Last year we spent 829 billion of Social Security and another 829 billion on Health and Human Services including Medicare and Medicaid which just isn’t sustainable.

There will be no cuts for anyone but the DoD. Your thinking rationally and with good common sense. But, neither of those apply to the fascist dictator in the White House. And, there is not an ounce of manhood whatsoever with Boner and Cantor-won’t.

I don’t know…considering the benefits accorded to each veteran, it almost makes sense to import serfs from foreign lands to do certain things that the grunts would have to do otherwise.

We use Pakistani truckers to move goods from Karachi to Afghanistan, instead of using Americans or American contractors (good, ’cause we learned how dangerous it was in Iraq). We used contractors in Iraq for trucking supplies because it would have used up a ton of manpower if done exclusively by members of the services, and we would not have been able to meet demz

Who’s hiring? People who got dumped were either expendable service sector people or worked residential construction. In the case of the former, what special skills are at hand? In the latter, you need the recovery to kick in to put them and general contractors back to work.

Unemployment tends to be structural. When the steel industry moved out, a ton of steelworkers lost their jobs, and couldn’t exactly “go back to work” if their entire sector melted down.

However, we need to think permanent solution, because the longer people are unemployed the harder it’ll be for them to re-enter the workforce. Every year, young people grow up and leave the homes of their parents to find work…competitions tough in entry-level-land.

After sequestration someone on-high will have to choose between stripping the Navy’s procurement budget for LCS or stripping Department of the Navy and Department of the Air Force of the Joint Strike Fighter.

Exciting times.

Absolutely agree.

The F-35C has the least chance of survival out of the three varients. It has no customers outside of the US since only the Navy and Marines are buying it. The Navy has the Super Hornet as a back up and finally neither the Navy nor the Marines actually want the F-35C. The Navy knows that an upgraded Super Hornet would be better and the Marines are only buying the F-35C because the Navy told them to. Out of the JSF variants the F-35C is the one that has done the least amount of tests because the Navy doesn’t want to continue putting funds into a failed program. There has even been a recent incident where US Navy hackers broke into the computers of one of the F-35 contractors and opened up classified information to demonstrate that having production of the JSF spread out so broadly is a bad idea due to the drastic increase in security risks that are taken. The Chinese J-31 is proof of that as well. I’m pretty sure that sequestration will kill the F-35C, but the F-35A might make it if the USAF sacrifices its next generation bomber and a lot of other programs.

Tell that to my daughter, who got her layoff notice yesterday. Project completed. Two days notice. Thank you for your service. Goodbye. Now I have to put her back together to go out and compete in this cold, cruel Washington world. And the lesson is a hard one: it doesn’t matter how good you are or how hard you work or even whether you have flawless social skills. If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, then its off to Fiddler’s Green for you. Multiply that by tens of thousands, and tell me that this is just selfishness and lack of foresight. Well, maybe it is selfishness. Of a very special kind. If this is what socialism is like, I’d hate to see the real thing. My kids’ failure is not worth me living past seventy.

Umm, mangled that up, didn’t I ? Last sentence should read: “Living past seventy is not worth my kids’ failure.”

The specifics for you and your daughter don’t change the fact that both parties spent like idiots for decades and that continued spending will ruin the economy. So what’s your plan? Follow Greece? Do you think THAT will help your daughter?

So we should just keep spending our way to bankruptcy like Greece? THAT will help people get jobs?

I’ve seen a large percentage of folks in the GS ranks that accomplish virtually nothing — yes there is plenty of fat in the GS ranks.

If they don’t make a deal the cuts are across the board so why make a deal (so that the DoD isn’t the only agency getting cut)?

Exactly “The foolhardiness was in Republicans believing the left wouldn’t let America’s security to be threatened”.

I heard Durbin on C-SPAN the other night, and he was surprisingly lucid. He stated that at the end of the Clinton Adminstration, federal revenue was 19.6% of GDP and so was federal spending. if we could get there now, I think we could all say, “hurrah”. But of course entitlement spending is that much more now than back then, so what do you give up ? Defense spending was 3.3% of GDP back then. Durbin sees no real room to cut domestic discretionary spending, and, surprise, surprise, he is against cutting entitlements. So what is left ? My problem with all of this is that the pain will be very concentrated on a select few, not on the nation at large. And given the huge unemployment rate among veterans, it is a pretty bad deal to ask more of the people who serve this country the most because they have given the most, and let everyone else skate by. Do we really want to go back to soldiers collecting food stamps ?

The DEFENSE budget is B-L-O-A-T-E-D. You guys need to consider diversifying your skill sets just like the rest of us. Being American is more than just building a cool-looking tank or aircraft that nobody really needs. Explore other smaller companies (that are efficient and less bureaucratic) that do things like repair infrastructure like sewer systems, bridges, and roads. Or try becoming a teacher … pay might be as good but its good for your soul and you will impacted society in a positive way.

God forbid that they take a cut. They do take vacations 1 month before the CLIFF!!!!!

One of Congresses BEST sayings is Why put off tomorrow what we can put off for Month when we come back from one more VACATION.

Part of the problem is we need to stop getting thrown in stupid nation building nations to people who hate us anyways.

I understood. And I don’t really want DoD cuts as I’m a contractor myself but at some point there has to be cuts somewhere. Given how deep in debt we are we’re probably going to have to cut everywhere.

We agree completely. That’s why to me it’s better to stick with the across the board cuts so those other programs cut cut also and not just the DoD. It’s not a good solution but it’s better than only cutting the DoD.

The other government organizations are just as bloated — I know because I’ve worked for the CDC. The bloat is inherent in government which is why all areas of the government need to be reduced and not just 1 agency.

Problem is we aren’t cutting everywhere!

Here’s a Congressman who says he earned his $174K salary.

This is the same guy that thought Guam would capsize if we put more Marines on it. Yep, he got re-elected. Then again so did Jesse Jackson who was undergoing an ethics probe, was having mental issues, didn’t make ONE campaign appearance. It’s going to cost his state about $5mil for a special election.

You can’t make this stuff up!

Oh, I totally agree. But, it won’t happen. That would require a spine. Boner doesn’t have one, and neither does Cantor-won’t. All their doing right now, is try to figure out how to get on their knees and surrender to Obama without actually looking like they did.

To you and everyone who plused up your comments and marked down mine. I really think it is hypocritical to go on about how compassionate we are, and how we must all make sacrifices, when in fact some people have skin in the game and others don’t. It is so easy to see one’s own contributions as essential and indispensible — it is always someone else’s responsiblity and someone else’s fault — and someone else should have their income zeroed out, not you. I don’t want to live in a world that thinks and acts like this. A world in which there is no sense of civic responsibility or common purpose. Grow up, people.

Actually, we don’t “agree completely”. My point is that “fairness” is a delusion. Sequestration is arbitary and stupid. It is fair only in the sense that the Roman practice of decimation was “fair”. If it is all just random pain, then that is better ? No, not really. Is it too much to ask that our government and its contractors do business humanely ? I don’t think so, and neither should you. At a certain point, fear is a negative motivator, not a positive one. At a certain point, people just shut down. A ten percent pretty much equals financial decimation, since no one will actually have their salary reduced, we have to make people go away. And this has been the clear and consistment message to people who work in foreign policy and defense: Don’t go away mad, just go away. Is this any way to run a nation ? It is not.

Really. I’ll make a point, next time I see my daughter — who owes thousands of dollars in school loans, that what she really needs is to go back to school and upgrade her skill set — as if a mere masters degree is not enough to find work. Maybe she would do better for herself if she advanced past elementary Chinese.

If you don’t mind my asking-master’s in what?

This is why I hate the masses who seem to send the same guys to Capitol Hill every term. Look at Rangel, look at Bachman. Eyerolling abounds, though Rangel really does need that investigation…

The decision to cut would either go to well paid “consultants” without clout or to the GS– employees who would be cutting their subordinates and co-workers. Neither is likely to get far.

Theoretically better automation and database systems would do the job, but for whatever reason the government seems to have issues procuring good ones. Remember that post 9/11 hilarity with the FBI’s new computerised database?

I have skin in the game so don’t throw that my way. The reason we are going to go nowhere and crash is because everyone is saying cut somewhere else and the result is no cuts.

fine, swe don’t agree completely. We can’t afford our current spending so some people who work for the government (like me, and as a contactor much more likely to be sent packing than a military or GS person) are going to have to find work elsewhere. It’s not what anyone wants but continuing to employ everyone isn’t possible. Didn’t you say above that people need to grow up? Realizing that nothing in life (or even life itself0 is guarenteed is aprt of growing up. The free market works but it isn’t kind. Life is tough so toughen up.

Oh then let’s base all decisioons on a few people and not what’s best for the country as a whole. Great plan!

Nothing is more wasteful in terms of national treasure than foreign wars (especially against a non-state threat). They’re extremely expensive and there isn’t a clear way to “win.”

Most of DHS is also a massive waste simply b/c of the cost vs. reward ratio is so heavy on the cost side.

Lots of posts on why this problem won’t get solved. Would be interesting to see some talk around a deal — a compromise — that can serve the nation. Here are some ideas to start:

* Roll back the Bush-the-younger tax cuts. In keeping these, we’ve willfully — and irresponsibly — ignored the idea of paying for GWOT alongside two major –and extended — combat operations.

* Team with balanceed cuts across fed bureaucracy, including defense. We are stepping back from wartime footing. We can’t justify continued wartime budgets.

* Add major, basic changes in government procurement — defense, health care, etc. There’s just no longer any place for amateurish requriements management, sloppy accounting. Also, service delivery must become customer focused, not provider-centered.

* Add age escalators to our senior programs. We’ll need aging baby boomers in the workforce, anyway.

I would like to know what sequestration does for the congressional salary, aides, perks, taxes, parking, private clinic (hospital) on the hill, largely taxpayer funded retirements, furniture, office expenses. Outside of no raises for multi-millionaires, what’s the sacrifice for them?

You mean like Congress?

Amen to that!!! That is where alot of the money goes. If that was done then that would really help the budget!! Dont cut our defense we need it more Now then ever.!!!Romney was willing to give all the money he would have made as predsident and done it for free just to help AMERICA!!1 Obama wont and keeps spending millions of our money on vacations!! that they dont deserve!!1

The Republicans need to do their jobs and not agree with obama so he can change things to his way later!!If we have to go over the cliff to make people understand that free things are not free , then let it be, Obama will own this one!!! Dont GIVE IN!!!it will just make things worset in the long run.Obama wants to destroy America , He sure dont need any help!!!

As aforementioned, Tea Party opposed Boehner’s compromise. Congress has adjourned for the year, and the sequestration time bomb will go off as planned. We are left listening to the sound of the ticking time bomb, waiting for the boom.

tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…

Let me remind you of what you said, “I am not blaming or crediting the Tea Party for the passage of the Budget Control Act of 2011. Obama and the leadership of _both_ parties all worked hard to get that passed, and the blame is at their feet.”

If the Tea Party kept plan B from passing (that Obama said he would veto anyway) you misconstrue the Tea Party’s rejection of new taxes for ANYBODY with the Libertarian streak of wanting to cut defense. Rewriting history is so “1984”.

Tea Party didn’t set the sequestration time bomb to ticking, but as expected they did kill Boehner’s attempt at compromise called plan B. Tea Party wants the sequestration time bomb to go off, because it works to their advantage in many ways, and no small part of that is to discredit Boehner’s ability to lead his party.

You simply have no evidence for your talking point. Boehner could not get enough votes to raise taxes on anyone as many promised that as part of their platform. I’m pleasantly surprised that some politicians kept their word.

Blaming the tea party for “wanting sequestration” is just a flimsy attempt at tarnishing the Tea Party. Simply put the “tea” in Tea Party stands for “Taxed Enough Already”. Until you can present some credible Tea Party leaders besides Ron Paul who is a hardcore libertarian isolationist you’re frankly making stuff up. It’s a favored liberal tactic next to portraying the Tea party as racist. Quit reading and believing the MSM’s attempts to place blame and go to the source itself.

“The President seems determined to raise taxes and leave entitlement spending alone when our economy needs a boost and fundamental problems need to be addressed.” http://​www​.teapartypatriots​.org/​2​0​1​2​/​1​2​/​t​e​a​-​p​a​rty

Your a stupid ass if you think Obama is the problem here. The senate and house needs to work this out and not just make it look good for them to get re-elected. Obama can’t do anything unless the house and senate passes it, so quit blaming the president. Start blaming the people who passes the bills. Let’s remove all the senate and house members and start fresh. The politicians we have now are getting too comfortable.

“All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.”

Article 1, Section 7.

Please sign the petition to end furloughs for all DoD Civilians as long as any federal worker receives bonuses.

Just take away pension and healthcare for generals working for the defense industry if you really need the money…


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