Petraeus for president?

Petraeus for president?

Retired Army Gen. David Petraeus can’t seem to wriggle out of the media’s spotlight as Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward reported Monday that Roger Ailes, founder of Fox News, tried to convince Petraeus to run for president.

Fox News reportedly sent Kathleen T. McFarland, a Fox News national security analyst, to Afghanistan to interview Petraeus in 2011 when he still commanded U.S. forces in Afghanistan. During their 90-minute interview, McFarland told Petraeus that Ailes felt Petraeus should turn down any position other than a nomination to chair the Joint Chiefs of Staff and run for president.

Petraeus turned down the offer and ended up taking over as the CIA director after Obama nominated him. Of course, a year late he resigned after he admitted to carrying on an extra-marital affair with his biographer.

Back in 2011, McFarland reportedly told Petraeus that Ailes had offered to quit his job as the chairman of Fox News and run Petraeus’ campaign. Ailes and Rupert Murdoch, the head of News Corp., also offered to “bank roll” the campaign, Woodward wrote.

Washington Post obtained a recording of the interview between MacFarland and Petraeus. MacFarland and Petraeus did not provide comment for the article. Ailes denied much of the reporting saying he didn’t want to leave his post at Fox News and the suggestion to Petraeus was made only tongue-in-cheek.

Whether the suggestion to run for president was sincere or not, Woodward’s report provides yet another window into the tight relationship Petraeus maintained with the media. Plenty of rumors swirled about Petraeus’ potential presidential candidacy, many of them in jest, as some defense reporters joked that Obama nominated Petraeus to head the CIA only to eliminate a potential opponent on the campaign trail.

Fox News is seen in many circles as merely an arm for the Republican Party. The hissy fit Karl Rove was allowed to throw on Fox News airwaves when Fox News declared the presidential election for Obama further supported those suggestions. However, the details of the conversation between MacFarland and Petraeus questions the objectiveness of any Fox News report that had to do with the four-star general. (Full disclosure: Military​.com holds a content sharing agreement with Fox News.)

It would be false to say Fox News was the only media outlet with such a close relationship with Petraeus. In fact, many defense reporters have since admitted to falling under Petraeus’ charms. But for the head of a media outlet to go as far as to suggest to a general that he should run for president is disturbing, not to mention he supposedly offered to run the campaign.

These reports continue to call into question the many swooning Petraeus profiles as well as the subsequent reporting on the military operations he led in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is not to say the progress Petraeus oversaw in Iraq should be ignored, but the more details that come out about the inappropriate relationships he had with the media means more questions should be asked.

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“Fox News is seen in many circles as merely an arm for the Republican Party.” Michael, this comment is juvenile and beneath an outlet that advertises itself as an “acquisition and defense journal.”

It could just as easily be said that in “many circles,” the Washington Post is seen as merely an arm of the Democratic Party. It’s not particularly astute commentary in a serious defense journal, however.

Woodward’s report of a gesture by Roger Ailes to support a Petraeus venture into elected politics is interesting, but it certainly didn’t stop Fox News from its aggressive and persistent investigation and coverage of the Benghazi debacle, the Petraeus-Broadwell sideshow, or Petraeus’ personal role in the pre– and post 9/11/12 events related to the Benghazi attack.

Indeed, Fox News was one of the very few news organizations that actually committed acts of journalism in covering the Benghazi story. Most of the rest, Washington Post included, were prostrate, reluctant, and uninterested in ferreting out the story of what actually happened in the weeks leading up to the attack, the actions that took place in the White House and Pentagon during the attack, and the embarrassing denials and misstatements by White House, State Department, DoD, and ODNI in the aftermath.

And not like there was any shortage of “swooning Petraeus profiles” in plenty of other news outlets as well. Prior to his embarrassing public fall, David Petraeus was almost universally admired among all but the anti-war left (“General Betrayus!”)

This is just an embarrassing, huge reach.

Why is this on Defense Buzz? You guys like parroting the Washington Post?

DOD Buzz

In that scenario–pre scandal–it would have never worked. No one is yet, able to explain how Petraeus got a Bronze Star with the “V” device. The “V” of course being for “valor” which if you look at his bio and compare it to people that have won the “V” device the hard way… just doesn’t add up.

Have you served besides taking pictures?

“Fox News is seen in many circles as merely an arm for the Republican Party.” — LOL — PMSNBC, PBS, WP, LA Times, Chicago Trib are an arm for the Democratic Party. Add other enablers like the Daily Kooks. So what is the point?

Actually I have. And can tell you all about awards and decs… (and the glory hunter mentality that unfortunately ends up being attached to some of it (Not unlike Captain Stransky in the movie “Cross of Iron”).… additionally my DOD experience allowed me to see a wide variety of operational communities.… Petraeus certainly meets the requirement of what the late-great Col. Hackworth would call a “perfumed prince”. Merit badges and all. And in comparison, the guy is no General Schwarzkopf (who actually won a war btw).

We should be more concerned about Murdoch financing any Presidential campaign.

It could just as easily be said that EXCEPT for Fox News, the entire television “media” is seen as merely an arm of the Democratic Party. I mean come on, with the way MSNBC, CNN, and the networks “report”, the author is complaining that FOX is biased? Really?

Petraeus left West Point after the US was done with Vietnam and missed GW1. His combat experience was a little short up until 2003. That said, being prejudiced against men who didn’t “do their time” in combat would denigrate people like Guderian and Hobart…and the combat arms are already overly represented at the highest ranks.

Guys like McMaster did the extracurricular experience gig without missing out on combat experience at multiple levels. I’m surprised anyone remembered Hackworth’s diatribes against medal inflation. But Hack belongs to an older rough-and-tumble generation that is both worshipped as The Greatest yet dismissed as inappropriate for the modern world.

John A. Boehner initiated today a small purge of rebellious Republicans — mostly conservatives — from prominent committees; it’s the latest instance of the Ohio Republican’s clamping down on his fractious conference. The decisions were made by the GOP Steering Committee at a Monday meeting, which reviewed a spreadsheet listing each GOP lawmaker and how often he or she had voted with leadership, three sources said. Reps. David Schweikert of Arizona and Walter Jones of North Carolina were booted from the Financial Services Committee. Reps. Justin Amash of Michigan and Tim Huelskamp of Kansas were removed from the Budget Committee. According to a source, Schweikert was told that he was ousted in part because his “votes were not in lockstep with leadership.” — http://​www​.americanthinker​.com/​b​l​o​g​/​2​0​1​2​/​1​2​/​t​h​e_b

Neither Fox News nor the Republican party represent conservatives, and they haven’t for a long time now.

All the rest or the stations are all liberal biased BS so you have to have at least 1 good station out there.

The laughable cheap shot at Fox News aside… I fail to see the point of this story at all. This was all pre-scandal, it’s not as if the head of NewsCorp is still suggesting a bid for the presidency. Actually, after a re-read this seems like a thinly veiled jab at Fox News dressed up as a current events piece, if you consider unsubstantiated information from 2011 as current.

Yea, saying Fox news is an arm of arm of the republican party is a typical liberal remark to try shut down people using fox news stories in debates. It is currently the most watched cable news network and numerous studies show it be the least biased of all of the cable news networks. I used to love MSNBC but wow have they gone off the rails or what?! I am pretty sure if Fox news was an arm of the republican party, they wouldn’t bother wasting their time bringing democrats and liberals on to debate things. But the comment itself in this story is kind of silly.

I agree completely. MSNBC doesn’t even make an attempt anymore. Either that or their journalism skills suck to the point they can’t realize how biased they are. Some on CNN are so liberal that they really wish they worked for MSNBC but CNN still has others that can conceal their biased at times. On Fox, to me, it is obvious that Shepard Smith is liberal. Gretta Van Sustren tries so hard to play the middle that she almost seems bipolar. While the factor isnt really a journalism style news event, he still has Juan Williams host his show for him at times. Even Hannity who is a talk show host, not a journalist, still bring democrats on. So the statement by libs that fox news is an arm of the republican party is a joke.


Looks like I was right… try again Hoffman, this one was a tad pathetic.

Why should we be any more concerned about Murdoch than about George Soros and his fellow travelers, fashionista publisher Anna Wintour, or the well-heeled intellectual lightweights in Hollywood?

I’ve noticed lately that when DoDBuzz’s knee jerks, it’s usually the left one.

Hello If he runs as a Democrat.

There’s a man with real, solid American character. read and study that article. Here’s a quote that blows
the truth about the lack of character of President Obama: “…we know Obama has a morbid fascination with
his plastic killing machines.” **I ask: “if he’s so sharp with those drones, why didn’t he use one or two
to save those 4 American soldiers??! !
Joe Spenner

Which still does not address how he got a Bronze Star with the “V” device. Compare to those that have gotten the Bronze Star with V for actually doing something.…under fire. Bronze Stars are a dime a dozen. When the “V” for “valor” is added to it you have something completely different.

That would be a question for GEN Wallace (ret) since he would have been the author and approving authority for the medal. From what I’ve read on the matter, around Najaf in March 2003 during the invasion Petraeus, Wallace, and another general were doing a map recon while stopped near a road intersection. Their position was mortared for a few minutes with rounds impacting as close as 30 meters. They and their security detachments responded and moved towards the enemy positions. Someone in the security team called in a Kiowa on the mortar crew. It doesn’t sound like much, but I haven’t read the actual citation, those are just witness accounts.

Fox “news” IS a propaganda arm for the GOP. Good Gawd! It doesn’t get more obvious than that. Fox is a product of Robert Murdoch, the tabloid king of Australia and the UK. The guy only just got him US citizenship so he could open a network here in the US. The guy is a foreighner and a fake!!!

Fox “news is no better than Jerry Springer and caters to the same mindset. Low information morons.

Total nonsense by a low information moron. Good gawd… surely you haven’t procreated imbicil!

Nonsense. The education level and professionalism of MSNBC FAR surpasses that of the fox fantasy channel… the Jerry Springer of the tabloid press.

Grow up dittohead.

Why is it the right wing nut bags always call the truth “liberal bias” or “liberal bias”? Is it because the right wingnuts are low information morons who prefer snappy little cliches and slogans to actual thinking?

Why is it that study after study has shown that Fox “news” listeners are worse informed than those who don’t listen to any news at all?

Why is it that fox “news” hires poorly educated talking heads? And… why is it that fox “news” listeners are no more informed that the Jerry Springer audiences?

Because they’re dittoheads — you know, the one’s the felon drug addict known as “Rush” calls his followers.


Stupid dittohead nonsense. Crawl back into your fox-Hole.

Shocking Fox news leans right JUST AS CNN and most others lean hard left, so what are you saying. Is Military​.com a lib affair, please let me know so I can un-subscribe.

General Be tray us for president. No thanks.

Heck yeah, Military​.com is liberal.

why not? Look at what an outstanding examples e.g. Kennedy, Clinton

How many freakin ribbons does this gut have. I’ll bet when he has to put on his dress medals he falls over.

Educational level and professionalism of MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS & ABC combined do not have the intellectural integrity of Seasame Street.

Check the facts before making such a stupid comment.

Bohner is from Kentucky, not Ohio.

8th district of Ohio, to be exact (http://​boehner​.house​.gov/).

Phuc Dat Sheet! I wouldn’t care for petreaus to serve anywhere in any fashion as a politician.
We already have a enough idiots in the government.

“intellectural”? Okay.

And why not address Fox News’ educational level and professionalism? Okay, too.

Your last sentence was the only one worth writing and reading.

Being the “most watched” says little about any foundation in knowledge or accuracy. And what studies show anything on Fox News (with the exception of Shepard Smith) to be unbiased in the least? And are you blind to the frequency with which a democrat or liberal is silenced on Fox by a fast cut to commercial?

And last but least, probably: when determining truth or bias, why compare Fox News exclusively to other cable news networks? Truth is truth, not something relative to something else found only on cable.

There is bias in the media folks. We don’t need to waste server space on something that is so widely acknowledged.

Four times, NobleSavage. BTW, in my humble tribe we capitalize “God,” and we spell imbecile correctly.

Still waiting for your crack journalists at MSNBC to commit an act of journalism in investigating the Benghazi story, NobleSavege.

Your rants about “right wing nuts” and “dittoheads” would be much more convincing if you weren’t clearly such a left wing nut bag and your posts contained an ounce or more of substance.

Come back when you have something intelligent to contribute — something more than an unsupported opinion and a bunch of ad hominem snarks. Until then, you’re just a left wing troll.

DoD Buzz certainly acts like it on occasion; Carl Prine was before he left.

I know that tribe :-)

Why not comments from McFarland? They are available, and have been for about a week. How about a link to the actual recording and people can decide for themselves what to think? Who made this recording? Seems like McFarland is doing a lot of name dropping to increase her own importance.

Hmm, too bad about the scandal. If he did decide to run, perhaps Petraeus could have been an Eisenhower-like figure to an otherwise unhinged Republican Party.


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