Obama nominates Hagel for SecDef, finally

Obama nominates Hagel for SecDef, finally

President Obama did what everyone had expected for weeks when he nominated former U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., to lead the Defense Department and allow Leon Panetta to return to his California walnut farm.

Obama waited until the fiscal cliff showdown ended to announce his nomination Monday and end the speculation over whether Obama would follow through on his interest in Hagel that had leaked out from the White House.

The White House’s leak is a common practice ahead of a cabinet nomination. The president’s staff gauges the response it will get and what type of battle they will receive to have the nominee confirmed. Some expected Hagel to receive a clear path considering he nominee considers himself a Republican.

However, Hagel is not in lock step with the GOP. He was known for blasting the Bush administration’s justification for the Iraq invasion. He’s most recently been labeled an enemy of Israel by certain Republican leaders. U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., called Obama’s selection of Hagel “antagonistic” towards Israel’s leadership.

Senate Republicans will use the confirmation hearing to question Hagel on his record of voting for negotiations with Hamas and his votes against Iran sanctions. The pro-Israel lobby has already expressed their displeasure with Obama’s nomination.

If confirmed, Hagel would be one of the first former Army enlisted men to head the Defense Department. He fought in the Vietnam War and has used that experience in questioning defense leaders as a former member of the Foreign Relations Committee. Hagel made enemies in his own party when he ripped the Bush administration for how they allowed the insurgency to take root in Iraq.

Hagel still has a piece of shrapnel in his chest from an exploded Claymore in Vietnam where he earned two Purple Hearts. Obama’s nomination comes as the number of lawmakers in DC with military experience has hit a recent low.

Speculation on the Senate’s confirmation vote will continue ahead of the hearing. It’s also to be expected that one or more senators will try to block the nomination to gain the political exposure it creates.

Neither Obama nor Hagel said anything new during the nomination ceremony at the White House. One thing was clear, though. Panetta is eager to return to California as he said he’s ready to “deal with a different set of nuts.”

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“It’s also to be expected that one or more senators will try to block the nomination to gain the political exposure it creates.”

Of course, there could not possibly be any *legitimate* reason for the Senate to question the nomination of a prospective SECDEF with a history of making extremely controversial public statements and of casting unusual policy votes.

No, it has to be purely opportunistic “political exposure” which would motivate any such questioning. Of that you can be sure.

The questions you should be asking is why Obama pushing so hard to have this Republican in the position when he stiffs the Republicans in other areas.…could it be cover for cuts?

Hagel will “Gladly Cut the Military” unlike Panetta, So that is why Obama wants him. Just another Obama Ploy. Sequestration the Democratic Dream of a Life Time.

Chuck Hagel is an accomplished leader and proven combat veteran. What’s more, he seems beholden to nobody. That’s a good position to be in when tough calls on cuts must come. He he will focus on what’s best for the nation, not what’s best for his futue — or failed national security thinking.

The right man for the job and he should be confirmed if **you** call your Congressman. Walked the walk, former combat vet, a thinker, former enlisted, knows that attacking Iraq (think 2x Iran…) might **not** be a great idea, and certainly not an empty suit who worships Bibi Netanyahu’s posterior. The “deploy you forever” draft dodging element in DC and the so-called media who have never heard a shot fired in anger are already trashing him and that tells me he’s darned good.

Can’t Obama nominate a pro defense Democrat? Hahahahahahaha!!!

who better than a proven combat veteran with commom sense??? i’m all for him.

If observing publicly that Congressmen are intimidated by the pro-Israel lobby is “extremely controversial”, that kind of makes Hagel’s point for him.

Either way, if we had any real statesmen in Congress they wouldn’t have TIME for confirmation quibbling right now; they’d be too busy fixing the budget, which is about 974 times as important for the nation.

I’m sure one could be found in the conservative rank & file of the Dems, but finding an agreeable Republican works too.

Don’t blame many GOP Senators to block him from the job. He is very anti Israel and shows too much sympathy to Iran. He even was against sanctions against Iran who has been killing americans off since 1979. A man that liberal and lame brained has no place to head the DoD!

Wow, and I thought everybody hated Panetta! Did the memo after Benghazi just expire?!

At a time when PM Netanyahu shows up in the USA to *demand* the POTUS say when we’re going to attack Iran, inserts himself into the political process by openly supporting the opposition candidate, and increases the number of “false flag” incidents where Israeli agents disguise themselves as Americans in an effort to provoke a military confrontation with Iran: anyone who is willing to stand up to Israel, and put AMERICAN interests before Israel’s is a GREAT candidate.

When our “trusted friend and ally” commits acts of war against the USA in attempt to start a war all bets (and their credibility) are off.

I’m struggling to stay calm and not get emotional about this. But — reasonably speaking, what does this mean for our defense posture and priorities ? Does it mean piling more money into long range sensors and precision strike, more displacement away from COIN and close-in battle in favor of “safe” and “casualty-free” operations ala Kosovo ? A kind of Wes Clark World, where missions creep over from the military to the intelligence community ? Or does it mean beefing up Homeland Security and (probably not) Missile Defense, a kind of Maginot Line for the 21st Century ? If none of the above, is it really irrational to see this as unilateral disarmament and geopolitical buckpassing ? And if the latter, I do fear the consequences that will ensue.

Once confirmed the BIG drawdown will begin, this is gonna be nasty.

Eminently qualifed, respected by those in uniform, not afraid to cross party lines when doing the right thing has become politically incorrect. Has raised the ire of neo-cons for speaking out against the invasion of Iraq’s strategy from the Bush Administration and bowing before Tel Aviv. What more could a rational nation ask of a SecDef.
Let’s hope that AFTER he’s sworn in, he hires several members of POGO for his staff.

Very poor choice. But this is Obama, who has absolutely no respect for the military.
Oh how we miss Rumsfeld and Cheney, not to mention Reagan and W.

it wont mater who,s in office or what they stand for when we lose site of the constitution and the bill of rights we will lose individual freedom and we the people will no longer exist. Remember the Government was designed to regulate the rights and freedoms of all Americans. It was also understood that we could agree to disagree with a rule regulation or policy as long as its initial intent was not changed. The government was not initially designed to manage anything. It was specifically designed to ensure and perpetuate our freedom and Americanism within our borders. We were not designed to adopt a world policy. we were never designed to be or do less than our individual best. united we stand divided we fall no matter who,s in office.

KEEP HAGEL OUT OF THE SECDEF OFFICE!!!! Comfirmation of Hagel is akin to allowing the fox into the hen house!!! The US needs a SECDEF with nads, NOT an Obama yes man!!!

Deja Vu: History repeats it self. Carter 1979, hostages. Military reductions, Dept of Defense reductions, DOE cuts, economy and everything was at a stand still. Programs that gave everyone anything, This is when it all started. Ayotolla (phonetic)is leading Iran,.Iran/Iraq war. Iran has been beating their war drums since then. They just got louder when medium range missles and nuclear threat, and naval exercise on Hormuz striaght. . Carter and Obama are alike in too many ways. We also knew where Japan stood in 1941. WE did not want to get involved with Germany and Japan. WE know what happened at Pearl Harbor. I hope Hagel can see it and make a very rational decision of pending threats that will escalate quickly as soon as we make cuts in our military. Iran is not afraid to start it with a launch to Israel, and possibly launch at Russia also. It is part of their radical belief. GOD bless the USA, GOD help us all.….….….

Hagel would be a disaster as Sec of Defense. He is self rightious and very opinionated and soft on finatical
Muslim enemies.

Old news, this was done awhile back. I’ll bet the biggest concern right wingers have with this one, is the fact that Hagel was an enlisted man, he know not to committ troops to combat unless it’s totally necessary, that the way it’s suppose to be done. Right wingers(officers) hate that, an enlisted man, this high up, it boil the oil running through their veins. If he(Hagle)make it, this would be the first time a prior enlisted man get this high up in government, not only that, if Sen Kerry and Hagel get in, this would be the first time sence VN, we would have three VN era soldiers to hold high positions in an administration, Gen. Shinsecky, Sen Kerry and now Hagel…and Hagel is a republican. This has nothing to do with politics or party, this is about military rank past and present, Mccain? was a officer in the Navy, that non-smart Sen Graham, officer in the reserves, Navy I think, Hagel, an enlisted man when he was in the Army. H-LL, this could be about something as STUPID as branch of service.….with them knuckleheads in the repub party.…I wouldn’t doubt it.

“This has nothing to do with politics or party, this is about military rank past and present,.…this could be about something as STUPID as branch of service”

Fortunately, I don’t think everybody else is as hung up over such things as you appear to be.

It is quite possible (and quite common) to finish your military service with great respect for all ranks, and all services. I know, because I’ve done it. So have many others. Respectfully suggest you try to follow that high road as well.

“Right wingers(officers) hate that, an enlisted man, this high up, it boil the oil running through their veins.”

Please! (And when anybody criticizes Obama, it is because racist hatred is boiling in their veins, right?) Dude, take a moment and look in the mirror. The thinly veiled hatred of “right wing officers” boiling in your blood is making the veins in your head throb.

Hagel is a two faced traitor. Any American that hates Isreal and condones terrorism and endoreses The Muslim Brotherhood and the Palastinian states terrorists acts against Isreal like Obama who has 6 Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in his cabet should not hold any office of trust. Obama is a communist Muslim and every cabnet member knows it.

They are too busy saying no to anything good for all of America there isn’t time to do the job they were elected to do and that is to work for American Workers and not Big Money. Why does such a small country that can’t do anything for America so important, Israel seem to be able to defend itself and can wipe out any of the other countries in that region of the world. The 112th Congress was the worse in American History and it seems the 113th wants to set another record for doing less that the 112th. If the American voters don’t wake up in Nov. 2014 and send these creeps out the exit doors we’re doomed

You are a lying ignorant UnAmerican Idiot , you Tea Baggers should be sent packing out of America and be charged with treason for your words and acts against America and it’s elected officials.

Funny how the VN vets are trickling into power and nobody wants ‘em. Kerry, Hagel, Bob Kerrey? Apparently not.

Hagel my run as a “Republican”, but he is a RINO liberal.


Apparently, Hagel is at one with Obama on nuclear disarmament. See

To my way of thinking, this would hardly square with a laissez faire, “we can’t stop them from getting nukes so why try” approach to nuclear proliferation. But there I go again, trying to apply logic to public policy.

Looks like you were wrong. Panetta just authorized cuts…

You must have lost any brain you were born with somewhere along getting to where you are now and the day you were born. Everyone of those you listed should all have been in prison for any number of the crimes they committed, the four are also caused the financial mess America is in now. Reagan was going to be impeached but because it was so close to Nixon’s crimes and early departure from being the POTUS they just let him serve out his time. Also Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Dubya have arrest warrants out for them in several countries ad the countries are a allies, so they all will never travel outside of the American borders.There is so much I could continue to list against them but space is limited.

Just out of curiosity, would you mind listing the countries which are our allies, and have arrest warrants for Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Dubya? (Or would that take too much space?)

If you used less space on bizarre re-inventions of history, there would be more room for convincing arguments. (Reagan was going to be impeached, but “they” recanted because it was so close to Nixon’s crimes…?? What??? Reagan’s “crimes” were so close to Nixon’s crimes? Do you even know what the charges against Nixon were? Why do I get the feeling that you are too young to remember anything about Nixon’s administration? Or that you only know his name because it was mentioned in a high school history class?)

Hagel will help Obama and the Democrats make sure SEQUESTOR takes place in the Pentagon. Just another step in Obama’s quest to destroy this nation from within.
First, destroy, or break down the military. Disregard, Disobey the Oath of Office, Ignore the Constitution, and appease the people with HANDOUTS until the money runs out, and what do you get?

Choose One. Greece, or the former U.S.S.R. Uneducated Americans voted for Obama. They now will get WHAT THEY ASKED FOR.…and Obama will be Our Dependent after he leaves office. But DO YOU CARE?


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