A cut more costly than sequestration

A cut more costly than sequestration

Defense leaders have lined up this past month to name the Pentagon’s latest enemy —  an extension of the  continuing resolution — saying it could prove equally, if not more, devastating to the U.S. military in 2013 as the sequestration cuts.

Navy Adm. Bill McRaven joined the growing parade of generals Tuesday to stand behind a lectern and tell a crowd how an extension of the continuing resolution would further damager the U.S. military. The continuing resolution is an agreement by Congress to extend the funding levels of the previous year because of its inability to pass a federal budget.

Better known as the CR, this funding mechanism does not take into account the anticipated growth in defense spending that Pentagon leaders had budgeted. Flattening the budget line leaves the Pentagon feeling at a loss because contracts have been signed and bills need to be paid.

“If Congress fails to pass the appropriations bill for FY 13 and simply extends the C.R. through the year, our overall operating accounts would decrease by about five percent below the proposed budget presented by the president for our 2013 budget,” Panetta said on Jan. 10 during a Pentagon press conference.

The deadlines for sequestration and the CR fall in March. A combination of the sequestration cuts and an extension of the CR would force the U.S. military to make a $52 billion cut to its budget by October, Panetta said. With each day, service leaders are getting more worried this scenario might come to pass.

Navy Under Secretary Bob Work did his best to sound the alarm to what the combination of sequester and the extension of the CR would mean to the Navy.

“If that happens, ladies and gentlemen, the world as we know it will end. There’s just no way you can keep the Navy whole and keep the Marine Corps whole,” Work told the Surface Naval Association symposium on Jan. 17.

Sequestration was the buzz word for the past year when discussing budget. Panetta often likens it to a meat ax. In this past month, the military brass has made it a point to explain how much an extension of the CR would also hurt the services.

McRaven went as far to say that the CR “puts a greater constraint on us than sequester.” While sequestration has gotten more attention, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said on Jan. 17 that the Navy has “an equal concern about CR.”

An extension of the CR will force the Pentagon to cut $11 billion from its budget in 2013 while sequestration would cost the U.S. military $18 billion, Panetta has said. However, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno said the extension of the CR further limits the services’ ability to protect certain programs.

Odierno told a group of reporters that the Army would have to absorb a loss of $17 to $19 billion over the last seven months of the fiscal year should the service have to sustain a combination of the sequestration cuts and an extension of the CR.

McRaven said he would be forced to forego new technologies for SOCOM under tighter budgets.

“You’ve got to be able to cut back on your investments, if you will, in the future,” McRaven said. “That’s about all you can do to make sure you can stay in the fight, to make sure your current force forward is taken care of.”

Pentagon officials have already started to take steps in anticipation of what has been called a doomsday budget scenario. Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said it’s likely that the Defense Department’s civilian employees will have to start taking an unpaid furlough day every week starting in April until the end of September.

Military brass have worked hard to transition their services to the new defense strategy and the Pacific Pivot. These cuts, to include the extension of the CR, will make those moves especially hard, Panetta said.

“An important part of our new defense strategy is to try to increase the operating accounts in order to maintain readiness, but the C.R. — if it’s just simply extended — would really prevent us from doing that,” Panetta said.

– Richard Sisk contributed to this report.

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So the world according to Work is: ” … the world as we know it will end. There’s just no way you can keep the Navy whole and keep the Marine Corps whole,”

Perhaps its time to tell the Europeans that we’ll base those 4 Aegis ships in Spain, but they must pay the costs? Perhaps its time to review the way we deploy CVBG’s? We keep at least one on station–ususally two–in cold-war-like-knee-jerk fashion. Who’s paying the bill for these extremely expensive deployments? We are, of course; all part of the World Police Force image we’ve been projecting. Need a lift for the local German and italian economies? We’re here to help; we’ll keep those 4 BCTs in Europe just to give you a warm and comfortable feeling and allow those tens of thousands of soldiers and their families to pour cash into your local economies and provide jobs for your citizens courtesy of the the U.S. taxpayer.

Guess what guys…we can’t afford this anymore. Blame Bush, blame Obama, blame anyone you care to; fact is we’re no longer in a position to maintain a credible presence overseas on a continuous basis (Note to USN, the LCS ain’t “credible”; its crap). We must recapitalize the force and that will mean less personnel if we are to avoid the dreaded “hollow force”. DOD is targeting civilian positions short term, but will almost certainly need to pare back military personnel beyond the current plans if its to fund any credible procurement budget.

Last I looked, the cold war was over.

I love the picture. The bolt of lightning is just perfect to reflect the “horror.”

We need to change the way that DoD accounting works.

If I told my kid that if he didn’t spend all his allowance every year, he would get only what he spent next year– what do you think would happen? nothing would ever get saved. That’s the way it has been for many years and it needed fixing that long ago– people need incentives to save and the way it is is a DISincentive to find ways of saving money.

We need to change the way that DoD accounting works.

If I told my kid that if he didn’t spend all his allowance every year, he would get only what he spent next year– what do you think would happen? nothing would ever get saved. That’s the way it has been for many years and it needed fixing that long ago– people need incentives to save and the way it is is a DISincentive to find ways of saving money.

can they just reduce the number of lecturns? and admirals/generlas talking at them? how much would that save?

If they retired everyone past the mandatory retirement age in the Federal Service, including Members of Congress, there would be no need for sequestration, or budget cuts, et al. There are far too many people over the age of retirement, that stay in the Federal Service, just because they take home such huge paychecks…I mean would you leave a job that pays you over $200k per year when all you have to do to collect, for the most part, is show up?

I wish I had a job where I could go to work every day, DO NOTHING, and get the best pay and benefit package in the entire United States. It is immoral, and everyone doesn’t realize it, but our taxes pay these clowns…for Nothing…and those of us in the Federal Service who are not in Congress are the first to take any hits to pay, benefits, retirement, etc…I’ve got it, the Federal Service is almost like the book “Animal Farm”.…where some are better than others, even though they are all supposed to be the same…

The current ratio of generals to soldiers is 1:600 — and represents an incredibly bloated general staff. Eventually, it could save a good deal (over time). We could (seemingly) drop 75% and still have a top-heavy military.

Force structure was HEAVILY pared back after the cold war. The Navy is half the size of the cold war level so claiming that “The Cld War is Over” is kind of a mott point as the services have already cut WAY below where they were during the cold war and even the post cold war force of the Gulf War era

I’ve worked with Government IT Contractors and I can tell you there have been many positive things information technology contractors have accomplished: combating terrorism, cleaning up the environment and managing vast amounts of critical data. Many of us work hard to add value for the government agencies we work for. But I do agree Congress should institute safeguards to ensure that taxpayers stop wasting billions of dollars on bloated contracts.
Than Nguyen http://​www​.insourcegroup​.com

Hate to say that and Sequestration will happen Congress and the President have broken the system. There haven’t been a full budget passed since 2008 and so I do NOT see a change anytime soon. Best thing DoD can do is cut unwanted programs to save money. GCV ICC and F-35B can go and save millions if not billions to the Military.

There is no mandatory retirement age for almost all federal jobs. Reagan got rid of that

It’s not just the DoD, every federal department works that way. I don’t know how far back that way of thinking goes, but it probably started with Congress doing exactly what they’re afraid would happen if they didn’t spend the money.

To add to what OldRetSWO said, the Navy cut back so much that they strip spare parts from a ship in dock to give to a ship going out on a deployment. The Navy has underfunded their O&M accounts to pay for new ships for the last 20 years.

And that’s why programs should squander more money than they need every year, just in case a CR is thrown in and you’ll have extra slack in case you need it.

And if you don’t…new office furniture! Exciting.

Which new ships would those be? The carriers which we are told we must have plenty of, the Flight III burkes, the Virginias, plus the sealift without which a military machine grinds to a halt without?

It’s a little irresponsible to have terrible procurement programs and then take it out of O&M (along with green fuels from O&M) just to pay for new shipbuilding?

Perhaps they should send the “best cost cutters” to Vegas for a few days.

“Hey look at all the savings coming back to government coffers! What changed!?”

I thought they retired into thinktankland and advisorland and lobbyland?

“Joint resolution to resolve that there are five fingers per normal human hand…”

Or we could institute a needs test for wage and benefits? Before Obamas biography and such he was a relatively “young” college prof with law school debt. Carter was a peanut farmer…and with a needs test, he probably would not have needed to put his peanut farm with a trust that did a terrible job. Reagan, as governor of California and a movie actor…hmm, not sure. And Bush Sr and Jr, as scions of the Bush family would probably not have drawn a paycheck with a needs test.

I so agree Homer. I thought Federal Service, especially taking care of our Veterans was a dream job, but Congress has drained us of cost of living and are trying more to tap us. We didn’t create the problem THEY did but they aren’t hurting, WE are. We can’t even stay up with education of a ever changing Helthcare field, but yet they can go to Washington and DO NOTHING, but first time something happens to one of our patients, Congress is breathing down our neck and wanting blood.

I chalk it up to service secretaries and admirals too afraid of angering Congress or the President by admitting how much it really costs to maintain the fleet.

Build a new fleet while maintaining the old fleet, you mean.

Since we have the only major navy left on the planet, this challenge is ours alone. The PLAN doesn’t have much of a navy to maintain and can spend all their newfound wealth on building a new one.

I wonder if companies in the free market have that many VPs. Yeech!

Spoken like a true Federal Employee.

Great comment Aurora. We need to pull back, and stop wasting money we don’t have. The time for America to be everyone’s watch dog should stop now.

Amen to that! These old and incompetent individuals need to get with the program or ship out. What happen to the meaning of “We The People of the United States Of America.….…..etc., the American People! If it was not for us Congress wouldn’t have a job and better yet, someone like me a 100% US ARMY Disabled American Veteran with severe service-connected disabilities should be making $200,000.00 a year instead of someone who has not earned his salary. Enough is enough, fire them all and get some young blood in Congress who can balance a budget on time meeting imperative deadlines.

Our country’s economy is on the precipice of a catastrophic financial collapse and it’s outrageous that inspite of our massive budget cuts, mllions of Americans out of work, tens of thousands of our troops about to get the ax and soon will join the ranks of the unemployed, our elected offficials in Washington and the media don’t even mention anything about FOREIGN AID getting the ax. THE FIRST, and certainly at least ONE OF THE FIRST, that should get the budget ax is FOREIGN AID. Why is it that FOREIGN AID, particularly those going to our enemies like HAMAS, EGYPT (YES, SINCE EGYPT IS NOW RUN BY THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD) AND OTHERS, keep getting handouts from us? No one in Washington seems to even want to talk about it.

Bubble-heads run government and the bubble is bursting. Cronyism and corruption is a runaway train, I unfortunately see it everyday. Whistle-blowers have been ignored and it’s time to pay the piper. Too many programs and pork projects miss-funded by Congress have broken the bank. Civilizations rise and then usually thru stupidity and lack of foresight…they fall…god help us all. Shame on our leadership, past and present.

The prez keeps promising military, social security cuts and non payments, but never have I heard one word about cutting out the millions of free cell phones we pay to keep on each month costing us millions and no one uses them to look for jobs. Or cutting food stamps for those refusing to look for jobs, or their rent, utility and other subsidies. Or the millions low wage earners get back on their taxes each year on money they didn’t earn.
And I free with the above letter writer on foreign aid.
Or the ridiculous retirement packages for those in government for serving one term. And cut down on AF1 travel, it takes 6–8 planes to get all his cars, and crews and helicopter to a location for each trip.

Close all the illegal us overseas bases now–save BILLION$ if not TRILLION$


The pivot to the pacific will now be pivot to the home garrison or home port and stay there. This is a sham, the constitution specifically states the government will provide for defense. The constitution does not state the government will provide health and welfare benefits for all. It does state that individuals have the right to the pursuit of happiness. This generally means that if you work hard, you will be rewarded. Now if you work hard, you will be denigrated.

Military pay and benefits is about half of the DoD 500B budget. AF did a study not long ago that the “average” pay for military is $108k. This includes basic, allowances (housing, food, clothing,.…..), medical, tuitition and on and on. Is it any wonder the budget is being broken???? No cuts and continued COLA.

The use it or lose it attitude prevails amongst not only the DOD but all federal agencies. As far back as cooks would order extra rations and maintenance ordered extra nuts and bolts this has been the attitude. Well attitudes need to change. Rewatd the one who goes a percentage below budget AND still performs the mission not the one who comes in on budget and scrapes by on mission performance.

I hope sequestration does happen. DoD will still get done what needs to be done and maybe some of that huge bureacratic empire of ‘make work’ will fall by the way side. Ask yourself “how much of what people are doing (civ/mil) on a daily basis even needs to be done?” We make work for ourselves and others in a perpetuating manner that if not done would have no consequence.

DoD is bloated beyond imagination. Instead of whining and running around like Chicken Little these FOs and SES types just need to get to work and do their jobs —- start cutting fat and practice fiscal responsibility. The river of money going to DoD needs to turn into a stream. Way to much waste.

I’ve been a DoD Civilian/military for 32 years, have worked at Army, AF, Navy bases and with DISA. And I have to say that today, DoD is a force of 3rds. One third of the people are doing nothing, surfing the web, idle chatter or making work for themselves, Another third aren’t doing work that has any meaning —- we have policy makers making policy that isn’t needed, empires of civilians to keep themselves busy without producing anything, and my favorite — Junior Officers (O2-04) always dream up some pet project that is not needed, causing money to be wasted in procurement and in implementation — just so they can put something on their Fitness Report. Once they roll out, the ‘project’ suddenly dies because it was never needed in the first place, Finally, we have the third that actually does work that needs to be done to support their Service/Agency. When push comes to shove this work will continue to get done and the rest of the fluff will be cut.

We’re refreshing IT every 3 years whether we need it or not. My Org. has 4 (you read that right) networks on each desktop —- 4 PCs, 4 monitors, on each desktop because they don’t want to consolidate. Waste is everywhere. Contractors getting 2 to 2.5 times salary on burdened contracts. It’s a mess. DoD could suffer a 40% cut and still get done what they need if they would make the right cuts and decisions (including cutting half the civilian workforce). We used to have a 600 ship Navy with less than half the budget we have now even accounting for inflation.

Bottom line — if DoD can’t cut 10% then they need to fire the proverbial top two floors of the Pentagon and start over.

were already 1/2 done with the FY13, so if they pass something you only have 6 mo to worrie about and then you start again??

Term limits for congress 2 terms and ur out period. Put them back in the S/S system that will take away their outlandish retirement perks. Their priorities are all screwed up. They are worried more about gun control than the security of our country.
Charles D Clemens Jr US Navy (ret)

During Reagan years we did have a 600 ship Navy, we also had INSURV, 3M Inspections, Refresher Training, LOA, LOE, OPPE and GITMO to name a few. We did not rely on Tenders, SIMA or anyone to maintain our ships. We the sailor did that. We went to Navy schools, had tools (knew how to use them), and we paid Federal taxes no matter where our ship was located in the world. Only the few got big reenlistment bonus (taxed), and seldom over $10K. Now we have under 300 ships, Only INSURV (and civillians maintain the ships including getting them ready for INSURV) Max reenlistment bonus’s.
Congress want to cut people, there are no jobs in the country as it is. Lets put more on unemployment and aid. The stores will suffer, hotels will suffer, Dr’s will suffer. No medical insurance for the unemployed either, except OBAMA Care. Taxes will have to go up, everyone else will be at home drawing unemployment and food stamps. It is past time to stop giving aid to countries who dont like us or want us, time to close the borders,

I like Homer’s thinking. I wish I could find a job work for 2–4 years and then then receive a benefit for check
for the rest of my life. After serving 20 years in the military, I was lucky to get a 1 percent pay increase. At the same same time, Congress would get a 5–6 percent increase in their pay.

Well and good, until that ONE time when those extra nuts and bolts are necessary for a critical repair.

Plus plenty of great TDYs to really cool places and we can give everybody down to the janitor the latest high-tech Blackberry or iPad (absolutely mission essential, of course. Plus we’ve absolutely got to have high definition TVs in every room so that Fox News can keep us informed. (Hell no we’re not gonna allow any of that CNN/MSNBC liberal crap.). Never know when the screaming hordes will invade.). Plus plenty of worthless GS-13s/14s/15s to walk around and stroke their engorged egos. No real productivity required, but we can make billions of PowerPoint slides and throw around the latest really cool buzzwords.

I’m being sarcastic. I’m retiring within a year as a lieutenant colonel with 32 years enlisted and officer service. I’ve been all over the world with the military and I’m sickened at the bloat. Eisenhower warned us, but we made sure that we minimized him ASAP.

When I was a young soldier I looked at these people with the respect due to Gods and dedicated my life to serving them for the greatness of this fantastic social experiment that we call the U.S. Now I just look at them with disdain.

Walk a few miles in my boots and you’ll have no problem understanding why we’re $14 trillion in debt.

Of course, everything that has gone wrong for the last 500 years is directly B. Obama’s fault.….

The issue I have with cutting foreign aid is that it is a massive bunch of good PR, and it is a tiny amount of the budget. Cutting all of foreign aid will save $24 billion. And in doing that you also have a PR nightmare. Scaling back on things like the LCS program hurts us less and will still plug the hole.

Just earlier this week, President Obama pledges $155 Million in aid to Syrian rebels. Why??? Why disregard our own problems. It just doesn’t make sense. We are in trouble, and it really bothers me when our elected officials echo the same and never get around to DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

For people balking about foreign aid, it’s a PR move for diplomatic talks. Plus, if it works and Syria falls, the US can boast about it helping out in international talks. All for $155 million, which isn’t that much compared to the whole budget. The amount of return in the form of PR compared to expense is quite good with foreign aid. And paradoxically, it works best when given to hostile states, as it shows you are magnanimous enough of a country to care about the people despite hostility.

WAAAAA. Is there anybody out there who knows what a budget is? It is not getting most of what you dream of anymore. I myself and I believe the public at large would be glad to help any agency make any necessary cuts ( from comments I’ve read, if it is out of country be nervous). Sequestration is having your cable TV turned off because you couldn’t pay the bill, embarrassing but there it is.

Anon is dead on target with everything that he/she said. His experiences mirror mine exactly, and I think that I’m qualified to know. I’ve served on two three-star and two four-star staffs.

When I was assigned to Multi-National Force — Iraq we had 33 general officers in primary positions (The norm would be around 5 or 6. Everybody wanted to have it on their OERs that they were there for the big party!)

What a waste…All for that little silly-ass Texan Republican chicken hawk president that spent half his administration on vacation while service members saw their bodies and their families destroyed by multiple deployments (thank God and my wonderful wife that mine stayed intact.).

Of course, W wouldn’t shut his arrogant little mouth long enough to realize that the whole war was just Cheney’s huge industrial undertaking to enrichen his old cronies at Halliburton. Cheney is the poster child for the good ol’ DoD revolving door program.

The 33 general officers makes such a great model of the DoD’s issues. We have far too much bloat, but we have to get permission from the bloat to cut the bloat. Since no-one is going to cut their own income, guess what happens. I mean, if given a general’s star (Or another one), is anyone going to turn it down?

let me tell ya — I am a Federal Government employee and only make 40,000 a year — don’t know anyone that makes 200,000 a year…

We as Americans are not getting our money’s worth out of the UN. Many of the resolutions and programs espoused by the UNSC as well as many member nations are contrary to the best interest of Americans. We need to stop trading monetary support for lip service. Empty declarations of human rights and “world wide equality” by tyrants, dictators, and puppet rulers who use our support to bolster their grip over the minds and bodies of their constituents must stop. When are we going to do something to stop the drain on our coffers to countries whose citizens despise true Americans and the traditional values upon which our nation was built?

No longer should we bestow good will to those who show us no true and substantial good will in return. Yes, I am saying it, it must be our way or the highway! While we are still the most powerful nation in the world! We must stop saving nations of the world until those nations show us that they are worth saving by exhibiting true friendship toward us. If nations won’t cooperate with us, then let’s leave them alone, TOTALLY ALONE, no support, no trade, no diplomatic or social interaction what so ever. I am not saying Isolationism as a primary National philosophy. I’m saying play by our rules or you can’t play in our game. Bring our troops home from countries where they are not wanted by the majority and redeploy them to our borders and that means all international points of entry as well as departure. When a non US citizen wants to enter our country, our troops can verify whether there is a reason that person should be refused entry. If an American wants to go to an antagonist nation then they must go with the understanding that they are not guaranteed re-entry without a quarantine and investigation. Please, let’s protect our country for our children.

Get serious!

Agree 100%. Very few want to look at where the blame truly resides. Maybe had we paid attention to Eisenhowers admonition in his farewell speech to the Nation warning us of the military-industrial complex, our Nation would be in better shape socio-economically. We opted to ignore a man who recognized the handwiriting on the wall and now we’re paying the price. Of course, many today wouldn’t consider Eisenhower much of a Republican considering our political climate.

CONGRESS already under SS with the rest of the CIvil Service. Have been for a LONG TIME

Sadly, the military is not preparing for or imbracing the inevitable “drawdown” that is looming on the horizon. It has happened after every war, and as Americans typically are doomed to repeat… we never learn from the past. Every time a “war” ends the funding dries up, as it should, and the manpower goes. That said, this war has taken it’s toll on equipment (and personnel) due to the abrasive environment it was in, let alone the duration of it.
It doesn’t matter if the military throttles back on spending now, because there will be significant reductions coming.
And congress, I pray you don’t do as you alwways do, and swing the pendulum too far in the other direction, bare boning us to the point of not being prepared for the next inevitable contingency (or deciding to keep us busy playing “humanitarian military labor force” and actually increasing what we do while decreasing what we have.
Been there, seen that. Willing to bet a years retirement it’ll happen, again.

Being congress does this what seems to be every year, you’d think the military would develop a strategy to engage it with.

Isn’t it ironic how the military defends congress’ existense (and incompetence, ineptness, etc), yet congress seems to do all it can to crucify and destroy the military’s existence??

well, keep in mind, the budget is based on money you request, justify, bullsheet your way to getting (and yes, most of it is what you need) and obtain, versus it being an allowance that you then have to live within.

Seems congress is giving the military and allowance anymore.

I always loved my job. Had to do all the calculations of what I needed in a budget, working magic and guessing in so many ways (I oversaw medical equipment repair and calibration), submit it, justify it, fight for it… I often said “my justification is plain. Don’t give me the money, the job does not get done, and it doesn’t affect me. It affects your medical equipment. What you use to treat patients. No loss on my part”. I always got it, and was typically close.…
my problem is that, as pharmacy overspent it’s budget come 9 months into the FY, the internal finance guys would jsut take money from my account, not telling me. I’d spend (a lot of my test equipment comes due say, 1 yr after it was last due to be send out, so I had a schedule to keep, and sending it early is, well, fraud), go to send out a piece, and finance would tell me “you don’t have the money in your budget”. I’d argue I do, and after checking into it they’d see THEY moved it, didn’t tell me… and here we are.
Somehow I’d get money.… I imagine it left some other section and it’s budget hanging…

Seeing as our elected officials have done such a stupendous job over the last umpteen years I recommend that a couple of actions be taken. No 1: Put sensors in all the seats occupied by those protectors of our way of life which register the time they spend in them doing their jobs (and not out campaigning for re-election or soliciting contributions and promoting pork barrel projects) and adjust their pay according to what they actually do to represent us. Perhaps it would be better if there were identity chips planted in their posteriors to ensure that the proper individual was in each seat and not one of the multitudes of staffers. No 2: To make them aware of the public’s discontent with their performance, the DC National Guard should be activated during the next joint session of congress to march them all down to the Reflecting Pool, cause them to strip down to their BVDs and wade out to the middle. They should then be hosed down and made to stay there for a period of time adequately long enough to cause them all to reconsider their priorities. Of course, to be effective, the outside temperature could not be any higher than 40 degrees F.

Oh Yes — term limits should be mandatory, as well.

By and large Democracies get the government they voted for. You vote for a guy who has zero experience running anything except a “neighbor action” group; thinks prosperity is handed out from the Fed-and this is the result.
Certainly we’ve had weak leadership both Republican and Democrat. The Cold War’s been over for some time, yet we have troops in Europe? The Euros don’t apparently think they’re under threat anymore why should the US taxpayer continue to subsidize their welfare states? Korea? So the NKs take over-all that’s going to do is upset the Pac markets and my LG and Kia’s will be more expensive.
Don’t the USAF needs a new bomber-that’s DEFINITELY Cold War thinking; the F35B’s a dud dump it now; Eliminate ICBMs and rely on existing bombers and subs for Nuke Deterrent-and OBTW they can do conventional ops as well.

“Of course, everything that has gone wrong for the last 500 years is directly B. Obama’s fault.…. ”

No, actually, it’s Bush’s fault.

Seriously, Obama may not be to blame for the past, but what has he done to avoid yesterday’s mistakes?

standing army is ilegal acc to us constitution–AS ARE ALL OVERSEAS BASES–


Homer, you are an idiot. Investigate before you open mouth. Not many federal employees make $200,000, actually I don’t even believe SESs make that much. Get real

The sky is falling.….

Cut costs, cut spending, cut the politics.

Actually, Pete. President Obama just promised $155 million in borrowed Chinese money to Syria, on which we will pay interest for the next 20 years (since there is no plan to pay off the national debt (and wasn’t even under George Bush, either)).

What will happen is what always happens. All the real stuff gets cut and all the red tape and pencil pushers remain.

If the congress would cut their pay and show up to work and handle the business of our country, maybe we could save some money by cutting the perks and pay for all the Congressmen and women who are abusing their positions. The regular civil service employees who have not received a pay increase in three years are the ones paying the price. Let’s hold our Congress responsible for failing to do the job for which they were elected.

I work for the government and in my office, we work from the time we come in until the time we go home. My co-worker was made to take 15 minutes vacation time because he came in 10 minutes late due to a traffic jam. Not everyone in the government is doing nothing. We are not allowed to do “nothing” in our office. We can only use the internest during a 15 minute break, lunch or before work. If we get caught doing otherwise, we get more work assigned to us. We have a pay freeze in effect that has been in effect with no hint of when that will end. I get paid 10,000.00 less than I did as a contractor. And yes, we pay taxes too.

Oh, goodness, real retirement age (65–70) is still a long time to be this bitter and this angry and still needing to work for a living. Good look making ends meet on 75% O-5 basic pay.

First things first secure our borders, bring our troops home,end currency manipulation system which defrauds seniors,college grads while making banker gangster drug lords and corrupt officials rich, if wr all can’t have wealth by traditional means of degree,certification, or skill for specific industry then shouldn’t we adopt Japan’s philosophy of bicycles combat pollution that cut down transportation spending ‚second cut foreign dependance everything USA should be made for and by USA, crime fraud cold be reduced by making all jobsectors greening no more oil wars alternative energy hemp building coded,filters,clothes,plants,corporations,engines,houses, all made by hemp no more sky scrapers one level buildings prevent another 9/11 by countries that don’t like us,third close our bank accounts disconnect cable we dont need liberal lies, rip up or re write the constitution, and amendments all need be re written plus all the people in local and private sectors representing public need actually serve us not rob us like they’ve been doing all our lives they need be put out office those people who djt represent seniors,college grads, and retired or still active person ell, our country should close our borders, and have one currency no other currencie or just abolish money and need for crime and war, all Industries should represent health and anyone with money should be considered an enemy seeing as how money has killed half our service and regular civilians all money games from govern,government to entertainment to private and public sectors should be over with. Fourth if th people in white house refuse actually make sure USA is safe from foregn and domestic threats then why have such huge security presence over seas and not right here at home from Canada border to califronia Arizona Texas gulf Mexico and Atlantic pacific border of oceans, we need tougher restrictions on every dollar spent and big budgets shouldn’t exist while millions Americans are unemployed the corruption needs end on all levels and USA should become a green economy with alternative energy and abolished old outdated computer banking and rules systems which don’t work and leave our country vulnerable to corruption from within our borders and without. Fifth every person with badge and metal and firearm protecting persons of interest should have regular mental and health screens make sure their not abusing their power or corruptiing nd adding to the already complex issues of USA from all walks of life. If anything food,energy,clothes,housng,public services should be available to Americans it isn’t, people from other countries should not be allowed spy on our borders or agencies we shouldn’t use systems which are vulnerable to damaging our nations financial and cyber infrastructure, our borders and office should remained closed until all culprits which have ruined the legacy of American dreamed are fired,killed,booted,put money back from the mess they caused hard working Americans and former us soliders like myself who worked tirelessly ensure others safety but not having budget protect local persons of interest from foreign and domestic threats, sixth why do we have rules and regulations and abuses of power all these houses all these communities and to find financing to live free from joining service or terrorists attack or Racists,Sexists,Racists,scams,mortgage schemes,elder abuse,child abuse,cover ups, still exist without persecution, I mean whole country needs makeover, their should be no reason for big checks,crime,prisons,military faction or dependance on countries that war on us and their should no reason send American lives into harms way when a simple computer team could send robotic animals or super soliders to make those deals or handle issues americans face over seas we need stop PLAYing big brother police to world and let them handle their issues on their own and remove ourselves from united nations tribal council since we cant even ensure life liberty and safety plus financial security for millions people in prison,unemployed,homeless,retired,in foreclosure, and otherwise which like myself need an explanation as to why our country cwnt fix such simple issues with one informational panel night on c spn I’m like instead cable when white houses staff has information session all channels and radio stations and Internet stations should be forced to listen in to what our nation needs we need real diplomacy not divided house misguided by under funded racist policies which don’t represent America as whole just my thoughts. We don’t need risk our lives for money worldwide when we could make peace treaties with our allies or denounce their resources and use people as resources and share our nation and abolish wealth the biggest hurdle to peace and a real diplomacy of USA.

Not all of used the tuition that was offered. And regarding the tuition, it’s not free like you are implying. The GI Bill has to be paid into by the servicemember, it is only good at specific colleges, it only will cover one degree, there are stipulations on this benefit that you say is so great. Also, medical is not free for dependents and retirees that do not live where medical services can be given. Tricare is not free either, depending on what Tricare Plan selected by the retiree, there is always a fee. The basic pay is all that great either. The allowance for food which you also mention is not always a given either. The CO or whoever has authority over the servicemember decides who gets the food allowance if the servicemenver is single. If the sevicemember is married, the food allowance is for the ENTIRE FAMILY, FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH and it’s probably about 300 — 400 hundred dollars. This is also depending on if the servicemember is and enlisted or an officer. Enlisted servicemembers get UNIFORM allowance, but Officeers do not.


Sorry, I meant “avoid repeating yesterday’s mistakes”.

How the hell did DoDBuzz let you write something this freaking long?

Please repeat that please I didn’t hear it.

I guess the Air Force doesn’t know what they are talking about when they publish their studies, not my words, theirs. I WAS IN THE NAVY AND EVERYTHING I QUOTED WAS GIVEN TO ME FOR ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIONAL COST. NOW SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!

Why spend the money we don’t have.For me ‚chop them.

ohh boy, someone is ANGRY.

maybe you should go on a shooting rampage :)




Lets cut tax payer money being sent to other countries first and see where we as tax paying citizens need to go from there. If sequestration goes through then both congress and senate should cut the same from their operating/pay budget. We have men/women fighting in harms way to allow our government to continue to kick the can down the road. Don’t you think we owe it to them to get this right so their families don’t suffer while they keep us safe? It’s sad when they congress/senate get paid for nothing. I say work it out or get out.

If you can’t make ends meet on 75% O-5 basic pay then you can’t manage your finances at all.

The Navy is less than half its Cold War size due not to budget cuts, but because of the thieving defense contractors that finally got their way and forced the Navy to outsource ship design to them. Funny how when you give a “for profit” defense contractor $1.10 for every $1.00 they spend, they follow the profit incentive and drag out the design process for as long as possible and jack up the unit costs as high as possible. Who’d have ever seen that coming, except maybe someone who thought capitalism might still work. Too bad there is so few of those in this post-Cold War America. But we won, right?

Damn straight. Doing a bad job with the money we gave you doesn’t mean we give you more money!

Only a few hundred million dollars at most.

You are totally wrong. The defense budget is not bloated, and during the 1980s, when the Navy had almost 600 ships, it was MUCH larger than it is today. Besides, it’s not a mere 10% cut we’re talking about. We’re talking about a total cut (CR+sequestration) that would go far beyond 10% and would FORCE the DOD to fund unnecessary programs, platforms, and bases (even ones that it DOES want to get rid of) while underfunding the programs that it does need, including those where it should invest more money. Stop babbling your ignorant garbage.

It’s still a pretty awesome deal compared to the amazing and wonderful private sector that we are supposed to bow down and worship.

Then again, the military will have recruiting problems again without incentives.

The legions required 20 years in and all you got out of it was a plot of land somewhere with other vets in a strange barbarian land…

And those outsourced contractors are heavily invested in by or run by.… CONGRESS!!!!

Why cut Israel? Its far from the largest piece of this pie, and they are actually GRATEFUL for it. And by grateful, I mean, they don’t spending every day stating how they are going to kill us. why would you alienate the only real ally that we have in the region?

I’m thinking you got some facts wrong– why would the POTUS promise Social Security non-payments when that money belongs directly to those of us who pay it and is by definition NOT part of the deficit?

Even those with “experience” have done a poor job. They are more interested in keeping tax loopholes to take advantage of while sticking the Middle Class with the bill. I blame both sides, by the way, not just one or the other.

Oh boy someone is DEAD RIGHT– except he didn’t quite go far ENOUGH. This applies to just about all Government departments (if not, then LESS than 1/3rd is doing the work). For example, the Census used to operate with only a few hundred people and get the whole country done every 10 years– no cars, no email, no mail. They walked. Now the Census is 10,000 strong, wastes 100x more money, and has frequent mistakes and problems.

The same thing as all the government leaders. Problem is that he’s right– FA is relatively cheap and “buys” the “Good guy image”- just like all BP’s commercials about all the help they gave LA/Gulf States (yet if you talk to any of those folks, they got screwed big time and are still waiting for the money BP’s commercials claim they have paid out). BP buys loyalty and forgetfulness of their willful negligence all in the pursuit of more money.

Cut Politicians (past and present)

Nice– problem is that we have Approval Ratings to let them know what we think of them. Congress is at a historical low. Problem is that politicians being politicians, and people being people, they sucker their constituents into believing “Its not MY fault Congress isn’t working, its the OTHER State’s guy!” so then they get voted back in by the gullible majority that put them there in the first place. The majority of people in this country care more about what Kim Kardashian is wearing and what Snookie is doing (I STILL have no idea how these two idiots got famous to begin with) and the latest political sex scandal that seem to occur with Politicians who appear to have a chance at improving things, than they care about what the Politicians are actually doing. Look– Herman Caine (?) had a plan to put Taxes right– no more special interests, no more loopholes; everyone pays their fair share no matter what.


Last time I looked Syria borders Turkey, a key NATO ally. What if the Syrian sh*tstorm spills over their border? They invoke Article IV of the NATO charter and bingo, we’re in another mideast ground conflict.
Colonel S


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