Obama Orders Sequestration Plans

Obama Orders Sequestration Plans

The service chiefs have until Friday to issue their plans to the White House to deal with the budget cuts associated with sequestration should the defense spending cuts be enacted on March 1, according to a Defense News report.

Pentagon leaders had postured for the past year in saying there is no real way to plan for a 10 percent across the board cut that would account for $500 billion over the next decade. As the deadline has approached, and sequestration becomes more real, the service chiefs have changed their tune.

Budgeteers in each branch have worked for the past few months to figure out how to ease the most immediate damage associated with the reduction in planned defense spending. Pentagon officials will have little wiggle room to protect specific programs considering the enormity of the cuts. However, officials can delay portions of acquisition development programs or reduce the number of contracts for certain phases of programs to save money.

The White House deadline comes four days ahead of a potential Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on sequestration in which the service chiefs will have to present their plans to the Senate. Defense News is reporting that the SASC is planning a hearing with the current service chiefs on Feb. 12 and then another hearing with retired chiefs on Feb. 26.

Congress chose to punt the sequestration deadline from Jan. 2 to March 1 in hopes of giving lawmakers more time to find $1.2 trillion worth of spending cuts within the federal budget. That is looking less likely as Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle continue to dig in on their opposing positions on entitlement programs and tax rates.

Defense officials have already laid out their near term plans to furlough Pentagon civilians to account for the cuts made in the remainder of fiscal year 2013.

The uncertainty has led to delays in the passage of the Pentagon’s war time budget. Pentagon leaders have struggled to decide how much they will need to fund the Afghanistan war because of the potential sequestration cuts.

It’s also still unclear how many troops that Obama wants to keep in Afghanistan past 2014, the deadline to remove U.S. combat forces from Afghanistan. This has further complicated the formulation of the budget, according to a Foreign Policy report.

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“Pentagon leaders had postured for the past year in saying there is no real way to plan for a 10 percent across the board cut that would account for $500 billion over the next decade.”

Sorry, but my BS detector just went off the scales. The F-35 is $400 billion and the LCS is around $40 billion. How is there no real way to do this when cancelling two platforms will do about 80% of the job?

I hate to say this BUT.

When the Republicans were voting for this did they even think about what it entailed?

1) It would kill the DoD and render the US Military handicapped which would then require us to ask for help from people like europe. Also helps keep the US from overseeing its interest Again without help basicly giving the UN and others a leash for the American mutt they have hated from the get go-again all of this the liberals have wanted from forever.

2) Cut unemployment insurance and entitlments some which the liberals know is needed but would never do as much of their constituency relys on these and has indeed voted for these. They then blame this on republicans which gives them even more power.

Now when you were voting for this did it never occur to them that maybe Obama and the liberals in Washington wanted this from the begining?! There litteraly IS NO DOWNSIDE FOR THEM!

I hate politics.

With massive federal cutbacks in spending and subsequent layoffs in defense and everywhere else, a new recession is a downside for everyone.

“Obama Orders Sequestration Plans”

The news media have long since consigned this particular quote to the memory hole, but a few may recall it:

“First of all, the sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed. It will not happen.”

Who said that, and where, and when?

Barack Obama.

At Lynn University, in the final debate of last year’s campaign, on October 22nd, 2012.

As usual, all Obama promises have a sell-by date.

What’s the old quote from the Nixon Watergate years?

Ah yes. “That statement is no longer operative.”

As for who it was that originally proposed the sequester, read Bob Woodward’s _The Price of Politics_. Which came out before Obama made the comments above, and which makes very clear that sequestration originated at and within the Obama White House.

And who better to catch Obama out in Nixonian evasions than the guy who helped bring down Nixon himself?

The price of the F-35 is spread out over the next 30 years. In addition, what are you going to replace it with? The last time I checked, an F-15/16/18 was not free. Or will you be doing without an Air Force/Naval Air Wing or USMC strike capability in the future?

The key to the only ways to save money in the Pentagon is to reduce manning and increase quantities of weapons purchased per year so their average unit cost decreases substantially. The F-35 is clearly the 90% solution already and will be a fine aircraft with compromises you will find in any tri-service aircraft.

Next cut ideas?

“Sequestration the Democratic Dream of a Lifetime” is about to happen, and with Hagel Obama’s new HATCHET MAN, who couldn’t answer ONE Question with a Coherent Answer of any kind. This is going to be BAD, Very Bad. A New and much Deeper Recession is only a few months away.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Where to start?

Okay, first thing’s first. No teen series fighter is free. However, they are significantly cheaper. One F-35C is $236.4 million per unit. One F/A-18E/F Block II is $66.9 million per unit. For every one F-35C the Navy buys it could also have purchased 3.5 Super Hornets. Don’t even get me started on the per flight hour cost or the maintenance cost differences. If the Navy chose not to buy F-35Cs and stuck with Super Hornets they could replace every Legacy Hornet in inventory with a Block II, added an extra squadron of Block IIs to all carrier air wings, add another air wing, and still save money. Boeing came out with a series of new upgrades for the Super Hornet in their International Road Map program that basically gives a Super Hornet all the technology of an F-35. Their new Super Hornet has enough capability to compete with the F-35 and with advanced AGM-88 anti-radar missiles it will be able to handle any IADS that our enemies can make.

STOVL fighters from Amphibs don’t provide enough capability to do much since their range and payload is so short, as Odyssey Dawn proved. If they are stationed at bases nearby hotly contested areas within enough range to be effective they become vulnerable to enemy artillery and even infantry as was the case with two incidents in Afghanistan, one of which resulted in the loss of 8 Marine Corps AV-8B’s:

Link: http://​www​.marinecorpstimes​.com/​n​e​w​s​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​9​/​m​ari

Imagine for a second if these had been F-35Bs. The loss of dollars and sensitive technologies are not worth the risk. A cheap Harrier III would be better for this. But in reality we should just drop STOVL fighters altogether or put them back in development and keep them there until we can make a purpose-built one with enough range to be useful and a fair price tag for its capability. The Marines should buy Super Hornets with upgrades and anti-radar missiles as well.

As for the USAF, I think they might be able to make the F-35A work for them, but they are already looking to extend the life of their F-15Es, over 300 F-16s, and even some of their F-15Cs. This is an obvious sign of where they see the troubles with the F-35 going: not enough aircraft. I personally hope that the USAF gets the F-35 because I want to see if it actually bankrupts them.

$400 billion seems high.

This is the only way congress can cut the budget and say it is not their fault. There is no way to actually cut programs bases or projects because each one has a constituency and would be exempted by amendment . The best way would be give DOD a number and let them get to it.

Listen you can’t spit out more F-15s,F-18s,F-16s or any other jet except for the F-22 that can keep the USA Airforce from getting their butts kicked. China and Russia is just waiting until we screw up the F-35 and go back to upgraded 30 year old jets ( even new builds of upgraded 30 yr. old jets ) then when they get their new jets going into production ( SU-35S, SU-50, J-11 , J-20 & J-31 ) they can control and bully USA when ever they want to pick on other countries like Taiwan and Hon Kong. They will just scoop up those countries and those are just the top of their lists. We will not even be able to get close to those areas with Naval and Air assets , without the chance of loosing them.

Everything we do starts with Airpower ! And the one jet that could stop that from happening , the F-22 is going to be spread too thin to make a difference. Thanks to Mr. Gates and Mr.Obama . We would be in much bettter shape right now if we would have cancelled the F-35 , and used the technology from that program to do block upgrades on the F-22. Then buy five to seven hundred F-22s and buy more F-15 E for strike assets after the F-22s have cleared all fighters and SAM threats, the F-15E can go in and take out other targets at will. The F-22 is the best tactical air to ground jet we have right now ( against high threat environments ), and by far the best air to air . If you go with those two platforms you can save enough that you can still be top Airforce and Sequestration doesn’t kill our advantage in air supremacy, because as i said before everything we do starts with Airpower.

You can argue over the SU-50s but the F-15C and F-22A can take out a SU-30 and35 easily with AMRAAMs. Sorry the Flanker is a 4th gen fighter no stealth capabilities. Overall the F-15SE should be looked at. Its said to be very stealthy while using most of the F-15s parts.

Overall none of our ideas will happen the USAF and Navy are going broke. Due to a anti military Obama and a Army which scarfed way too much money up.

PS China makes crap for planes so I doubt China will conquer the world with MiG-21s and Flankers in the next ten years.

Hate to say this this is writing on the wall. Obama wanted this for years to save his worthless education and health care planes at the DoDs expense.Less than a month to go SO there you go. Overall the USAF is trying to get ready for another 10 years ie F-15C, F15E upgrades, A-10 upgrades And keeping F-22s current. Overall the JSF is a failure and a waste (except for the A model).

Overall the imploded Army has some blame since they wasted billions on weapons we dont need. Overall the US military will take it in the shorts for a bad President and bad Army spending. Just sad.

Hey all, federal civilian employees are in 4th year of pay freeze. A 20% cut for at least 6 months means communities are going to see less business from my family and others furloughed. And lets not forget all the services that will stop: for military members and their families, and down range, national security, medical and health care, law enforcement, and utilities that DoD won’t be paying to local utility companies. Everyone is ONLY thinking Dept. of Defense right now, but rest assured many non-Defense federal civilians will probably end up furloughed too and soon. Remember that when you don’t get your tax refund for a long time because the IRS has to furlough all federal civilian employees. I am not whining. My family will survive, even with 4 kids in college and loss of pay. This is much bigger than F-15’s and F-35’s, and I you think this won’t affect you, think again.

Respectfully, your type of thinking is what cost so much. The 236.4 Million you claim for the F-35C is early production aircraft with much of the development cost built in. Compared to the Super Hornet that has been in production for over 10 years. So, if you want to compare the cost of a Super Hornet at the same place in development and then average it in TODAYS DOLLARS. Then I would be happy to debate you. Plus, don’t forget those 3.5 Super Hornets would last about 10 seconds in real combat vs a 5th Generation Fighter like the F-22 or F-35. So, all that saving is worth little. Really, what we need to cut is wasted duplication. For example do we really need to develop yet another Super Corbra for the USMC. When the US Army had the Apache??? How much money did the US Government spend to redesign and build it??? When the Apache was already in Production and don’t say its not an Navalised Aircraft. As many nations operate them very successfully from Amphibious Ships.

“Plus, don’t forget those 3.5 Super Hornets would last about 10 seconds in real combat vs a 5th Generation Fighter like the F-22 or F-35.”

The F-35 is not a genuine fifth generation fighter. It lacks the all-aspect stealth and the vastly superior kinematics of the F-22 (which is a true fifth generation jet).

For that matter, the F-35 doesn’t even come close to the kinematics of the fourth generation F-16. As Flightglobal pointed out this week, the latest series of downgrades to the key performance parameters of the F-35 put it in the same category as the F-4 Phantom for sustained turning performance.

Note that the F-4 is a jet that first flew while Dwight Eisenhower was in the Oval Office. Little more need be said.

“Overall the JSF is a failure and a waste (except for the A model).”

It could have been left at this: “Overall the JSF is a failure and a waste.”

Consider the fabled “A model”. The F-35A has inferior stealth and a crummy thermal signature and laughable performance. It has a fussy fragile fracture-prone airframe. It can’t turn any better than did late 1950s jets. It costs a staggering quarter of a billion dollars per frame.

It is the worst jet in joint-service history. Far worse than the original F-111. At least the F-111 proved roughly fit for purpose after additional billions were poured into it. The F-35 will never be worth the investment. An inherently flawed concept.

Jimmy Carters Defense Budget 2.0

Maybe if all the Defense contractors got together and went to Federal court to sue to stop this Sequestration plan on the basis that it will violate the Constitution where it clearly states that the government WILL Provide for the Common Defense. These proposed cuts to Defense will not Provide for the defense of the United States.

Also why did defense get 50% of the cuts and the other 50% is divided among all the other Federal agencies
Wonder what the Economic Impact will be on the economy when over a 1 million people could be put out of work let’s face it there will be less revenue coming in to the government but knowing Obama and the DemocRATS they will spend like there is no tomorrow

“It ain’t gonna happen!” Remember that quote from the President during the debates when asked about sequestration? Well, it looks like it will Mr. President. Thanks for your strong leadership, confidence, and pure BS!

If you’re going ti reduce manning, do it in a better manner than the Clinton draw down years. Cut the redundancy and not eh folks actually getting the job done.

20% reductionin pay means people will not be able to pay their mortgage, credit card bills, heating bills etc…and you are right another year of no cost of living but yet health insurance and everything else keeps going up. When i started working as in the DOD at the Naval Shipyard, i thought to my self that “wow what an awesome place to work, they treat you really good here”, now i spend a lot of my time worried about losing my job and reading news articles on the sequester and hoping that congress will do something but it looks pretty inevitable that the cuts are going to go through. The sad truth is, most people want to cut more in defense but fail to know what the real problems are with the federal spending which is Medicare/Medicade and Social Security which hasn’t been touched, yet the defense budget keeps getting hammered.

What/who’s high-threat environment do we need to go to war against?

Everyone balks that Iran is all bluff and bluster, and why would we even consider a war with Russia?
China? Not a chance, as America’s and China’s economies are so intertwined one can’t truly survive without the other.
North Korea?
They’re already half-starving and could not put up any prolonged exchange when even greater foreign food and aid embargoes would be imposed upon them.
Islamic jihadists in Africa?
Who in Africa has such highly integrated air defense capabilities that we need F-22s and F-35s to quell them?

Besides, judging by budget cuts that this is all about,
how the hell can we even afford to go to war against these high-threat areas in the first place?

Funny how people downplay the effectiveness of every potential adversary’s hardware, up until the point when it’s needed to justify/defend the existence of the F-22 and F-35 to begin with, which both will utilize the same chewing teeth that arm every other US tactical aircraft.

Figure in also that gas/oil won’t be any cheaper thru Summer, and it doesn’t take an economics degree to figure out where the repercussions are going to take us.
Last time gas prices spiked under Bush, the housing markets collapses under the weight of defaulting mortgages when families on fixed budgets couldn’t afford them anymore.

Now let’s take a large swath of federal employees and take away 20% of their pay thru Summer, does our ~leadership~ in Washington actually think that will fix the economy?
Such genius at work!
Expect another downfall in the housing market just for starters, and another mortgage-companies-screaming-for-another-bail-out to follow soon after.
But hey, rejoice, POTUS got his second term!

Isn’t it odd that 90% of the time people say they don’t trust what their politicians tell them, yet when The Anointed One spoke to get re-elected, enough fools believed him?

The fools were the 47% that Rommey talked about you know the ones on welfare, food stamps, medicaid etc

All the GOP has to do, is agree to tax increases and the sequester will not happen. Oh by the way, China is building new ICBMs targeting us while our ICBMs are falling apart and are over 40 years old. But that Grover Norquist pledge, better stick to it. There is no reason to vote for the GOP in 2014.

GOP already agreed to tax increases — I’ve seen the effective pay cut in my pay stub! Now it’s time for spending cuts. Obama campaigned on the promise of a balanced approach to deficit reduction. OK Mr. President. Time to put your money where your mouth is.

“Obama wanted this for years to save his worthless education and health care planes (sic)”, yes far better to spend money on equipment to kill each other than to educate a healthy population. If the pentagon cannot survive on $630,000,000,000 per year then the is obviously a bigger problem than sequestration.

Uh, Lance? Go actually read the FYDP. The Army has the smallest share of the investment budget, by quite a bit. You can certainly criticize them for wasting a lot of what they’re given, but it’s the Air Force that is “scarfing up way too much” these days. F-35, all by itself, is 40% (!!!) of planned procurement costs of current programs, across all services.

Slight correction — 40% of planned MDAP procurement costs.

Old 391 … “Jimmy Carters Defense Budget 2.0″… might also call it Harry Truman’s FY48 Defense Budget 3.0

Maybe they can be a wee bit late with their budgets; just as the senate and president have been late submitting theirs!

What reason do i have to vote for the liberals?

Oh and that tax increase would net not very much its kinda like being proud you saved $.73 when you still are in debt $9,798.73

REpublican legistrators love sequestration. ANything to tank a Democratic administration — screw the nation, win at all costs. Hell, they only care about the rich anyway who won’t feel any reprocussions anyway…

Cut everythng 10%. Order 10% less planes, ships, weapons systems. cut 10% of personnel. cut 10% of salary for military and 10% of disability payments. don’t eliminate any programs. Just cut 10%. Tell the military chiefs their budgets will be 90% of what it was last year and they must deal with that. Period.

Just cut 10%. Cut 10% of orders for planes, weapons systems and new programs. Cut 10% of personnel in military. Cut disability payments 10%. don’t eliminate any current programs. Just cut everything 10%. Tell the military heads they will have 90% of the budget they had last year and let them deal with that. Period.

Maybe it is time to cut Obama’s pay and expenses by at least 10%. Same goes for the Senate and the House of Representatives. Maybe the $7 million vacations to Hawaii need to come to an end. How about the $2 billion to the Muslim brotherhood and the list goes on.
I’m a DAV out of the air Force and have had to go in for a re-evaluation due to medical condition putting me put of the work force. Papers were filed March of 2012 and it may be an other year. However, with the welfare giveaways, they can be approved in one day.

Before he orders anything he should tell us why his SSN does not pass muster on E-Verify! Then if he can pass this test he can submit his true birth certificate, not the copy that was altered with Photoshop! If he’s still around after that, then he can start cutting pay and benefits for the unaccountable!!

The weaker our military is, the easier it will be for the Chinese to send in troops to help ease our transition to pure Socialism under the guise of the UN.

The people of this country clearly DON’T GET IT! We are now the world’s largest DEBTOR NATION because those in our government, and the people who vote for them, clearly do not have the fiscal knowledge, training or capacity to fully understand the very serious implications our debts have had on our economy and will have on future generations who had absolutely nothing to do with it! Every child now born in the US is slapped with an automatic $80,000.00 + IOU for debts they had nothing to do with—-sorry but this is so wrong on so many levels because our generation (1980 to now) can’t get their fiscal act together!

Our military mentality is skewed to the point we can’t see the forest for the trees, whereas politicians are in the business of creating enemies and programs to ensure our military industrial complex remains alive and well despite our inability to friggen pay for it all! FYI, spending on employment insurance (mostly paid by employers) is peanuts v. the theft from US Taxpayers, social security (not an entitlement), and what Congress is forced to BORROW to produce government stuff that will never earn a profit, and only incurs further DEBT (see the interest rate on our national debt). Our government IS NOT FREE, its too darned expensive and we need to get a handle on it asap!

Oh, and get off the liberal mantra—if you took the time to LEARN about liberalism you would know it came from the “Era of Enlightenment” and is directly responsible for the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, so please stop eschewing that which you clearly do not understand.

I’ve discussed my opinion about the Navy’s commitment to the F-35C with you. I still think it’s better for the USN to have the F-35C and the Super Hornet, rather than just the Super Hornet. Even with upgrades the Super Hornet will be outclassed by the next generation of Russian and Chinese fighters. The F-35C isn’t the ideal fighter the Navy wishes it could have, but I highly doubt they will get the funding they need for their F/A-XX in the near future.

A cheap Harrier III is impossible. The production line is long gone, the design had reached its full growth potential, and the AV-8B Harrier II Plus was never what you’d call dirt-cheap. The AV-8B has provided us with good service, but in terms of capability a Block 50/52 F-16 is superior in most categories. There is little point in a new STOVL attack aircraft if it will be too vulnerable to potential threats.

Also, those Harriers that were destroyed weren’t at some forward operating base somewhere, this was a major airfield. That whole incident was an unacceptable failure of security that could have destroyed CTOL aircraft as well.

The F-15E was always going to have a longer service life than the rest of the Eagle fleet. The obvious reason being that it is a newer airframe with newer components. However the USAF probably hopes it can eventually get a whole new design to replace the F-15E, rather than expecting the F-35 to take over that role. Those upgrades occurring to F-16s are merely a short-term response to F-35 delays.

Also you’re basing these prices off the current LRIP figures which are awfully high due to cuts to LRIP batch size, developmental problems, and some downright incompetence/stupidity/greed on the result of everybody involved in the process.

Now LCS in my opinion is a complete mess and a new frigate would do most of the job cheaper and better. However that still won’t be free.

decaf, dude.

Oh really? And what earthly force exists that cannot be defended against with the USAF, USN, and their respective nuclear attack capability?

I’m willing to bet that if sequestration does go through, it will not affect the maintenance or fuel budget for the presidential or vice president aircraft fleet! Oh-Bee “keep on flyin’ on all of those junkets that could be handled from the white house!

wow, Seal Team Sick, huh?

In according to historians, Alexander the Great was a great warrior, utilize a lot military strategy to conquer another nations. Do your research before opening your mouth.

Overall — as the US pulls back from the Eurasia land mass, most early entries will need to be preceded by successful air campaigns. So in that sense, the air power enthusiasts have a strong argument to back up their claims. Even when one has gotten ashore, you need air supremacy to counter the adversary’s land power — likely superior to our own, and to enable continued access to the region. So this is not a good place to be cutting corners, irrespective of one’s views on particular systems, or how the entire force should be structured. Remember that we’re always on the clock, so the more time you have to spend taking down the adversary’s air force and air defenses, the less time you have to do everything else you need to do.

You’ll say “just tax more” but you’ll be the first one to complain when your paycheck is 50 dollars less.

Hmm well if you can understand what this dude is saying more power to you. I think he’s saying Obama has conquered the world?

I know what you think and I’m telling you that you’re wrong on the F-35C. We don’t need it. It’s an expensive waste on malfunctioning platforms that don’t offer any real performance advantages over Super Hornets. The sensors on the F-35 can be fitted to the Super Hornet and the Super Hornet with a stealthy weapons pod will have a low observable radar cross section. In these respects the only advantage the F-35 brings to the table is better stealth, which is eroding away with newer technological advances and is definitely not worth the price that Lockheed is selling it to us at. The Navy won’t get funding for F/A-XX, but they would definitely save money by canceling the F-35, which it could then use to buy the upgrades for the Super Hornets and still have a lot of the savings left over. Maybe we could look into making an active stealth system that could protect us against future radars and tracking systems.

In fact killing the F-35C and a few other items could avoid the sequester: http://​thinkprogress​.org/​s​e​c​u​r​i​t​y​/​2​0​1​3​/​0​2​/​0​5​/​1​545

I don’t think a Harrier III is impossible at all. I fail to see how modern computers and technological advances couldn’t provide a redesigned Harrier model with an improved engine, armament, range, low observable stealth shaping, and electronic warfare capabilities. What evidence is there that the Harrier design cannot be improved upon further?

The F-15E was always going to have a long life since they were originally made for something around 18,000 hours of flight, but the USAF is trying to get 32,000 hours out of them now. That’s almost double. It’s almost like the USAF is buying a new fleet of F-15Es with no new upgraded technology. Also, 300 F-16s is still a LOT of aircraft. I see no other reason that they would do that other than them seeing delays and price hikes with the F-35A.

I’m basing the prices off of the facts as they are, not what Lockheed’s business plan promised us. Also, there is no sign at all that the developmental problems and incompetence/stupidity/greed is going to go away any time soon. The only way to stop it is the kill the F-35 program and make it an example so that American defense contractors know that they can’t get away with this crap.

I completely agree with you here though. I would like to see a new frigate with cheap unmanned fast attack boats that could be used like a swarm and controlled from the frigate.

The worst part about all these cuts is how they’re always referring to “domestic cuts and reductions.“
No mention of foreign cuts.
It’s been said that a great many people in the US who ride the entitlements train everyday are just lazy, not applying themselves, and need to take more personal responsibility for their own well-being.
The same can be said to every nation whose economy the US has shored up for years, decades even.

“Dear Mr/Mrs President of a foreign country:
Time for your country to start taking more personal personal responsibility for your own existence and sovreignity, instead of bankrupting the US to provide for you.
American taxpayers did not create your problems, nor did they overpopulate your territories where you have shown little to no effort in maintaining sufficient agriculture to feed your own people. The American taxpayer is tired of caring for your ungratefulness. Start offering us something worthwhile in return, or find another sugar daddy.

Cordially, Uncle Sam.

How about Lock the Congress and Senate in office and stop their pay unit a budget is passed…
Just a thought.

If furloughs occur, we could send qualified welfare recipients and unemployed in to work. Still receive their current pay, no benefits or retirement . No additional cost to the tax payer. ?????????

I say no one in Congress gets a pension until they have served 20 years! That will save a whole lot of wasted dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT’S THE DAMN TRUTH !!! I’ve seen first hand the amount of tax payer money thrown away by the Government in Afghanistan. Holy hell it was insane ! I asked a question and was told the STFU !

Only question I’ve got is, why is it now that all of this DEBT crap is coming to a head ? Wasn’t anyone concerned at the start of the war/s on how it was going to be funded or what the long term consequence was going to be? Oh wait a second, there was so much tax money being given away without question companies were making so much money everyone turned a blind eye !


The issue that always puzzles me when I read reader’s comments threads like this is that it inevitably ends up to be a shouting match about Republicans vs. Democrats, who did what to whom, Obama this and Obama that. What people are failing to recognize is that this country is NOT run by one man, as much as you would like to think so and project all the blame on him. Congress is the problem! They are the governing body that makes the wheels turn (or not) of this country, fueled by lobby interests, big corporations, etc. Congress should have term limits and not be able to make being in Congress a career — but wait! For that to happen, wouldn’t Congress have to vote that in? Yeah, that’ll happen. (Sarcasm implied) It embarrasses me as an American that anything done to balance the budget would fall on our service members, who have served and sacrificed so much for us all. And one last thing — I am sick and tired of hearing Social Security called an “entitlement!” My a**! I don’t know about all of you, but I have been paying into that system my entire life with the assurance that when I could no longer work, I could count on it being there. Well, it appears that may go by the wayside, just like our taking care of our military will. Politicians are politicians, I don’t care what name they go by — Republican or Democrat or Tea.

Well let us see why not keep making the veterans wait on more claims that are not being processed and have us wait more than 2 years. Then do not forget it cost 400 for a toilet to be placed in the white house. Why not just keep it with the furlough all parties and yes tax the big business, keep our companies here instead of overseas. We have enough oil in Texas and in Alaska to keep us a float. Heck they are getting cars running on garbage. let us use our own resources before we keep on using the importing. That would make more jobs here, and ease up on the gasoline situation here in the United States?

seal team sick? what the hell is that?

Why does everyone down the DOD. My husband served 28 yrs. active duty in the Air Force. Do you really think he wanted to be in three wars, away from his family six months out of each year. NO he did not. People that served in the miitary are not uneducated morons, my husband went to school and acquird his Masters Degree. So all of that is for cutting back the military all I can say is watch your back. They have struck once and whom is to say it want happen again. Good Luck to you if it does happen.

The President needs to recite the US Constitution, stop flying over the Pacific, and travel in a time machine and have a discussion with the Fore Fathers who made this Nation. I am pretty sure George Washington would tell him to stick it. General Patton would call the Commander and Chief: weak and a Coward. I as a Veteran would have to concur with this statement.

So…thats why you need to keep your weapons, mags and all your shotguns. Go figure?

This is all part of Obama’s grand plan to ruin our military and our nation.

I second that.

Really, please get some new material.

Take money away from military families who have earned it and give it in the form of welfare and free
medical to those who have never worked a day in their lives. TRI-CARE PRIME will soon end but
I’m sure that Obama’s voters in Chicago will get health care. Another broken promise by another
slick politician in the White House. Won’t be long and we will be a Third-World country. Makes me sort of regret the 23 years active duty.

Hate the politicians. The process is animate while the dirt bag politicians do whatever they want which is always to cover their own a$$es at the expense of whatever gets in their way.

You have just won free asdmission to the FUNNY FARM. They are comming to take you away…

No sure, but this gave me a good chuckle. Thank you Ramon, for making me laugh! It felt good!

Regardless of their political affiliation. Sick of hearing it. Sick of hearing that neither Republicans nor Democrats can WORK TOGETHER to come up with a reasonable budget that not only protects our country but also protects its citizens.

It probably comes from how much money we spend in the DoD. We waste trillions on illegal wars and useless procurement actions. What does your husband have to do with this?

Nancy, you left something out of your proposal. We also need to initiate term limits 3 Terms for Senate (18 years) and 4 terms for house (16 Years). No time in the previous counts toward the current. Means if you served in HoR then switch to Senate the retirement count starts over or we limit total for that person to 16Yrs as defined for Senate. Likewise If prior Senator then switch to HoR time starts over or is limited to total of 16 Yrs. This way we get rid of career politicians and they never qualify for a pension from their political office.

I agree, its the politicians that are the problem. They give themselves raises they don’t deserve, take hardwork peoples money away to spend on ??? wars??? We, the Americans have become a 3rd world country because of unknowing people voting for dictatorship government. We have become to free, feeding other countries and not feeding our own as we watch the others we feed bite us back while we do nothing about it, because its ???wrong??? Hate to say, but as far as I see it, the future is gonna be scary.

What would save the DoD’s neck, is cancel the F-35 B&C and have the USAF push forward the F-35A. I would keep the F-35 B&C in the R&D stage and not push them into Full production until the technology is mature and all the bugs are worked out. I would make the US Navy take the F-18 E/F Super Hornet Bock II & the International Road map & at the same time have the Us Navy incorporate all the F-35C technology into the F-18 E/F Super Hornet Bock II. For the USMC, work on developing a Harrier III and incorporate all the F-35B technology into the Harrier III.

As for the LCS, canceling it would save the US Navy a huge amounts of money. I would then force the US Navy into working with the US Coast Guard in getting the National Security cutter design and make modifications & bring it up to a standard Naval Frigate version of the NSC. It would involve modifying the NSC to Frigate standards and put standard Frigate weapons & systems from the Álvaro de Bazán-class frigate & Fridtjof Nansen-class frigate. I would also force the US Navy to incorporate automation technology to cut down crew size on Naval vessels.

If you’re going to reduce the B & C to R&D projects and work on an improved Hornet and Harrier you might as well kill the whole JSF program and start with a clean sheet of paper. There’s no reason to have an F-35A since it’s a compromise with two other planes you don’t want to see made. Go ahead and make a stealth plane for the Air Force and Navy but let them design their own so problems with one has nothing to do with the other.

It just seems that the F-35A seems to work out well, but the F-35 B&C still have problems. So by sacrificing the F-35 B&C, it would save the F-35A and put the full weight on the F-35A. It then give the USAF the go ahead to produce the F-35A and keep the F-35 B&C in the R&D stage to work out all the bugs and problems. While the F-35 B&C is in the R&D stage, the USN & USMC can work on an improved Super Hornet & Harrier by incorporating all the F-35 Technology into them. Once all the bugs on the F-35 B&C are worked out, they can then bring the F-35 B&C into full production.

If the F-35 were cancelled it’d have to be replaced by another program that would cost even more. Same with LCS. Of course you wouldn’t know that.

Get it through your head: The Harrier production line is GONE. And by the time you add all the extra goodies to the ancient F-teens to make them viable replacements you’ll be right back where you started except more expensive to support. I swear I’ve never seen anybody spend so much time and effort to demonstrate why they have no business commenting on the issue than you.

Obama is a lying sack of $hit. That isn’t news.

why can the rich people pay a little more tax. what is wrong with republican

Danny just who is going to help out the disabled vet that is living on a limited income already are you? It is always the vet that has to sacrifice for the country first in war and now in peace.

No budget so sequester to save money NOT!!! We will all go on welfare see if that helps the GOV!!! n when we bring our stinky butts to work because we can’t afford the water bill then maybe they’ll think a little harder on what they did. It’s all because the rich weren’t getting rich enough now the poor are going to starve. I don’t know about ya’all but i see a famine on the horizon if they keep this _ _ _ _ up!

maybe Obama will pony up some entitlement cuts like he promised. the way I have seen it if his lips are moving he’s lieing

There is another way!
Send all of the illegal aliens home and stop paying the 1.3 trillion in welfare and benefits. The last President that accomplished this was Dwight D. Eisenhower. We are all paying the politicians (including those have served) and Secy’s over $180,000 per year plus more in other benefits so lets STOP.

Does‘nt matter if the Republicans voted this or nThe Senate also had to agree, and your President signed it. Enough about assigning blame to the Republicans, it was a bipatisan effort here.

I agree the Democaps fouled this up really bad, and Obama signed it so yes I agree There is no reason to vote for the Democraps in 2014

Neither does the Democraps led by Obama. Isn‘t he President, and did‘nt he sign this into law during 2012? Check your facts and know that its the President, and not Congress who has the aurthority, and the ability to either sign, or not sign.

The Army has more ship tonnage than the Navy and more aircraft than the Airforce, yet it still only gets about half the budget the Airforce recieves. Know your facts before you post, you want to talk about wasted funds look at the cost analysis and overdraft spending on the F-117. This aircraft was not needed and was labeled a fighter since the Airforce could not procure another bomber. Shady budgeting tags and faulty weapons research has been an issue for the military as a whole since the beginning. The Airforce is great but the Navy and Marine Corps can do the same job and in addition hold ground with personel.

With these automatic cuts, and then the ripple effect in other industries, who do these politicians think are going to fund their welfare programs for their voters!!

Veterans are people who went to war to protect the country they love. They did not go in with the intention of becoming disabled so they would become second class citizens. Now you want to cut more money from them? Also, since most Americans pay into Social Security approximately 60 — 70& of their life, how is this an entitlement? I believe the true entitlements are members of congress. Why not sequester their pay, cut their pay 10 — 15%. Why should they get extra pay because they are on some committee? They were elected to be on committees to take care of this countries business, not sit around playing games on their laptops, or spending time worried about their private business’s or investments.


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