Army Slides Show Cuts to Readiness, Support, Reset

Army Slides Show Cuts to Readiness, Support, Reset

A set of Army briefing slides outlining the devastating effects of Sequestration has mysteriously surfaced and is circulating the Web just two days before senior leaders are scheduled to present them to the White House.

“Effects of FY13 Fiscal Uncertainty on Army OMA Accounts” lays out the potential funding cuts to the service operations and maintenance efforts.

The Pentagon is facing $5.3 billion in Sequestration cuts in March if Congress cannot find a way to prevent the mandatory spending reductions. All of the services will likely have to furlough hundreds of thousands of workers, cut back on contractor logistics support, freeze sustainment of thousands of vehicles and other equipment and gut training.

The services are scheduled to present their plans to the White House on Friday. Here are the highlights of potential financial impacts of Sequestration and other shortfalls the Army is facing in the coming months:

– Only deploying units in Afghanistan, Korea and the division ready brigade will be allowed to conduct readiness training. All other units will conduct collective small unit training in first part of fiscal 2014. That means 78 percent of non-deploying brigade combat teams will be ill-prepared for future contingency operations.

– Interrupts timeline for pulling vehicles and equipment out of Afghanistan and delays reset of $20 billion in post war equipment needed for future operations.

– No new depot maintenance orders issued beyond January. This could affect units in Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York and North Carolina and delay the repair and reset of 1,300 tactical vehicles, 14,000 radios and 17,000 weapons.

– 250,000 Army civilians would be furloughed for up to 22 days.

– 5,000 contract, temporary and term employees would be released.

– 21 of the Army’s 26 major acquisition priorities could incur significant Nunn-McCurdy breaches, affecting 300 contractors and 1000 suppliers in 40 states.

– $2.5 billion worth of contractor logistics support would be unfunded, impacting counter improvised explosive device operations, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and aviation operations.

The slides also state that the Army “will not compromise” on $25 billion war spending. This includes $1.3 billion in “critical family programs.

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Well Id say the army must cut its unneeded programs like GCV and ICC and save money for weapons maintenance and training. Since we improving said weapons any way there no loss to kill those bloated dead beat programs. Same time its coming theirs no way congress will save the DoD from cuts they didn’t in December and wont this month face it the government is broken.


The charts and talking points if you want to read them yourself.

The Government has not seemed to operate logically for a long time and with opinions that the military does not need training, civilians, contractors or upgrades or refurbishing of any kind, the writing is on the wall. Those that put their lives on the line will be hurt the most. Those who support those on the line will be hurt, disgraced or images tarnished due to no fault of their own and left feeling unneeded at best. It is a shame that the Government that says they are for the people disregard the people, their missions, their careers and their families. My opinion may not count for much; however, this will be the beginning of the end for our way of life and the security of our nation. With over 30 years in uniform and now a GS employee with over 13 years of service, this issue has come and gone many times and will be visited again before I retire again. Keep on doing GREAT things, keeping faith with your fellow man, and good will come to those who wait and pray that those with the power to make logical decisions do.

Ha, I ll bet if U closed some of those useless bases in several of the congressmans district none of this would happen.

Let the Commander and Chief, Secutary of Defense, Fernstien and his so called administration grab a hold of a so called assault weapon, and go on a recon, road march, on patrol and do some guard duty for awhile. Hell, let’s given me some hands on training, put on the front line, point man and run towards some gun fire. Talk all you want, I am a walk the walk Veteran. Stay calm and RTFU!

“Army Slides Show Cuts”

If the photo accompanying this article is one of those slides, what it appears to show in addition to cuts is a dangerous lack of muzzle discipline. Point weapons at enemies, not friendlies.

Where is all the money going? Anyone have a DOD budget?

Things will be actually worse than the slides lead you to believe. This will have a major impact on morale that will not easily be resolved. The problem with the hollow military beyond no money for equipment maintenance and replacement is the long hours needed to keep the old equipment operating. The
results will be a non-deployable Army without adequate logistics to deploy anyway. The DoD was supposed to be smaller after the fall of the Soviet Union becasue we had no major enemies to fight anymore. Seems things didn’t work as planned and unless the US Government gives up on foreign policy, there will never be a so called “Peace Dividend”. The US Congress has to decide what is important, national defense or social welfare programs. The European model of Socialism is to fund social welfare programs at the expense of all else and they are literally broke.

Heaven forbid if they actually have to furlough soldiers. That is not going to sit too well, the recruiter’s office would only operate for half a day or forget about the office. They’ll(recruiters) will just work from their automobiles. Wouldn’t have to cope with building rental fees or utilities. Then when they sign someone up, what’s the use? The basic trainee might only get the fundamentals and then get sent back home due to budget constraints. After military service, that serviceperson is going back into the civilian world. So this business about what is important national defense or social welfare programs is a red herring.

I think most people would agree that cuts are needed. However, I don’t think that the DOD should bear the largest burden. Let’s try cutting some of the social programs and other non-essential programs before screwing over the military. And I thought the last four years were bad!

Among other usless activities that will save plenty, how bout we get rid of the Army car in NASCAR ‚how much does that take to run. Airforce afterburner monster truck, and how many other show pieces that do nothing for the services but suck up money to look good.

If a government institution other than defense was run this way, would we except this?

How about getting rid of the requirement that the navy use the biofuels which cost at least four times more; how much $ was wasted on inferior equipment such as the RAT boots recalled? So many avenues to cut spending rather than cutting the support our sons and daughters in uniform need. Get rid of the waste, go after those companies that sell the DOD inferior products that put our military’s lives in danger.

Lance, please go back to school and try to complete the third grade.

How many people @ the Pentagon and on the Sec Def staff will be furloghed? How many Generals and Admirals will have their staffs and perks cut back? No upgraded weapons, no replacements for Afgan losses which that stuff will stay there like Iraq to our loss! Pork barrel gear will have to go, but the soldiers and the nations defences will suffer. Is Congress cutting back on their perks and staff? Are they taking a pay cut? NO!!

close the bases in all countries outside of conus. ALL OF THEM. reducing the carriers in the gulf is a good idea, although the operation, wages, training etc. will continue even if not deployed so it will not reduce the money spent by much. buying the radios, vehicles, weapons in advance of an operation is just a plain waste, they will be obsolete by the time they are deploed. buy what is needed now for training and carrying out current objectives. there is quite a few gov. employees that need to be removed , there is tremendous amount of waste and excess people that need to go away. we have done this before, crying wolf to get more money, and like all previous engagements we need to downsize now that we are cutting back in warfare operations.

This would be like putting a bandaid on a cough.

Other government institutions are. They just aren’t on the frontline to be seen.

The furloughs are stated as “most”. You can bet your boots that doesn’t mean the GS-11 and up. Oh their necessary. Really? They aren’t the ones doing the on hands work.

We don’t close all bases outside the country because we need to watch the enemy from strategic areas. I am sure that Iran, North Korea, and alike would be glad to watch “go home”. We know that they wouldn’t do ANYTHING to upse the rest of the world. Be realistic. When it comes to government employees, be one before you start stating what you don’t live. My office went from 8 to 2 and we struggle to do what we need to do to support the military since the numbers are still that we need to take care. It is real easy to point your finger at someone else when you don’t seem to find anything wrong with your job situation. Normal procedures. I leave it up to the people running the “warfare operations” to tell me when cutting back is a good idea. Let’s see, China, North, Korea, Iran, Syria, .…… yeah, let’s cut back, good idea?!?!?!?!?!?

The DoD is THE most bloated government agency. I’m sorry but if that’s the agency sucking up the majority of government funds then yes, it should bear the brunt of the cuts.

I remember when the military services ran their own business, did their own maintenance, without outside contractors. They hold their people more accountable that the civilian side; of course.

Have no fear, Obama Cares, his teleprompter said so!

Excuse me but the Welfare, food stamps, unemployment, section 8 housing and all the other “social welfare” programs take up a lot more money than defense and these people do not pay any taxes, like Federal Income, Social Security or Medicare. So they are a bigger drain on the federal budget that Militarty spending. Also remember there is a little thing call the constitution that says the Federal Government Will PROVIDE for the Common Defense and only Promote General Well Being or Welfare and the DemocRATS are working at PROVIDING THE GENERAL WELFARE while only Promoting Common Defense.

Leave Lance alone, Wasington can’t get their act together. Relieve them from power, have a military run goverment, like some thrird world country.

You are looking at the wrong end of the spectrum. It was the Republic leaders that demanded we put this sequestration in the books and now, because they are more interested in grandstanding than what is good for the people of this country, we will have these cuts. All they had to do was to ask the rich to give more, period. They refused to do so. I am not rich so I’ll get hurt with everyone who is not rich.

Sorry, in the DoD at least, those above GS11 are also on the mandatory furlough list…many of their jobs in management & leadership are critical to the support of the warfighter as much as those in the lower GS positions.

Lance, you are a broken record with this. You might not be aware of this but by law, the Dept of the Army can not shift funds away from those programs without Congressional Approval. They actually can’t move procurement dollars to readiness or personnel accounts. They have a little latitude to move procurement funds from one program to another but even that is very very limited and will not happen if Congress is not in agreement.

Obama’s plan is to lay off hard working tax payers and use the savings to pay them welfare.

This story only talks about one appropriation. It get worse when one factors in R&D spending and procurement.

obama and the rest of the socialists need to get their priorites straight. It’s “provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare” and not the other way around. The federal government provides for the defense of the nation, the states provide for the welafe of the people.

Nice try but you might want to watch a newscast or read a paper here or there. The Republicans agreed and allowed taxes to be raised so the sequester was put off. The problem now is the lack of a budget. Somehow the Democrat controlled Senate has not managed to even VOTE on a budget for several years now. The Majority Leader (Harry Reid) has not allowed the Budget that the Huose passed to even come up for a vote nor has he allowed the Senate to out out a budget proposal of their own.

Strange to see someone try to blame the Republicans on this one. They don’t control the Senate or the budget

Here is what the DoD requested: http://​comptroller​.defense​.gov/​b​u​d​g​e​t​.​h​tml

Sadly, there is not an approved budget. Heck, we’re only 5/12 of the way through the budget year now.

Yes, you are right, the DoD was supposed to be smaller after the fall of the Soviet Union.

In the almost 25 years since the cold war, the DoD has shrunk by almost 50%.

They’ve been really sneaky and hid it quite well but the Navy is about half the size it was at the end of the Cold War, the Army shrunk down to 10 Divisions and the Air Force cut about half of its squadrons. Several rounds of Base Closures have gotten rid of many large and small installations accross the DoD.

But the good news, America?
Despite budgetary fears and financial crises, you will be happy to know that all your Congressmen/women, your POTUS and his staff and Cabinet,
and all those Supreme Court justices none of you voted for,
not one of them will be taking a pay cut to the levels to be forced upon every other federal employee,
not one of them will see a reduction in medical or retirement benefits, and not one of them will be feeling the pinch at the pumps this summer with rising gas prices (or this winter with rising home heatring oil prices),
so rest assured they, our leaders, will NOT be feeling your miseries.
It’s not their job to fret over a taxpayer’s problems.
Stability in the Middle East is more important.

This has always been a pet pive of mine! I was told that myself and my colegues could not put in an intercom system in my work space because of GSA rules. It would have cost about $400, we would have done the work ourselves and buy the equipment at Radio shack, we got the equipment put in at a labor cost of $2000 and parts cost of $1800, we have could have done it for $400 and saved the Govt. $3400. The congress have had their mitts into everything that the DOD does and buys for decades and this is how they pay back their constituents. It has not changed in 40 years. This was just one little project we wanted to do, times that by thousands and you see why the DOD if forced to have 600-700B dollar budgets a year. Yes the DOD could easily be cut by 100B a year but, the rules of the Road have to be changed. Don’t let Congress pick and choose the companies that the DOD has to deal with at a cost of 100 times the amount it should really cost!!

Back when I was in school, we spent a lot of time learning Math.

According to the Math that I learned, when I look at a DoD Budget of 600 some Billion and a total Federal Budget of over 3 Trillion, I quickly come to the conclusion that the DoD Budget is NOT taking the majority of the government funds.

The poster is probably referring to the “New Math” in his calculations.

Morale already sucks. We’ve been trimming operating budgets in anticipation of having cuts, but since we have no idea how big those cuts will be, it’s all shooting in the dark. In the meantime, we’re sitting on our hands wondering if we’re going to do any training this year at all. My unit is going on a 2 month exercise at the end of the month. We’ve been planning for 6 months, but didn’t find out until last week whether or not we were actually going to go. Not only were we sitting on the edge of our seats waiting, but no money had been released for us to purchase supplies or prepare equipment. We’re doing the mission, but we’re the only ones. Several other exercises have been put on the chopping block.

Every DoD civilian regardless of pay grade will take a furlough. Our temp civilians’ last day is tomorrow. What is BS is that we haven’t heard of any other government departments or agencies discussing furloughs.

So what’s your point? The DOD needs to get a handle on their expenses and priorities. They have seen increasing budgets for the past decade and they have little to show for it.


The amount of presidential hate here is baffling as the president has no real role in any of this. Quite simply, this is congress’ fault. Appropriation bills limit the military’s options, forcing programs the military doesn’t want or need (Hello Abrams production) while cutting the budget. Yell at the government for foolishness if you want, but please direct it at congress who actually controls these matters.

Speaking from the civilian, I beg to differ. Again, unless you are standing day after day in my office and tell me that we are not as accountable, think again. We find that we are MORE accountable.

Cuts should be in BIG government, Obama’s czars, White House staff and limit his trips, government agencies and departments. Eliminate Education and a few others. If another Pearl Harbor hits this country will not be prepared. I don’t trust China, N. Korea, Iran. We need a prepared military.

Well they can try ask do something to save money for training and weapon maintenance. I know the tech lover get mad over the explained uselessness of ICC and GCV but we are getting improved M-4A1s and M-2s Bradley so no need for these. Save money hear and there and its easier to stay ready.

look at macdill afb there are all types of civilian workers i don“know what there main function is but there are alot. i bet we would save a hell of alot if we were to look there’.

Do you know that there has not been a new budget passed in three years now? The Army can ask all it wants but they can’t CUT without permission and the permission is not coming

Don’t forget to take the GOP scum with you.

Furlough congress, they take off lots anyway.

I’ll try to say this as nicely as I possibly can, because I really like and respect tmb2, but — the impression I got from the talking points was that this Army is really spoiled. I did not see one word about using simulation and training devices to fill the OMA dollars gap. It was all the sky is falling, woe is me. Those of us who served in the 70s and early 80s could tell you a thing or too about austerity. One year, we could not even do pistol qualification because Congress didn’t appropriate funds — when Ronald Reagan was president. In my division, we didn’t even do individual tank qualification. And we were still firing 30 times more training ammunition than the Soviets. Local training areas ? In Mainz, the LTA was 350 yards square. Wiesbaden didn’t even have that.

You wanna train ? Be creative Make it work. Don’t just sit around in the barracks, letting the NCOs soak up all your troops time with police call and guard mount. No one is going to do this for you. Imagine you are going to war tomorrow. Train with what you have. Forget about any exercises planned from brigade on up. You are in charge of your training now. Teach what you know.

FWIW, reading through the item about waiving artillery AIT — I hope I was just misreading this, but waiving MOS qualification training ain’t cool at all. Why bother accessing people at all if you aren’t going to train them to standard ? The Army is not a baby sitting service or a job corps. We have a mission, we have a real mission and it is important to stay focused on that mission.

Gee thanks for the advice. I’ve commanded a company and trained them without resources before. It was painful but we did what we could. The unit I’m in now trains and evaluates Guard and Reserve units. We just got word that we may have to start using electronic ranges to qualify the guys about to go to Afghanistan. No live rounds. For those of us evaluating non-deploying Reserve units, we pack up our gear, line haul our humvees, and travel to that Reserve base for 1–2 months. That’s the mission that dangled on a thread for us and is probably going to be cancelled for everyone else. For the BCTs, there’s the threat of little to no training above the squad except for the guys deploying. There’s only so much you can simulate.

I’m sorry the Army of your day didn’t have the training money. You had to rebuild the Army from scratch after Vietnam. We’re still at war and trying to maintain a higher standard so we don’t have to experience what you did. I’ve said this in similar articles — most of us don’t mind budget cuts, but we deserve to have them in a predictable fashion. These upcoming hatchet jobs won’t allow us to reprogram money from one account to another and right now we can’t plan anything because we don’t know what’s going to happen to the budget 2 weeks from now. No maintenance, no ammo, no fuel, no MREs, and no telling when it will get turned back on. That’s what we’re facing. And if you’ve seen these budget battles before, if the Joint Chiefs don’t give a worst case scenario, then Congress cuts even more.

Jimmy, let’s think about this, I trust you are an intelligent fellow. Consider the product of giving money away to those who are paid not to produce versus the invaluable product of national defense. Like it or not, the military industrial complex secures your ability to be less than brilliant while not being removed from the gene pool. Bloated, possibly– but I bet you if Americans could choose where their tax money went by paragraph and line number your social programs wouldn’t stand up to the support for your safety. In fact, I suggest you begin asking those around you if they agree with me. I think you’d be surprised and indeed enlightened! Or you can go on with your life oblivious to the parenthetical peace (nod to Victor Davis Hanson) we enjoy. It’s fleeting.

The real issue is whether you develop bad habits by overtraining in simulators. Things that can get you killed. The idea of “qualifying” for deploying to combat strikes me a bit on the absurd side, as if there was a test you could take to go to war. Ultimately, I think if you wear the uniform, you’re going. There is no excuse for overrating unit readiness, but in general, I believe that the systems approach to training works, and the cyclical approach to training is wasteful and not all that effective, no matter how many evaluators you have passing out grades. Make the commander responsible for evaluationing the unit’s performance, and put it down on paper. Telling the truth about your unit’s training readiness should not be an option. The reserve components are another thing altogether. If you have to “advise” these guys on what to do, why are they in command rather than an active army officer who will need to find a job in six months to four years from now.

I have zero tolerance for any hate you may be seeing. However, the Commander-in-Chief (still baffled?) of our armed forces should press the Senate to obey the law and pass a budget so we get rid of the CRA and not continue to spend ourselves into any more of a strategic money pit. Blaming congress alone assists your image of ignorance.

The other side of this congressional coin was a similar amount of social welfare cuts. I will eat a boiled crow on Youtube with no salt if dollar for dollar social sequestration cuts match defense cuts. It just won’t. We wouldn’t be able to sleep for weeks over the shreiks of the news media. It was supposed to be a dual “hold-at-risk” strategy. Sequestration ends up being a single bitted axe I assure you!

Dangit “shrieks” not “shreiks”!

I thought it, I meant to say it, but did not. Individual skills degrade faster than anything else. There is a certain, ah, anxiety factor associated with maneuvering larger and larger units as you go up the chain of command — but the cognitive skills you need to develop in maneuver leaders can be done with terrain walks and simulators. It is the skills down at squad and crew level — I wouldn’t gripe about having to focus on those levels. I would look at this as an opportunity to consider what training is really all about. How many soldiers in your unit have ever actually broken track, much less done an emergency vehicle recovery under fire ? No maintenance ? Think about what you’ve just said ? What is maintenance anyhow ? Well, it isn’t just putting motor stables on the training schedule. At some point, you need to operate the vehicle to keep it from rotting in the motor pool. It is times like these you see how good your sergeants really are.

FORSCOM says everyone must qualify on their weapons at the range before deploying. The rifle range isn’t a “test” for combat. It’s to see if the soldier can properly operate his weapon and knows the basic well enough to fire accurately. For some units it’s overkill and for others they need the practice. What we do for reserve units is the same thing NTC does for the active duty guys. In fact my unit recently sent some trainers there to round out their staff for a month.

There’s a lot of squad-level training you can do by dry fire or even without weapons. You asked when was the last time my men have broken track? Tracked vehicle skills have waned considerably due to the war and the Army has shifted back to it the last 2 years. With these cuts though, we won’t have the fuel to take the tanks out of the motorpool or the ammo to do gunnery. The maintenance I’m referring to is if something breaks, there will be no money for parts and everything beat up coming back from Afghanistan will sit there because the depots are shut down.

There is a big difference between small unit leaders making do with what they got, and trying to train where resources aren’t allocatedat all. Lack of vital resources…ammo, fuel, spares, training areas…the list goes on…huge training inhibitors.. How about time on the schedule? As funds are cut for installation maintenance, the units will be tasked to provide troops for that as well. Of course small unit leaders will do the best they can. The point is that our elected leadership is failing them when they force them down the road of chasing each other around the parade ground with broomsticks saying bang bang.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the units started getting a crash in country training spin up immediately after they get off the airplane. That might be a way for the Army to fund some meaningful training for the guys before they head out to their fobs.

F22,F35,A10C,AH64E,UH60M,HH60,CH47F,OH58F,Striker,Gray Eagle UAV,BCT organization, bigger end strengths,..I suspect the Navy launched a few ships, V22…
Is that enough to show?

Those were the days when it cost more to do that stuff, because it is cheaper to outsource it. Contractors reduce the bill over the long term.

The democrats will be acomplishing their life-long ambition — gutting the military. Only NOW, they will be assisted by the Republicans.

Lets stop sending money to other countries under the name of foreign aid and use it at home for training.We send F16’s and M1 tanks plus billions of dollars to Egypt which is a muslim country.Three billion also goes to Israel which is a very rich country.We need the money at home,wise up Congress.

Money that goes to Israel *must* be spent on American weapons.

The government is paying to subsidize the arms industry. The same is true of Egypt, which is why we’re sending them the weapons: the alternative is the Egyptians having our *money* and doing god knows what with it.

The Egyptians only have M1’s without DU. The IDF can cut them up for us. I’m not worried.

Congress need to get off their butts and pass the bill they can pass others why not the budget. They need to focus on the budget first otheres should be on hold off the other bills the budget is more important than any othere bills

Maybe they should be getting paid only for the time they spend in session! If they sleep in their office (as many do), they should be paying rent. Close down some of their perks in the capital (i.e. hair salons, some of the many cafeterias). The military has been accused of taking business away from local establishments; and congress has forced DOD to shut down on base facilities for that reason. Now it’s time for them to LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

You forgot to mention all of the money we waste on the UN! They need to find a new home. May I suggest China! They are definitely not our friends!

Sandra; the cos of bio-fuels is costing abot $26 a gallon isn’t it?

Ummm, maybe I’m just showing my age, but weapons qualification used to be a routine annual event. You didn’t leave the range until you qualified. Even in the reserves. It doesn’t take much skill to qualify sharpshooter with an M-16. So if that’s been a problem somebody has been playing shell games with readiness.

We have a list of blocks to check for units when they’re mobilizing for deployment. Rifle ranges, medical classes, radio and systems classes, NBC, etc. FORSCOM makes us do it all at the reserve mobilization site to ensure every unit has gone through the training recently. Active duty units have the same list, but they also have much more time to do it all. The brigade commander has to submit a series of memos to FORSCOM stating the unit has hit those marks.

Is anyone paying attention to what this MARXIST MAGGOT in the White House is up to?

He wants to cut our nuclear arsenal by one third.

This skinny Left-Wing Bastard is weakening this country beyond all recognition.

MMMMMM, let me guess , don’t think you were in the military, as long as there are troops at a base it’s not useless.

We will be attacked again. No doubts about it. All thanks to the politician scum GOP included in DC

Always surprises me to see people say “Cut social programs to benefit the military!”…since many Americans survive only because of those programs (particularly now that the Republicans and neoliberals have enabled those whose motives have nothing to do with patriotism to transfer so many of America’s jobs — and so much of America’s technology and manufacturing capacity — to the People’s Republic of China), demanding that those social programs be cut to benefit the military is the same thing as saying that American lives should be sacrificed to protect American lives.

I.e., it is declaring “I have the right to dictate which Americans live and which Americans die.” Politically, that’s asinine; morally, that’s heinous.

If you want to fully fund the military — which I do — then stop voting for the Republicans and neoliberals who enable…who incentivize…Wall Street and Corporate America to sell America to the PRC et al. Those aren’t just “jobs” that are being destroyed; that is also the tax base that funds the military.

For the last 30 years Americans have been permitting corrupt politicians — Republicans and neoliberals — to shred America’s industrial infrastructure as well as our technology service sector in favor of a parasitical financial sector that excels at only two things: Separating the American people from their money and avoiding paying the taxes it takes to ensure “the common defense”.

That needs to cease.

In my reserve unit pay is never on time and jump pay has not been paid in the last six months.

Military spending budgets are too compartmentalized. If the budgets were adjusted I would think they could come up with the necessary money for equipment maintenance. I retired twenty years ago, but I do have bad memories about struggling to get parts for vehicles and equipment to keep them up to standard. Just get something back up to standard and someone else could make a “midnight requisition” and leave you without. The dispatchers were never understanding when you tried to get a vehicle dispatched for an assigned task.

Obama has done well by the military. The people insisting on shutting down the government are the GOP which is pretty obvious to anyone who thinks.

Exactly right. The haters here are an embarassment to the profession of arms.

Maybe the the AF can same money by reducing the number of flights for AF 1. The cost of one trip to Las Vegas would fund brigade training for 6 months.

They need to do BRAC overseas there are so many small bases that can be assimilated into large of civr bases over there and look at the amountilian personnel that iis not needed and lay them off. The world thinks the USA is a endless bread basket.

The Need to cut the Army, (Active Duty) By at least 15–20 % for starters..

What about the dems that have not allowed budgets to be passed, using continuing resolutions to fund their critical agendas, adding algae fuel research to the Navy budget instead of the Department of Energy.

Corporation began moving jobs to foreign lands under Clinton because of the high tax rates placed on them. Dems have always tried to gut the military. Look a democrat run cities. Need to cut budgets, start with police and fire departments. Keep the guy making $20+ per hour to cut the grass in the park.

In that case should a military emergency arise, I trust you will be the first to volunteer.

Do your home, the white house came up with the sequestration, and i am rich and in the national guard. Because of more taxes i will be laying off more of my personal that i wanted to. There is a spending problem in Washington, its that simple.

How about the US military getting fiduciary support from the UN. If they have resolutions requiring military intervention why not have the UN pay for it out of the coffers of the whole world. Outside/Rogue nations would be targeted by the UN or the New World Order, take your pick. Either you stand with the New World Order on the International Laws already enacted or you run against the Laws and the UN/New World Order brings the military might to bear on those that do not conform. The nations required to facilitate the activities would be recompensed from the World coffers. No more having to go it alone. But what a slippery slope huh? How far from the aforementioned scenario and big brother? A huge question to ponder.

Wow how full of shit is that, did you get that one right out of the ass of fox news are come up with that one on your own. If you took anytime to learn anything you would know the President cannot set the budget it take congress, and they have not fixed a budget since 2011, just been pushing in back 6 months at a time, till it came to this. It had to get anything to pass with a congress that has the lowest percentage of getting anything done in years, and every time something comes to a vote the GOP just blocks it even when it’s their own idea! Just because Obama agreed with the idea, when he was elected the first time the GOP said that day in a news conferees that they would do whatever they had to do to make his term to fell, and they have tried even if it meet sending the contrary down the shit hole! And you are the dumb as who bought it all up.

Take a look at the voting recorded the GOP has BLOCKED every move to balance the budget.
And on the algae fuel once again, look at real new are just try looking it up yourself, shell oil has invested over 5 million dollars in the development of algae fuels.

One of the first comments that have made sence. If Obama would have cut the trips he’s made in the first term in half. I think unemployment would have dropped a percentage point (tongue in cheek)

You might want to talk to your C.O. because it sounds like the issue is with your U.A.

Don’t even joke about it!

it looks to me that he is pointing it at the ground not at the soldier..

We need to put the Navy in charge of the army to get the lead out of their wasteful spending..

If you are, in fact, rich, you must have inherited all or most of it. You certainly don’t present yourself as CEO material.

I do not believe all of these cuts are going to work but I do think that we need to get this in order. Why not use the pepole that we have trained to do the jobs. Why are they always the civilians at the gates , as cooks, doing the road work. That is just a few things and there is a lot more. We paid those SOILDERS to do the work so why hire it out. This will cut down on the cost of training if they do thier job all the time then they will know it.

Obama and the White House came up with the sequester idea and insisted that 50% of the cuts come from the military even though it only makes up 30% of the discretionary budget. Including those military cuts was the final thing the Republicans caved on during the negotiations to get a guarantee of some cuts…By the way, the President’s claim to have cut $2.5T is only true if those cuts go into effect somewhere (find cuts to replace them). If they are replaced with tax increases, we haven’t cut anything.…

How about he and Michelle and the girls just travel together. Unlike the Bush family who travels together, Michelle and the girls often head out first and then he follows later — that makes for two flight bills for every vacation in Hawaii or Europe.…

Clinton — the “Blue Dogs” — are all neoliberals. I covered them, not covered for them.

Ok navy TeXan, great idea. The navy per your CNO, needs $850 mil to repair us ships that; have run aground, subs that have crashed into other U.S. Ships!!!, an arson fire set on a sub in a naval shipyard, and TWO collison incidents between U.S.surface ships!!! Get your own house in order, and keep planning on fightin’ WWII all over again.

Biofuels actually cost less on the streets. Why would they cost more, for the Navy? That doesn’t make any sense.

I think, if anyone looked closely, DoD is a ‘jobs’ program. And I don’t mind that. The smartest business minds in America (not the Teapublicans–I mean the really successful entrepreneurs) say an employed middle class and higher taxes on the wealthy are what our economy needs. But why don’t we just ask a bunch of generals and senior executives to retire? From my vantage point, many, many, many of them, and their contractor top executives, are just spending taxpayer money on their cars and boats and vacations. They bring nothing worthwhile to the table.

The entire government should be wiped clean and replaced. Every lawmaker from every branch of government.

Face it, the military is big business and, with combat drawdowns, it must act like a business and trim nonessentials. Military leaders, like all other business leaders, don’t like to be on a restricted budget but they will come up with a plan and execute it. I was part of the military for 30 plus years and experienced the highs and lows of budgets (Carter Presidential years were the worst) and during each budget crisis, I assessed my mission and accomplished it with less. I trust our current leaders to do the same.

You’re insane. Sequestration is Obama’s plan. You act like this wasn’t planned out over a year ago. It just sorta popped up and it’s congress’s fault. Selective memory I guess.


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